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Fiction~~The Last Pure Human~~Ch. 38

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The Last Pure Human
Chapter 38 - Harder

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The first sign that things were not as they should be was when Kasan carried Max down an unfamiliar hallway. Max hadn’t even realized his brain had actually memorized enough to even know what the outside of Kasan’s room looked like, but he knew it wasn’t this hallway. There were too many doors. The walls were a darker golden tone, nearly beige, rather than the softer canary gold outside Kasan’s room.

Max was squirming in Kasan’s arms because the emptiness of his ass was destroying his entire brain, but he wasn’t so far gone that he didn’t notice Kasan. And the moment they turned the corner and saw the lone guard standing in front of one of the many doors along the walls, Kasan wasn’t comfortable. Max stopped moving, looking around them nervously. The tension was back in Kasan’s shoulders. His lips quivered; Max almost though he was going to snarl.

Should Max be nervous? The guard didn’t seem hostile. He didn’t give Max the creeps like Waran had, and he looked a little familiar even, but everyone looked familiar right now. Red hair in a long braid; maybe he was making Max think of Zonta.

Kasan stood a few doors away and called out. “What are you doing here, Korosh?

The man quickly put his spear on the floor and his hands palm up and out in front of him. “Not my idea!  The Elders want me here.

Whatever he’d said, Kasan didn’t look that impressed. He actually looked up and down the hallway before angling his body so Max wasn’t completely visible to the guy. “And why would they want that?

The man snorted. “Now I know for sure that you’re spiking; you’re brain’s gone to your dick.

“Korosh,” Kasan growled out.

It’s to protect you and your consort, obviously. We know you need sex, Kasan. And if we know, well…” He looked disgusted and pained at the same time. “If there are any Purists lying low in the Citadel, pretending they aren’t cowardly slime, they probably know what you need to do for the next hour, too. It would be easy for one or two people to take Max when you’re vulnerable or distracted, and you know it. With most of regular guards still in the Haven, they thought you should have at least one keeping watch.

And why you? Why aren’t you down there?” Kasan’s ears were still flat and Max put a hand on his chest, looking at the other cat. What about him was disturbing Kasan? Kasan’s tail wrapped around Max’s foot, bristling, and Max rubbed it with his toes.

The man cheerfully gestured down to his leg where Max could see a long gash with some piercings along it. “Already done my part, not allowed back again yet. I won’t be the best fighter if someone comes, but I can do the job. I’m supposed to box Central every time two or more come down the hallway, just in case, even if they look like they’re hear for the heat.  If you want to box them yourself to confirm?

Of course I do. Don’t move.” Kasan backed away from the man and Max stared, unsure what was going on. As usual. They went one door down and there was another of those boxes on the wall. Kasan kept them both angled so they could keep their eye on the other cat. Max listened to him talking with someone else through the box for a minute before Kasan nodded and began to relax.

Max could see a bright smile on the other man’s face about the same time Kasan relaxed. “See? Told you. Now you’d better get a move on, hadn’t you? Always good to start these things early. Foreplay is an important part of any heat.” He grinned impishly but stopped when he was met by Kasan’s frown.

Thank you for keeping watch. We appreciate it.

Uh, anytime, Kasan.” The man looked uncertain now. “Is there…anything you need?

No, we have it all,” Kasan said softly. He quickly walked them both past the other cat and into the room. The door closed behind them with a soft thud. Finally! Max didn’t have to be freaking naked in front of someone else for the first time in, oh, ever.

The room itself was nice, but there was a similarity to the others Max was noticing. Golden stone everywhere. A large, brilliantly turquoise bed, one of the circular ones, with matching pillows. Not as many as Kasan’s but a nice amount. And this one even had a few mirrors on the walls, too. Shelves were inset along the left wall with some bottles that Max would bet had something slippery in them. And a small room that Max was pretty sure led to their version of a bathroom.

So, here they were. Not out in the forest of giant bugs but in a safe, not-filled-by-giant-cats room. Well, a filled-by-one-cat bedroom, so Max thought probably everything but his ass was safe, judging by previous history, but Max could do that!

He was all over the sex stuff now, totally used to it. He could have sex with Kasan all day, no problem. He wouldn’t even break a sweat.

Yeah, right.

Max rubbed his hand over Kasan’s chest and stared at it, afraid to meet Kasan’s eyes. He’d been so frightened that Kasan would die, and the sex had been so frenzied…would it be like that again? Or would it be more like the sex before everything went to shit? Before Aosh and their fight and Waran, it had been…

It had been pretty amazing. Kasan had been so sweet at the baths, and for the first time, Max had felt like life might not be one giant round of frightening, overwhelming things. He’d even been able to touch Kasan during that massage. Just that one time, and the feeling of Kasan’s ass in his hands haunted him right now. Would he get to feel it again, or was it always going to be Kasan rushing them through the sex to the climax. Which was, okay, possibly the best climaxes that the world had to offer, but Max wanted to touch him again.

Because after that once everything after had been so awful that Max could barely remember what it felt like, only the slide of skin under his fingers, and the give of taut muscles underneath it. And Kasan groaning, just a little.

Max wanted that again. He wanted Kasan to…. to look at him like he had then! Before Aosh showed up and Max had yelled at Kasan and Kasan had pushed him away. Max wanted that peaceful feeling back so much, but Max didn’t think he was going to get it.

Kasan had not relaxed since they’d closed the door. He carried Max to the bed, carefully set him down among the cushions, and then deliberately walked away from him. Max opened his mouth to call him back and quavered to a stop before he’d formed an entire word. He drew his knees up and clamped his hands between his knees to watch.

Kasan had come to get him; he should remember that. Whatever anger Kasan had at Max, he’d still come get him. Max just wished he knew what that meant.

Max swallowed uneasily as Kasan headed for the shelves. Kasan put down the jar of salve and the tablet he’d taken from Max, neatly hiding them among the mass of bottles and other sex paraphernalia there. He braced his arms against the small shelf, leaning over, his head hanging low. Max could see his back expanding as he breathed in deep.

If only Max could figure out what the heck was wrong! Shouldn’t it be better now? “Kasan?”

In a moment, Gisho,” Kasan said softly. With another deep breath, he picked up the tablet and started to read. His ears flattened immediately. “Apply three times a day to the affected area as needed for four days! Restrict – Shit. You aren’t even supposed to walk?” Kasan whispered.

He looked over at Max and his eyes were hot. “I hurt you that badly? I can never…” He flinched, his body jerking sharply and his eyes were pained.  “Dammit. We can’t wait any longer, Max. We have to go again. Just… I’ll…  the medicine...

“Kasan, please, what’s going on?”

Shhh, little one. I swear this time will be different.”  Kasan palmed one of the bottles, Max couldn’t see which one, and then looked back at the tablet and started muttering to himself. “Dammit, Frodi, did you give him a dose already or not? Couldn’t you have said?” Looking at Max, Kasan paused and seemed to be wrestling with something before he nodded sharply and headed toward Max.

Let me just check to see if Frodi applied any yet, little one, and then we can go on from there.

Max bit his lip. The tone of Kasan’s voice and the way he was walking quietly towards Max, as though he were afraid Max would bolt, set off alarm bells. What was going on, and why the heck did Kasan think it would upset Max? Because if he did, it probably would.

He scooted back a little on the bed. “Kasan? What happening now?”

“Sex.” His voice was soft.

Max swallowed, eyes dropping to Kasan’s crotch and realizing that the man was fully erect, bound up in the bright red loincloth. Max stared at him, swallowing.

Sex wasn’t bad. Why was Kasan acting like it was bad? He hadn’t even acted like sex was a bad thing when it was a bad thing because it was with a complete stranger who was a freaking alien. Or when it was an exhibition and not sex. How bad was it when Kasan thought sex was bad!?

Max examined Kasan’s face, his ears, his tail, and he still wasn’t sure. Kasan was aroused; that hadn’t been in question even before Kasan dropped the loincloth and continued walking toward him with his cock leading the way. But he looked so freaking tense.

Max? Max, sex now, little one. I’m so sorry…” Kasan’s voice wobbled.

Max felt his breath hitch, teasing the edge of hyperventilating and it pissed him off. He had finally started to want the sex! He didn’t want other cats, but he’d found Kasan and they were both alive and why was he letting Kasan freak him out?

Oh… screw this. Kasan had given Max scary sex, and exhibitionist sex, and rough sex. He’d never given him bad sex, had he? No. And Max’s ass felt so damned empty, and Kasan looked so unhappy that sex had to be better than feeling as bad as Kasan looked.

They were alive and alone. Max wanted Kasan to come over and fuck him.

Right now.


“O-kay? That mean?

“Yes. Yes, sex. Okay.”

Kasan’s eyes widened and he stopped his rather predatory walk towards Max. He swallowed visibly, the cords in his neck standing out as Max watched him. Max swallowed himself, feeling a strange quivering in the middle of his belly at actually saying the word. Not that he hadn’t agreed to sex before, but something felt different about today. Kasan was so focused, and….not like his usual self. “Kasan good?  Not…hurt?”

Kasan closed his eyes a minute and walked over so quickly it startled Max into flailing. Kasan picked him up into a massive hug. He buried his face against Max’s hair and mumbled against him. “Am I good?  How can you ask that when you’re the one who was hurt?

Max couldn’t keep his eyes from going wide as Kasan simply held on. Max’s feet dangling above the ground, he patted Kasan’s head awkwardly. “Uh, love you too?” Oh how he wished that was what Kasan was saying. He didn’t think it was likely, though. It was nice to feel like he’d been, well, missed, at least. Hugging was good. Very good.

Kasan didn’t let go. Hanging in his arms, Max wasn’t sure what to do until the flicker of Kasan’s ears near his face caught his eye. He reached out and rubbed one between his fingers. It was so alive. He could see the faint veins visible on the paler inner edge of the ears, feel it warm and flickering in his hand, and the fur was silky and smooth where it lay flat against the delicate skin of Kasan’s ears. Max stroked it softly, wondering. 

Kasan didn’t move his face from Max’s neck, but as Max continued to stroke, Kasan began to purr against Max’s skin. It made the quivering in Max’s stomach move outward and fill up his spine like water in a tall glass. He shivered and Kasan pulled his face away.

Shhh, little one. I won’t hurt you.

Why did he keep saying that? “I know.”

Kasan made a face Max wished like hell he could figure out, because it was…weird. Max was the one who got to make weird faces, not that he was doing it now, but if there was a weird face making thing going on where someone was quietly freaking out, then it should be Max doing the freaking out, shouldn’t it? He was in a good freaking out place: married by aliens, kidnapped by aliens, adopted by aliens, and kidnapped by other aliens. That was worth freaking out over. Especially when he was reminded, briefly, that there really were giant flying bugs here.


Kasan cleared his throat and his arms loosed from Max, not enough to drop him, but he wasn’t holding him like a human teddy bear any more.  Max put his hands out and they landed on Kasan’s chest, the skin there hot. Too hot, and Max really wanted to explore that.

And he could, couldn’t he? They were back together again, and they were safe, and Max had not totally failed in saving Kasan.

He looked down to better watch his hands stroking over Kasan’s chest, one set of fingers playing quietly with Kasan’s nipple. He watched it, giving himself something to focus on as Kasan merely held him, because this was still new. 

It was always wham, bam, thank you, ma’am before this. Or wham, bam...bam...bam…thank you, ma’am. Max never got to touch. Not since he’d realized that he’d actually rather like to try and touch. A lot. And then he lost the opportunity because they’d been interrupted by stupid Aosh – stupid, brave Aosh - and then…Kasan hadn’t wanted to touch him so much.

His hand paused with his finger brushing the small nub of one of Kasan’s nipples, staring at the darker beige color of it, the flesh just barely wrinkled where it pebbled from the touch of his hands.

“I want to touch Kasan,” he said wonderingly.

He really, really did. He could see Kasan’s ass in his head, the big, muscular, golden ass that had felt fantastic. He licked his lips quickly, trying to control the need to cup his hands around something.  He could feel his face getting hot, more because of embarrassment than lust.

How do you admit to yourself that for days now, you’d been lusting after a man – a crazy-huge alien man – who’d screwed you blind multiplte times a day, and you’d only just realized that really…you lusted after him too?

Not that he hadn’t known, but…it was different when you felt like the lust was coming from somewhere else, or forced on him, or, he didn’t even know, poured into him against his will by the touch of Kasan’s fingers, his lips, his skin. It was so different right at this moment, actively sitting and thinking about Kasan’s body, and feeling it like a part or his own body.

He couldn’t even imagine himself without Kasan right now and the embarrassment of having this when Kasan couldn’t possibly feel the same way – how was Max going to bear this? How could anyone feel this way about someone else and not want to curl up into a ball because the other person was going to see Max so completely, totally over the moon for him?

It was like some corny chick flick on late night tv. Max could call it Passion’s Goofy Stupidity.

Next Kasan was going to be bringing him a dozen roses and an orphaned kid was going to show up on their doorstep for them to raise together. Crap.

Max blinked as he realized that Kasan was staring at him. Max looked back up, putting his hand on Kasan’s chest again, expecting to see the familiar teasing, sexy look on Kasan’s face. But no. Kasan’s ears were down, like they’d been since Max had woken up, and Kasan looked uncertain.

“Okay, Kasan, what the hell is going on?”

Kasan sighed. “Sorry, Max, I’ll be quick. Not hurt Max.

“Of course you won’t…woah!”

Max shook his head dizzily, staring at the floor.

He was over Kasan’s lap.  Face down over Kasan’s lap.  What the-  What was he-? Max stared at the floor, eyes going wide as Kasan put one broad hand over the small of his back, anchoring him there. Kasan’s muscles rubbed against Max’s belly and chest, slippery from the cleaning oil. Max could feel him shift, like his free hand was reaching back.

No, there must be some reason for this. Something sexual, something fun, and something that went against all the porn that Max had ever seen that suggested that he was about to be spanked! He couldn’t be spanked! Didn’t Kasan realize that he had hands the size of shovels! Max’s ass couldn’t take that kind of abuse! Max’s ass could barely take Kasan’s dick!

“Kasan, what the hell are you doing?” Max’s voice was so high he thought Androcles might hear it and come save him!

This is for your own good, Max.

“Kasan, stop it! What are you doing? Whatever it is, I didn’t do it! Don’t you dare! I don’t want-” The words froze in his throat as he felt Kasan’s hand on his backside. Rather than smacking him, though, it was….prying apart the cheeks of his ass. 

Kasan held them open and leaned over. Max could tell he was looking. Oh god, Kasan was keeping him wide open and just…staring at him. Exposed and quivering, Max started to pant. He shifted and slid a little on Kasan’s oiled legs. The musky sweet smell from the oil was overwhelming. One finger rubbed up from his balls to swirl lightly over Max’s hole and he moaned.

“Oh God. What- God, what are you doing?” he whimpered. He tried to tighten his buttocks but Kasan’s huge fingers were pushing his cheeks open no matter how much he clenched. “Kasaaan.”

Kasan’s finger lingered for another second and then moved off. “I’m sorry, Max. I was hoping he’d already taken care of this but you’re still dry. You need your medicine,” Kasan’s voice was an unhappy murmur and Max felt a finger against his anus again, cooler, slick.

Max squirmed, but he stopped speaking. He could hear Kasan’s breathing pick up and it made his own heart speed up too. He flushed. He was not into bondage, and he was not into spanking, but now that he was completely trapped on Kasan’s lap he was really embarrassed and really, really turned on. How did that even work?

He was such a freaking nympho! But, but, it wasn’t his fault! Dang it, he wanted to see what Kasan was going to do! Because whatever Kasan did tended to feel really, really good.

Max gasped as Kasan’s finger, slippery and large, slowly pushed its way inside until Max could feel Kasan’s knuckle against the cheeks of his ass. “Uuuuuh, Kasan, you…God!”

And then it started to tingle.

“Kasan, wh-what? What kind of lube is that?” Max squirmed, clamping down on Kasan’s finger, and the tingling grew to small sparks. Okay, ass-tingling lube wasn’t what he was expecting at all! And it wasn’t a sensation that Max was necessarily enjoying. Just…weird. He wriggled, trying to push forward so Kasan’s finger wasn’t so deeply embedded in his ass and he could try and adjust to whatever-this-was.

 “Hush, Gisho, I won’t hurt you. I promise. We need to do this. Max, love, you need to stop squirming so I can get this in far enough. Max, please, this is for your own good.” Kasan’s hand pressed more fully on his back, holding him still. Kasan’s finger pushed in deeper, spreading the strange sensation along with it, and Max arched back, gasping.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god.” It felt like Kasan was stroking him inside, twisting his finger slowly back and forth. Max sucked in a huge gulp of air as Kasan drew it out so freaking slowly, so carefully. He thought he was done until Kasan brought the finger back, slick again.

It went in faster this time, smoother. Max squeaked in surprise. “Kasan!” The sparks heating up as it went in. Kasan pumped slowly in and out until Max started panting in earnest now. God, oh God. Crap, how did Kasan do this? Asses shouldn’t tingle like this!

“Kasan, what are you doing!” Kasan curled his finger. “Ah, no fair! No- God, yeah. Fuuuck. What the heck is this stuff?”

Murmuring, Kasan pulled out and rubbed his hand gently over the crease between Max’s cheeks, spreading the tingle there, too. “Calm down now. That’s all, little one. That should be enough.

Kasan picked him up and put him on his knees on the bed. Max braced himself but it was awkward. He couldn’t stop squirming, and he didn’t even want to know what faces he was making. But it was starting to get hot inside his ass! It was growing stronger, and he couldn’t make it go away.

And Kasan merely watched him with dark eyes as though he was waiting to see how it worked. Max couldn't stop flushing so red that he was burning inside and out now. Whatever kind of lube this was, he wasn’t sure he liked it.

“N-not like, Kasan,” he said, shifting from one knee to the other, and Kasan nodded back.

I know. I’m sorry, little one. It will make you feel so much better, soon, though. The pain will go away.”  He waited longer, just staring, while Max’s body started to really burn. His feet burned, his face burned, and his ass felt like it was empty and burning!

And then, when Max thought he was going to lose his mind and was possibly, just maybe, whimpering like a freaking puppy, Kasan gently pushed him over onto his back. Max didn’t say a word; he was too busy squirming against the sheets and wriggling his hips, trying to come to terms with the sensation in his ass.

Kasan crawled over the bed on top of him, looking down, the smell of him so damned musky and strong and hotter than hell. Max squirmed again. The empty feeling inside his ass and the burning pins and needles made him want Kasan inside him now. Anything to make the feeling better!


I know, little one,” Kasan whispered. He leaned over and kissed Max’s chest, licking over his skin with small flicks of his tongue, and Max arched up into it. He reached up and grabbed at Kasan’s ears, trying to get his hair but stroking harshly over the ears every time Kasan licked him again.  He couldn’t control his own arms, he thought wildly, and Kasan was doing nothing more than licking!

How the hell had he once thought he didn’t want Kasan? God, Kasan was the best. Kasan was awesome. He really, really wanted Kasan. In his ass, right now, before it caught on fire!

“Kasan, do it now,” Max panted. Kasan moved down his body and towards his cock. Kasan’s hand was on the bed next to Max’s head and the other was caressing his stomach. It was leaving a trail of faint tingling behind it, as well. Max arched into Kasan again, trying to keep hold of the dark strands of his hair. “Kasan, please, just come up here and do it!” Kasan moved lower and Max yanked on his ears. “Kasan, now!” 

Kasan stopped and looked at him. “Max…”

Oh god, he thought his heart was going to explode. He’d never felt like he wanted something in his ass so much! “Please? Sex now?”

Kasan stared at him, his ears twitching, and he slowly nodded. 

Of course, Max, whatever you want.”  He didn’t sound his usual confident self, though. Max had the brief thought that maybe he should be nervous but he just wanted something in his ass. It was freaking on fire! “Max, I’ll be gentle. You don’t have to be afraid, little one.

Max panted, writhing against Kasan and the sheets and he was about to stick his own fingers up his ass if Kasan didn’t get started, but Kasan looked so upset. Max didn’t want him upset but god, please, he had to have sex! Crap, what had worked last time? Why had Kasan been upset last time? Wait, yes!

“Kasan?” Kasan looked down at him. “Max good. I’m good, Kasan. I am great. I am so perfectly wonderfully good and ready for you to please, please get in me!”

Kasan blinked once, groaned, and leaned down to kiss all over Max’s face. Max couldn't make out his words at all, but Kasan kept talking to him in between kisses, as his legs nudged between Max’s, pushing Max’s legs wide, as if Max wasn’t already opening his legs like a freaking barn door already!

So sweet…love you so much, Max. Never hurt you again. So beautiful…

“Kasan?” Max wasn’t sure if he got the word out completely before Kasan’s cock began to fill him. “Oh fuck, finally!”

But he was going more slowly than Kasan ever moved, when Max wanted him to freaking get inside! But no, Kasan was being a contrary jerk and his cock nudged against the middle of Max’s ass, going so terribly slowly that Max could felt each shift of his muscles opening up to let Kasan come in.

The thick length pushed carefully, stretching him until the enormous head popped through. It held him open, vibrating against the burn inside of him. It changed it, warping the burn to something so freaking good that Max lost his breath. He spread his legs as wide as they could go, trying to wrap them around Kasan’s hips, pulling on his torso with his hands as he did his best to urge him in deeper – in faster – but Kasan insisted on keeping it slow.

Max whined pitifully. The burn moved deep in his ass, reaching for his spine. The pressure of Kasan’s girth as it sank into him was sending even more of the burn to Max’s dick. But Kasan was stopping. He wasn’t thrusting in! He stayed there between Max’s legs, keeping Max only half-impaled, petting him. And the burn grew. There was steadily growing heat from the stetched and sensitive flesh that was wrapped around Kasan’s cock like some greedy mouth that would have sucked it all in if Kasan would just let him.

“Faster,” Max said, gasping again as Kasan went in another inch. Kasan growled under his breath as he paused, then went in so little that Max could hardly tell he was moving. 

He pull with his legs desperately, arching up, and Kasan went in another inch with a short jerk. They both gasped. Kasan tried to pull out but Max growled low and bit at his chest. “Faster!”

Kasan paused, his hips steadying. His voice trembled. “Shhh, I know it’s hard.” He slowly pushed all the way in.

“Oh fuuuck.” Max was having a hard time thinking by the time Kasan was embedded fully.  He’d never felt anything like it. The stretch from Kasan’s length was exactly what he needed, so freaking deep. God he loved feeling Kasan in so deep like this! But the tingling burn was spreading too, and when Kasan carefully pulled out and entered him again, Max yelped.

The burn…pulsed. Sparks from an anvil when the hammer came down. Kasan thrust in, and they spread. Max’s nipples burned, his belly boiled, and his ass, god, his ass needed more.

Max’s nipples peaked and he started moving his hips desperately, trying to pull Kasan in tighter and closer and if he could just get him to thrust again! “Kasan!”

Max wanted to come right now! God, he’d never been this aroused, this fast!  He gasped and writhed every time Kasan thrust in, so softly that Max’s body hardly moved. Every thrust was soft and gentle and careful.

Why was he doing that? Kasan was supposed to fuck him, like out in the forest! It was too slow; Max was going to burn up if Kasan didn’t help him!


Kasan stared down at him, his face tense as he moved, and his eyes were blank with incomprehension.

Max tried to pull on Kasan’s body again. “This is not the time to not understand, Kasan! Fuck! Me!” Max shoved his hips against Kasan’s body, trying to shove himself onto Kasan’s cock faster. Kasan held his hips still, making shushing noises, and kept the same pace, slow and steady.

“I am going to kill you. You need to move! Oh god, yes, that. No, no, no, not so slow! Please, just a little more, please, god, I’m going to die! I’m going to die and then I’m going to kill you, and then I’m going to die again. Please, Kasan, please!” Max moaned as he shoved himself against Kasan, whimpering for release, trying to get Kasan to move his cock faster, go deeper, go harder.

He leaned up and bit Kasan’s skin; Kasan thrust in hard with a startled ‘whoomph’ of air.

“Oh fuck yes!”  It was just what Max was looking for, the heavy body on top of him, Kasan’s cock splitting him wide and open and the burning spreading out everywhere, down to his toes.

“Max, don’t. I don’t want to scare you. Please, I can’t control-” Max bit Kasan again in the round fullness of his chest where Max had to smash his nose against the skin to get a good enough grip. Kasan’s body convulsed as he cried out and thrust in hard again, and Max keened out a small, high gasp and took it all, as far as he could. Kasan cursed under his breath.

The next thrust was stuttering as though he were trying to slow himself down. “Don’t you dare!” Max’s fingers slid on the sweaty skin of Kasan’s ribs.

He wanted Kasan to go faster! Biting and licking Kasan’s nipple, sucking on it until he thought the skin would bruise, he finally got it. Kasan growled and groaned at the same time and began to thrust harder, his stomach rubbing against Max’s cock with the best friction freaking ever.

Kasan’s hand shoved under Max’s hips, pulling him up against him even tighter as he thrust deep. Max could feel the breath shoved out of him every time Kasan thrust, the sound of their bodies a loud, heavy slap as their skin met, and he was so ready for it. Wanted to come so badly! He could feel that heat burning hotter than he thought it had in the entire time he’d known Kasan…so hot in his ass, so damn hot, and he wanted to come so badly he just needed it, needed it, needed it!

“Yes! Oh crap, crap, yes!” He convulsed around Kasan, shooting over their stomachs as Kasan shoved in hard, snarling, and held Max still while he pulsed into him.

Kasan buried his face in the bed next to Max’s head, shoulders shaking. Max’s breath came in harsh, sobbing gasps as he lay open and pliant under Kasan’s body.

“Holy crap.” He smiled a little. “I will never, ever make fun of alien lube again. Holy crap.”

Kasan lifted up his head, eyes blurred, and tilted his head while he looked at Max. His lips twisted. Max smiled at him and he didn’t care how goofy he looked. Kasan’s ears bobbed down and back up again like they couldn’t make up their minds. His voice was soft. “You’re…Max not hurt? ”

“Oh crap, are you kidding? I’m good. Max is soooo good.”

He worked on Kasan’s words and frowned. Wait, Kasan was asking if he was hurt? Was that why he’d been so slow? Max thought back again to how Kasan had treated him just before all the shit had gone down, how he’d told Max that he’d never hurt him. He was still-?

“I know Kasan not hurt me,” Max said quietly, still panting. He smiled, raising his hand to touch Kasan’s face. Kasan blinked and suddenly reached forward to pull Max in close again.  He mumbled something against Max again that Max didn’t catch.

When he pulled back Max flushed. Kasan was still inside of him, just staring at him.

Max wasn’t sure what to say. That had been…really good.  Really, really good. Different. The odd burning was subsiding now but there was still enough to make Kasan’s presence inside his ass a bit more noticeable at this stage than it usually was. Max shifted uncertainly.

I’m so glad you’re not frightened,” Kasan whispered. His voice cracked. “So glad. You are so amazing, little one. I have no idea what I did to deserve you.

Kasan purred quietly and Max sighed. He loved that stupid sound. He shifted again.

No, Gisho, don’t move yet. I have to stay inside for a while right now.

Max patted his face again, wishing he knew what the problem was. Kasan continued to stare at him and Max squirmed. “Um, what do we do now?” Usually he was kind of falling at this point and even if Kasan stayed inside for a while, it wasn’t like Max cared when he was asleep, right?

He didn’t think there was an etiquette book on ‘what to do when your alien husband needs to stay inside your ass for a while but your ass is tingly enough to keep you awake.’ 

Maybe he could write it himself, because it looked like he was about to find out.

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