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The Last Pure Human
Chapter 21 - Living in the Moment

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The moment Kasan saw Max kneeling on their bed, he wrapped his arms around him and picked him up. His consort groused at him, but the little one was safe and alive.

Not the fate of whomever the shokan had dragged into his garden. None of them had found a body, but not only was his garden’s tosa dead – and dead over a day – there’d been blood as well. The guards said no one had entered his room or the garden while they’d been on duty, but someone had been attacked there.

With that amount of blood, there was no way the person had lived through it.

They’d have to start checking to see who was missing from the citadel. It made him ill, thinking that someone had already died. Worse, he had a guilty relief that the blood didn’t belong to Max.

For the second time that night, Kasan’s hands shook as he held onto Max. He buried his face in Max’s hair. Kasan didn’t know how far the shokan had roamed, but one thing had been clear from their search of his garden: it had been hiding out there. For days, long enough to have marked a number of the trees near the back wall and dragged off the poor bastard who’d likely been its dinner. Hints of paw prints were in the soft mosses and grasses and shed hair draped the lower branches near the markings. The scent might be nearly indistinguishable from his fellow Kyashin, but the signs had been there.

There was no excuse for this. Kasan should have noticed something had invaded his private space. If Max hadn’t once again been luckier than anyone could have expected, he’d have been killed. And Kasan would have been responsible.  He couldn’t stop shaking, thinking of the odds that Max had come outside during whatever brief time the shokan hadn’t been in the garden.

Kasan put one hand underneath Max’s ass and brought him in closer, trying not to jostle the little one in his arms. The room smelled like stressed Kyashin and nervous Max – sweaty – but it didn’t feel safe. The damn carnivore had been out there with them tonight; they all knew it. Although no one had caught a glimpse of it, the signs near the door had been new – newer than when they went out the door. His garden still wasn’t fucking cleared. They needed more men to hunt the damn thing down.

But he wasn’t going to be one of the hunters. The search had taken too long.

“Sex soon, little one.” Kasan kissed Max’s forehead and pulled him flush to his groin. Their cocks sprung to attention almost as soon as they touched.

Max’s head popped up nearly as fast at Kasan’s whisper and he stared at him with huge eyes. His face slowly flushed.

Most of the guards had stayed in the garden to wait for reinforcements, but a few had followed him in. “My apologies for not joining you for the rest of the night. My heat is spiking.” They all nodded. Most of them had probably seen the signs already. “Give me a moment and we’ll clear the room.  You’re welcome to use whatever you need during the search tonight.”

Honeyed ears twitching, the highest ranked guard gestured towards the door. “You might want to try for the green rooms. Davi was complaining that the blue and red rooms were full.”

Davi nodded sharply. “Good luck finding somewhere.”

The other guard smiled. “It’s quite the frenzy you’ve set off; half the ripe in the citadel have gone into heat, from what I hear.”

Kasan cursed under his breath. He should have thought of that. With this many couples looking for rooms that weren’t occupied by roommates, privacy was going to be hard to find.

“Kasan, what wrong?”

Kasan loosened his hold on Max, smiling for his sake, and noticed shokan hair clinging to his arm. His smile froze and his stomach roiled unpleasantly. “Shit. I didn’t mean to get you covered in that damn thing’s hair, too.” The beast’s fur had been everywhere outside. Every time Kasan had brushed against so much as a leaf, the hair had clung to the medicine coating Kasan’s body.

He couldn't stand that he’d brought anything from that thing back inside to contaminate Max with. Growling under his breath, Kasan let Max down and grabbed a small rag, wiping the hair off them both with angry swipes. It took him an extra minute to get it off of the velvet of the leash and collar.


“Shhh. Sorry, Gisho. It’s fine.  We have to go to a new room for the night, though.” Kasan ran a hand over Max’s shoulder at the man’s confused look. “Another room, Max. Sleep in another room.”

Did Max look disappointed?

“Not with…Kasan?”

Warmth blossomed in his middle at the forlorn note to Max’s voice. “Max and Kasan sleep in another room.”

Blood filled Max’s cheeks again. Kasan wanted to touch him desperately, but his emotions were scattered even as the heat made his body burn. The Niandrin, the shokan, Max’s near death, even the poor soul who’d lost his life - he didn’t want to have them in his head when he was making love to Max.

It was hard to put into practice what he’d been taught: to live with the heat meant to live in the moment. Everything from arguments to raging battles had to be put aside whenever one’s body required it. They all knew it. This was the first time Kasan had been so tested with it, though.

Davi cleared his throat. “If you don’t mind some advice?”

Kasan didn’t look at him as he nodded. He stroked the soft, naked curve of Max’s ears while he listened.

“It helps if you can immerse yourself in your consort. Focus on Max – try something new if you need to – and deal with the rest of the world after you’re done.” Davi sighed quietly. “It does get easier, with practice.”

Another guard snorted. “I think these two practice enough that it’s gotta be plenty easy by now.”

Kasan ignored him. If he could think of it as concentrating on Max rather than trying to forget the rest, he could do it. The little one was on his mind constantly. Kasan only needed to concentrate everything in his head on Max.

 Kasan tightened his awareness to the tips of his fingers, stroking around Max’s ears. He would likely never stop enjoying how lovely they were. He liked the way his fingers could glide over the furless skin. Smooth and curled, with finely made whorls decorating the inside. And the small, fleshy lobe underneath was far too tempting. He wanted to nibble on it and hear Max squeal.

His cock thickened, but it felt natural, no longer an invasion to his state of mind.

Images ran through his head and he closed his eyes to let them flow faster. He wanted to see Max spread underneath him, flushed and panting with need. He wanted to caress Max’s skin and hold him so tightly that they melted into each other. His cock wanted to embed itself in the little one’s warm body until Kasan could forget the sight of blood spattered ground and the rotting corpse of the dead tosa.

Davi touched his shoulder. “Go on, we’ll take care of the garden. Remember, if things start to overwhelm you, just empty your mind-” He grinned. “- and fill your consort.”

Kasan thought Max understood the last, because he started flushing again. A hand rubbed over the top of his head distracted him and Max grumbled.

Kasan couldn’t quite let go. “Be careful. If someone else was killed while taking care of my garden-”

“We’ll take every precaution. You needn’t worry.”

Kasan nodded abruptly and hustled Max out the door. Velvet brushed against some of his scratches as he scooped Max up; he placed the hanging leash into Max’s hand. The extra pressure as Max held on tight should have felt restrictive.

It didn’t.

By the time he made it to the green rooms, his mind still hadn’t settled completely, but his erection was a permanent feature. He walked down the hallway, nodding to the guards, finding room after room with ‘busy, no company needed’ markings on them.

One of the guards spoke up. “Cleaners just finished with the last one on the left, Prince Kasan.”

Kasan thanked him gratefully. They might have a little while before Kasan had to be inside Max, but that didn’t mean they would have had time to find somewhere private, if the frenzy was this bad.

Heat and Death waited for no one.

Max didn’t understand what that meant yet, Kasan was sure. Privacy for their mating wasn’t a given. But it wasn’t necessarily comfortable out in public, and he wanted Max to be happy. His consort had been dealt with more than enough already. And Kasan couldn’t help worrying that he was going to go through so much one day that he grew sick of them all.

 “We’ll get through this, little one,” Kasan murmured. He triggered the door with his shoulder and carried Max in.


A trio of guards stood close to each other in the hallway, watching Kasan’s black tail flick once before the door closed and blocked their view. Two sets of golden ears slanted towards each other.

“Was that the prince’s new consort?”

“Looks like it.”

“And it’s really a human.”

“Looks like it.”

“He’s small enough to tuck under your arm.”

“Looks like it.”

“How do they even-“

A third voice interrupted. “That’s none of our business.”

The other two looked at him and back to each other.

“Why didn’t he use his room?”

“Who knows.”

“Maybe his heat caught him by surprise.  They always say throwbacks need it more often.  Maybe it hits them faster, too.”

“Could be.”

The sounds of masculine and feminine moans drifted through the closed doors and the guards sighed, stoically trying to ignore their own responses. One with black hair had to adjust his loincloth to accommodate his erection and turned away. His ears flicked forward as he caught sight of a brown haired cat that resembled Waran passing by at the end of the hall.

“Poor bastard,” he murmured.


“Just thinking of Waran.”

“Oh, yeah. Shoru’s a real asshole.”

“Wait…you haven’t heard?” The other two stared at him blankly. “About Shoru?”

“No, but I swear I’ll kiss you if you tell me someone finally called him on that ‘I’m in heat’ shit.  Like he’s some kind of throwback or something, the ass.”

“Someone beat him.”

The taller guard grunted. “About damn time.”

“No, I mean really beat him.  He’s in a coma in his rooms right now.”

Blond ears went flat. “Shit. What the hell happened?”

“No one knows.  From what I heard, the town guard heard him yelling, but Shoru was unconscious in an alley by the time they got there. Someone used a laser pistol on him.”

The other two touched their chests and mouths reverently. “Is he going to live?”

“Sounds like it. Nasty head wound, though, maybe some other injuries. I saw Korosh on the way here. He was up when they brought Shoru in. Said Waran’s pretty shaken up.”

“I can imagine. Hate to be him, if he spikes before Shoru wakes up.”

The black haired guard’s ears were flat against his head. “Happened to me once,” he whispered. The others stared at him. “Guadalupe had the flu last year. The nanites took care of it, of course, but she was still out of her head with fever when we spiked. It…it was like I was raping her.” His pupils dilated and his body shivered noticeably.

The others left their posts and came over to stroke his hair and ears.

“Hey, it’s not your fault. Happens to a lot of people.”

“Yeah, the heat never leaves anyone unscathed, you know that.”

They stayed close until the shivering stopped and he touched their lips gently. “Thank you.” His ears were upright again as the other two returned to their posts.


     Even being held in another man’s arms, Max could admit that they were in a nice room. Blue and green silk on the walls, deep teal rugs all over the floor, and a bed that was a built la orgy, because it would have fit at least five cats into it at a time. He wasn’t confused about why they were here – ‘sex soon’ was pretty clear, even without Kasan’s hands all over him on the way over.

But why not their room? Was there something wrong with it? Was this going to be their room now? What did it mean that all those cats were still in his room and the garden when they’d left? More of the pink blobs had invaded?

At least Kasan wasn’t out there with them, this time. He was safe.

Kasan’s hand under his legs drifted up towards Max’s ass and Max tried to grab it. “Why am I not surprised that even blob invaders don’t stop you from wanting sex, huh, Kasan?”

Kasan looked at him politely, finally putting him down. Max’s feet hit the floor at the same time his stomach bumped against an erection already nearly bursting out of the loincloth. He stepped back with a small gulp. It was all right. He could deal with this. Besides, after everything Zonta had showed him, Max knew Kasan couldn’t help himself. The big cat had sex-fiend nanites, right?

Although Max had a sneaking suspicion that Kasan was probably born horny anyway.  Or, well…a horny infant didn’t sound right at all. Born with a lot of potential dick energy was more like it. Or should that be kinetic dick energy?  There was movement involved at the end…

Max looked over at him and shivered as he realized Kasan’s loincloth was already on the floor. The big man didn’t move towards Max, though. Just stood there, cock at attention, muscles taut, and so covered with lacerations that Max felt the strangest urge to try and comfort him. That one on his face had nearly cut across his eye. Max imagined kissing it better and cringed at his own stupidity.

Yeah, like he could do that?  What the heck did Kasan need coddling for?  The man was a freaking pillar. He was hard, and bronzed, and tall, and -

Max turned around as he realized he was staring at Kasan’s cock.

Hard, bronzed, and tall, yeah, that pretty much described it, too.

He focused on the only thing in the room worth looking at – the bed – and rethought the decision almost immediately. It was taunting him. Like he needed a reminder about what they were there for? Max knew they had to have sex.  Knew, knew, knew they had to have sex, but last time, they’d had some sort of super sex frenzy in front of the mirror that had wrung him out so much he was surprised he could even walk today.

And Kasan was going to take him in the ass again today. And tomorrow, again. And again, and again, and there were so many ‘agains’ ahead of them that it was hard to even think about it clearly. Maybe if Max just thought about today. He could do this one more time, for one more day.

But forever was still a little too much. What about if they found more humans? What the hell would he do then?  Max couldn’t leave Kasan or he’d die, right? If the sex had to be with Max and only Max – he thought that’s what he’d seen on the video - that’s what it would mean. And as for going to live with another colony, if they found one? Max couldn’t even imagine Kasan walking among throngs of people, towering over them and flashing his backside in that thong of his. It broke his brain. But then that meant…what?

Could he live with Kasan like this? Forever? With Kasan risking his life for him, and wanting sex with him, and Max doing…something.


He looked back at Kasan again and was reminded that the cat wasn't completely nude; the deep red collar was still on. And the way Kasan looked in it?

 Max had never seen anyone look so much like a sex slave in his entire life, and considering he’d thought he was a sex slave, he figured he’d know.  Kasan looked like some captured barbarian prince from the land of unending sexual pleasure.

Kasan took a step towards him and Max nearly fell over as he backed up and bumped against the bed.

Okay, maybe a captured barbarian prince that had already broken free and was looking for a little sexual payback, actually.

“Kasan.” He didn’t flinch – much – when Kasan came in close and wrapped a hand around Max’s bicep. The cat’s fingers almost touched. Great. Max’s arms were so puny here he might as well be a twig. Just great. He could hire himself out as a scarecrow. Although maybe then he’d get more clothes to wear, so when Kasan looked at him like this he wouldn’t feel so completely and utterly naked and vulnerable and exhilaratingly terrified.

Need sex soon, Max.

I know.

They didn’t move, staring at each other.

Kasan sat on the bed and pulled Max down next to him. “Max…”

“I know!  Just…give me a minute, okay?”


Crap, he’d spoken in English. “Kasan wait.

Can’t wait long, little one. Not if we want to do this right.

Kasan leaned down and nuzzled the top of Max’s head. Max grabbed his leash and yanked.  “Wait!

He didn’t know what he was going to do, but Max felt like he should be thinking of something that would make everything easier.  Things shouldn’t be this difficult; he and Kasan had sex every day now! It wasn’t like it was new!

His fingers tightened over the leash and he looked at them in disgust.  Like the leash was going to help him figure things out? It wasn’t going to do a damn thing for him. It was as useful as the time he’d tried to walk a St. Bernard on a skateboard. The only thing he could do with it was close his eyes, hold on tight, and pray everything worked out okay.

Actually, he’d ended up with a raw ass after that one, too.

But Kasan wasn’t moving.  He was smiling, his grin white and a little lusty, but he didn’t pull away. His head tilted and his ears kinked forward before he smiled broader.

Holding onto Max’s hand, he stroked the end of the leash. And then sat there, running his eyes over Max. And Max’s stupid, stupid, body thought that was just the hottest thing it had ever seen and went boneless and shivery. And a little empty.

“Dammit, what is going on with my ass!?” It was happening again.  His entire body felt like a piece was missing, and it was just the same size as Kasan’s dick.  “What did you do to me? My ass-”

Kasan tilted his head again and Max couldn’t finish the statement.  What the hell could he say? Not ‘what gay, porn star ghost just possessed my ass, and how do I make it go away?” It wasn’t like it was painful, but it made him feel needy. Like he couldn't do without Kasan, and he didn’t like it! He didn’t like worrying about him and watching him get hurt and scratched up and actually caring that he was hurt and scratched up. 

It wasn’t his fault that he was married to an alien and doomed to be fucked in the ass for eternity. Orgasmic eternity.  He looked down at Kasan’s dick again and wondered if that was the bad kind of eternity or not.  Probably the ‘going to hell for this’ eternity. Although he couldn’t go to hell if he was eternally being rimmed, anyway, could he? So…

God, he really needed to stop going insane. Soon.

Max dropped the leash, and Kasan handed it back, very slowly wrapping Max’s fingers around it.

Max, this is yours. Hold on.”

M-mine?”  As in…he was going to be wearing it soon? Blood rushed to his face.

“Kasan is yours. Tonight.”  His ears flicked and he grinned again, leaning in so close that Max could see the flecks in his eyes, the pupils widening slowly into dark moons. “Max is in charge now.

Max’s brain couldn’t process that. It did some sort of internal dance, screaming ‘barbarian sex slave, I knew it!’  But he must have heard wrong.  Except everyone told Kasan what to do today, and if he’d done everything they asked, did that mean…he’d do everything Max asked?

A flush went from his ears to his groin. Max was horrifically embarrassed that without even trying, he could think of five different things he could do with Kasan.  Graphic, penetrative things, with pre-arranged dialogue, that could not have possible come from his head unless he’d thought of them before, but he sure as hell didn’t remember thinking of them, but they were there so…

No…no sex?” His voice came out as a bleating kind of whisper, but Kasan shook his head, his hand over Max’s bicep sliding down to hold onto his hand.  The cat lifted Max’s palm to his mouth and kissed the tips of his fingers.

We need sex, Max.  But Max can decide.  Kasan is in Service to Max, to you, now. You are in charge, until tomorrow.

Max stared at his hand, wondering at the sharp darts of lightening that zipped all the way up his arm with each kiss.  He felt so self-conscious over the feeling that he yanked his arm back, but he didn’t let go of the leash.

Max was still trying to get used to having sex. He wasn’t really sure he would ever be completely comfortable with always having sex, but…if he had to….

Would Kasan really do what Max said? Anything he said?  What if Max were the one on top?  Maybe he didn’t have to be the girl-guy at all! Except his ass was feeling so empty, so freaking needy that he wasn’t really sure -

Dammit, he kind of didn’t want to be on top.  He wanted… to feel something big and thick inside him, and he thought his face must be as red as the damn leash as he admitted it to himself.

He looked at the leash itself, pulled at it a little, and Kasan’s body bent supplely from the waist until their eyelashes were close enough to kiss. Max didn’t look away.  Did he want to look away? Maybe he should. He was in charge, wasn’t he?  Shouldn’t he know what should he do?  Dang it, shouldn’t he know whether looking into someone’s eyes like this was a good thing, so close that the smallest jeweled flecks in their eyes were as big as teardrops?

Except he didn’t have a clue.  He didn’t know what to do at all.  How did he make a decision about which way to get screwed in the ass? He was still getting used to Kasan and marriage and even the idea of getting screwed in the ass. And now Kasan wanted him to be in charge of the sex, too? 

“Why didn’t you tell me I had to be in charge? I don’t know any gay sex positions! Crap. What if I choose wrong? It would be terrible!  And you’d still do it, wouldn’t you? You’d go right along and let me pick something horrible and do everything I said and we’d end up like a bad movie and then you’ll think I suck at sex and you’ll never let me be in charge again! And I’d be damn good at it if you’d just tell me ahead of time so I can figure something out, dammit!”

He didn’t understand why Kasan found that funny - because it wasn’t! - but the stupid cat chuckled and kissed Max on the nose.

My poor little Gisho. I think I’ve finally figured out something that you might like, and you still surprise me.” Kasan leaned down and kissed him softly on the lips. “You certainly make it easy to keep my focus on the two of us. Now, what’s wrong? Are you still frightened, little one? You needn’t be. You’re safe now. Nothing can hurt you in here. Or is something else upsetting you?

Max caught some of it, but only enough to know Kasan was asking how he was. Probably.

I’m fine.

Kasan chuckled again. “I’m sure you are. Beautiful and delicate and fine and absolutely delicious.

Max flushed, his cock swelling. Kasan’s voice was hot syrup running down his stomach. “Not beautiful.

Yes, you are, sweetheart. Now, you’re in charge. Come. Tell me what to do.” Kasan looked down at Max’s cock and the stupid thing took the initiative to bob up inside its clothing like the attention seeking whore it was. “Ah, I see. Max needs a little attention?

Kasan practically slithered off the bed to his knees, and Max yelped – such a freaking unmanly sound – when Kasan crept between his legs. Kneeling on the floor, Kasan looked at Max’s loincloth like someone waiting for a curtain to go up in a play.

And Max’s curtain was rising so fast it was making him lightheaded from sudden blood loss.


Kasan put a hand on either side of Max’s hips, brought his face in close to Max’s loincloth, and looked up at him with slitted eyes. He licked his lips so close to Max’s clothing that Max thought he saw a damp spot appear on the cloth.

Swallowing the cock-sized lump in this throat, Max froze. Kasan licked his lips again, then brushed the insides of his forearms against Max’s legs. His tail slid over the side of his naked ass and drifted down to Max’s leg.  It was unreal how soft it was when it curled around his calf. The tip drifted up and down the back of his knee, like a tongue of velvet.

What would it feel like around his cock?

“Kasan…” His voice squeaked out before he could stop it.

Yes?” So innocent, like Kasan didn’t know exactly what he was doing!

Max couldn't look at him. It wasn’t that he didn’t know what he wanted, but how could he ask for it?  He couldn’t-  there was no freaking way he could ask Kasan to do anything to him!  It was…hell, it was embarrassing.  Worse than his first time realizing he’d just being screwed, worse than agreeing to be screwed and asking for more. To ask for Kasan to wrap his tail around Max’s cock, or his mouth, or…or…

To stick something inside of Max?

His ass tightened, fluttering open and shut for a few seconds like he’d had a mini-orgasm. Oh dear God, that’s what his freaking body wanted him to ask for, something inside of him. Soon. Kasan purred, bringing Max’s eyes down to Kasan’s cock, eager and ready over his heavy thighs, his balls thick and heavy underneath.

He tried to shift his eyes somewhere safer, and realized that nothing was. Even Kasan’s mouth was magnetic. Max couldn’t stop looking at it.  Bronzed lips with a hint of rose to them, flexible and hotter than hell. He knew them so well he could feel them over his own mouth again, working their way down his body. 

He couldn’t ask Kasan to fuck him. It was just impossible. He freaking couldn’t! But those lips of his were so sexy and soft looking, maybe Max could ask that. Maybe that.

“Kasan…” His voice cracked and he yanked at the leash on accident.  Kasan let it drag him closer. “K-Kasan…touch…” Shit, he didn’t know the word!  Zonta had never taught him the word!  Dammit!”

Touch you where, little one?

Max swallowed and couldn’t say anything.

Ahhh, you don’t know how to name the body well yet? Well, we have enough time for a few lessons. And I need something to focus on today, little one. A game, that will help. So, would you like me to teach you some new words, Max?

Max nodded stupidly at Kasan’s face.  He wasn’t sure what he was agreeing to, but with that look on Kasan’s face, and his eyes – they were so fierce, like Max was the only thing in the world that mattered. At that moment, Max thought could do whatever he had to, if it meant Kasan looked at him that way some more.

Or smiled like he was doing now, too. “So where would you like me to touch you, sweetheart? Your feet?

Kasan’s fingers smoothed over the top of Max’s feet and moved up. “Or your calves, perhaps?

His huge body was completely at ease as he knelt at Max’s feet - even if his eyes didn’t quite match. And then Kasan slid his hands up the back of Max’s calves, massaging gently with small waves of his fingers. They eased their way up by inches. Max swallowed a small moan.  It felt good!

Do you like my touching your calves, little one?” Kasan’s hands stilled.

When they remained there for a minute without moving, Max tugged on the leash to try and get them to caress him again.

Calves.” Kasan rolled the world around in his mouth as he squeezed them gently. The small movement made Max’s toes curl into the carpet. “You have to say the word if you want the touch, sweetheart. Calves.

C-calves.” Max’s hips squirmed against the bed as Kasan not only used his hands but twisted and leaned down to nip at the fleshy part of Max’s calves.


Mmmm. You taste so sweet, Max.


You like this?” Max gasped with barely a sound as Kasan’s teeth grazed the back of his calf again. “Or maybe you’d rather I play with your knees?

 Kasan chuckled, kissing the skin. A moment later, Max’s legs were lifted just enough for Kasan to lick the soft crease behind the knee. He had to fight not to fall over backwards.

Holy crap. Knees were almost as sensitive as freaking nipples! 

You like that?

Max shivered and tried to nod. His entire body felt too aroused, like Kasan could lick his freaking chin stubble and it would feel good. Although…wait. Max hadn’t shaved the whole time he’d been here. His face should have been all stubble now. What the -

Kasan brought his hands around and rubbed his thumbs over the inside of Max’s knees and it ceased to matter. His brain couldn’t think past Kasan and his hands. Barely touching, the movement should have barely registered. It was on his freaking knees. How could it bring so much of Max’s attention to those two spots on his body?

“Wh-what are you-“

Pushing gently with only his thumbs, Kasan pressed Max’s legs apart and insinuated himself between them until Max’s thighs were splayed wide. Feet barely touching the floor, almost falling off the edge of the bed, Max couldn’t bring himself to move.

He didn’t want Kasan to stop touching him, and for some reason, Kasan was acting weird tonight. Like he might stop.

These are knees, Max.

“Huh? I don’t understand.

The word, sweetheart. Can you remember the word? Knees.”

Oh, the word thing! If he said it…what would Kasan do? Max had to take a deep breath before he spoke. “Knees.” 

Kasan smiled at him. With a small kiss on the side of Max’s knee, he slid his hands around and up Max’s legs. This time, he lifted until Max fell back on the bed, his feet in Kasan’s hands, and Kasan’s mouth…right back at the same spot. Oh God, he was going to do it again. Kasan dragged his tongue over the back of Max’s knee slower than dripping ice cream.  Max squirmed, moaning softly, and his cock jumped as Kasan continued to lick at his skin.

That’s it. Let yourself enjoy it. Give me something else to think about.

Kasan dragged his tongue up. Max knew his stupid legs were quivering like a virgin’s, but he didn’t freaking care. Lowering Max’s feet to his shoulders, Kasan wrapped his hands around Max’s thighs and pulled until Max’s ass slid off the bed. A little shocked, Max tried to squirm back onto the mattress. Kasan tightened his grip to prevent it, holding Max’s ass in mid-air with no apparent effort at all.

He licked at Max’s thighs just as softly as he’d touched Max’s knees, and then looked at him. The corner of his mouth curved softly. “You are so beautiful, Gisho. And you have such pretty thighs.”

Max stared at him, still holding onto the leash as though he could do anything with it. He tried to watch as Kasan leaned forward and nipped at the inner skin of his thigh, but his head fell back on the mattress the second he felt lips on him.

Thighs.” Kasan paused, licked the pinkened skin carefully, and looked back up at Max.

“Thighs.” He nipped it again, higher and closer to Max’s groin. “Don’t forget to say it. Or do I need to make sure you know which body part I am teaching?” Kasan nibbled.  His hair brushed against the line where Max’s loincloth ended and his thigh attached to his body.

Max sighed the words in a long, drawn out treble “Thighs.”

Beautiful thighs.” More caresses and nips eroded any thoughts Max tried to form and he couldn’t speak until Kasan finally stopped.

B-Beautiful thighs.

Kasan shifted, his shoulders shifting closer to support more of Max’s legs. Max could feel Kasan’s breath on his calves. One broad finger drifted up and along the edge of the loincloth, not quite pushing underneath the fabric but making it clear that Kasan could if he’d wanted to.

And Max really, really wanted him to.

“Kasan?” Kasan’s fingers stopped at his waistline and Max bit his lip. He had to do this. Max wanted to do this.  “Take off the…uh…this?” He pointed and Kasan smiled slowly.

Your loincloth? I’d be happy to.” Kasan’s eyes strayed to where Max’s body was shouting its little phallic hallelujas, and Max’s cock twitched. “It’s looking a little snug, sweetheart.”  

Kasan reached under him and after that, all Max was conscious of for a long while was Kasan’s fingers over his body.  Every touch drifted along his skin, lifting his hips even higher, sliding along the edges of the loincloth and running down his groin and the depths of his ass as though taking off a loincloth was supposed to be another word for ‘having sex.’

Max came close to coming; his hips twisted wildly as Kasan seemed to take every opportunity to drag the cloth over his cock. And when Kasan peeled the last of the loincloth away, his breath tried to create a new one made of warm, sweet air. It curled around Max’s cock, under his ass, over his hipbones. And Max couldn’t even look at him to see where the next puff of air would come from. He’d closed his eyes the second Kasan glanced down, his feline grin far too knowing. Max wanted to watch, but he didn’t want to watch, but he wanted to feel Kasan touching him and…why wasn't Kasan touching him anymore?

Opening his eyes, Max saw Kasan with one hand inches from Max’s balls, set to cup him.  Warmth and a soft, sensual pressure embraced his sac as soon as Kasan saw Max was looking. Max stopped breathing.

A little pair of  balls.” Kasan said, and he squeezed softly with each word.

“Oh my God.”
Balls, little one.” Kasan’s smile was wicked as he continued to roll Max’s sac in his palm. Then he stopped again. “Balls, Max.

“Kasan! Please!”

You can do it, sweetheart. B-a-ll-s. Balls.” One tiny, teasing squeeze.

“Crap! B-balls!

Gooood, Max. I knew you could do it.” And then he let go!!

“Kasan, dammit-”

Kasan canted forward and lifted Max’s hips up at the same time. His tongue lapped gently over the soft fuzz on one of Max’s balls. Yelping, Max kicked out in surprise, nearly clipping Kasan’s ear with his knee.

Kasan moved his head away and Max couldn’t help flushing. Who kicked someone licking their balls? An idiot, that’s who!

S-sorry,” he muttered, his cock throbbing miserably. “Accident.

Shhh, little one. No harm done. But I think we’ll have to arrange you a little differently.” Kasan grinned and slowly pulled Max up by his legs. Max’s body left the bed until he was barely supported by his shoulder blades and his head. He could feel Kasan’s face between his thighs, his legs dangling over the man’s heavy shoulders.

“Kasan, you can’t! I- Ohhhhh”  Kasan kissed his sac with the barest hint of suction, then licked over it carefully, leisurely tasting. His nose brushed the base of Max’s shaft.

Max jerked desperately on the leash but Kasan ignored his rather feeble attempts at control. He took both balls into his mouth, sucking on them just enough to make Max whimper and try to move into him. The scent of the lotion covering Kasan’s body drifted around them, so strong the flavor of oranges and sage filled Max’s mouth. Max squirmed. As Kasan’s tongue moved over him, Max’s insides grew so hot his bones felt like they were melting and pooling in his groin, leaving him weak and aching.

When Kasan took pity on him and released his balls, his lips slipped off with a soft pop. He leaned over to look down at Max’s face, curling Max’s body in on itself a little.  His smile was wicked. Max held on tight to the leash.

“Kasan?” What was Kasan going to do?  He had to be heading to Max’s cock, didn’t he?  His lips were right freaking there. So close Max could flex his muscles and have his cock bump against those damp lips. Should he? What if Kasan-

Ma-ax.” Kasan’s fingers tapped him on the nose. “What shall I do next, little one?” His breath was twirling around Max’s cock as his free hand held onto Max’s ass.

Max stared up and tried to move his cock against his mouth, but Kasan shifted his head with a teasing grin.

Oh, you’d like me to worship your thighs again?” Kasan turned his head and kissed the inside of Max’s thigh. He tried to move lower and Max’s hand tightened over the leash frantically. He didn’t want him moving away from his cock!

Kasan’s low, rather lecherous laugh made Max’s cheeks flush, but he still didn’t let go.  So, Kasan knew what Max wanted. There was no reason that was embarrassing.  Every man liked lips around his dick!  Every man he’d ever met, anyway, and Kasan was so freaking close and he seemed to want this sort of thing all the time so why the heck was he just sitting there, letting his fingers make stroking lines down Max’s thighs while Kasan held him up to his lips like a buffet.

Not your thighs?  You’ll have to tell me what to do, then, little one. You’re in charge, Max.

Max was in charge? He didn’t feel like he was freaking in charge! But Kasan didn’t look like he was going to do what Max wanted unless he said something, and asking for sex was nothing, no big deal.  He could do this.

Right. Max’s face burned with heat when he mumbled, “Touch me.” He felt like he was naked on a stage in front of his entire freaking highschool class

Kasan’s smile didn’t change, but Max would swear it kind of…sparkled. Like Kasan had suddenly painted his lips with wicked lip balm so they twinkled salaciously and coated his words when they came out. “Touch you where, sweetheart?  Here?

Something warm and soft slid up Max’s thigh and grazed the cheeks of his ass.

“Kasan!” He should be embarrassed, but all he could think about was the look on Kasan’s face, so freaking happy that it made Max’s body wriggle in response, close to coming.

There was that same teasing chuckle and Kasan palmed Max’s ass, bringing it flush with Kasan’s mouth. His tongue tickled the portal to Max’s body as Max began to whimper helplessly. God, it felt so good. His ass opened and closed, trying to draw it in, or make it go faster, or anything that would help him come.

It ended with a teasing prod that didn’t quite enter.

Not there, then? Perhaps here?” he purred, lowering Max and kissing up the length of Max’s cock. When he reached the tip of the erection, he kissed the rosy flesh there, too. It was moist where the foreskin had pulled back already, hypersensitive. Max could see it disappear into Kasan’s mouth and he watched, stunned, as Kasan licked a few pearly drops from it. Max stared up at Kasan’s lips, trembling violently. Kasan licked it again, then ran his tongue across his lips.

You taste good here, too, little one.” Max’s whole body quivered, but Kasan only licked him one more time, the barest touch that made Max cry out. Was that really him, all high and needy?


Yes?  You wanted something?” Kasan’s voice didn’t sound like him, either.  It was so hoarse.


Kasan didn’t move, his hand kneading Max’s ass like a heavy, slow massage. And Max suddenly realized that Kasan wasn’t going to swallow him down until Max said something. He didn’t understand – Kasan didn’t act like this, but there was something different tonight.

Dammit, Max wanted a cat blowjob!

“Kasan…” Why the heck was it so hard to say? “Touch me…there.”  Kasan raised an eyebrow. What did he want? “Uh...please?

The word, Max, what’s the word.  What is ‘there.’

Max stared at him and wanted to wail. Had Kasan said? Max couldn’t remember. He wouldn’t really keep Max’s cock lips free just because Max didn’t remember the word for cock, would he? Kasan wasn’t like that.

Kasan ran his tongue over the slit on Max’s dick, humming, and pulled back. “The word?

I don’t know.  I don’t remember! I- Please-

Kasan stared at him in surprise, his eyes wide, and then he slowly flushed, laughing softly. “Poor little one. I never told you, did I? You make me forget everything, do you know that?  Can’t even remember what I’ve said.  Here, let me thank you and make it up to you.”

Thank him? What- Max groaned deep as Kasan took him into his mouth, all the way to the hilt and beyond, a little of his balls getting enveloped by that slick, tight cavern of warmth.

He thrust as soon as he could, and Kasan let him, taking Max’s abortive little movements as suggestions for him to pull all the way back and sheath Max’s cock in deep.  Max couldn’t remember any woman, ever, feeling as good as the inside of the cat’s mouth. Kasan’s tongue was doing something against the underside of Max’s cock, adding extra heat and pressure in places that it seemed impossible to hit all at once.  The tip of his tongue rubbed against the ridge of Max’s glans.

Max’s body tightened so much his toes nearly curled in on themselves.

“God, what are you freaking doing to me?”

Kasan’s hand shifted where it palmed Max’s backside, a few fingers holding up Max’s cheeks on either side, and one long finger pressing in the middle like some heavy phallic symbol reminding Max what was coming.

Max’s brain responded with less thought and more blood to his cock. He closed his eyes, lost in the feel of Kasan over his erection, the muscles of the man’s shoulders playing underneath Max’s thighs while his feet hung over them. He even enjoyed the pressure against his own chest where the rest of his body pushed down on it as most of him was held off the bed. And then Kasan began to rub his finger back and forth over the crack of Max’s ass, brushing against the bundle of nerves right in the middle, moving in counterpoint to his mouth. Max’s hips slammed up into Kasan’s mouth and then tried to impale himself on the finger behind him. He bit his lips to keep from screaming as Kasan took him closer to the edge.

Just when he was about to spill into Kasan’s lips, the bastard pulled off. Max tried to thrust back into his mouth and he wriggled wildly, desperate when Kasan wouldn’t let him. He couldn’t even speak; he was so close, it just needed another minute!


“Wa-huh?” Max’s lips wouldn’t work right.

Kasan licked the head of his cock, fully exposed now. “Cock. This is your cock.

Max couldn’t figure out what the heck he was saying. It was too hard to think right now. Was Kasan asking if he should finish? “Please?

Kasan laughed, shifting and lowering Max’s entire body to the bed, and then moved out from under his legs. He kissed strategically as Max’s body slid from him.  “Balls.” A light licking. “Thighs.” He nibbled down the line of Max’s thighs. “Knees.” A small kiss. “Calves.” A warm squeeze. Then Kasan wrapped his hands around Max’s cock and Max thrust into it with a relieved moan. “Cock.

Kasan took his hand away when Max didn’t respond with anything else.

Max? Max, sweetheart, do you remember the word?

Max nearly cried. “Cock!  I know, cock!  Yes, touch the cock, for the love of- please!

Kasan smiled and pumped him a few times, then let go again.

“H-hey!  I said it!  I did!  Cock!  See!  Cock, cock, cock, cock, cock! See! I say it!” Max yanked at the leash with frantic jerks that didn’t do a damn thing to the big cat on top of him.

Kasan crawled up onto the bed, chuckling as he scooped Max up along with him until they were side by side in the middle of the giant thing. “I know, Max, shhh. You’re quite smart.” His hand rand down Max’s side, fingers lingering over his hipbone, and Max grabbed at him. Kasan wouldn't let him pull his hand to Max’s cock

Later, sweetheart. If you’re to climax when I’m inside you, you’ll have to wait.  There’s not much time.

Kasan gently pulled the leash from Max’s hand. “Do you want me inside you soon, little one?

Max flushed, craving release like his next breath of air.  And he knew some of those words.  Inside – he knew that! That aching, empty feeling that crawled from behind his balls and up his spine? He could get something to fill it up and make him come so hard he saw stars…

Inside. Yes. Now.

Kasan smiled and Max found himself whirled in the air and suddenly sitting on top of a fantastically muscular chest. Max’s thighs splayed wide over Kasan’s stomach.  With little kisses over his fingers, Kasan handed Max the leash again. 

Kasan lay back onto the bed and stared up at Max.  “Max in charge.”

What…Kasan was expecting Max to do something?  With a nervous start, Max clenched his legs, feeling the muscled body between them.  But he pushed himself backwards just enough to bump up against something hard and blunt. It nestled snugly against his ass as it pointed to the ceiling.

Max didn’t even look back to it.  But god he wanted it inside.  He could feel his body yearning for it already, that deep sensation that drove the air from his lungs and sizzled low in his belly.

Max rocked back against it with a small moan, but he couldn’t get as close as he wanted. His knees were barely touching the bed; he was more resting on his thighs over Kasan’s stomach than he was kneeling on the bed. And Kasan’s cock was jutting up like a skyscraper, inches higher than Max could reach.

God, he wanted to be on that stupid cock, but how the heck was Max supposed to do this? 

Biting his lip, Max looked at Kasan, almost ready for the cat to be laughing at him again, but Kasan’s eyes were solemn, intent, staring at Max’s face with such concentration that Max couldn’t look away.

If Kasan wasn’t going to do anything, if he was letting Max do something…Max could do this.  They needed sex – he didn’t care if it was because of nanites, or STD’s, or leprechaun fairy rainbows, Max needed sex. Right now. His skin was going to burn off his bones and leave him an empty husk if he didn’t get Kasan inside of him.

And Kasan…he was flushed and sweating, too.  His hands were clenched on the bed 

Pushing up, Max tried to kneel high enough to sit back on Kasan’s dick. Taunting him, it slid along the crack of his ass. He wasn’t high enough!

“Dammit. You’re dick’s too tall, Kasan!”

Max looked back at it.  It really was…impressive.  The erection engorged and thick, barely curved towards him, with that shine to it that Max was used to seeing all the time now.  But he knew there hadn’t been any oil this time.  There hadn’t been!

Was Kasan’s dick…self-oiling?

He wasn’t going to ask.  Not right now.  As long as it was slick and it wasn’t going to hurt, he just wanted it in.  Maybe if he knelt on top of Kasan…

He’d only just got his knees on Kasan’s stomach when the cat grunted painfully and grabbed his hips.

I’d rather not get your knees in my diaphragm, little one, even if they are particularly adorable.

Max’s legs slid to either side of Kasan again with a self-conscious slump.  Just how the heck was he supposed to do this? He wanted sex, dammit! His cock was aching, and his head had no blood left in it at all. What was he supposed to do? Biting his lip as he looked around, he finally braced himself on Kasan’s chest with his hands. 

Don’t move,” he ordered.

Kasan gave him a small smile, but he did as he was told – must be because Max had hold of the leash, still. Trying to balance, Max raised his ass in the air by straightening his legs, straddling Kasan’s body. He nearly lost his balance and caught himself again on Kasan’s chest. But he’d done it! His ass was finally over Kasan’s cock!

Although the angle…

“Crap.” Could he squat? He wasn’t sure if he could keep his balance, and he’d have to grab behind him to put it in, anyway, and- “How the hell do gay men figure this out!?”

Giving a soothing rumble from the back of his throat, Kasan’s hands latched onto Max’s hips again, one on either side, fingers wrapping around the sides and clutching his backside.

Someday you’re going to have to assume this position when I can see from the other end, Max,” Kasan murmured. “But it looks like you need a little help, for now.


Kasan smiled broadly. “I’d be happy to. Here, hold onto my arms, little one.”  He motioned to his forearms with his head, and Max tentatively reached for them, unable to lower his ass since Kasan had taken control of it.

And God but it felt good to have him hold him there.  Embarrassing as hell, but good. Almost like it wouldn’t have been right without Kasan’s hands on him. Kasan sat up and shifted them back towards the edge of the bed, his feet on the floor. Max ended up kneeling over Kasan’s lap, his ass cupped in those enormous hands, and holding onto Kasan’s shoulders.

Kasan’s dick was along the crevice of his ass, slippery and so close Max squirmed to get it inside.

And then Kasan lifted up his hips and it was. Max’s arms gave out as Kasan’s cock pushed in; he face planted against Kasan’s chest with a deeply satisfied, relieved moan that didn’t stop until Kasan was fully embedded. One of Kasan’s arms released his hips and wrapped around his back, slippery with lotion as it pulled him in close. Max shivered, his ass clenching tight over Kasan, emphasizing his size.

Kasan hugged him tighter. “Max…” his voice wasn’t the wickedly slow drawl from before; it was frantic and…possessive.

Max looked up at him. Kasan’s head was thrown back, his eyes closed, and Max stared, gasping as Kasan lifted him up again before thrusting in hard.  Harder than normal. Max had a fleeting thought for Kasan’s cuts – Max was plastered against them. They had to hurt! – but Kasan thrust in again and the thought burst apart like bubbles.

He tried futilely to move himself. He was supposed to be in charge, wasn’t he? But he was so close his body wouldn’t stay obey him. His legs wobbled and twitched rather than helping him impale himself.  The pressure in his balls and behind his belly button was growing stronger, a pressure that he thought might explode any second if Kasan didn’t go faster.

“Kasan!  H-hurry!”

Kasan bent his head, taking Max’s earlobe in his teeth and biting lightly as he held him tighter and thrust deeper.  His body curled around Max until it was everywhere. Inside him, over his skin, underneath his thighs. They slid together as the lotion smeared over them both when they moved, Kasan’s grip tightening to keep Max still to thrust into.

Kasan growled low in his throat, the barest hint of claws scoring Max’s ribs where Kasan’s hand wrapped around from his back, and thrust in so deep it knocked the breath from Max.  Kasan’s hips jerked convulsively as he held on, growls growing higher pitched for a moment before his body stilled.

Max squirmed once, desperate to get Kasan to rub against his prostate.  Not again! He was left on the edge again!

“Kasan!  Move!” Kasan tilted his head and stared down at him. Max realized the leash was still in his hands and he yanked at it sharply, pulling Kasan’s head down. “Please!  Move!”

He knew the man understood him as his eyes suddenly sharpened and he pulled Max up and thrust again.  Max whimpered in his throat.  The tension was urgent. He had to finish before Kasan’s body went limp, because…

It speared him again and he didn’t care.  “Yessss.  Yes, please, like tha-a-at” His voice wavered as Kasan’s thrust interrupted his air.  He panted. His skin was slick with fluids and lotion and sweat and he just needed to come, oh please… “Yes!”

Max’s vision went double as he came, the fluid slicking up his stomach even more, trapped between their bodies. His seed felt so hot it should have burned him. He wobbled, his grip on the leash falling away. Holding him close, Kasan reached up to push his head down against his chest.

Poor, tired little one.” Kasan kissed the top of his head, his hands rubbing down Max’s arms. “Thank you so much, sweetheart. I needed that. Thank you. Shhhh. Rest now, Max.

He laid back, his feet still on the floor. Still five yards up Max’s ass.

Max struggled, rather embarrassed that the full, stretched feeling in his ass wasn’t disturbing, was almost fulfilling a need. 

Kasan.  Get out of…”  Crap, he didn’t know the word.

Kasan kissed him again, chuckling softly.  His hand reached down, circling the tight, fragile skin where Kasan’s cock was still embedded.  “Mmmmm, this?  Get out of your wonderful, sweet little hole, Max?  Or your pretty, pretty backside?” He clamped his fingers over a round handful of flesh and squeezed. Max’s ass clenched again and had him shivering as it pulled Kasan inside and put more pressure on his prostate.



Kasan, get out of…my…” Dear God.  This was not something he even wanted to know what to say!  “Get out of my …hole.” The last word was a whisper that was not half as showy as his blush that accompanied it.

Kasan grinned without an ounce of shame. “I’m sorry, little one, I shouldn’t tease. I can’t pull out yet.  I don’t believe the nanites are done. I’m too engorged.” Max couldn’t figure out what he was saying and Kasan nuzzled the top of his hair like he always did. “Soon, sweetheart. I’ll withdraw soon.” Kasan didn’t let go of Max, or pull out, but he shifted until they were fully on the  bed, his arm curled around Max. He nuzzled Max’s hair again, then tucked his chin over the tangle.

Sleep, little one. I’ll watch out for you.  Just sleep.”

Max wasn’t sure he had enough energy left in his brain to understand what Kasan was saying, but it didn’t really matter.  He was sated, his body was exhausted, and Kasan was holding him like Max was something…precious and wanted, no matter how many problems they had, or what might happen in the next few minutes

His backside stretched and somehow comfortably, erotically full, Max closed his eyes and fell asleep to the sound of Kasan’s heartbeat in his ears.

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