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The Last Pure Human
Chapter 10 - I'm What??

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Max breathed a heart-felt sigh of relief as the door closed behind the cat with the roaming eyes. Tension flowed in droplets from his skin and he licked his lips as he finally felt like he could relax. If only he could get something to drink. He was so damn thirsty.

Poor little thing, still trying to figure it all out, aren’t you?” Kasan’s voice was warm and actually a little soothing as he tightened his arm around Max’s waist. With another sigh, Max let himself be pulled against the stomach behind him. Heat slowly melted through the back of his tunic and seemed to slide along his skin until his entire body felt flushed. He shifted a bit, felt his tunic move underneath him, and stopped. He only had one light piece of fabric between his behind and Kasan’s lap, and he wanted to keep it there. He did NOT want to feel sleek muscles moving underneath him without some sort of barrier. If he wasn’t careful, first it would be bare skin against his ass and then it would be bare skin inside his ass.

That was just not going to happen if he had anything to say about it. He wasn’t sure he did, but he could hope a little. A person could always have hope, right? Of course, hoping wasn’t getting him anywhere at the moment. Hoping hadn’t found him the colony, or another human, or a way out of this place. Hoping wasn’t even getting him away from Kasan. Away and off of Kasan’s really comfortable and…sleek and… hot… lap. Max scowled at his own thoughts, jerking his hand off of Kasan’s embracing arm as he realized he was running his fingers over the smooth skin there. Stupid damn cat. Thought he could freaking be nice to Max a little and Max would forgive and forget?

Was that what Kasan was doing? Max bit his lip. Did Kasan even care?

Well- well, it didn’t matter, because if he was, it wasn’t going to work. Max was still really, really pissed. And, he admitted, pretty damn scared. It wasn’t like being held right now took away anything that Kasan had just done to him. Max wasn’t going to be placated by some comforting gesture by some stupid giant cat who smelled really good…

Max shook his head, wrinkling his nose. “Can’t you stop smelling like this, you jerk?”

Why was his body acting like this? Everything about Kasan was announcing itself like a neon sign against his senses and it was just wrong! Kasan had been a total asshole! He was NOT someone who Max’s body should be thinking of like this. And he was a guy, dammit! A guy who’d given him away, besides!

Although he’d taken him back, too. Maybe he’d changed his mind? Or felt kind of bad that he’d just tossed Max to Leero like a leftover cookie? Dammit, Kasan should feel bad. Because Max was not a cookie that should be thrown away; he should be saved so Kasan could be the only one to eat him and…

Max blinked. “What the hell am I thinking? I’m not a cookie, Kasan! So d-don’t even think about eating me, got it?” Max’s lips clamped together as he heard, and felt, Kasan laughing behind him. Bastard was always doing that. What the hell was so funny?

The muscles underneath Max flexed a moment as Kasan shifted to a more comfortable position and Max swallowed hard. This shouldn’t be happening. It was wrong, and stupid, and it should NOT be happening. He was still mad. He really was, but surrounded by heavy thighs and a broad chest and strong arms, Max felt a bit like he was covered in golden skin. It set his nerves tingling, and it wasn’t fair. Why was he feeling like this about the stupid jerk who’d put him through all the shit that Kasan had? It shouldn’t be possible. Kasan was pushy, he treated Max like a pet, and he wouldn’t keep his hands to himself. And that wasn’t even mentioning that he’d screwed him in the ass! And given him away!

And screwed him in the ASS!

Max felt his cock respond to the salacious memory and he flushed. Why did his body find the jerk so sexy? GUY! He’s a GUY! G-U-Y! And he was a guy who’d dumped him! In an alien, you’re-just-a-slave kind of way, but wasn’t that even worse? Max had ended up pursued by cats, he’d just been inspected by yet another cat, and now he didn’t even know what was coming next. He was tired of being scared all time. It made him feel like a total weenie; wouldn’t a real man stand up for himself more? Except, how much could you really do against a race of perverted giants? Would that just get you killed?

Max leaned his elbow on the large arm around him, his head dropping into the palm of his hand wearily. All he wanted was just a few minutes of peace, for God’s sake. Just a few minutes where he wasn’t being chased or molested or screwed with. Max rubbed his temples with his fingertips and sighed as Kasan started to pet his head again, the heavy stroking smoothing the jagged edges of his mind. He couldn’t keep this up, he thought, his body softening as the broad hand continued to caress his hair. Everything was just so messed up and weird…he didn’t know what to do. What was the right thing to do? Dammit, he was so tired of all this shit! Freaking scary cats and their freaking rooms and their freaking slave auction…thingies.

Kasan’s hand rubbed the back of his neck, gently pressing in against the tense muscles there, and Max leaned his head back against the firm warmth. He arms lay limply on top of Kasan’s embracing limb as he let himself be massaged. It was so nice. His head bobbed a little back and forth as Kasan kneaded his neck; it was like floating in a pool and letting the water move his whole body. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. He drifted, his eyes half-closed, as Kasan’s hand continued to slide across his skin. It felt wonderful. It wasn’t so bad being here with Kasan when he did things like this. He could live with this…

Maybe he could compromise or something, Max thought fuzzily, arching a little as Kasan changed tactics and slid his hand in between Max’s shoulder blades to caress stiff muscles into warm putty. If Kasan wouldn’t give him away, maybe Max could stay. For a little while. Kasan would keep him, and Max would keep himself from trying to get away. Until he had somewhere to get away to, at least. He moaned under his breath as the arm around his waist loosened, shifting until Kasan’s hand was cupping Max’s hip. One soft finger lay on the sliver of skin exposed between the cloth of his tunic, rubbing gently. Max shivered.

It would be so much easier if he wasn’t trying to figure out how to run away all the time, if he just went with the flow for a little while. Kasan wouldn’t be a dick, and Max wouldn’t try to get away. Max’s brows furrowed. There was something wrong with that, though. Something important that he should remember. Something he’d have to do if he stayed and…

Max’s eyes closed as Kasan’s finger slipped underneath his tunic and led the way over the top of his thigh, caressing it carefully.

“Mmmmmmm, nice,” Max murmured. His skin felt hot and tingling, everything in his body completely focused on the pressure across his flesh. His hips arched a little and then he froze. Something large and hard was pushing noticeably against the rear of his bottom and his lower back. Kasan’s erection was pressing against him!

Sex! He wanted sex! Kasan was going to want sex all the time if he stayed!

“Shit!” he squeaked, starting to squirm. Max was stunned to feel his body tighten with anticipation even as his mind yelled at him that he should be up and running away already. Was he crazy? He couldn’t stay here! His body ignored him, his hips twisting slightly so that Kasan’s dick pushed at his ass provocatively.

No! This was sex with a guy here! Sex! Screwing! Fucking! Sodomy…bestiality? It was sex and HE was going to be the one getting it in the rear! That wasn’t compromise, that was… it was…

His body jumped as Kasan’s hand found his cock underneath his tunic and grasped it carefully.

“Stop it! I’m not done thinking about this yet! You freaking cut it out! I can’t…I have to… ohhhhhhh.” Kasan’s hand closed completely around his cock and squeezed.

I think we both need something to get our minds off of everything, Gisho. If we’re lucky, we might even have time to finish.” Kasan’s other arm moved from behind Max’s back and cupped Max’s jaw, easing his head to the side as Kasan leaned forward and began to kiss along his jaw and down his neck.

“K-Kasan! Oh God, I can’t believe –“ Max arched back as Kasan’s mouth slid across his skin. The man’s lips felt so damn good; how the hell could Kasan sucking on his neck do this?? And his hand was so big it completely covered Max’s cock; it felt more like Max was being taken into someone’s body than a hand job! Kasan’s hand squeezed as he drew his fingers up from the base of Max’s penis to its head and Max’s hips pushed up at the tight vise around him, his eyes closing. Kasan’s hips pushed against him from underneath and Max couldn’t stop his body from arching even more.

He knew what must be coming. His body knew what must be coming; Kasan the sex fiend was planning on screwing him silly again. Instead of tightening up in utter terror, Max was writhing, panting at the pulling heat scorching his lower belly. This was crazy! His body was rubbing against the long length that was prodding him from behind, and he was anticipating feeling it inside him with an almost desperate need that scared the shit out of him. He was aroused, and rather than looking for something to pound into – God, except Kasan’s hand; it was fucking amazing – he wanted something to pound into him! He really did! He could practically feel Kasan’ inside him already; that huge cock stretching and burning in his ass as it rubbed over the spot that made Max see stars. He couldn’t get the feeling out of his head, and the more Kasan touched him, the more he wanted it. He wanted something inside of him. He wanted to feel…taken.

This was wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!

He gasped, his body squirming desperately.

God, he was a freaking cock whore!

Max tried not to moan as Kasan’s hips pushed up at him again. He did moan rather pathetically when Kasan’s hand left his cock unattended and moved around his waist to pull him back and down against Kasan’s body. The man’s lips left his neck as his fingers tilted Max’s head up and back until Max was arched and straining. Then the cat curled over his body and kissed him. Max didn’t have more than a moment to notice the odd angle before he was totally consumed by the man’s mouth. Tongue and lips and teeth played with Max until he was reaching up over his shoulders without thought, grabbing at Kasan’s hair to pull at him. The man was the best damn kisser Max had ever had; it was like he knew every little spot inside Max’s mouth that would tingle and spark and zing across his skin and into his brain. Max couldn’t think of anything but that amazing mouth and trying to keep it there as long as possible. He began to whine as he felt Kasan try to move away and he tightened his grip on the cat’s head.


Kasan sighed into Max’s mouth, trying to draw away and chuckling under his breath as his consort’s fingers fisted in his hair. He was fairly sure his braid was already completely ruined from the little one’s grasping hands, and he knew he’d have a ridiculous grin on his face whenever he thought about it. Gisho wanted him. His consort had enjoyed their sexual release before, but he’d never really participated. This time, his hands were making it very obvious that he wanted to be a part of this as well, and Kasan was immensely pleased, not to mention as aroused as hell. Even so, they needed to stop. He didn’t mind touching his consort’s body in public to a certain extent, but much more of this and he might forget where he was – and who was watching him.

Everyone, at this point.

Kasan reached back and pulled Max’s hands from his head. He smiled as Max whimpered like a little child and tried to pull him back down. “I would like nothing better, Gisho, but it’s no longer the right time. It’s time for Firstmeal, sweetheart, everyone’s here already.” Kasan reluctantly put his arm back around Max’s waist to try and keep it from straying somewhere more interesting.

He looked over at his brother Zonta, the only sibling brave enough to join him at the table so far, and nodded at him.

“I don’t believe he wants to stop,” Zonta said with a laugh in his voice, fiddling with his flame colored braid. Max’s eyes popped open at the sound of his voice, the little one’s head dropping down as he looked around. He yelled in fright and Zonta jumped, his ears vibrating. Max slammed back into Kasan’s stomach, his eyes darting around the room that had filled up with relatives while Kasan had distracted him, and he grabbed onto the arm around his waist with panicked hands. A bright blush slowly covered Max’s face as he continued to look around at the various tables and met smiling eyes and good natured smirks. The bright cheeks were as cute as everything else about the little man, but Kasan wished he wasn’t so frightened again.

“I was hoping it might relax him,” Kasan murmured. “He’s just so frightened of everyone.”

“It’s not that surprising, is it?” Zonta asked quietly.

Kasan answered with a sigh. “Not really. I thought if he saw that he wasn’t going to be harmed, he might start to adjust, but it doesn’t seem to be working. There’s just too much he doesn’t understand.”

Zonta muttered vaguely in sympathy.

“I know your studies have been fairly intense lately, but I would appreciate you talking with the archivists about him,” Kasan said. “You know they don’t get along with me too well…”

Smiling at him, Zonta nodded. “You don’t think that’s because you lose your temper every time you try to research something and end up practically destroying whatever document you happen to have?”

“Possibly.” Kasan’s mouth curled into a smile, his hand once again stroking over Max’s head as the man sat stiffly in his lap. “I’ve noticed that the more fragile records are somehow impossible to find when I wish to see them.”

Zo smiled back. “Don’t worry. We’ll find out about your little one. You don’t even have to ask.”

“I appreciate the support.” Kasan’s voice was warm. He could always count on Zonta when things were emotionally iffy. “So, when…”

“Kasan, I mean it. You don’t have to ask. It’s already done.”

Kasan looked at him, head tilted.

“I told you I did some research last night, remember? I already asked them to dig up whatever they could find about humans and especially human consorts. They’ve been working all night to find them and make a copy for us.”

“All night? Damn, Zo…” Kasan shook his head. It was a very good thing that his ego wasn’t more fragile or he’d feel positively incompetent next to Zo sometimes. “Did they give you any idea of what they have?”

Zonta smiled again, his eyes bright with the excitement. “They have some of the original writings from the Reconstruction! There’s a lot of information on human physical needs, but I think the one that might help you for now is a series of lists with Hinta phrases and human writing. No one can read the human anymore, but it looks like it might actually be a translation of some of the language.”

“And we’ll get copies, you said?” Translations? Would Max be able to understand him then? Kasan gripped Max so tightly that the man squeaked in surprise and he loosened up with a flush.

Zo laughed softly at the chagrin on his brother’s face. “They should have them soon. I was hoping maybe before the Greeting, but it’s taken a little longer than they were anticipating. Soon, though.” Zonta looked down into the blue eyes of his brother’s consort and smiled carefully. Kasan made a mental note to have Zonta give some lessons to Leero later. His brother was very good at looking ‘harmless.’ “So, may I be introduced?”

Kasan moved his hand from Max’s head to point to Zonta. “Max?” He waited as Max stilled. “This is Zonta. Zo-n-ta. My youngest brother, Zonta.” Zonta cleared his throat and Kasan snorted. “Youngest by a few moments is still youngest, and you know it. So… Zonta, let me introduce you to my consort, Max.”

Max stared at Zonta and bowed his head just a hair before Zonta did his own seated bow. Kasan grinned. The little one paid attention; there might be a little competition for Zonta there.


“I am very pleased to meet you, Max.” Zonta said in a soft voice. His auburn ears flicked back and forth excitedly. Kasan could just imagine Max biting his lip before he answered.


Eyebrows went up and Zonta’s ears paused before perking forward. “He does that very well.”

“I certainly think so.”

“I wonder if all humans are such good mimics?” Zonta wondered out loud. “Maybe…”

Jolan’s voice interrupted him. “Zonta gets the first introduction? That hardly seems fair. I’m the oldest after all.” Kasan looked up to see Jolan holding hands with his pale-haired consort Ko. The two stood shoulder to shoulder as they both looked curiously at Max.

Kasan felt a growl welling up and he let it out slowly, his ears flat and his tail swinging wildly behind him. He didn’t care for Jolan’s unease enough to control either reaction.

“Be glad I’m introducing him to any of you, asshole. After the crap you did last night…”

Jolan paled as his ears flattened. Kasan smiled in grim satisfaction. Obviously, Ko hadn’t known what his mate was up to.

Jolan grunted as Ko punched him in the side. “Ow! Ko! That hurt!”

“Really? I had no idea.” Ko smiled sharply. “So, you were having a little drink with your brothers last night, were you? Just celebrating your brother’s mating? You lied to me.”

Jolan smiled weakly. “I didn’t lie...exactly. You have to admit that I said nothing about what we did after we were done drinking.”

Ko glared at him, not breaking eye contact as he commented to Kasan. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he regrets whatever crap he did.”

Ko stepped closer and stood nose to nose with his mate before he leaned up and whispered into his ear. “Don’t make any plans for tonight, Jolan. You’re going to be punished.” Jolan’s pupils dilated slightly and his breathing sped up. Kasan felt like rolling his eyes. Sometimes, having better hearing than everyone else let him know far more than he wanted to about his brothers and their private lives. Although it was nice to be reminded that the crown prince had at least one person on the planet who could keep his obnoxious ass in line. They all appreciated someone who could take him down a peg when his head grew too big for his ears.

Ko kissed Jolan on the cheek and knelt down on the other side of the table. Jolan hesitated before joining him. Struck a moment by how alike they were, Kasan stared. Ko was quite a bit fairer than Kasan’s chocolate haired brother, with sharper features, but body-wise, the two males could have been twins as they knelt by each other. It was an odd reminder of just how much size turned him off.

He would have hated having a consort the same size, let alone one who was so dominant in their relationship. The idea of making love to someone his own size seemed odd, already. The only images that filled his head when he tried to think of sex were Max’s small limbs, his sweetly rounded head, his adorable nude ears…his amazing, tight, hot sheath. Kasan cleared his throat as he envisioned what he was next going to do with Max’s body and startled as a cousin with serving duty reached in front of him to place the first of their food onto the table.

He tightened his arm around Max automatically as the little man suddenly tried to lunge forward – he was not going to chase him around the room again – and he tried to figure out what had his consort so upset. No one had approached the table but the servers, and all they’d down was lay small dishes of food across the table along with the water…

Well son of a bitch.

“I’m so sorry, sweetheart, I didn’t even think!” Kasan let go of Max’s head and reached for the nearest glass, dumping water in and handing it over to Max. His consort grabbed the large ceramic cup in both hands and gulped it down frantically as everyone stared. He held it out for more before Kasan could do more than blink. “One more, Gisho, and then you’ll need to wait. You’ll make yourself sick. And if you’re starting the meal already, we’d better get you settled, eh?”

Kasan took the cup and set it on the table. He grasped Max by the waist, enjoying the firm muscles underneath Max’s tunic, and physically set his consort next to him on the nearest cushion. They should eat next to each other; he’d enjoy the physical closeness of having him on his lap again once the meal was over.. Refilling the glass, Kasan watched Max gulp it down just as quickly before setting it to the side. It looked as though he knew enough to stop himself without Kasan having said anything. Smiling his approval, Kasan turned to Jolan to make the introductions. He paused when the outer doors opened two of the archivists’ apprentices came in carrying a few sheets of paper.

“Here they are.” Zonta stated the obvious with such a happy grin on his face that Kasan didn’t bother mocking him for it. He was just as anxious to see the papers as his brother. Would he finally be able to talk to Max now?


Max watched everyone with heated cheeks. He could not believe he’d been so caught up in kissing Kasan that the entire room had filled up, and he’d never even noticed! No, no, that wasn’t right. He’d been caught up in Kasan kissing him; he hadn’t kissed him back. Yanking on the man’s hair to pull him down so he would suck on Max until he thought he’d collapse was not kissing back. It was…being curious. He’d just been curious about what it might be like to participate in a kiss from a guy and..


Stupid, stupid, stupid Kasan and his hot, really damn sexy mouth.

Where in the hell had the man learned to kiss like that? It had been so….amazing. Max was certain his lips were still shiny and wet from it and he couldn’t bring himself to so much as touch his mouth to check. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to stop. Lips tingling and raw, it felt like they were waiting for Kasan to start back up again.

Max’s blush flared up again and he mumbled to himself. He needed to either melt into the floor, or beat up Kasan. Not that he’d be able to accomplish the latter feat, but he could darn well try. How could the man have continued kissing him when everyone was watching?

Thank God he hadn’t done more!

But still, there were dozens of cats everywhere! One of the assholes from the night before was even sitting across from him with a much scarier looking blondie. And on top of that, the room was filled with strange cat men and cat women and even cat kids…kittens? There were more of the assholes he was worried about sprinkled among them, too. Why couldn’t they all have disappeared so he didn’t have to worry about when one of them might come up and Kasan would actually give him away again? It had been so nice not to worry there for a moment, darn it.

At least it wasn’t as many as had been in the other room, but there were plenty enough to make him nervous as hell. Even that bastard Leero was there, standing and leaning against a far table, his legs and feet all shiny like he’d just used that cleansing oily stuff. Guess he hadn’t liked piss on his legs, Max thought. Well…he’d better just watch out, because if Leero came near him again, Max was going to… he was going to…

Well, he could pee on him again! It had worked once, after all.

And now he finally had enough liquid in him to do so again. Thank God they’d finally brought something to drink. He’d thought his tongue was going to turn to dust before that happened. Licking his lips, Max looked around some more as he tried to figure out what had everyone at the table so interested. It wasn’t the food, although that was something he had noticed from the moment some younger cats had brought it through a small side door. This was something different. Someone new had come through the larger set of doors; they were headed right for his table. Two someone’s, actually, and the first males he’d seen who were actually wearing anything other than a loincloth. They had tunics very similar to his own, just a little less embroidered.

They came up to the table, bowed to the rather nice cat, Zonta, and handed him a few papers as they exchanged words. Max didn’t even have time for his curiosity to grow as the cat pushed the few papers across the table until they settled in a messy pile in front of Max. Everyone at the table stared at him and he stared back. They wanted him to do something with these? He couldn’t speak their language, what made them think he could read it? Kasan reached over and rubbed over his head, ignoring his scowl over the touch. Well, he’d better see what the hell this was.

Biting his lip, Max looked down. It took him a moment to understand the rather oddly formed letters, but when he did, he honestly thought he was going to cry. It was covered with words! Words he could understand! Someone here actually knew words that he could understand!

“Yes!” He ignored everyone’s growing smiles as he feverishly examined the papers. There were only five of them. On the first page, one side held words in what looked like a slightly odd dialect of Spanish, although the other side had letters he didn’t even recognize. Was it something to help communicate? To help translate? He looked at the next page and saw more Spanish combined with the unknown language. The next two held the same combination but with Mandarin, which he could read as well, and the last page had some Slavic language he didn’t recognize. He knew some Czech, which helped with quite a few from that region, but this one was just too different for him to understand. He pushed that paper to the side. Oblivious to the interested stares around him, he scanned the papers

The Spanish pages were single words or phrases in rows all the way down the pale blue paper. It looked like someone had taken a few leaflets from a phrase book and given it to him. He read along the list: Yes, no, hello, I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, I’m tired, I’m hurt, I have to urinate, I need help….exactly the kinds of words someone might try to learn first with a new language. A few words had letters missing, a few more were too butchered to make any sense to him at all, but most of them were legible.

Putting the first page aside, he started on the second. It was a little more puzzling, with many of the phrases obviously referring to something that had no direct translation. Those type of things were always the most challenging in any new language, but at least he’d have a start. He stared at them, his teeth worrying his lips constantly as he concentrated. They were truly odd. The ‘sexual need of maturity?’ What the heck was that? And then what about the whole slew of words regarding – well, he assumed it was marriage. The first night of the bond, the witnessing of the mark, the mark of bonding? And then the number of names for spouses was impressive. the bottom or silver husband, the top or golden husband, the top or golden wife, the bottom or silver wife. The constant references to spouses and ‘bonding’ made him squirm a bit, and frankly, having it side by side with the ‘sexual need’ phrase was rather disturbing in a page that was obviously full of beginner phrases. What kind of people discussed sex with you as a beginning phrase?

What kind of people had sex with you as a beginning action, he reminded himself. The cat who had given him the papers cleared his throat and pointed to the side with the unknown lettering system. He said a short burst of syllables and then pointed to the Spanish side and then at Max, waiting.

Max started to smile. “Hello,” he said, looking at what was chosen. He figured he might as well respond in English; it wasn’t as though the cats would know any different. The cat repeated his own phrase while Max listened carefully, and then Max tried his hand at the cat’s language. From Kasan’s approving murmur, he gathered that he hadn’t done too badly.

“H-heello.” Max blinked as the red headed Zonta tried English as well. They both grinned at each other. They were talking!

Kasan said a few phrases to the cat, then moved the paper over so that he could touch it more easily. He put his finger down on a short phrase, saying it slowly.


Max read the Spanish translation for the word: the top or golden husband. Great, the one word he was speaking and Max had no clue what he was saying. He looked over at Kasan and shrugged a little.

Mate.” This time the man pointed to himself, and Max’s face crinkled in confusion. He was saying…he was married? Maybe? Did they have more than one type of ceremony or something? Was that the reason for the different terms?

“Whoopee for you, you’re married.” Max squirmed as his gut rolled unpleasantly. So, Kasan was married. Obviously Max wasn’t anything more than a fuck toy or a concubine or s-something. His enjoyment of the entire endeavor plummeted. Kasan waited expectantly, the tip of his black tail twitching slightly, and Max tried the word as his shoulders slumped. Kasan smiled broadly at the attempt and pointed to the word underneath.


His belly still churning, Max read dully. “The bottom or silver husband.” Great, now Kasan was going to show him more married cats. Like Max cared. Biting sullenly at his top lip, he looked up and his eyes crossed as he focused on the finger pointing at his nose. Kasan spoke again and began to point back and forth between the two of them, repeating the two phrases.

Top husband and bottom husband. Top husband and bottom husband, Top…. Max’s eyes opened wide, his entire body flushed and he started shaking. He couldn’t mean…

“Are you trying to tell me we’re m-m-married???” The small touches the two large men across from them kept doing took on an entirely new meaning. This culture had…gay marriage? Was that it? It couldn’t be, could it?

Max tried out the phrases, pointing to the couple as he did so. Kasan was smiling and nodding, looking extremely pleased. He pointed between Max and himself again and repeated it. Max’s face felt unbearably hot.

“Oh. My. God!” His breathing sped up as he thought about what that meant. “I can’t be married to a guy!!”

He was supposed to be married? Like ‘til death do us part- sickness and health- sex all the time- married? That was crazy! He didn’t want to be married! And what the hell did a ‘bottom’ husband do, anyway? Was it like…like a housewife or something? Was he supposed to cook and clean and shit like that?? “I HATE cleaning! I don’t wanna be married; I wanna go back to being a whore!!!!”

Kasan looked at him with a bemused smile, reaching out to gently cup his cheek. Max just stared at him. It was… How the hell… When…

“How can we be married!? I never agreed to this, dammit!” How could he be married??

A laugh from across the room brought his attention to Leero and Max scowled as he saw the man grinning at him. He turned his glare to Kasan. He wasn’t a slave? He wasn’t a whore?? “So what the hell was that thing with stupid Leero?! You left me with him and he chased me around the whole damn bedroom! Everyone in that whole stupid ROOM was after me! If you’re the – the top husband, you’re supposed to do something about it! You should be beating them up or something!!”

Kasan didn’t even flinch as Max poked his arm hard with a finger. He just looked down at him and chuckled, his thumb rubbing across Max’s cheek. “You’re very excited, little one. I hope that’s a good thing.” Kasan leaned over, but his lips had just brushed Max’s own when Max leaned back and pushed out at him. Kasan didn’t move.

“We are not married, cat boy! Got it! No way.” Kasan moved his hand behind Max’s head and started to pull him back in for another kiss as a few cats around them called out. Max punched him in the eye, and Kasan finally stopped. The big cat released Max’s head and sat back, feeling his eye and looking rather shocked as at least half the room laughed out loud. Max looked at everyone, seeing their eyes on him, and he suddenly realized what other activity there was that gathered people together to watch just one person.

Or rather, that gathered people together to watch a couple: a wedding.

“I’m too young to be married!” Max wailed, and threw himself forward over his bent arms, burying his face into the table. “This is so messed up…”

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