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The Last Pure Human
Chapter 14 - Leero, Lust, and Mirrors

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Leero watched Kasan leave the room, hoping his eyes didn’t betray how desperately he would love to join him in departing from the inquisition. He tried to take a deep breath to calm himself and could have cursed as it only succeeded in making things worse. Every movement caused the heavy velvet collar around his neck to shift just enough to remind him it was there, and his ears flattened before he could stop them. At least the leash wouldn’t be attached until it was time to follow Kyoru out of the room, but having to stand as the center of attention with this around his neck was excruciatingly humiliating. The servility of the situation dug under his skin like hot needles. He hated service.

There was a quiet clearing of the throat by Kyoru and Leero looked over at him curiously until he realized he’d been standing silently in front of everyone. Cheeks flaming, he quickly resumed speaking. His eyes ran over the flowing text on his hand-comp with an unsteady stare and he continued breathing in deep pants, nearly floundering again. The soft rub of velvet around his throat was creating a disturbing, sensual counterpoint to the scent of ripe Kyashin. He hoped his discomfort went unnoticed, but if that failed, at least most would assume it was due to the service. Answering questions as fully as he could manage with his mind wandering away from him every few sentences, he inhaled carefully, mouth open. And then he did his absolute best not to look at any of the unmated Kyashin around him for more than a few seconds.

Taunting him, his mind provided him with images of what Kasan was most likely already doing with his dainty little consort. He kept himself from moaning out loud by the skin of his teeth, and read faster. The follow-up fantasy, involving a number of mated Kyashin in the room doing wild, wonderful things with their own consorts, broadsided him and he felt his cock straining against his clothing. He had to pause and bite his lip to keep from making another sound.

Composing himself after a few seconds, he began to speak again. As the words flowed mindlessly, Leero wondered what he had done to merit a day like today. A few days before had been one of the happier ones in his life. Kasan had lived, Shovak and fled, and they finally had the evidence to prove that the traitorous keerac had betrayed them all. He’d been so pleased by the end of it; everything had felt as though it were coming together perfectly.

After all, even with the shock of Shovak’s treasonous behavior, Kasan’s family would survive. They were always rock-solid in their love and faith in one another. Before he’d met them, he’d never even realized there could be a family with so much mutual affection. Loyalty and commitment were a given, but love? That was something precious. He was always deeply honored that he’d been allowed to become such an integral part of their family. The elders gave him punishments as frequently as they did their own, after all. It was a sign of how close to their hearts they held him, even if he’d never been officially adopted.

And so today’s events, the utter and complete catastrophe of them all, were still a surprise.

Chasing Max around the bedroom had been exhausting and more stressful than tracking down a family traitor could ever be, but he could laugh about it later. Being pissed on had been more unpleasant. It had taken two scrubbings of cleanser before he felt like he could come to Firstmeal. Still, he could laugh about that as well, even if it would be a lot later. But Service wasn’t something he could smile over for a long damn time. And to finish the day, to make everything else shine in comparison, there was…


He twitched his nose as his nostrils flared, catching Aosh’s and Zonta’s scent, and he shuddered as he looked at them. Leaning against each other for unconscious support, the stressed young men stroked the soft ends of their braids, rubbing at the fluffy hair with uneasy fingers. It drew the eye, making him think of those same fingers rubbing over his skin, and he dragged his mind out of the piss room and back to the hand-comp. He shouldn’t be near them. Hell, their presence was the reason he’d stayed away from Kasan during Firstmeal.

It was also the reason he was cursing himself every moment and trying to keep his eyes down and his breathing shallow.

Because his body had rebelled and decided that now was the best time to go into heat. Hunting Shovak and searching for a hidden cache of humans and surviving a month’s service weren’t enough for it, obviously. He had to go into heat as well and make the entire day just fucking perfect. And now Kasan’s youngest brothers were heading his body’s list of ‘persons of interest,’ simply because he was most familiar with their scents in the first place.

God’s ears are vibrating with laughter by now, he thought morosely.

He’d started to feel it in the beginning of Firstmeal – an all over bodily tingle that would build to a heated burn over the next couple of weeks. His sense of smell was already overly sensitive, and every Kyashin who was ripe and unclaimed, and near, was driving him out of his mind. He could keep himself from taking them, that wasn’t the issue. But he didn’t want simply anyone. A quick, satisfying fuck was far different from choosing someone he’d be with for over a decade. He wanted…

He wanted what Kasan and his family had. Every one of them had found a Joining consort as well as one solely for the mating heat. They’d all made permanent vows before their heats had ended. Every last one of them who’d been together for over a year – it was practically unheard of to have that many love matches within one family, but seeing them all, he couldn’t help but want that for himself.

And he had no damn idea how to do it. He should have had a few months, where he could tease and flirt a little, get to know all the potential consorts out there. It’s what he’d been planning to do, before he had to help prepare for the annual hunt.

And before he’d had weeks of scheming and plotting to try and rescue Kasan.

And before he’d had to head up the investigation and pursuit of Shovak.

Right now was about the worst possible time he could go into heat; he couldn’t have planned it more poorly if he’d tried. The only consolation was that no one knew. His irises might be a little greener, if anyone cared to look, but like other green-eyed Kyashin, his eyes weren’t changing much during his mating heat. A fact for which he should be thanking God hourly. He had no desire to be distracted by an inundation of interested men and women. He wanted a little space to make his choice before everyone knew.

He wanted to find someone special. And he wanted to complete a little of his service before he had to inform Kyoru and the elders of the situation. He wanted as little of it left as possible to distract him from a new consort.

He damn well wanted to go back in time and look at the Kyashin around him without the heat clouding his mind.

He snorted as Aosh and Zonta’s scents tripped back into his awareness. Not. Them. Aosh would make him crazy within days, and Zonta was far too sweet. If only his body didn’t find them as appealing as everyone else who was unmated. The scent of everyone in the family swirled in his head as though trying to help disguise the twins, and he almost moaned out of sheer frustration as he realized that he was even finding mated Kyashin a bit arousing.

He should ask someone to simply pee on him again - at least then he’d have one problem that he could deal with easily.


Max sat on the silky pillows on Kasan’s bed and reflected on pets. His pet, specifically.

Androcles was the best dog in the world. It didn’t matter how many dogs existed on this planet, or what tricks they could do, because Androcles was the best. Androcles did housework.

And he really seemed to like velvet and feathers.

Watching as the dog dragged the last kinky feather up the log and through the little door atop it, Max would have sighed in relief if he weren’t still so impressed. He’d only been awake for a little while now, feeling a bit jittery and horny but a hell of a lot better than he’d ever felt after drinking as much as he had. It would have been one of his first peaceful moments in a bed since he’d gotten here, if the cats hadn’t booby trapped the stupid thing before they’d left, the bastards.

He was betting on Ko setting him up.

Because when he’d roused himself, the sex book was opened, propped up right in front of his face. The first thing he saw on waking was an illustration of a male cat being screwed by two others. So he did what any red-blooded, sleep-muddled male would do when confronted by an alien-gay-threesome as soon as he opened his eyes.

He screamed like a little girl and tried to shove himself away from it.

It had looked freakin’ real when it was only an inch from his nose, dammit!

But then he’d hit the booby traps. His hand had tangled in a pile of feathery sex-toys, his foot had caught on a length of chain as he tried to free his hand, and he’d fallen off the bed when his knee slipped on the pair of fuzzy handcuffs. The stupid things ended flipping into the air and hit him right on the head as his ass hit the floor with a bruising thud. Just in time to give a wonderful impression to the two guards from the hallway who rushed in to check on the noise.

He tried not to think about how he must have looked, splayed out on the floor and covered with sex paraphernalia. Like a one-man-band orgy or something. It was enough to know that they’d helped him to his feet, grinning, and then fuzzed his head and left chuckling to themselves.


As soon as they’d gone, though, Androcles had come down. The first thing he’d done was to glare at a large feather and take it in his mouth before scrabbling up the log with it. When he’d come down and treated a velvet whip the same way, Max had sat down to watch. He’d been sitting on the bed ever since, awed by his dog’s dedication to rid Max of every embarrassing, indecent, warped gift he’d received. He hoped Androcles chewed them all to bits.

Actually, he hoped he hurried up and came back down, because there were still the two books and the thing left. Crouched obscenely on the silky fabric of the bed, they looked like they were taunting him. He waited another minute, curling his bare toes against a green, fuzzy pillow while he sat there.

“Androcles? Androcles!” A furred head peeked over the edge, looked at him, and disappeared again. Max poked at the three objects left, thought of Kasan seeing them, and the room suddenly heated. He tried to cajole the animal down

“Are you sure you don’t want a- a nice bone?” He picked up the crystal phallus and waved it in the air. It was heavy and almost slickly cool. Like a honkin’ big, erotic, stone cucumber. That Ko had suggested he insert in Kasan’s-

“Fetch, boy! Fetch? Do you play fetch here?” he said quickly, his voice squeaking. He cleared his throat and tried again “And then you can just take it and bury it just like a boner – crap, bone.” He flushed, staring at the stupid thing in his hand. Androcles peered down at him again, his mouth open and panting.


“I know a dog laugh when I see it,” he muttered, turning away as Androcles disappeared again. What the hell was he supposed to do with this stuff now? He couldn’t let Kasan see it – God forbid the big cat got any more ideas! He had far too many of his own without inspiration! No need to bolster a perverted imagination with new material.

Looking around for a suitable hiding place, he tensed at murmuring out in the hallway. Everything happened in a frenzy of movement as he heard something scrape against the door. He shoved the books onto the floor, tossed the dildo on, and kicked off a small pile of pillows on top of that before jumping in front of the bed. His body was awkwardly posed, one leg still on the bed, when Kasan open the door and stepped in.

Stumbling to get both feet under him, Max stood stiffly, a weak smile on his face while he tried to figure out what the hell he was going to do now. How could he move the stupid things without Kasan seeing? When Kasan went to pee or something? Or maybe he’d want to go out in the garden.

Actually, what did Kasan want right now? Last time, he’d…

Max blushed brightly and shifted, his body feeling awkward and exposed. He was uncomfortably aware of his naked ass underneath the flimsy-feeling tunic. Did he even have to ask about the cat’s motives? What did the cat always want to do? Kiss, and touch, and stroke, and lick, and bite -

Different train of thought needed, his mind yelled, and Kasan provided it.

The cat smiled, his teeth shiny and sharp and white before his lips covered them and he came closer. “Max better now?”

“Uh…better? Ye-es. Better.” Max would have taken a step back but he was right next to the bed. He wasn’t getting any closer to that than he had to. Uh uh.

“Good.” Kasan winced, his hands clenching, and started coming forward. “Sorry. Will be fast again.”

“Uh, what? I don’t…uh…understand. Wha- aaaah!” Kasan scooped him up, taking him right to the bed, and Max flailed as he was pressed into the mounds of pillows. Kasan was on him instantly, hard thighs pushing his legs apart. His tunic flapped upward, exposing him, and it gave Kasan the opportunity to rub his own cloth-covered erection against Max’s uncovered groin. He felt his body twitch, his dick growing hard at the sensation with a suddenness that was actually frightening.

“No! No sex! No sex, Kasan!” He pushed out at Kasan’s chest as it was coming down towards him and began to pant in relief as the big cat pulled back. Kasan didn’t go far enough, though. Max still couldn’t bring his legs together and they spread wide, supported on pillows and sleek, muscled cat. He struggled with his hands. They were sweating from the heat of Kasan’s body, slipping a little, and he wondered suddenly what it would taste like. Such smooth skin would be just like licking coffee flavored cream, wouldn’t it?

His eyes widened. His stupid body was going rogue! “NO SEX, Kasan!”

Staring down at him, Kasan looked, for the first time since Max had met him, frustrated. With an uneasy shift, Max finally scooted away from him a little, his head slipping down as it hit the space where he’d scooped out pillows to conceal the Super Pseudo-Dick. He froze as he noticed his new situation, with his hips propped on top of the pile still on the bed. It made Kasan’s groin push against him at a different angle, closer to his ass than his cock.

This was not the position he was trying to get to, he thought wildly, feeling aroused and keenly nervous at the same time.

“Max…. must have sex,” Kasan said quietly, his eyes very dark and serious and he put one hand around the side of Max’s hips.

Max swallowed. He didn’t think he was going to like where this was going. Kasan wasn’t smiling at all, not even that little bit with his eyes that Max hadn’t even realized he was used to seeing. Max wanted the smiling back. It made the fact that he was staring at a bead of sweat sliding down Kasan’s chest less nerve wracking if it was the sweat of someone smiling.

Which was retarded and stupid, but it was in his own head so it didn’t have to make sense, dammit.

“N-no sex, Kasan.” His voice felt a little wobbly and he moved his eyes away from Kasan’s chest. It was too toned. The muscles were almost as rounded and big as a normal person’s ass, for God’s sake. It was so fucking hot…obscene! It was obscene! Muscles that big were wrong!

Not…really, really arousing.

Kasan released his hip and reached out to stroke Max’s hair with his hand. He leaned forward, his hips settling against Max’s pelvis and his face only inches away. His voice was a rich murmur. “Max. Max, no sex with Kasan, Kasan die.”

Max stared at him for a moment. The cat was trying to tell him that…what? He’d die if he didn’t make love to him? He blinked, running over the words in his head to make sure he hadn’t misremembered any of the new language, and then he shoved hard at Kasan’s chest. Kasan leaned back again.

“Kasan, that is the cheesiest line I have ever heard,” he said in English, scowling up at him. “What, you think I was born yesterday? No one ever died for not having sex, you big pervert!”

“Eh…I not understand.” Kasan stumbled over the words, obviously trying not to use any Max wouldn’t know. Max had a brief moment of thanks for the consideration, but it was quickly buried under the annoyance of getting hit on, badly, by his own…husband.

Crap, that’s right, he was married.

“No sex with Max, Kasan die?” he finally said in Hinta.

Kasan nodded, his face coming down towards Max’s again. Feeling Max’s body lean into him, Kasan started to get the sexy smile back on his face. Max realized what he was doing as soon as he saw it and stopped himself in shock. He quickly pushed the flat of his palm into Kasan’s nose to keep him away.

“Hold up, Romeo!” He panicked, unable to think of anything but English for a moment.

Kasan peeled away Max’s hand as Max tried frantically to make his cat-obsessed brain think.

“N-no funny! Kasan safe! Kasan no die! No sex, Kasan! Bad Kasan!” Crap, what else, what else, what else?! Oh! “Max tired! No sex, Max tired.” There. That should do it, shouldn’t it?

Max stiffened as he saw Kasan’s fists slowly clench on the bed near his head. Enormous biceps flexed so close to his face that he could see the tendons shift with the movement. What was Kasan going to do? Max was still under him, with the big man’s body pressing him down into the cushions and making him feel like he could be crushed at any moment.

Was Kasan angry? He’d seen what he did to the other cats when he’d been royally pissed. He barely had time to shiver with the briefest beginning of fear when Kasan kissed him on the forehead with soft lips. The big cat pushed himself up from the bed so quickly Max squeaked, cringing in embarrassment when Kasan looked surprised. Everything but Kasan faded from Max’s view for a tense moment, and then Kasan took a few deep breaths and turned around.

He wanted to be happy. He’d stopped him. Kasan had stopped, even though it looked like he’d really been ready for sex. And it was a little flattering, he realized, his belly and groin still taut and missing the contact of another body. Really, how often did a guy have someone want their body so much that they had a hard time stopping? Unless you were a perverted prison warden handing out pardons, it never happened. But he’d stopped, Max thought, slowly sitting upright on the bed as Kasan began to walk away. His eyes drawn by the tail, and the ass it connected to, he suddenly thought of the Great Dong of Doom behind the bed. Sweating, he couldn’t help watching the globes of Kasan’s backside flex with every step, the soft fur of the tail brushing across golden skin as it swished back and forth.

Harder than he’d been before, he refused to look down at his own body. If he didn’t look, his erection wasn’t there. If he couldn’t see the small tent in his tunic, then it hadn’t been pitched and was really packed away somewhere in another room. Tent pole? What tent pole? He didn’t see a tent pole.

There was no pole at all, he thought, feeling his confidence slipping away as his cock firmed even more. He couldn’t understand this. The slightest glimpse of another man’s backside and he was feeling like this? He really was some kind of nympho. Except, wouldn’t he have known? Unless…could he just be a cat nympho? Or… Kasan bent forward to pull something from a shelf and Max found himself watching the tail as it swished, wondering if it would move all the way to the side so he could see the tight rope of the loincloth between Kasan’s legs.

He choked when he realized what he was doing.

“Why do you have to be so fucking sexy?” he whimpered softly, and his face bloomed with color as Kasan turned to look at him. When the cat started back towards the bed Max scooted away. Why was he coming back?

He relaxed as Kasan sat down and held up a small, square, computer-like screen that looked a bit like a tablet. There was no way that could be sexual. A game maybe, or…or the alien internet? Something totally non-sexual.

Unless it was porn.

Biting his lip, he tried to see what was happening on the screen without actually getting any closer. But when Kasan began to flick at the screen with his fingers in odd little gestures, Max’s curiosity finally got the better of him and he crawled back across the bed to see what he was doing. You couldn’t have sex when you were fiddling with a computer, right? And if it was porn, there was that whole hand-and-dick pose that gave it away, wasn’t there? Kasan finished just before Max got within sight of the thing and the alien angled it towards him.

With a valiant attempt at self-control, Max tried to focus on it and ignore the huge bulge behind Kasan’s loincloth that was a lot more interesting. He pursed his lips as he quickly picked out the outlines of four people drawn on the screen. Kasan was drawing? He was sketching little people. Max looked at them hard, wondering at first if he was imagining the utter, well, crappiness of them.

“I’ve seen five year olds who draw better than that,” he finally said, looking way up into Kasan’s slitted eyes. “You have to be the suckiest artist alive.” It almost felt good to know that there was at least something he could do better than the Kasan. He wasn’t stronger than him, and he was pretty positive he lacked his amazing skill at kissing, but he could sure as hell draw better than him!

Kasan carefully took Max’s chin in his hand and directed his face back to the screen. He pointed at the first figure while Max pulled his face free of the constraining fingers. It was an effort to ignore the heated tingle those callused digits left behind, but he did his best to concentrate on the pictures.

“Kasan.” The cat was pointing to a small outline of someone with pointy ears and a bunch of colored dots inside him. “Max.” The dotless, human outline was ridiculously small compared to the other.

“I’m not that short, darn it,” Max muttered. Kasan gestured to the two figures more forcefully and Max nodded. “I know! Max, Kasan. I know. I understand.”

“No sex,” Kasan said, pointing to the two again. “Kasan and Max have sex.” He pointed to two new figures, each with colored dots in them now.

“If no sex, Kasan die,” Kasan said, and began to draw more and more and more dots in the pointy-eared body, finally ending in a large X that covered Kasan and Max both. “Kasan die if no sex,” he said again, and then he waited, giving the board to Max to look at.

Max stared at them, his mind racing. No sex, no dots. Sex, and suddenly he had dots. And then no sex again, and even more dots. What the heck was that supposed to mean? Sex gave him dots, and then sex kept the dots under control after that? What the heck was-

Oh no. Oh… that just wasn’t possible!

Was it?

“You…you gave me an STD?” Kasan stared at him uncomprehending as he started to gesture.

“Sex and…Kasan and Max sex…uh…bad…uh…need s-sex..” he managed to sputter, trying to breathe and not hyperventilate. There was a huge smile as Kasan relaxed, nodding, and Max dropped the screen as if it had bitten him. He stumbled off the bed, teetering on his feet and fighting the urge to scrub at his privates as though he could get those invisible dots off of him.

“Oh my god, oh my GOD. You gave me…you freaking gave me alien herpes? I have alien sex herpes! And now we have to have sex? I can’t… You have to be kidding me!!”

Kasan stared at him and shrugged and he realized he was speaking in English again. “Kasan…need consort? Kasan no die?” he finally got out. Kasan nodded carefully, studying him with eyes that stared a little too intently. Max choked, turning around and walking in a jerky pacing around the room. What the hell type of planet had sex diseases where afterwards you had to have sex? Sex diseases were supposed to make you stop having sex!”

“You have the fucking pervert planet of all time, Kasan! The fucking planet of perverted cats and perverted diseases and… and… perverted, damn sex toys! What the hell…. I don’t want to do this, dammit!”

He whirled around to scowl at Kasan only to find him standing right behind him. Naked. The huge cat reached out and pulled him close, running a large hand over his head as he rumbled in his chest. Max struggled to pull back. This wasn’t happening! Just because he had the Pervert Disease of Constant Fucking did not mean that he was going to…

He wasn’t just going to let himself…

Kasan’s hand crept down and cupped his ass, pulling it close so that his erection pressed between the cat’s thighs and he lost his train of thought. Ohhhh, that was nice. He moaned once, and then his brain twitched just enough to remind him what was going on.

Big cat, big hands, and big dick were about to screw him silly. And he…. Was he going to have to let him? Closing his eyes, Max stood there, shaking, as his face rested against Kasan’s chest. He felt a hand stroking slowly over his head and down his back, over and over again. It calmed his body a little, his breathing slowly altering to match the pace of the slow caresses, but his mind was still trembling.

When was this stupid crap going to end? Every time he thought it wasn’t going to get any weirder, any worse, that’s when it did! He wasn’t just a fuck toy, he wasn’t just a husband, he was…he was contagious. And that meant he was stuck. Even if he got out of here now, he might never be able to have sex with another human again, would he? If he got it, that meant he could infect other people, and he could just imagine how well that would go over with the colony.

Yeah, sorry about inspiring the colony-wide orgy, everyone. At least the climaxes were good, though, right?

He was stuck with the cats forever, unless he did the whole monk-celibacy thing. Feeling the body against his, still rumbling and stroking him a little more firmly now, he didn’t think he was cut out for that. But could he deal with this? The cats were so…

They were so…

Actually, they were obsessed with sex all the time, as far as he’d seen. Was this disease why everyone here was so touchy? They all had to have sex or they’d die? That was really kind of sad. Well, for him it was. He supposed if he was on top it wouldn’t be quite as bad. Most guys would think it was pretty cool, actually, if you really could come up to some chick and say, I need to screw you or I’ll die, and be telling the truth. Except he was the guy someone was saying that to, and it was a totally different thing then!

Wasn’t it?

Taking a huge shuddering breath, he kept his eyes closed and leaned against Kasan. He couldn’t let Kasan die, could he? And he didn’t want to die, and that big X had been over his body as well. Which probably meant he had to have sex too, didn’t it?

He swallowed, unsure of where to focus. Hands over his back and softly kneading his ass, bare chest and abs against his own, soft murmuring against his ears, and that was just from Kasan. He own body ached almost unpleasantly near his groin, his brain skated around life and embarrassment and desire and death.

He had to do this, didn’t he?

He wished he were still drunk, he thought, as a small whimper of arousal escaped his throat when Kasan pulled his body in tightly. Drunk, or so frenzied that he didn’t know what he was doing, like earlier in the day. Then he could just say it happened. He didn’t have to watch and participate, fully aware when it actually WAS happening. Standing really close to musky, silky skin right now, a large erection pressing against his stomach, the thought of sex was more frightening than it had been when he’d woken to it.

He was going to have sex with Kasan, he thought, swallowing painfully. He really was. He was really going to do this.

He finally opened his eyes and leaned his head back to look up, way the hell up, into Kasan’s face. A large hand squeezed his buns as Kasan smiled down at him.

“Kasan and Max…no sex?” he asked tentatively, still hoping that maybe he wasn’t understanding this right and Kasan would laugh and he’d find out it was all some stupid alien joke.

The hand behind his head grazed gently over his ear until it cupped his chin. Kasan leaned down close. “Kasan and Max have sex. Now,” he said softly, and he kissed Max with a lingering press of lips before Max could pull away.

Standing very still, Max let the now-familiar taste of honey and coffee enter his mouth with Kasan’s tongue. Maybe he could view it as being seduced, he thought faintly. He was being seduced by a cat lecher; he wasn’t actively getting himself taken in the ass. He closed his eyes as Kasan’s tongue ran over the edges of his lips. The hand on his backside shifted, sliding underneath his tunic to cup one of his bare cheeks. He lost his breath at the heat of it.

The man was too good at this. His thoughts were just coherent enough to groan about that excess of skill as the fingers caressing between the cheeks of his ass moved in concert with the tongue invading his mouth again. Sliding, prodding, flicking with teasing little bursts, the man’s body was making it impossible to do anything more than keep on his feet.

Lips came off abruptly, leaving him gasping and panting. He stood, shocked when Kasan’s hands moved off his ass so quickly it felt violent after their soft stroking. The ties to Max’s tunic fell apart and it was pulled over his head with one quick shove. Completely naked, he couldn’t move as Kasan stared down at him, the cat breathing heavily and clenching his fists again.

He felt devoured without Kasan even touching him.

Those alien eyes, warm and soft for so much of the afternoon, were dark, the pupils almost round as he ran his eyes over Max’s body. Max restrained the urge to cover himself for a moment, and then gave in and did it anyway.

“N-no look, Kasan.” They could have sex without looking, couldn’t they? Maybe they could just close their eyes totally and he wouldn’t feel this visual molestation that was so deep he felt penetrated already.

Kasan smiled slowly. “Kasan and Max have sex. Max beautiful. Kasan look.”

“Beautiful? I not understand…” It was familiar, but he couldn’t remember what the word meant and he didn’t have time to try and puzzle it out before Kasan suddenly turned him around to face one of the mirrors on the wall. He stared at himself, his skin rosy and flushed. His body looked like a midget compared to the huge cat behind him. And he didn’t understand why his skin seemed almost delicate with the caramel flesh that was hovering behind, coming around to spread its fingers over his stomach. His cheeks bloomed with color. He panted as Kasan moved that large hand down to wrap around his cock while a black tail wrapped around his thigh.

“Max beautiful,” Kasan whispered in his ear, leaning down. Max had no idea what he meant, but he couldn’t move his eyes away from the image of the two of them in the mirror. He watched as the large hand gripped him tight and began to move. Hips jerked even when he tried to keep them still, and he closed his eyes and moaned as Kasan licked his shoulder.

Unable to keep silent as another moan welled up, Max moved against the hand around him. The hard erection against him from behind was hot and it slipped against his skin. Musk surrounded him as much as Kasan did. He couldn’t get away from it; it was like it was settling against his damn skin. It shouldn’t feel this good, not this fast. But his body was already arching. His ass clenched and throbbed as though it was asking for something to come inside of him. He hadn’t even been there for more than a few seconds, how could he be this aroused?

How could he want this? He opened his eyes just in time to see himself gasp as Kasan pulled back on his foreskin and brushed his thumb delicately over the tip of him.

He looked…sexy. Is that what that word had meant?

There was a slow build up of erotically charged pressure against his neck as Kasan sucked the flesh there into his mouth, leaving a brilliantly red mark as he released. Max stared at it. It throbbed with a sweet kind of pain and drew his eyes so completely that he barely noticed Kasan moving behind him. Kneeling, the cat’s free hand moved up, fingers teasing across Max’s nipples and finally settling his full palm across the middle of it. He released Max’s erection.

“Kasan? Uh, what- Aaaahhh.” Broad fingers pushed apart the cheeks of his bottom and his knees buckled as Kasan licked him right in the middle with a broad swipe of his tongue. He would have fallen except for the supporting hand around his chest, although that still let him sag until he was bent forward. His head fell at another slick caress.

“Oh dear God.” He tried to push back up – Kasan wasn’t forcing him there, he was just keeping him from falling – but when that wicked tongue did it again his legs went completely limp. Looking up, his eyes were glazed as he stared at the figures in the mirror, the small man being held like a toy and thoroughly molested by the alien behind him. Their bodies were already slick with sweat, their faces flushed, and there was a steady moaning from somewhere that happened in time with every movement of the cat’s head.

He couldn’t support his neck and let himself fall completely against Kasan’s arm again. The man’s muscles were quivering as he held Max there, tight and hard against his ribs. He’s so fucking strong, Max marveled, just before Kasan’s face pressed in closer and made burning heat spread deep inside his body. It drove everything from his mind but the desperate need to tend to his cock and the burning heat in his belly. His weak legs tried to push back against Kasan, but the cat merely tightened his grip over Max’s ass and continued to lick him so slowly it wasn’t sex anymore, it was fucking torture.

“Kasaaan! Please!” Kasan chuckled against his skin and finally kneeled back, his ass settling over his heels. His arm around Max’s chest tightened and pulled. Without the energy to even protest, Max let himself be dragged back to sit on the cat’s bent legs. His own legs splayed out over heavy thighs. He could see the cat’s cock as it was pressed down from the weight of his body, thrusting out underneath his own. It rubbed against his seam and made him feel like a little kid seeing his father’s dick for the first time. That cock was the most impressive thing he’d ever seen.

And it was…shiny. Slick. He could feel it sliding against his body with slippery, shining fluids already. When had Kasan had time to oil his cock? He’d never even seen him do it.

Kasan moved his head down behind and nibbled at Max’s shoulder near the small bruise he’d made earlier. Max arched into it, and then squeaked as he felt himself lifted. Kasan had one thigh in each hand, spreading his legs up and out, and he was meeting Max’s shocked eyes in the mirror. Swallowing, Max saw the sleek cock underneath him move as the weight came off of it, rising until it was high and…aimed at him.

“Max beautiful,” Kasan said again, nuzzling his ear, and he began to lower Max onto his cock.

“Wait!” Max squirmed, a little frightened. He couldn’t move, and they were about to… and he shouldn’t want this, but his body was twitchy and tense, waiting for it. Kasan’s cock looked so large, though! And Max was aware of what was happening and he didn’t know if he was ready and…

“Shhhh, Gisho. Max Beautiful.” Kasan’s eyes held his through their reflection, that sensual smile in them still, and his fingers ripples against the thighs they held.

“I don’t c-care! We should wait. We can do this t-tomorrow, or n-next week, or…”

“Shhhh. No hurt. Max safe. No danger.” Kasan nibbled at his shoulder again, still lowering, and Max felt something large and firm against the cheeks of his backside. He could see himself in the mirror, eyes shocked and wide as his body was about to be taken. He wriggled again, embarrassment and nerves churning in his gut. He didn’t want someone to see him this way, even himself. It was too personal. Too private.

Really kind of hot and that was not what he wanted to see!

“I still think w-we should…ohhhhhhhhhh.” Kasan began to enter his body. He could feel him pushing in, stretching him, opening him up, but there was no pain. All that hit his senses were pressure, heat, slick sweat and bitter musk and the bare rasp of hair against his palms as he gripped Kasan’s hands and pushed to try and keep himself cock free.

He saw it go into him, though. He couldn’t stop it. That huge, sleek column was disappearing into his body, inch by inch, and he could feel it as it slid inside. He could feel the tip of it as it finally passed his prostate and the rest of it followed, rubbing within his body, making him writhe.

He was finding it hard to think, but he couldn’t stop looking. It looked so good. It didn’t seem like he was watching himself. He was looking at someone else, some pale, tiny person who was being completely breached by a huge, fantastically beautiful, cat-eared man. And it was so erotically sexy. He loved seeing cocks enter someone. He always had. He just hadn’t known that watching them go inside a man would be so …amazing. The swells of his ass were smooth, Kasan’s cock and his thighs were smooth – everything was curved and sleek and glistening. His balls clenched as Kasan was finally all the way inside of him, their bodies pressed tightly to each other.

“Max is so, so beautiful,” Kasan purred against him, the rumble against his back causing a chain reaction that trembled all the way down to his ass as his muscles clenched tightly. He could barely see, but he wanted to. He wanted to feel Kasan moving in him, he wanted to see that enormous cock sliding out and thrusting into something, and he had only enough time to register the desire before it came true. Kasan lifted his body up, the cat’s erection sliding free of his body reluctantly and then sliding back home as he pushed him down.

Max gasped hoarsely. Oh crap!

“A-again,” he whispered hoarsely, trying not to look, wanting to see it anyway.

Kasan moved him again, and he felt completely helpless. Would he ever stop feeling helpless with these giants, he thought frantically, gasping again as his head fell back against Kasan’s chest. He flailed at another thrust into him that pressed against his prostate. The man nipped at his neck again, the tiny pains timed to meet each withdrawal so Max’s muscles contracted at just the right point to feel the tip of Kasan’s cock slip against the sensitive opening.

He was penetrated again as he tried to think of what to do. It was so hard to think. His brain felt sluggish and dazed, his body desperate, and he could only watch as he was taken, watch as the thrusts grew stronger, as the heavy flesh entered him more quickly. His voice grew hoarse and needy and thin the faster Kasan went. Sliding against Kasan’s chest, he saw himself pulled down hard onto the man’s heavy erection, over and over. Strong arms were the only things his hands could reach and he clung to them, nearly sobbing at the building pleasure every time his body was entered.

“Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.” The sound of his ass hitting Kasan’s thighs matched his voice and it seemed almost too soon when he finally cried out as his climax rocked him. Seed poured from his body to spill over the floor and Kasan’s legs while his ass gripped and pulled the semen from Kasan’s body on one last, stunningly deep thrust.

His legs more weak and useless than before, Max leaned back against Kasan as his bleary eyes watched the reflection of their glistening bodies. He looked like a limp rag, he thought, noticing his hair flat against his head from the sweat coating him.

And fucked. He looked thoroughly fucked. Staring, his breathing slowed along with his pulse. Kasan’s hands moved up, stroking his chest again with soft hands as the man murmured incomprehensible, soothing, arousing words.

He’d just been fucked. The realization settled into his mind. He’d just watched himself get fucked, and it had been better than the best porno video he’d ever seen.

Holy crap.

He knew he was going to blush. He knew it. Max wanted to close his eyes and avoid seeing it, but he couldn’t. It wasn’t hot or erotic, it was just…like a train wreck. He didn’t want to watch, but he couldn’t look away. His eyes saw the bright red start at his forehead, traveling across his face and down his torso with a tingling rush he could physically feel. The sensation didn’t stop until his entire body was pink and prickling. He looked ridiculous. Kasan smiled slowly as he noticed it, playing with Max’s nipples for a second before Max smacked his hands away.


He couldn’t believe he’d just done that.

“How could you-“

And he couldn’t blame Kasan for screwing him, because they had to, right?

“The mirrors-“

Watching himself…that was Kasan’s fault. This horrible, frantically embarrassed feeling in his chest, that was Kasan’s fault. Max pushed, trying not to notice how useless his movement was until Kasan helped him stand and he came free of the man’s cock with an ass-clenching slide. He stumbled and would have fallen if Kasan hadn’t caught him by the waist, steadying him. Turning around within the clasp of Kasan’s hands, he took a deep breath and stared at him.

He saw the interested, carnal look to the cat’s eyes and he was sure his damn blush got darker. If he had to… to have sex to live, there had to be, what was the word?

Ground rules.

He pointed to Kasan. “Kasan.” And himself. “Max.”

And the bed. “Bed.”

And then the mirror. He waited, looking at Kasan to see if he figured out what he was asking.

The cat smiled, kneeling on the floor casually as though they were at a naked garden party. His hands slid up from Max’s waist in a slow glide until they curled around his back.

“Kasan, Max, Bed,” Kasan inclined his head towards the mirror. “Mirror.”

Max nodded, repeating the word to himself. He pointed firmly to Kasan when he felt he had the pronunciation right. “Kasan? Kasan, NO sex mirror!”

Kasan’s eyes opened wide and then he burst out laughing, the deep sound vibrating Max’s entire body as he was pulled into a tight hug. He squirmed, yelping as his legs were scooped out from under him and he ended up sitting in the cat’s lap. He scowled up at him, trying to ignore the slippery feel in between his ass cheeks as he sat on the smooth thighs.

He jabbed him in the chest. “Kasan! No funny! No sex mirror!”

Kasan just kept laughing until Max finally gave up. He punched him and grumbled under his breath.

“Stupid pervert cat.”

Kasan ignored him and continued to laugh.

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