The Art page has been edited recently to be a little more viewer friendly until I can develop some slightly better age filters. It has been commissioned, given, entered into Twisted contests, or generously offered as a kind gesture to a whiny author. If not commissioned, permission was sought from the artist before placing their lovely art on this site, 'cause I think that's only polite. Please spread the politeness around, rather than the art, and leave these pretty things here. ^-^


Ice Wind's Bride Art:

Silva and Bey - pissed off

cover: large

Silva and Bey moment

Silva & Bey Sweetness

snotty silva and Bey

Bey, Silva, and beard

The Last Pure Human Art:

tlph cover 

The Last Pure Human Cover
Aosh and zonta 

Aosh and Zonta
chibi Kasan and Max 

Chibi Kasan and Max!

Max's Fantasy

Max's Fantasy
Kasan's love bite

Kasan's Love Bite
Max's Muscle

Max's Muscle
Leero and collar

Leero and his collar
Aosh is taken out

Max, taking Aosh down

max's portrait

Max's portrait
aosh and zonta

Aosh and Zonta - Shhhh
Kasan and Max - no happy

Max NO happy
Kasan sketch

Kasan sketch
Kasan and Max

Remove your hand please

Kasan and Max

Tiny Max


Sexy Leero

Kasan sketch number 2

Kasan in pigtails
Kasan eating

Kasan and a Gisho flower

Max and Kasan

Max with Kasan plushie
Kasan and Max

Kasan and Sleeping Max

a present for Twisted

a gift for Twisted Hilarity!

Kasan and Max

Kasan and Max
grumpy max

Grumpy Max
the whole family

Kasan's family
kasan and max

Kasan and Max
the log

What IS that log for?
Max on earth

Max on earth
Kasan and Max cookies

Kasan and Max cookies!

sleeping max

Sleeping Max

Max in Cat Land


Kasan plushie!

Kasan plushie!

Kasan and Max in a tender moment

Kasan and Max

collared Kasan

Kasan in his collar

Nature's Choice Art:

Nemaro after Mosumato

Nemaro recovering


Horu lookin' up the skit


Nemaro's got the lips

Mosumato and smirking

You Shall Know the Truth Art:

You Shall Know the Truth cover 

You Shall Know the Truth
Full version

Gabriel and Elias chibis!



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