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Twisted and her pretty boysWho am I?

I’m a weird lady, but one who likes to share my weirdness with the world at large. That way, I can whistle innocently and claim that I am not a lunatic at all. I’m a ‘Writer,' which is something completely different. We artistic types are supposed to be a little odd. It’s part of the dress code.

In real life, I could never pull off the smirk in my picture here, but I'm happy to pretend that I could. I have kids, cats, 18 bookcases, a pogo stick, throwing knives, a childish sense of humor, and bizarre (seriously bizarre) allergies.

I also have something to confess: I'm a relatively new fan of male/male erotica. It’s a bit embarrassing, really. How, in this age of computers, did I go so long without finding gay romance? It shouldn’t be possible. Here I am, a person who’s always enjoyed a bit of hero molestation by the male villain, so you’d think I would be the first to jump on the slashy bandwagon of gay romantic love.

Uh, no. That’s not my style at all. If you take away the tweedish erudition, my style is more reminiscent of the absent minded professor who suddenly realizes that he’s been walking around campus with his pants off. I'm a master of obliviousness.

That means that even though I adored seeing men hitting on other men and I secretly beamed at the bisexual eroticism of paranormal bad guys, I still missed the boat. I had no idea that there were entire stories devoted to hot, horny villains and their lucky…uh, poor, pitiful, sexed-up heroes.

That all changed in the middle of 2006 when I read Mato Sanami’s manga, Fake. I believe my inner dialogue when I discovered its 'content' went something like this:

Reading, Twisted turns the page and suddenly sees two men kissing passionately.

“Woah, what the- Are they kissing?! Oh my God!”

“Uh....” Twisted wipes the drool from her chin. ”Damn, that’s pretty hot.”

Twisted’s inner perv immediately starts chanting ‘more, more, more, more’ like some crowd at a movie-style frat party during a beer swilling contest.

There you have it, the birth of another lover of male/male erotica.

I lasted three months before I started writing it myself, in large part because of my personal preferences. Villains are nice, yes. And sexy, if they’re in the stories that I read. But they also tend to be cruel (they do have a reputation to uphold, after all), and the level of angst that comes with that can make me a little more melancholy than I care to be on a daily basis.

So I prefer long, romantic fantasies with sex, warm fuzzies, humor, and happy endings. Warm Fuzzy Porn? Fluffy Kink? Whatever you want to call it, my inner marshmallow thrives on this cotton-candy stuff like it’s a super-vitamin for the soul. I have little trouble ferreting out straight fluffy romance. The gay variety of this can be a bit harder to find, however.

Which brings me to the fiction on this site.

What will you find at

Humor. Romance. Fantasy. Science Fiction. Smut. All with a gay flavor, of course.  For anyone who, like myself, enjoys a fun gay romance, there’s always plenty of warm fuzzies here. Not that you won’t find angst, tension, violence, and drama swirling in eddies around the site as well, but I try to end all my stories the same way: with a big dose of ‘happily ever after.’

Predictable? Hell, yes.

Do I care? Not a bit.

There are some truly phenomenal authors around today who write gay romances on the darker side. Good for all the readers out there wanting a bit of an edge to their tale. Some days, horror, tension, or darkness are just what we need. But on other days, a dose of humor and a big bunch of guaranteed ‘happy’ are the only things that will make the day bearable.

That's where 'happy ending' fiction like mine comes in to play. Writers like myself are in it for the sweet and cute and fun. We're all about the loooove. And that's what you'll find here. Some might call my stories ‘slash fiction,’ but I believe they’re more a wacky, bastardized cross between slash and yaoi, with a little gay romantic fiction thrown in for good measure.  Most qualify as hard yaoi (what can I say, I enjoy sex) and the vast majority are free.

My stories are rarely set in the real world; I don’t seem to live there very often myself. My imagination and my mind have rented a condo somewhere in Happy Fantasy Yaoi Land, instead. So my interpretation of contemporary fiction always involves something with robots. Or claws and fangs. Wings are rather pretty, too, I’ve always thought. Unicorns….I’m a little suspicious of where they want to put those horns.

But I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, as long as there's romance involved. I never forget the romance. I'm pretty sure I have a ‘romantic sap of the year’ award tucked away on my desk to prove it.

Yup, I love the gooey, sticky-sweet romance. And the smut. Naturally. Because sometimes we need gay sex. Gay erotica, yaoi, slash, sweet man-on-man (on-man) intercourse – some days we need these like a starving man needs a pizza.

Perhaps every day, depending on how the week’s going.

So if you’re in the mood for something fun, upbeat, and a little sexy, please, feel free to read and enjoy the stories! Happy to have you visit. <3

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