Fiction~~The Last Pure Human~~Ch. 7

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The Last Pure Human
Chapter 7 - Hungry

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Kasan woke to a soft knocking at the door. He eased himself from Max as gently as he could, yawning hugely. It felt as though he’d hardly slept at all. Feeling the sudden cold on his cock as he walked, he looked down and realized that his own fluids were still wet and drying on his skin. Hell, obviously he HAD hardly slept at all. What did they need him for at this time of night?

Kasan opened the door to two new faces. Well, at least he’d slept long enough for the guards to change shift. As he saw the third man there, he wanted to hit himself in the head. The food. Someone in the kitchens had brought him food for Max, just as he’d asked. His lack of sleep was going to be his own damn fault.

Closing the door to ensure Max couldn’t be seen, he nodded his head at the guards and took the food from the kitchen servant with a muttered ‘thank you.’ He waited for the servant to depart before speaking.

“Everything goes well?”

The tallest guard nodded. “It’s been a quiet night so far.” Suddenly the guard smiled and glanced at Kasan. “Well, it’s been a quiet night out here. It sounds as though other rooms might have been more interesting.”

Kasan smiled back. “Mine certainly was.” Chuckling along with the two men, Kasan was interrupted as his body decided to start yawning again. “If anyone come before it’s time for first meal, tell them I’ll see them at the formal greeting, unless it’s an emergency.”

“Of course.”

“And if you could pass the word for Leero to meet me beforehand. I’ll want him to be taking my consort in personally.”

“As you wish.”

Kasan brought the bundle inside and closed the door behind him. The younger guard looked at his companion. “You didn’t mention Jolan.”

“I don’t believe there was need. We kept him from intruding on Kasan’s first night, after all.”

“I suppose. I really wonder why the others weren’t involved, though. They’re usually united on that type of endeavor.”

“I’m assuming they had an actual moment of thought. You know Jolan gets away with far more than any of the others when it comes to Kasan, anyway.”

“That’s true.” The two guards were quiet as they watched the hallway carefully.

The younger guard spoke again on a sigh. “I wonder what it’s like.”


“Having a consort. I wonder what it’s like.” His elder smiled at him.

“As long as you get along, it can be absolutely amazing.”

“I know they say that, I just…wonder.”

“Maybe you’ll be in luck and someone will take YOU as a consort so you can find out earlier.” The older guard smiled as the younger one blushed slightly.

“If the sex is as good as they say, I might not mind. It’s not as though it’s forever. What about you? Would you have been willing to be a consort?”

“With a female, maybe, but I wouldn’t have done well as a male consort, I don’t think. As it stands, I’m happy to be a mate.”


“Don’t worry about it so much. It’ll happen soon either way, won’t it? You’re already 19, right?”

“18 still. I’ll be 19 next month.”

“So barely a year until your mating heat arrives. You could probably be a consort right now if you wished. If it’s something you want so much, you could always let it be
known you’re willing.”

The younger guard shifted his feet as his eyes still looked along the hall. “I’m not entirely sure I AM willing. I don’t want children, so it would have to be with a male.” He avoided his superior’s eyes. “I’ve never bottomed before. I might not like it.”

The older guard looked at him and smiled more broadly. “I have some friends who could help you decide.”

“I’ll pass, thank you.” The youth’s ears flicked back and forth. “I don’t want to practice with a bound couple. And I know you rarely associate with my age group outside of the guard room.”

Nodding his acknowledgement, the other male dropped the subject with one last comment. “If you change your mind…”

“Yes, I’ll let you know.”

Their sensitive ears caught the muffled sound of Kasan moving inside the room and soft murmurs as he obviously rejoined his consort on the bed. They were a little disappointed that no sounds of sexual activities followed. The younger one sighed again after a few minutes.

“I wonder what it’s like…”


After cursing Kasan for his weird desire to cuddle, while sighing in relief that the alien didn’t want anything else, Max had been thankful to finally fall asleep. He’d drifted off with the thought that this might not be as bad as he’d been thinking. Kasan wasn’t trying to have sex with him again; he was just snuggling. It was weird, and really darn annoying to be so much smaller that he couldn’t kick the big cat out of bed, but it wasn’t awful.

His first coherent thought after waking was to call himself an idiot of titanic proportions. Because his first incoherent thought on waking involved confusion and nearly mindless arousal as the other man slid into his ass. That was NOT the way he wanted to come to awareness, and he was really unhappy that the psycho perverted cat had tricked him into letting his guard down so completely that it had been possible. And the jerk still managed to make him climax so hard he could barely think!

He had to let him know that he wasn’t going to put up with that sort of shit…in a way that wasn’t going to get him killed, that is. He knew he had to, but the deep, satisfied lassitude from coming so completely had hit him like a freight train and all he’d wanted to do was fall asleep. He would tell him off later. He was safe now, after all. Stupid man had taken his body again; he’d be safe for a little while.

Besides, Kasan wouldn’t damn well let go and didn’t seem affected by much of anything Max was doing to force him to. So, Max postponed working on his release from Kasan’s embrace and fell asleep again.

The dream started sometime after he’d lost consciousness. Max sat naked on the edge of a bed covered in aqua silk that stretched out behind him for miles. A petite red head’s lips were around his dick as she gave him a very nice blowjob when Kasan was suddenly there and shoving her out of the way. He pushed Max back onto the bed and loomed over him. Max’s dream self did nothing more than watch as Kasan pushed in between his legs and brought his mouth down to Max’s chest, licking lightly.

The small, slick touch made his skin tingle as soon as it connected and he moaned. One arm leaned on the bed next to him as Kasan pushed up, a large hand stroking through Max’s hair. Kasan stared down into Max’s eyes, smiling gently before he brought his face down and plunged his tongue into Max’s mouth. Fisting his own hands in Kasan’s hair, Max thrust back with his own tongue and groaned as the big cat growled against him. The man’s taste was unreal; some combination of spices that he had no words for but which filled his mind with heat and sex. Kasan licked in between his lips, sliding into the recesses of Max’s mouth until Max felt limp and faint. Drawing back, Kasan gave him no time to recover before he started licking Max’s chest again.

Max felt small shocks of pleasure shoot down into his groin with each movement of his lover’s tongue. It had his cock erect and begging like a dog against Kasan’s stomach. Ignoring that needy part of him, Kasan’s hand moved from his hair to caress along Max’s skin in feathery strokes until it slid under his body and cupped his ass. A hot, skilled mouth sucked and laved his nipples into small peaks while the cat man’s hand gripped Max’s bottom firmly and began to knead.

Max’s hands were tangled in the yards of hair that spread out behind Kasan’s head, and he yanked spasmodically as Kasan left his nipples and started working on his stomach. As Kasan moved even lower, Max suddenly lost the ability to breathe properly, reduced to small, desperate gasps of air. His eyes hunting for something to focus on, he saw Kasan’s ears standing upright. His vision blurred as the silky triangles descended while Max’s cock was taken into Kasan’s mouth.

“Nnnnnnnn, oh my God!” Kasan’s lips were down to the skin of his groin as his dick was completely enveloped. Kasan started moving his lips to the head of Max’s dick and back down slickly, and Max couldn’t think of anything he wanted more than for Kasan to continue doing this until Max went blind from it. His legs splayed wide around Kasan’s chest, his feet just touching the floor, he tried desperately to thrust, groaning with need and frustration as his muscles refused to work in their awkward position. Max was so aroused he was shaking with it, his body jerking desperately as the tension wound tighter inside his skin. He cried out when Kasan drew back, his mouth leaving Max just on the verge of coming.

“No! No, please!” With soft murmurs, Kasan move the both of them further onto the bed and turned Max’s squirming body onto its side. Something slick and hard pressed against Max’s ass and he arched against it as it started to push into him. Still shaking, frantic to have his climax, Max keened as the hard length pushed in and rubbed inside him. His body started getting tighter, his hips twitching as he tried to thrust and arch back at the same time whenever Kasan penetrated him. Something fantastically soft and silky stroked his thigh and Kasan’s hand clamped onto his hip to hold him completely still as the man continued to enter him, slowing his pace until Max writhed with the need for movement.

“Please! Please, let me just move!” Kasan didn’t answer, but his pace did pick up and Max gasped at how deeply Kasan was inside of him. His body sang in rhythmic shocks every time he was entered. His skin felt on fire, his blood pulsed and he wanted to come so badly he could scream. Just when he finally reached the peak, when he was, thank God, about to come…

…he woke up.

He woke up still craving climax, still hearing his own voice moaning and crying out, because Kasan was plunging into his body in the exact same rhythm as his dream. Panting for breath, Max struggled to understand what was happening as his hips were pushed forward, Kasan’s groin slapping against his ass. No. A dream. It was just a dream. He wasn’t …

Max couldn’t think anymore as he finally came, only moments before Kasan shouted hoarsely into Max’s ear and pulled on his hips tightly before his body went limp against Max’s back and bottom.

Minutes passed with only the sounds of heavy panting and his own pounding heartbeat echoing in Max’s head. He’d just… Kasan had taken him , and he’d fallen asleep, and he’d dreamt, and now… God, it wasn’t just a dream! He had really come again! Kasan had really taken him again! He couldn’t catch his breath as he tried to use climax-weakened muscles to push away from the man whose body was still embedded inside of him. Kasan’s forearm draped heavily over Max’s hip, practically unmoved by his struggling. His hand pet Max’s penis absently in soft strokes. Feeling something else stroking up and down his thigh as well, Max looked down in confusion to find the man’s tail moving back and forth on his skin.

Son of a bitch, the man was even molesting him with his darn tail!

Max drew in one shuddering breath and closed his eyes, doing his best to ignore his body’s usual request for post-orgasm sleep. This was no time to be vulnerable again.

“I’m never going to fall asleep next to you again, you perverted cat,” Max muttered angrily. He felt the oddly helpless sensation he was starting to get used to around the stupid big cats as Kasan held onto him with no effort whatsoever. Max didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t get away. He couldn’t even turn to hit the man. Max was lying on his side, impaled on the other man’s cock, and it made it impossible to move until Kasan let him go. But he didn’t want to just lay here!

If he didn’t move, Kasan might get the idea that he actually enjoyed being used this way.

And that was not what he wanted at all. He really didn’t! He felt flushed and his skin still tingled along his ass where Kasan was plastered against him and he was a little worried that his dick was thinking of coming to attention again if he couldn’t get Kasan to stop touching him with his hand and that really soft tail, but…but so what? J-just because the stupid man had amazing hands and did things to him that felt so good his toes curled didn’t mean anything at all. He wasn’t a playboy. He wasn’t! He was…

The broad hand stopped stroking and wrapped itself around his dick completely. His thoughts derailed at the tight, hot sensation and he tried to push forward before he could stop himself. He didn’t get far, still filled with Kasan, although the movement rubbed something inside him and had him moving just to feel it again. Kasan’s tail slipped up higher, the tip flicking back and forth as it brushed against his stomach. He moaned out loud and hearing his own voice jolted him back to awareness.

What the hell was he doing?! He was letting him do it again! Dammit…no! Kasan couldn’t do this again! He reached down and slapped at the tail before trying to pull at Kasan’s hand. After a few more smacks and a lot of yanking, he finally succeeding in rescuing his penis from the man’s damn marauding appendages. He wasn’t going to think about whether or not Kasan had moved on his own, or been forced to. He needed whatever victory he could get right now. Especially when the hand merely retreated to Max’s hip and the tail snaked back around his thigh.

“Don’t you even think about touching my dick, Kasan! Enough is enough!” He covered the body part in question with his hand, and shivered violently as Kasan laughed at him. He could feel the deep vibrations of it spread through his body as even the cock inside him moved. The hard length twitched once and he yelped

Did the man NEVER get soft?

He squirmed. Why was Kasan doing this? Why was he screwing him and touching him and…cuddling? It didn’t make sense. It wasn’t like Max was that good of a screw….was he? Or maybe cats just got off on having sex with humans. Was this happening to everyone else in the colony? Were they all little…little cat toys?!

“And how the hell do you make it feel good?!” Bad enough that he had this huge man after his body; his body didn’t have to enjoy it, too. He couldn’t understand how that could be. He could appreciate that Kasan was sexy, but that didn’t explain why his hands made Max’s skin burn, or why his lips made him completely lose touch with reality. It didn’t explain why seeing the man made him feel rather breathless and flushed, and it sure as hell didn’t explain why he seemed to get hard as a rock when Kasan started manhandling him.

And there was still the sex. How could his body betray him like this? Dammit, he was still having little aftershock shivers and it had already been a few minutes since he’d come! He shifted, feeling the huge still-hard length inside of himself, and he moaned as it rubbed against something good again. But it was so wrong. He was feeling another man’s cock INSIDE of him. INSIDE! He couldn’t stop his muscles from tightening every time he thought of it, but they couldn’t do anything. They were held open, stretched wide and impotent as Kasan’s dick rested within a part of himself that Max had ignored for most of his life, frankly. It was just…it made him feel really damn helpless. The man was so big Max felt like he was being completely overwhelmed, inside and out. And the man was still hard! What the hell did he do, take Super Cat Viagra?! Max couldn’t move until Kasan either pulled out or grew soft, and he was just lying there stroking Max’s hip and thigh, the jerk.

Kasan shifted again, pulling out slowly, and Max sighed in relief. Thank God, he was done. Max could get away and his skin would finally stop tingling like this.

Max squeaked as Kasan moved back in, rubbing against Max’s prostate so wonderfully that Max’s eyes almost crossed.

“N-no! You just did this! I- I- I don’t want…aaaah, ah ah ah ah YES…I mean no! No, I don’t want you to! It’s not—eeeeee, God! Oh God. Oh God oh God oh God oh God oh God oh my FUCKING GOD!” Kasan finished his sudden burst of energetic thrusting and squeezed Max’s prick as Max came violently. Again.

Max lay spooned up with Kasan behind him, panting at his second orgasm of the morning.

“Kasan…bastard. Can’t touch…no fair. Fucking made me come! Twice… How??” Max tried to catch his breath enough to use full sentences and couldn’t quite manage. He could finally feel Kasan’s member start to grow smaller inside of him and slip out as Kasan pulled away slightly. Max didn’t like the empty feeling left behind and flinched as he realized what he was thinking. He was getting used to this. He’d only been in this place a day, maybe two, and his body was getting used to being used by this man. And now Kasan had finally done what Max wanted and removed himself from his body, and Max couldn’t even get away. He was too damn tired!

What was wrong with him? What had warped inside him that made him enjoy having some man he didn’t even know screw him like this? Why wasn’t he fighting it tooth and claw when Kasan was touching him? Instead, even if he could have stopped him, Max wasn’t certain that he really would have. It had felt so good a part of him was actually unhappy that it was over.

“What is WRONG with me?” he asked, closing his eyes so he didn’t have to look at his own flushed, dopey face in the mirror across from him. “I don’t want to be a whore…do I? Do I have some sort of complex or something?”

Kasan chose that moment to finally pull completely away from Max, kissing him on the back of the head as he moved off the bed.

“Kissing does NOT make this better.” Max muttered. He refused to turn over and see what Kasan was doing, sure the man was standing there staring at him. A few moments of silence had him starting to tense. Was Kasan still watching him? Was he standing there, looking down at him and thinking of what sexual things he was going to do next? Because if he was…shit, he’d be looking at Max’s ass!

Max turned over quickly and had to readjust the path of his eyes as he found Kasan halfway to the wall already. Damn, he hadn’t even heard the man move!.

Max watched Kasan’s muscles as the cat man glided away from him and he wanted to scream in frustration. He should have kept his stupid eyes closed. Completely shut. He should darn well blind himself if this was the way his body was going to react, he thought. And still, he couldn’t help but watch Kasan’s naked buttocks flex as he walked.

The sight of them turned him on.

He stared at the small furring of dark hair that started at the man’s lower spine and grew heavier until it flowed into an ebony furred tail. The fact that Kasan’s spine seemed to so naturally change to that sinuous length of fur surprised him. The man’s body was human, the tail shouldn’t fit like that. It should seem completely weird and wrong, just like it had the first time he’d seen it, but it didn’t anymore. It just seemed like a normal part of Kasan now. Kasan, the perverted cat-eared giant man with the tail. With possibly the best looking butt Max had ever seen in his whole damn life. What the heck did the man do to get buns like that? They looked so round and firm he could just imagine holding on and biting a little at that golden flesh…

Eyes wide at his own thoughts, he groaned under his breath and brought his hands up to hide his face. He proceeded to mumble into his palms.

“It IS a complex. I’ve got a huge, freakin’ complex. I’m a nympho. A big, male nympho who loves anal sex.” He peeked through his fingers, caught sight of Kasan’s naked back and phallic tail and edible ass, and his lip quivered while his penis did the same thing. He tried to divert his thoughts and stared at Kasan’s massive arms.

Flexing as Kasan reached the wall and started fiddling with something in the alcove, his arms were impressive. Pretty darn amazing. Very…dammit, they were sexy too! “Big arms are not sexy! They’re scary and intimidating and they just mean that you can do things to me and I can’t stop you!” He gulped as he thought of what Kasan actually HAD just done to him. It was completely insane that the very thought of it made him flush and had heat pooling in his groin again. Realizing that Kasan had turned around to look at him curiously, Max fought and lost the battle to keep his eyes above the man’s waist.

Holy crap, even THAT part looked sexy.

“Oh God, I’m a submissive, cock-worshiping, anal-loving nympho!”

Kasan turned back to whatever he was doing, chuckling as he did so. Max bit his lip and covered up his face again. He wanted to just curl up and die, he really did. He didn’t want to know this about himself, and it was all Kasan’s fault that he did! If the bastard hadn’t done all these things to him, he never would have known that he was this way! He didn’t WANT to be this way!

It didn’t matter how…intense…it felt. He didn’t want to be the GIRL guy! Although…he looked at Kasan’s ass again. It was so tight, Max didn’t think his dick had the strength to even get in there…

“AAAGH, now I’m thinking about anal sex again! This is your fault, Kasan! ALL YOUR FAULT!”

Kasan turned as Max finished yelling and walked back holding some odd little scrap of cloth and an emerald bottle of something that looked oily and thick. Max shut up and watched him carefully. Oil? What the hell did Kasan think he was going to do with oil? There was nothing that they should be doing with lubrication that they hadn’t already done. Nothing at all. So Kasan had better not be thinking of doing it a third time this morning, because it just wasn’t going to happen. Max wasn’t going to let it happen. No way. He was not going to feed this weird sex obsession of Kasan’s, or the even weirder one that his own body seemed to be experiencing.

Besides, his bottom hurt right now.

Max pushed himself to a wobbling kneel and yanked a pillow off the bed, a blue silky one this time, to cover his groin. Too damn bad if it got dirty. Kasan shouldn’t have been touching him in the first place, right? He watched as Kasan poured a little of the liquid onto the cloth and rubbed it over his own skin, commenting to Max as he did so. It looked like he was cleaning himself. Which was good, right? He wouldn’t be cleaning himself if he was going after Max’s ass again, Max didn’t think. Which meant the weird stuff was hygienic, not sexual.

Thank God.

Although when Kasan started to rub the cloth over his prick, leaving behind slick, clean skin after each stroke, Max started to sweat. He couldn’t move his eyes away, focusing on Kasan’s hand as it moved along his shaft, up and down in even, gripping strokes. Kasan started to grow hard and Max stared. The man was huge! And he just kept getting bigger, his member sleek and golden. The skin looked so smooth Max wondered what it might feel like to touch. He blinked, shaking the thought away.

Stupid. He was freaking stupid as all hell. Why was he watching Kasan clean himself? And just how long did it take to wash your own prick? It shouldn’t take this long, should it? Kasan had been finished with all the other parts in just a few seconds! What was he doing? Max looked up at Kasan’s face to see him watching Max through half closed lids as he continued to stroke and Max pushed himself backwards on the bed, clutching at his pillow.

“Oh no you don’t! No way! You can just…just keep on stroking, buddy, because the ass is closed right now!”

Kasan laughed at Max’s reaction, moving his hand away-finally- and pouring more green junk onto the cloth, completely unconcerned with the raging hard on he still had. Max had a difficult time taking his eyes from the loaded weapon pointing at him until Kasan got onto the bed. Tensing as the big cat reached out with the cloth towards Max’s body, Max yanked it out of his hands and backed away.

“I can wash myself just fine,” he said quickly. He knelt on the bed, pillow still covering the important bits. Wary eyes watched Kasan as he rubbed the cloth over his skin furiously. The dampened cloth flowed over him like silk, leaving behind a shiny, soft feel to his skin and the spicy scent that Max had first noticed when he’d found himself in the room. Max’s movements slowed as the odd liquid made the experience a little bit more sensual than he’d expected. But after each pass, the dirt and grime and….dried stuff he didn’t really want to think about…just washed off.

“This stuff is awesome,” he said softly, still rubbing. He shifted as his hand got close to the pillow over his groin and stopped. His face felt awfully warm, and it felt like—

He looked up to see Kasan watching him. He KNEW it!

“Turn around, you perv,” Max ordered.

Kasan quirked one eyebrow at him and did a rather human looking shrug as he stared.

“Turn around.” Max made a twirling motion with his fingers and sighed huffily as Kasan continued staring. He really hoped that this was just a communication thing. Cultural voyeurism was not something he wanted any more than he wanted to be a darn sex toy. Max took a deep breath. He was still feeling sticky and a little sore and embarrassed and angry and frustrated and so many other emotions that he didn’t even have a name for them all. But he was also stuck in this room with this alien man, and he didn’t know where he was or what he was doing here other than being used for sex. Often. He closed his eyes and took another deep breath. Okay, no more acting like an idiot. No one had spoken to him in English, so it looked like if he had a chance in hell of talking to them, he was going to have figure out how to communicate. Stupid cat probably wouldn’t care if his little sex toy never learned how to say ‘no’ properly, but MAX certainly did.

Besides, if he learned how to talk to these aliens, he could ask them what was happening, and where everyone else was, and what they wanted out of him.

He wasn’t sure he would be happy with the answers, but at least it would be something! And the first thing he was going to do was learn how to tell Kasan to turn around, because he was not going to wash his privates and his ass in front of him! Taking his cushion with him, he slid off the bed and stared at Kasan, thinking. Finally he turned his body around once and when he faced Kasan again, he pointed at him. “Now you do it. Turn around.”

Kasan’s head tilted. He smiled and turned around completely to face Max. Max growled. “No! Not…Rrrrrr. Here.” Max took a deep breath and rounded the bed. He could do this. He really could. The man wasn’t going to jump him every time he came near, right? That would be way too obsessed with sex for any normal person and…

What if it wasn’t too obsessed for alien cats? Max bit his lip hard and worked on breathing some more. He didn’t want Kasan to do stuff to him again, but as much as he hated even thinking this way, after being screwed almost three times in a damn row it wasn’t quite so scary, at least not when he wasn’t being touched at the moment. It made him frightened that his body could enjoy something like this as much as it did. It was frightening thinking that he was a sex toy, too, which it really looked like he was considering how many times Kasan had fucked him in the last day. But Kasan had seemed to have some minor bit of concern for Max while he did it. At least the big cat guy had tried to make it feel good rather than just worrying about himself and hurting Max. And considering how big the jerk was, he could have really messed Max up if he’d wanted to, or even if he’d just been a little less careful.

Max looked at Kasan again. He really could have, couldn’t he? Kasan could have really, really hurt him, and instead he’d done just the opposite.

He hadn’t really given Max a choice in the matter, but Max felt the smallest bit of the tension knotting his insides ease slightly. Max had no intention of staying here and letting himself be used for sex everyday. No way. But if he couldn’t get away for a while, or make Kasan stop, it was a relief, a HUGE relief, to think that he wasn’t going to be hurt while he was stuck here.

God, such a relief. The man hadn’t let those other cats have him, and he hadn’t hurt him. Those were pretty big issues, right? Not being traded like a sexual baseball card, and not injured or in agony. If he could just get some damn food soon, he could cope with this.

As long as he got Kasan to turn around.

He dithered a moment and finally took the last few steps, closing the distance between them. He grabbed Kasan’s arm, pulling. If he got jumped, he’d just…he’d try to get away and probably end up screwed anyway, but…at least it would feel good, wouldn’t it?

Max was not disappointed, not at all, when Kasan let himself be turned away from the bed at Max’s urging. Max watched carefully as he drew his hands away, but aside from Kasan’s tail starting to sway back and forth, and his ears quivering slightly, Kasan stayed where he was. Thank God this was working. His first successful attempt at trying to communicate something. It was always a huge rush.

And in this case it was a hell of a lot less embarrassing, too.

Max went back to his safe haven across the bed, tossing the pillow to the side. Sighing in pleasure at finally being able to clean himself off, he drew the cloth along the inside of his thighs and up higher where fluids had leaked out of his bottom. It still felt a little tender and he moved the cloth very, very carefully. The soft stroking of the silky liquid felt lovely against his skin and he hummed in pleasure. In just a few moments, he moved onto his penis and started cleaning it slowly, wrapping his hand around in a way reminiscent of what Kasan had been doing only minutes before. To his embarrassment, it started to harden before he finished, but at least he was clean. So what the heck did he do with the cloth now? Did Kasan want it back? He looked up and froze, his hand holding the cloth to his penis as he met Kasan’s eyes in a mirror. He looked around frantically. He could see Kasan’s face in at least half of them. Which meant that Kasan could see HIM in that many.

“You perverted bastard, Kasan.” Max glared at him, blushing as Kasan smiled wickedly. The big cat turned around to face Max and held out his hand for the cloth. Hearing Kasan laugh as Max covered his privates with another pillow, Max lost his temper. He’d put up with enough crap in the last few days. He really had! He didn’t need some big cat jerk peeping at him and laughing at him on top of everything!

Max’s fist tightened over the cloth in his hand and he threw the soiled, heavy piece of fabric straight at Kasan.

Kasan’s hand whipped up to catch it just before it hit his face.

“Oh God.” Max looked at Kasan, his stomach falling to his toes as his anger drained out so quickly he was dizzy. Had he just pissed him off?? He’d been so happy to find out he wasn’t going to be hurt during sex, he hadn’t thought. There were a hell of a lot of ways he could be hurt other than sex.

What was Kasan going to do to him?


Kasan grabbed the cloth out of the air and stared at it absently a moment before he tossed it behind him at the cleaning alcove. His little Gisho was so quirky. He’d done his cleansing striptease that he’d wanted Kasan to watch through the mirrors, and then acted as though he was angry at Kasan and done his funny body hiding again. It had been so adorable Kasan had to laugh. Which had prompted what looked like a little temper fit and now Max was looking nervous and worried again.

Gisho was cute, but Kasan really had no idea what motivated the little thing.

Kasan looked at his consort’s exposed skin and smiled to himself as he recalled the past few hours. Hmmm. If Max grew too upset, Kasan should really try to comfort him a bit. He smiled as a few ways to do so sprang to mind. He could sit down and put Max on his lap…naked. Or he could help him lie down on the bed and hold onto his thighs before Kasan sucked him into a mindless frenzy so that he forgot all his worries. Or he could bend him over the bed and massage his back before he took him from behind.

Kasan groaned as he was once again as hard as stone. He really needed to stop thinking this way. He’d already made his consort come three times in the last eight hours; he wasn’t sure it was healthy to make him come again. If it was even physically possible; how often could humans orgasm without damaging themselves? The little one seemed exhausted already and they’d barely started the day. Although if the heat was pushing at him, maybe the nanites would compensate… They wouldn’t have any choice in that case, after all. Kasan paused to take stock and sighed as he found no evidence of peaking heat.


Groaning as he tried to keep his hands to himself, Kasan let his eyes admire Max’s face. It was so precious. Everything about it, from the lips that Max was constantly nibbling on to the red that bloomed across his cheeks at the oddest times, turned Kasan on. Kasan’s eyes dropped to the pillow blocking his view of Max’s privates and he cursed under his breath as he felt himself firm up again.

Leero had better get here soon before Kasan forgot all about his family, and most especially his father, expecting him. Kasan really needed to get ready for the Greeting so he could get it over with. Ignoring his dick’s opinion of what the following hours should involve, Kasan tried to remind himself of what he needed to accomplish. It wasn’t much, in reality. He just needed to show up and have his mark seen by everyone, and have Max’s recognized as well. At least he didn’t have to worry about proving his mark was real rather than wait the three weeks until his continued existence proved that he’d mated. One look, one damn thought about Max was enough to get him hard, and that’s all it took for the nanites to bleed into his system and cause the mark to disappear.

Kasan was a bit more nervous about having the mark seen in the first place, as he couldn’t seem to get erotic pictures of his consort out of his head. Hell, he doubted the nanites had been inactive long enough to form the mark all morning long. He had to take care of that before he entered the Greeting Room. Actually, he should probably part from his consort as soon as possible to ensure that he could tone down the lust a little.

At least long enough for everyone to see the mark. After that, he was planning to indulge his and Max’s bodies until neither of them could walk, hopefully.

Taking a fortifying breath, Kasan returned the cleanser to its proper place and rummaged through his clothing for something suitable. A formal ceremony was one of the few times where he’d put up with the highly embroidered cloths that Aosh always favored, so the damn things were practically new when he brought them out. Grabbing a pretty blue tunic as well, he turned back to his consort.

He smiled at the sight of him, his eyes gliding over his consort’s skin, and knew he was making the right choice in picking something that would hide all that flesh. Not that he wasn’t going to catch hell for it. Tradition had the consort dressed in the sexiest, sheerest fabrics possible for the Greeting, to ensure the mate’s libido responded appropriately. The fact that Kasan planned to cover up as much of Max as he could get away with was going to be talked about. At length. For years, knowing his brothers.   
But better that than Kasan attack someone for looking overly long at his consort. At the moment, even the thought of everyone looking at the little man’s bottom as they verified the mark had Kasan’s hackles up and his ears flat. Kasan had to swallow a growl to keep himself from scaring Max. Looking at Max’s nervous little face, he wasn’t sure if he’d succeeded.

“Why so nervous, little one? You’ve done this before, remember? Clothing. It’s clothing.”

Kasan placed Max’s loincloth, tunic, and cording on the bed and stepped back to wrap his own cloth. He smiled as Max edged forward to grab the loincloth before retreating to the other side of the bed. Max looked from the cloth to the pillow he clutched to his member and his entire body flushed as he dropped the pillow and covered his penis with his hand. Why did he keep doing that? Did humans feel the cold there more keenly? Kasan hadn’t even thought of that as an issue. He’d have to keep an eye on him. If his consort’s groin seemed to need a different sort of covering, perhaps he could arrange to have something in thicker fabrics made for him.

As Kasan started to arrange the long cloth, he noticed Max copying his movements and smiled at him again. “Trying to do it yourself this time, hmm? All right then, I’ll slow down for you.” Kasan moved slowly, watching Max bite his lower lip as the little one worked on mimicking his creation. Kasan made no move to correct the one error he saw developing along the way, although the mistake itself made it clear that Max was unaccustomed to wrapping his own loincloth. Everyone always made the same mistake when they first started dressing themselves, after all. They had to experience its results at least once before they really learned to tie it properly.

And the effects were always enjoyable.

Max smiled at him triumphantly as he finished, letting out a happy little shout just before his cloth untwisted and slid down to his knees. He yelled and grabbed at it unsuccessfully, toppling over as it tangled around his ankles. Seeing Max naked on the floor as he walked over to him, his legs practically tied together, started Kasan’s mind down a path he hadn’t explored yet. Not that the little thing was strong enough to fight him off under normal circumstances, but a little bondage was always rather fun.

Once Max trusted him a bit more, of course.

Kasan cleared his throat as his erection once again grew rather prominent, and Max’s eyes latched onto its obvious presence immediately. His consort started yelling as he scooted away on the floor, his legs still bound up by the loincloth.

"Oh no you don’t! Don’t you come near me, you damn sex-fiend!

Kasan stopped. He didn’t want to scare the little one too badly just before the Greeting. It was stressful enough for a couple who could actually talk to each other. It might be cutting it close, time-wise, but he could give Max a few more attempts before he interfered.

There was a knock at the door in a familiar pattern and Kasan cursed. There went the extra time. He’d have to do it himself.

“We’ll need a few minutes, Leero.” Kasan was walking towards his consort before Leero’s voice even muttered his acknowledgement. “I’m sorry, Gisho, but we’re going to have to do this damn fast. You’ll have to practice later.”

He reached down and scooped Max into his arms, pulling the tangled loincloth from his ankles as he did so. Max yelled out before he grabbed at the loincloth.

Give that back! I can do it on my own!

Kasan tried to stand Max on the bed and clothe him as quickly as he could, but the little thing dodged away from him as soon as his feet touched down.

I can put it on myself! Just stay away and give me the darn loincloth!” Max pointed at the cloth in Kasan’s hands before tripping over a pillow and sprawling onto his back.

Kasan had to laugh at the stunned expression on his face, and he reached over and quickly scooped Max into his arms again. He’d rather not upset his consort too much, but they were out of time.

Put me down, you huge honkin’ cat!!

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Kasan put Max on his lap and started arranging the loincloth. His erection was pushed at provocatively as Max squirmed and fought while Kasan worked on getting hold of the little one’s member to arrange it for wrapping. He finally managed to grasp it and he held on firmly as he shifted to reach the cloth.

NO! Bad touching! Leave that alone! Pervert! Lecher! Freaking cat nymphomaniac! Stop touching me, dammit, and let me do it myself!!” Max’s small hands pulled and clawed at him, but Kasan felt the man’s cock swell within his hand. As the increase in size grew even more noticeable, Max started to blush and Kasan grinned. Using his consort’s momentary discomfort as a distraction, Kasan lifted him up by the waist long enough to slip the cloth underneath him, sliding it up the middle of his bottom and twisting everything together while Max was still squeaking in outraged surprise. With the loincloth on, Kasan let Max crawl off of him and onto the bed. Kasan had one foot on the floor and was about to call out to Leero when he heard Max’s stomach growl loudly. Ah damn, that’s right, he still hadn’t eaten!

“You poor thing, you’re probably starving, aren’t you? Here, precious, I should have brought this out earlier.” He trotted over to the alcove where he had tossed the food earlier and grabbed it. He didn’t want to starve him, but they didn’t have much time. By the time he’d turned around, Max had taken the tunic from the bed and pulled it over his head, wrapping the cord around it in a sloppy but still serviceable series of loops.

“Good enough, sweetheart. The others don’t like it, they can keep it to themselves.” Plopping the bundle onto the pillows, Kasan opened it quickly under Max’s wary eyes and groaned as he saw the contents.

First night. Of course. How could he have forgotten.

Damn cooks had put just about every sexual food in the whole damn world in there. Looking carefully, Kasan couldn’t see one single thing that wasn’t either phallic, hollow, or an aphrodisiac. He only hoped that Max wouldn’t notice. Glancing at him, Kasan was fairly certain he wouldn’t. The little man was hovering at the far edge of the bed, staring at the entire assortment as though it might jump out and bite him at any moment. Blue eyes looked up at him with a clear question, and Kasan picked up a seeded bun reputed to increase stamina and tore off a small piece. “See, it’s food.” He popped it into his mouth and chewed.

Max’s face lit up and he scrambled forward to pick up the bread. “Zee, iz food,” he said haltingly, pointing at it with his other hand.

He was trying to talk to him? Kasan smiled slowly. Leero could damn well wait a few more minutes. “Food. It’s food.”

“Food.” Max took a tentative bite and groaned in pleasure before stuffing the rest of it in his mouth. He reached for a piece of canto fruit and paused as he looked at it. “Food?”

Kasan nodded and watched him pick up the cream colored, phallic fruit. Max moaned in pleasure again, licking the sticky juices from his chin as they splashed out, and Kasan cleared his throat uncomfortably.

Not that he wasn’t enjoying the sight of pale white fluids dripping down his consort’s face. And he sure as hell didn’t mind watching Max sucking the elongated thing into his pink lips before he bit off an end. But he was supposed to be avoiding arousal right now and it was entirely too erotic to see him eat the damn thing. Not to mention that Leero was probably prowling with impatience by now.

Kasan raised his voice. “You can come in now, Leero.”

Leero entered and stopped dead, staring at Max. “That’s just cold, Kasan. Making me wait and now throwing your recent activities in my face? Although if you were trying to turn me on, you’ve done a superb job of it.” Leero smirked at him and Kasan looked at his consort, seeing him kneeling on the bed chewing on the end of the fruit. Gisho stiffened as he continued to eat, watching Leero warily. The entire pose was so blatantly sexual that Kasan cursed. He punched Leero in the head and then took the fruit from Gisho’s hand. He almost gave it back at the look of loss that crossed his consort’s face

Leero tsked at him as he rubbed his jaw, sitting on the floor. “Crueler and crueler today. Poor little human looks like he’s about to cry. How your father raised you to be such an unkind mate, I have no idea.”

“Shut up, you dumbass,” Kasan muttered. He tried to avoid watching Max’s forlorn expression as he bundled the rest of the food away.

Leero stood and looked more closely at Max. The human was sitting on the bed and somehow managing to stare after the food being carried away without taking his eyes from Leero. “Seriously, IS he going to cry? His eyes are positively glistening.”

“They’re always like that,” Kasan said absently as he concentrated on shoving things into the alcove. “He’s just got pretty eyes.”

Another look by Leero had him shaking his head. “I still say he looks like he’s about to start weeping any second. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone look that covetously at phallic food in my life.”

“He doesn’t understand why he can’t eat and he probably thinks I’m simply taking it all away. I can’t exactly tell him that he’ll have some at firstmeal in a little while, now can I? And this is the first thing that’s gone into his stomach since we’ve bonded. He’s starving.” Kasan looked up and finally saw Max’s face. “Oh sweetheart, don’t look like that. I’m not taking it away forever, we just need to get down to the meal…”

Max bit his lip. “Food?”

“Fuck.” The longing in those blue eyes was completely irresistible. “They’ll just have to wait for you,” Kasan muttered and pulled out the least juicy, least phallic looking thing he could find. He handed it to Max, his entire chest warming at Gisho’s grateful look. “Give him enough time to eat before you bring him, Leero. I’ll take my time getting down there, so you should be fine.” Leero nodded, and then gestured towards Max’s tunic.

“You have thought about what to do for people to see the mark, right? It’s pretty much covered up right now.”

“Yeah.” Kasan sighed again. He pulled Max to his feet. As his consort stared at him nervously, he reached behind Max and pulled on the back of the tunic, tucking the end on one side up under the ties until one cheek of his consort’s bottom showed with its pertinent silver crown. Max glared at him, his cheeks bulged out with the food he was practically inhaling, and yanked the tunic out until it covered his ass again.

Holding his lips together to keep from smiling, Kasan shook his head and put one hand on Max’s shoulder to hold him still. Trying to look stern, he rearranged his clothes again. A glare and a yank later, Max’s bottom was shielded from view. Kasan heard suspicious snorting from Leero and growled at him.

“Shut up, you idiot. You’re the one who reminded me that he should stay exposed and you know it.” Max was craning his neck to glare up at him and Kasan smothered another smile. Rearranging his clothing one last time, Kasan took a deep breath and forced himself to scowl back. It made Max’s eyes widen in fright and he took a step back, his hands coming up defensively.

“Ah no. Gisho, no, I’m not going hurt you. Dammit…” Kasan’s hand hovered and Leero snorted again. “What?!” Kasan’s voice snapped harshly as he looked at his friend.

“I just never thought I’d see the day that a pair of eyes would be enough to drop you to your knees.” Leero gestured with his head to Kasan’s hand, still hovering as though he might relent and let Max pull the tunic down over his bottom. “You can’t tell me you weren’t about to let him cover up in spite of the trouble it would cause.”

The scowl came naturally this time as Kasan turned it on Leero. “Fuck. You. The little thing’s frightened, he doesn’t understand what’s going on, and so far his only two words are ‘Kasan’ and ‘food.’ It wouldn’t kill us to be a little compassionate towards him until he adjusts.”

Leero’s smirk only widened. “Uh huh. Compassionate. That’s one word for it. I think I prefer ‘completely wrapped around his tiny fingers.’ It has a nicer ring.”

Kasan took a deep sigh and his hand dropped. He looked silently at Max, worrying at the lingering fright on his consort’s face.

“Did you bring the cloak?” he finally asked.

Leero nodded. “Don’t worry, no one will see him before he enters the room. And before you ask, I have extra guards posted in case Shovak has more spies in the palace than we know of and tries anything. I didn’t see any evidence of interest in your little one among the papers we discussed, but …”

“I know. Once he finds out Max is a true consort, they may try for him.” Kasan reached out and stroked his fingers down Gisho’s hair before taking his hand. Patting it gently, Kasan led him over to Leero. He held out his hand to Leero for the cloak, taking the heavy fabric and arranging it over Max’s shoulders before pulling the hood up. The bottom trailed in a heavy pool behind his consort’s feet. Kasan leaned down to look into confused blue eyes and gestured towards his friend.

“Leero. This is Leero,”

Max had to lean back so far to look up into Leero’s face that the large Kyashin finally crouched down to stare back.

“Leero, let me formally introduce you to my consort, Max,” Kasan said softly.

“Max.” Leero nodded at him and the little man nodded back hesitantly, looking between the two of them.

“Leeero.” The voice wasn’t the high pitched voice of a child that Leero half expected, but the deep tones lacked the typical low grumble that came with age.

“Stay with Leero, Max. He’ll protect you until you see me.” Kasan pushed Max next to Leero and stepped away from them before he turned stiffly and headed for the door.

“I’ll guard him with my life, Kasan.”

“I know.” Kasan blew out his breath. “Wish me luck.”

“With YOUR family? Take it as a given. And don’t forget to braid your hair. You look like a barbarian with it down like that!”

Kasan left with a chuckle. Leero turned back to find Kasan’s consort staring at the closed door with horrified eyes before staring back at him. When Leero reached out, Max backed away, his food falling to the floor as he gesticulated and talked rapidly in incomprehensible gibberish.

“Hey, squirt. There’s no need to get all excited now. Just a few minutes and you can get back to leading Kasan around by the balls so that the rest of us can enjoy it, eh? No one’s going to hurt you.” Max continued to babble and Leero shook his head as he couldn’t understand a word of it. “Well, this looks like it’ll be interesting, now doesn’t it?”

Looking down at the food on the floor, Leero sighed. “Not interested in eating anymore, eh? Well then, why don’t we go down and get this over with? Looks like you’d much rather be with Kasan.” Reaching out, he grasped Max’s hand and started to pull him gently towards the door.

His grip tightened as Max started to fight him, kicking out at his legs violently. “Shush now, it’s all right. I’m not going to hurt you, Max.” Max continued kicking for a moment, and when that proved ineffective he started clawing and pulling at Leero’s hand.

“I’m sure you’re trying, but trust me, there’s nothing you can do that’s going to make me let go--Ow!” Leero looked from his bleeding hand to Kasan’s consort who was already on the far side of the room. “You bit me.” Leero looked at the small round set of indentations on his hand in admiration. “I didn’t know you had that much fire hiding in there, little one.”

Looking at him, Leero grinned. “That’s much better than just a cute face and a pretty little body. You are going to bring Kasan past being on his knees and all the way onto his back.”

Max was shaking his head at him as Leero approached again. He started pointing to the door and back at himself, saying “Kasan” over and over. Leero stopped, the frantic, fearful gestures and wide azure eyes putting a little hitch in his chest.

“Hell, I see why you get to him. His protective streak must be going absolutely crazy when you throw that look at him, sweetie,” he muttered before nodding slowly and pointing to the door. “Kasan, yes. That’s where we’re going now, to see Kasan. He’s waiting for us. You just need to come with me, little one, and you’ll be with Kasan in no time.”

Leero tried to get close to the little man at a slow walk, but Max refused to let him near. Every step he took had Kasan’s consort scrambling backwards or scooting along the wall.

“Now don’t be that way. I’m taking you to Kasan. Kasan. You like Kasan, don’t you? I can bring you to him. To Kasan.” As Max’s eyes followed his finger and glanced to the door, Leero leaped, trying to grab hold of him. He cursed as Max ducked under his arms with a yelp of fright and ran to the other side of the room again. After quite a few minutes playing a frantic, disjointed game of hunt ’n’ chase, Kasan’s consort went so far as to run for the door, rearing back as the two guards still stationed there turned to see who was coming out. No matter how many times Leero said Kasan’s name and pointed to the doorway, Max wouldn’t let him near enough to touch him.

Leero cursed again as he realized just how much time he’d wasted trying to simply get Kasan’s consort out the door. If the guards had been listening at all, which they likely were, he’d be hearing about this for years.

He took a deep breath to prepare himself for one last attempt before he had to give up and ask for help from the guards. “Kasan is damn well going to kill me for taking you down for the Greeting like this, but it’s for your own good. So, let’s get this over with, shall we?”

He charged Kasan’s consort, leaping over the bed as Max tried to run, and just managing to snag him by the end of his cloak. As Max yelled out, Leero wrapped the cloak so tightly around his body that it bound up his arms, and tossed him over his shoulder.

“Thank God! You are harder to get hold of than money from a miser’s purse!”

Foreign sounding yells and muffled curses came flying from Max’s mouth as Leero hurried him out of the room and into the hallway. The two guards stared at him with identical mocking smiles.


“Not a word if you don’t want to be cleaning the dung heap for the next month.”

“Ah, no sir.”

Leero nodded and practically sprinted down the hallway as he tried to make it to the Greeting on time. The two guards could hear the yelling bundle of cloth over his shoulder long after he disappeared around a corner. They looked at each other and shrugged.

“I’m sure we’ll find out about it later.”

“I don’t believe that I even want to know.”

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