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Fiction~~The Last Pure Human~~Ch. 26
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The Last Pure Human
Chapter 26 - Screwing Up

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Face still embedded between the cheeks of MaxĘs ass, Kasan growled under his breath. He gave Max one last comforting lick, then shifted to block AoshĘs view. “Aosh…”

Max scrambled to his knees and flipped to face them both. His body shook with fine tremors, fluid leaking from his cock with one final, dribbling spurt. Kasan reached out to catch the last bit of seed but Max clamped his hands down over himself. 

Oh my GOD.” Ducking behind KasanĘs body, MaxĘs skin took on an alarmingly red hue.

“What a lovely color.” Aosh hummed appreciatively. “Is that how a human looks when heĘs sated?”

“Aosh!” Kasan spun around, still crouching low and blocking AoshĘs view. “Unless this is an emergency, leave. Now.” He heard MaxĘs soft litany of °Oh my God oh my GOD oh my dear freaking GODĘ and turned back at once. The little one needed his attention; Aosh could go dunk his damn head until he soaked up more brains than he seemed to have.

“Emergency? No, no emergency. But I couldnĘt possibly leave. Very dirty business, hunting for a rogue shokan. I need a bath terribly.”

Max was still flushed and red, eyes scrunched shut. He hunched down, hiding his cock, and buried his face in his hands. The little one was so shaken it made KasanĘs chest ache.

Aosh cleared his throat. “Besides-”

Kasan flicked out his claws and yelled over his shoulder. “I said leave, Aosh!” Max shivered and Kasan leaned over him, purring gently against his skin. He stroked down his back with a careful, calm hand. The poor little thing seemed completely shocked. Poor thing. Max definitely wasnĘt ready yet to deal with a lot of other Kyashin, if a surprise like this was enough to upset him to such an extent.

“I canĘt leave, Kasan. I havenĘt had my bath yet.” Kasan turned in time to see Aosh smiling wickedly. His baby brother craned his neck as though trying to peer around KasanĘs body. “And the scenery is so pretty today.”

“I told you to get out!” Kasan threw himself at Aosh. His brother dodged sideways but it wasnĘt enough to get out of KasanĘs way. Kasan caught him in gut with his shoulder, tackling him to the ground. They both hit the furs with a bone-cracking thud. A pained, wheezing grunt blasted from AoshĘs lungs as Kasan landed on him.

“You never learn when to quit!” Kasan rolled off and slammed his fist into AoshĘs face.

His brother bucked up, growling back as his eye immediately started to swell, and elbowed Kasan in throat. “You never know how to take a joke!”

Choking, Kasan hit him again in response, catching his jaw and knocking AoshĘs head back onto the furs. He had his fist ready for another knuckle bruising smash, Aosh reaching out with his hard hands for KasanĘs ears, when Max whimpered. They both froze.

Kasan snapped out with his fist.

“Son of a-”

Kasan ignored his idiot of a brother, hopping off to get back to Max. The little one watched them both with huge eyes. HeĘd scooted away a few feet, up against the wall, curling his body over his knees defensively.

He was obviously terrified, and KasanĘs gut twinged. Damn it. “Precious, shhh. Did we frighten you? You donĘt have to be frightened. ItĘs over.” He left Aosh on the floor.

“HeĘs frightened? From what? Nothing happened.”

“Get the hell out, Aosh.” Kasan focused on Max, ignoring the sounds of Aosh groaning and stumbling to his feet.

“YouĘre overreacting, Kasan. A bit of kissing and your consort will be happy to-”

Kasan slid to the side to block AoshĘs view of his consort again and ran a hand over the little oneĘs hair. “Leave. Max and I want privacy.”

Kasan could hear AoshĘs braids flip against each other as he turned away from them. “All you had to do was ask.”

“Get the hell out!”

Aosh hmphed once, irritated. “IĘm going, curmudgeon. But I think youĘd better fill up your consort soon. Those cries of his are going to have people thinking you arenĘt satisfying him nearly enough. And IĘm sure there will be more than just my humble self wanting to bathe after their shift on the hunt.”

Kasan growled again.  Aosh and his damn perverse sense of humor - the quiet, sensual comfort that the baths had brought about was ruined now. Max would have to be reassured again, relaxed again. And if the latest shift was done, Aosh was right. ThereĘd be more people here soon. Max and he would have to be quick if they wanted to find completion.

Joining would have to wait for another day.

Kasan cursed under his breath, feeling MaxĘs hair under his fingers as he pet his head. It was probably for the best. Max was still rather desperately trying to find his way; how could he decide on his future when he barely understood his present?

But still…Kasan knew what he wanted. He had no rational reason for it, but that didnĘt stop his absolute certainty that Max was exactly who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. And having to wait to begin the next stage of his life made him twitchy with the need to embrace Max. He desperately wanted to tell him what they could have.

Seeing Max slowly relax against the wall as Kasan purred softly and ran his hands over his head and shoulders, he thought that at the very least, he could give him another taste and remind Max of what they could give each other. Without the heat driving them both. KasanĘs cock was still hard, Max was still as nude and alluring as ever, and they had privacy again. Kasan could show Max how he felt. Eventually, the little one would be ready to understand what that meant.

Kasan leaned down and paused as Max peered up at Kasan through his fingers. The little one flushed, hunching against the wall.

I hate that stupid bastard.” Max stared at KasanĘs mouth for a long moment and groaned. “I will never be able to look the pervert in the face again. Crap.

KasanĘs ears flicked back. “Stay calm, Max. IĘm here.”

Max shook his head, flushing. “DoesnĘt matter, does it? Aosh saw us. Oh God… Aosh SAW us.” MaxĘs hands started to wave in between them, jerking. “Aosh just walked in like he owned the damn place. And he saw me when I- When you had your tongue- And I was-  And I SAW him right before I c-came. I came when Aosh was WATCHING US! Do you know what that means? I just…I just put on a freaking sex show for Aosh! A little head petting is not going to make that go away, okay? Just…god. I need to get out of here and go hide in your room for a year, okay? Two years. Maybe a whole decade. You can bring me food and IĘll live under the freaking bed. Crap.”  Max chewed at his bottom lip, cheeks still so bright they glowed.

Kasan continued to run his hands over MaxĘs head and shoulders, making soothing grumbles in his throat. It didnĘt change the color of MaxĘs skin. Actually, it seemed to earn him more grumbles than anything else.

Not now, Kasan! There is no way IĘm going to-

Kasan stroked over his ear and kissed the top of his head. Max was so upset…

“No, Kasan!” Kasan leaned down and nibbled on MaxĘs earlobe. “I am not…uh…”  Max moaned and leaned against him, tilting back his head so Kasan could lick down the line of his throat. As soon as Kasan pulled away, though, the little one was scowling at him again. DidnĘt he like that? HeĘd seemed to.

D-Dammit, Kasan!  I told you not to do that! I canĘt think when you start kissing me, so just stop! I need my brain!

What was Kasan doing wrong? “Max, whatĘs wrong, precious?”

Max shoved out with his hands, pushing Kasan back an inch or two, and got to his feet. With a frustrated yell, he started to wave his arms and stomped around the alcove, his gestures growing larger and wilder as he paced. “What wrong?! Are you freaking kidding? This whole freaking sex planet is whatĘs wrong! I think itĘs getting better for one damned second and then IĘm in voyeurism 101! Why canĘt anything be normal here? And dammit, Aosh is such an asshole! Why didnĘt you beat him up like last time?!

Kasan frowned, looking at the empty door and back at Max. Aosh? That was what had upset him so greatly, yes? Kasan stood up and reached out to stroke down MaxĘs arm as his consort stomped by. Max stepped back, scowling.

“Max? Aosh isnĘt coming back, precious. YouĘre safe now. Shhhh, calm down.” He reached out again and Max stepped into his space, yelling up at him.

“Safe? ThatĘs not the point! He saw us! I saw him seeing us! And I still came and…and my body doesnĘt even care!  I still want you inside me, like some kind of pavlovian sex slave!  What the hell have you done to me, Kasan?  I still want sex and I shouldnĘt even be hard and…and look at me!” Max gestured down to his groin, where his cock was already beginning to firm again.

Kasan relaxed, a hard knot in his gut dissolving at the stiffening sign of MaxĘs arousal. The little one couldnĘt be frightened and aroused at the same time. It suddenly made so much more sense: Max was upset at the interruption. Or at AoshĘs ill-thought-out teasing that was going to earn him a more thorough pummeling once Kasan had a free moment. If Kasan were furious at Aosh, wouldnĘt it make sense that Max was as well?

“Max, let it go. We can still-”

You guys are turning me into some freaking exhibitionist nympho now! It was so freaking nice and fun and no one was here and your body is so damned sexy itĘs not even fair and we were going to-  And now… now itĘs all fucking ruined! You need to kick AoshĘs ass, Kasan!

Max poked his finger into KasanĘs chest with a hard shove. The relief had a chuckle bubble out from KasanĘs chest. A grumpy Max was so damn cute to see, telling him off like this. Obviously, Kasan had better keep Max satisfied, and keep Aosh away, or he was never going to hear the end of it. “IĘm very sorry, Max. YouĘre so right, itĘs very upsetting to be interrupted like this. WeĘd better get right back to it, hmmmm?”

Wait, what do you think youĘre doing, Kasan?” Max fell back onto the furs as Kasan gave him a gentle shove and knelt down in front of him. “DonĘt even think about- Oh God.” 

Kasan wrapped his lips around MaxĘs cock and hummed. Max stopped talking. Purring softly, Kasan took it in, feeling his way with his lips, until his nose touched the curling fur that framed the evidence of MaxĘs manhood. Max whimpered beautifully. His hands clenched in a spasm over KasanĘs ears. With another deep moan, Max thrust his hips up once hard, banging against KasanĘs lips.

Kasan lingered over the erection, licking at it inside his mouth. He twirled his tongue over the blunt head, licked up the bottom curves. A little suction and he could taste the sweet bitterness leaking from the end.  Max mewled softly and Kasan licked his way free. Stroking MaxĘs hip, he took a moment to simply watch him. MaxĘs eyes were dilated and dazed already as they tried to focus on Kasan. His hips thrust up again and his brow furrowed as though confused about why there was no longer a set of lips around his adorable little cock.

Kasan chuckled again, licking at the rounded head and earning another whimper. “So eager. Don't worry, IĘll-”

“Bye, you two!  DonĘt miss the Lastmeal!” AoshĘs voice echoed from the main bath room just before they could both hear the great door thump shut behind him.

Max froze. His eyes cleared. His erection flagged. And he pushed Kasan away from him with a  frantic squawk.

Kasan muttered angrily under his breath as he sat back. “Aosh, I am going to kill you.”

Max sat on the fur, pulling his knees up to his chest while he stared at Kasan. “I canĘt believe I almost let you do that again. And when we just… Dammit, youĘre like some, some super seducing sex-cat, Kasan! How can you always do this to me?

“I know, Aosh is an ass, little one. Ignore him, precious. We canĘt let him completely ruin the mood.”

Nice try, you big…seducer of humans. IĘm not letting someone else look at my ass, got it?” Kasan rubbed his hand over MaxĘs head and grimaced as his consort glared at him. Max did not look amused.

Kasan didnĘt feel too amused himself. It had been so lovely, and now MaxĘs mood was as tense and upset as it had ever been. The relaxed smiles and laughter, the near-flirting play, were wiped clean away. But he didnĘt want to let it go. Not yet, when theyĘd had it for such a short time.  He stroked his finger down MaxĘs arm, barely touching the smooth skin, tracing the line of his bicep down to the soft skin on the inside of his elbow.

Kasan! Stop touching me!  I canĘt think when you…” Kasan moved his hand off MaxĘs arm and moved to his thigh. Gisho always mellowed so much more when he knew touches were moving towards his groin, the little sensualist. Surely it would help relax him and get his mind off of AoshĘs stupidity? “Ah, God thatĘs–  No. No, stop it! You are not doing this to me again! Sex in public is not okay, Kasan, got it? Not OK. No sex!”

Kasan paused. No sex? That couldnĘt be right. Max was upset because their sex was interrupted in the first place. “Max?”

You heard me! No sex! Not in the baths, not against walls in public rooms, only in private, totally locked rooms with…with no mirrors!” Max bit his lip, staring up at KasanĘs nipples, and his cock swelled. He swallowed once and glanced away. “Okay, maybe a few mirrors, but locks! Got it? I need freaking locks!

“But Max,” KasanĘs hand stilled, palming the outside of MaxĘs thigh. MaxĘs upset wasnĘt fading like it normally would. He hadnĘt been this upset for this long before, had he? Kasan could usually coax him out of it. Failing at that settled badly in KasanĘs gut. “Precious, we have to have sex later tonight. WouldnĘt it be nicer to do it now, when we can enjoy each other slowly?” He leaned down and kissed the dewy skin next to his fingertips. Max stared, gulping. “We can take it so wonderfully slow.” He kissed a little higher up MaxĘs thigh, staring at the underside of the little oneĘs fully erect member. “And I can take you slow.  WouldnĘt you like that?” He nuzzled in between MaxĘs legs, licking lightly at the root of him.

MaxĘs breath came in heavy, broken pants. His legs made no resistance when Kasan opened his thighs. “Oh God youĘre good at this,” Max whispered. He licked his lips. His voice was a tentative squeak. “No sex?”

Kasan could barely hear him, his nose nudging the little oneĘs balls as he licked underneath them. Max whimpered and arched against him.  “Aosh wonĘt bother us anymore tonight, love. And he isnĘt allowed in our room for the next fifty years.”

“No like Aosh,” Max panted. His hands crept down to cling to KasanĘs hair.

Kasan chuckled, lapping at his balls. “I donĘt like him either, right now.”

Kasan considered stopping. He could take Max now, grab their loincloths, and leave the baths. But Max was so….sweet. Dazed with lust, telling him °noĘ while he hung on to his hair and slathered himself against KasanĘs face with urgent little thrusts, his entire body flushed and luscious and open to him. Losing that fear and anger again.

It made KasanĘs heart ache in his chest at how badly he wanted him. Every wrong thing, every upset that made Max babble, cemented how much he desired Max. Not for his body, but…for everything. Kasan so desperately wanted to stay with him, even once the heat ended. To listen to him rant and rail and then fall into bed before the anger even left his eyes. To see him panic over the least little thing and have him look at Kasan with that grateful trust that was just beginning to show in his eyes.

Kasan took his lips from Max and stared at him. He smiled, nuzzling his thigh as Max grunted anxiously and pulled at his hair again, and then gave him what he wanted.

MaxĘs eyes glazed over the moment KasanĘs fingers touched his cock. Kasan moved up higher, so he could look into his eyes, kiss up his neck. MaxĘs hands held onto KasanĘs biceps and he moaned against KasanĘs mouth. Savoring the feel of MaxĘs skin, Kasan slid his hand down MaxĘs back. He cupped one cheek of his bottom and lifted his hips off the ground, grinding their bodies together. Max melted against him, head lolling back after a minute of their tongues caressing against each other.

The door slammed closed again. Voices carried through the baths, giggling and a deep masculine murmur. MaxĘs tongue stopped moving within KasanĘs mouth. The little one sucked it back in and pulled his head away. Max stared at him in surprise, his eyes blinking rapidly. He seemed to pause to take stock: KasanĘs hand over his ass, his rigid member between their bodies, his hips thrusting as though Kasan were already inside of him.

Someone giggled.

“N-No!” Max stared at the open doorway, horrified, and pushed hard. Kasan let him go. 

Kasan couldnĘt keep from reaching for him almost immediately. He didnĘt want to lose their connection so soon. Not again! “Shhh. No one will intrude, little one. We just need a little longer…”

Max glared at him, gesturing to the sounds with one hand heĘd already freed. His voice was hoarse as he started and steadily grew in volume. “N-No! Dammit, when will you stop being so freaking good at this, you jerk? People can just walk in and SEE US! DoesnĘt that bother you?” Max wriggled underneath him, his bottom clenching within KasanĘs hand. “Kasan, let go of my ass!

Kasan squeezed his bottom once, kissing him gently, trying to help him calm. He didnĘt have to be so upset. They had no Aosh to intrude, no fighting, no one else would glance into the room uninvited, and they were naked and aroused. Why wouldnĘt Max stop being so upset?  “WouldnĘt you like to continue, love? It would be very, very good.” Kasan tried to kiss him again and Max poked him in the nose.

Stop!  Jeez, cut it out! God, Kasan, you donĘt freaking care about any of this at all, do you?  We could just…just have a huge gay orgy in front of the world and thatĘs probably just fine with all you cats, isnĘt it?

“Max, shhh. IĘm only asking-”

I am not getting plowed where everyone can see me, Kasan!  Not here!  Max no want! No want bath here! No want sex here! No want Kasan here!”

Kasan hands dropped. The only sound was MaxĘs heavy breathing and the muted whispers of the people in the baths who had stopped talking at the sound of MaxĘs yelling. After a moment of painful tension, Kasan stepped away. Max barely seemed to notice.

IĘm not a sex display, Kasan! And you SAID no one would come in, but they did and IĘve never been so freaking embarrassed in my whole damned life and itĘs with that freaking jerk whoĘll probably tell everyone that your tongue…that we…  Dammit!” Max yanked at his hair and turned away from Kasan.

Kasan forced his numbed lips to move. “Max, I canĘt understand your words.  You donĘt like… sex now?”

“Not like… Not like sex now? Not like sex now?!” Max gave a frustrated growl. “No, I not like sex now! No SEX, no no NO sex, no Kasan, no NOW. Max not like!” Max was breathing hard, his eyes wild, and the fierceness of the words had KasanĘs body flinch.

The rooms beyond them had gone totally silent now.

Kasan looked into his eyes and saw he meant what he said. Max wasnĘt babbling; he was terribly upset, but very clear. Whatever was going on in his head, he absolutely meant what he said. There was no room for seducing him out of his temper, not now.

Something inside Kasan shriveled. HeĘd thought he enjoyed seeing Max angry at him, yelling up at him with that frustrated irritation on his face, but this… Kasan didnĘt enjoy this. Not when Max said things like that. Not when Max meant things like that.

Kasan took a deep breath. “ItĘs all right, Max.” He tried to keep his voice soft. Understanding. “No sex now.” Kasan swallowed and took another step away. He tried to smile and wasnĘt sure if he had or not; his face felt numb.

He was never, ever going to make fun of his brothers again when they moped around because their consorts were truly angry with them. It fucking hurt. HeĘd been thinking of joining, and Max was so angry he didnĘt even want Kasan right now.

With a mumbled excuse, Kasan trotted out to the baths to escape the anger on MaxĘs face, ignored the subdued looks from the few people whoĘd entered, and brought back their loincloths. Max took his from Kasan with a frown.

“DonĘt worry, little one.  YouĘre safe. I wonĘt bother you right now, yes?” It cut his stomach like knives to see the look of relief on MaxĘs face. “IĘll take you back to our room.”

Max didnĘt move as Kasan started to wrap his own loincloth. “Kasan…”


Max bit at his lip, frowning. He reached out a hand to touch Kasan and paused half-way. “I not mean-”

Max actually looked worried. As though Kasan might yell at him. Kasan felt nauseous. “DonĘt worry, little one.  ItĘs all right. When the heat doesnĘt call, you donĘt have to do anything you donĘt wish.”

Max frowned, biting at his lip. “I not…”

Kasan smiled again with stiff cheeks. “ItĘs all right. IĘm sorry I…overstepped, little one. IĘm not angry, understand?”

He turned away and put the oil on the shelves. He heard Max wrapping up his own loincloth behind him. When Kasan felt the little one put an arm over his forearm, he took it and gently put it off. It didnĘt feel voluntary, more like Max did it because it was expected. And that hurt a bit too much at the moment.

“IĘll take you back now.”

Max followed silently behind him as Kasan walked ahead. He didnĘt look at the guards at the entrance to the baths. Every corner Kasan paused, gesturing to Max which way they would go. If Kasan touched him, he might not be able to let go. And there was no way Max wanted that. So Kasan simply couldnĘt…

Max walked next to him, looking up, his mouth opening and then closing just before he looked away. “Kasan, I not-”

Kasan turned to face him and he saw Max jump, startled. Or…frightened. Was he frightened? KasanĘs stomach writhed again. If the little one was frightened now, when Aosh wasnĘt around, it could mean that the earlier fear in the baths had nothing at all to do with Aosh.

Kasan could have been the one to scare him all along. He stopped walking. “Max?” Max looked up, and Kasan could only glance at his set, unhappy face before he looked away.  “Are you…afraid of me?”

“What? No! No, I not…afraid.” MaxĘs face went blank as his words ended, the intonation ringing oddly. False. Kasan felt his claws come out, gouging into his palms.

“Kasan would never, ever hurt Max.” MaxĘs expression didn't change. He barely seemed to hear him.  Kasan crouched and held his shoulders until Max looked at him. “I fought with Aosh, yes, but I will never hurt you, Max. You will always be safe with me. Do you understand?”

MaxĘs voice was soft and strange. “I know.”

The ice that had crept over KasanĘs skin faded away. That sounded more like Max, more like truth. Thank God. They stared at each other and then Kasan let him go and they kept walking silently until they reached his room.

Waran and Quim looked quite happy to see them both. Kasan had to clamp his hands into fists to keep from reaching out for Max one more time. If Max was this angry at him, he wouldnĘt want Kasan near.

Kasan knew many a time when Jolan or Nolluz had to spend a night in one of their brotherĘs rooms because their consort was furious with them. Kasan wasnĘt going to impose on Max and stay when the little one couldn't even ask for that small boon. HeĘd get Zonta to stay with him instead.

Max turned before he went into the room. “Kasan, I-”

“Stay out of the garden, Max.  Zonta will be with you soon. He can take you to Lastmeal later.”

Max had his mouth open as Kasan closed the door on him. 

Waran stared at Kasan. “I thought you were staying with him for Lastmeal.”

“No.  I…have things to do. IĘm going to get Zonta on the box and have him come down. HeĘll enjoy that.” 

“WeĘve got it,” Waran said, smiling, and waved him away. Whatever irritation there had been from before had faded while theyĘd been gone, obviously. “You go and do what you need to; we can call Zonta.”

“HeĘd need to be able to come right away. I donĘt want Max alone in the room. He might try to go out in the garden and itĘs still not completely safe…”

“Quim can keep watch while I stay in the room until Zonta comes. Would that suffice? ItĘs been quiet, now that everyone is hunting for the rogue shokan.”

“That should be…fine.” Max had done fine with Waran before, hadnĘt he? Even though Waran had left him alone in the room, he looked like he was trying to make up for his lapse now. HeĘd always been conscientious that way.

Quim smiled at Kasan, all teeth. “If thereĘs any worries, or he gets upset for any reason, weĘll call for you.”

Kasan shook his head. “No. Zonta should be able to handle it. Unless he thinks Max needs me…” Kasan cleared his throat and sighed. “Thank you, Waran, Quim. I appreciate this.”

“Hey, no one knows better than I do about the difficulties one can have with a consort.” WaranĘs smile radiated mockery at his own expense and Kasan felt a bit self-pitying to be as upset as he was.

Shoru was an ass; Waran didnĘt even want a relationship with him. At least Kasan and Max had a chance. He could hold on to a chance. It was just going to take longer than heĘd first thought, and he had to get back in MaxĘs good graces again. It would take some time. He had to give Max time.

Like he should have done in the first place after Aosh interrupted them. Dammit.

“Thank you,” he said again, touching their lips. Waran smiled, and Kasan turned from him and walked down the hall, uncertain where he should go. A few corners and he still wasnĘt sure. He needed to check on the progress for finding MaxĘs people, and see when they would need him for the shokan hunt, make sure there werenĘt any issues due to the frenzy, and…

Kasan punched the wall and laid his head against it, crushing his ears against the cool stone. God. Max. He swallowed, working to keep his claws from emerging completely. HeĘd led their yearly battle for over three years now, had to make split second decisions on a daily basis, but right now, he had no idea what to do.

“Kasan? What are you doing up here? I thought youĘd be balls deep in your consort by now.”

Kasan whipped around to see Aosh standing there with a confused twist to his ears.


KasanĘs hand whipped out and slammed into AoshĘs gut. His brotherĘs air left in a painful whoosh. He hit the floor a moment later when KasanĘs next punch lifted him off his feet.

Aosh sat up and stared at his brother. His ears flattened as he rubbed his jaw. “What the hell, Kasan?”

“You upset him!  He was so angry he wouldnĘt even consider, not even for a moment… Dammit, Aosh, just stay the hell away from me right now. I donĘt even want to look at you.” Kasan left him on the floor, wishing that knocking Aosh on his ass had rid him of the gnawing pain that was eating away at his chest.

Aosh sat on the floor after he left, blinking in the empty hallway. “Max was that bothered by it?” he murmured. His ears lowered, slowly, and he sighed. Getting up slowly, he rubbed his stomach, wincing. “Damn.” He looked back towards KasanĘs room. “I hope Zonta knows a good way to apologize to humans…”


Max stared at the closed door and stepped back, the blankness of it making the riot going on in his head even worse.  He was still so embarrassed by Aosh seeing them…God. KasanĘs tongue pressing into his ass, his dick on fire, his stomach almost tight enough to burst, and for some reason heĘd opened his eyes, looked to the side, and Aosh was there, leaning against the wall, and watching.

And even that wasnĘt enough to stop MaxĘs lusting after Kasan, like some little human slut machine. Kasan could just do whatever he wanted and Max couldnĘt even stop him. No, Max didnĘt even want to stop him, not even when they were going to be a show for even more big-ass cats. Max had been so frustrated and furious that he couldn't get his body to do what he wanted even one freaking time and it had all just exploded. He didnĘt even remember exactly what heĘd said, only that heĘd been so horrified by being seen and what it might mean and Kasan not even giving him a freaking hug to help him through it and…

HeĘd upset Kasan. The big cat had drawn back from him entirely. HeĘd barely looked at him on the way back, wouldnĘt even touch him. No teasing brushes of his tail against MaxĘs legs, or his fingers running over MaxĘs hair or his ears.  Not even one bit scooping-up hug. Kasan had just walked ahead without saying a word, his ears down and his face so reserved it was frightening.

What had Max done? He hadnĘt meant to screw anything up. Aosh was the one who did shit like that! Max liked the damn baths! So he couldn't have said something that had ruined everything…had he? What had he said?

And Kasan thought Max was afraid of him! It kinda floored him that he wasnĘt. The question had thrown him completely off, because he should be afraid of this huge cat who wanted sex all the time, who wouldnĘt leave Max alone any time of day, and who continually put him through the most embarrassing events of his life.

How could Kasan think he scared Max anymore?

Shit, did the stupid cat not notice how much Max wanted Kasan, every time the big jerk touched him? Max even trusted Kasan to watch out for him, to make him feel happier, and safe, and to…to damn well keep touching him and holding him and freaking caring about him even when Max panicked over something and said something stupid!

He hadnĘt thought Kasan would ignore the fact that Max really needed some help coping with Aosh watching them both.

He hadnĘt expected him to dump him off like Kasan couldnĘt even look at him anymore. 

Max swallowed and turned from the door, staring at the bed. Was Kasan going to come back at all tonight before they had to have sex?  Or was he done with him?  Max thought of his parents drifting away when he didnĘt choose the career theyĘd planned for him, his dates drifting away when they, like everyone else, didnĘt think he was macho enough.

Kasan couldnĘt do the same thing. He wouldnĘt give him away, or toss him away. He wouldnĘt. Kasan…Kasan really seemed to care about him, even if he was a big sex-obsessed maniac cat that wanted to touch him all the time and cuddle and talk to him and just be one of the nicest freaking people Max had ever damn well met.

Max found it hard to breathe. Dammit, he didnĘt want Kasan to go away. He didnĘt know how to tell him, though. He was terrified even bringing it up. And he felt bad that whatever heĘd said had fucked everything all up and…dammit!

He shook his head and went to sit down on the bed, lying back on the pillows while he stared morosely at the ceiling. Kasan would come back tonight, right?  They had to have sex, so that meant he had to come back. Max would just calmly and rationally ask him what the hell he thought he was doing, tricking Max into trusting him with his stupid ear touching and hugging and sex and then just walking away as though it meant nothing and Max really was useless and worthless and…

“Why the hell did you leave?”

Grabbing onto one of the pillows next to him, he crushed it in his hands. Fuck. He wished Kasan were still here so he could tell him that he hadnĘt meant it the way it had come out, if heĘd said anything that made him that mad. Telling him °no sexĘ hadnĘt made him mad before!  Why had it now?

God, Max was so stupid. He was a damned linguist – he should be able to say what he wanted to say when he wanted to say it, dammit!

A soft scratching finally penetrated and Max dropped the pillow, startled. Dragging his feet, he went over, opened door for Androcles, and let himself be, yet again, sniffed all over. At least he wasnĘt licked this time. The oil must not taste too good.

Androcles pawed at him, nearly knocking him over, and he went back to the bed. He didnĘt feel like playing right now. Androcles grumped at him with a huge, bass HUFF before it went to the other side of the bed and lay down, staring up at Max and tilting his head as he did it.

What was Max going to do?  Kasan just…had to listen to him.  It made him nervous to think about that.  Why the heck wouldnĘt Kasan listen to him? Well, heĘd just have to start listening again. Max would find some way to make him listen. And make sure Kasan touched him again. And smiled, like theyĘd just fucking been doing in the baths. That had been so great…

He had to listen.

Max was sitting there, biting his lip and wondering if maybe the guards could help him find Kasan tonight so he could talk to him earlier, when they entered the room. They didnĘt knock, barely even glanced at him before checking out the entire room. Waran smiled, and the other looked out the door before closing it behind him and stepping in as well.

“All alone, human?” Something about the way Waran spoke made Max stand up. Defensive. “What a shame…”

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