Fiction~~The Last Pure Human~~Ch. 15 

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The Last Pure Human
Chapter 15 - Dreams of Molestation

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Chuckles still rumbled in his chest when Kasan stood up, carrying Max towards the bed. He almost started laughing all over again at the renewed muttering it produced. He was growing to love this quirky grumpiness of Max’s. It happened so often now, it felt as though it were a normal phase of their lovemaking. Part of the man’s pattern. The nervous, frantic panic before they touched. Then the passion, loud and hot enough to singe the fur from his ears. And at the end, Max either passed out or he was…cranky.

Kasan wasn’t certain why he always ended this way. Why so crabby when he’d enjoyed himself just moments before? Maybe he needed a nap, like the littles did after they ran around a lot? He wasn’t that much larger than an older child. It could be. Worth looking into.

Or it could be the speed of it all. Aside from the few times when Max was half-asleep or drugged, they’d only had heat-driven couplings. Those were always rushed and raw – he’d heard others describe them that way before his own heat hit, and now that he’d experienced it himself, he had to agree. An orgasm during a heat spike was still gut clenching, but there was something missing. There was no time to savor his consort. He wanted that, a chance for them to explore one another with a little more finesse. Could the little one want the same thing? Was that why he seemed so upset?

Glancing down at Max’s folded arms and pouting face, he grinned and nuzzled the top of his head. Max growled, hunching his shoulders. With a frustrated grunt, he pointed to his own head as he glared up at Kasan.

Hmmm. More words, or something else? “Head?”

“NO head,” Max said emphatically. Kasan choked on another laugh.

“I can’t agree to that one, precious. There’ll be quite a lot of ‘giving head’ in the near future.”

Max looked at him suspiciously. “I not understand.”

“Don’t fret over it, little one. You will soon enough.” Kasan kissed the tip of his nose – it was so damn cute, all small and snub – and he got another long grumble. If he had to guess, he’d say it was a long stream of cursing. It had him wishing again that he could understand the little one.

He’d give quite a bit of money to know what the hell went on in that clever mind of his.

Although whatever was going on in Max’s ‘head,’ Kasan would find out soon enough. As quick as his consort was picking up the language, he’d be chattering away in Hinta in no time. Good thing, too, because there was no way Kasan was going to learn human. He’d barely been able to learn galactic; it had taken him years longer than it should have. He and Max would still be trying to say hello if they had to rely on Kasan’s language skills.

Thank God he had the talent Kasan lacked. Staring at him, Kasan wondered how it worked out that way.

What were the odds that Kasan would get a consort who meshed so well with his own skills and personality? A million to one? A billion? But Max made Kasan feel…whole, like all his jagged edges had been filled in, smoothed, so they finally fit together in a way that made sense. Even Kasan’s lack of height suddenly had a purpose – who else in the family could have mated Max that first time without tearing him open? Looking at Max’s face, rosy as the man began to blush at the concentrated attention, Kasan swallowed heavily.

Leero had been right; he was the luckiest bastard in the world.

Feeling Max’s nude body sliding against his chest as his consort moved in his arms, he swallowed again. He clutched him so tightly Max started to protest, cussing Kasan out in his incomprehensible human until he relaxed his grip. Kasan really wasn’t sure why Max seemed to fit him so well, so quickly. They hadn’t even had a conversation that lasted more than a handful of sentences yet. Still, he could so easily see their future. Feeding the little man, laughing with him, celebrating his brothers’ matings when they came, and his niece’s and nephews after that.

He could see himself growing old with him.

He tried to force down the lump that was growing in his throat. That wasn’t a mating; that was a joining. He was actually thinking about joining. That was insane. A life-long commitment, based on a few days knowledge? Insane…

His fingers rubbed against Max’s skin as his steps slowed.


Besides, he wasn’t sure if Max wanted that level of commitment yet. His consort wouldn’t even know what it was. And even if the idea of being with Max for the rest of his life felt so damn right it was making it difficult to think of any other way, it didn’t matter. There’d been enough decisions made on the fly lately. This one needed serious thought. Kasan had should wait a little.

Think about it for a while.

Another step and he found the one flaw in his decision to wait. Every time he got close to Max, his brain was only focused on one thing: getting inside of him. So far, that’s what he thought about away from him, too. How the hell was he supposed to contemplate something as important as a joining if he couldn’t get his brain off the image of Max’s tight ass? Damn. Maybe Jolan would have some idea. He’d been mated the longest.

His body began to burn again, just lust and impatience rather than the heat, but riding him just as strongly. Groaning under his breath, he tried to ignore the man’s compact little body pressed against his nipples like a brand, sliding over his skin with every step he took. His cock swelled slightly. Max squirmed and Kasan’s cock hardened so fast it ached. From the corner of his eye, he saw the faint golden outline of his mark, just coalescing now on his chest, fade away as the nanites flooded back into his system. He couldn’t stop the stray thought that the little things were just as eager for him to take Max as he was. Stupid, really. They were just responding to his own lust, like they’d been built to.

Dammit, how the hell was he supposed to think clearly when Max was so damnably cute that Kasan’s own mark couldn’t even form properly? The man was too sexy for his own good,

But it was too soon, for sex, for joinings, for anything but going to bed. Waking up the night before had taken its toll; Kasan was looking forward to getting to bed early. He would ignore how Max’ hair was curling around his pink ears, or how his lower lip stuck out just enough to seem like an invitation, or how good his bottom felt when Kasan squeezed the firm cheeks in his hands, or how being able to see and feel all of that for the next couple of hundred years made his heart stutter.



There was his grandfather.

Another throwback, he’d joined with his consort within the first week, and the two of them had been deliriously happy together. It had been a huge scandal, making such an important decision so quickly, when the body had barely recovered from the first mating heat.

Maybe the family was due for another scandal, Kasan thought.

He purred deep in his chest, inhaling Max’s scent and rubbing his chin over the top of his little head as he carried him the last few steps to the bed. He got a dainty grunt and a slap to the chest in response. At least the little one wasn’t afraid any more. He didn’t think Max would have dared hit back at him so casually even earlier in the day – he’d reacted as though he was going to be attacked every time he lost his temper. He seemed much more relaxed now.

Was he as relaxed as Kasan? Kasan’s body was loose, soft and fluid after his orgasm and the lack of heat’s edge. Even getting hard again, he still felt better than he had in weeks.

Kasan laid Max on the bed, admiring the attractive flush that covered his skin, and wondered if they were both feeling the same way right now. Max could be getting aroused again. His rosy cock was still half-hard, and when they made love, he seemed to flush just like he was doing now. He could be just as aroused as Kasan.

Crawling up next to him, Kasan felt like purring again. This time, they could take it slowly. He could run his hands over Max’s skin as long as he wanted. He could kiss him until Max’s lips were swollen in a permanent pout, lick down his stomach and make Max come with his mouth at least twice before they did anything else. They could-

“No sex mirror, Kasan.” Max said sleepily, pointing his direction with an emphatic finger before he rolled over on the pile of pillows and presented Kasan with his back.

Well damn.

No sex. Although the little thing was either very trusting tonight, or very cruel, he thought, watching Max’s backside jiggle slightly as his consort tried to get comfortable. Telling Kasan no, and then presenting such a tempting target? Kasan swallowed, trying to relax and keep to his section of the bed. After all Max had been through today, if the little one didn’t want to do anything else tonight, the least Kasan could do was try and respect his wishes. Especially when they’d just finished making love.

Maybe Max’s little bottom was simply sore; Kasan had been in deep this time.

He shook his head. Stupid idea. The nanites would have taken care of that by now. The sex-obsessed metal beasts should have altered Max’s body enough to accommodate Kasan before the little one had even woken up after their first mating. That’s what he’d been taught, anyway. And now that he thought about it, he could remember Tisu talking to him about his First night. The big lummox had been shaking over how difficult Roto’s first mating was, no matter how gentle he’d tried to be. But the next time they made love, after Tisu's nanites had activated Roto’s, everyone in the citadel had been able to hear that there were no more problems. Roto wasn’t exactly quiet when he was enjoying himself. Talking it over later with Tisu, his brother had said it was like someone had cast a magic spell. Their bodies had fit perfectly.

Like they were made for each other, Kasan thought, watching Max and thinking about how their lovemaking had been so far. A little rushed, and Max had definitely been upset a few times, but Kasan couldn’t think of any time other than that first night where Max seemed in pain. He just took Kasan smoothly into his body now, small and tight. And so hot. Kasan groaned under his breath, clenching his fists. Remembering the feel of that gorgeous ass around his cock and the shocked, aroused look on Max’s face in the mirror, Kasan’s skin suddenly tingled from the tip of his toes to the top of his head. He blinked, surprised. His skin buzzed in the wake of his reaction. It was…like music. That physical reaction to a moment of true beauty when he heard something pure that gripped his heart. Something that was as close to perfect as the world made.

He focused on him again, noting the sleek skin of his consort’s back as Max turned away from him, the sweet backside, the strong legs. His skin tingled deeply all over again.

Even his body thought Max was perfect.

He smiled despite his discomfort. They were going to be all right. It felt stupid thinking it again – how many times was he going to need to reassure himself like this? – but it was true. Max would have to learn a little, and Kasan needed to think a little, but this was going to work out. So what if it was too early to feel this way. It wasn’t like any other part of his mating was normal, was it? A late heat, a mating at the last possible moment, and an alien for a consort.

An early joining was hardly worth mentioning, after all they’d been through. Maybe it wouldn’t happen, but if this feeling didn’t go away, and he could get Max to understand… He’d have to get Zonta to help him decide on what words they should teach Max next. Just in case.

‘Joining consort’ was definitely going to be one of them. Zonta wouldn’t give him any shit over including the word. And he would be able to come up with some of the more crucial terms they might need, especially for finding Max’s family. If they could find out more about them, it might help them locate any other humans. Max would have his family again, and that couldn’t help but make him happy.

Watching Max as he began to shift on the bed, he smiled at the man’s sluggish movements. Max was already beginning to fall asleep. He must be completely worn out. After the day he’d had, was it any surprise? Carried about the greeting room, treed up a wall hanging, overdosed on Chera, and then he’d had to meet the family – it had been a damn full day. Who wouldn’t be exhausted?

“Poor thing,” he whispered. He ran his fingers over Max’s hair while his consort continued to grumble, arranging himself among the pillows again. The little one finally flopped face down in an ungainly sprawl after one last glare and another pointed, rather slurred, ‘no sex.’ Rubbing Max’s back softly while his eyes traced the enticing curve of his calves up to his thighs, Kasan purred quietly to himself as the little one finally fell asleep. He reached behind him and over the edge of the bed, finding the hard button embedded in the side that dimmed the lights.

“You always fall asleep so quickly, Gisho love.” He wondered if that was another trait of the species. Did humans usually sleep this much? Or was it a sign that Max was doing more than he should? He frowned, running his hand in soft strokes over Max’s spine. He needed to find this sort of thing out if he didn’t want Max to be hurt. A mistake like the Chera at First meal could have been fatal.

Kasan’s chest felt a tight as he stared down at the soft slope of Max’s shoulders and back. He shifted, turning further onto his side to slide his hand down Max’s bottom.

“I won’t be so negligent from now on, precious. No more mistakes.” Max grumbled in his sleep at the words, squirming until Kasan palmed his pale backside fully and he settled back down. It was nice to see that his touch made the little one feel better. “I’ll take care of you. When you wake up tomorrow, I can-“

Well, actually, he could do whatever Max wanted him to, he realized. Because Service started as soon as First Meal did.

“Shit.” The teasing that went along with it would be a huge pain in the ass, but he could put up with it. Annoying as hell that he wasn’t allowed to retaliate to anything his family said, too, even after his Service ended – something he knew his brothers would take full advantage of – but still survivable. But being at the complete beck and call of his temporary ‘Master,’ or anyone else if Max wasn’t around, was usually enough to raise anyone’s hackles.

Watching Max’s sweet body, his back rising evenly as he slept, Kasan realized he wasn’t dreading it like he usually did. He’d only earned Service a few times in his life and he’d hated every moment of it. But being in service to Max didn’t seem that bad. Max barely understood what was going on. And he didn’t seem like the type to lord it over someone, not like Jolan or Tisu. Or, god forbid, Aosh.

And Max wouldn’t know that requesting something sexual wasn’t allowed. Maybe being fully in charge might finally give him enough security that he’d feel able to approach Kasan, wide awake, instead of the other way around. It made Kasan salivate, thinking of it.

Kasan had a brief image of Max wearing the collar instead, the deep red velvet vivid against his pale skin, and he began to pant. If Max ever did anything to earn Service to him, Kasan wasn’t letting him out of the room. He wasn’t letting him even leave the bed. He couldn’t order him to have sex, but he could sure as hell make it difficult for his body to ignore the idea.

He could only hope that Max might choose to do the same. He’d much rather spend most of the day closeted with Max than go out among his family and face the constant crap they’d dish out. But he supposed he’d find out what would happen in the morning.

“Goodnight, little one.” He let his head rest back on the pillows, moving his hand off the tempting curve of Max’s ass to the familiar smoothness of his back. The warm, steady breathing helped keep his mind calm and edge closer to sleep. They’d solve this.

His sangfroid disappeared moments later when Max grunted in his sleep and rolled over, his arm slapping Kasan in the chest. Kasan shifted his hold, splaying his palm over Max’s stomach. Almost immediately, he had to move his arm out of the way as Max shifted again, rolling all the way over until he faced Kasan. Kasan could see him frowning in his sleep, wrinkles forming between his eyebrows as he felt blindly with his other hand until it found Kasan’s body again. His forehead smoothed as soon as he found it, his body scooting forward until his face nuzzled Kasan’s chest. Kasan froze as Max muttered in his sleep and started sucking at a small patch of skin next to Kasan’s nipple. His fingers kneaded at the muscles of Kasan’s chest, stroking and gripping in tiny, convulsive grabs.

Well, damn, he was doing it again. He’d done the same thing the night before, the little lirling.

Kasan cupped Max’s head and tried to ease him away.

“Sweetheart, you need to stop.”

Max growled and gripped tighter, licking at the skin he’d had in his mouth. He arched towards Kasan, his cock a hard heat next to Kasan’s. Whimpering when Kasan didn’t thrust back at him, his small body began to pulse forward until Kasan reached around and held his bottom close, trying to keep him still.

“Max, no sex, remember?”

Max whined and squirmed against Kasan’s body, his hips trying to move while Kasan tried to hold onto his own decision to leave the little one alone tonight. If Max had fallen asleep, then he needed to sleep. Kasan shouldn’t wake him up. Kasan should leave him the hell alone so his little body could recover from the day, but this was just like last night. They’d gone to bed, Max had passed out, and then he’d damn well seduced Kasan in his sleep.

Kasan slipped his hand between their two bodies and managed to push Max away from him. “No sex, Max.”

Max rolled over. Kasan let out a sigh of relief only to choke as Max scoot backwards. The moment his body hit Kasan’s, Max sighed softly and his body went limp again. Kasan’s…didn’t. Max had pressed his backside against Kasan, the cleft still slick their previous play, and it was pillowing Kasan’s cock.

Actually, that was just like the night before as well. Obviously, Kasan needed to put up a damn barrier between them next time. Kasan swallowed and closed his eyes, moving his hands to gently grip Max’s shoulders. He needed to push him away so the little one could get the rest he needed. His own cock was throbbing, slick again with lubrication that was leaking onto Max’s skin like pearls of oil.

He could just imagine the sounds Max would make when he came again.

But he was going to leave it at that, because he was going to move his consort over and let him sleep. Kasan kissed the top of his head, his hands shaking, and in the end, he scooted away. He didn’t think his self-control was up for touching Max now or else he wasn’t going to make it.

Max started keening softly, something Kasan couldn’t understand, as soon as Kasan moved, “Please please please…” The man arched back, his legs stiff, and one of his heels hit Kasan’s shin. He backed up as soon as he touched it, plastering his back and bottom against Kasan again. Kasan could see his smaller cock in the shadow of his body, erect and trembling.

He wanted to taste it so badly it made him shake.

“Max,” he whispered, trying to scoot back again and cool off. He just needed a little distance. Maybe he should get off the bed. “Gisho. Scoot over, sweetheart. If you’re this close, I don’t think I can stop-“

Max squirmed around uncomfortably until he was facing Kasan again, his palms splayed over Kasan’s chest. One leg bent up until it flopped over Kasan’s waist. The poor little thing had to be wildly uncomfortable – his legs were spread wide just to get one of them over the thick muscles along Kasan’s side. But he still wasn’t opening his eyes. How the hell could he sleep through this?!

Max’s hips started to move, pushing his cock along Kasan’s body. The open v of his legs made the little hole of his ass slide along Kasan’s length as he ground against Kasan’s stomach. He moaned in a higher counterpoint to Kasan’s involuntary thrumming.

“Oh fuck.” Kasan’s cock slid slickly between the cheeks of Max’s bottom again, feeling the slight give in the middle that felt like it was begging to be taken. He lasted one more sliding grind and then he cursed and grabbed Max’s hips.

“All right, dammit! You win. We’ll have sex again.” He began to thrust slowly, letting his cock slide along his consort’s body. The happy little humming Max was making had him shivering.

Leero was right; Kasan was wrapped around this little thing’s fingers.

Rui’s body flinched noticeably at the muffled keening from the room behind him.

“How many times are they going to do this in one night?!” he asked. His golden ears flattened at a string of loud, incomprehensible babble. The high-pitched, desperate voice was quite obviously not Kasan.

“This is only the second time,” Davi said, lips quirked.

“It’s too much already.”

“Don’t be such a worry bird. Just relax and enjoy it. This has got to be good for at least a few fantasies.”

Rui flushed and shifted uncomfortably. Kasan’s voice took on a rhythmic type of grunting that seeped from the room, surrounding them both, and Rui’s voice cracked when he tried to speak, his eyes as strained as the material of his loincloth.

“What time is it?”

“Hmmm. A couple tics ‘til Late Fifth.”

“Thank God.”

Davi chuckled again, and his arm stopped in the middle of brushing over Rui’s in sympathy as they both heard foot steps and muted voices from around the corner. Davi brought his hand back down to his spear. His ears started twitching wildly as he suddenly stood straighter, blinking in surprise.


A bright red pair of ears popped around the corner followed by a broadly smiling face. “Surprise!” The man sprinted down the corridor and flung himself at Davi.

“Korosh!” Davi sputtered, trying to juggle cat and spear at the same time. “Damn, man, you almost gutted yourself!”

“Never happen,” the red head said cheerfully, planting a kiss on the other guard that quickly moved to a full-body molestation. Rui cleared his throat, his ears so flat they disappeared into his hair as moaning from the room meshed with the groping in the hallway. His cheeks darkened until they matched the new cat’s hair.

Eyes wild, he began looking anywhere but behind him and his grip tightened as he looked back down the hall. The redhead hadn’t been alone. Another young man was following behind hesitantly, spear in hand. Dark brown hair hung down in a sleek braid to a waist that was young and a bit too thin. His eyes were a nervous gold. It matched the trembling of his ears.

The cat nodded to Rui as he drew near. His teeth nibbled at his lip. They both pretended not to notice the strenuous near-humping going on behind Rui.

“Was there a change in the shifts?” Rui finally asked.

The boy’s ears flattened slightly. “Oh! Sorry. I’m not…” he flushed. “First time I got called on my ready period. I’m replacing Esgard for the next shift.”

“Why is Esgard-“ Rui squeaked as a hand pinched his ass. Whipping around, he stared as Korosh’s golden eyes sparkled at him. The man was leaning against his mate as he waved at Rui with a happy little flutter.

“He’s in heat, pretty boy. Along with about a dozen others.”

Davi groaned as he hugged Korosh to him. “Don’t tell me Kasan set off a frenzy.”

The redhead looked back over his shoulder and patted Davi’s hands. “Looks like it. I wouldn’t be surprised if half the ripened in the citadel end up mating before the month is out.”

“That’s going to play hell with the schedule,” Davi muttered.

Korosh rolled his eyes and leaned back against him. “Believe me, I know. Which is why I’m not actually here to drive you mad with lust, love. I’m replacing Leero until his Service is up. The newbie is Esgard’s replacement.”

Davi cursed. Korosh rolled his hips slightly, grinding his ass against his mate’s groin, and Davi cursed again. “Not fair, Korosh.”

“Just making sure you’ll appreciate me when I get home.” He turned and gave Davi one quick kiss before shoving him away. “Now, go and get yourself something to eat. You know you’re a real shokan when you don’t eat enough.”


“Shoo. You’re shift’s over and we’re fine.” The redhead looked to Rui and smiled slowly at him. “We have enough food at home for three, you know.”

Rui flushed while the new boy looked at all three of them as though trying to figure out what fairy tale he’d walked into. “I – ah – I’m not sure- ah-“

“Leave him be, Korosh. He hasn’t decided yet.”

“No? Too bad. I’m really in the mood tonight,” Korosh pouted slightly. “There’s always tomorrow, though.”

Davi sighed, shaking his head, and turned to go. He paused before he took his first step. “Did you get Leero’s instructions if Jolan-“

“Yes, yes. I know all about that. Now go feed your self. I think you’re gonna need the energy tonight.”

Davi walked away, Rui following behind and glancing back a few times before they turned the corner. Korosh and the new guard arranged themselves in front of Kasan’s door in silence.

“S-so…you’re a consort?” the younger guard finally asked, his voice cracking slightly.

“Mmm hmmm.” The redhead glanced at him, but his mind seemed elsewhere.

“Do you - uh - like it?”

“What? Being a consort?”

“Y-yeah. B-bottoming as a consort…does it hurt?”

Korosh snorted. “Never after the first time, and that time hurts only if your mate is a complete idiot. And if he’s too stupid to treat you nicely, beat him until he learns better.” He looked at the ducked head next to him curiously. “Why don’t you find out for yourself, if you’re wondering about it?”

“That’s what my partner said this morning too, but I don’t think I could. Not just to know what it felt like. It seems too cold.”

“It’s practical, not cold. How’re you gonna know what you like if you don’t try it? Doesn’t do you any good to wait until the mating heat hits or you get taken, ‘cause then you’re stuck with whoever you screw. My advice? Go have some fun now and find out what you like best. And if you like to top, find out how to do it well, so your consort doesn’t have the need to beat you for poor performance, eh?”

The young guard flushed and didn’t answer. There was a small cry from inside the room, high pitched and climactic, and then silence. The dark haired man swallowed nervously and glanced at the door.

“H-have you seen Kasan’s consort yet?”

Korosh nodded. “Yup. Strange looking thing. I can’t imagine mating with something that tiny.”

“Really? So he’s really…”

“A human? Yeah.”

“Where’d you see him?”

“I had my regular shift at the Consort’s entrance today.” Korosh grinned, his red ears shifting fluidly along with his smile. “The little guy is faster than greased ice on a skillet, thank God, or I would have hurt him. Thought some alien had gotten into the citadel for a few moments.”


Korosh nodded. “Wish Leero would have let us know ahead of time, but you know how he and Kasan are. Secretive little brats.”

The boy nodded as though he understood, his eyes uncomprehending. They stood in silence again, breathing evenly as they both kept watch, until Korosh gave him a sly grin.

“Sooooo, what do you think of Rui?”

Soft knocking woke Kasan in the early morning and he untangled himself from Max carefully, stroking Max’s fingers as he got up. Damn but he loved touching him. Looking down before walking to the door, he frowned slightly at the nude body splayed bonelessly across the bed. A quick glance at the door and then he put a number of pillows over Max’s body. Strategically, until there wasn’t the slightest hint of skin showing except for the man’s head. Kasan looked at the small mountain he’d made over his consort and felt an embarrassed flush as he turned back to the door.

There was no reason to hide the man’s body – everyone was going to be seeing it every day of their lives – but it made him want to growl when he thought about it. He wanted to keep Max all to himself right now. Shaking his head at his own stupidity, Kasan opened the door to a guard’s apologetic face. The man whispered softly to him after glancing beyond to see Max still fast asleep.

Kasan was glad he’d covered Gisho up.

“Zonta just sent a message. There’s been some news on the galactic channels about your consort. He said he can tell you later or you can –“

“Where is he now?”

“The main vid room.”

“Tell him I’ll be right there.” Kasan closed the door behind him and grabbed his wrinkled loincloth off the floor, wrapping it quickly. Leaning over Max, he ran his fingers over the edge of his round ears before he left. He was out the door in moments and talking to the guard.

“If Max wakes up and comes looking for me, let him know I’ll be back soon. He can understand a few words of Hinta – enough that you should be able to get the point across.” Kasan turned to go and then turned back. He pointed at the more experienced guard.

“Don’t let him leave. He doesn’t know his way around yet.”

A pause.

“And page me so I know he’s up.”

Another pause.

“Don’t talk too loudly. Or look threatening. He’s fragile. And he gets frightened easily.”

The guard pressed his lips together, his eyes sparkling. “Anything else, mother?”

“Don’t crack any jokes,” Kasan said immediately, getting a snort in response. Kasan sighed, his ears flicking. “He’s so damn vulnerable; you have no idea. It was bad yesterday…”

“I heard.”

“Then you can understand why I want today to be a lot calmer.”

The guard’s voice softened. “Of course. We’ll be very careful with the little one.”

Kasan nodded, leaving, while the guards watched after him. He heard them whispering behind him as he left. Someday, he really should make it clear just how well he could hear.

“Calling him ‘mother?’ I didn’t know you were so close to Prince Kasan.”

“I was one of his tent mates in last year’s Battle. He doesn’t stand on ceremony much, anyway.”

Kasan reached the corner and was just about to turn when he heard the last comment.

“Ah.” Silence. “Is it true what he can do with his tail?”

Kasan chuckled as he turned and lost the rest of their conversation, and then realized what he was doing. The hair on his tail stood on end, he was so shocked. The two men were talking about his tail, and not only didn’t it bother him, he found it rather amusing. He hunted through his mind as he walked, looking for the usual irritation that came with hearing people discuss his throwback characteristics. It wasn’t there. All he could find was a keen interest in seeing what it would feel like to have Max’s hands over his tail’s fur, and now…

Now, he was very curious to discover what the rumor about his tail was. He didn’t do anything special with it, but the tone of the question had been decidedly sexual. What if he could do something with it? Something sexual? Something sexual with Max.

He distracted himself with potential new sexual fantasies until he finally reached the right room. His heart thudded painfully he looked at the door, barely seeing the guards on either side, all his concerns from before rushing in. Now maybe they’d find out something about Max and where he came from. If Zonta had found something worth waking him up over, this must be important. He just didn’t know if it was good, or bad.

But he needed to find out. The two guards pushed open the door before he could lift a hand, nodding to him as he walked past.

He hardly noticed his surroundings, closing his eyes as he took a fortifying breath and wondered what he was going to find. And then the door closed behind him, his eyes opened, and he found himself in the dark. Son of a bitch! He should have fucking paid attention. What the hell was going on? His hackles rose as he realized that not only was it dark, no one was there. The walls were covered with blank screens that should be full of news and gossip from the stations they monitored. The rows of desks were empty of people. The handcomps were all tucked away in their alcoves underneath the screens instead of being used by the people who were supposed to be working here already.

He didn’t hear anyone breathing inside with him, and the guards hadn’t seemed concerned at all, but this was really…wrong. He started to back towards the door when the main screen glowed to life. The rectangle showed him a vividly colored version of the greeting room from the day before, brightly lit, with full sound blaring loudly into his ears.

But the scene wasn’t from the greeting.

Kasan’s jaw dropped as the video panned closer to the only movement that had been in the room, Kasan holding Max against the wall while he took him into his mouth and his consort writhed in his arms.

“What the fuck!” Kasan’s entire body reacted as he saw himself curling Max’s knees towards his stomach to lick the middle of his ass. His cock filled with blood. His mind went blank and he fought to catch his breath as Max came and then started crying for release again.

And all he could think, as his video double turned and pulled Max’s body down onto his cock, was that he wished the camera had another angle because he couldn’t see enough with Max’s tunic hanging down over his backside.

“Dear God…” Staring, it was all he could do not to reach around and cup himself. This was better than the damn mirrors.

He jumped and spun as he heard Nolluz’s voice at the opposite end of the room, the door to a side alcove open behind him. “It’s amazing how smoothly he opens when you enter him. I’ve never seen such a good example of how quickly the nanites can adjust the body before.“

Kasan could only stare at his brother, gaping as he realized that Jolan, Tisu, and Aosh were standing next to Nolluz in the dark. Their eyes went from the screen to Kasan and back again.

“You can’t see it as well with that stupid tunic, but I have to hand it to you, your consort has a damn fine ass,” Tisu added.

“I never realized just how easy it is to pick him up and fuck him like crazy,” Aosh commented.

“And we can’t thank you enough for doing it in a public place when the recorders were still on.” Jolan finished, turning to look at him with a huge, smug grin. “I was just trying to get an audio of the two of to play at first meal, but damn if you didn’t set up one better! When Aosh told us when you’d gone in there, before the scheduled recording had finished? You made my whole damn year.” The four of them turned then, grinning like they’d just outwitted the Great Trickster. Jolan took two steps forward in time to Max’s aroused gasping that filled the room.

His voice was smooth and unbearably smug. “You are my fucking hero. The only one of us to avoid the First Night Prank, and the only one to as good as arrange his own pranking the next day. This is gonna make great entertainment at first meal, Kasan.”

Kasan felt his claws come out. Lust had already started to fade as soon as Nolluz had started talking, and now rage was quickly taking over. “I don’t fucking think so. You should have just fucking done it without this stupid-ass gloating, ‘cause there’s no damn way you’re getting this shit out of here.”

Jolan smirked, the others grinning behind him. “Ha, you can’t do a damn thing. You think we’re stupid? You just head on back to Max now. We’re gonna enjoy knowing all you can do is wallow in anticipation of your upcoming humiliation, little brother. After everything you’ve done to us, you SO deserve this.” He bared his fangs. “Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it?”

Kasan could still hear Max on the screen and he stalked towards Jolan with his claws noticeably bared. “Turn this the fuck off, and give me the damn recording.”

Jolan took one surprised step back.

“Uh, Kasan. Didn’t you hear me? Go back to Max now. That’s an order.”

“Turn the fucking video off!” Kasan readied himself to leap.

“What the hell are you doing, Kasan! You can’t attack me! You’re in Service today!”

Kasan grinned ferally. “Do you see a fucking collar on?” Jolan’s face paled, highlighting the faint bruises from the beating the night before, and his eyes veered down to see Kasan’s neck, bare of even his torque this morning. Kasan bared his fangs back at them. “Service doesn’t start until First meal, you moron. You are SO fucking dead.”

“Oh shit…”

Kasan pounced.

The guards outside the vid room both jumped as something slammed into the door behind them.

The larger one put a hand on his partner’s shoulder before he could burst in.


There was a loud snarl followed by a shattering crash.

“Holy shit.“

“It doesn’t matter.” Their ears both flattened at furious cursing and another door rattling thud. The guard tightened his grip on the other man. “It’s the princes. Trust me; you don’t want any part of this. Just turn around and look down the hallway.”

They heard a concussive thump combined with a snarling scream.

“Really. I guard Prince Jolan’s door periodically. There are just some things you can never un-see. Turn around and let them work out their personal tiffs without us.”

The other guard finally nodded and they both stood stiffly outside the door, trying not to cringe too often at the minor apocalypse going on just beyond their sight.

“I really hope you’re right about this,” the small guard muttered, glancing at the door after spine-tingling shriek.

“I am.” Someone yelled again, his voice ending on a high-pitched yelp of pain followed by what sounded like a small explosion. “With the Lord King’s family, discretion is ALWAYS the better part of valor.”

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