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The Last Pure Human
Chapter 5 - The Horde Descends

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Max waited tensely after Kasan left, his eyes glued to the door like flypaper. In other words, he was sure he could tear his gaze away, eventually, but it was going to hurt like hell. So, he simply stared at the wall where the door would open and let his mind wander a bit as he tried to stay alert. He was sure his body and his ass and his pride would really appreciate a heads up if someone decided to enter the room again, so he needed to stay aware of his surroundings. He couldn’t let his guard down again and let Kasan start touching him. Maybe the man would just help him with something again, but considering the kiss, Max thought that Kasan’s motives were too potentially sexual to trust him.

Although what was he supposed to do about that? Everything was so strange, and he knew no one. Even if the colonists were nearby, he didn’t know them. He’d exchanged, what, 10 words total with the captain? There probably wasn’t a single person on the entire planet that he knew. The thought sunk in and he shivered. An entire freaking planet of people, and not one of them cared if he lived or died. He’d never felt so alone and insignificant in his life, not even when he’d first told his parents that he was going to study languages. That had been the first time he’d actively done something against their wishes, and they’d turned their backs on him and walked away. Studying a subject that most considered obsolete was not what they considered a good use of his mind. It wasn’t until they’d applied to be the botanists for beta colony that they’d started talking to him again. After all, the colony needed people to help it function in the expected low-tech that was all that would be available after a few decades on their own. The traditional translating computers didn’t qualify, so they were looking for human linguists. And as quickly as that, his folks were excited and talking to him again and urging him to apply for the position.

Which was, honestly, the catalyst that led him here, completely alone and getting kissed by aliens. He licked his lips and his eyes popped open as he realized that he was seeing images of Kasan’s face behind his eyelids.

He needed to stop freaking out and pay attention. Total, complete, focused attention so he could figure out what Kasan’s intentions were and what was going to happen to him. The sooner he figured that out, the sooner he could decide what to do. He stared at the door again, his eyes burning until he realized he was forgetting to blink. Periodic low murmurs from the guards flowed in from outside the door, distracting him, and his mind wandered off again. When he remembered Kasan’s hand gripping his ass as he flossed between his cheeks, Max smacked himself in the face. THAT wasn’t what he needed to focus on! He needed to keep physically aware of his surroundings.

…What the hell did Kasan want with him?

He chewed on his bottom lip nervously. Was Kasan the only one who DID want something with him? Were there going to be other men coming in to…to touch him? He didn’t want to think about the possibility that they might want more. Or what if it was just going to be Kasan? And was the cat man even going to try anything ever again, or was he just going to kiss him?

And what should he do if Kasan did? He didn’t want to encourage him. Max thought about the word and snorted. Great, now he sounded like some Victorian heroine discussing her marriage prospects. ‘Encourage’ him, what a stupid thought. What the hell was wrong with him? He didn’t want to make Kasan think that he was okay having sex again, that’s what he should be thinking. He didn’t want Kasan to think that Max in any way wanted to be touched or kissed or caressed or penetrated. Max bit his lip so hard it almost bled as his mind supplied visual aids for every scenario that he’d just recited to himself and he scowled. This was insane…and lame. Insanely lame. Why was he thinking of the stupid cat man like this?

Maybe…maybe it was that…what was it called…Stockholm thing, where people fell in love with the people holding them captive. Did that cover starting to feel sexually attracted to his captor? If he was a captor, and if Max really was sexually attracted to him. He might not be. He could just be really horny today.

Because waking up to meet aliens for the first time tended to do that to a person’s libido?

He snorted. He was such a dork sometimes. Sighing, he continued to watch the door, his eyes starting to wander the room randomly as more time passed without Kasan returning. When Max ran out of things to look at without being able to touch them, boredom finally overtook his nervous desire to keep watch and he started investigating the room. While the room was cathedral-like in its massive size, there really wasn’t much to see. Frankly, everything he DID see matched the rest of the room in its design scheme.

Alien chic meets brothel sensualism.

Why did everything he saw have to reinforce his belief that he might be in some sort of whorehouse? It was scaring him every time he thought of anyone coming through the door except Kasan, which made him feel so stupid and weak he smacked himself again. What, was he going to be like some prisoner’s bitch, giving himself to some stronger guy to keep all he other guys away? He glanced at the door, thinking of the guards outside it, and swallowed. He was kind of disgusted with himself that he didn’t instantly reject the thought. Those damn giants were freaking scary as hell. But…no, he wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t.

Although, again, did he have a choice? He stared blankly into a huge mirror on the wall, suddenly realizing he was seeing the bed. He turned and looked around the walls. Every mirror along the wall was set up to reflect the bed’s occupants back at themselves, from every angle but the floor and ceiling.

Again…whore house. Or 1970’s cheesy, gigolo-style decorating. With wank-worthy 70’s music popping into his head, Max fervently wished he hadn’t seen so many porn movies. He had too many images of things that could be done in front of those mirrors.

Although all the images were girls and boys together. Except for a couple of threesomes in that one really hot video, but… that wasn’t the point. The point was, he knew enough about sex, well sex in general, or rather sexual intercourse in front of mirror…hell, he knew enough to get flushed over the sight of all that reflective potential. Taking a deep breath, he wandered over to the wall with the only furniture aside from the bed: small alcoves with embedded shelves and numerous bottles and jars. Lifting the stoppers randomly, he found what he assumed were oils and perfumes. They smelled like perfume, anyway. And when he poured a bit onto his fingertips, the substance was oily and slick.

Rubbing it off on his leg, the slippery feel of skin on skin brought to mind exactly what it might be used for: lubrication.

He flinched and stepped away from the tables.

He needed more clothes.

And he was fairly certain he knew the spot where Kasan had opened the wall for both his loincloth and little tunic, so he was going to get them immediately. After fruitless minutes of pressing and pushing, however, Max gave up trying to open the wall. For all he knew, the darn thing was thumbprint coded, or genetically coded, or he was just an idiot and had the wrong spot entirely. He looked around for something to take his mind off the fact that he was starting to feel a little chilled, and wished he hadn’t. There wasn’t much else to see. The few alcoves and mirrors, the bed and pillows, and the only other thing in the room was a log.

Why in the world was there a big, rough cut, barky log in a room where everything else seemed geared for sensual indulgence? Because ‘scratching post’ was popping into his mind, but that seemed too…cliché. The huge thing was odd enough that Max had a brief hope that maybe it spelled a way out. If he could leave, maybe he could find the other colonists. There were no windows in the room and nothing whatsoever to tell him whether he was anywhere near them, but he should try to find them. He didn’t know them, but they WERE human. Maybe that would be enough to stop feeling so alone…

Envisioning Kasan’s smile turning into an angry snarl, Max paused. He didn’t want to do something that pissed off the cat guys until he was sure they weren’t going to kill him for it. Kasan had seemed nice, sexual but nice. Actually really thoughtful, if he ignored the sexual, which he wasn’t sure he could do, but… What would he do if Max tried to get away? Again, why the hell was Max being kept in this room? Had Kasan rescued him from somewhere? Was he merely taking care of him until Max could be returned to the colonists and the man had merely gotten a bit too friendly?
Hey, a little alcohol had made colleagues of his do a lot stupider things than one night stands. It was possible.


Or had they brought him here to be a little sex slave.

He snorted at himself. He kept worrying about that, but…

“Sex slave.”

That sounded so stupid when he said it out loud. Who would ever want someone like him as a sex slave? Honestly, did anyone even HAVE sex slaves? It wasn’t as if he was in some cheesy sci-fi B movie where everyone wore togas and clear plastic clothes and had orgies at the drop of a hat. Although if you squinted when you looked at his tunic, it DID kinda resemble a toga…

“UGH!” He kicked out at the bed. Why did he think of stupid crap like this? His brain was just warped. Linguistics and fifteen languages worth of dirty words had warped his brain, that was it. Trying to shake himself out of that line of thought, he walked over and examined the log. It was absolutely huge, at least five feet wide, and it went up at a steep enough angle that he was going to need some type of physical help if he ever wanted to climb it. Looking at it, he decided that he most definitely did, because the log left the room. The top of it disappeared into a rounded hole high in the wall with enough clearance that he could easily slip through opening with room to spare. Could he get out that way if he needed to?

He bit his lip as he looked at it. Could something get IN that way? What if there was more than one way in? Ears straining, he listened carefully, still only catching the vague murmur of sound out in the…hallway? Wherever the guards were, anyway. Nothing that sounded like it was coming from up there, but he’d rather not turn his back on it, just in case.

He wandered around a bit more, keeping an eye on the log and the door both, touching and poking at odd spots on the walls in case something else opened up. It never did. After he’d run out of blotches and blurs of color to try out, Kasan still hadn’t returned and Max was running out of things to do. If he knew how to rewrap the darn loincloth, he’d unwrap the thing and see if he could use it to climb the tree. He’d seen lumberjack competitions before; he knew you could do something with a rope and wrap it around the trunk to help you get up. He could figure it out. As long as he had enough time to try it without getting caught, and as long as knew he’d have clothes at the end of it. That way he could come back down if it didn’t work and no one would be the wiser.

Should he just take a chance and go for it? He could probably wrap the stupid thing around him SOME way so at least he wasn’t naked and then escape. Except what if he couldn’t find any more people? What if it was just a whole bunch of huge cat dudes walking around looking for little men to molest…or something like that?

And he couldn’t believe he was thinking of himself as a ‘little’ man. He needed to find the colony soon or he was going to have a complex about the whole size thing.

And not THAT kind of size thing, he thought, feeling his penis rubbing against the loincloth like it was asking for something,

Or someone.

Stupid dick. Talk to my ass and see what HE thinks about all of this.

Looking at the log again, the idea of escaping tumbled around in his head like a little pebble. He might be able to get out, but he had no idea what he’d be getting into as a result. So far, he’d seen two humongous cat guys, one small cat guy, and no people. He was really in trouble if that ratio was repeated once he got out of the room. But if he stayed, Kasan might come back and start kissing him again and…doing other things…and…

Oh shut up, dick.

He closed his eyes and took some deep breaths as his prick tried to stand up at attention in the loincloth. This was really not good. Not good at all when he was thinking about Kasan and his dick liked it. Worse when he was thinking of Kasan maybe doing something sexual to him and it liked it.

Had Kasan drugged him or something? Max licked the inside of his mouth, testing for weird tastes before biting his tongue to stop himself. Like he could still taste it if they had? He hadn’t seen anyone in what had to be hours. And what if they did? If it made him like sex that they were going to force on him anyway…wouldn’t that be better than not being drugged? Not if it made him loopy and kept him from getting away if he needed to, but if it kept things from hurting? It would be like a- a medical drug or something, right? Like a pain reliever, but just for sex.

Yeah right. If they had given him something to make him horny, he was going to kick someone’s ass. Or at least their knees, because he wasn’t sure he could get his foot high enough to reach their damn butts. Stupid freaking giants.

Max shivered and he winced as his stomach growled. Great, now he was cold and scared and horny AND hungry. He bet he’d have to pee soon, too, and he had no idea where the hell he could go. Looking at the log one last time he sighed and headed to the bed. He just couldn’t do it. He didn’t want to be here, but it was a lot less scary then the idea of leaving when he hadn’t been hurt yet. And he felt so stupid and pathetic even thinking that way that it made him cringe. No matter how it felt, how could he view having sex with an alien as ‘not’ harmful?

Maybe because it might feel a lot worse if someone a lot bigger tried it, he reminded himself. He hated feeling on the edge like this, though, unable to tell if staying or running away would be worse. He’d hate himself if he left and got seriously hurt. He’d hate himself more if fear about something new kept him in the room and the next time it wasn’t Kasan who came in but someone else who wanted the same thing.

Max climbed onto the bed and started to pile the pillows on top of him. It made him feel oddly homesick. When his crappy college apartment heater would go on the fritz, sometimes he’d wait to dry his laundry until just before bed so he could pile the warm clothing on top of his blankets to help warm up quickly. The shifting tumble of pillows had the same heavy feel to them. Not quite as warm, but enough that he burrowed underneath them all, plopping one on top of his head in a childish effort to ignore the room around him.

He’d be okay. It would be all right. He’d find a way to get through this. He’d managed before on his own, he could do it again, he told himself, slowly falling into a half doze.

As long as he avoided those B-movie orgies…

Max woke with a start, sitting up with a half strangled exclamation as he looked around in confused fright for what had woken him.

He froze as he saw five men standing by the log, staring at him. Five huge, loincloth wearing, angry looking cat men were in the room with him. He looked from one to the other in rapid succession, terror creeping up on him when there was no familiar face. Kasan wasn’t there. Kasan wasn’t with them. Max was stuck all alone with a small herd of massive alien men, and he didn’t like them. They had long hair and cat ears and bronzed skin and obviously whatever drug they’d given him had worn off, because he didn’t find them sexy at all. They were freaking huge and scary as hell.

And they were coming over to the bed!

He tried to make his body move and couldn’t. He huddled in the middle of the bed as though he was glued there until the damn things were surrounding the entire bed and it was too late to get away. And now they were looking down at him and oh God, what did they want? He couldn’t understand a word they said and he worried when they talked back and forth at each other as they watched him, their thin faces tense. What were they saying? Why were they here? What did that want with…. oh shit, one of them was leering at him. That was so definitely a leer. Oh God, what were they here for?!

Please oh please oh please let this not be a B movie.

The leering one reached out his hand towards him and Max had to back away to avoid him only to almost bump into the one on the opposite side of the bed. He thought he couldn’t be any more frightened than he already was when a couple of them laughed at his reaction and he found out just how much more terror his body could actually hold. Gang rape. That’s all he could think.

Trying to watch them all at the same time, hoping to see some way out, Max couldn’t stop himself from trembling inside.

They were all so damn huge and they were trying to touch him and laughing at him and they didn’t seem to care at all how awful this felt to be surrounded like this and he thought they might be going to rape him. They were nothing like Kasan and his soft voice and beautiful face and gentle hands and it was fucking scaring the shit out of him!

Where the hell was Kasan? He wasn’t supposed to kiss him and then leave him so these huge men could come in and…

Dammit, he wanted Kasan back!


“We shouldn’t do this.”

The inebriated voice echoed down the corridor and was followed by a heavy thud.

“Shut up, Nolluz! You know Kasan can hear better than us!”

Another thud. “Don’t hit Nolluz. He needs his brain more than you do, Aosh.” Tisu glared a little drunkenly at his little brother crouched next to him.

“Not his little one. If the idiot has any more children, we’re going to need to start taking over other countries just to feed them.” Aosh looked at his brother’s groin as though contemplating where to hit next.

“You should be thankful, Aosh.” Zonta’s soft voice cut through his twin’s thoughts and had everyone looking at him. “His little ones are the only heirs we have so far. So unless you prefer to limit yourself to females when your heat comes, I’d celebrate your nieces and nephews rather than mocking them.”

Aosh deflated slightly. “Zonta, you know I didn’t mean…”

“Shut up. All of you. ” Jolan gestured with his hand and everyone went quiet as they rose and followed the crown prince around the corner, padding silently towards the two guards in the middle of the hallway. Winking at the two males, Jolan was about to open the door behind them when two spears blocked his way.

“I can’t let you pass, Prince Jolan.”

“Shhhh, he’ll hear you!” Jolan shushed frantically before whispering. “Esgard, you can’t really mean to stop us? You know he zinged every single one of us on our First Nights.”

Esgard nodded. “I know.” He lowered his voice, but his weapon remained in the way of the males that all wove slightly as they tried to keep their balance. His nose wrinkled at the rather strong smell of alcohol coming from Nolluz and Tisu.

“So move aside.”

“I’m sorry to say that I can’t do that.”

“Esgard…” Jolan sighed. “Care to tell me why not?”

Esgard smiled. “Because Kasan is responsible for the guard. Out of all of you, he’s the one who has the right to punish me if I fail in my duties. It’s not worth a beating simply to let the five of you play some ridiculous First Night prank.”

Nolluz glared, his earlier reluctance taking a back seat to being insulted. “Thish is not just a prank.”

With an approving pat on Nolluz’s back that almost knocked him to the floor, Jolan nodded. “Esgard, payback is practically a family creed. Getting Kasan tonight is an imperative. It’s a matter of honor.”

The guard next to Esgard snorted as he choked back a laugh.

“Honor. Surprising Kasan and interrupting his First Night with his consort is all for the sake of the family’s bruised honor, is that it?” Esgard’s small smile didn’t grow, but to Jolan’s satisfaction it didn’t disappear either.

“Of course.” Jolan’s lip twitched as he turned to his brother. “Nolluz, isn’t there a law that guards may not interfere if one of the royal family is attempting to regain their lost honor?”

“Uh…well, I think there’s still one law in the First Book of Gorin, but the words aren’t quite…”

“Good enough!” Jolan looked to Esgard. “Wouldn’t you agree?”

Esgard and his fellow guard exchanged looks, sighed, and moved their weapons from the brothers’ path. “At least it’s a better excuse than having Aosh seduce one of us while the other was relieving himself.”

Aosh shrugged. “It’s a gift. Tisu’s First Night needed the excitement, anyway.”

Tisu growled. “You little –“

Clearing his throat, Esgard chided Aosh “You have no idea how much trouble that guard was in for leaving his post. If you recall, the punishment for dereliction of duty is quite severe, even if it’s for the purpose of sexual intimacy with the prince.”

“Might be worth it,” the other guard muttered as he eyed Aosh, and the younger prince looked back and mouthed the word, ‘later.’ The guard blushed and Jolan rolled his eyes.

“Don’t unwrap your cloth just yet, idiot.” Jolan pinched the tip of Aosh’s ear and looked at him sternly as the teen yelped. After a pause to make sure he was behaving, Jolan turned and put his hands on the door. Esgard interrupted.

“You may want to wait until later. He’s not here. Leero had to discuss something with him.”

Jolan laughed quietly. “Nice try, Esgard.”

Esgard shook his head, smiling back. “I’m serious, Prince Jolan. He isn’t in there.”

“Like we’d believe that.” Aosh retorted. “It’s been so long since he was supposed to come down with his consort that father’s already given up and gone to sleep. Even HE knows what Kasan is doing right now. And it’s not talking.”

“He’s talking.”

“Well then there’s no harm in us going in, now is there?” Jolan smiled again and Esgard shrugged.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you. And besides, Kasan’s consort -“

Jolan waved him down. “Don’t worry. We’ll be good.”

“That wasn’t my concern, I was simply going to say-“

“You’re not going to stop us from doing this, Esgard,” Jolan said. “So no more talking.”

After a pause, Esgard finally nodded. “As you wish.”

Their torsos wrapped with short ropes and small bundles, five men eased open the door, slipping inside and closing it quietly behind them. The guards just shook their heads. There were going to be some disappointed princes in a few moments.

The brothers stared at the pile of pillows on the bed, dismissing it almost immediately. There would be no way to miss Kasan and his consort if they’d been occupied on the silken thing. With a rather lackluster attempt at military precision, they made their way over to the odd, roughly hewn pole that ran from the floor up through a hole high up in the wall, untying their ropes and bundles as they went. Tisu put his fingers to his lips to signal quiet and faced the pole. He tried to wrap the rope around it and failed as he dropped one end. Hitting his head on the pole as he reached over to get it, Tisu cursed.

“Here, let me.” Jolan grabbed the rope from his hands.“

“I’m fine.” Tisu insisted, grabbing for the rope and missing entirely.

“Yes, I can see that. Still, I’m the oldest, so I’m claiming my rights. I’ll go first.” Jolan wrapped the rope around the pole and grasped an end in both hands. Using it to help him slowly climb, he held the steeply sloping log between his legs every time he shifted the looped rope up, and then shimmied forward to until he and the rope were even. After a few minutes he disappeared through the opening and the others waited impatiently for him to signal. They were surprised when he peered through the hole almost immediately, sitting himself on the pole and jumping down with an angry thud.

“He actually did it. Esgard wasn’t lying. He’s not up there.” Jolan whispered the words, looking around the room as though trying to find some hidden place inside that he simply hadn’t explored yet.

“What? After all the crap he did to the rest of us, he thinks he can just go off to hide on his First Night and avoid this?” Tisu looked outraged, but took his cue from Jolan and kept his voice quiet. Nolluz and Jolan growled. When Aosh and Zonta just looked at each other, their three older brothers glared at them.

“He WILL get you two. When you get consorts of your own, he will get you both just as good as he got the rest of us. Trust me, you will regret it the rest of your life if you miss this opportunity.” Jolan finally gave up on finding anything in the room and sighed.

Tisu snarled. “DAMMIT!” He punched the pole as he yelled, swearing at the pain as soon as he did so, and then froze along with the rest of his brothers when he heard a surprised squeak from the bed.

Five heads turned as one entity and they all stared at the small being that had dislodged most of the pillows it had obviously been laying under.

“What the hell is THAT?” Tisu growled, still angry. “What, Kasan hides on First Night and leaves us a consolation gift??”

“I’ll take it if you don’t want it.” Aosh said, staring at the small creature as they all walked over to take a closer look. Surrounding the bed, they peered curiously at the pale colored little alien that shivered among the pillows as it looked up at them.

“What IS it? I’ve never seen something like it before.” Jolan said quietly, his head tilted as he examined it.

“Well it’s obviously a… It must be a…” Nolluz’s voice faltered and he swayed in place as he tried to stay standing.

“Admit it, you have no idea.” Aosh gloated, pointing a mocking finger at him. “And who the hell cares what it is? It’s male and-“

“And how would you know that?” Nolluz interrupted in a muddled grumble.

“Because Kasan dressed him in his own clothing, idiot. And it’s huge on him. Look at the shirt…it’s hanging all the way past his ass. He looks like some kid playing dress-up.” Aosh reached out and the small male scooted away from him frantically only to freeze as the movement forced him closer to Jolan. Aosh laughed. “Ha, he’s shy. Hey sweetie, don’t worry. I don’t bite.”

“Don’t listen to him. I’ve heard stories…” Jolan trailed off, laughing a little as the small male moved back from him as well. “I admit it. You’re a great distraction, Little One. Those naked little ears are just so…”

“Naughty.” Aosh supplied.

“…for lack of a better word.” Jolan conceded, shaking his head at the fascinated looks Aosh was giving the small male. “So what’s your name?”
Blue eyes stared at him without saying a word and Jolan’s voice softened. “Hey, we didn’t scare you, did we? Don’t worry. It’s not you we’re mad at. You’re not in any trouble.” He reached out a hand as well and the man scrambled away from him, bumping into Tisu and yelping as he careened away from him as well to huddle in the center of the bed. His eyes jumped from one to the other as he turned and tried to keep them all in sight.

“I don’t think he understands us.” Zonta said quietly, frowning as he watched. “And he’s frightened. Would Kasan really leave this man…”

“Where is he?” Tisu growled angrily at the stranger and the little alien started breathing in panicky bursts as the largest brother scowled at him.

“I doubt Kasan has told him anything.” Jolan said dryly. “It’s not as though we can’t intimidate the poor thing. Do you really think Kasan would leave that kind of information in the hands of something this helpless? Use your head, Tisu.”

Tisu scowled. “Well how the hell do we find him, then? That little brat…”

“Kasan’s older than you are, Tisu.” Jolan pointed out.

“He’s a throwback. They mature slower, and considering that I’ve already had a mate for three years now, I THINK I can get away with calling him a brat!”

Jolan’s eyes twinkled as he conceded the point. “All right, so he’s a brat.”

“Little shit’s more like it.” Nolluz muttered.

“Just because he got you both…”

“He put a swarm of keerac under my bed, Jolan. Do you know how long it took me to calm Roto down after something like that? He was scared to death!” Tisu’s hands clenched into fists at the thought and Nolluz nodded in rare sympathy with his brother.

Aosh smirked. “Oh, and you didn’t enjoy comforting him? We could hear you all the way over in the training grounds. You scream like a girl when you come.” He had to duck the fist that came flying at his head.

Snarling at the miss, Tisu jumped at Aosh and the two of them went tumbling to the floor. Their brothers ignored them and continued to watch the bed.

“Do you understand us?” Jolan asked. Blue eyes looked up at him before moving back towards the small battle taking place behind him. “Little one, over here, eh? Wave if you understand what I’m saying.” Jolan got another glance, but no wave, and he sighed. “I think you’re right, Zonta. I don’t believe he understands a word. Or he’s a simpleton of some sort.”

Zonta paused in answering as his twin limped back to the bed sporting a few new bruises and a lovely case of floor burn along his side. Aosh deliberately stood on the other side of Zonta, away from the still angry Tisu.

“Tisu wasn’t going to hurt the little thing. You didn’t have to divert his attention that way, you know.” Zonta whispered to him.
Aosh merely shrugged and watched the bed. They all watched silently, thinking, as the alien started fidgeting nervously.

“Why in the hell would Kasan leave a little male here for us who doesn’t even speak Kyashin?” Jolan wondered, examining. “Is it just a slap in the face for us? He must have known we’d be coming…”

“ Who cares,” Tisu snarled. “We need to find Kasan NOW!” He slammed his fists on the bed and the little man jumped with a startled cry and finally broke. He scrambled towards Aosh and Zonta, darting off the bed in between them. Putting out a hand to stop him, Zonta fell back as the alien stomped on his toes. They turned to watch as the man ran towards the middle of the room, panting hard as he faced them.

“Are you all right?” Aosh asked.

“Oh, I’m fine.”

“What did he do to you?”

“I think he was trying to break my toes,” Zonta murmured, looking down at his foot.

“You’re hurt?” Jolan asked, growing concerned as Zonta continued to look at his toes.

“No. Maybe a little bruised.” He looked up and smiled slightly. “Little guy’s not all that strong. I’ve had worse bruises running into a wall.”

Tisu, Nolluz, and Jolan came around from the far side of the bed to join the other two and they all stared at the trembling male facing them.

“I didn’t mean to scare him,” Tisu muttered.

“You probably should have held onto your temper, then,” Jolan said lightly.

“Or covered your ugly face with a bag,” Aosh added, and dodged another swipe.

“His stance is pretty good.” Tisu noted after a few moments of silence.

“I noticed that.” Jolan chuckled. “Although I think he needs to grow a bit before it’s going to impress anyone. He reminds me of you when you were five, Tisu, trying to convince father that you were fully capable to joining the military.”

Smiling finally, Tisu nodded. “I wonder if he’s fully grown. If he’s still a kid, with a stance like that we might be able to make something out of him once he puts a little height on himself.”

“Thinking of adopting, now, Tisu?” Jolan teased.

When Tisu didn’t answer right away, everyone turned to look at him and he flushed. “Root’s been talking about it,” he muttered. Words of congratulations were merely forming in his brothers’ mouths when Aosh spoke.

“Well you can’t take this one. He’s too old for you.”

“There is no possible way you can determine the age of a completely unfamiliar species simply by looking at him.” Nolluz said.

Aosh snorted. “How the hell can you be drunk and STILL be this much of a pedantic ass? Do you think I can’t actually used my brain and figure out if the little one’s an adult?” Nolluz sputtered as Aosh gestured towards the still trembling man. “Look at his frame. His shoulders are too wide for him to still be a child.”

“Maybe his people start out that way,” Zonta said quietly. “His muscles are very small, after all. They have that same wiry slimness that someone who’s young would.”

“And maybe that’s how his people are built, too.” Nolluz concluded with an over exaggerated nod. “We just don’t know! There’s no way to know until we find out what in the world this…creature…is. We should leave Kasan’s room and leave IT and go back to bed. We can talk to Kasan about it in the morning.”

“We are not giving up on finding Kasan.” Jolan said, Tisu echoing his words within moments.

“And we’re not leaving this little thing here all alone. He might get lonely.” Aosh took a step closer, his eyes traveling over the alien’s body in appreciation. “Yeah, he’s tiny…but it’s absolutely adorable. Can you imagine how tight his…”

“Aosh!” Zonta glared at him.

“What? It’s not like he can understand what I’m saying.” Aosh murmured.

“It’s the principle of the thing! You shouldn’t say something like that in front of the poor thing! Especially when he might be…”

“Might be what?” Aosh asked absently, still staring at pale skin and furless ears.

“It’s nothing. Just leave the little thing alone and go play with the guard you were flirting with.”

Aosh and the others looked to Zonta. “You’ve thought of something, haven’t you?”

“It’s just an idea, and a stupid one at that.”

“Most of your stupid ideas have a great deal of validity.” Jolan said quietly. “Tell us.”

Breathing deeply, Zonta looked at his oldest brother. “I was just wondering. What if Kasan really is talking with Leero right now? If Esgard was telling the truth and Kasan is busy, then the person he left in his room would have to be…well.”

“His consort?” Aosh blurted out. “You think this little alien male is Kasan’s consort? You know I think you’re the smartest person I’ve ever met, but no way. There’s no way.”

“I know that!” Zonta snapped. “But there’s the possibility...”

“If we all didn’t know that he can’t stand to take another man.” Jolan concluded, patting Zonta’s back. “Truly, if Kasan found a way to bond with some little alien male, he would have told us. That’s not the sort of thing to keep to yourself. And that’s disregarding the fact that we CAN’T bond with any aliens, male or not.”

“There- there’s humans,” Zonta replied, not quite defending his idea. “We can bond with them.”

"There’sh no humans left.” Nolluz interrupted.

“I know. B-but if there were…they’re supposed to have small ears. The old texts mention their ears.” Zonta and the others looked at the man still standing defensively in front of them.

Jolan finally shook his head. “I just can’t see it. Kasan wouldn’t keep something like that from us, and Nolluz is right. There aren’t any humans left, and if there were…what are the odds that something like that would show up here on Kyashin just at the right time for Kasan to mate with? It’s too far fetched. Creative, though.”

“Yeah. For an insane person,” Aosh teased. “Are you sure you didn’t drink as much as Nolluz?” Zonta threw him an obscene gesture and Aosh laughed. “Think about it. Even if it were true, there’d be an easy way to tell, right? All you’d have to do is grab him and check.” Aosh startled them all as he ran quickly at the small man and had him over his shoulder in seconds. The man yelled out in surprise. Aosh’s ears flattened a little as legs kicked and small, blunt claws tried to rake across the skin of his back. He patted the man’s bottom a moment and smiled at his brothers as small fists punched up at his head ineffectively.

“Aosh.” Zonta said warningly. “What the heck are you doing? Put him down. You’re scaring him!”

“He’s fine. I’m not hurting him, and this is the quickest way to prove my point. And it’s going to be a lot of fun, too.” Aosh’s hand breezed up the back of the man’s thighs and over his ass, moving cloth out of the way as he did so until pale creamy skin was revealed. “See, if he was really Kasan’s consort, there’d be a mark right…here.” They all stared at the small silver crown that shone metallically on the round cheek where Aosh’s finger rested.

“Son of a bitch.” Aosh breathed.

“I don’t believe it.” Jolan murmured, walking over to cautiously touch the mark. The man over Aosh’s shoulder yelled out and continued fighting as Tisu and Nolluz came over to examine the silver marking as well.

“He’s frightened! You need to leave him alone,” Zonta ordered, trying to push through his brothers.

“This can’t be. He’s not Kyashin, and there’s no humans. There’s no humans left. It’s impossible.” Nolluz’s voice was faint and confused. “He’s not Kyashin.”

“So how the hell did he get a mark then?” Aosh demanded, and yelled out as Kasan’s consort managed to rear up enough to grab Aosh’s ear and yank on it, hard. “OW! Let go, you little hellion!” Aosh reached up with his other hand and pulled his ear free, Tisu’s surprised laughter ringing in his uninjured ear. Aosh just managed to move his head to the side as the petite male over his shoulder tried to get his ear again. “Hey, stop it!”
When hands grasped handfuls of hair instead, pulling in small, stinging yanks, Aosh raised his hand to slap the bare ass over his shoulder. “I said STOP!”

Before he could bring his hand down, there was a bellow from the doorway. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO MY CONSORT?!!”

Everyone froze except for the man over Aosh’s shoulder who yanked and kicked even more vigorously.

Kasan snarled and stormed over.

“Kasan, I’m sorry, we didn’t realize-” Zonta’s mouth choked as Kasan pointed one finger at him that trembled with rage.

“Get. Out.”

Zonta gulped and stepped back, hurrying around him as he scrambled for the door.

Tisu tried to bluster. “You did it to us first, Kasan. You know you did! We were just here for First Night and-“

“Shut the fuck up! And put my consort down before I fucking break your arms, Aosh! You stupid assholes, you-“

“You deserve it, Ka-“ Tisu’s words cut off as Kasan charged him and he clumsily tried to fend off his shorter brother’s flurry of punches. He was on his knees, gagging, in moments. Jolan and Nolluz took a step back as Kasan turned on them, snarling.

“You-you’re being unreasonable.” Nolluz stuttered, and yelped as Kasan simply punched him in the face and knocked him over. Kasan growled ferally at Jolan who was backing up as he tried to keep a smile on his face. He stopped as his consort finally regained his feet and Aosh backed quickly away from the little man. Kasan took the few steps up to Max and held him by the shoulders, looking into his eyes carefully before dragging him against his chest.

“Shhhhh. You’re safe now. The assholes aren’t going to do anything to you. It’s all right. I’ll kick their asses for you, don’t worry.” He scooped up Max, scowling as the smaller man trembled slightly in his arms. He carried him over to the bed, putting him down gently and brushing the soft brown hair out of his eyes before he turned back to his remaining brothers.

Jolan walked towards him carefully. “We didn’t mean anything by this, Kasan. You know we didn’t. It’s a tradition now to prank one of us on First Night.”

“You fucking scared him, Jolan.” Kasan snarled, gesturing back to his consort on the bed. “He’s fucking terrified! Can’t you damn well smell it, you ass??”

Jolan paused. “You know we can’t smell at your level, Kasan. We weren’t trying to…”

Kasan didn’t bother to respond and whipped his leg around, kicking Jolan in the chest and knocking him over. He walked over to his brother as he sat up, looking at him. “You were letting Aosh damn well molest my consort!!” Kasan’s hands clenched as he hissed through his teeth. “Get the fuck out of my room, Jolan. You’re still here after I’m done with Aosh and I will REALLY kick your ass.”

Jolan took the better part of valor and helped Tisu and Nolluz to their feet, retreating towards the door as Kasan stalked Aosh.

“N-now, Kasan, I didn’t do anything…” Aosh stuttered.

“You touched him. You were fucking going to SLAP his ASS, Aosh! MY consort’s ass! I should fucking rip of your hand!”

“Well how the hell was I supposed to know it was your consort!”

“He was in my room! I don’t fucking care whether you knew it was my consort or not, he was in my room! MY room, MY possessions! You will damn well learn to stay the hell away from what’s mine, Aosh!” Kasan swung out a fist and Aosh flinched as he tried to dodge.

“Aw shit…”

Ten minutes later, Esgard and his fellow guardsman turned as the door to Kasan’s room opened and the prince shoved a bruised and slightly bloody Aosh at them.

“Get that idiot back to his room.”

“Healer?” Esgard asked.

“I didn’t hurt him that badly. He just tripped like a dumbass and hit his head on the floor. He’ll be fine.” Kasan glared at both of them as they took his younger brother. “However… tomorrow you and I are going to be having a little conversation. Understand?” The two guards winced and nodded. “And ask the kitchens to send up something. My consort’s probably starving.” Kasan saw Esgard nod and start to reach over for the summoning box to fetch help as he closed the door and turned back to his consort.

He worked on calming his breathing as he looked at the wide blue eyes watching him from the bed. His poor little Gisho; he couldn’t believe his moronic brothers had done something this stupid. His little consort was so frightened. Max was kneeling on the bed, his hands clenched tightly to each other on his lap as he trembled slightly. Kasan stared at him, the mere sight of his consort starting to turn him on in spite of his anger. Especially as the oversized clothing hanging off of Max and pooling on the bed around his bent legs was incredibly cute. And his face looked incredibly sexy. And he was also still incredibly upset, and would probably need a LOT of comforting.

Kasan finally smiled.

Maybe the night wasn’t a complete disaster.

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