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The Last Pure Human
Chapter 11 - Welcome to the Family

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Kasan looked at Max face down on the table and reached out, running his hand over the back of his hair.

“I can’t believe that didn’t work,” Zonta muttered, distressed enough that his ears were laying flat again. Kasan was sure they matched his own; he’d been excited about the new papers as well. Now, after a few minutes of happy excitement, Max was back to being upset. Kasan was very afraid it was related to Max being his consort. He’d thought Max’s status as a consort might be a surprise, but considering how frightened Max had been, surely it would have been a good one? Max knew now that he had a legitimate status on this world, even if he didn’t know much about where he was. For someone who’d been in the hands of slavers, that should have been a huge relief.

And Kasan knew that his little one had been enslaved. Max’s unique genetic heritage, combined with the argenta he’d been drugged with for their first meeting, had already made Kasan fairly certain that Max had been acquired illegally. The notes Leero’s men had found in Shovak’s room, the ones that had interrupted his night, had confirmed that he’d been sold to Shovak by the Niandrin. Considering Shovak’s complete lack of interplanetary resources, Kasan needed to know how he’d even made contact with the grotesque birds. He needed to know what had been done to Max. If Max was always so frightened, had they hurt him? Abused him? Kasan held back the growl that always rose up when he thought about it.

He concentrated on the fact that Max had at least survived it physically intact. Niandrin were known to alter their ‘property’ to try and increase the visual appeal, even when it might decrease the poor bastard’s value. It had never made sense to him. He had no idea how a race that cruel AND stupid hadn’t killed itself off by now.

And where the hell had they found Max? Shovak’s notes made no mention of it, and until Max could tell them, they had no way of contacting his people or his family. Kasan’s hand stopped caressing Max’s head as he took a deep breath. Could Max have someone else back on his home world? Could that be why he was so upset? He shook his head. Couldn’t be. Every time Max had cum for him, it was as though Max was startled by his own reactions. He didn’t seem aware of what really pleased his body, like one who was only beginning his foray into sexual pleasure. An experienced man, a man with a mate or consort of some kind, would know his body better.

Max was his.

But if there was no one else, and Max knew he wasn’t a slave, did Max’s reaction mean that he simply didn’t want to be with him? Max…disliked being with him?

“Guess he doesn’t like being a consort.” Jolan’s voice was just a touch smug until his consort Ko smacked him in the side of the head. Max’s face popped up at the first ‘ow’ and he watched with large eyes as Ko smacked Jolan again. Max’s body went very still. He turned to look up at Kasan and the miniscule bruise forming around Kasan’s eye, and his shoulders hunched defensively. He slowly pointed a finger at the abused Jolan.


Jolan stared at him, smiling. “Ha, he thinks you’re going to beat on him! Ow! Dammit, Ko!”

After one snarling glare at Jolan, Kasan shook his head in response to Max’s soft voiced question. “No, Gisho. The asshole here is the mate; Ko is the consort. See, asshole, Mate, but Ko, Consort.”

Max watched as Kasan’s pointing went from one to the other and he finally repeated it while gesturing to Jolan. “Asshole, mate.”

Ko started laughing. “Oh, I like him.”

Jolan rolled his eyes, about to correct things when Max started gesturing very carefully. He was obviously trying to say something, but it wasn’t until he smacked his own hand that Kasan understood. “Can consorts hit their mates?? Aw sweetie, is that what’s worrying you?”

“The answer is no. A consort should never hit their mate. That would be the worst thing a consort could ever – ow!” Jolan rubbed the back of his head from Ko’s newest assault. “Dammit, will you stop!”

Ko shook the sting out of his hand, poked Jolan one more time in warning, and smiled at Max. “Yes. You should hit Kasan as often as possible. He needs somebody to keep him from turning into a grumpy old man.”

Max looked confused until Ko leaned over the table. “Yes. Max hit Kasan,” Ko said. Quickly grabbing Max’s hand, Ko brought it up and made Max slap Kasan in the face. Kasan grunted while Max jerked his hand back with a start, staring at them both.

“Ko, you sadistic son of a bitch – that actually hurt!” Kasan fingered his stinging cheek, growling under his breath. He stopped as Max scooted back from him. “Little One, it’s not you. Don’t worry. I’m not mad at you. I’m…” Kasan looked down at the paper and found what he was looking for. He pointed to it, smiling quickly. “I’m happy.”

Max looked down at it, mumbled under his breath, and took a deep breath. “Ah’m happy,” he repeated.

“Yes. Happy, not angry. It’s all right…”

“There, see?” Ko leaned up against Jolan and smirked at Kasan. “Now he knows he can hit you and you’re not going to hurt him. I think, anyway. He still looks a little worried about it. What have you been doing with him?”

Looking down at his consort, Kasan could see that Max was eyeing him warily. Was he expecting to be attacked? Poor little thing, he was so nervous of everything. Kasan had the feeling he was going to have to treat him very gently for quite a while if he wanted him to adjust. Hopefully it wasn’t simply a part of being human. Wondering if he could project ‘harmless’ as well as Zonta, Kasan smiled and brought his hand up to rub at Max’s shoulder. Max didn’t pull away and Kasan relaxed a little.

“It’s all right, precious. I’m not going to hurt you over something as ridiculous as a slap. It’s all right.”

Jolan sniggered. “You wouldn’t hurt him, period. Look at you, you’re so wrapped up in him, you’re…OW!” Jolan glared furiously at Ko, and Kasan was positive he did not want to know what Ko had just done to him under the table.

“Ignore him, Kasan. It’s nice to see you found someone who’s more to you than just the Need,” Ko said, running right over Jolan’s muttered cursing beside him. “So, before my idiot says anything else, could we be introduced?”

“Max, this is Jolan. This is his consort, Ko. Jolan, Ko – this is Max.”

His brother tried to reclaim a little of his lost dignity. “I’m pleased to met you, Max.”

Ko rolled his eyes at Jolan’s uncharacteristic formality, but repeated it anyway. “I’m pleased to meet you, Max.”

Watching them, Max responded with a bow like he’d given Zonta. “Ah’m pleeeased to meeet you, Jolan. Ah’m pleeeased to meeet you, Ko.”

Kasan beamed at the two’s surprised looks. “Picks it up quick, doesn’t he?”

Jolan and Ko stared for a moment, and then Jolan started to snigger. Kasan scowled at him.

“What the hell are you laughing at him for? He’s just learning, it’s not going to be perfect, so don’t…”

Jolan was shaking his head and chuckling louder. “Not him, you! Someone this quick to pick up the words has got to be smart as hell. Which means you mated an intellectual! You! You and Nolluz fight like wild shokan, and here you married someone just like him!”

“Don’t be an idiot. I don’t fight with Nolluz because he’s smart, I fight with him because he’s a prissy little know-everything snot.”

Jolan shook his head. “And because he knows more than you do, admit it. And now, your consort is probably a little bookster, too and – “

Ko sighed and stood, yanking on Jolan’s ear until the man rose with a yelp. “Come on, let’s leave them alone.”

“Oh you can’t tell me you don’t see the humor in this?” Jolan asked, stepping up to Ko’s side as they walked away.

“That’s not the point.”

“You know you’re dying to giggle about it too, Ko.” Jolan’s voice fell to a murmur, his hand moving to Ko’s back before falling to cup one side of his ass as they walked away. Ko’s response was low enough that Kasan was sure no one else could hear, but the man’s hand crept over to Jolan’s ass as well and they walked that way over to visit with Leero. Kasan looked down at Max and saw him staring at them, his mouth agape.

“What has you so surprised, precious?” he murmured, smiling carefully as Max’s head swung around and he found himself looking into darkly lashed blue eyes. The man chewed on his lip and Kasan focused on it. Rosy and soft, his lips looked extremely edible. Kasan swallowed and leaned down. “Damn. You are so…”

Max’s eyes widened and he suddenly grabbed a paper from the table, leaning away from Kasan as he looked at it. He pushed it up between them and pointed to a word frantically, his finger tapping at it so hard that Kasan was worried he’d rip the thing.

“Here, little one. Calm down, I’m paying attention. Put it on the table.” Kasan pushed at his hand until the paper lay flat and then looked closely at the small, stabbing finger that was poking at it. His ears went down. “Oh. I see.”

“What? What is he trying to say?” Zonta looked over curiously.

Still touching the paper, Max waited for Kasan to tell him what the word was in Hinta. With drooping ears, Kasan touched the same word. “No. That’s how you say it, precious. That word is no. No.”

“No!” Max’s voice rang out loud enough that the entire room quieted and he looked around nervously. When Kasan sat back up and didn’t attempt to kiss him again, he visibly relaxed.

“I wouldn’t have thought he disliked it that much,” Kasan said quietly.

“That’s not necessarily it.” Zonta reached across and behind Max and rubbed Kasan’s shoulder. “It might be any number of things. Considering how, eh, occupied you both were when we came in, I can’t imagine he dislikes it very much at all.”

Kasan smiled slowly at the reminder before looking back at Max’s wary face. “True. I just wish I knew what it was.” He reached out and stroked a hand over Max’s hair while Max watched but didn’t say anything. “Maybe my poor little one just wants some control right now. I can give him that.”

“Or maybe he’s upset about kissing in public,” Zonta ventured.

“Upset about…. I never would have considered that. Don’t the Dograthra consider that obscene?”

“ Highly. It wouldn’t be unusual that he might have some cultural taboos we’re unaware of.”

They both stopped talking as one of their uncles stopped by the table to wish Kasan and Max a brief congratulations, and before they could start after he left, Tisu and his consort came over, along with another cousin bringing a few more dishes of food.

Watching Tisu help seat his little consort Roto on a cushion, Kasan was struck by how gentle the man was with him. It was something that was easy to forget when they were alone, without their consorts - when Tisu was a bit of a bully. It had always been a little irritating that Kasan’s younger brother was the biggest one in the family. He was even taller than their father: an intimidating mountain of a man on his own. Roto, on the other hand, was only slightly taller than Kasan himself, and was one of the sweetest people Kasan had ever met.

In all the chaos of the last few days, Kasan hadn’t even thought about the fact that Tisu and he had something similar in their lives right now. Closest in age, they now had another common bond: delicate consorts. Tisu’s size difference, when compared to Roto, was almost as great as the difference between Kasan and Max. And just like Max, Roto tended to be more…emotionally prone to upset, not that everyone didn’t understand why. Roto had been so terribly abused when Tisu had found him; Kasan didn’t think any of them would ever forget it. Tisu had been on his first tour of guard duty for only a few days when he’d come across Roto’s father, beating Roto almost to death, the still-warm corpse of the man’s own consort lying on the ground next to them. After hitting the man so hard his neck had snapped, Tisu had personally carried Roto all the way to the citadel to care for himself.

The Lord King had turned a blind eye when Tisu insisted on installing Roto in the room with him after that point; it had been obvious Roto had wanted to be there just as much as Tisu had wanted his presence. Frankly, Kasan thought that Tisu’s body had even done its part to keep them together. Roto had ripened a bit younger than was normal, most likely due to the stress. Tisu had already been legally ripened for 6 months at that point, but as soon as Roto’s body changed, Tisu had gone into heat, almost a year earlier than he should have. Irritating for Kasan, when his younger brother went into heat so many years before him. Still, he was happy for them. He didn’t think that being mated to a different couple would have kept either of them apart, but it would have been…awkward. Tisu was most definitely the jealous sort.

With his experiences, though, he might finally be able to help Kasan out with something as opposed to being a pain in the ass. He had to have a few good ideas on things to be careful of in a small consort. What they were afraid of, what they worried about, what body parts might be more delicate. Kasan should probably have a talk with him. Soon. With plenty of room for whatever violence was needed when Tisu tried to give him too much shit about needing his help.

It was damn odd to be feeling, in any way, sympathetic towards the big ass, but there it was. Right now, he could completely understand feeling highly protective of one’s consort. Max was so precious and tiny; he looked like he could break at any moment. All Tisu’s slow movements around his consort, his constant touching and checking on Roto’s comfort and safety - it all struck a cord. Tisu, out of everyone, was actually probably most likely to understand what Kasan was feeling about Gisho.

A sure sign the world had gone mad.

Movement from Max brought Kasan back to watching him. Slender arms were reaching out, and Kasan saw Max heave up the pitcher of water not far from his seat. The rounded sides looked enormous in Max’s little hands and it wobbled dangerously before he got a good grip on it.

“Here, precious, that’s too heavy for you. Why don’t you let me –“

“No!” Max pulled the pitcher closer to himself and out of the reach of Kasan’s hands as he tried to grab for it. With a suspicious gaze fixed on him, Kasan put his hands back into his lap and tried not to laugh. Somehow, having the little one angrily defend his right to pour his own water made him seem utterly precious. And it helped a little over the kiss as well; it wasn’t just Kasan, obviously. It was likely he was just happy to be exercising some form of control over the world around him.

He hoped.

He had to admit that Max didn’t spill a drop as he poured it out. When Max had put the pitcher back down, he carefully lifted the cup with both hands again, drinking heavily. Kasan was glad the little one had the cup back down before Roto squealed happily; the high-pitched sound was loud enough to startle everyone at the table. Tisu’s consort was smiling and almost bouncing on his cushion as his soft brown braid bounced with him.

“He is sooo adorable! Oh, I want to just pick him up and squeeze him!”

Kasan smiled. “Please, don’t squeeze him ‘til we know how strong his kind are. I don’t know if he could survive it. Besides the fact that he might object to being treated like a toy.”

Blinking, Roto’s golden eyes looked at Max carefully. “Oh, are they fragile? Tisu said he was human, but I didn’t realize…”

Tisu put his arm around him and leaned down to rub his chin across Roto’s ears. “Don’t worry about it, sweetie. I’m sure he’d be happy to have you give him a hug when he can understand what you’re asking for.”

“Really? I wouldn’t want to hurt him.” Roto’s ears twitched as he smiled rather earnestly at Max.

“If he was strong enough to get thoroughly screwed by Kasan, he can deal with a little hugging.”

Kasan casually held his hand up, palm in, and flicked his claws out a moment, a tacit signal between them that he was going to be kicking Tisu’s ass later. Tisu merely smiled and nodded. He wasn’t drunk this time; it wouldn’t be nearly as easy. Neither of them would say it aloud, though, not in front of Roto.

“Oooooh! Look! He’s picking the Kalla! He’s eating the Kalla first!” Roto started giggling while Zonta and Tisu smirked at Kasan. A few other chuckles could be heard around the room as Roto’s voice carried, and Kasan had a feeling his cheeks might be a bit ruddy. He hadn’t even thought about what food Max was going to choose first; there’d been too much going on to even wonder. But the damn firstmeal after the Greeting was always filled with even more sexually explicit foods than they’d given him last night. And now, Max had picked the Kalla: long rather thick rolls, filled with white icing that spurted from the end when you bit into them.

Max startled as it did so, obviously caught off guard by the white goop covering his hands, and then he started to lick it clean. He paused as there were more chuckles around the room from others who were watching, unabashedly curious.

“He doesn’t know that there’s a meaning to the food.” Kasan muttered as Tisu continued to laugh at him.

“Obviously, otherwise he never would have told us that you two were at it all night – and he got such a full roll, too. You must have been really good.”

Kasan flicked his claws again, held them out a little longer, and Tisu just smiled.

Zonta snorted, and looked away when Kasan glanced at him. “Ah, nose tickled. It was nothing.” He looked back at Max, his eyes glinting with suppressed laughter. “I do wish we’d thought of a way to tell him about the food, though. Then he really could tell us what he thought of his First Night.”

“I don’t think it matters. We all know what he would have chosen.” Tisu picked up a tiny sausage link from a small plate of them and popped it into his mouth.

“If he was choosing sausage, it would be this one.” Kasan plucked out an enormous column of meat, lying in solitary splendor on its own platter, and took a large bite.

“Oh, you wish your dick was that big, midget!” Tisu laughed.

Kasan growled, then smiled. He swallowed carefully and picked up a brilliantly crimson flower from an azure glazed plate. Still smiling, he made a production of eating it one petal at a time. It was Tisu’s turn to squirm; Roto had chosen that for their first food. Having Roto’s choice informing the world that Tisu had been as ‘gentle as a delicate flower’ had been enough for his brothers to howl with laughter at the time.

“I think it’s sweet,” Roto sighed. “Even if it isn’t true. How many times did you make him come?” he asked curiously.

“Roto, that’s not something to ask during firstmeal, sweetheart,” Tisu said gently. “That’s something you can talk to him about afterwards, all right?”

“I don’t think Kasan minds, do you?” Kasan squirmed under Roto’s look. He didn’t know how the man did it, but not giving in to Roto was like trying to lie to his father: impossible.

“No, I don’t mind,” he said, clearing his throat.

“Goodie! So how many times?”

Kasan cleared his throat again. “Three.”

Tisu finished chewing on his sausage, nodding while Roto bounced with another little squeal of glee. A few cousins drifted closer to try and listen to what was going on. “All right, so that could have taken most of the night. At least he’s not too far off.”

“I would have done more, but…I’m not sure if it would be good for him. He came so quickly…”

“Get over yourself,” Tisu snorted and Kasan glared at him briefly before looking down at Max. He swallowed, watching a thin dribble of white icing dripping slowly down Max’s chin from the corner of his mouth.

His voice was soft as he went on. “I’m wondering if it might be a racial trait. If he’s built to orgasm that easily, maybe he shouldn’t have too many.” Kasan looked to Zonta and his brother shrugged.

“I haven’t read anything about it. I’ll see if the archivists know of any restrictions, but nothing came up when I was looking for health differences.”

“If the writing survived all these years,” Kasan added.

All of them looked at Max, speculating as he continued eating. His chewing slowed as he noticed. When he started shifting nervously, Kasan patted his head softly and he jerked it away.

“No.” He pointed one frosting covered finger at Kasan and frowned as he saw it. He popped it into his mouth and sucked it clean before pointing it back at Kasan. Kasan’s cock stirred and he groaned under his breath.

“How can you possibly be any more sexy, Gisho.”


Kasan stayed away, just staring at him with his eyes warming the air between them, and Max went back to the éclair thing. Cat boy was watching him, but he wasn’t doing anything, so it was safe. Kasan wouldn’t try to touch him. He’d actually listened to him; Max had told him to back off, and he’d understood and actually done it! Max was…talking with aliens, and they were listening. He was like that horse whisperer guy, but with aliens. He’d made a humongously big alien cat do what he’d asked.

He was the alien whisperer. Except that sounded lame, so…he was something. He’d think of it eventually.

He took another bite of the éclair, and satisfaction floated to the top of his mind as heavy sweetness filled his mouth. The taste of both lingered after he swallowed. He brushed the corner of his mouth and absently licked the frosting his fingers found there, enjoying the sugary white caramel of it. So…would that do it? Would being able to refuse sex be enough to keep him from getting screwed? Max licked his lips, thinking of the last kiss, and quickly popped the last bit of éclair into his mouth. Chewing, he looked down at the table, ignoring everyone as he tried to think.

It was a little warm in here.

And the married thing. He was married. To an alien. To a man. To a huge, honkin’ sex fiend alien man. Was ‘no’ going to keep him away forever, or would he be willing to…divorce him or something? And he couldn’t believe he was feeling a little weird about that idea. Stupid. Just because his mother and father used to go on and on about the sacred institution of marriage did NOT mean that they would have expected him to stay married in a situation like this! Him, married to a guy? There had to be some kind of… of legal precedent for this, right? Annulment for reasons of – a really huge cock. Max grabbed a small sausage, barely hearing the deep laugh from across the table as he chewed on it, staring to the side at Kasan’s crotch. It really had been huge: sleek and richly golden. Hard. Taking him…

He began to cough as he realized what he’d been thinking. “Dammit, Kasan! Stop having such a big dick!” Kasan’s ears perked up as he looked at him, and Max groaned. Yeah, that had helped. His entire body felt hot and flushed, his own dick already hard. He was actually hard! He began to mutter under his breath.

“Idiot. Staring at his dick like it’s a naked woman or something. You just think what the other colonists are going to think about this when you find them! They’ll…”

What the hell would they think about it? Their linguist, acting like a slut over some huge alien cat. What was he going to TELL them? It was a form of interplanetary diplomacy?

“Ass screwing as a political statement. Yeah.” Max grabbed a handful of sausages, eating them quickly. “Stupid dink,” he mumbled, his mouth full.

Swallowing, he tried to distract himself and looked around the room. It was a lot more informal than he would have expected for a wedding. People were sitting at the shorter tables, or standing at the taller ones, or gathered in groups in open spaces. They shifted around as he watched, children going from table to table, adults visiting and chatting on their way to other tables. Couples’ hands brushed over shoulders and waists, and touching one another’s lips was so common he wondered if it had some type of meaning. He looked at Kasan again. It was weird; he was starting to get used to all the skin. Bare or barely covered chests, thighs and buns, and a lot of the youngest little kids weren’t wearing anything at all. It was like being in an alien nudist camp.

He’d always thought that would be kind of neat, well, just a normal nudist camp. Okay, maybe a Captain Kirk worthy alien nudist camp with lots of hot alien women might have crossed his mind when he was a stupid teenager, but he’d never expected something like this. Naked flesh everywhere just made him feel rather hot and flushed and really, really aware of Kasan sitting next to him with hardly anything on. Nothing covering Kasan’s legs but skin. Practically nothing covering his prick but a little piece of cloth, and utterly nothing blocking his view of Kasan’s huge, broad chest. Max started to sweat as he stared at it. It was right in his face. Literally.

He licked his lips. What did the cat do with his days to get his chest that perfect? And his nipples were…pretty. Flat and dark like burnt caramel, they were staring at him, and they were even a little hard. Kasan couldn’t be cold – it was so damn hot in here he couldn’t possibly be cold. Did that mean he was…? Max looked down at Kasan’s crotch again and noticed the bulge there, larger than it had been a minute ago.

He giggled and grabbed a few of the flowers Kasan had eaten earlier, tossing the whole lot in. They were like sweet citrus.

Would Kasan’s mouth taste like that, since he’d eaten them too? What would his nipples taste like? Max leaned forward before he caught himself and he blinked as he found himself inches from Kasan’s chest. He sat back so quickly he almost fell off his cushion.

What the hell was wrong with him, thinking about something like that? Kasan’s damn nipples could taste like rum and coke, that didn’t mean Max was ever going to find out! Like his lips. Should Max ever have found out what his lips tasted like? No! He shouldn’t know that they tasted hot and sweet, with that bitter aftertaste that he wanted to feel on his tongue again just like he wanted coffee in the morning. And life was not worth living without coffee.

He looked at them, rosy beige and sensual, and he leaned forward again, staring. Kasan would let him taste them. He knew that he would. He would…. He would fuck him in the ass if Max started going shit like that! What. The. Hell!

“You! You’re doing something to me…” Kasan’s head tilted to the side as he watched him, the pupils in his eyes so dilated they were almost as round as Max’s. “Just…control your lips!”

Kasan’s body felt far too close. His legs next to Max felt so hot it was as though Kasan’s skin was melting the air. Max squirmed. Damn tunic was itchy as hell, all of a sudden. So was the stupid cushion. He’d much rather be touching something smooth and yielding. Something warm he could grip and pet.

Yeah. Like that.

Uh, wait a second here…

Max looked down and blinked at seeing his hand running over Kasan’s thigh. What was he doing? He was…touching Kasan, on purpose, like a lover. He was fucking touching Kasan!

And he hadn’t taking his hand off yet, crap. Max yanked his hand back and pointed it up at Kasan.

“What the hell did you do to yourself? You are not this sexy!” Kasan reached out and wrapped his hand around Max’s wrist, staring into his eyes. Max opened his mouth to tell him ‘no’ again, and got stuck as Kasan’s eyes continued staring at his. Max’s balls drew up tautly against his body, his dick hardened completely, and his skin was on fire as licked his lips. Sweet flavor hit his tongue as he caught some forgotten bit of frosting.

Oh man.

Kasan leaned forward with a teasing look and carefully sucked Max’s finger into his mouth. Max whimpered as the heated swirl of Kasan’s tongue. The deep pull of Kasan’s mouth had his mind completely befuddled. It was fantastic. Just that one touch had his erection pressing up so rigidly it hurt. He whimpered again as Kasan released the finger from his mouth and let go of Max’s hand. He wanted it back in there. It was hot and warm and wet….would Kasan do that to his dick? He would, wouldn’t he? They were married, right? They could do sex things any time they wanted. They could do it right now if he wanted, and Kasan would do it for him. Max could get him to do that; he’d get that silk and heated, polished stone feel around his dick.

Except Kasan wasn’t doing anything. He was just sitting there looking, gripping the table in front of him. What the hell was wrong with him? You didn’t suck someone’s finger in that way and just leave him hanging. You always followed finger sucking with… smooth, barely furred chests and lush, smiling mouths and… and why the hell did the tunic feel so freaking nasty? He hated that damn thing. Didn’t know why he was wearing it anyway. Nobody ELSE was wearing a tunic right now, not except for those little paper holding guys, and they’d left. Why should he wear a tunic when no one else was? Pushing up onto his knees, Max began pulling at the ties.

Kasan put his hand out and Max smiled until it stopped him from touching his ties. He slapped at it.

“Fuck off! I can take it off it I want to, Kasan!” Kasan interfered again, taking Max’s hand in his and pushing down until Max was kneeling again with Kasan’s hand in his lap. Feeling the closed fist heating the top of his thigh, Max pushed up a little. If he moved just the slightest bit, Kasan’s hand would be over his dick. If he could just get the damn thing off, Kasan’s hand might even go around his dick. Max could have something hot and tight around him. He looked down at Kasan’s absolutely bulging loincloth. The man was going to strain something if he didn’t take that off soon. He should really take care of it.

What would it taste like? Would it be citrus too? Or would it be musky and spiced, like Kasan’s skin smelled? Or something else…

It was hot, he knew that much. And hard, and it burned a little when it went inside your body, and the painful body-thrumming punch every time it slid home was….God. Kasan sat still, looking at him another moment before releasing his hands, and Max’s eyes roamed over his skin. He wanted to lick it up. He wanted to feel it, so why the hell was Kasan staying so far over there? Couldn’t he tell what Max needed? They hadn’t had ‘I want sex’ in the translating pages, but they shouldn’t need to! Wasn’t it obvious?

If he could just get the damn tunic off, Kasan would know what he wanted. He just had to get it off, and Kasan would touch him some more. Suck on his skin. Press into him and make him quiver and scream and…dammit, he wanted to be fucked!

Max’s hands shook as he still tried to work the ties on his tunic and he grew desperate. He had to get the damn thing off! Kasan’s hands were there again, laid across his torso, and he looked up. Had he understood? No…no, Kasan looked worried. He put a hand up to Max’s forehead and Max leaned into it; it burned him all the way down to his toes. He could tell it had jolted Kasan as well: he was almost purring under his breath, his hand moving down Max’s cheek and over his jaw.

And then he started cursing and stood up, scooping up Max as he went.


“Fuck!” Kasan turned from the table, cradling Max who had started to rub against his body. He took two steps away from the table before Tisu was up and his hand was on Kasan’s arm.

“No way, you horny bastard. You have to suffer through this just like the rest of us did.” Tisu smirked at him and Kasan had to reach deep to find the willpower not to claw him.

“It’s not the same.” Tisu snorted and Kasan pulled, yanking his arm away. “Look at him, dammit! It’s not the same!” Max was squirming wildly in his arms, and Kasan clutched him tighter as his consort ran his hands over Kasan’s bare chest and began to suck at one of his nipples. Dear God.

“Woah, he’s…eager.”

“He’s fucked up! WE fucked up. The damn Chera root –“

“What of it? So you’ve got a nice horny buzz going: everyone else had to wait until after his post-greeting meal to take care of it. No way we’re going to let you get special privileges. Uh uh.”

Growling, Kasan shivered. “Think about it, dammit! It’s intended for us! What would that much root do to someone Max’s size? You know the nanites don’t neutralize Chera!”

Tisu’s eyes widened as he watched Max whimpering in Kasan’s arms. He let out a low growl.

“Son of a bitch. No wonder he’s writhing like that.”

Kasan’s legs shook as Max bit him and plastered his small body against his chest. “Shit. Just…fucking talk to the cooks and get them to make something without any root! I have to help him with this or it’ll be bad.“

Tisu nodded quickly and turned away. Pausing, he looked back and smirked once. “Have fun.”

Kasan snarled out an unintelligible reply and walked for the door while Max began to reach up and pull at his hair. He could hear people calling out behind him, teasing or asking what was going on, and he ignored them, getting out into the hallway as quickly as he could. He could feel the buzz of his own lust going already – thank God he hadn’t eaten more than a bite. He’d been too preoccupied with watching Max. It was hard enough right now with the little one going crazy within his arms. Max had to feel on fire by now, from the way he was acting. If he came, though, he’d be okay. The little endorphin rush combined with the orgasm would make the drug dissipate quickly, but he had to do it fast.

Kasan looked around, trying to find somewhere private he could get to, almost running down the hallway, and he slapped open the door to the greeting room as he came to it, hugging Max’s waist to his body with one arm. Max’s legs wrapped around him before he finished closing the door. It was empty: everyone was on his way home or at firstmeal.

He was going to have to make Max come fast. He’d just bring him to orgasm, it would be faster than taking him, and then they’d get back. Max’s tongue and lips were moving along his collar bone, nipping at the skin fitfully while his hands slipped on Kasan’s shoulders. Kasan took them straight to the nearest wall. He pushed Max back against the brilliantly red hanging, pulling his legs off of Kasan’s body and sliding him up along the fabric until he was raised high. Kasan’s arms were practically parallel to the ground as he hooked them under Max’s knees. He planted his palms against the wall and spread his arms apart, supporting his consort’s spread legs on his biceps as Max curled in on himself a little against the wall. The little one’s tunic was hanging down behind him, and Kasan looked at the covering in the front a moment before grabbing it with his teeth and pulling it to the side. He grinned as it put his face close enough to Max’s penis to be tickled by small, crisp golden hairs.

Max was practically incoherent, reaching for him until Kasan bent his head and took the small, erect cock into his mouth. Then hands fisted in his hair and Max moaned low in his throat, the muscles in his thighs straining as he tried to push his hips. Kasan kept him there and tongued the underside of his cock, sucking softly as he drew back on it. He tightened his lips around Max’s shaft, curling them around his teeth to protect the soft skin as he drew it back into his mouth. Crying out, Max moaned with incoherent whimpers from his own language. Kasan drew back again and then took Max into his mouth until his lips touched the flesh at its base. He didn’t have time to play, really. He should just do it quickly. A few more bobs of his head, and Max was already close to the edge. He knew it. He should do it.

Instead, Kasan drew him out, one last time, and paused. It was be a moment or two more before Max orgasmed if he didn’t continue, but…there was something he hadn’t done with Max yet. And Max would probably really, really like it. Pulling his mouth free, he leaned in and up with his arms, curling in Max’s body just enough that Kasan had his bottom completely open and exposed in mid-air.

He salivated as he looked at it. Pink. His consort’s entrance was as pink as his lips, and he couldn’t wait to see how Max reacted when he tongued him there.

“Hold on, precious, almost there now.” His head dipped forward, his tongue slipped out, and he licked the soft, wrinkled skin carefully. The spicy musk of cleansing oil invaded his senses at the same time Max squeaked adorably. Max twisted, his legs pushing out as Kasan tasted him again, licking him in small circles as his consort yelped and pleaded for only a few moments before he came. His legs stiffened like marble before his entire body went boneless, and Kasan chuckled against his skin.

And resigned himself to an uncomfortable few more hours. Max would recover now from the Chera root, and they should go back, no matter how enticing his body looked as he was draped over Kasan’s arms and pinned against the crimson banner behind him. Completely luscious. Like creamy ice and berries. Kasan closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he tried to keep himself from lowering Max down onto himself. He should be good. He should be controlled. He should…be noticing that Max was beginning to moan again rather than coming back to himself. Kasan’s eyes widened as he looked at Max’s body and saw his erection standing proudly again in front of his face.

God, how much of an overdose had Max gotten?

Max moaned rather pitifully, trying to move, and Kasan swallowed. Max needed to come more than once. As much as Kasan was appalled at how much his consort’s body seemed affected by the damn stuff, the fact that he was going to be able to take him now, the fact that Max needed him to take him…

Ohhh, he was really going to enjoy this. Max’s soft blue eyes were desperate as he tried to talk to Kasan, eventually just reaching for his own erection to thrust against his own hands, and Kasan barely paused as he slid his hands along the wall until they had wormed their way behind Max’s back. With a quick twist, he flipped their positions. He had himself leaning with his back against the wall, holding Max by the waist. The little one leaned onto him, wrapping his arms around his neck as he tried to drag Kasan’s head down to his level. Kasan pulled him up higher instead, biting feverishly at his lips, sucking on the pink softness until it was swollen. He pulled at his loincloth while Max shimmied and squirmed and tried to devour Kasan’s mouth. It only took a few minute to disrobe, but it was as twice as long as it should have, and that was too long by half.

When he was finally naked, he pulled Max closer, his mouth moving along Max’s jaw until he reached his ears. He began to lick along their edge while reached down between them and snagged the front of Max’s tunic, pulling it out of the way. While Max wrapped his legs around him, Kasan’s hand slipped down and cupped his bottom. He could feel the man’s skin against his groin, the hard little erection thrusting frantically as Max keened and arched against him. Max’s head shifted and his lips pressed against Kasan’s again. Small hands gripped at Kasan’s hair until it pulled against his ears. A slim, pink tongue shoved into Kasan’s mouth as Max growled like a little kitten.

Aggressive, Max was even more fucking adorable and sexy than he’d been before, and Kasan hadn’t dreamed that was possible. Feeling Max’s hips jerking against him, Kasan spread the fingers of his hand where it supported Max’s bottom. He could just see what it looked like in his head. Pale cheeks opening as Kasan lowered the little body, his own dark erection threatening that pale, rosy entrance. He could feel it, a soft pressure as he nudged Max’s tight, sensitive little hole. He was so hot for Max, his erection had probably been leaking lubricating fluids since he’d seen Max earlier in the same room. God, he wanted him right fucking now!

Pressing his back against the wall, Kasan pushed his hips forward. Max’s legs were up high and twined around Kasan’s torso, his lips were still trying their best to attack Kasan’s mouth, and he looked and smelled of lust and sex. But could he take this? If they did it this way, it was going to be deep, and Max was so small. Had they been mated long enough for the nanites to make the proper adjustments? The microscopic machines usually worked quickly, from what he’d heard, so his consort’s little bottom might be flexible enough to take him more easily now. Max hadn’t seemed to have too much discomfort from this morning. That should be a good sign.

He hoped. God, Kasan wanted him, but if it hurt him too much, he was going to have to stop…if he could. With another groan blending with Max’s frantic whimpers, Kasan began to push himself in. Max’s lips never left his; he just began whining until Kasan shoved his tongue into his greedy mouth. The little one began sucking on it as his legs curled up higher around Kasan’s hips. His body dropped even further, giving a better angle for Kasan to thrust upwards, and he embedded himself completely with one smooth stroke.

Max took him in with a delicious, gripping shudder, but his body seemed to be enjoying it rather than trying to push him away and he held onto him tightly with his thighs. Kasan groaned into his mouth. The fact that Max was so hot for him…Kasan wanted to ravish him. His legs were shaking from need. He was gripping Max’s ass so tightly he might be leaving marks, and his arm had moved from around Max’s waist to his back as he kept him still.

And Max obviously loved it. He was pushing his hips down onto Kasan’s shaft and crying out into Kasan’s mouth…and then doing it again. Max wanted him. The Chera root was making Max’s need to come desperate, but Kasan had seen others who had taken too much Chera before. They would refuse people they didn’t like in favor of their own hand, if it came down to it.

Which meant that Max wanted HIM.

Kasan pulled up on Max’s bottom until he could feel the tightness of the small outer muscles gripping the head of him and then let Max slide back down. His consort’s erection rasped along his stomach as he did it again. And again.

And again.

He wrapped his other arm around Max’s waist again, drawing him up with his bottom and pulling down at his waist until Kasan was seated fully within Max’s heated body. He needed to push in; he couldn’t wait. His legs quivering on the floor as he thrust up, bracing himself against the wall. His lust-fogged mind tried to keep the rhythm with his hands and his hips. Max was whimpering and shifting to force him deeper, and faster, and Kasan found himself doing exactly that. His arms began to tire as he completely supported the little man’s weight before each thrust, slamming his hips home as Max yelled hoarsely into his mouth. Max’s tunic was dark with sweat, coarse as it rasped against the skin of Kasan’s chest and arms: erotically painful. Both of them clutched at each other, their hips jerking wildly, and Kasan pulled his head free, screaming as he slammed Max down one last time and came into him. His legs stayed stiff, cramping, before he realized he hadn’t heard Max release.

Except Max was leaning against Kasan’s chest right now, breathing hard, his body quivering and shaking. Kasan shifted, and felt Max’s erection begin to fade, slipping between their bodies along fluid that hadn’t been there when they’d begun. Kasan hadn’t even noticed when it had happened.

Thank God Max had come.

And Kasan hoped to hell it was enough, because too much longer and his legs were going to give out. He needed a bed. Or at least a cushion.

He shot away from the wall as the door to the room opened with a bang, Ash charging in with…the ladder. He was yelling as he ran in.

“Out of the way! God dammit, everybody get out of the way, I’ve got…it.” Aosh stopped inside the doorway and stared at Kasan and Max, and the empty room, for a long, silent moment. His eyes traveled down to where Kasan was still embedded in Max’s body, their connection hidden by the back of Max’s tunic hanging down, and his entire body relaxed. He smirked, leaning the ladder against the wall, and crossed his arms over his chest as he leaned next to it.

“Tsk, tsk. Cavorting in the greeting room? While everyone else is…at firstmeal, I’m assuming? What would father say?”

Kasan glared at him and carefully withdrew his cock from Max. From the man’s murmurs against his chest, he wasn’t certain Max was entirely conscious. He settled him sideways in his arms, carefully making sure to hide his bottom from Aosh. Stupid lecherous idiot was staring at Max with much hotter eyes than he liked.

“He’d say to mind your own business. And if you don’t stop staring at my consort like that, he’s not going to say anything at all to you, because you’ll no longer be among the living.”

Aosh smirked even more. “After the noises I just heard as I was coming down the hall, you’ll have to forgive a little staring. Here I thought something must have happened and instead…. Hmmm, I’d never heard that you were a screamer. Or was that the little one?”

Kasan sighed. He leaned back against the wall with Max curled up in his arms, murmuring against him with his eyes closed. He wasn’t sure if he could walk just yet. “Shut up, Aosh.”

“No, really, I’m curious. You know how running all over the citadel looking for some huge, heavy piece of shit that was obviously unnecessary tends to spark my curiosity. So I’d really like to know: what the hell are you doing here? And WHY the HELL didn’t anyone send someone to tell me you didn’t fucking need the ladder anymore!” Aosh’s smirk disappeared as he glared at Kasan.

Kasan glared back. “A little exercise won’t kill you.”

“Oh, is that why you and your consort are here? How foolish of me to interrupt your training. I can see how that is so much more important than anything to do with me.”

“Oh for…Look, brat, things happened –“

“I can see that.”

Kasan snorted. “You’re a regular little snot when you’re pissy.”

“I’m not pissy, I’m pissed. Huge difference,” Aosh replied.

Kasan shook his head and stood away from the wall again. Shaky legs or no, he should get back. “Just shut up and let’s get back to firstmeal. You can bitch all you like to Zonta when we get there. And then you need to get this ladder put away. And stay away from Max.” He walked passed Aosh, watching him carefully, his tail smacking his brother’s legs as he went by.

Aosh didn’t bother to disguise his small laugh as he followed. Kasan could feel him staring the entire walk down the hallway, and he couldn’t stop re-checking Max’s tunic to make sure he was covered.

“His tunic looks like it’s making you nervous. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather take it off of him?”

“Not with a lecher like you around.”

“I’m sure the view would be…interesting,” Aosh murmured.

“Stop it, Aosh. Don’t push me right now. I’m not in the fucking mood.”

“Really? You looked like you were ‘in the mood’ just a minute ago.”

Kasan glared at the second set of chuckles that joined Aosh: the guard by the door to the dining area.

“Don’t you have anything better to do?”

The guard smiled lazily. “Nope. Just standing here guarding. Sounds like it would have been more fun to be guarding another part of the citadel this morning.”

“It was definitely louder,” Aosh said with a grin, and he and the guard laughed again. Kasan gave up and walked past him. He entered the firstmeal and ignored everyone’s stares as he went back to the table he’d settled on before. He wanted Max to be near Zonta, and it looked like his brother had planted himself there, guarding their papers. Kneeling, he lowered Max onto a large cushion next to him. Max muttered and curled up, sleeping, while Kasan ran his hand over his back. He looked up at the snorting laugh from across the table. Tisu and Roto had left, and now his brother Nolluz was there with his consort. Just what he needed.

Neera was a lovely woman, which was why he had no idea how she tolerated Nolluz. Whom he stilled owed a good beating for preserving the damn dungeons. That last punch had been solely for Max’s sake. The man was pompous and rude, and while he was highly intelligent, the fact that he knew it and waved it in their faces had most of his brothers gritting their teeth around him. Daily. Right now, he was snickering as loudly as Aosh, who sat down on the other side of Zonta.

Neera smiled brightly, her eyes sparkled, and she gestured with cheerful little wave. “Well, I have to say that I am honestly surprised. I hadn’t realized you were so traditional.”

Traditional? What in the world was she talking about? He never… Kasan’s cheeks flushed as Aosh finally started to guffaw.

“Didn’t even realize, did you?” Aosh chortled. “I was hoping for maybe for half the hallway, but you made it all the way here!”

Kasan threw a cup at him and Aosh just caught it before it hit him in the head. “Zonta, don’t let the lecher here lay a finger on Max. I’ll be right back.” He glanced at Max, who was sleeping through the entire thing. At least it wasn’t just sex that didn’t seem to wake him up, he thought, grinning in spite of his own discomfort. He got up and tried to keep his dignity as he headed back to the door.

“Oh, by the way, no hard feelings over the ladder, Kasan. I’m feeling much better about it now.”

Kasan ignored him, and everyone else who was watching with broad smiles. Somehow, he had a feeling he was going to be seeing looks like that all day long; the entire morning had all the makings of a true disaster. And dammit, it wasn’t as though he minded going ‘traditional,’ but he really would have rather done it on purpose than be caught totally unaware. With a light shove, he closed the door behind him, and slapped his cousin guarding the door in the stomach.

“You could have told me,” he muttered, walking past.

“What, and miss the sight of you going back to the greeting room? I wouldn’t dare.”

Kasan gestured obscenely with his claws as he proceeded down the hall, his tail swishing over his naked ass while he went to retrieve his loincloth.

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