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The Last Pure Human
Chapter 1 - The Last Pure Human

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Kasan snarled to himself, prowling through the small confines of his cell on long muscular legs that trembled with the need to run.  If he had to stay inside this windowless cage for another day- which he did- he thought he might go crazy. And he was fucking going to take everyone else along with him when he went, starting with his asshole brother.  He snarled again, remembering what Nolluz had said.

‘We should preserve the dungeons.  They’re a historical landmark and an important part of Kyashin history.’ 

As someone who was now living inside the historical landmark, the same one he’d been imprisoned in for two stinking weeks, he desperately wanted to see Nolluz again so he could tell him to take his history and shove it up his ass.  There was nothing, absolutely nothing, intrinsically valuable about keeping a working dungeon in this day and age.  The entire damn thing was carved out of the mountain, for the love of God!  Huge wooden doors, bolts with chains that were inches thick, and dammit, the stone might look golden and warm, but it was fucking freezing!  He had a pile of hay between his ass and the stone floor, and considering his ass had nothing over it except his own waist length hair, that wasn’t even close to enough covering.

He really needed to lobby his father for uniforms for any prisoners, because nudity and old dungeons were a shitty combination.

He turned abruptly as he reached one wall, his black hair flying out behind him and clouding his eyes before he shoved it out of the way.  If only the ridiculously archaic dungeons weren’t so damn impenetrable, the guards loyal to him might have been able to help.  As it stood, the mercenaries Shovak had hired to guard him until his father returned had taunted him every time his guards rescue attempts had failed.  They laughed, discussing the harsh punishments that Shovak had meted out while all Kasan could do was rage and grind his teeth at what his men were being subjected to.  He was proud of his men’s loyalty in trying to smuggle someone in for him, but he had to admit that the continued reports of failure were taking their toll.  He didn’t wish to die, which he would if he stayed here alone much longer.  Every failure was one more person who suffered because of him, one day less that he had to find some solution.  Still, he’d managed to hold on to a sliver of hope until Esgard had infiltrated the mercenary troop and pulled guard duty.  Esgard had come in to give Kasan his morning rations and offered himself to the prince as a potential consort during his Lord’s heat.  When Kasan realized that his friends were desperate enough to start trying to smuggle in men to him, he’d essentially given up hope.   

His inability to couple with other males was a running source of amusement for most of his friends and family.  The few times he’d tried, especially on the battlefield when women were scarcer than snowfall in the low valley, were practically legendary for their abysmal results.  He simply couldn’t keep his body aroused when sex and other men were both involved.  He honestly didn’t know why he had to be handicapped that way.  The rest of his brothers were fine enjoying themselves with either sex, like almost everyone he knew.  Hell, Jolan and Tisu even had male consorts!  But for him, it looked like whatever throwback genes affected everything else in his body also kept him from enjoying his own gender. No matter how hard he tried, he found nothing but bland indifference or outright distaste at the thought of sexual relations with other beings as big as, or bigger than, himself.  Warriors just couldn’t turn him on, and even knowing that…everyone was so certain of failure that a rather effeminate, beautiful man was their last resort.

They all knew there was nothing left: he needed sex, and he needed it now.  So even knowing it was useless, he’d damn well tried to stay aroused long enough to take Esgard.
It would have been a lot easier if his race weren’t so damn resistant to drugs.  Hell, one good neural aphrodisiac could have had him up for days if he was from a different species.  But no, Kyashin didn’t work that way. 
Damn stupid genetics.

So, he’d blocked the sight of Esgard’s manhood from his eyes, pretending it was a woman he was entering, and he hadn’t even been able to last for 5 seconds before his member went completely limp.  Trying desperately, neither of them had managed to make it rise again and they’d had to give up as Esgard’s shift ended.  Esgard had been discovered the next day and they hadn’t been allowed a second chance.  Kasan hoped that the young man still lived.

He felt the need inside him buzzing so hard his skin burned with it and he kicked at the creamy stone that made up his prison.  Dammit.  Dammit, dammit, dammit. His heat’s end was so close that he could practically feel his remaining time dripping out.  It was almost too late.  He had today, maybe not even that, before his mating heat passed and he was well and truly fucked.  His body would simply stop working, slowly killing him over the next few weeks until he died a withered dried up husk.

Still stuck in the damn dungeon, the last moments of his only opportunity to find someone to bond with ticking away, he growled and cursed to himself.  This type of situation was exactly the reason that Kasan had spoken out against accepting mercenaries into the section of the military that guarded the palace and royal family.  They were too easily controlled when someone with a sufficiently large sum of credits backed them. Of course, because he was well known for that opinion, every mercenary had been rather uncooperative to switching sides to Kasan's payroll. 

Closing his eyes as he almost ran into the far wall, Kasan leaned his heated face against the cool stone.  If only he hadn’t been such a sensitive little idiot, Shovak wouldn’t have had the opportunity to set him up.  As usual, he’d gone to a dive of a brothel just because he hated how the more affluent courtesans treated him- like some kind of animalistic pre-cursor.  Once his heat had arrived, preventing him from leaving for his family’s annual spring hunt, he’d presented Shovak with the perfect opportunity to end him.  Shovak had simply waited until his father was a few days gone, well into the mountains and practically impossible to find, and then he’d persuaded one of Kasan’s whores to cry rape.  Kasan had been irritated, but not expecting anything other than a typical attempt at extortion from the woman.  After she’d been murdered, however, Shovak was able to use a rather archaic law to have Kasan imprisoned until his father returned.

During the Second Wave of Occupation, there’d been so many rape victims killed to prevent their accusations that the Lord King had finally had to make legal changes.  If a rape victim was killed, the accused rapist was confined until the King’s men could conduct a formal inquiry into the affair….however long that took, which could be years if the Lord King was pissed off enough.  Murders had dropped rather rapidly at that point.  For Kasan, however, this meant that he was imprisoned until his father returned, which should be within a day or two, but too late to make any difference.

If he didn’t take a consort during his heat, it was a death sentence. 

He hissed to himself and started moving again, his black ears twitching on top of his head as he prowled back and forth, his claws flicking in and out of his fingertips and his tail a black blur that twitched in agitation.  He wanted blood, and he wanted the blood to be Shovak’s.  His father would likely let him have it, too, once it was discovered that the bastard had violated one of their most sacred rules: no one was denied an adult partner during heat unless he was already condemned to death.  Yet here Kasan was, completely alone in his cell with only hours remaining until his own death would be absolutely assured.  Shovak, he was sure, would find some way to shift the blame.  He’d accuse one of his own followers of being at fault for the ‘oversight’, most likely.  Although Kasan could admit to himself that he was a bit surprised that Shovak was willing to risk it.  His uncle was usually so meticulous, with every detail worked out to leave him blameless and innocent.  So what was he going to come up with to explain such a gross lapse in adherence to their laws? What was he doing? 
It would do him no good to achieve Kasan’s death in the only way that was considered ‘natural causes’ if he did it in such a way that he was accused of a violation that could get him banished.  What was that little weasel planning? 

    Kasan was startled by the sound of the door creaking open.  The stupid thing was so thick he couldn't hear a damn thing unless they opened the door or the small viewing portal near the top.  Fucking made him jumpy as hell. He backed up to the far wall, a habit he’d quickly learned to avoid being beaten away from it as the guards entered.   His first attempt to defy them had ended with laying unconscious on the floor for half a day and he still had faint bruises remaining from the encounter.  Not that it would have done him much good to escape his cell, anyway.  There was no way out from the inside without help on the outside.  And he had no way of contacting anyone.

    Shovak’s annoying flunky Liosh walked in, carrying someone wrapped in a thick blanket over his shoulder.  The man's tawny ears were held erect, his matching hair perfectly confined in a tight braid that swept against his loincloth as he sauntered in.  Little Bastard.
Kasan couldn’t imagine what the man thought he was doing; was Shovak actually giving him a consort?  It didn’t make any sense.  The person over his shoulder was obviously a woman, by the size.  On the small side for one, actually, so what was wrong with her? Was she disease ridden?  So old and ugly she was almost guaranteed to repulse him and render him incapable of taking her?

Not that he would want to, in that case.

But Shovak would never grant him the opportunity to take his place as the third heir, would he?  Unless he was planting a spy?  Was the female someone loyal to him and he thought Kasan would be so desperate that he wouldn’t question the gift?  He eyed the bundle with distrust.  Liosh remained oblivious and smiled at him toothily.
Responding to the smile, Kasan sneered at him. “What a surprise to see you.. And here I thought for sure Shovak had managed to forget all about Hinta law.  Especially considering his actions over the last week.”

    “Shovak is a law abiding citizen of the kingdom.” Liosh said, still smiling as his eyes glinted.  “You’re still in heat, and you now have access to a viable mating candidate.” He hefted the female over his shoulder a bit, readjusting her position, and she let out a low grunt of discomfort.  “In fact, Shovak found a very special consort, in honor of the prince’s position.  An off planet find, no less."

"You know very well we can't breed with non-Kyashin, you bastard." This was sloppy, even for Shovak: giving him some other species wasn’t in compliance with the law.

"On the contrary, there is one species that is still listed as compatible in the records. Shovak currently has papers proving that this particular creature does, indeed, meet your genetic requirements.  Personally, I think the choice is perfect for you, throw-back." Liosh tossed the bundle to the floor and stepped outside quickly, figuring rightly that Kasan might attack him out of sheer annoyance if he didn’t retreat immediately.  Kasan wasn't exactly known for keeping his temper.    

Yeah, don't let the door hit you on your tail-less ass on the way out, twit.

The little slimy bastard called back through the small window of the door after it closed.

"Shovak sends his best wishes to you on enjoying your consort-to-be." He let out a high-pitched giggle before slamming the small portal shut and leaving Kasan alone with the candidate.

Kasan stared at the pile of fabric, not bothering to move towards it.  One species still listed?  There weren't any other species they were compatible with, there hadn't been for hundreds of years, not since…

"You fucking son of a bitch," he breathed slowly. He was trying to play off another throwback as some sort of human.  That had to be it. He'd paid someone to fake the genetic tests and claim that he'd somehow found a 'pure' human.  Now he knew why Shovak wasn’t worried about the fall out.  His weasel of an uncle had followed the exact, letter of the law: humans were still listed in the ancient texts as compatible with Kyashin, as the race itself had a little bit of Terran mixed in somewhere in the past.  But to his knowledge, there hadn’t been a pure human seen anywhere in the galaxy in hundreds of years.  They had interbred so much that their genes were mingled with innumerable other races.  Those cross-breeds had proved to be incompatible to his own, so far, but if that bastard had managed to get a throwback like himself, only one who looked more like her human parentage, then as long as he had paperwork to back it up, Shovak was free and clear.

He’d found him a legitimate candidate, legally speaking, even if it was all a bunch of shit.

Kasan sighed, looked down at the bundle that still squirmed, unseen, underneath the large cloak, and he stepped forward to have a look.  Crouching down, he pulled back the cloak rather ungently, and stared in surprise.  His first impression was pink skin.  Lots of pale, cream and pink skin.  What a rather pretty color, he thought, feeling his over-heated body respond slightly to the sight of all that naked flesh.  His second surprise came as he saw that the small person was actually male, rather than female.  Looking at the male member resting on pale golden brown, curling hair, he was more surprised than he wanted to admit that he wasn’t losing his arousal.
He didn’t believe that had ever happened before when he looked at the male body.  It was just, this male’s body was so unlike any he’d ever seen before.  It wasn’t that he wasn’t fit.  He could see the taut muscles of the man’s arms and legs, the flat ripples of his stomach, the rounded strength of his chest.  He was fit, but he wasn’t anywhere close to having the large muscles of Kasan’s fellow Kyashin.  Even most of the females Kasan knew had more muscle mass than the male in front of him.  He was staring at his body so long that he was almost reluctant to look at the man’s face.  Sighing, expecting to be disappointed, he moved his eyes up and saw pale brown hair, wavy and short, only to his shoulders.  And the man’s eyes…were they blue?  He’d heard of some races that had that color in their people, but he’d never seen it himself.  It was really lovely. And ears…he had two pinkish pale round ears, small and cute as hell, one on either side of his head.

They were absolutely adorable.  So tiny.  He looked at the face, trying to decide if it was attractive or not, aside from the coloring. It most definitely was.  His bones were good, with straight clean lines, a well-made jaw. A broader face than he was used to, but still appealing.  The lips were rather full as well, the lashes around his eyes long and dark, and his cheeks were flushed. 

He looked like he'd just made love rather than come from the shoulder of a little weasel.  Had he?  Had Shovak tried him out first?  He scowled at the thought, his eyes darkening almost to black as his tail slashed behind him.  He leaned forward, baring his fangs aggressively as he inhaled the man's scent, testing.  It would be the final slap in the face, to not only give him a useless candidate, but take him first, too.

Rather than the musky smell of recent sexual release, however, he was bombarded with the bitter smell of Argenta.  It was most often used to keep more valuable slaves docile for short periods of time in some of the illegal markets, he'd heard, so what was it doing on this small man?  Perhaps Liosh hadn't lied and he'd truly been a purchase from off world rather than being another throwback from here at home.  Or they'd drugged the man just for realism.  Either one was within the bounds of possibility. 

However, the fact that he was a male almost completely negated his being a spy.  Shovak wouldn't expect him to take him; he knew his difficulties with men as well as anyone else.  Shovak could have just sent in a man and been done with it.  It showed just how serious he must be to add on this extra layer of insurance against the consort actually being suitable. 

Poor little one, he thought, watching the man stare at him with wide, surprised eyes.  The fake human tried to sit up, failing, flopping bonelessly backwards on to the blanket underneath him, and Kasan took pity on him.  He reached down and put his arm around the man's back, holding him up. Those attractive blue eyes stared back at him and a curious hand came up to rub at across Kasan’s face and up to his ears.  Kasan could feel himself arching his head slightly into the touch.  He always was a sucker for a good ear stroking.

But not from a male before, he thought.  And right now, a male was touching him, and he liked it.  How amazing.

If only the man really was a human, it might have given him a chance to get out from this.  But if he was human, if he was a viable candidate, his scent would be clear to anyone in heat.  He would smell like something edible and sweet, something delicious and crisp that was made to slide down his throat and make him moan in pleasure at the taste. 

Rather like he was doing right now. 

He swallowed heavily. Why was he thinking of food so strongly right now?  He sniffed again, and caught it.  Underneath the bitterness of the drugs was the sweet, bright scent of something tasty.  Like tarts and berries, but colder in a delicious kind of way. 
Shovak wouldn't have known the scent was there, not unless he'd found someone in heat to come in and smell the little man.  And if he had obtained him off world, the xenophobic bastard would never believe an outsider’s word that the pale-eyed male was genetically human. 

After all, everyone knew there were no pure human's left.

Which meant Shovak didn't know.  He didn't know that this man actually was, amazing and impossible as it seemed, a pure human.

Kasan smiled, he teeth bared again, and his consort-to-be tried to lean away from Kasan rather drunkenly as his eyes widened.

“Shhhh, little one, I won’t hurt you.” Kasan said, holding his hands palm down, fingertips tucked under, trying to seem non-threatening to the startled man.

"I feel soooo out of it, you have no idea," the man said, blinking at him. "Didja know, I'm even seeing cat ears on your head?  I musta drunk something really, really good last night."

Well, that might be a problem, Kasan thought.  What WAS that language was he speaking? 

"Do you speak Hinta?" Kasan asked slowly.

"Woah, I can't even understand what you're saying.  Pretty.  Is that Portuguese? I thought I knew how to speak Portuguese.  Do I?  Wait, has the colony landed already?  I'm supposed to be doing--something--with them.  I think.  Aren't I?  Oh my.  I think I'm going to be sick."  

Kasan watched him talk, amused at the incomprehensible rambling even as he wished he could understand it, at least until the man started to look alarmed.  He finally figured out what was about to happen and picked him up just in time get him face first over a free piss pot.

If the poor man hadn't been about to lose the contents of his stomach, he likely would just from the smell in there, Kasan thought sympathetically as he heard the man retching.  Another wonderful 'historic' touch from his brother. 

He really needed to beat Nolluz after he was done with Shovak. 

After the man slumped against him, Kasan wrinkled his nose and moved them both to the opposite side of the room.  Feeling the man's sleek skin against his chest as he carried him, and looking down at his still flushed face, he still felt aroused and interested.  He had the first ray of light since this whole miserable business began.  He had someone with him who he could take before his heat ended, and he actually found the man attractive. 
Shovak could kiss his ass.

After settling him down on the little one's blanket again, he put an arm around him to support his back, holding up a small cup of water for the man to rinse out his mouth. He handed him a small bit of mint root to clean off his breath, as well. Thank God for the last bit from Esgard, he thought.  He was about to try and communicate to the man again when he felt a painful spike in his arousal.


He wouldn't have long then before the end, then. He didn't have time to woo the little man, or do much more than relax him and try to make things as good as possible.  Even if he hadn't had the necessity of his duty to the kingdom on his shoulders, his body wouldn't allow him to ignore the opportunity in front of him.  He was going to take this young man, no matter what either of them might want.

Although he could admit it, he and his body pretty much agreed on this one: the man was just so damn cute.  Kasan looked over the body next to him, admiring as he turned him slightly. He was sleek and strong, if rather slight and delicate to be considered male, in Kasan's opinion.  He was also significantly smaller than Kasan himself; a small miracle, considering that Kasan had, to date, only met one other adult male smaller than himself, ever. 

And that had been his grandfather after he'd been bent with age.

His skin looked creamy and appealing, his smell was right, and looking at his manhood, Kasan still found him attractive.  Well, what a surprise.  It was actually the large size and muscles of males that turned him off, not the actual maleness itself. 

Meet Kasan’s new consort: an alien, and a male. 

His brothers were going to laugh themselves silly over the irony.
He took in a deep breath and reached his hand around from the man's back to curl around his face and cup his cheek.  It had just the slightest rasp of stubbly hair on it, rather downy really.  What a curious thing. 

"Uh. What're you doing?" The man asked, his head resting completely against Kasan's arm.  Kasan was fairly sure that if it weren't for the support, that head would have flopped all the way over until he hit the floor. "You're really pretty, for a giant kitty man.  Did you know I have a cat?  Had a cat.  Couldn't take it with me.  Poor kitty."

    Kasan held the finger from his other hand against the soft lips that still spouted the man's native language.  "Shhhhh. No more talking," he said. Looking down into the curious, almost innocent blue eyes, he smiled.  Such a pretty man. 

    "I'll try to make this good for you.  Don't worry, I won't simply take you." Kasan murmured, bringing his face close to his consort's until he felt lips underneath his own, soft and surprised and so easy to penetrate with his tongue that he slid in, tasting.  Ice and fruit.  He smelled so of fruit that he even tasted that way.  The man's hands went up to press weakly against Kasan's chest as he tried to jerk back. He was completely startled, his eyes wide as they stared in utter surprise at Kasan. And then they slowly hazed over as Kasan continued to taste his mouth.  Feeling his tongue, his mouth, his slick teeth and the soft plumpness of his lips, Kasan moaned softly against him.

God, the man tasted damn good.

Kasan held the little man's head still, or rather kept it from falling backwards again at this point, as he continued tasting him, running his lips over the smaller man's and finally sucking slightly on the lower lip before drawing away.  He looked down into dazed eyes, the soft hands still resting against his chest but no longer pushing him away, and he grinned. 
He'd always been told he was a good lover.  He was glad to know that it would make things easier this time around.  He pulled on the head within his hand again, kissing him deeply as he let his other hand trail down the man's chest to his aroused member.  Baby soft skin over a hard column that fit in his hand like a small, hot, ice pop.  It was oddly erotic.  He'd held himself in his hand before, but he was quite a bit bigger than the male in his arms.  Feeling same shape in smaller dimensions, touching it while he continued to feel aroused and wanting, was a positively wicked feeling.  He experimented, kissing greedily with his mouth as he started to play with the firm erection in his hands.   Gripping it tightly as he tried to recreate the feelings he was able to elicit in his own body, he smiled triumphantly as the beautiful young man moaned.

    "That's it, precious," he murmured against his mouth, moving his hand down to his back again. He could feel the man's muscles flexing against his fingers as his hand moved lower to the beginning swells of his bottom. 

"Woah, careful!" His hand whipped back up as the human started to topple backwards. He chuckled. "I think we'd better get you all the way on the ground before you hurt yourself, beautiful."  He let the man lay back in a controlled fall and ended up kneeling over him.  He pulled his one hand from behind his consort’s back, the other never leaving the man's firm erection. He smiled, seeing the dazed eyes and aroused flush to the man's face.

"Are you really a kitty woman?  I'm not into guys.  Nope.  So you gotta be a woman if I let you touch Mr. Happy. Definitely you do.  Um, how'd you get so big?"
Kasan really wished he could understand what words were coming out of his consort's mouth.  He had the feeling they would give him a good laugh, considering the rather disgruntled look on the little one’s face.

He felt the man's prick standing upright and ready within his hand and squeezed encouragingly, happy to see it respond.  He looked down at the smooth planes of his chest and licked his lips.   Again, the differences between the male chest and the women he was used to was odd, but still beautiful.  The nipples made small, dark circles as they lay across the flattened, rounded muscles that clenched a moment as Kasan pulled again on the man's member.  The man moaned, thrusting upwards even as his eyes watched Kasan with an unfocused stare that merely made him seem completely aroused and at Kasan's mercy.
"Th--that feels really good.  Think you should win an award.  Do they make hand job awards?  Do…ooooooh, yes.  God, that's so--" he moaned again as Kasan let his fingers play over the silky skin of his chest and leaned down to let his tongue flick out to taste the small nipples in front of him. He played with the slit at the tip of the man's penis with his other hand.

    "Aaaah, what-- It's, um, oh God."

    Kasan purred against the smooth skin as he heard the young man babbling.  Even in another language, incoherence was rather obvious, he thought smugly.  Feeling his own member in need of attention, he was contemplating just how to press against his consort-to-be when he felt his arousal spike again. 

    Shit, he had less time than he'd thought.  If he was spiking that close together, he had almost no time at all, barely enough to prepare the man and take him.


He kissed the man once more across the chest and sat up a little straighter before pushing himself off of his legs.
"I'm sorry, little one, this is going to be a bit fast for our first time," he murmured, releasing his hold on the member in his hand.  "It probably won't be as deep this way," he mumbled to himself as he pulled his lover by the waist and turned him over onto his stomach.

    The little man was still for a moment, as though unsure exactly what had happened, before he tried to push himself up onto his hands and knees. Kasan leaned over him, his arm around the man's waist the only thing that saved the poor, drugged youth from nose-diving into the floor.  As it was, his face fell and almost hit the ground while Kasan's grip kept his hips in the air. Kasan lowered him a few inches until his cheek rested against the blanket and he chuckled, enjoying the position immensel

"That eager, eh?" he teased, wishing the man could understand him. His voice softened as the man moaned softly underneath him.
"I'm sorry, precious.  I would take my time with you if I could.  We just don't have enough time left."  Kasan held him close, feeling the strong length of his consort’s back along his stomach as his other hand milked his own prick for its lubricating fluids.  He could at least take a moment to try and widen the little one up.  Even if the man was experienced, it was likely going to be tight fit just due to the size difference.

    Taking a deep breath, he pressed a finger into the small opening exposed below him, holding tightly as the man bucked against the sensation, grunting.

    Kasan bit his lip at how tightly his finger was being gripped.  If anything, his imagination had failed him on this one.  His consort was even tighter than he'd expected.  He needed to get the little one used to him or the poor thing was going to feel split in two.  He angled his wrist on the arm around his consort’s waist so that he could hold onto the attention-seeking member again, noting with a grin that it was still hard and firm. He started caressing, moving his finger in and out of the youthful body in time to his grip around his member.  When he and his consort were both moaning faintly, he withdrew his hand and milked himself again for fluids.  It was odd.  He'd thought to use the man's own secretions, but he didn't seem to be making any.  Was something wrong with him, or were all humans lacking in lubrication?  It seemed a rather painful way to make love, honestly.

    He inserted two fingers together this time, getting a whine of discomfort in response. He bent his neck down so he could reach the small, already irresistible ears as his fingers slid slowly back and forth into the man’s body.  He licked across the rounded edge of the man's ear, marveling at the lack of fur, and took a chance based on the plaintive vocalizations and introduced another finger.  It slid in a little smoother than the first two, the man's body still slick with Kasan's fluids, and he could hear small, insistent moans coming from his throat.  He groaned to himself, feeling close to peaking, and withdrew his hand.  He had to be sheathed inside before he came or everything was ruined.  Gritting his teeth, he guided himself to the little man's entrance and pushed in, carefully.

The man started bucking again, trying to move away, and he flinched.  He knew it had to be hurting, but he had to!  He had no choice.  He tried to ignore the little man's distress, flattening his ears against the top of his head as he slowly pushed in.  He didn't have time to do it too slowly.  He'd done as much as he could, but he had to reach completion or the bonding wouldn't be finished in time.  He had to, dammit! 

"Sssshhhhhh.  Relax, precious.  Just relax and it won't hurt so," he murmured, to no avail.  Kasan finally embedded himself completely and stayed still.  He thought he had a few moments, just a few, that he could give to get used to him before going farther.  He listened, surprised when the man whimpered and moved against him slightly.

That hadn't seemed like a bad sound. Kasan was relieved; he wouldn't have felt good if his consort had such a hard first time, especially as being surrounded by the grip of the small body underneath him kept him hard as a rock.  He didn't want to hurt him.  Frankly, he would have preferred to wait and woo the young man in a regular fashion, but he didn't have a choice. The heat drove him now.  He had to take this body.  He wanted it desperately; wanted to own it completely.

He started to move, pulling out and thrusting back in with slow even strokes, struggling to keep from pounding into him without restraint.  At least the man under him was still aroused, in spite of his obvious dislike of the pain, and Kasan tried to keep touching his body, kissing along the back of his neck, his ears, running his hands over his back and giving the man's own member something to thrust against. 

He almost cried out himself as he felt the other man's body start to respond more noticeably, thrusting against his hand.  It made him pound into him more fiercely, his need for release growing tight and hard within his body.  Please, let the little one find pleasure with this, he prayed silently.  Don't let this be just a terrible memory for him.  He pushed his hips harder, hearing the other man gasp in time to his thrusts and Kasan leaned back, both hands grasping his hips as he pounded into him in the last stages.  He felt like he was racing his heat, trying to finish in the last few seconds before he lost the chance.

His consort writhed under him now, little cries escaping every time Kasan thrust in, and Kasan couldn't tell if it was from pain or pleasure.  He couldn't stop himself in any case.  He couldn't even control his body's need for this young man, taking him fiercely, finally feeling his body come into him as he shuddered in reaction.  He pressed hard as his seed pulsed out of him, holding the man's hips against his groin to get the last moments of sensation, and he felt the bond take in that final pulse as he slumped over him.

He reached around, wanting to hold tight as golden light flashed around him, and as he gripped the man's member, the little one came, white fluid spilling out over Kasan's hand as he smiled in relief.  He'd come.  The little erotic cries hadn't been pain, or at least not entirely.  He wouldn't have a memory of only pain for their first time.  Kasan sighed in relief.  It wasn't that it would have been an insurmountable problem, but he was glad that necessity hadn't caused him to harm his consort beyond repair.

The man went boneless underneath him as the amber light faded and Kasan gently laid him down, withdrawing from his body as he did so.  He'd heard that consorts were often overwhelmed by the bonding, sleeping for hours afterwards.  It looked like it was more than rumor.  Gathering the edges of the cloak around him, Kasan turned him over and scooped him up until he held him in his lap like a child. 

A large, flushed, and sweaty child, but the position reminded him of the role anyway.  Glancing at the door, he tried to decide what to do.  He would never mock his idiot brother again for ordering the thick doors, at least.  The rest of the stupid prison he could do without, but if he couldn't hear the guards, it was guaranteed that they couldn't have heard him, either.  They would have no idea that he'd actually managed the passage to adulthood, if he was careful.

With a sigh, he carried his consort over to a corner and laid him down on his side.  He couldn't be caught showing interest in the little man, so he couldn't keep him on his lap any longer.

"I really need to come up with a name for you until you can tell me what yours really is," he said, brushing back a damp lock of dark golden hair from the man's sleeping face.  "How about Gisho?" A pretty little flower with dark golden petals the same color as his hair.  It was strong enough to grow in the mountains while the snow was still on the ground.  A good name for his consort.

He went to one of the messier corners of the cell, rubbing his fingers in the disgusting muck along a crack in the wall, and rubbed it on his chest, right over the small golden crown that had already started to take shape.  His family's symbol, it very clearly told that he was now able to take the crown should the heirs before him fall.

Gisho's mark was hidden by the cloak, and Kasan was within his rights to ask that no others touch him.  And if Shovak thought he was trying to fake the bond, so much the better.  He’d leave them alone for longer, and the bastard would be setting fire to his own home if he actually tried to disprove it.  It would only help Kasan's case to have Shovak suggest that the bonding hadn’t been possible.

All he had to do right now was wait.  His father should be home within a day or two, and once he was free of this unpleasant cell, with Gisho, he would be in a tenable position once again.  He would have the support of his family, and he had Gisho to get to know better.  He just needed to wait.
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