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The Last Pure Human
Chapter 3 - Introductions

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Kasan fidgeted on his cushion, annoyed at having to listen to Nolluz droning on about the cleverness of the new visual communication system. Frankly, he didn’t know how the damn things worked yet, but he wasn’t going to reveal his ignorance to his idiot of a brother so he had to just shut up and nod his agreement as the little suck up monologued the subject to death. Damn but he wanted to just finish their discussion and get back to his little Gisho. Aside from a dazed waking when Kasan had helped him pee, the human male had slept like the dead until Kasan had to greet father and the rest of the horde as they arrived back home. As far as Kasan knew, he was still sleeping. It wasn’t unheard of for a new consort to sleep for over three days after the bond was cemented. Kasan sighed to himself. He didn’t care: he’d be happy to simply look at him for right now. He wanted to look at that sweet, luscious ass and beautiful face and just fucking fantasize. And maybe live out a fantasy or two while he was at it.

God, he had been so tight…

Kasan swallowed and glanced at his father.

He hadn’t told anyone in the family about his consort yet. Not that they’d asked. He was sure they’d been curious on the way back from the hunt, but when they’d arrived and found out just what had been going on in their absence, every male in the family had started raging.

It had been a very loud afternoon.

Now that they had finally calmed down and he and his brothers had retreated to talk and finish up their evening drinks, Kasan figured he’d soon be interrogated over the new member of the family. Thank God the consorts and the children had gone back to their quarters already. He could just imagine what the entire herd would be like when they found out he’d mated with a male. His brothers were going to be hard enough to handle as it was. Kasan, taking a male for a mate, after years of saying how he wasn’t attracted to them? They were going to tease the ever-loving shit out of him.

Fortunately, at the moment all his family knew was that his heat had completed, he'd found a consort, and said consort was healthy but taking a much needed rest. He’d only assured them of those necessities before Leero interrupted to inform them of Shovak’s actions. Everything else consort related had been lost in the maelstrom. For a while, that is.

So here he was after dinner, listening to every tedious detail about the hunting trip as he tried to calculate how long he could politely wait before heading back to his own chambers while avoiding any further discussion of the subject until morning.

He smiled a moment, thinking about Gisho, and flinched as Jolan punched him in the arm.

"Hey, no fantasizing in the conference room," the crown prince mocked, grinning at Kasan. Kasan thought Jolan was just happy he finally had a chance to say the phrase Kasan had tormented him with for years now. He grinned back.

"You're just jealous," he said, spouting Jolan's traditional response, and the two of them chuckled as the other four brothers groaned.

"Lovely, that's all we need, another wise-ass." Nolluz said.

"Better that than a dumb ass." Zonta retorted, and nodded his support to his older brother with a wink.

"I'd rather have a piece of ass," Aosh said, leering.

"That's because you ARE an ass." Tisu responded, earning himself a swipe and a growl.

"Enough." The six men turned to look at their father, Kyoru. He glared a moment but couldn't hold the expression before breaking down and smiling ruefully. "Six full grown men and you act like a room full of pre-pubescent boys. I shudder for the fate of the kingdom, sometimes. Truly."

Nolluz was the only one who looked even remotely chastised, and he started to speak again in subdued tones. Kasan was silently thanking his family’s typical banter for making them forget about his consort, again, when there was a knock at the door. Everyone frowned. The guards did a good job of keeping frivolous interruptions at bay, so if someone had made it to the door, it was likely to be serious.

Gisho! Had something happened to Gisho?

"Come in." Kyoru called out, his sons watching intently to see who came through the doors.

Leero walked in with no expression on his face, and Kasan’s heart starting beating wildly in his chest. God, something had happened to Gisho!

"What's wrong?" he asked, his voice already rough with stress.

Leero stared at him a moment before answering. "Prince Kasan, your--" he paused as though considering, and went on with a bit of a smirk, "your consort has woken up and, I believe, may be in need of some reassurance."

Oh thank God, he had woken up.

"That's all?" Jolan asked, surprised. The other brothers all watched Leero curiously, and he was surprised they didn’t start questioning him immediately. Now that they’d been reminded, he was sure they were rabid with curiosity over his new consort.

"Don't be an ass, Jolan. I asked him to fetch me as soon as it happened. There are some--special circumstances involved. I'm sorry, but we'll have to finish this later." Kasan was already heading for the door.

"This, yes. But if your consort is awake and feeling well enough, bring her down," Kyoru ordered. "It’s much easier to welcome her to the family for the first time in a less formal setting like this. We'll arrange for the consorts to meet her tomorrow, as well. Perhaps at firstmeal"

Kasan swallowed and nodded. Well, everyone would definitely be in for a surprising night. He contemplated telling them about Gisho beforehand and dismissed it. It was usually best to try and keep the upper hand when dealing with his mob of a family, and anything that could throw them off balance was usually a good thing. He’d surprise them when they came down.

"Of course. I'll bring--my consort down in a moment." He bowed briefly and turned, heading out the door and over to his suite of rooms as quickly as he could without actually running.

Leero followed, smiling at him as they walked. “You didn’t tell me he had such pretty eyes,” he commented lightly.

Kasan spared him a glance. “Did he try to come out or did you go in?”

“He opened the door. He was gaping like a country bumpkin and covering his privates with one of the black velvet pillows Tisu gave you last Naming Day. Funniest damn thing I’ve seen in years. I think I’m gonna like this one.”

Kasan bit his lip, imagining it. “The black velvet ones, huh?”

Leero smirked. “Uh huh. Little tassels brushing over his skin and everything. Very sexy.”

“You look too long at him with that kind of thinking and I’ll poke out your eyes, Leero.” Kasan was a bit horrified to realize that he was half serious.

Leero laughed at him. “And now we discover that buried deep inside, Kasan is actually a jealous lover. I can hardly wait to watch the little one make you squirm.”

“Shut up, you ass.”

“And now you’re starting to spout sweet words of love, too.”

“Fuck off.”

“Oh, please, stop. You’ll make me blush.”

Kasan gave up and punched him in the shoulder hard enough to make him stumble, and still Leero kept laughing.

“I liked you better when you thought I was dying,” Kasan grumbled.

“Oh now that hurts. Truly. I think I might cry.” Leero wiped a false tear from his eye before turning his head to watch Kasan. “Think your little one is any good at comforting a poor, wounded guard?”

“You really need to shut it. Right now.”

Leero did, taking the opportunity to smile suggestively at a maid as they passed, and Kasan shook his head. He was incorrigible. A few minutes passed in silence before Leero broke it.

“I never did get a chance to ask: what’s your consort’s name?”

“I really have no idea. He doesn't speak any language I can understand."

Leero’s eyebrows shot up. “Well, that’s unusual.”

“My consort’s unusual as well. Maybe we just suit each other.”

“I hope so.”

Kasan ignored Leero’s serious tone with an embarrassed look to the side as he watched the wall slide by as he walked. He didn’t want to admit how much he wanted his bond to work. It was simply a physical connection, after all. Some men had little to nothing in common with their consorts aside from the sex. Some barely even tolerated that much. But even though he hadn’t held even one actual conversation with Gisho, already Kasan felt more for him than was comfortable. Possibly because for the first time, Kasan had someone around who was even more different from the Kyashin than he was. It was a connection of sorts, even if it was fairly tenuous. But with something in common, perhaps one day there would be enough affection between them to allow them to become friends as well as lovers. He barely allowed himself to think of it becoming any more than that. It would be…almost too much to hope for.

Finally reaching his doors after an uncomfortable silence, he was relieved to see Esgard stationed by it, and more relieved to notice his relaxed stance.

"Is he all right?" he asked.

Esgard inclined his head. “To my knowledge, my lord. He’s barely stirred since we closed the door.”

Kasan nodded to himself and opened the door as Leero and Esgard turned to face the hallway. He found Gisho sitting, or rather hiding, in the middle of the bed, pillows piled around him like some sort of cocoon so that only his head and arms showed. His consort clutched the pillows and looked up at Kasan with wide blue eyes as the door was closed.

It was practically criminal how damn cute the man was. It made Kasan want to just pick him up and cuddle him on his lap.

Kasan smiled at his own odd thoughts and walked forward slowly. He visually took inventory of his consort’s health. His eyes were clear and he didn’t sway drunkenly, so the Argenta had probably worked its way out of his system. However, he looked positively terrified the closer Kasan came. That wasn’t something Kasan had expected at all. He thought the little man might have been nervous about being in a strange place, or angry at the speed of their last encounter, or even frustrated by his inability to communicate, but terror?

Why was he so frightened? Kasan knew Gisho had enjoyed being screwed. The little thing had come, hadn’t he? Kasan hadn’t hurt or abused him. He hadn’t even spoken a harsh word! He couldn’t think of what was so terrifying…unless it was a result of the drug? Argenta was said to have some affects on memory, so it was possible that the entire night before was rather hazy. What if the little one didn’t even remember him at all? If Shovak had bought him from slavers, so who knew what his life had been like, or what he remembered of it. For all Kasan knew, his last memories might be of the slavers themselves. If that was the case …no wonder he’s terrified. Poor thing wouldn’t even understand that he’s safe now.

Kasan tried to look non-threatening, obviously failing as the man tensed with every step he took.

He lowered himself onto the edge of the bed, kneeling on the floor next to it so he could rest his elbows on the soft surface, and stared at him.

"It's all right, precious. I'm not going to harm you. You're safe." His voice was a low, soothing murmur.

Gisho’s eyes grew positively huge and he scrambled back, scattering pillows wildly as he shoved himself across the bed until he perched, trembling, at the far edge. Kasan stayed still. It wouldn't do to startle him more. Poor thing probably didn't have a clue what was going on, and Kasan couldn't even tell him. He settled for making soothing noises and keeping perfectly still until the pulse point in Gisho’s throat slowed to a more normal rhythm.

He shifted and Gisho stiffened again, poised to flee.

“Hey. Hey, now. Shhhhh. I won’t hurt you, little one.” He laid his hands on the bed, palm up and non-threatening. “Look. I’m just sitting here. Nothing else. Just sitting right here and not moving the slightest bit. There, see? There’s no reason to be frightened. No one’s going to hurt you anymore.” Kasan felt a little like he was trying to tame some skittish animal as he continued speaking in soft murmurs. Every time he moved at all, he could see his consort’s body jump and flinch.

Kasan really hoped that didn’t mean he had been abused. Even thinking about the dainty man being hurt was enough to make him slightly nauseous. He continued his soft chant of reassurance, concentrating on Gisho’s reactions until Kasan’s shifting ceased to alarm the little man so badly. Maybe he could finally make some introductions.

“Little one,” he changed his tone, tapping his nose so Gisho would pay attention. When he had blue eyes looking at his face, as opposed to staring at his bare chest, he pointed to himself.

"Kasan." A blank look was all he got and he tried again, gesturing. “Kasan...” He saw a faint glimmer of understanding-he thought- and made his first real attempt at communication. “What’s your name?" He pointed towards Gisho, watching to see if he would figure it out. This should be interesting.


The door opening had Max instantly on edge. Was it them, the huge cat dudes? What did they want? Were they going to…? He stared at the open door way and tensed as one male walked in, closing the door as he entered. He was…well, he was freaking huge. So what if he wasn’t as tall as the previous two, he was still just as wide. Max looked at the rippling muscles covering the man’s-cat’s-body and he shivered in reaction. He was absolutely positive the man could break him in two like a twig.

With his pinkies.

Long, loose black hair hung down the man’s back to his waist, matched by silky black pointed ears on top of his head. Max couldn’t stop staring at them. It was so unreal. He was looking at a man with body parts he’d never seen on a human. Thinking of it, he looked at the man’s face. It was broader than the guards’, a little less alien with smooth skin, high cheekbones, and full lips that made Max think of male models. His gaze shifted to the man’s eyes and he flinched. The cat’s face might look more human, but the eyes gave him away. Long black lashes surrounded golden brown eyes that looked human until you noticed the slitted pupil instead of the rounded one he expected. It was so disturbing. More disturbing than some little grey space alien would have been, in all honesty.

It reminded him of how he’d felt the first time he’d ever seen a musk deer. He’d been traveling with his folks, smiling as he’d caught a glimpse of the little deer, and then he’d screamed as it had turned to face them and revealed two giant fangs. It turned out that they were merely tusks, not an indicator of some bizarre carnivorous deer, but the sensation of wrongness hadn’t left him. Seeing something so unexpected and different attached to something so familiar was just wacked. Just like an eerily human looking alien.

Something twitched and Max looked quickly to see a tail switching behind him. Wait, a tail? This one had a tail? The other ones hadn’t had a tail. So what did that mean? Were there merely variations, or were these different kinds of aliens entirely? This one’s hair coloring was so much darker, matched by the inky ears and furred tail…it could be more than one type of alien, he thought, biting his lip. He felt tense and on edge, trying to notice everything about the man for later. Whatever was going on, if he didn’t pay attention, he might not survive it.

It’s just like traveling with the folks, he tried to tell himself as he struggled to stay calm. Well, struggled not to completely and utterly panic, was more like it. But still, a new place, a new language, new customs, and trying not to get raped or killed. It’s nothing new. Just because it’s an alien place and an alien language and alien customs and trying not to get raped or killed by aliens….

Dammit, he couldn’t believe some cat guy had taken his body like that! And now there was a new cat man and he was coming over to Max. And the bed. And Max was on it. Max was sitting on the bed that seemed more suited for a bordello than a bedroom.

Oh God…what if that’s what this is?!

Fuck, what if this is a…a… a whorehouse? An alien whorehouse! He stared at the man, terrified that he was right. Hell, he was naked, he was on a silken bed covered only with pillows, and now guards were allowing someone to enter the room who was barely clothed. He couldn’t take his eyes away from him, thinking hysterically that he might be in a real, damn live “cat house!” God, what did they want with him!?

And damn it, had none of these guys ever heard of a shirt?! The black haired man was dressed just like the two guards outside, in some odd kind of cream and blue loincloth with a flap hanging in front and covering up his…no, he really wasn’t going to go there. He was not going to think about that part at all, especially as large as that part looked to be under there.

He gulped.

But…darn it, the man had no shirt, no shoes, just a gold torque kind of thing that hugged his neck. He was an alien; wasn’t he supposed to be dressed all hi-tech or something? Dressed and completely covered and totally uninterested in low-tech aliens like Max in any way except helping him get back to the colony. If Max wasn’t already there, and if that was the case, God help him. Unless he was merely captured and not in any type of place where any type of person wanted any part of his body whatsoever. Then God would get a big thank you note as soon as Max could write it.

As the man glided forward, Max tensed even more. What was he going to do? What was the alien planning to do to him? Why couldn’t he put on some fucking clothes and cover up all that bronze flesh so Max wouldn’t have to think about the fact that it might possibly be touching him soon!!

The man knelt fluidly by the bed, and Max was profoundly grateful that he wasn’t crawling onto it, until he spoke. Max froze for just a moment and then he found himself at the far edge of the bed before he completely registered that he’d moved. Because he knew that voice. That was the same deep, silky, resonant voice that he remembered hearing as someone caressed him body, as someone thrust into him.

This was the man who had used his body. The eyes were different, but there was no way he could mistake that voice.


Oh God.

Oh Dear Fucking God Almighty What The Hell Do I Do!?? The man moved and Max got ready to run. If he damn well came anywhere near him, Max was going to get the hell away and…God, he really hoped he could get away from him! When the cat dude simply sat and started talking, Max tried to calm down. He wasn’t jumping him. Thank God. He wasn’t jumping on him. He was merely talking and murmuring and, well, the tones in his voice made Max feel a bit stupid, actually.

It sounded just like Max when he’d first been talking to the cat he’d rescued as a stray. He’d try to sooth it, spouting words as though the cat had a clue what he was saying, keeping his voice low and his rhythm even. Just like the cat guy was doing. The man shifted again and Max couldn’t help himself: he froze. He just didn’t know what the man was going to do, and considering what the man HAD done, he was too nervous about the possibilities to calm down.

More soothing sounds flowed from the alien’s mouth and Max stared at him cautiously. Was he treating him like a pet? Was that what he was now, some alien’s pet? Better than some kind of novelty Terran whore…unless cat guys fucked their pets, too? Because this one most definitely had. And any man who had taken his body made him really, really nervous, no matter how good they might have made him feel. When all the man did was talk constantly and move hardly at all, however, Max started to relax. He’d only been up for a while…was it even an hour? Already he was exhausted. His muscles felt shaky and too tense and he could feel a headache starting behind his eyes. If this man wasn’t going to do anything to him right now, he could relax a little, couldn’t he? Just a little bit. He didn’t take his eyes from him, but Max let his muscles soften just slightly.

His brow furrowed when the man tapped his nose, his voice changing. Was that an order? Did he actually expect Max to have a clue what he was saying? Because he was pretty dumb for an alien if that was the case. The man said a different word, pointing to himself, and Max stared. He was introducing himself? The man who’d taken his body when he was obviously too messed up to deny him was freaking telling him his name?? How could he even think Max would want anything to do with him when he’d, well, he’d done things to him?

Lots of things to him. Max had remembered quite a bit as he’d huddled under the pillows on the bed. He could remember calloused hands touching his penis, massaging it until it was hard and aching. He could remember lips and warmth caressing his chest and back. Worst of all, he could remember the feeling of being on his knees, exposing his ass as someone slid something slick and smooth into him. He could still practically feel it; the odd sensation as something larger entered, as his body felt tight and stretched when the man had impaled him.

And what made him want to just run and hide was the one memory he wished he could wipe from his mind: he remembered liking it. More than liking. He remember the feeling of something inside his body, rubbing against him, making him feel like he was about to die if it didn’t continue. This man in front of him had taken his body, and his body had loved it. He could barely stand to think about it. How could he have liked it? How could he have not only let someone do this to him, but actually enjoyed it? It was honestly more terrifying than waking up and finding himself in a room guarded by aliens.

And now his seducer wanted to exchange names? Max’s first thought was to tell him to go to hell. As that would be pointless and he’d feel really stupid if the dude couldn’t understand him, he’d settle for ignoring him. Like he’d want anything to do with someone who had molested him. Jeez. He stared at him silently as the man repeated the same word again, like Max was too stupid to figure it out the first time.

No, dude, I’m not stupid, I’m ignoring you.

His eyes went to the ears again as they twitched, and he was suddenly reminded of the guards outside. He bit his lip as the possibilities for the future suddenly ran through this head. This was the man who had…damn it, who’d had sex with him. BIG point against ever even talking to him again. On the other hand, he was a lot less scary than the two guards. He talked more than the two guards. He was more human looking than the two guards. And most importantly, he, and therefore his dick, was smaller than the other guards. If Max was going to be some kind of human sex toy before he managed to get out of here, who would he rather have to deal with: the giant scary cats or the smaller friendlier cat?

Not even a contest, was it? Except, was future sex even going to be an issue? What if it was a one-time thing? What if all he had to do was say stop and the alien would leave him alone? But…what if he said stop and this alien left him alone and another bigger one came to take his place? Or they hurt him? Did he have the option to refuse to have anything to do with this cat, or would he be forced if he didn't do what they wanted? The fact that he had no way of finding out before anything happened was absolutely terrifying. He started to hyperventilate and concentrated on his breathing.

First rule: don't panic. He needed to remember that. For the moment, the man wasn't bothering him, right? He HAD bothered him, but he wasn’t right now. He was just talking. Max hadn’t ever had to face someone who’d forced him to have sex before, but he’d dealt with plenty of people whose intentions he wasn’t sure of. So, he’d do what he always did in those situations: watch every thing around him like a hawk until he figured out what the hell was going on, and run like hell if he needed to. He started breathing in and out in slow even breaths. Okay, so what had the man said?

He looked at him, pointing and trying to repeat it. "Kah-sahn," he said slowly, and the man smiled and made encouraging little sounds. Max scowled. The man’s tone of voice made him feel like a trained poodle being rewarded.

He did NOT want to be a pet. He was a person. He had a name. “Max.” He pointed to himself. There, trained poodles, or pets, couldn’t name themselves, now could they?

"Mah-ks" Kasan said, and smiled again as Max nodded. Max watched as the man frowned, muttering to himself. Kasan finally held up one finger. "Mah-ks," he said, wiggling the finger. He held up and wiggled another. "Kasan." Then he put the two fingers close together and twined them around each other while speaking in completely incomprehensible syllables and Max felt like he was going to hyperventilate all over again.

What did that mean? It looked sexual; it looked so sexual Max wanted to leap away instead of sitting there and smiling cluelessly like he was doing. Or maybe he wasn’t. Kasan was looking at him, a worried expression on his face. Could he tell what Max was thinking? What was he going to do? Kasan moved forward just slightly and Max pushed himself right onto the floor, holding one of the pillows in front of himself. Kasan looked at him, muttered to himself some more, and slid back before rising to his feet gracefully and gliding to the wall. Man, the guy could really move, and in that teeny little loincloth, you could see every muscle, showing that he glided ALL over. Max couldn’t help envy him. He just knew that no one would dismiss his masculinity ever again if he moved like that.

Kasan pressed on the wall with his palm and Max's eyes widened as a panel slid back to reveal a set of shelves with cloth on them. Looking back and forth between the cloth and Max, Kasan finally pulled something out and brought it towards him. It was a very long, thin rectangle of fabric and Max stood up from his heap on the floor and backed away nervously as he looked at it. It looked an awful lot like something that might be used to tie someone up. And as he was the only other person in the room, Max was afraid it might be aimed at him. Was this Kasan guy planning to tie him up? Was this because he’d backed away? Max’s breathing sped up and he got ready to run again. He wasn’t going to let him tie him up, dammit!

Kasan stopped at seeing Max’s reaction. He held up the cloth with one hand and proceeded to point to his loincloth and then the cloth. He repeated the gesture and the word as Max looked at him, and Max finally noticed the similarity in width between the tie and the front flap of Kasan’s loincloth.

Air escaped in a whoosh as he let out the breath he’d been holding. Clothing. Kasan was just getting him clothing. Max had backed away from him, and his response was to get him something to wear. That was…so much better than he’d been thinking that he felt a bit giddy. He laughed out loud from of sheer relief. Just clothes. Kasan was just going to dress him. Thank God. His laughter subsided to a few relieved huffs and he took one, deep breath to try and calm himself. Clothing. Crap, he needed to get a grip on himself.

As Kasan approached again, however, Max got a grip on the black pillow instead. He was, at this point, very fond of that pillow. Extremely fond. So fond that he had no intention of releasing it any time soon, he thought, shifting nervously from one foot to the other. He looked at the cloth in Kasan’s hand and bit his lip. How exactly was he going to figure this thing out? Kasan was wearing a fully made loincloth, flap in front and twisted strip over each hip. How did he get from a long cloth to a loincloth? Max supposed he’d just have to ask for help by looking as stupid as possible. That usually seemed to work when he couldn’t communicate with someone. Look helpless and you tended to get help.

Or attacked, so it was rather important to use caution with the method. And it was really, really damaging to the whole ego thing, honestly. He’d stopped trying to look helpless as he got older for a reason. But right now? It was an easy, familiar thing to drop back on, and he could really use something familiar at the moment.

He stared at Kasan who was standing…a lot closer than he should be, actually. Max swallowed a moment as he had to lean back to little to look up at him. His eyes were like honey and dark, warm coffee. Max swallowed again with more difficulty and tried to smile.

“Uh...I could really use whatever help you could give me with this loincloth thing. And I’d really like you to stay the hell away from my body and most especially my ass.” So, the cat dude couldn’t understand him. So Max’s voice was mild and not in the slightest bit angry or threatening because it just might piss off the huge alien in front of him. He’d still told him to stay away, hadn’t he? That had to count for something.


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