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The Last Pure Human
Chapter 13 - Time to Party

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Growling deep in his chest, Kasan stared at the guards who blocked his path. He only had a brief time for the mid-day meal, and then he’d have to go back to what had turned into a truly miserable gathering. All he wanted was to spend his few minutes of free time with Max, and now he ran into this shit! He could hear laughter from inside the room behind the two men. These useless doorstops had let people into his room, with his consort, after everything that had happened today. And they were keeping him OUT! Tail lashing wildly, his body rippled as he prepared to assault them both. They had one chance.

He forced his voice out with a hoarse snarl. “Move.”

“We can’t, Prince Kasan!” Rui was very new to the guards, barely ripened. An idiot who shouldn’t have been allowed guard duty if he was doing anything but getting the fuck out Kasan’s way! “Please, we can’t!” He looked to the other guard for aid, and Kasan hoped for the other man’s safety that he had more brains than this one.


“The consorts came, Prince Kasan.” Davi’s voice was gruff and matter-of-fact. His relaxed stance informed Kasan that while the man’s younger partner might be nervous about confronting their prince, he certainly wasn’t.

The fear for Max’s health winked out of existence, and a new worry took its place. “The consorts? They’re Welcoming him now?” No wonder there had been so few consorts at the gathering. They must have talked to his father first. But why now? Dammit, he wanted to see Max!

Shrugging, Davi flipped his dark braid over his shoulder. “I can only assume they wanted to take advantage of the mates’ presence at the gathering. You know how frustrating it is when this many consorts disappear at the same time. And you can understand why I will not open this door, I hope?”

Kasan scowled, his tail calming as the twitching of his ears took its place. His glare took in both of them. “I could assign you to dawn picketing on the edge of the mountain, you know.”

Rui’s golden eyes widened until his partner snorted. “I’ve known you too long to fall for false threats, Prince Kasan. Besides, the elders’ punishment for letting you in would be far worse than anything you could dream up. We’re not moving.”

Laughter echoed from the room again and Kasan’s claws worried at his fingertips. He didn’t hear Max’s laughter. He’d only heard it as that drugged little giggle during firstmeal, but the light sound had been fairly distinctive. It would stand out against the deep tones he was hearing right now. Why wasn’t Max laughing with everyone else? Was he all right?

Rubbing at his face, he sighed under his breath. He didn’t need this. Ever since he’d left Max, things had only grown worse until all he wanted right now was to hold his little Gisho on his lap and forget about it all. He and Leero had just had to spend hours explaining to his father and the others how deeply Shovak had betrayed the family. The bastard’s attempted assassination of Kasan, his presence within the previously unknown purist group, and his dealings with slavers had been presented and dissected until every last detail had been wrung from them both.

Watching his father’s and uncles’ faces as their brother’s intentions became clear had been heartbreaking. As best they could figure out from the few notes left behind, combined with what Leero had beaten out of Liosh, Kasan should be dead. The purist group had wanted him to be kept from any potential consorts, and then the bribed guards would attest later that his heat had simply raged out of control. Neither he nor Leero were certain why that was important, but his status as a high-profile throwback, and the claim that his heat had rejected taking a consort, had been vitally important to the group for some reason.

Greed was the only reason Kasan was still alive, although they’d only just found that piece of the puzzle before today’s gathering. One of Leero’s guards who was still working through the notes had found the first message between the Niandrin and Shovak. To their complete surprise, the slavers had contacted Shovak rather than the other way around. Although no one could think of a reason to have done so, they had offered Max up after hearing about Kasan’s heat in the interplanetary gossip mill. They’d given his bastard uncle a huge sum of credits if he would give Max a chance as Kasan’s consort. From the way the note was worded, it was possible one of the slimy little birds had been outside Kasan’s cell when Max had been tossed in. They hadn’t wanted to pay without confirmation that the little human had truly been given away.

Disbelieving the Niandrin’s claims about Max’s heritage, Kasan’s uncle had probably thought he had nothing to lose. He’d kill his nephew and still make a profit.

When Leero had made the point that Kasan truly had been meant to die, without a doubt, the Lord King seemed to wilt. The elders had unanimously decided to strike Shovak’s name from the family record. The punishment was worse than death for most Kyashin; no family would take in an outcast. Old enough that he’d already parted from his consort, Shovak would never have another Kyashin to call his own for the rest of his life. It wasn’t surprising that most outcasts took their own lives within a few months. Who could live like that?

After the pronouncement, everyone had taken a break for the mid-day meal, although he honestly thought the pause was more to allow them to reconnect. He and his brothers had simply embraced out in the hallway for minutes, immersing themselves in each others’ scent. Kyoru had been surrounded by his own siblings inside the gathering room before the rest of them even made it outside the door.

Poor Leero had been forced to stay inside with the Lord King. His beating of Liosh hadn’t been forgotten, and he’d been given one month of service to Kyoru as a Recompense, starting immediately. Considering that usually the punishment for an abuse of power of that type was sewage scrubbing or worse, Kasan thought the elders had made a strong statement about how little they truly disapproved. It was also a fairly good indication of how worried they were over the Lord King’s reaction to his brother’s perfidy. Leero would be staying in Kyoru’s rooms during his service; Kasan wouldn’t be surprised if the elders took him aside and gave him more detailed instructions on how he was supposed to watch out for their King.

He did not envy his friend in the slightest. At least his own service would only last a day.

He swallowed, trying to remove the unpleasant thoughts from his head. All Kasan wanted was a little time with Max right now. He wanted to feel Max’s skin under his fingertips, the light weight of him in his arms. He wanted to see that grumpy, suspicious little scowl when he reached for him. He needed to touch him or he didn’t think he could rid himself of this empty ache in his gut. Dammit, if he could simply have one moment to stroke pale, soft skin and reassure himself that his little one was all right, it would at least be something!

Son of a bitch. Why did the consorts have to choose now, of all times? Because if the consorts were giving a Welcoming, the elders would be on Kasan’s ass again if he interrupted. Mates were not allowed at this sort of thing, but he needed to see Max. Besides, what if his consort was frightened? Would the others even notice?

“Knock for me,” he ordered, keeping his voice from lashing out like his claws still wanted to.

Davi stared at him. “Pardon?”

“I’ll accept responsibility, but…I need to see that Max is well. Please.” He bowed his head stiffly. “Knock for me.”

With a look at Rui, the elder guard finally shrugged and knocked loudly.

The noise inside cut off almost instantly, and after a minute Ko opened the door. He raised an irritated brow at Kasan, and shook his head, his blond braid swinging. The guards stepped back immediately to leave Kasan solely responsible for the breach of tradition.

“Unless there’s an emergency, I don’t see any reason not to have the elders string you up by your balls for trying to gain access right now, Kasan.”

“I need to see him.”

Ko snorted and started to turn away. “You need to go back to whatever you’re doing. He’s fine, worry-bird.”

“Ko,” Kasan’s claws were out and he tried to keep his hands loose and non-threatening, even though he failed at retracting his nails. “He’s been too stressed today. I just need to see that he’s well, Ko. I’m not trying to interrupt, but I need to know this.”

Ko stared at him a moment with a light, mocking smile. “Worried about the little one? How sweet.”

“Ko, dammit.” Kasan took a deep breath. “The gathering has been… Just please, let me see him.”

Ko straightened, his face sobering. “Bad?”

“Bad enough. I can tell you for certain that Jolan’s going to need you tonight.” Ko nodded, staring at him for a moment, and then closed the door. Kasan heard murmuring from inside and shuffling until the door slid open again. His consort stood looking up at him with a bright blush on his face, his toes curling nervously against the floor while he swayed slightly. Kasan could smell yakkin on his breath and wondered how much his precious had drunk. He was still upright, although not very steadily. He’d probably had quite a bit, not that the effects would last – the nanites would clear it out of his system fairly quickly. Anything that interfered with arousal wasn’t tolerated for long by the little bugs.

He was awfully cute while he was still under its influence, though, with his huge eyes and wobbling pose. Kasan watched him without speaking, taking in the pale skin and sleek muscles with a stirring in his belly. He managed not to groan as Max licked his lips nervously, leaving them slick and shining. He even stood firm when Max twisted his hands in his tunic, lifting it up until it almost exposed his little cock. But focusing just over Gisho’s head in an attempt to control himself backfired. Golden brown hair curling over the smooth curve of his head was more temptation than Kasan could overcome and he reached out to run his hand over it gently. Silky strands tangled under his fingers, but for once, Max didn’t pull away. He simply watched him with a confused furrow in between his eyebrows. Kasan stroked over his head softly, petting him to keep himself from doing anything more invasive.

“Max is happy?” Kasan asked, keeping his voice to a low near-whisper.

The little one cleared his throat, not answering. His face flushed and bright, he glanced behind him at the swarm of consorts that covered Kasan’s floor briefly before looking back at his mate. Frowning, his head tilted before he slowly reached out and touched Kasan’s hand where it hung down. “Kasan…happy?"

Something thumped in his chest as he felt small fingers brushing against his own. The little one was asking after him? He tried to swallow past the lump in his throat. Max actually wanted to know how his mate was doing. Earnest blue eyes looked up at him; was he worried for him? Kasan reached down and wrapped his arms around Max’s waist, picking him up off the ground and holding him tightly against his chest. The delicate feel of Gisho’s body in his arms calmed his nerves immediately. He smiled against the soft skin of his consort’s neck as Max squeaked in surprise. Moving his head to nuzzle up his throat, Kasan murmured against his skin. He rubbed his face over him until their cheeks brushed, and then he kissed him with a slow, invasive lick before pulling back to drink in his features.

The exotic cast of his face stirred Kasan’s body immediately. His cock was hard and straining against his loincloth, but he simply looked. He’d touched him, but he had enough control not to proceed any farther. He’d be content to watch him for just a moment, he thought, and then Max reached out and touched his face. The little one stared at his cheek curiously, as if he weren’t sure what he was feeling, and that small, confused look drew him in again until he kissed him softly, savoring the subtle warmth of delicate lips against his own before he sighed. This would have to do. If he didn’t step back now, he was going to run off with Max or something equally as stupid. He knelt and put the little one back on his feet.

Max’s disheveled hair and flushed face had him smiling.

“Kasan happy now,” he said, reaching out to brush the hair out of Max’s face. He touched Max’s lips with his finger and kissed him on the forehead. “Thank you, Max.”

Ko cleared his throat from behind Max. “While that was admittedly hot and sweet at the same time, we need to get back to playing now. Don’t worry so much, Kasan. We’ll keep the little one safe. You can see him at Last Meal.”

“Max and I are having Last Meal in my room. This gathering doesn’t seem likely to end before then, so it’s the only time we’ll have today.”

“Be careful. You’ll wear the little thing out,” Ko laughed, shooing Max back into the room with little hand motions. “Why don’t you tell Jolan to order the same thing for us when you see him?”

Kasan nodded, touching Ko’s lips briefly as well with his hand. The door closed and the two guards looked at him.

“What, no thanks for us?” Davi teased.

Kasan flicked them both in the mouth lightly and chuckled as Rui stared at him. “Why so surprised? I’m not completely lacking in manners.”

With a flush, the younger guard nodded. “I- ah- yes. Of course not.”

When Kasan had gone around the corner, the two guards looked at each other.

“He wouldn’t have done that two weeks ago, would he?” Rui’s ears shifted uncertainly.

“Possibly.” Davi looked over and smiled, stroking the soft, nervous ears with a touch. “He does seem quicker to smile. Usually he would have brooded for days once he got that look in his eyes. I think the human is good for him.”

“He seems so happy. I just wish -” Youthful eyes looked wistfully at the closed door behind them.

“It’ll come soon. Don’t be in such a hurry to mate.”

A soft sigh and both guards went back to monitoring the hallway. When Rui sighed again, he felt a soft stroke across his ass and jumped. He looked over at Davi.

“My consort has been wanting to have a threesome,” the elder said softly. “He thought you had nice eyes.”

The younger man swallowed loudly. “He did?”

“Hmmm. And other features.” The same hand flitted across his bottom again.


“Just think about it and let me know. No hurry. There’s plenty of time.”

“Yes.” Rui’s voice cracked. “I-I’ll do that.”

The hallway was quiet as they both stood at attention again, Rui’s thoughtful face the only change.

Max was aware that it was impossible to die from embarrassment. He had proof; if humiliation were deadly, the cats would already be burying his cold, dead corpse. He sat on the floor, leaning against Kasan’s bed with the object Ko had just handed him, and stared at it with stunned eyes. Smiling weakly with crimson cheeks, he accepted another glass of orange punch from the cat next to him and gulped it down. The too-sweet flavor burned down his throat strangely, but he didn’t care. At this point, anything that distracted him from the cats around him was a good thing. For the first time, he was very glad Kasan wasn’t with him while other cats were. He didn’t know where the big, hot, sexy… No, that wasn’t right. Pervy, that was it, the really pervy, not-sexy-at-all cat. He didn’t know where he was right now. He hadn’t come back since he’d left that morning. But it was good he wasn’t here, because Max would have disproved his own theory and died. Mortification would have killed him off. Kasan and what was going on right now were too deadly for a poor human to survive.

The knock had started it, a stupid little knock that he should have ignored. Remembering it, he just wished he’d stayed on the bed. Stupid cats and their stupid knocking and their stupid presents…

Bored to tears, he was trying to coax Androcles to come down and play when he heard it. Soft and tentative, the sound barely registered. It took a few moments to penetrate that it was coming from outside the room. The growl from above him followed as he walked across the room.

“Calm down, Androcles. It’s…it’s probably nothing, right?” It was, wasn’t it? Consoling himself with the knowledge that he had a dog capable of ripping something pink and spiky to death, he kept gong. As long as he had a guard dog, he’d be fine. Super Alien-Kicker Max and his dog, the Blob Assassinator. Shaking his head at his own stupidity, Max slid open the door and looked up.

Beaming cats filled the hallway. He stared, blinking in shock, as a few them yelled out something, laughing with each other and continuing to smile. The entire group seemed odd for some reason until he realized that there were quite a few more women in the group than he’d seen before. He’d had Kasan and other men around so much he was barely used to seeing breasts. Not that he got to see actual breast, he thought, looking up at the nearest woman and noting her large musculature with a nervous little tic. They used what looked like the loincloths to wrap around their tops, winding it around in a straight band or criss-crossing it over boobs and the back of the neck.

He stared at one of the women, wondering just how damn BIG their boobs must actually be. You could shoot those things out of cannons! He was nearly hypnotized by the sights above his head when a familiar voice spoke and drew his eyes again.

“Welcome to the family!” It was…Roto, wasn’t it? He’d been with that absolutely huge cat…Tisu, that’s right. Among the rest of them, even the women, he looked a little small, but still big enough to be intimidating. Max would love to find out what these stupid cats ate to grow this big. Super veggies? Gigantor Wheaties?

“Uh. Thank you.” There was a happy squeal and Roto reached out as though he were going to hug him. Max backpedaled to keep away and the cat brigade invaded. All the cats poured in so quickly he couldn’t keep track of them all. Backing up rapidly, he’d managed to hit the bed like an idiot and his knees buckled, knocking him back. Why did he always do that?! Stupid pillow-strewn monster was like a freaking leg magnet. As he struggled to get enough traction on the silky fabric to push himself up, the cats closed the door and spread out across the floor.

Did cats form herds? Because this was definitely a herd, he thought as he sat on the edge and watched them, nerves tight. Or maybe a swarm.

A cat bumped against him as it walked past and he nearly toppled off the bed. The apology and pat on the shoulder afterwards almost knocked him over again. A stampede, that’s what they were, he decided, rubbing his arm. A huge, dangerous, crush- everyone- underfoot, stampede of giant cats.

Although at least they’d brought food. He’d been getting hungry, and he’d eaten everything Kasan had left him. Actually, they’d brought a lot of things. Brightly colored rugs covered almost every inch of Kasan’s floor. Trays held pitchers of a drink that looked like liquid pumpkin. Small, bready rolls and buns lay next to them, and leafy bundles were piled near the bed.

He breathed a small sigh of relief as the women and men arranged themselves on the floor rather than accosting him like the men had done before. Did he have a different status now? Was that why, for the first time, people weren’t trying to jump him? Maybe it had been the meal, he thought, chewing nervously on his lower lip.

“Max!” Kneeling on the floor next to him, Roto gestured until he finally understood what was being asked. “Sit.”

It was next to, but not ON, the bed, and with a quick glance up to reassure himself that Androcles was still watching, he allowed himself to be coaxed onto a pillow. His entire body stayed tense as he tried to keep an eye on everyone. A few nice gestures didn’t mean they weren’t going to do something to him. He knew that well enough from Kasan. The cat would be nice and sweet and then –wham – he was screwing him against a wall.

Squirming on the pillow as he worked really, really hard to ignore the fact that his bottom still felt a little tender from that encounter, Max tried to distract himself. The women. The cat women were new. He’d concentrate on them! Looking around at the large females and their muscles, he realized a number of them could break him in two just as quickly as any of the men. Wonderful. He was the biggest, weakest wuss on the whole planet! Next the cat kids were going to be smacking him around!

And those breasts! Crap, the things were huge! He realized he was making cupping shapes with his hands in his lap as he tried to figure out just how big they were and he stopped with a flush, dropping his eyes. Bare thighs and cloth-covered loins surrounded him and he just managed to stop himself from making gestures again as he wondered about cock size. Was everyone as big as Kasan? He’d felt the big cat’s penis inside his body more times than he’d seen it, but it had been-

His buttocks clenched as he remembered what it felt like, and even the tightening of his muscles reminded what it had been like to clench them around something. He took in a deep breath and stared straight ahead, flushing as his body shivered. He just needed to stop thinking about… about that right now. It wasn’t happening at the moment, right? And he’d just stare at something else. Stomachs weren’t dangerous, he told himself. He’d look at stomachs.

Taut abdomens took up his field of vision and he swallowed. One cat a few feet away fanned his face, a bead of sweat rolling down his chest to slide into his loincloth. Max couldn’t breathe as he watched, although his blood seemed to be pumping just fine – it was all going to his dick! When a familiar voice on his left asked him a question, he latched onto it desperately. The blond cat from before, the one who’d said hello at the meal. He didn’t really care who it was, as long as it wasn’t the pervert.

“H-hello, Ko.”

Ko’s sharp features relaxed into a grin and he nodded back, holding out a smooth, leafy bundle to him. “Max.”

Reaching out for it, plopping it on his lap to hide his growing erection, Max stared at what he had in his hands. It was almost as long as his forearm, the dark green leaf folded intricately to provide a smooth, rounded finish to the oblong shape. The leaf had to be huge to be folded this well.

Great, yet more gigantic stuff. Was everything bigger here than on earth? His eyes fell to Ko’s groin and he yanked them back to the leaf. He was not thinking about that! Stupid brain, look at the leaf. A leaf was much more interesting that anything related to big cats and body parts and... Leaves were fascinating. He could watch a special on the various colors of leaves and he’d never be bored. Loved the leaves.

He peeked at Ko’s loincloth once more before going back to the heavy thing in his hands. What was this supposed be? Was it edible?

“Um, food?”

Ko and a few of the others laughed in a rather friendly way. “No. No food. You open it, Max. Open, like this.” Ko reached out and worked at one of the folds until it peeled apart and then moved Max’s hands to do the same to the others. “It’s a gift, Max, to welcome the family’s newest consort, little one. Open, like this.”

Watching carefully to see if he was guessing correctly, he slipped his fingers underneath a fold and worked the edge free. “Open… like…this?” Ko nodded back and watched as Max continued to peel apart the leaves.

“Max open.” Ko reiterated, obviously for his benefit, and he repeated the phrase gratefully.

When the leaf lay in bent glory on his lap, he could only stare at what had been wrapped inside.




It was a pretty color at least, he thought a little hysterically, picking it up at the urging of the people around him who smiled and giggled on seeing it. And smooth. A little cool in his hands. But he would give up his first born for it to not be what it looked like. Because it looked like a freaking dildo almost as long as his forearm. Please oh please let this not be a giant crystal cock, he prayed to himself.

Roto poured something out for him into a cup and he put the…penis…down and drank it without even looking, still staring at the thing in his lap.

And now here he sat, on the verge of death by humiliation, and he couldn’t even move it off of himself. It was just….it was HUGE. The God of all Phalluses. Penis-zilla.

What the hell was wrong with these perverted cats?!

Ko chuckled and picked it up, moving it over to his side. “For Kasan,” he whispered with a salacious grin. Max finally ripped his eyes away from it and stared at him, horrified.

“No!” he blurted. There was no way he was giving Kasan that thing! What the hell were they thinking? If Kasan used that on him… He stared at it again, breathing hard. Crap, he’d never walk again!

After a surprised look while Max cringed and leaned away from the goliath of the dildo world, Ko started laughing. He laughed harder when Max ignored him and poked the monstrosity away from him with stiff fingers.

“No. No, Max.” Ko still chuckled as he picked it back up, commenting to the others until they were grinning as well. Ko forced Max’s fingers around the base of the thing while Max flushed bright red, and then gestured. “For Kasan,” he said again, and moved Max’s hand in a thrusting movement. “Max’s. For Kasan.”

Ko laughed again as Max dropped it as soon as his hand was released. They wanted him to…to stick this into Kasan? Were they insane?! He’d have to want sex with Kasan first which…well, it was…maybe not as bad as he’d thought it would be, but it was still sex with a giant. They couldn’t possibly think he’d even want to do something like that, let alone that Kasan would let him. Really, why the hell would a huge guy let someone penetrate that luscious, golden backside with…he swallowed. That was not a thought that had any business being in his head. Stupid Kasan.

“Get out of my head,” he muttered, and gulped as a smiling Roto passed him another gift. Looking at the pile of them, probably one from every cat in the room, he prayed fervently that they weren’t all the same caliber. That’s all he needed, a mountainous pile of dildos. Maybe he could let Androcles use them as chew toys, he thought grimly. Taking another quick sip of punch, he took one deep breath and started to unwrap the next one.

A half hour and six glasses of punch later, he was feeling a bit more relaxed about the whole thing. They weren’t so bad, he thought, squinting at the newest gift. He wasn’t sure if it was one or two pairs of velvety handcuffs. They kept blurring in front of his eyes. They were soft, though. Petting them with his fingers, he laid them on the pile next to him. Feathers, ribbons, and chains lay underneath, along with two illustrated books.

He kind of liked the books. He snorted into his hands as he thought of them, glancing over at Roto who giggled along with him. They saw each other, stared with matching, glazed eyes, and started laughing. Max lost his balance and leaned into Roto, still laughing. He thought of the drawing in the book, with a small cat Roto’s size being bent over a bench and taken, and guffawed.

“It looked just like you!” The black haired cat taking another one against a wall popped into his mind and he giggled so hard he almost slid off of Roto’s side. “And Kasan! We did that wall thing! I bet you didn’t even know, did you! We screwed against a wall! We’re just like an alien sex book!” Max laughed so hard he started to hiccup and he reached for more punch. Ko plucked the cup out of his hands just before he dropped it.

“Hey! I’m thirsty!” With a little shake of his head, Ko handed him a glass of water instead. “Not as good as the punch,” Max muttered, gulping it down anyway. He choked, dropping the water over himself as he coughed. Looking down at his wet chest, wondering how to wipe it off, he licked his lips clean. It was a little cold. Staring, he watching the water droplets running down his chest, making trails around his nipples and down his stomach. A number pooled in his belly button and he giggled a little. “Look, it’s a water drop party.”

Ko’s hand ruffled his hair and he stared up at him. Ko said something, waiting for an answer. With a lopsided shrug, Max shook his head.

“I have no freaking idea what you’re saying. You could be telling me that you’re all hoping I’ll have sex with you, and I’d have no clue. Uh uh. Wait. How do you say ‘we all want to have sex with you’? I should really learn how to say that so I can say no.” Nodding sagely, he pointed at Ko carefully, just avoiding poking him in the stomach. He didn’t want to have sex with them, anyway. They were all too big. Needed someone smaller.

Like Kasan.

Another cat asked Ko a question and he turned away. Max reached over and grabbed a glass of punch sitting near Roto, gulping it down quickly. The little cat smiled at him, almost toppling backwards, and took a glass of punch for himself as well. Ha, so there, stupid, punch-thieving Ko. Roto and he were doing just fine. He was staring at the nearly empty glass in his hands when Ko turned around and grumbled, pulling it out of his hands. Max slapped at him.

“Quit taking my punch. I’ll drink it if I want to.” Feeling a bit light headed as he glared up at him, he tried to get another glass. Someone had moved the tray holding the punch and replaced it with water. “That’s not cool, switching it when I wasn’t looking. You know that.”

Didn’t they, he wondered muzzily, sipping some water. Maybe it was normal for cats to move stuff around like that. They weren’t humans; they wouldn’t think like people did. His mind floated hazily while he thought about it. He missed people. Being smaller than everyone was so frustrating….especially when they stole your punch. He scowled up at Ko and figured out how to move his head away a minute after it was already fuzzed by the man’s hand.

Why did everyone keep doing that?

And why couldn’t they find any more people like him? Kasan hadn’t known where any humans were. What if he never found any? What if he were the only person out here? After a brief search of the room, where everyone was bigger than him, with pointed ears and slitted eyes, he sniffled. Roto looked at him and patted his head clumsily, leaning over him with a delicate little belch. At least they seemed nice now.

If he couldn’t leave, and he stayed as some kind of husband/wife thing to Kasan….it was a life, wasn’t it? The food was nice, he reminded himself, picking up a small dumpling from a plate next to him and tossing it at his mouth. He missed and had to grab it off his lap before he could pop it in. Chewing, he leaned into Roto. Maybe he could stay with him, if Kasan was being a pain. He was nice. And he didn’t steal a person’s drinks.

He stared at Ko and pointed at him. “Drink thief. Don’t think I’ll let you do that again! I’m watching you now.” Ko raised one eyebrow in his direction and shook his head, turning away to talk to the others. Max hiccupped and slipped back from Roto’s side to lean against the bed. Staring around the room again, he realized that he wasn’t scared at all. The cats were huge and unfamiliar, and more than one had chased him around and scared the shit out of him earlier, but they hadn’t hurt him. He couldn’t say that about a lot of places he’d been. Beatings and muggings hurt him worse than anything that had happened here.

It was actually kind of nice.

And he was married. That was so weird. He was married to Kasan.

His head flopped to the side as he laid it on the bed and watched everyone. Men and women were touching each other constantly. Not sexually, just small, light touches across shoulders and lips and legs. It was comforting and a little erotic at the same time. He noticed they didn’t do the same to him and for a split second he felt rather left out. It was hard to be amongst all this bared skin and constant physical closeness and not be affected, he told himself. Anyone would want a little of it. He patted Roto’s leg and felt a little better when he got a little brush against his arm in return.

There, that was nice. Now he was just like a cat, right? Just a part of the herd. Or had that been a stampede? Had he decided? He murmured to himself, blinking with dark eyes as he looked over the room. He bit his lip as he saw a dark haired cat brush his hand over another’s lips as he fed him with a laugh. Imagining Kasan doing the same to him, he flushed. It wouldn’t be so bad with Kasan. His skin tingled thinking of what Kasan and he had already done together and he moaned softly. It felt good, right? Would that be so awful? Kasan’s body was…it was really hot. So were a lot of these cats, now that they were sitting around and not trying to touch him, but they were still so huge they didn’t quite feel real. Like he was expecting someone to pull off a head and show a smaller man inside a costume.

Kasan felt more like a real person, he decided. If Max had been a woman, he would have totally gone for Kasan. Totally. But since he wasn’t, it was different. Wasn’t it? His hand rested on his thigh and he moved it up his leg as he thought about it. Kasan’s fingers had been hot and amazing when he’d touched him there before. And his tongue. They’d been against the wall and he’d touched him there with his tongue! And God, that had been…

His hand had just crept under his tunic when a knock quieted everyone. Ko got up looking worried and pissed at the same time. Max heard him talking through a warm fuzzy haze, and then stared at him, surprised, when he came back and helped him up.

“Kasan is here,” Ko said softly, helping him walk over.

When he got to the door, he stared up at Kasan and the first thing to pop into his head was the huge dildo waiting for him back by the bed. His cheeks flushed so brightly they burned. Stupid dildo gift. Swaying, he tried to grab the ground with his toes. That would keep him up. Kasan looked down at him, and something about his face made him feel even more flushed. The feel of Kasan’s fingers over his hair feathered across his scalp and seemed to flow down his back while he stared, mesmerized.

Kasan was really, really pretty. That skin was so silky it was unreal. Did they make skin out of silk? His hair was flowing down is back again; he’d taken out his braid. Light shone off it in blue highlights and he blinked at the effect. It was making it hard to focus. Looking back up at him, he frowned at his eyes. What was wrong with his eyes? They looked so sad. Was he all right? He was asking about Max, but he looked so unhappy. And he was asking if Max was happy. How sweet. Of course he was happy. He felt just fine right now. He looked back to check on the room. Was there punch anywhere near them?

Kasan shifted slightly and he looked back up into Kasan’s face. Such sad, sad eyes. He tried to pat his hand, misjudged the distance, and just barely touched it.


Max wobbled, trying to figure out what that new look was on Kasan’s face. He wasn’t expecting the sudden glomp and he yelped when he was picked up like a toy. His body swayed dizzily, Kasan burrowing against his neck. Soft, wet heat slid up his throat and he gasped, panting until lips covered his own and a tongue delved in deep. Insides quivering, his lips burned from the small touch. He stared at Kasan’s face in front of his.

Kasan was always kissing him.

All the time.

He had really nice skin.

It was unreal how gorgeous the cat was. His skin couldn’t be as smooth as he remembered, could it? He reached up to touch his cheek and check. It was like golden cream, he thought. How could he be this pretty? His body was rocked by another kiss before Kasan put him back down on the floor while his head spun again.

Befuddled, he could only stare as Kasan messed with his hair. One broad finger touched his lips gently and lips brushed his forehead before Ko was shuffling him away. Pressing against the spot with his own fingers, Max stumbled back to the bed, sitting on the edge with a dazed thump.

Kasan kept doing that to him. How did he do that? Did they have kissing classes on this planet or something? Had to be something. He’d never had a clue kissing was so nice before he came here, but his lips were still tingling. Actually, all of him was tingling, he realized. He held up his hands and looked at them, moving his fingers. He couldn’t feel them very well. He lay down as things started to feel a little too fuzzy for comfort. After a minute, Ko and Roto leaned over him and said something, but he pushed at their hands until they stopped. Hearing them argue with each other, he started giggling.

“It’s a cat fight,” he muttered, still giggling. Roto flopped onto the bed next to him and Ko dragged the other cat back up with an irritated grumble. Max wasn’t sure how much longer it was before people started leaving, but when Ko pulled him up and forced him to drink some water, nearly everyone was gone. He spluttered, swallowing, and Ko stroked his head once before helping him lay down again. There was the sound of the door opening and closing one last time, and then quiet. He lay there, watching the ceiling twisting above him. He closed his eyes as Androcles jumped down and licked his face, settling in on the pillows.

“I’m just going to lay here a little while until the room stops spinning,” he slurred to Androcles. “I’ll get up soon. Will.” Closing his eyes, he enjoyed the curious feel of the whirling bed underneath him.

He wondered when Kasan was coming. His lips were still tingling.

In the third hour after he’d seen Max, Kasan was in the middle of asking for help in finding the other humans when the pain hit. He sucked in his breath, staring, as he rode out the spike. A smile lighting up his face, he turned to Leero and asked him to finish. Leero stared at him until he turned and bowed to the family.

“The Need calls. I must return to Max.”

“So soon?” His father’s words were immediately followed by his aunt’s.

“His grandfather was the same – that old throwback mated almost every night for the first year.” The elder’s sly smile might have embarrassed him but for the dimple in her cheeks. “Go. Enjoy your consort. We will do what is needed for him; you needn’t worry.”

He bowed again. “Thank you. Very much. I will see you at First meal, then.” Hurrying from the room, he walked rapidly towards his room. He would have rather caught this earlier – he still had to go quickly with the little one when the heat was pushing him. It was so frustrating. He wanted them to be able to take their time! Hopefully Max wouldn’t be too frightened by whatever he was feeling. He’d looked like he’d consumed a fair amount of yakkin when Kasan had last seen him. That would help considerably, if he was still drinking and keeping it in his system. Kasan could just see Max, soft and relaxed from the drink, reclined against the bed, reaching for him.

He walked a little faster. He could hardly wait to get back to his room.

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