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The Last Pure Human
Chapter 4 - Loincloth

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With Kasan looking down at him, Max felt rather stupid. All right, so Max had told him to stay away from him, because he wasn’t going to become some alien play toy if he could help it, but who was he trying to fool? Was the alien going to do what he asked? It wasn’t as though the cat man had asked permission the first time, now was it? So the odds that Max’s permission would be sought for any future activities was highly unlikely, even if the big alien had a clue what Max was saying, which he didn’t. Of course he didn’t. Otherwise, he wouldn’t still be standing so close and looming over Max like some barbarian. A calm, focused, huge, half-naked barbarian who was staring at him so intently that Max would have felt naked even if he actually HAD clothing on. Max returned his stare, but as Kasan continued looking into his eyes without saying a word, Max’s nerves slowly frayed, one thread at a time. Why was he just…standing there? Why was he looking at him?

It was disturbing, both the worry over what he was planning, and the larger worry over how his body was reacting to having the big man this close. It was frightening and intimidating, like waiting at the top of a roller coaster just before the big plunge. He just didn’t know if the big plunge was going to be good, or bad. And his body seemed a little interested in finding out, which was highly unsettling. This was the man who had used his body. Max should be keeping as far away from him as possible. He should WANT to stay as far away from him as possible. He DID want to stay as far away as possible. It was just…Kasan was so close. And he was watching him. What did he want with him?

Kasan smiled suddenly, and for a moment the only thing Max’s mind could manage was, “Wow.” Who cared about the cat’s pupils, the alien had the sexiest smile he’d ever seen. Ever. And while the crowd Max had hung out with in college had tended more towards the ivory tower than the runway, he’d seen enough T.V. to recognize ‘sexy.’ He’d just never thought there would come a time where he would recognize it in a man and find his breathing affected at the same time. Who could have guessed it: big cat men had facial expressions so erotic that they crossed the sex barrier.

And their eyes did a pretty good number on the senses too, he thought as he looked up into golden brown at close range. The huge half-naked man was standing so close to him that he’d be able to see the individual hairs on his chest if he could manage to drag his eyes from the other man’s gaze. Not that he seemed capable of that for the moment. Everything felt slow and thick, and Max felt his cheeks flush at Kasan’s silent, focused attention. He licked dry lips. This was too weird, and too scary, and too strange: the bed, the giant men, the ears and tails, and now the man was looking him over like he was something to eat, but not in a ‘devour him as an alien delicacy’ kind of way. Besides that, the look was making him feel kind of… hot.

That was probably normal though. If someone, boy or girl, human or alien, looked at you as though you were the tastiest thing since chocolate, it was bound to turn you on a little, even if it was scary and intimidating and confusing at the same time. At least, he thought it probably would. It wasn’t as though anyone had ever looked at him that way before, so he didn’t really have a baseline to compare it with. He didn’t know that he’d ever seen anyone looked at that way except in a movie, and faced with someone looking at HIM so covetously, inches away, he thought that a movie couldn’t possibly convey the full impact of that stare. His skin felt all tingly and hot, and he started to breathe a bit quicker, noticing the man’s rich, rather musky scent hit his nose. He started breathing even faster.

Crap, he was going to hyperventilate again.

Max held his breath on each inhalation as he tried to calm down. As holding his breath seemed to simply concentrate Kasan’s scent in his head, and his dick twitched in response, Max wondered in a panicked way if he should just hyperventilate and let himself pass out. Maybe that would be better. It wouldn’t be so confusing. He wouldn’t be standing so close to Kasan and finding him too scary and too sexy and too big and he could just stop worrying about every stupid, terrifying thought that was crossing his mind at the moment. Max tensed to take a step away and stopped as he saw Kasan’s mouth above his head. That mouth…it was…


He wondered if it tasted as pretty as it looked.

Max blinked at the thought and took a quick step away from Kasan, staring at him in horrified negation of the question that refused to leave even now that he was aware of just how wrong it was. He didn’t want to know what Kasan’s mouth tasted like!

He didn’t want to know what his lips or his jaw or his cheeks or his…chest…or stomach…or… Max found himself looking at Kasan’s loincloth and he choked. His eyes whipped back up to safer places and he found himself looking at the oddly seductive mouth again.

Kasan’s lips quirked slightly at the corner and he chuckled, which really made Max start to have worries about mind reading or other talents. Could alien cat barbarians read minds?? Was Kasan only chuckling because he thought Max made a quirky looking little pet, or because he knew Max had thought of his body in ways that were just wrong? Wrong, wrong, wrong.

He stared at the lips again, wondering suddenly what they had done to him. Had that mouth kissed him? Licked him? A sudden clear image of Kasan’s mouth sliding over his penis hit him and he stared. W-was that a memory? It had to be, didn’t it? He would never think of something like that on his own. Uh uh. No way. But then that meant that his dick had been between those lips, moving in and out as it grew harder and wetter and…oh darn it, and harder. Max pulled his pillow in close to his body, hoping to God that he didn’t lose it and expose his aroused state. He didn’t want to give the man any ideas, and he couldn’t help it! The man had given him oral sex, right? He had to have, that was the only reason Max would think of something like that, and there was no way sex would fail to turn him on. It would turn on any guy; that was part of BEING a guy. Sex was sexy, and oral sex was…really sexy. It was.

Those lips… Max flushed even brighter, watching them continue to smile at him. It didn’t seem right that lips could do something so intimate to him and then smile so nonchalantly.

This Kasan had no shame, having a mouth that could look like that at a person.

Kasan’s lips twitched again and he reached up with his free hand, running the back of his knuckles against Max’s cheek as Max stared up at him. Swallowing, the thought crossed Max’s mind that he should really run away screaming now. The man had been inside his body, and Max had been inside the man’s mouth- he had, hadn’t he? –and now he was standing next to him and he’d touched him again and only an idiot stood naked in front of someone who had already made love to him unless they wanted it to happen again.

And he didn’t. So what if it felt really good. Fantastic or not, it had been sex with a GUY. Amazing, stunning orgasms made no difference whatsoever in deciding who to make love to. Sex was only something to have with someone who…

Well, who…

Dammit, someone who didn’t have to penetrate his body as part of the process! Having someone do that was just…kind of embarrassing, and he thought it might have hurt a bit too, and it was with a GUY. And Max hadn’t been the GUY guy, he’d been the GIRL guy and that was just wrong. If he was going to have sex with some sexy, gorgeous cat guy, Max wanted to be the GUY guy. He flushed as he realized what he’d just thought and his eyes widened while he stared up at Kasan.

Please oh please let him not be a mind-reading alien or I think I’m gonna be in big trouble, Max thought, feeling slightly panicked. He didn’t really want sex, of any kind, with Kasan. None. He really didn’t, because he just wasn’t interested in that type of thing. Especially when he still wasn’t sure exactly what he was doing here and it might just be something tawdry and cheap like ‘to be a little human whore for huge, feline males.’ He felt a little cold in the gut until Kasan rubbed his hand across Max’s cheek again and slid it towards his ear, moving it across his hair until it cupped the back of his head.

Max looked up and gulped as Kasan’s face leaned towards his. Kasan was going to kiss him! Kasan was going to use those soft lips and kiss him and he should move away now, really quickly, except there was a hand embedded in his hair and honeyed eyes were staring at him and those lips…

Those lips were hot and sweet and they were sliding against his own as a slick tongue ran across his mouth. He pushed away with his head, groaning as his small jerk failed to move the palm cradling his skull. Max groaned again as Kasan gently forced his tongue inside Max’s mouth and Max tasted …honey and coffee. He would swear that the man tasted exactly as his eyes looked: warm and bitter and sweet. The heat of it flowed down his throat as Kasan continued to move his tongue across Max’s, rubbing along the curves of the inside of his mouth. He felt the heat pooling in his belly and up to the palms of his hands. Warm, smooth silky heat that flexed within his groping hands.


Max pushed, his hands shoving against the chest that he’d just been rubbing like a sex-drugged idiot, and he stumbled back as Kasan released his head. He’d touched him. Max had touched him. His palms could still feel the heat from the man’s really smooth, slightly furred chest and…he’d touched him! Kasan looked down a moment and smiled rather wickedly as his eyes went back to Max. Max couldn’t help it; he looked down as well. Laying at Kasan’s feet was a tassled, black velvet pillow.

There hadn’t been a pillow there a minute ago.

Max’s palms itched again. His hands twitched. But they shouldn’t be twitching, should they? They should be clutching the damn pillow that was currently lying at Kasan’s feet. When in the world has Max gone from clutching his pillow to clutching Kasan’s chest?
Why had he been touching the cat man in the first place? And why was he standing still like an idiot while his erection was sticking out for the whole world to see, especially the big honkin’ pervert who was currently staring at it like he was going to lick it all over and swallow it whole. And why, why didn’t that sound as bad as it should?

Max covered himself with his hands, blushing again as Kasan chuckled at him. He really wished the big cat would stop that. Looking down to make sure he’d covered himself completely, he yelped as he looked up and Kasan was standing immediately in front of him again.

“Don’t DO that!”

Kasan smiled crookedly and made a soft shushing sound before he knelt gracefully in front of Max. The only reason Max could think of for the man to be kneeling with his sensual, flexible mouth near Max’s gripping hands was enough to send his pulse soaring.

Kasan brought his eyes back up to Max's and Max felt like squirming. Why was he looking at him like that? What was he doing? Was he just playing with him? Was he going to touch him or wasn’t he?! Max frowned at him as he tried to figure it out and Kasan chuckled deeply again.

"Jerk," he muttered, and then froze as Kasan gently took Max’s hand and moved it to the side. As he did the same with Max’s other hand and then stopped to stare at the firm member in front of him, Max panted. He should really move, or kick him or hit him or yell at him. Slap him at the very least. Staring at the avid rather hungry look on the man’s face as he stared at Max’s nude, aroused body part, though, Max couldn’t move. He was horny, and aching, and the man’s mouth was so close to him and he wondered what it would feel like. He wondered if those lips would feel like the vivid picture in his head, if they’d be warm and strong and sucking him hard. Thinking of the possibilities, he quivered, unable to make himself move. He’d move…soon. Any minute now. As soon as he found out what Kasan was going to do. Kasan’s hand returned to his groin and cupped his penis, pressing it firmly against his body. Max closed his eyes and gasped softly at the feel of something hard and hot touching him, biting his lip harshly as soon as he heard himself. He knew Kasan was a guy, but…darn it, it had been a long time since someone had played with him this way! And it wasn’t like he was having sex, he was just being touched. And it felt gooood. Moaning inside his mouth, his body’s focus shrank to the size of his groin as Kasan’s fingers curled and enveloped his entire member, squeezing lightly.

His eyes popped open as he thought he felt something wet slide over the tip of him, and he looked down. Kasan was bending forward on his knees, staring at Max’s member and smiling up at him wickedly. Max stared stupidly, unable to move as he watched Kasan’s mouth edge towards him. The man was going to give him a blow job. He was going to take him in his mouth and-

Max swallowed convulsively, his hands clenching in tight fists at his sides as he watched the sexiest lips in the entire damn world come closer to him. Close enough to feel breath blowing across his body. He was almost there…

Max jumped a foot as someone laughed. He looked wildly around for a second before realizing it had come from outside the door. Oh God, for a moment there he’d thought someone was watching him while Kasan…

Wait, while Kasan…sucked on his penis? No, he wasn’t letting this happen, was he? This wasn’t right. He shouldn’t be letting Kasan do this. Kasan was trying to touch him again and… and… it felt really good… but that was beside the point! It was wrong. Letting the cat man touch him was wrong. Because… because…

Because it just was. Before he could change his mind, Max shoved Kasan’s hand away and he clutched at himself .

“N-no touching… the… merchandise,” Max’s voice trailed off as Kasan looked at him quizzically. The man had no clue what he was saying, did he?
Kasan made soothing little rumbles in his throat and reached for him again, and Max smacked at his hands. “N-no! I mean it. Dammit, stop!” Kasan paused, staring up at him. When Kasan grabbed both of Max’s wrists with one hands and pulled them away, uncovering Max’s groin, Max whimpered slightly. He was still aroused, his body still wanting, but his erection was fading as he worried about what was about to happen. Kasan was touching him. And touching led to kissing and kissing led to caressing and that led to things that were making him really nervous and a little frightened to think about now that there weren’t any distracting, skillful hands on Mr. Happy.

With one last look up at his face, Kasan grumbled a moment and huffed out a sigh before he started making soothing murmurs again as his other hand reached for Max’s groin.

“No! I said I don’t…want to?” Something silky rubbed over his member, and Max blinked in surprise as Kasan pressed Max’s hands to his own chest, forcing him to grip something.

Huh? Wasn’t he just about to…

Looking down, Max realized that Kasan had handed him one end of the cloth that the cat man had pulled from the wall. After giving a reassuring smile to Max’s perplexed, nervous look, Kasan leaned against the front of Max’s body and reached around behind him to grasp the edge he’d just slid between Max’s thighs. Max thought it was going to be a tie whether he was going to die from embarrassment, or faint from relief. He’d thought Kasan was going to give him head. It had really seemed like the big man was about to give him a blow job, and maybe a lot more than that, considering what had happened before, and instead, he was just helping him dress.

Max closed his eyes. God, he was an idiot. A stupid, ridiculously paranoid, perverted idiot. Why did Max keep doing this to himself? He had the dirtiest thoughts about the man, and every time, he was embarrassingly off. Well, except for the first time, when he hadn’t really had any dirty thoughts at all, just dirty memories, but so far, Kasan hadn’t done anything to him in the last few minutes.

Except for the kiss. Kasan HAD kissed him. He hadn’t imagined that. So…maybe he’d done THAT to him. And…woah!

Kasan palmed his ass. Max jerked and would have yanked away but the man had him completely immobilized as he essentially hugged him around the legs, his shoulders braced against Max’s groin as his hands played with his ass. And now he was…

“Hey! Cut it out!” Max wriggled, dropping the bit of fabric Kasan had placed into his hands. He pushed and punched down with his fists on Kasan’s shoulders as the man pulled at his bottom, prying the cheeks apart. What was he doing?! A twisted bit of fabric pressed into the middle of his ass and his bottom was released. Kasan stayed still until Max stopped hitting him. When Kasan continued to kneel, unmoving, Max slowly calmed down and adjusted to the feeling of the cloth. Felt like a loose wedgie.

Well….darn it. Clothes again.

Max felt a humiliated flush scour his cheeks for the umpteenth time that day. He was just helping him with the stupid loincloth. It was just the loincloth. Dummy. He was a complete and total idiot. Did it again. It was like he was wearing beer goggles, but they made everything dirty instead of pretty.

“Sorry,” he muttered and pushed his hand down between their bodies to grab the cloth that had been wedged there by Kasan’s shoulder. He stayed still as he felt the fabric shifting between his ass cheeks, trying to ignore the strange, intimate feel of it. Which he couldn’t quite manage; it was so tight it was touching his anus, for goodness sake. A little hard to ignore something like that. Kasan placed one hand against the small of Max’s back, anchoring the fabric that was now twisted into a small rope, and then drew the rest of it around one side of Max’s hip, across the fabric he still held over his stomach and chest, and back around his other hip until it reached the small of his back again. After a few more embarrassing pulls at the cloth, Kasan had the end twisted around and anchored and he sat back on his heels, staring at Max still clutching the little flap to his chest.

He smiled and reached forward, carefully cupping Max’s balls in his hand as he adjusted the fabric over it, ensuring that all of his privates were covered. Max squirmed as fingertips and palms brushed against the inside of his thighs, his balls, and oh God, his dick. His skin shivered as each spot anticipated the small near- caresses, and he wished his stupid body would just stop noticing stupid things like that so he wouldn’t feel anything at all. But there was no way to ignore it. He was getting more aroused, and the stupid cat alien could see how his touch was affecting Max. There was no way to hide how he was feeling when the man’s eyes were staring right at him. Right at IT. Max wasn’t sure he’d ever been quite so embarrassed in his life. The man was just helping him with his clothing, and he was acting like it was a prelude to sex. Not only that, his body was reacting as though it expected normal sex, instead of sex where he ended up with a man coming inside his body. It was…mortifying.

Kasan reached up and started to pry Max’s hands from the flap he was holding until Max realized what he was doing and dropped the cloth like a hot rock. The loose bit of cloth fell over the twisty rope around his waist and covered his front with a little hanging flap. Which was good…but nothing was covering his ass. He had the stupid fabric that started twisting right behind his balls and ran in thin, ropy splendor right up the middle of his ass like a thong, and…was Kasan expecting him to just wear THIS?

He stepped back a few steps warily, and glanced back at his ass. Bare. His bare ass. Ass rope did NOT count as clothing.

“Don’t you have anything…more…I could wear?” he asked plaintively as he looked back at Kasan, gesturing to his butt and covering it with his hands.

Kasan stared at him, his eyebrows lowering until he looked really rather frightening before he stood abruptly and went back to the wall where he’d first retrieved the loincloth in the first place. Opening the wall panel again, he pulled out another blue edged piece of cream fabric, a much wider, shorter rectangle this time, with some elaborate embroidery edged in around the middle. Gliding back to Max, Kasan dropped the cloth over his head before Max could say a word. Max hadn't even a chance to protest before there was a yank on the cloth and his head was pulled through what turned out to be a hole in the middle.

He blinked as he looked at Kasan’s face, inches from his own as the man leaned down towards him and fiddled with the odd poncho he’d just shoved onto Max. Swallowing, Max looked down and tried to ignore the hands that were once again touching his body as they dressed him. Kasan was overlapping the sides of the poncho around Max’s chest and waist, wrapping a blue, silky rope around his body several times to tie at his waist and keep the cloth in place. Max relaxed slightly once Kasan’s hands stopped their soft meanderings around his waist and the cat man stepped back to look him up and down. Max looked back at his ass again and was relieved to find it covered. The odd little tunic thing hung all the way to his knees. It would flap open a heck of a lot whenever he walked, but at least he wouldn’t feel so much like he was constantly exposed.

“Thanks,” he sighed, and looked at Kasan warily as the man stared a moment before he started to laugh in a light, liquid voice. He felt like he was being laughed at somehow…

Now that he was dressed, Max stared at Kasan, wondering what was next. If the cat man had gone through all the trouble of dressing him, he wouldn’t be about to take his body again. He hoped. So what was going to happen? Was he going to leave the room? The thought wasn’t as terrifying as it had been before when Max thought he was all alone. Actually, he was still all alone, but…he didn’t feel quite so isolated. He was trying very hard not to think too closely about what had happened between this man and him, because aside from that, and the sexy lips, oh, and the kiss, and the fact that his hands felt really good…

Well, if he ignored all that, Kasan made things feel a lot less terrifying. All the man had done was help him put on some clothes, but at the moment, that was the only help he’d received since he’d woken up, and it was much better than being hurt or raped or killed, so…Kasan still made things seem less scary. Max’s hand nervously tucked his hair behind his ear as he thought about it. He’d adjusted to new situations before, sure, but did anything compare to waking up to an alien place where aliens had used your body and might do so again if you didn’t figure out what was going on really darn soon? He gulped as Kasan focused his eyes on Max again and came closer. What part of his clothing needed to be adjusted now? He was still worrying the thought as Kasan wrapped one arm around the back of his head and dragged him close as his other hand glomped onto his ass. The man leaned down low and those amazing lips covered Max’s again.

This wasn’t clothing. This wasn’t clothing, he wasn’t adjusting clothing, he was doing the kissing again! Max tried to wriggle free with absolutely no effect. He didn’t want to hurt him, because he didn’t want to be hurt back, and he didn’t want to lose the one person who’d interacted with him at all, but he didn’t want to have sex and…

“Nnnnnn.” Good kisser. Felt really, really good. Really great. Max relaxed slightly, leaning into Kasan’s body and barely registering the hand on his backside moving until it was underneath the poncho and fingers were sliding over his ass. Hands were on his bare butt, and they were squeezing and kneading and one finger wormed its way underneath the little thong rope and was pushing, pressing along his crack as it started gliding down.
“MMMMMMPH!” Max started struggling again. Kasan was going to touch him THERE, and he couldn’t. No matter what, he-

They both stopped moving at a knock from the door. Kasan called out in a hoarse voice and stiffened at whatever answer he receieved. He released Max, panting. Examining Max’s face, Kasan grinned and patted his cheek, laughing again as Max shoved his hand away and stepped back.

“Mah-ks. Kasan.” Kasan did his little wriggly finger thing again, then snuck in and kissed Max so quickly that he wasn’t able to push away before the cat man was already halfway to the door. He turned and looked at Max standing like an idiot watching him, and left, closing the door behind him.

Max rubbed at his lips before biting them. The man had kissed him again. He’d helped him find clothing, but he’d kissed him. He hadn’t forced him to have sex, but he’d touched him and his hand had been about to touch the opening to his ass. His eyes widened and his buttocks clenched as he stared at the closed door. Putting him in a room with silk and velvet pillows, dressing him up, kissing him, and now touching him again… Max gulped.

Kasan still wanted Max to be the GIRL guy.

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