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Fiction~~The Last Pure Human~~Ch. 32

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The Last Pure Human
Chapter 32 - Lust and Love

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Max’s skin was so soft. Kasan could feel it under the pads of his fingers, along his stomach, and cushioning his groin as he thrust against him.

“So good,” Kasan murmured. Hearing it aloud erased the fantasy and brought him back to the searing agony pulsing through his limbs with every step. He groaned. The forest swam in front of his eyes. He felt nothing but the pain wracking his body from the tips of his ears to the scruffy, twig-tangled tip of his tail.

He wanted Max back.

Something scratched his shoulder and he swiped at it violently, snarling. His hand jerked to a halt as it passed and he stared, blinking frantically until he could see for a few crucial seconds. Deep brown bark came into focus, the torn remnants of his loincloth tangled between his hand and the thorny branch that had ‘assaulted’ him.

He’d done that, taken off his loincloth and ripped it. He- He had to mark the way, that was it. It had been…how many minutes since the last time? It couldn’t be long. He was sure it hadn’t been long. Leaning against the tree, he ripped another strip from his loincloth with trembling hands. He struggled to recall the words for what he was doing and failed, but his fingers remembered how to tie the specific knot he needed from countless training exercises.

“Straight,” he mumbled. That’s right. This would tell anyone who followed to go straight ahead. The first knot had been tied outside the door leaving the Haven, with a different knot telling a rescue party which way to turn. They’d be coming, as soon as they had the Haven secure. So they could help him get Max home, where Kasan could press the little one against the mirror and watch every expression on his face as he entered him from behind. That shocked ‘o’ of Max’s mouth was he took Kasan in completely was so fucking erotic.

Kasan shook his head, his hair tangling around his face until he swiped it out of the way. The irritation was enough to keep thoughts of Max’s body at bay for a few moments.

He didn’t need to think about what to do with Max when he found him. He had to focus on finding Max.

They hadn’t lost the trail yet; there was still hope. Ando-kees had found where the little one had left the Haven, the stink of fear so strong it coated the air. Max had figured out how to get his bearings and headed straight for the citadel. The little one had never even seen the outside of the citadel, and he’d figured out where to go.

“Smart, beautiful Max.” Kasan stumbled, scratched his side against another tree, and pushed away to continue walking. He had to find Max.

Keep him safe.

Kasan shuddered, stumbling again as a scene replayed itself in his head. Max had veered off the trail, charging through bushes and up against a tree where three tosa had followed, moving oddly fast. Their remains painted the bark with garish smears. Shokan tracks covered the ground, half concealed by pink sludge, all that was left of the tosa.

That many shokan at once, Max helpless and trapped, with nowhere to run? Max would have been torn to pieces. And Kasan hadn’t been there to protect him.

Kasan had dropped to his hands and knees, calling Max’s name as though it would help, digging through the gore in the desperate hope that there was somewhere concealed where Max had hid, a hole he’d crawled into, anything!

Kasan swayed even now, nearly vomiting as he remembered the feel of pushing aside inches-deep slime and entrails, digging into the slick earth with his claws.

Ando-kees whuffed at him and he steadied, the forest around them replacing the memory. He hadn’t found Max’s body there. He had to remember that.

Ando-kees had figured it out. He’d latched onto Kasan’s arm and dragged him away, ignoring Kasan’s curses and clawing. Kasan had been about to bite the beast when they’d emerged into another clearing and Kasan could smell Max again. Alive. Still terrified. And surrounded by shokan, which made no sense whatsoever but he didn’t care. He didn’t care if they dressed Max up in lace and made him their new king, as long as they didn’t hurt him.

His legs had given out when he hadn’t seen a drop of blood. Max had still been alive when he’d been in the clearing. That was all that mattered. Kasan hadn’t even been able to protest as Ando-kees cleaned the tosa remains from his skin with long, slimy strokes of its tongue. His little one was still alive.

But that had been…hours ago? Kasan was in no shape to track Max anymore. The shokan were keeping to the trees. Ando-kees was the only one able to leap from branch to branch to track them, coming down and climbing back up much more rapidly than Kasan could have, even when his limbs worked as they should. Kasan had to trust that the animal still had the trail.

And that Max was still alive.

The shokan would probably tear Kasan apart when they got there, but maybe he could buy Ando-kees enough time to get the little one out. Ando-kees would save him. Take him back to the others. Kasan’s vision faded to black as a wave of pain hit and he walked blindly into Ando-kees, breathing through it until he could see again. He knew the shokan wouldn’t leave, even through the agony he could remember that. He’d fallen, writhing with the pain, more times than he could count, and it had stayed. Coming to his senses, he’d always find Ando-kees standing next to him until he recovered enough to move again.

“Take ‘im back t’ m’family, Ando-kees.” Kasan frowned, tried to speak again without slurring his words. He gave up and tore another strip from the loincloth for a knot. No matter what, the others could find Max. If Kasan failed, if Ando-kees failed, his family wouldn’t fail. They’d find the little one and keep him safe. The kouloc hadn’t mutated enough to infect a pure human, Kasan was sure of it….

Kasan looked down and lurched to the side, stumbling against Ando-kees again as he nearly stepped into the morelenta. Damn vine. Had Max stepped on any thorns? Kasan remembered worrying over it, but his thoughts were too hazy to recall if it had actually happened or not.  Kasan hated to think of those sharp points puncturing the vulnerable soles of Max’s feet.

The poisoned thorns killed most animals outright. Kyashin and shokan were spared, though. Max would be too. If his poor, delicate feet had been hurt, his nanites would eliminate the morelenta’s toxin and the virus that went with it. It took days, though. Days and days. He’d be in pain the whole time. Needed someone to kiss it all better. Kasan could lick over the soles of his feet until Max melted. Max would squirm like he always did, cheeks turning that sexy pink color. And he’d make those sounds, needy whines and desperate whimpering little grunts as he started grabbing at Kasan’s skin with his hands. Kasan could spread his legs so he couldn't get away and sink into his-

Kasan moaned, pushing aside the image only to have it replaced with another. Pulling Max onto his lap and impaling him. Bending Max over the nearest log, so high his feet couldn’t even touch the ground, and holding his cheeks apart as Kasan watched his cock open up the most perfect ass in the world. Max’s lips around his cock, sucking hard. Max’s stomach, Max’s chest, Max’s cock, Max’s ass.

Max…telling him to stop touching him.

Kasan lost his footing, almost falling into the small path between the roots where the vines lay in wait, and he panted against the pain in his head and the heat in his veins.

The shokan stood up in the trees above – when had he jumped up there? - staring down at him, eyes round and serious.

“Know wha’ this’s like, don’ you?” Kasan muttered. Shokan had the heat, too. But they couldn’t have Max. Max was his. “Mine. Find your own.”

Max was his and no one else’s. His consort. Made the best noises, especially when Kasan slid in slow, but he wanted to go fast, now. Hold Max tight, but no claws. He knew that. He had to keep his claws sheathed. But Max’s skin was so soft, Kasan wanted to taste it, one little bite while he sheathed himself. Revel in the smell of him. Get rid of Waran’s scent, and the forest’s, and the shokan’s. Fine a good place, safe. Needed Max’s body. Needed that hot, tight grip around Kasan’s cock again and again and-

Kasan fell over a root and slammed against a tree trunk. He snarled, clawing wildly. Still growling, he keeled over, his feet blocks of molten lead. Lying on the ground, he moaned quietly, lungs heaving. Everything was so hot, fire in his veins. It interfered with his vision, raced through his blood and poured into his cock. He wanted Max so much. He needed to find him now!

Save him.

Flip him over and spread that precious ass and sink in so deep that Max would never forget the feel of it.

Wouldn’t reject him ever again.

“No!” A flock of birds gave a combined startled shriek and leapt from the tree overhead and Kasan grabbed at his head, yanking at his ears until the pain took away enough of the heat to clear his thoughts for a few seconds. “No, you fucking bastard, be gentle!” He couldn’t do this! Kasan couldn’t go feral now. Not now! Max was so little; Kasan could kill him if he lost himself in the heat!

Kasan had a glimpse of Max, ravaged until he was broken and still. Kasan went so cold it even made the feel of his blood fade for an icy second before the heat rushed back in. He couldn’t let that happen. If he couldn’t keep himself in check, he’d just walk off into the forest and get himself away from his consort. Max would be safe. Ando-kees would find Max and bring him home.

Kasan stumbled again and grunted as something warm suddenly held him up. Blinking blearily, he stared at the shokan as it propped itself underneath his arm, keeping him from face-planting onto the forest floor.

“Find him. Not sure I can, but you find him, beast.”

The shokan made an odd growling yip and bumped him until Kasan started stumbling forward again.


Max was about ready to cry his eyes out. He didn’t think it would have any more effect than anything else he’d tried, but at this point, he was running out of options. And running out of time to get to Kasan. Max could feel it.

He rubbed his hand over his face, shoulders bowed, and felt a tongue lick gently at the wounds on his feet. It continued until he looked up and met the dog’s eyes. They were a little larger than Androcles’ when Max first found him: Great Dane size, still. They were also lined with an outline of black fur so precise that it made Max think of Egyptian pharaohs and their kohl rimmed eyes.

And they frustrated the hell out of him. He scowled and pulled his feet away. Stupid dogs had finally grown annoyed with all his attempts to leave and assigned him a shadow: the one still trying to lick his feet. Cleopatra, he’d been calling her.

Judas would have been more appropriate. Every time he found a way to escape, she gave warning and one of the huge ones would stop him. The only time she hadn’t been involved was when he’d completely lost it and raged at the guarding dogs, screaming and throwing stones.

One of them had forcibly held him down while he struggled madly, still yelling. They hadn’t let him up until he’d raged himself into exhaustion, and not for a while on top of that, like they were proving a point. 

Max felt another lick and pulled his feet even further away. He would swear Cleopatra looked hurt. He glared. “You want to lick my feet? Then get me the hell out of here!” He realized he was yelling when several of the bigger dogs turned to look at him. Max pulled his knees in close to his chest and thumped his forehead against them. Dammit, he couldn’t get free!  And every moment he was stuck there, Kasan was dying.

He could feel that Kasan needed him. Max’s ass felt empty. His entire body felt super-heated. A gaping pit had opened itself in his stomach and the only thing that was going to make it go away was if Max found Kasan and they had hot, sweaty sex for the next few hours, and then…then he’d feel all right.

Then he could stop thinking of Kasan walking him down the hall, refusing to touch him. So pissed that he’d closed the door in Max’s face rather than stay with him.  They hadn’t even kissed. And now he might not ever see Kasan again and -

Max took a shuddering breath, looking at Cleopatra still sitting by his feet. “Please.” His voice was hoarse from yelling. “Let me out. I need to find Kasan.”

She stepped in close, rubbed against his legs like a cat, and yipped softly.

“That’s not helping,” he growled. She stood quietly, glanced behind him and back again. Max turned. There was a gap between the largest dog and the huge side roots of the tree. And the dog was facing to the side now, away from the small opening. If Max was fast enough, maybe he could-?

If she didn’t stop him again, that is. “I suppose you’re telling me that you won’t say anything this time?” As if she could understand him.

She yipped at him softly and rubbed her head against his arm. Was that a yes? He stared at her, assessing. When she tilted her head but didn’t do anything else, he carefully made it to a wobbling stand. None of the guards were paying attention, and Cleopatra simply sat there. 

Watching her carefully, he took a step towards the space, wincing as the sole of his foot met the ground. It still hurt to walk. Another step, and then another, and she trotted after him. But still no warning. Max was sure she could see where he was heading; that was enough to set her off. She usually didn’t even wait for him to get close before she shut him down. So maybe…? Trying not to attract attention, he crept in a pained limp across the clearing.

He was one step from the guard when Cleopatra ratted him out with a loud bark. A giant paw casually bopped him back into prison.

“I need to get to Kasan!” Cleopatra yipped at him. “Shut up, you stupid traitor!” A few of the larger ones turned to face him and he swung on them. “I am not a godamned puppy! Can’t you understand that! I’m a human being and I need to go and get fucked by my husband or he’s going to fucking die, so get the hell out of my way!”

He ran at the one who’d batted him back inside, ramming into it. It looked down at him as he elbowed it viciously. The huge animal snorted and nudged him back among the puppies, ignoring the punches it got in the process. Just like the last time he’s attacked one.

Max slumped to the ground on his knees and stared up into the air, screaming once. “God fucking dammit!  Let me go to Kasan!”

They all watched him, a ring of blank alien faces and orange eyes. Cleopatra came close and licked his shoulder. He shoved her away. She put her paws on his shoulder and knocked him to the side. He wasn’t expecting it and went right over. Max growled, rolling to get to his knees, and she flopped on top of his back, knocking him sprawling onto his stomach. She was just large enough to make bucking her off a challenge.

“Get off!”

Face down on the ground, his eyes stinging as he tried to keep from crying like the useless bastard he was, he froze as she tensed on top of him, growling. He thought he was going to be bitten until he heard the same sound from the others, as well. Deep, bass rumbles that vibrated against his skin. The puppies scrambled back against hollow at the base of the tree roots, hiding. All the dogs faced to the side, the growling rising in tenor until the hairs on the back of Max’s neck were standing up. A few dogs shifted position to block his view entirely. Max tried to get up but Cleopatra growled loudly again and he stayed still. He couldn’t get away if she savaged him first.

But what the hell would threaten these things?

And would it give him a chance to get away?

Max twisted his head from where he was pinned but still couldn’t move enough to see what was going on. The growling changed tempo again and slowed to a barely audible ripple in the air, just enough to have his skin crawling. 

The puppies stayed huddled back in the hollow and a couple of dogs leapt from higher ground to stand right in front of them. Cleopatra got off of him. Max swallowed – what was going on?

And did he care? All the attention was on that one side. This was his chance! Max leapt up to run out in the opposite direction and tripped to a halt as all the dogs turned to stare at him.

Cleopatra walked to him and chuffed irritably before putting herself between him and the others. Nothing moved at first, none of them made a sound, and then Max could see a smaller shape cautiously weaving between the dogs, heading his direction. He squinted, unable to make it out at first. There was a pattern on it that was blending into the dogs it had to navigate through; he couldn’t quite figure out what it was until it walked out from behind the last dogs blocking his way.

Bigger than Cleopatra. Furry. Limping. But so, so familiar.

 “Androcles?” It couldn’t be. Androcles had been so badly hurt that he had to be dead. He couldn’t be walking into the jungle just hours later as though he’d hardly been touched!

But Androcles continued limping forward, dark smears over his coat that Max thought might be blood. “Androcles?” Max whispered. He stepped towards him and Cleopatra blocked him with a small warning growl.

Androcles paused and growled back. They stared at each other silently and then Androcles hung his head like he’d been told ‘bad dog.’

Cleopatra abandoned her position in front of Max and padded over. Max blinked as she twisted against Androcles, who looked nearly as surprised as Max felt. She made her way around Androcles’ body, brushing up against his sides, sniffing him over, and finally making her way to his head again where she nipped gently under the neck. Androcles shivered, then slowly ducked his head and rubbed it over her own with closed eyes, sighing. Max wasn’t sure what the hell was going on, but it seemed to be calming the other dogs, too. They were going back to their original positions, hardly looking at Androcles and Cleopatra – and more importantly, Max – any more.

“Can we leave, then?” Max blurted. Could he go and get Kasan now? And Aosh – if Androcles was okay, maybe they’d found Aosh in time, too! Max could thank him, but more importantly, he could find Kasan!

Androcles would be able to get him back home; he just knew it. Androcles had found Max way out here in the middle of the damned jungle, hadn’t he? He had to know the way back to Kasan!

As long as the damn dogs would finally freaking let him go!

Carefully, Max took a few steps closer to Androcles. Androcles met him halfway; Max felt tears coming to his eyes as he saw the dried, bloody smear still in evidence where Androcles had been stabbed. He closed his eyes to keep them at bay and grabbed the dog around the neck – didn’t even have to lean over anymore to do that – and held on.

“God, I thought you were dead!” Max gulped, trying to keep it together. If he freaking started crying now, he didn’t think he’d stop, and he still had to get to Kasan!

Androcles yipped when Max let go, then licked him in the face.

“I know. I love you too, you big dumb dogasaur.” Max swallowed and looked into Androcles’ eyes. “I’ve gotta get back to Kasan, okay? Find Kasan. Can you find him, boy? I need Kasan. Ka-san.”

Androcles licked him once more and turned back the way he’d come. His back legs didn’t look right, moving with a halting gait that wasn’t quite right. Max followed, putting his hand on Androcles’ side, watching the other dogs nervously. The other animals stepped casually to the side to let them through. Max’s heart was in his throat as they moved between two of the largest ones. He looked down, trying to collect himself and still keep moving. His foot stepped right next to one of their paws, claw tipped and enormous, a few spots on the fur separating as it flexed its toes and dug them into the dirt.

Max swallowed nervously, then squeaked in surprise as the paw came up and batted him in the ass, sending him stumbling forward.

He glared at it and realized it was the one he’d attacked the most when he’d been trying to escape. It opened its mouth and did that panting ‘laugh’ that Androcles had done in the past. “Asshole,” he growled.

Androcles looked back at him but continued through until they were finally, finally outside of the dogs’ den. They made it a few more steps without interference, and a few more, until they slowly walked around an enormous tree trunk that Max knew would hide them from view. He bit his lip but couldn’t contain himself.

“We’re out!

Androcles yipped at him. There was another yip right behind them and Max jumped, whirling around. Cleopatra stood a few inches behind them.

“You are not taking me back!”

She tilted her head, walked up close, licked him once, and then ignored him to rub over Androcles again. With a flip of her tail, she snorted and walked ahead of them both.

“Wait, what – you are not coming with us!”

Androcles bumped him with his shoulder to move him forward and Max stumbled, cursing. His whole body ached, but he wasn’t having that stupid traitor come with them!

“She kept me from leaving. Androcles! There is no way she’s coming!” Cleopatra continued walking, looking back once and shaking her head. Androcles bumped him again.

“Dammit!” Max wanted to protest some more. There was no way he wanted that other dog coming too, but he needed to get to Kasan right away. He didn’t have time to protest if Androcles was going to lose his mind over some…female dog.

“Ah shit. No. No, Androcles! Bad dog! You will not let her come just because she’s a girl and you’re a boy, got it?” Androcles was limping rather quickly now and Max limped after him, bitching the entire time. The dog’s back legs fumbled awkwardly, and Max bit his lip, shutting up. 

Cleopatra slowed until she was on the other side of Androcles. They waited until Max caught up, holding onto Androcles’ fur, and all three of them moved along the roots of the trees into the forest.

The longer they walked, the more the anger that had kept him from panicking faded. Fear took its place. Something was really, really wrong. Max was so empty he felt like he could float away. He burned all over. It made the pain in his feet almost unnoticeable. His head was spacey and hollow, more like a balloon then a part of himself.

And he had to trust that Androcles knew where he was going, because Max had no clue. But Androcles had to be heading the right way, didn’t he? Why else would he come to find Max? Where else would he take him but Kasan?

He lost track of time as they walked. The burning in his limbs grew along with the pain in Max’s feet. Cleopatra moved to his other side and Max leaned against her. He really didn’t feel well. He was scared for Kasan, and he felt so completely out of it, and he needed Kasan. He wanted him so badly. He wanted Kasan to grab him and pull him up on his lap like he’d done in front of the mirrors and…and fuck him.

Max remembered the orgasm that one had given him and groaned, sweating.

Androcles barked, snapping Max out of a daze. Max swayed on his feet as Androcles walked away from him, slipping by two trees, rubbing his face over the bark. He barking harshly at Max as he paused. With Cleopatra’s help, Max made it through, maneuvering between the two large trunks and into a small, shadowed thicket, coated with a soft brown moss that felt cool and soothing against Max’s feet. He took a few steps, trying to find Androcles in the few seconds before his eyes adjusted to the shadows, and just saw the body on the ground in time to dodge it. But not without falling onto his ass with an inglorious thud.

“Shit!” Max scrambled up, ready to bolt when he heard it moan. “K-Kasan?”

Kasan lay on the ground, nude and covered with sweat. He had an erection the size the Eiffel Tower, glistening, dripping fluids onto his stomach.


Kasan didn’t respond. His eyes were closed. His face twisted into a pained grimace.

“Kasan!” Max dropped to his knees. He reached out to touch him and stopped short of his skin. What if he hurt him? “Kasan, please, I’m here now.” Still nothing. “Wake up, Kasan!” 

Kasan groaned quietly, turning his head toward Max’s voice. He let out a cry, his body writhing. His erection bobbed as he arched up and then slammed back into the moss, almost like he’d had a seizure.

Max stared at him, terrified. Why was he out here like this? There should be someone with him if Kasan was sick! Because Max didn’t know what to do and someone else had to know. Why wouldn’t he wake up? He had to be all right now! Max had made it! He had to!

“Kasan, you can’t die. I’m here!  I’m here now, we can…we can have sex, right? I’m here.” Not even a groan this time. Kasan twisted his head, but nothing else. “Kasan, please, I’m here now…”

Androcles and Cleopatra padded carefully out of the thicket but Max barely registered it. “Kasan?  Please, you can’t die now. I’m here now. We can have sex.” He reached out to touch his shoulder. Screw if it hurt him, as long as it made him wake up so he could tell Max what he needed!

As soon as Max’s hand touched skin, Kasan’s eyes snapped opened, his breathing ragged and harsh. “Oh thank God!” He wasn't dead! Max made it on time!

Unfocused eyes swung his direction, the brown so vivid it almost glowed gold. Kasan bared his fangs, growling deep in his throat.


One enormous arm swung out and caught him around the waist. Max eeped in fright as he was flipped in the air and shoved onto his back, moss cushioning the blow. He stared up at Kasan, shocked.

“Kasan, what’s going on? What are you-” Kasan didn’t speak, crouched over him, blindly staring down. Max swallowed nervously as Kasan lowered his head to Max’s neck and inhaled.

At the first feel of Kasan’s breath against his skin, Max couldn’t help himself. He arched back, giving Kasan access to his throat, and arousal rammed into him the second Kasan’s lips met his skin, sucking hard enough to bruise. “God, Kasan…” 

Kasan moaned, mouthing Max’s throat frantically, sucking and licking up to Max’s face before latching onto his lips. Max could feel the weight of Kasan’s erection against his thigh, slippery and even hotter than the tongue that rampaged through his mouth. Max gasped for air as Kasan pulled back.

“Holy crap, Kasan. I don’t-”

Arms wrapped around him. Kasan shifted him down until Max’s face was against Kasan’s chest. It smelled of forest and sweat, salty with a bitter tang. Then without another word Kasan grabbed Max’s thighs, pushed them up, splayed wide, and started to enter him.  Max sucked in his breath at the sudden intrusion, shocked.

His ass opened up like it was made of butter.

He barely had time to draw another breath before Kasan thrust in all at once, still moaning harshly. The empty place inside Max disappeared in an instant, a relief so immediate and all consuming it was actually painful. Max choked for breath, whimpering with need and want and please, god, more as Kasan pulled out. Kasan thrust in again immediately, one smooth invasion that shoved sensation through Max’s prostate.

“Kasaaan!” Max wailed as Kasan did it again, no pause to let Max adjust, just a hard, steady pounding that would have pushed him along the ground if Kasan hadn’t been holding his legs so tightly. His entire body rocked as Kasan thrust in. Kasan bent so his face buried itself in Max’s hair. Max choked as Kasan’s cock went in deep. Too much sensation! The moss against his back, the heat slamming against his prostate mercilessly, the musky smell from Kasan’s body and Kasan, growling above his head in time with his thrusts.

Max cried out as he was entered again, the blunt head pushing into his body until Kasan’s hips slammed against his ass. God, so big. What he needed, no more emptiness and cold and fear. Just Kasan curled around his body, his hips pinioning harder and harder. And Max still wanted more – he needed more! His own cock was begging for release, hard as a rock where it rubbed against Kasan’s stomach. His hands clutched at the moss – too cold! – and back at Kasan’s arms, slipping until he ended up clutching at his own thighs, clawing at them to pull them wider and take Kasan in even deeper.

“Oh God Oh GOD!”

Kasan screamed like some kind of wounded panther as he came. Max screamed along with him, the orgasm wrenched out of him, shooting so hard some of his own semen landed on his cheek.

Panting, Max stared up through the v of his own legs into Kasan’s face. Kasan reached down and ran his fingers over Max’s cheek, licking them clean. Max’s belly tightened instantly.

He couldn’t believe they’d just-

Kasan hadn’t even waited to let Max hug him before they’d-

It was less than five minutes! “Holy crap.” Max squirmed, trying to shift, still bent nearly in half and feeling extremely vulnerable with his legs in the air and his backside still opened and full of Kasan.

Kasan tightened his grip. His eyes narrowed.

“Kasan, I n-need to move,” Max said, squirming again. Kasan growled, a threatening rumble in his chest and throat. Max could see the skin around his adam’s apple vibrating with it.

Max went very still, staring into his face. “Kasan?” His eyes were still blank. They didn’t glow as brightly but they were strangely fierce, and a little scary.

And something about them was making Max’s cock start to sit up and take notice and he had no clue why!

Kasan slowly pulled out. Max could feel himself clamping down as Kasan retreated, twitching. He frowned. Why wasn’t Kasan staying inside of Max? He always stayed. Max had…kind of gotten used to cuddling afterward, still full, connected to Kasan. It felt wrong to be so empty so soon after sex.

The sex had been so short they’d hardly had any time to be connected!

Max stared up at Kasan who had propped himself up on his hands and knees on top of Max, still unspeaking. This wasn’t fair! Max had finally saved Kasan and they’d had sex, but it was all wrong! He was feeling empty all over again, just like he had before. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

It was supposed to make things better, not leave him wanting.

“Woah!” Max clutched at Kasan as he was picked up, feet dangling and held against Kasan’s chest. He swallowed nervously, aroused again by Kasan’s body against his own. “Kasan, what are you doing?”

Kasan clutched him tighter, scooping up his legs, and took a few steps toward the edge of the thicket. Max couldn’t see where they were going, but Kasan’s lack of response was making him very worried. Why wasn’t he better yet? This wasn’t like him!

Max gasped as Kasan nuzzled his neck, nipping gently at it once. Then the world spun and Max was face down over a fallen tree. Moss coated the trunk even more thickly than on the ground, but it was still shockingly cold against his stomach after the heat of Kasan.

“Not funny, Kasan!” Max pushed with his hands to push himself off the stupid thing but Kasan’s hand on his back stopped him. “Kasan, this is cold!” Max kicked helplessly for a second, unable to touch the ground. His pulse kicked up with a vengeance when Kasan growled again and pressed against him from behind. “Oh,” he said softly.

He wasn’t going to be left feeling so empty.

Max swallowed, looking over his shoulder, and held very still as Kasan stopped holding him down. Broad hands palmed the cheeks of his ass and separated them. Max moaned, spreading his legs, and moaned again as Kasan entered him, going slower this time. Max could feel his own muscles giving way, letting Kasan in, every thick inch caressing him from the inside.

Max expected Kasan to start pounding into him again once he hit bottom, but it never happened. Kasan kept his hands on Max’s backside, keeping him open and exposed as he pulled back slowly until he even the head of his cock was out completely. Max bit at his fists as Kasan pushed back in just as carefully, opening him up all over again. So freaking slow! And somehow, having his bottom open like it was, it was different. He felt more, right where Kasan’s cock pushed in, like the nerves there couldn’t deal with the open air and the heat of Kasan at the same time without overloading.

Max looked back again, about to beg Kasan to go faster, and saw Kasan’s face. He wasn’t looking at Max’s face at all; he was watching himself sink into Max’s body with such concentration that Max flushed hotly. His own dick hit full mast instantly and he jerked, trying to thrust against the moss. Kasan tightened his grip over Max’s ass, holding him steady, and continued the slow, torturous thrusting.

“Kasan, please!” Kasan’s cock slipped free again, the soft velvet tip resting against Max’s entrance a moment before pushing its way back in. Max keened, trying to move his hips back to get it in faster, or to push his own cock against the rock, but Kasan wouldn’t let go. “Kasan! I need to move!” Kasan growled. “I don’t care if you’re growling, I still need to move! Come on, Kasan! Please!”

Kasan didn’t move his hands, didn’t let him move, but he bent over and clamped his teeth at the nape of Max’s neck. How could he even bend that way?

“Kasan, don’ t you d-dare bite me…shit!” Kasan thrust in once, hard, and Max saw stars. Without letting go of Max’s ass or his neck, Kasan sped up, slamming in hard now. Max wanted so desperately to move he could taste it, but Kasan kept him still. Max could do nothing but take each thrust as it came, breathing out in screaming gasps, his whole body tightening at the pleasure rampaging through him.

He came before Kasan, screaming again. The rocking of his body against Kasan as his husband continued thrusting should have been awful. It was violent, his teeth were bruising the skin at the back of Max’s neck, the sound of his hips slapping against Max’s ass were loud and coarse. And some barbaric part of Max wanted that.

He wanted proof that Kasan was alive and okay and that he wanted Max just as badly as Max wanted him. Max felt Kasan dig his teeth in, almost breaking the skin, snarling as he finally came, quivering. Max had never felt so complete and safe and desired in his whole damn life.

With Kasan embedded in his ass, Max leaned his face on his arms and cursed as he felt tears come to his eyes again. He sniffed them back, then yelped as Kasan pulled out of him immediately and turned him around. Max ended up back on the mossy ground again with Kasan wiping at his eyes, looking worried.

“Oh jeez, don’t look.” Max tried to turn his head away but Kasan grabbed his chin and held him still, leaning down to lick gently at his lips once and pulling back, tilting his head. Kasan’s ears flickered back and forth and he kissed Max again, gently. Still kissing softly, Kasan spread Max’s legs and entered him again. He was still erect, and Max’s body welcomed him in easily, slick and hot.  This time, however, Kasan leaned up and watched Max.

Max flushed as Kasan stared down at him. “What?” He was embarrassed as hell that he’d rather be filled up with Kasan right now than anything else, even after two bouts in a row. What did that say about him?

Kasan made a kind of whining growl and kissed him again before moving his head and watching Max. His hips didn’t move.

“What? What do you want?”

Kasan moved out an inch and back in and stopped, still watching.

“Are you…you want to know if I want to do it again? You’re asking now?

Kasan tilted his head the other direction and did the small withdrawal and thrust, never moving his eyes from Max.

Max flushed even more as he realized he wasn’t getting any unless he said something. Kasan might not be all there, but every time they had sex, he seemed to regain a little more of himself.

How many times was it going to take before he was all the way back?

Max’s cock rose and Kasan stared down at it, slowly smiling. “Like you didn’t know you can get me hot,” Max muttered, squirming a bit. Why did Kasan have to be so freaking sweet, even when he was being a sex maniac? It was so- so him.

Kasan leaned down and began kissing Max again, harder this time, finally moving his hips.

Max reached up and hugged him tightly as the heat began to thrum through his body again. He spoke between kisses. “Stupid cat. Don’t you ever freaking do this again, got it? No dying-” His breath caught in his throat as the thrusting sped up suddenly. Kasan moved his face over to Max’s ears, nibbling on them. “- from lack of sex.”

Max didn’t even want to think about how close it had been, Kasan lying there on the ground, not even reacting until Max touched him. Max could have lost him! If Androcles hadn’t found him, Kasan would have died out here, all alone, in pain, when all he was doing was trying to find Max-

“Not allowed to get more than three feet from me,” Max choked, clutching him tighter, feeling everywhere Kasan touched like it might be the last time he ever did. He couldn’t lose him like that. Never fucking again. “God I love you.”

Max choked as he heard what he said, eyes widening. He didn’t-

He couldn’t-

Kasan thrust again and Max closed his eyes, just feeling.  Touching his skin all over, wanting to brand every hard plane of Kasan’s body with his fingers while he still could. It didn’t matter what stupid weird shit his head was thinking right now.

Max just wanted Kasan to fuck him until he couldn’t even move. Then he could deal with everything else.

Kasan grabbed his head and kissed him again, sucking at his tongue. Max reached up to bury his hands in Kasan’s long, black hair, and kissed him back until everything else went away.

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