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Fiction~~The Last Pure Human~~Ch. 25
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The Last Pure Human
Chapter 25 - Bath-time

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The enormous bathing chamber contained dozens of naturally formed pools in golden stone, ranging in size from single person tubs to miniature lakes that could hold an entire family, cousins included. Small passages led out of the main area to smaller, more secluded, sections. Kasan’s ancestors had chiseled out bathing seats, benches, and small alcoves that had since been filled with whatever comforts a couple might need.

Kasan preferred the smaller rooms to the side, stocked with furs and oils.

He watched Max for his reaction, wondering what would catch his consort’s fancy. The little one hadn’t said a word yet. At least this time, Kasan knew that it wasn’t other Kyashin intimidating his little Gisho; the baths were completely empty.

He hadn’t thought about what might happen if there were others enjoying a hot soak, but it was probably for the best they were alone. Max could completely relax this way, away from everyone but Kasan. The last thing they needed was for someone to walk by when they were enjoying themselves in one of the alcoves and scare Max in the midst of playing.

Not to mention that Kasan still wasn’t too happy with the idea of anyone seeing all of Max. He could accept that it would happen some day – that it had already happened with his brothers, the rats. It was a rare couple that made it through their years of heat without a few public displays. But he didn’t really want it to happen today. He wanted to hold Max and play with him and revel in the little one when he was safe and happy and aroused.

They could even talk.

The shokan hunters didn’t need him until their shift ended, there was no volunteering for Tien’sa, and Shovak could wait. Now it was time for Kasan and Max to finally, finally have some time to themselves.

Holy crap.” Max stared around the baths with his mouth still hanging open. His eyes were rounder than normal.

“Max like?”

Hell yes, Max like! Wow. This is like something out of a Greek fantasy house. Just…wow.” Max almost tumbled into the water, loincloth and all, as he stared up at the ceiling and took a few steps forward.

“Watch where you walk, Max.” Since the little one didn’t seem attached to one bath more than another, Kasan steered him away from the edge of a deep pool and headed towards one that was a bit more shallow, with seats carved into the sides below the water level. It was the one his brothers usually preferred, big enough for the whole family, including the littles, to swim in while they soaked. The rough path there was slick enough to be a bit slippery, with steam wafting around them from the heated water.

“This beautiful, Kasan.” Max’s eyes couldn't seem to stay still. He looked at everything, including the small hollowed rooms near their pool. The furs inside sparkled with droplets of condensed steam.

“I’m glad you like it. We can come here at least once or twice a week.” Any more would dry out his skin far too much, even with help from various oils afterward. He’d had plenty of time to itch himself into a rash when he was too young to be persuaded that moderation was a virtue. He’d learned his lesson since then. “Do you want to bathe now?”

Max nodded after a moment’s thought. He gestured to the bath Kasan had led them to. “This one?”

“It’s a little deep for you, but not too much, I think. And there’s plenty of places to rest on if you get tired of keeping your head out of the water.” With a smile, Kasan shucked his loincloth and stepped into the pool, groaning in pleasure once he was chest deep and sitting down. The heat pressed against his skin like a massage.

Max didn’t join him. He looked hypnotized by Kasan’s loincloth on the ground, going so far as to toe it to the side. “No clothes?” His voice was a bit squeaky.

“No. Not unless you want your clothes wet.”

Max shifted uncomfortably, looking around the large, open room. He scrunched his eyes shut, took a deep breath, muttered something grumpy and soft, and burst into action. He stripped himself and stumbled into the water so quickly the water splashed around him in a fountain.

Kasan wiped the water from his face before he found Max. The little one had to kneel on one of the benches just to keep his head out of the water, and he cheeks were more flushed than they should be. Was he going to be all right? “Max? Too hot for you? If it is, we can move to a-”

“No. No, Max good. Just wasn’t expecting a naked bath room, is all.


“Max good.” He leaned his head back against the back of the bench, ending the conversation, and Kasan waded through the water and sat next to him. He might have thought Max hadn’t even noticed except his entire body stiffened. There was movement underneath the wavy reflection of the water around his groin.

Kasan almost reached down to check, but Max did seem relaxed right now. They’d have time for that in a few minutes. Right now was time for other things.

Right now…it was enough to simply be, quiet and comfortable with Max, with nothing else they had to do.  It was surprising how relaxing that actually was. Kasan didn’t tend to need to talk to fill the silence, but even so, he didn’t often feel this complete.

They sat there, saying nothing. Max’s hand brushed against Kasan’s when the water eddied around them and encouraged the touch. The steam deepened every moment the door remained closed. Max’s hair dampened and started to curl at the edges, framing his face. Kasan must have been staring more than he realized, because Max turned to look at him, one soft eyebrow quirking up as his blue eyes stared up.

He was so damned beautiful.

Kasan swallowed and took an unsteady breath. Could he ask Max about joining? Was this the right time? They were alone, Max was at peace, and they were both…aroused. Perhaps he should…


“Hmm?” Max smiled briefly. “Yes?”

“I wanted to know if-” Kasan floundered, his throat refusing to let through air as Max blinked at him innocently. “-if, ah…” Max blinked again, condensation gathering in glistening drops over his bangs and kissing his eyelashes. He was so damned perfect. Would he even want-? “Ah…could you tell me about your family?” Kasan closed his eyes. Coward. But…he should wait.

Wait until pleasure was foremost in Max’s mind, overshadowing the unpleasantness. Kasan had to remind him of what good there was between them, first. Then he’d ask if Max wanted to join with him, forever. That would be best.

He opened his eyes when Max prodded him in the chest. “Max?”

“You want know family?” Max’s voice was uncertain. “Other humans?”

Kasan nodded, and Max shrugged uncomfortably. He hesitated, biting his lip in that sexy way he had that made Kasan want to forget talking altogether so he could nibble on it, too.

“What want know?”

Kasan thought of what he didn’t know: everything.  Not even answers to some of the simplest questions. “Have you ever seen a Kyashin before me, Max?”

“Kyashin?  You and Zonta and family – all Kyashin?”

“Yes, Kyashin like us.”

Max shook his head. “You first I see.”

“You know about us?” Another head shake. “The Infinitum Coalition? The Triad?” Max shook his head again, chewing on his lip.

So he had been as isolated as Kasan had thought. Nearly everyone had heard of the Kyashin, and Kasan couldn’t even think of somewhere so backwoods as to not have at least heard of what had happened to the scientists of Infinitum. Their destruction had prompted the first galactic alliance to hunt down and destroy the damn Triad bastards.

Everyone knew the story. It was the basis for most of the treaties that still existed today. It was the reason galactic standard had been created as a language in the first place. It was the reason so many species no longer ignored what their planetary neighbors were doing; it was far too easy for tyrants and conquerors to decide to move on to your planet once they were done with those closest to them.

So how could Max not know this?

“Max, what planet are you from?”

“Kasan not know?” Kasan shook his head and Max seemed to wilt a little. “Yeah, that’d be too easy, wouldn’t it. From Earth.”

That wasn’t one Kasan was familiar with at all. He’d have to check with the archivists to see if any of them had heard of it.  “Far away?”

Max nodded slowly, sinking into the water and staring at it blankly. “Yes. I- Yes. Far away. I think.

“You know where far away? Know how to get back home?” Max shook his head mutely; he looked as forlorn as Kasan had ever seen him. There was no way Kasan could watch him, eyes bleak, without picking him up and putting him on his lap. Max startled, but when Kasan wrapped his arms around him and simply pulled him against his chest, the little one leaned against him and sighed heavily.

“I’m sorry, Gisho.” If the archivists knew of this Earth, maybe they knew where it was, as well. Or maybe Max might  know something that could help them trace his path back home. “How did you get to Kyashin, little one?  Do you remember?” If he could remember, they could find out how Shovak contacted slavers.

Max looked up at him, shifting, the warm water making his thighs slide against Kasan’s. Kasan could see awareness blush into life on Max’s face. His consort spoke as though his face weren’t practically on fire. “I…how I go here?”

“Do you know?”

Max shrugged oddly. “In ship to new planet. Sleep in ship. Wake here.”

Kasan blinked. He hadn’t expected that. “Wait…you don’t know how you got here?”

“Wake here.”

“But…you don’t remember the Niandrin?” Max looked at him blankly. “The slavers…Niandrin. They are large, like Kyashin. But gaunt and beaked. Their speech is like birdsong.”

Max shrugged again. “Sleep in ship, wake here. No…no Nee-ahn-drin. Just...” He flushed and shifted on Kasan’s lap again. “Just Kasan. Kasan not…not see Max’s ship?”

It was Kasan’s turn to shake his head. “The Niandrin brought you to us, little one. I don’t know where your ship is.”  Except he had a very good idea where it might be. If Max was in a ship, and the Niandrin were selling other humans, then they had to have the ship. Fucking slaving slime. “Were your family on the ship with you?”

Max hesitated a long moment and finally nodded. “Humans on ship.”

“A small ship, yes?”

“No. Big ship.”

Oh no… “How many people, Max?”

“Um…many tens.”

Kasan clutched Max tighter before he could stop himself. That many? What had happened to them all? Were they already sold again? Hidden away? Or worse, dead?

Max pressed his cheek against Kasan’s chest, seemingly content to stay there. His voice was a soft murmur. “I wish I knew where they were. Just to know what the hell happened.

Kasan blew out his breath, already feeling guilty. He didn’t know what Max had said, but he could guess by the wistful tone in his voice. The little one missed his family. Of course he did. Kasan couldn’t even imagine separation from every member of his family, all at once. Dammit. He wanted so badly to be able to produce the humans and bring them back for Max.

The words to tell Max that they’d found them were on the tip of his tongue, but he couldn't say them. Raising the little one’s hopes only to dash them if something went wrong was worse than cruel. It could break him. But not telling him…was he hiding something from Max that his consort had a right to know? Kasan’s tail swished under the water, uncertain what to do.

He finally chose to say nothing. At least until they had people on Tien’sa. A day wouldn’t hurt either of them, and it might help Max feel a little more connected to everyone before he got the news. He tried to ignore that a day might have Max agree to join with him already, too. If his consort didn’t know there were more humans nearby, he might be more willing to stay…

“We’re looking for them.” Kasan blurted it out before his own selfish thought could finish. His ears went flat in shame.

“For…for humans?”

Nodding, noting how Max’s body grew stiff, wriggling now until Kasan let him go, Kasan frowned. “We think… we think the Niandrin found you and your family. Selling them. We’re going to get them back.”

Max stared at him from the seat next to him on the bench, his head tilted, an unreadable expression on his face. “You- you find humans?”

“We’ll bring them here, as soon as we find them. I promise, Max. We’ll find them. You don’t have to worry, we won’t--” Kasan was cut off as Max launched himself, hugging Kasan around the chest. He looked up from Kasan’s midsection and pushed up to kiss Kasan once, clumsy but enthusiastic.

Thank you.” Another kiss. “Thank you so much.” He wrapped his arms around Kasan’s neck and pressed his face there. “Fuck. Thank you so, so much.

“Max?” Did he understand? “We don’t have the humans now. Not now. We’re looking. I don’t know…I don’t know how many of your family we will find. Do you understand?”

“Understand.” Max paused and his finger went up to carefully press against the middle of Kasan’s lips in a lingering thanks. “You help Max, yes?”

Kasan nodded and Max smiled. “Max happy.”

Kasan nodded again and shook the water out of his face as Max pushed backward and flopped into the water, soaking him. And to his amazement, that was the last Max said about it. He didn’t ask more questions, he didn’t even seem angry that Kasan had attempted to withhold the information.  The fact that they were attempting to retrieve his family was somehow enough for the little one.

Kasan still didn't think he’d ever fully understand him. If the same had been done to him, Kasan would have torn apart the offender. Which made him feel even worse that he’d been contemplating doing this to Max. But it made him want Max even more. Such a loving, sweet…

Max splashed him full in the face, chortling as Kasan sneezed.

Ha, now I know why you don’t take a lot of baths. You look like a drowned rat.

Kasan leaped for him and Max scrambled away, snorting a mouthful of water as he laughed. Kasan teased at catching him, grabbing his hips and legs and letting him slip away simply to feel that slick skin slide through his hands. And to watch him squirm, and laugh again.

He’d never played with him before.

Kasan didn’t want to push it; he was worried something might happen to frighten Max and ruin the moment. Letting Max make it to the edge of the bath and pull himself up onto the small seat embedded there near the top, Kasan stayed in the middle of the pool.

Kasan held out his hands, weaponless. Peaceful. “Max win.”

Max panted slightly, leaning back against the edge, grinning with a triumphant gleam in his eyes. Water sheeted off Max’s chest, following the lines of his torso. Kasan wanted to lick down the same path.

Kasan’s cock thickened under the water. Max’s thighs were spread, his balls resting on warmed stone. The flaccid length of his cock lay half over his leg as though it were snuggling against his thigh. Kasan let him rest there, long enough to drink him in, and then he lunged. Snagging him by the waist, Kasan ignored Max’s startled yell and pulled him in tight. And then he dunked them both under the water.

The second they surfaced, Max pushed his wet hair off his forehead, laughing.  The look of him branded itself into Kasan’s brain. Max looked so at peace.  That was what Kasan had been wanting to see, all this time. Max without the worry and fear that had dogged him since he’d been Kasan’s consort.

Kasan would be willing to come to the baths every damn day, if it made Max look like this. The dry skin would be worth it.

“Let down, Kasan.” Max smiled as he said it.

Kasan smiled back and slid one hand down to cup Max’s bottom. He pulled him in until Max couldn’t miss his erection. “Kiss first.”

That quickly, Max sobered. He squirmed. “Uh…Kasan.”

“Kiss first.”

One long pause, and Max nodded and tilted his face up. Kasan pulled him up and rested his lips against Max’s. He licked the water from them, tracing the edge of Max’s lips and letting the soft warmth of them caress his tongue. He made little kisses along the edges of Max’s lips, dabbing away the water. But he didn’t penetrate his mouth, even when it opened on a small sigh. Max finally opened his eyes on the third round of small, teasing licks. He looked so disgruntled Kasan chuckled.

“You don’t like my kiss, Max?” Kasan chuckled again at his flush, then lowered his voice. “Would you like to get out of the baths now?”

Max licked his lips and glanced at the nearest alcove. His skin took on a rosier hue than the hot water left on it. “Bath and…sex?”

Kasan nodded. Scooping Max up higher, he carried him out of the bath without another word. Max’s eyes dropped instantly as soon as the head of Kasan’s cock cleared the water, trapped between their bodies.


Water dripping down their legs, Kasan carried them both to the nearest alcove. “Yes?”

“Have to have sex?”

That gave him pause. Was Max having second thoughts? Kasan didn’t want to take away that look from his face. God, it would hurt, but if Max didn’t want to…. “There does not need to be sex, no.  Not if Max does not want so.”

Max nodded, but his cock stiffened against Kasan’s stomach.

Kasan felt a smirk hit his lips. “Mmm, Max wants to.”

Max wouldn’t meet his eyes. Kasan carried them all the way into the shadowy interior beside the baths, trying to be patient. Max finally nodded.  “Yeah. Sex is…sex is good.  But here? Very…open.”

“No one is here, Max,” Kasan purred. Max shivered, staring up at him. Kasan slid him down his body until Max’s feet touched the thick, dark furs carpeting the stone floor. There was enough light from the common room to shine through the doorway and illuminate the flush still on Max’s cheeks.

Bottles of oil lined a small built in shelf along the wall. Just what he needed.  Usually Kasan preferred a lover after the baths, but oils would be a necessity today. He didn’t think Max had the proper saliva to help Kasan’s skin.

Hopefully, the after-bath ritual would help Max get in the right mood without losing the joy he’d found in the water. “Max, can you rub oils into my skin?”

“Oils?” Max looked away from Kasan’s body to the bottle Kasan placed in his hand.  His pupils dilated.

“The water dries my skin too much. I need oil after a bath to keep it healthy. Better for me.”

Max didn’t move except to shift his stare back to Kasan’s chest. He swallowed heavily. Kasan smiled, encouraging, and stepped away. Glancing once at Max, Kasan carefully lay face down on the furs and waited.  He thought if he wasn’t looking at Max then his consort might be more comfortable.

Kasan heard Max make his way over and kneel down next to his legs.  “Uh – oil where?”

Kasan smiled to himself, turning his head away so Max couldn't see. The little one was so sweet. “Everywhere but my hair and fur.”

Max swallowed and Kasan could smell the earthy-flower scent of the oil as Max poured a bit out. “O-okay.  H-here goes.

Max’s fingers slid tentatively over the balls of Kasan’s feet and paused as though the touch might be wrong. Kasan mmmm’d against the fur.  “Feels nice, little one.”

Max’s fingers grew a little more confident, the oil spreading across the sole of one foot, over the top, in between his toes, and then the smoothing over the other foot just as gently. After they were coated, Max’s thumbs pressed in along the length of his foot in a wave that made his toes curl.

Kasan hadn’t even realized he was tense, but his feet were relaxing against the furs as the little one’s hands went from one to the other and spread the oil and his touch along Kasan’s skin in a sensual glide. More oil drizzled up Kasan’s calves and Max’s fingers went to work there as well, the fingers and thumb digging in, pressing out the knots in this muscle and leaving something soothing and hot behind. 

When Max got above the knees, he hesitated. Kasan opened his mouth to ask if it was too much and then Max’s hands were moving up Kasan’s thighs. Softly stroking the oil along the outside of his legs, running just the tips of his fingers over the backs of them and then a stuttering dab at the inner edge of his thighs.

Kasan’s tail twitched and brushed up against Max’s naked body, stroking it back. This was more than a massage.  He heard Max’s breathing hitch. The scent of his arousal was just strong enough to catch over the scent of the oil.

Kasan had been prepared for the touching. They both had – almost no one left the baths without sex, not when couples usually did this with their tongues instead of the oils. But Kasan hadn’t expected this. The feel of Max’s hands, caressing him with oiled hands while Kasan tried not to move, was…it was new.

He was getting so hot, so quickly, he had to shift to keep his cock from hardening in a painful position against the fur.

Max had never touched him like this before, not really.  Not any time they’d had sex had Max’s hands been so focused on Kasan, with Kasan able to melt underneath them.  He’d not really noticed; he was usually so hot to have Max that he didn’t even care.

But Max’s hands were working their way up this thighs now. He could feel each finger gliding over every subtle bulge of his muscles, working their way closer to where his balls lay against the floor. Nervous fingertips grazed the back of his balls with small, fine strokes that shouldn’t have been strong enough to make his body react like this, but their very lack of assurance made him quiver. 

Max wasn’t a confident lover. Kasan knew that; he found it both endearing and erotic. Especially now. Gisho’s fingers made a slight foray to the front of Kasan’s sac as Kasan tried desperately not to move and simply let him explore. There was one small stroke of erotic intent, along Kasan’s seam, with fingers that shook. Soft and stuttering, they rubbed back and forth uncertainly. Kasan carefully spread his legs and felt Max move in closer.

He knelt between Kasan’s legs and the outside of his thighs brushed against the oil and smeared it over them both. Kasan could barely keep himself still; he shifted his tail, wrapped it around Max’s back. Max ran one hand over it and Kasan buried his face in the fur and groaned.

Max could arouse him like no one he’d ever met.

Max stopped where Kasan’s thighs met his ass and Kasan groaned again when Max hesitated and then skipped it entirely. With a small stumble, Max climbed up until he straddled Kasan’s back.

“Kasan? Hand?”

Kasan was far too focused on the little one’s ass perched just above his own to understand what he’d asked for a moment. His hand? The little one was going to ignore the rest of him and oil his hand now?

His consort was going to kill him slowly. Kasan moved his arms to lay them on the fur. With a nervous sigh, Max moved from the base of Kasan’s hand to the tip, circling his thumbs over Kasan’s palms in small outwards circles, then moving to his wrist and forearms and pushing along the length of his muscles. Up to his shoulders and neck, where Max spent a very long time pressing in with his hands. And every time he moved, he rubbed himself against Kasan’s back while he tried to dig in deep.

Kasan could feel Max’s thighs clamped around his back, knees not quite on the ground as the little one tried to press against Kasan’s muscles. There was no need for it; the oil simply needed to be rubbed into the skin lightly. But the feel of Max on his back, the inside of his thighs clenching over Kasan, was too enjoyable for him to say anything.

Max finished with Kasan’s neck and started sliding down his back. Kasan could feel the press of his balls against his back if he concentrated, as well as the compact length of his cock.  Then Max reached to push down on Kasan’s upper back and leaned forward enough that his erection was cradled in the indentation of Kasan’s spine.  Kasan smiled into the furs as Max’s body started to rock in time with his hands. His hips worked his cock against the valley.  Kasan tightened the muscles of his back to give the little one something better to thrust against.

The rocking thrust stopped. “Kasan? Not good?”

Why would he think that? “Very good, Max. You’re wonderful at this.”

“Tight,” Max muttered, and Kasan realized he was taking the tightened muscles entirely the wrong way. He deliberately loosened his muscles with a chuckle.

When Max began working on his lower back, oil slippery and palms pressing out in rhythmic waves, Kasan felt his cock sliding along his ass.  The feeling was comforting. Arousing. And very new. This wasn’t a type of play he usually participated in, and definitely not one he would have found enjoyable, before now. But with Max…

He wouldn’t mind the little one thrusting between the cheeks of his ass to come. Feeling Max pant against his back while he thrust, and hearing that lovely high-pitched cry as he came? That would be sexy as hell. But penetration…Kasan had no real desire to experience that.

Wasn’t sure if the little thing could have done it – or even wanted it – although they could try it sometime if Max really wanted to.  Kasan didn’t think he’d enjoy it half as much as taking Max, but he’d be willing.  Kasan preferred to be on top, though. Even toys that penetrated didn’t excite him all that much.

But with Max, anything might be possible.  Max was simply…different.

And he was touching his ass, now, and Kasan’s whole body burned hot.  Max spread his hands open against the small of Kasan’s back, running them sensuously over the base of his tail and underneath. Kasan’s back arched against it, purring. Small hands kneaded his ass, sliding oil over them and slipping between his cheeks with an embarrassed shaking. Kasan hadn’t been this turned on in his life.

He moaned into the bed and Max finally stopped. There was an awkward scramble as Max slipped off of Kasan’s body. Kasan turned his head and watched while Max stood up and shifted from foot to foot. The front of Max's body was smeared and glistening with oil, his cock so erect it was weeping at the tip. He looked ready for sex.

“A-All done. Need turn around.”

Kasan didn’t want to wait for Max to get his front. He wanted to touch Max now.

“It’s all right. I can do this.” Max frowned but Kasan slipped the oil from Max’s unresisting fingers and then poured it on quickly, slathering it over his chest and abdomen to ensure that the water wouldn’t leave him uncomfortably dry and itchy.

Max’s breathing grew heavy as Kasan slicked the oil over his cock, and down his balls. The front of his thighs.  Kasan would swear the little one almost swallowed his tongue. It was immensely gratifying. Being touched, being watched, being wanted this much– he hadn’t realized how it would affect him.

He wanted to make Max come so hard the little one saw stars. “Max’s turn.”

Max’s eyes popped and he swallowed.  “I’m fine. N- No need-” he stared at Kasan’s cock and his voice whittled away.

“Lie down, Max.” Kasan kept his voice low, staring down into Max’s eyes, not moving.

Max stared at him, chewing rapidly at his bottom lip. He looked down at Kasan’s cock, and with a needy groan he finally lay down in the same spot in the furs that Kasan had.

The sable color contrasted with his pale skin, making it shine. While Kasan drank in the sight, Max’s toes curled around the fur near his feet like they were trying to burrow their way in.  He put his arms up by his head, folding them under his face and hiding it, but Kasan could see red creeping down the back of Max’s neck and over the tops of his shoulders to highlight his shoulder blades.

Golden hair dusted his legs and arms. It shone under the lights like small filaments of dark honey. “Beautiful, beautiful Max,” Kasan murmured.

No, I’m not.

“Beautiful, sexy Max.” Kasan followed Max’s lead and started with his toes first.  He gently lifted one foot, bending Max’s leg at the knee and examining it.  It was so damned dainty. A nice arch to it, a little long for Max’s size, and the toes were long as well, with a soft curve.  He licked the bottom of it, from the heel to the ball of his foot, and Max jumped, his body shivering.

Hey!  That tickles!”  Max squirmed wildly. “Why n-no oil?”

“Mmm, licking is better.” How cute; Max was ticklish.  He licked him again, drawing just the tip of his tongue over Max’s foot and smiling as the man writhed.  Kasan licked his foot one more time – it still smelled of the bath’s minerals - and then sucked on one toe after another.  Max convulsed, laughing, and Kasan gave up for a moment making it a sensual experience.  He licked more carefully using the entire pad of his tongue. Both feet done, he started working his way over Max’s legs. He nipped his way up, tasting every part of his calf, from the fleshy back that deserved a small bite just to see Max react, to the strong line of bone in the front that he licked up in one stroke. 

Max’s hips finally reacted when Kasan kissed the backs of his knees  And Kasan purred under his breath when he started on his thighs. Kasan barely put his palms on the inside of Max’s legs and the man opened them like he was hoping for something more. 

Kasan didn’t quite oblige him.  He bathed every inch of the back of his thigh with his tongue, tasting the small glisten of oil. The man’s legs were so slim, strong without the bulkiness he disliked, and he savored the taste of his consort underneath his lips.

And worked his way higher. As he licked delicately at the soft inside of Max’s thigh, he nudged them open further until he could see the taut smoothness of his balls drawn up against his body, his buttocks tightening, even though the little one’s legs were soft and relaxed enough to allow Kasan to spread them even wider without effort.

Kasan nuzzled up higher and pressed the fur down with his hand so he could get better access to Max’s sac. One lick down the dividing line in the middle of Max’s body, running his tongue down the back of it and back up towards Max’s ass. Max shivered violently, his hips slamming once against the floor.  Kasan’s cock reacted with a needy bob of its own.

He needed to touch that pretty, succulent little ass. Damn but he loved tonguing Max’s ass.  His little Gisho reacted so beautifully, losing himself so fully that Kasan couldn’t wait.  He straddled Max’s legs and leaned over to lick the curve of his ass.  Kasan was certain his cock was leaking the slightest bit – he could catch the slightly bitter tang of it in the air. And even away from the direct heat of the baths, Max’s body was salty with sweat now.

Kasan wanted to bite at the curving swells of his bottom, but settled for licking the salty moisture off his skin. With a satisfied hum, he tickled the bottom curve of his ass with the tip of his tongue. He caressed the soft flesh, gliding over the muscle as it tightened to thrust Max’s cock against the furs. When he’d laved every inch, he cupped Max’s cheeks and pressed them apart to expose him.

Max didn’t make a sound other than a small moan. His head was still buried, almost like he was hiding from what his body was experiencing. A little shy, perhaps?

Kasan dragged his tongue from the bottom and along the entire crevice that he’d exposed, but he didn’t like the angle. He wanted Max to feel more…vulnerable. To know that Kasan would keep him safe, no matter what. And he wanted better access, where he could hold onto Max’s adorable, rosy cock.

Kasan shifted back and slid his hands under Max’s hips, dragging them up until he had Max on his knees.  Max looked back at him, his face finally leaving the safety of his pillowed arms, and wiggled.  Kasan didn’t let go of his hips.

“Kasan, what are you…doing?” Max’s voice trailed off as Kasan smiled. The little one managed to get to his elbows, but Kasan laid a hand over the small of his back.

“Relax, Max.  You can still stay there.  Besides…it puts your bottom right here for me.”

Max flushed wildly as Kasan palmed both cheeks of his ass, his thumbs rubbing the soft inner flesh. His back arched where Kasan held it down.

“Can  you spread your legs for me, Max?”

Max looked back and bit his lip, but his legs finally moved. Kasan had to restrain himself from helping them along.  It meant a lot that Max was participating.  Kasan wouldn’t take that from him. But seeing him on the deep fur, back arched, legs spread, his precious little ass wide open and his balls pulled in tight while his rigid cock swung beneath, Kasan was so hard and so ready that he had to bite his tongue to remind himself that this one was for Max.  He was going to make him come first, and then they could be together.

With that in mind, he reached down and took Max’s cock in his hand while slipping in to tease the small portal with his tongue.  Kasan licked it, wiggling his tongue against the opening, making circles over it while he dragged his hand over the length of Max’s cock. With every movement of Kasan’s tongue, Max jerked, thrusting against his hand and mouth. The only sound was Max’s high pitched whimpering moans. When Kasan moved his hand from Max’s back it didn’t even matter; his consort was arching into his mouth, now.  He obviously liked the position.

Kasan used his free hand to squeeze the cheek of Max’s bottom, licking at him with small, thrusting strokes that had Max thrusting his hips back at Kasan to meet them.  Kasan could feel him getting closer, his consort’s body tensing. The muscles that had been so relaxed with his massage were rock hard as his body gyrated against Kasan’s mouth.  Kasan buried his face, closing his eyes and feeling the soft skin of Max against his lips and cheeks.  He could smell Max, musky and salty, and the promise of bitter seed already hitting the air.  Max was so close, Kasan knew just a few more strokes of his tongue would do it.

Max twisted slightly and froze for a moment. Kasan didn’t remove his mouth from his prize to return the look. Just a few more seconds.

Max squirmed wildly. “K-Kasan!”

Kasan slide his hand higher, clamping down on Max’s hip.  A few more seconds and the little one would come.  He just had to be patient.  Kasan chuckled, the sound lost against Max’s skin, and then he stabbed in with his tongue, gripping Max’s cock tight, and felt the response of Max’s muscles against his mouth: the instant convulsive tightening of his small muscles, the heat from his release as it coated Kasan’s hand.

But Max was squirming again the moment his release ended. That was unusual. Kasan kissed him gently on one cheek, patting the other. “Shh, Max. What’s wrong?”

Aosh’s voice echoed from the open doorway. “Are you done with your consort now, or do I need to come back later?”

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