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The Last Pure Human
Chapter 6 - The Heat

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Max couldn’t get his body to stop shaking. They were gone. He knew that. Kasan had come in like some hero in a ninja movie, punching and kicking, and the larger men had retreated with their figurative tails between their legs. Watching Kasan snarling furiously as he’d lashed out so fast Max could hardly keep up, though, had been pretty damn scary. He’d never seen anything move that fast and he was sure he never wanted to be so close to that level of lethal looking violence any time in his future. He’d been happy to see him, but still… Kasan was, quite honestly, the deadliest looking thing he’d ever seen in his life. When he’d been stuck over some alien’s shoulder and he’d heard Kasan’s yelling, he’d tried to yell back. Desperately hoping that the furious sounding voice meant that he was about to get some help, he’d been stunned at how quickly he was dumped on his feet. But seeing the end of Kasan’s attack on the largest cat man there, he’d been afraid to even breathe wrong when he turned towards him. With Kasan’s eyes cold and hard as they glared in his direction, Max had been certain for a moment that he was about to be beaten.

Instead, he’d been embraced and carried off like some damsel in distress and gently dumped on the bed. And treated to the sight of Kasan proceeding to kick some more feline ass. Now, everyone else was gone and Kasan was the only one here and the big cat was smiling at him and Max felt like a complete idiot but he STILL couldn’t stop shaking.

He didn’t understand what was gong on. He’d woken up to those men in the room and started having his brothel worries, and then they’d yelled at him and that leering one had charged him so quickly he’d barely been able to see him move. Bastard had picked him up like he was a damn toy and he’d never felt so helpless in his entire life. Even in situations where the people around him were a hell of a lot tougher than he was, they’d never been so damn BIG. It had been like trying to fight off a troll. Hell, his attempts to break free had been so laughably ineffective that the cat had completely ignored them until Max had managed to reach his head. Even then, yanking on sensitive ears and hair, Max hadn’t managed to get free. He thought he might have just pissed the stupid thing off. Considering how quickly and viciously he’d just realized the cats could fight, the fact that he’d annoyed one and lived amazed him.

It also reinforced his conviction that he did NOT want to make Kasan mad, ever. He’d never survive it. He’d thought the bigger ones were terrifying, but if Kasan had chased them all off; that said something about him, didn’t it? Whether it meant he was a better fighter or stronger or nastier, Max wasn’t sure, but he didn’t want to experience that part of him. Unless…could Kasan teach Max how to be just as lethal?

That would be good. If he could learn to actually fight off cats on his own, that would be really, really good.

Staring at Kasan slowly approaching the bed, he wished he knew exactly what was expected of him right now. The men who’d come in had said Kasan’s name more than once, so he knew they were at least familiar with him. But Kasan had obviously been pissed that they were in the room, so Max’s first fear, that he’d been expected to ‘entertain’ them, was obviously wrong. The fact that Kasan had come in again, and looked like he was going to stay for a while, gave him hope that he wasn’t in a brothel, as well. Whorehouses didn’t work that way, did they? Wouldn’t people usually, well, screw the whore and then leave? Not screw, leave, come in and dress him, leave, and come back and kick people’s asses.

Right? Maybe…?

Except what did that mean for him? He still didn’t know where the rest of the colony was, or how he’d been transplanted from his cryo-tube to this room, or even WHY he’d been taken, or moved, or rescued, or whatever the hell had happened to him. Kasan had done things that made him squirm uncomfortably thinking about, but he hadn’t hurt him. If it weren’t for the fact that Max had been naked, and molested, and then almost gang raped…he might think he was rescued. He just couldn’t quite make that stretch. Wouldn’t they be making some effort to keep him with the others, if that were the case? Or trying to communicate with him to find out where he and the ship were from, or…something. So far, the only thing Kasan had tried to do was wiggle his fingers in an attempt to imply that he and Max had a sexual relationship.

Not exactly rescue behavior.

To top it off, Max had noticed that as furious and lethal as Kasan had been, he hadn’t seriously injured any of the men who’d attacked Max. It wasn’t that Max wanted other people to be hurt, but the fact that attacking Max didn’t merit serious pain was frightening. What was he to Kasan, exactly? Had Kasan been more angry that the men had invaded what might be his ‘space,’ or was he angry that they’d touched his ‘property?’ If Max was property, that is. He didn’t think Kasan was going the route of ‘upset because they’d insulted a guest.’ He’d have to be a pretty big hypocrite for that to work. And Max was desperately hoping that he wasn’t upset because they’d touched his ‘whore’ before he was done with him yet. Because that would mean that at some point in time, Max WOULD be done with him, and then he’d go away and other men would come in and…do things to Max and hurt him because they were really, really big and he’d just been shown pretty thoroughly that he couldn’t fight them worth a damn, and… and…

“I don’t wanna be a whore!” Max wailed, and then slapped a hand over his mouth as soon as he said it. God, he was such a stupid dink! Kasan stopped and tilted his head curiously before smiling with a slow, sensuous uptilt that had Max blushing vividly. The smile felt like liquid heat being poured over his skin. He shifted on the bed, trying to ignore the slight thickening of his dick as Kasan continued smiling. How could he smile like that?

And why did it make him feel this way?? It shouldn’t feel so nice to be smiled at by another man, especially when the same man might be thinking sexual thoughts about him! Watching nervously, Max gulped as Kasan started walking towards him again. Kasan’s smile deepened as his eyes roamed over Max’s face.

Max had to swallow noisily again as saliva pooled in his mouth. Kasan was just so beautiful. Max had thought he was sexy the first time he’d seen him, but he really was just…beautiful. In its own way, the fact that the thought entered his head at all was scarier than anything the other men had done. His mind was finding another man attractive, and his body was starting to feel flushed and aroused as well. He didn’t understand this. He shouldn’t be feeling this way! Kasan was a guy. It didn’t mater how pretty or exotic he was, he was male! Max had NEVER felt this way about another man. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever.

Not even at the last Christmas party, because he’d been too drunk for that one time to count.

Feeling his body respond again as his eyes unconsciously focused on Kasan’s chest, Max clenched them shut. He’d been ogling! He’d been looking at Kasan and ogling!

“I really, really wish you were a butt ugly ogre,” he muttered. He didn’t last for more than a few moments before he opened his eyes. It was too nerve wracking to know Kasan was coming near but not know where he was.

And he was…almost to the bed. Max gulped again as Kasan glided the last few feet towards him. The man’s body was flowing smoothly, his feet treading soundlessly along the floor, and Max tried to console himself with the thought that at least he wasn’t angry any more. Max wasn’t going to be attacked.

Looking at Kasan’s loincloth and what looked like a growing erection inside of it, he changed his mind. It looked like he WAS going to be attacked; he just wasn’t going to be killed. Max scooted backwards on the bed. He didn’t want this, he didn’t care what his body was telling him. His penis was stupid, and his skin was stupid, and the lips that he needed to stop chewing nervously were stupid too. He knew he couldn’t want anything to do with some big huge cat who looked like he was going to jump his ass any second now. He really couldn’t.

Except if he refused, what would Kasan do? Would he call the others back in? Would he hurt him? And how the hell was Max supposed to tell ahead of time? What was he supposed to do? Maybe he could…distract him?

“Uh…thanks for the rescue, and everything.” Max smiled rather weakly and blinked as Kasan paused in his last few steps before the man started laughing. Shaking his head and still laughing, Kasan came over sat down far too close for comfort as he continued chuckling.

Max started chewing on his lips again. What in the world was so funny?


Kasan tried to stop chuckling as he sat on the bed, but it was all he could do not to start laughing harder. God, Max had said it again. He didn’t know what it was his consort was actually trying to say now, or what he’d been saying before Kasan had left with Leero, but that one sound in there was so close to a Hinta word that Max couldn’t help but hear it as such.

And what a word!

‘My delicate ass.’ It sounded exactly like ‘my delicate ass’ and Kasan just knew that if he heard his ‘delicate’ consort say it again he might start laughing so hard it would be difficult to breath.

His little Gisho was a complete and utter cutie.

Kasan leaned towards Max and frowned as his consort tensed. Sitting back, he castigated himself. Of course the poor thing was going to be tense. He still didn’t have the slightest idea what was going on, in all likelihood. And then Kasan’s brothers had to come in like a rampaging horde at the end of a battle. Kasan couldn’t believe they had touched his consort on First Night. Touched him! It was so far beyond acceptable pranking that Kasan would still be pounding on them if it weren’t for the fact that it would have likely frightened his consort. Max probably thought he was about to be raped by the idiots.

Thinking of the scene he’d walked in on, with Max’s ass essentially bare over Aosh’s shoulder as all his brothers examined it, he scowled. He really had let them off too easy. His consort should never have had to suffer through that, and he wanted to beat Aosh all over again as the image ran though his head. His young brother had been about to slap Max in the ass. Aosh was really, really lucky that his hand hadn’t connected or the young lech wouldn’t have been able to walk for a week himself. Kasan looked up as Max shifted, and when the little one’s eyes widened he realized he was still scowling and probably doing nothing to help calm Max.

“Sorry, little one. It’s been a hard night for both of us, I think.” Kasan debated for a moment and then decided that he was going to have to be a little aggressive. If he were simply seducing Max outside the bond, he’d have the ability to give him some space for a few days and take things slowly. He truly wished he had that option, but he didn’t. The way his heat was building, they would need to make love again before the night ended. Already, he could feel the characteristic almost painful increase in his own arousal that told him he should have had this done hours before. Drinking in the flushed skin and lithe body of his consort, Kasan tried to comfort himself. Yes, it was going to be rushed again. There wasn’t any help for it; but it wasn’t any hardship to take Max’s body. In fact, the thought of being able to play with it, to give Max pleasure and make him practically incoherent with need, was enough to turn him on without the bond’s interference.

It could have been so much worse. His cousin Waran’s bond came to mind almost immediately. Lost during a hunting trip, Waran had gone into heat and been forced to bond with the first ripe person he came across, who happened to be one of the ugliest, nastiest beings it had ever been Kasan’s displeasure to meet. And even though the very thought of touching the other man had made his stomach churn, Waran and his consort still had to have sex every few days if they cared to live, at least until they were old enough that the Kouloc was no longer active. The soonest Kasan had heard of that happening was 16 years, and that extreme case was at least five years less than the norm. Kasan had asked Waran once what it was like. He’d had a hard time understanding how a couple COULD copulate when they found the other so unattractive. How could they stand it?

Kasan wouldn’t have had to ask anymore. This was the second time he’d been a victim of the heat, and it felt distinctly different than his normal arousal. Without it, he found Max adorably attractive, and as he knew from the time he’d spent away from him, Kasan quite enjoyed fantasizing about the things he could do with the little one. The heat, on the other hand, only affected his body’s need for sex, which was growing steadily by the minute. It didn’t affect his mind, his heart, or even his body’s attraction to his consort. It simply made him HAVE to have sex with him. The need would become a painful burn the longer he waited, and it would ensure that he stayed up and potentially even forced himself on Max if he didn’t follow the dictates of it. At least Max’s body would be feeling the same affects, although to a much lesser degree. And Kasan was fairly certain that he’d seen Max eyeing his body, which gave him some hope for the future. The bond would never affect how the man thought of him, after all. Until Max’s heat arrived, the man’s nanites would simply respond to the pheromones Kasan’s body was producing and create a corresponding need for sex in Max’s system.

Truly, the scientists had done a very thorough job when they’d created the heat. The only problem was that they’d been more concerned with saving lives than with creating stable relationships. So now, Kasan was going to have to make love with Max far sooner than he thought the man was ready for. Not that he didn’t want to take Max’s pretty little body in any case, but courting would have made it so much gentler for his consort. His lover’s mind would have had time to settle after all that had been happening, and perhaps Kasan would have managed to find a better way to communicate. His body, however, didn’t look as though it was going to give him that luxury.

Sighing softly as he thought about the upcoming night, Kasan wondered if the throwback genes that made his heat delayed by a few years also increased his need for sex. Perhaps it was the fact that Max was human? He wouldn’t have left Max for so long if he’d thought the heat would hit him this early; he would have wooed him as aggressively as possible with every minute he’d had. This quick build up wasn’t what he had been expecting at all. After all, if his family’s example was anything to go by, he shouldn’t have been feeling this pressed for at least another few days. If he was going to need the genetic exchange this frequently…he would be spending a large amount of time in the bedroom for the next few years. Glancing at Max next to him, the little man fidgeting with his top, he had to grin at his own whining.

Oh, the agony, having an excuse to make love to his consort at all hours of the day, every day.

Jolan and the others were going to be terribly jealous.

And he’d run out of time. He had to at least touch the man in some way or he wasn’t going to last, and considering how nervous Max looked, it would likely be best if he did this as quickly as possible.

Kasan leapt softly at Max, flicking out his claws as he did so. Max had time to squeak in startled surprised before Kasan sliced through the shoulder and ties of the top, tossing the remnants aside. The loincloth was cut open and tossed with the same speed and Kasan enjoyed Max’s wide-eyed expression of shock before he knocked him down sideways onto the bed. It only took another moment before Kasan was gripping him around the waist, lying behind him with Max’s ass cradled against Kasan’s still clothed erection. He sighed in relief even as Max finally started struggling and yelling. The feel of Max’s skin against his chest and underneath his arm was giving him the respite he needed from the strong desire to bury himself in Max’s body. Admittedly, the wild squirming was making Kasan’s erection even harder, but that was a natural reaction, not a heat induced response. Even as sexually arousing as he personally found Max, he could hold out against the heat for a while, as long as he was holding Max. Hopefully, the extra time would be long enough for Max to calm down as well so that they could both enjoy this rather than have the need hit the little man out of no where.

If he was lucky, he might even have enough time to seduce Max completely before he even noticed the strange sensations of the bond. Kasan would prefer that to having sudden, uncontrollable need frighten Max unduly.

And no matter what happened tonight, tomorrow night he was going to seduce Max on his own terms rather than waiting for the push from his body. He WAS going to manage a slow lovemaking session soon, even if it killed him. For right now, however, he was in for an uncomfortable time of it until Max calmed down.

“Shhhhhh, calm down, Gisho.” Kasan spoke in a soft, almost singsong voice. It seemed to be a good choice of tones as Max’s movements slowed when he heard it. “That’s right. I’m not going to hurt you. I’m just going to make you come until you scream with it, sweetheart. Nothing to be afraid of. You’ll have a wonderful time. All you need to do is calm down a little.”

Max finally gave up struggling and lay stiffly within Kasan’s arms. Kasan could feel his heart pounding heavily, however, and he resigned himself to a painful hard-on for a while until Max was relaxed. His little consort was so skittish. He hoped it didn’t take too long.

Moving his hand in small, brushing movements over the waist he was still holding rather tightly, Kasan wished again that Leero hadn’t interrupted him earlier. He’d been so close to having a taste of the little thing. Kasan smiled to himself as he continued to hold Max’s tense body. Although Max had been terribly frightened when he’d first seen the cloth to restrain his privates, he’d calmed down rather quickly once he’d understood its purpose. Kasan still wasn’t sure what the poor thing had imagined at first, although from his reaction it must have been rather terrifying. After they were past that, however, Kasan had seen how Max was reacting to him. Max’s pupils had been completely dilated, his breathing heavy, and his eyes had followed the planes of Kasan’s body so closely Kasan felt them as if the little man had touched him.

He’d responded so well to the kiss, too, his little sigh as he started to enjoy it Kasan’s lips had been so breathy and soft. The flustered surprise when he’d grown too shy to continue and pushed away, only to leave that small little pillow lying in the dust? It had been so sweet. Kasan had been truly looking forward to exploring his body before they’d gone down to meet his family. There was just no way he’d been able to resist, after seeing that face. He’d been so close, too. As important as Leero’s news had been, it was still quite a pity that Leero had been as diligent as he had in bringing it to his attention.

Max’s bottom gave another little push against him as he squirmed, and Kasan blew out his breath slowly. That felt positively sinful, it was so good. And wasn’t that just about the damnedest thing that he was thinking something like that about another male. Aside from the fact that his attraction made the bond so much more palatable, there was a part of him that felt…complete for the first time. Suddenly, a part of his personality that had always been relegated to the status of ‘another throwback oddity’ was gone. He wasn’t only attracted to just one sex anymore, and it was wonderful. He couldn’t believe how much he was enjoying the feeling. Max’s small body in front of him, his muscles flexing underneath Kasan’s arm, his softly curving head around the level of Kasan’s chin, Kasan enjoyed it all. His little Gisho seemed so strong and delicate at the same time. He truly was like the little mountain flower.

At least, that was his impression of him. It was amazing how much one could discover about a person without even the benefit of understood speech, but if he were honest with himself, he really didn’t know anything about his consort at all. To date, most of his knowledge of the man had been gained when Max had been drugged or terrorized. The only trait of his consort that might still exist in every day life was that Max seemed rather prone to panicking, in a rather cute, startled kind of way. If it happened as often as it seemed to, Kasan looked forward to being able to comfort him once they could speak to one another and grow closer.

Thinking about the language barrier, Kasan had to wonder a bit about how long that might be. How long until he could accurately inform his consort of their connection? It was a little bit…complicated, after all. Complicated enough to be universally known, literally in this case, although Max didn’t seem to recognize them as Kyashin. He would have surely said something if he had, wouldn’t he? If Kasan was lucky, Max had never seen any Kyashin images, but would recognize the name once he’d heard it. Kasan had a feeling that might not be the case, however. Any humans that were isolated enough not to be discovered for this long might be isolated enough to be out of the normal news loops. If that was the case, how exactly was he going to inform Max that they HAD to mate, and not have him think it was a lie designed solely to obtain sex? How, exactly, did one help someone understand Kyashin history if they couldn’t speak the language? Terms like “genetically engineered plague” and “nanites” weren’t exactly easy terms to define with hand gestures. He supposed he could show him how Kasan’s mark disappeared when he grew aroused, as the dormant nanites that made it up entered the appropriate parts to collect genetic samples from Gisho.

Would that ever happen to Max? He frowned, pulling the man a little closer to his body as he thought of it. It might not. Consorts were always mature enough to mate, but their hormone levels hadn’t yet reached the proper combination to trigger a mating heat. Their own nanites would engage as soon as they completely matured and their bodies required the genetic exchange to heal themselves. But since Gisho wasn’t Kyashin…would he ever need the nanites? He hadn’t thought about it before, but if Max wasn’t born with the Kouloc, his maturation would never trigger the disease and he’d never need the salvation that the nanites offered.

He’d never even experience a mating heat, either, would he? Which meant that the human male could have survived without needing a consort of his own when he had fully matured. Looking at him, Kasan realized that Max might actually be old enough that he would have had his own mating heat, had he been Kyashin. Max might even be older than Kasan, which was a bit odd to think of. Consorts were almost never older than their mates. It was practically impossible with two Kyashin. Besides, Max was so small and slim, he looked far younger than a mature adult.

Thinking further about the implications of his human consort, Kasan was struck by the realization that if Max didn’t have the disease, he would probably be able to survive the death of his mate. The thought had Kasan scowling, his body tensing until he managed to relax it, muscle by muscle. He should view this as a good thing. He had no intention of dying any time in the near future, but based on what Leero had just showed him in Shovak’s abandoned quarters, his uncle and he had quite different views on what his life expectancy should be. It was oddly reassuring to think that unlike a traditional Kyashin couple, his consort would live past his mate’s death if it happened when the bond was still needed. If, for some ungodly reason, that bastard Shovak actually managed to have Kasan killed, or whatever the hell else he was planning, Max would be safe. Kasan’s family would look out for him, and his body would just continue as it was, without the need for sex that Kasan’s own nanite-induced pheromones were screaming for

Although, if Max’s body never needed the nanites, would that cause problems later on? If the nanites never fully engaged to fight off the Koulac, would it break the bond?? He tensed at the thought, his hand automatically rubbing over Max’s stomach to reassure himself until his brain thought it over. He was letting his fear and his lust cloud his thinking, he decided. Nothing would happen. After all, according to the stories, once the Terrans had aided in stopping the plague and their genetic material had been used as part of the cure, many Kyashin had taken human consorts. And from what he remembered, the humans had been immune to the disease, so they wouldn’t have had their mark disappear either. It had worked for them, or at least he’d never heard anyone talk of it not working in the histories. So it should work for Max and himself as well, wouldn’t it? He thought about it another moment. This might be something he should take up with Nolluz when he talked to him next.

He wouldn’t lose his little Gisho, though. That was what was important. Kasan bent his lips to the soft hair in front of him, kissing it gently, and he recognized the soft, even breathing of sleep. Poor little dear. He was probably still exhausted from the bonding itself, especially with no initial nanites of his own. His body would be using up a lot of extra resources for a few days as the nanites tried to replicate themselves from those Max had received during the bonding. They would be attempting to reach high enough levels to be ready for Max’s eventual, if non-existent, heat. Perhaps that was the actual reason the two of them needed intercourse so soon. Maybe it was Max’s body initiating it rather than his own. Not that it mattered: they would have to heed their body’s needs, unlike earlier.

Kasan sighed at the recurrent thought. While Leero had been the one to stop the kiss that Kasan could still taste in his mind, the man’s laughter beforehand had really done the most damage. If it hadn’t been for that, Kasan was fairly sure that Max would have given in with enough time to consummate the relationship before being interrupted. After all, Kasan had just about had his consort in his mouth when the damn laugh had startled him and Max had been so upset he’d practically fled. Kasan hadn’t wanted to force anything on him when he was so frightened, of course. So he’d stopped. As painful as that was. He couldn’t resist one last kiss before he’d left, but he HAD left him alone. And dressed him, which was pretty damn fun, considering how aroused it had Max. He was so sexy when his cheeks turned rosy and red.

And now…Kasan was going to have to try again. Third times the charm, wasn’t that what they always said? Max was asleep, and Kasan really, really needed to be inside him. Kasan would rather have seduced him, but perhaps it would be better this way. He could have Max’s body aroused before he even woke up.
Hopefully, Max would be a bit sleepy and disoriented as well, so the pleasure should hit him before the fear could. It would be less upsetting for him this way. Not as enjoyable as mutually pleasuring each other, but mentally, this might be the best he could hope for tonight. Especially as both his libido and his heat were growing hard at the very thought of being inside his consort.

He groaned low as his member pressed against the lovely, firm bottom in front of it, but smiled as something hard and insistent started pushing against his arm around Max’s waist. He leaned up on his elbow and looked over, smiling as he saw Max’s hot little prick growing firmer as well. Sleeping he might be, but his body seemed happy to be there. Good. Kasan would cover Max in his scent and his touch, and with any luck Max would be too overwhelmed NOT to enjoy it. The bond might ensure that he came, but it wouldn’t have the same impact as a climax with actual desire involved. Kasan wanted Max to be happy that they were making love, and he knew that the small man was not happy with things right now. When awake, he was obviously nervous and unsure, with fear rearing its head far too often. Kasan would do everything he could to make that fear go away; it was just difficult to figure out how when he wasn’t sure exactly what was scaring his little Gisho. Other than large, idiotic brothers assaulting him, of course.

He hoped that this brief physical seduction would be enough for now to keep him content, or at least not wildly frightened. He thought it might work best if he simply made Max incoherent with sensation and took him until he was completely limp. What a hardship THAT would be, he grinned to himself. Even if it were, he’d do it. At least that way Max would be too involved to be frightened, even if it wasn’t the ideal way to do things.

And if Kasan were honest, the idea of seducing Max in his sleep gave him an erotic little kick, as much as it shamed him to admit it to himself. His consort’s face was expressive enough when he was awake and trying to control his reactions. What would it look like when it was sleepy and befuddled, when he woke in the midst of arousal rather than easing his way into it? Grinning rather ferally as he anticipated, Kasan eased his hand from around Max’s hip and slid it across the small hollow near his hip bone. The skin there was so soft it was almost silky, pale as though it had never seen daylight. Kasan brushed his thumb across the small valley, following it as it led down to crisp curling hair. He rubbed the pads of his fingers across the oddly textured fur and then moved to the prize: the soft, hot skin of Max’s member.

He cursed under his breath as his body was hit with another jolt of lust that made him grip Max’s body tightly. Dammit, he had really wanted savor the next time with Max. This ‘quick fuck’ lovemaking was not what he wanted. Well, not enough of it. He’d had plenty of experiences that were simple screws when he’d used prostitutes for release. With his consort, he had really been looking forward to taking his time and enjoying himself, and helping Max do the same. It felt like this time and the last, he’d had no chance to get to know Max’s body at all. No playing with his body, or kissing him all over, or rubbing oil into his skin. Instead, Kasan had to go right for the end. Admittedly effective, and so tight that it still got him hotter than hell, but he had wanted a chance to play with Gisho for a while, and he was damn well going to make sure they got to do that soon.

In the meanwhile…he’d do his best to enjoy this as well. Feeling Gisho’s small form against his own, he didn’t think he’d have to try too hard for that to happen. Pushing against the sleek body in front of him, he grasped Max’s member in his hand, enclosing it carefully. It was partially hard already. Max moaned in his sleep, squirming a little, and Kasan sucked in his breath as the little bottom in front of him rubbed against his groin again. He pressed his hips forward and scowled as his loincloth impeded the sensation. Releasing Max for a moment, he sat up and clawed off his only covering, throwing it almost violently behind him as he resettled himself. He felt like purring as his freed member managed to press intimately between pale cheeks. Max’s body might be small, but he was…perfect. Kasan’s hand gripped Max’s hip, palming the side of it and pulling back to wedge himself more firmly against his consort, and Max was the one to groan this time. He still didn’t wake, however, and Kasan had to smile at his determined sleeping.

Moving his hand back to the prize between his consort’s legs, a few brief strokes was all it took to get Max’s smaller member completely upright and eager. Max’s foreskin moved smoothly in Kasan’s hand as he played with the tip, caressed the sides, tightened his hand around the column of flesh and pulled back towards Max’s body with a strong, steady motion. His consort started pushing against him in his sleep, murmuring in alien words. Kasan hoped it was a VERY good dream right now.

Kasan nudged against Max’s body from behind again as he continued to play with his front. The yielding feel of the valley in the center of the smaller man’s rather lush bottom made Kasan’s palms sweat with the desire to take him just as quickly as he had the first time, if not quicker. He groaned to himself, trying to fight it. The heat was pushing so hard, he couldn’t hold out for much longer. Even with the physical touch, it wouldn’t be denied. With almost all of Max’s body soft with sleep in front of him, he forced himself to release his penis and reached up to play with the man’s chest. Gently stroking his fingers across responsive little nubs, he caressed along the hard curves of Max’s chest. He stroked the lines of muscles, letting his fingertips feel the sleek skin, flicking lightly whenever the curves led him back to increasingly hard, pink nipples. When the heat spiked another notch, he started to pant and ran his hand down over the tight muscles of Max’s stomach to play with the fully erect penis that still felt a bit small and fragile in his hand. He just wasn’t used to holding a dick in his hand that didn’t belong to himself.

He played with the staff of it, gripping and squeezing, pulling and pushing firmly as he started to buck against Max from behind. When Max started pushing back against him with more sleepy, hoarse moans, Kasan almost swallowed his tongue. It hadn’t been more than a few minutes, and Max was already aroused. It took so little time to ready him, and Kasan was so grateful, because he’d reached his limit. He had to have him now. Still stroking his consort’s erection, he used his other hand to gently press against Max’s bottom, nudging the cheeks apart until his own erection was settled in between, ready to penetrate his partner. His own cock was leaking the necessary fluids in preparation and he rubbed against Max’s opening, spreading the slippery liquid over it before he began to push with his hips.

Max moaned louder, shuddering as Kasan played with his dick more strenuously to distract him. He had to laugh a bit at just how long his consort had managed to sleep, but he had to admit that it was going to benefit both of them. It was giving him the time he needed to make this as pleasurable as possible before Max woke up. Although he wondered a little if Max was going to wake up at all, sleeping this deeply. It might be the easiest solution to Max’s fear, but Kasan didn’t really want to finish coupling all by himself. He wanted the little one to wake up and enjoy this. Continuing to play with Max’s cock as his own inched in, Kasan slid into such tight heat that he had to grit his teeth at the feel of it. Making love to Gisho was the most wonderful feeling he’d experienced in his life.

He never wanted it to end.

Partially encased in his consort’s body, still trying to carefully enter, Kasan moaned deeply when Max finally woke and the man’s insides clenched around him.

Wha- “ Max mumbled sleepily, shifting his hips a little before his entire body stiffened. “What are you… Aaaaaah! What are you doing?! You can’t be…nnnnnnng, Oh god, that feels…shit!

Kasan thrust in so that he was embedded fully and he stayed there despite Max’s struggles, holding him close by clasping his erection, squeezing carefully as Max pushed against his hand. Max continued squirming in small jerks, his muscles clamping down on Kasan’s member, and Kasan groaned.

“Gisho, you’re going to make me embarrass myself and come too soon unless you stop that,” he groaned against his consort’s hair. Feeling the tight muscles massaging him with every movement was making it very, very difficult. “Please, you’ve got to stop moving, little one.” His hips twitched and he pressed forward in a quick, involuntary jerk that had Max freezing.

Kasan sighed in relief. His self-control could only last for so long. “Thank you, precious. Now hold on just a little longer. We can make this better for you, love.” Kasan shifted position slightly and did a small out and in thrust that he knew would rub against the pleasure point inside Max’s body. He wasn’t disappointed as Max gasped immediately. Struggling desperately for control, Kasan continued the small thrusts against the same spot, gritting his teeth at the desire to pound into Max, until his movements had the little one quivering wildly with small, incoherent exclamations.

Ah, ah, ah…what are you d-doing to meeeee?!!” Max was almost wailing. “It shouldn’t feel… Fuck! Ah, ah, aaaaaaaah. FUCK!” Kasan smiled and started to thrust faster. His Gisho was so easy to seduce this way; it was wonderful. He released Max’s erection to hold onto his hip to keep him still as he entered him. He couldn’t get enough angle to properly fuck him into the ground, but he could at least give them both an orgasm that made them scream rather than whimper.

As though he’d heard Kasan’s thoughts, Max came with a plaintive yell, fluids pulsing out of his body onto the bed while his convulsions milked Kasan’s cock. Kasan came before Max’s climax even ended.

“Hell!” He kept his arm over Max’s hip as his breathing slowed, refusing to let Max pull away as his wits returned. Kasan kissed the top of his head. “You are absolutely adorable, Gisho. Just wonderful.” He snuggled close, enjoying the feel of his cock growing slowly more limp until it slid slickly out of his consort’s body. He reveled in the small, sleek warmth of him, resting against his heat, purring low as he nuzzled the top of his head.

You suck, Kasan. I can’t believe you did this to me again. Prick.

That did not sound like loving words from his consort, but he didn’t sound frightened at least. He seemed frustrated and upset more than anything else. Honestly, Kasan was a little saddened that Max wasn’t happy now that they'd made love again, but he wasn’t surprised. And besides, his reaction was rather cute, like an angry baby bird. “Sleep, little one. We don’t need to do anything further tonight.”

Max struggled another moment or two before going limp in Kasan’s arms with a deep, exhausted sigh.

A freaking sex-fiend. Stupid, nicest cat here and you’re a freaking sex-fiend.” Their quiet breathing was the only sound for a long time, and Kasan finally let himself start to drift off, holding onto to Max as the small man’s heart rate slowed. Max’s small voice stopped Kasan at the edge of sleep.

I don’t want to be a whore.

Kasan hugged him tighter at the rather plaintive tone and rubbed his hand across his stomach as he nuzzled his head again. Poor confused little thing. He wished he could tell him what was going on.

“We’ll figure this out, little one. Don’t worry, we’ll figure it all out,” he murmured quietly. He rubbed his hand softly over Gisho’s hip until his consort’s soft body went limp.

“That’s right, just sleep it off, precious. Things will look better in the morning and we’ll see what we can find out about each other, hmmm?” Kasan kissed Gisho on the top of his head again and finally let himself drift back to sleep.

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