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The Last Pure Human
Chapter 16 - Waking Up is Hard to Do

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“You know, this didn’t go quite as I’d planned,” Jolan slurred, his lips swollen and bleeding.
Aosh snorted, wiping at a cut on his forehead with a ripped piece of loincloth. “No shit.”
Glaring at his younger brother while he crouched to gather up assorted pieces of glass, Tisu grumbled under his breath. “It would have been fine if you’d mentioned Service didn’t start until later.”
“You need me to do everything for you? I found the recording, I faked the call from Zonta, and I found out there was going to be service. If you can’t be bothered to double check the actual time, don’t blame me!”
Tisu stood up and smacked Aosh in the back of the head and got a snarling swipe in return.
“Shut the hell up,” Kasan barked, pushing a tumbled desk upright again. He winced as one slender leg collapsed and dumped it back onto its side. Looking around at the room, Kasan cursed quietly under his breath. The others gave similarly discouraged looks and continued with their own clean-up efforts.
There were only two intact screens on the wall, plus one hanging slantwise with a smoking hole taking up most of its center. The rest were shattered in pieces on the floor. Hand comps were scattered over the rugs like leaves. Most of the desks would have a better chance at walking out the door under their own power than being returned to a shape even vaguely resembling a piece of furniture.
“Fuck,” Kasan muttered, throwing his desk onto the pile of broken ones in the corner. “Father is going to kill us.”
“Of course he is,” Nolluz said. He wiped a hand over his limp bangs, brushing them out of his face. “You destroyed the vid room! The main vid room!”
Kasan’s ears quivered before lying flat against his head. “I destroyed the room?!”
“We certainly weren’t the ones foolish enough to start this altercation in the midst of extremely expensive, and fragile, equipment.” Nolluz said calmly as he looked down his bloody nose as Kasan.
“You damn well were! You all fucking started this!”
“You can’t blame us for not having a proper hold on your temper. Honestly, Kasan! I’m amazed your human consort hasn’t tried to run from you, if you’ve this little control.”
With a furious snarl, Kasan started for his brother. Jolan and Tisu jumped between them.
“Kasan, calm down.” Jolan said, bracing his palms against Kasan’s chest and getting hit for it in return. He looked back over his shoulder. “And quit being such an ass, Nolluz!”
Tisu shoved Nolluz away to a safer location – ignoring him after he fell sprawling on the other side of another broken desk – and then glared at Kasan. “I don’t know what you’re so fucking pissed about still. You got the damn recording.”
“There shouldn’t have been a recording in the first place.” Kasan glared back.
Tisu continued to talk as though Kasan hadn’t said a word. He spared a glance at the youngest brother in the room. “Of course, if someone could have kept his big mouth shut, maybe you’d still have a reason to be such a shokan.”

Aosh raised his fingers to flick them an obscene gesture. “Don’t even give me shit over that,” he said, pausing with a hand full of shards. “You heard him; he was going to tell Zonta what we’ve been doing unless he got the video. A beating is one thing, a furious Zonta is something else entirely. I did not agree to pay for this with the next few weeks of my life!”
Tisu and Jolan raised their eyebrows, Jolan snorting dismissively. “Yeah. Baby brother is terrifying. I’m shaking.”
Aosh glared. “I’d rather be up before a meeting of the clan’s elders than have Zonta well and truly angry with me. He’s evil when he’s pissed off!”
Tisu laughed at him. “He sure as hell makes you flatten your ears like a little, you squickling.”
“Go ahead and laugh, Tisu. See how funny you find it when you wake up with your hair shaved off and your hand glued to your cock!”
Tisu started laughing again. “That was him? I thought it was Kasan! Ha, how drunk do you have to be for Zonta to actually get one up on you?”
Fists clenching, Aosh got ready to leap at him when they heard the door open.
Turning in unison, ears flattening at the same moment, they all stared guiltily at the group of men and women who usually manned the communications room. Choked gasping escaped the oldest tech as he stared around the room with huge eyes.
“What the hell did you do!? You said you just needed it for an hour, Aosh!!”
Aosh swallowed before pasting a sensual smile on his face. With a roll of his hips, he walked towards the sputtering male who was quickly turning an unhealthy shade of puce. The other techs alternated between staring at the smooth saunter of his body and the destruction of the room.
Aosh reached over and ran his hand over his victim’s shoulder. “Ah, as to that… things might have gotten a bit out of hand, but-”
“Out of hand! You destroyed the entire room! Shit, everyone was right – I never should have listened to your damn pillow talk. I’m going to be in Service for a decade for this!”
Aosh shushed him with a finger on his lips. “It’s not that bad, is it? We’ve already cleaned up most of the mess-“
The pale haired man snarled and yanked his head back. “This is cleaned up!?” He wavered where he stood, his ears getting flatter with every new thing he discovered in the room. A strangled growling was coming from his throat.
“We’ll take responsibility,” Kasan and Jolan said at the same time. They glanced at each other, frowned, and nodded once.
“We’ll pay for repairs.” Kasan said quickly.
“And clean it up,” Jolan added.
“What am I going to tell the next shift?! We’ll miss the rest of the news packet for the entire fifth! And there’s not even enough equipment left for everyone on shift to use!”
Kasan came forward and patted the shoulder Aosh wasn’t clinging to. His brothers sped up their cleaning efforts. “We have a few extras in the military’s surplus. I’ll get them out for you. We’ll have you back up before First Meal, don’t worry.  And you can get the first half of the packet from another group later tonight, can’t you?”
The man looked around and finally sagged against the nearest wall. “There’s no way. The Elders are going to skin me alive. It’s completely destroyed.”
Aosh lightly shoved Kasan out of the way. “Don’t worry. I wouldn’t leave you in the lurch like that, not after you helped me out.” He reached out and lightly touched the man’s ear, stroking it between his fingertips. Kasan shook his head as the man shivered, his eyes suddenly hazy as he leaned into it. The tech’s body sagged forward and Aosh pressed against him. “We’ll fix it for you. I promise. Just relax,” he whispered.
Kasan sighed. His baby brother, the universal seducer. He nodded once to the others huddling in the doorway, inviting them in, and went back to cleaning. A few of the techs pitched in, although most just stood at the edges of the room, watching and shaking their heads. Kasan did his best to keep his temper in check. Every time he looked up at the screens still on the wall, he saw Max’s body in his head. It made him want to leap on his brothers for seeing Max at all.
“Come on,” Jolan finally said. “We better get this cleaned up damn quick.” He smiled at Kasan, licking at the blood that beaded up as his split lip opened again. “We wouldn’t want you to miss your Service, now would we?”
Kasan snarled at him and went back to cleaning.
It was a shame, but the headman was right. Even with everything fixed up, the Elders were still going to skin them alive. If they found out, of course. Kasan hoped he was remembering right about what was in storage, or they were in for it.
The nearly silent thump as a large animal leapt to the floor didn’t register in Max’s sleeping ears. Nor did the pad of paws across the floor, or the huffing grunt near his ear that blew his hair against his scalp. He merely huffed in return and turned over onto his back, dislodging pillows and scattering them across the bed to expose himself.
He didn’t make as sound as a large, furry head bumped against his side and rolled him onto his stomach. He grunted once without opening his eyes as another thump against his body rolled him again. And he was silent for one last moment as a shove pushed him the last inches off the bed and onto the floor. He woke up with a garbled yelp as his head thumped painfully on hard stone and his legs fell with a jarring thud immediately afterwards.
“Ow!” Max lay on the floor, rubbing at his head and blinking as he looked up at the ceiling. “Wha--?”
His head ached, his legs were vibrating painfully, and there was something poking into his butt underneath the pile of pillows that was arching his back up off the floor. He grumbled, eyes and mind glazed with sleep, and rooted around under the pillows until his hand grabbed something hard.
Pulling it out with a fumbling yank, he lay on his back and stared at it. It was familiar, but he couldn’t quite figure out what the hell it was.
“Too early,” he mumbled, squinting as he brought it closer to his face. Long, thick, crystalline….phallic.
“Crap, it’s the cock!” The Dong of Doom was stalking him now! With a convulsive jerk, Max flung it across the room. He didn’t realize what he’d done until glassy clattering rang in his ears.
Oh shit, Kasan! His stomach squirming and tight, he rolled to face the bed. He closed his eyes just before he would have looked up. Please don’t wake up, he thought desperately. Sleep like the dead! Don’t notice the dildo!
Cringing a little, his arms fisted defensively over his chest as he lay on the floor, Max opened one eye, expecting to see Kasan’s face staring down at him. Relief slithered through his belly when he saw Androcles peering over the edge, instead.
And laughing at him, like always. Something was off about the head, but it was definitely a dog. Not a cat, thank God. Although if Androcles was there, then that meant that he’d been the one who’d moved Max down to the floor.
“You’re a menace,” he muttered, and froze as he realized how loud his voice was. The damn room echoed like a freaking stage. When Kasan didn’t instantly pop up behind Androcles, Max got his priorities in order and rolled onto his hands and knees. This might be his only chance. He crawled quickly over to the phallus. He wanted to peek and see if Kasan was watching, especially when his naked ass was hanging out all over the place, but his memory was waking up along with his body and he didn’t think he could face Kasan at all right then.
Maybe not for a couple of years. Max flinched, his skin prickling from the blush that started from the top of his head and quickly spread down to his toenails. He hadn’t even known toenails could blush! Swallowing, he tried desperately not to think about what they’d done during the night as he crawled back with his prize. His hands gathered up pillows to pile on top of the Damn Penis and the two books he could see peeking out underneath.
And then he slumped against the bed. 

How could they have had sex like that? Not just in front of the mirrors, but again in the bed! Stupid cat had molested him in his sleep – for the second night in a row! - and been half-way inside his ass before Max even woke up. Made him too aroused to fight him off that way, the jerk. And Max had been so nice and let the both of them not die and let Kasan do all those things to him and…
He swallowed again, the prickle growing fiercer over his cheeks. He sat on the floor next to the pillows and put his face in his hands. He couldn’t believe the things that they’d done. Or how unbelievably hot the damn sex had been. Pressing his palms against his eyes, he sat and tried not to remember the feel of Kasan’s skin and his hands on Max’s thighs. Or the sight of his cock disappearing inside of him. Or the feel of slickness and jolting pleasure with every thrust while Kasan’s bitter-sweet scent wrapped around him.
He didn’t want to be this way! It was crazy that remembering the night before already had him hard and swollen. He could almost feel the cat taking him right now, in a way that made his body feel empty and small. In a way that missed being full, he realized with an unwilling shiver.
Dammit, he hadn’t asked for this! He hadn’t asked to get the damn alien STD’s, had he? He hadn’t wanted to be screwed by some big, honkin’ alien and… come multiple times… and… and… He whimpered, pulling his hands away from his face to look around the room. Everything was alien: the size of the doorway into the bathroom, the log slanting up to the wall, the cleaning oil against the wall, the bed he was leaning against. Max couldn’t keep from thinking about what Kasan had told him last night as he saw at it all.
He was all alone. Kasan didn’t know where any other humans were; it was just Max. And that meant he had no way home. He didn’t know any star charts, or whatever the hell he’d need to find Earth, or the colony, or anything! Even without the stupid STD thing, he was stuck here with Kasan.
“And who knows how long that’s gonna be for,” he whispered to himself, reaching out to stroke the comforting softness of the nearest pillow. The thought creeping up into his brain was freaking scaring the crap out of him, but it wouldn’t go away.
He was all alone, he didn’t know where the hell he was, and he had an alien who claimed they were married and was willing to…help him. As long as they had sex.
A hell of a lot of sex.
He flushed and covered his face again. He wanted to hate it. If the sex was hurting him, if Kasan was a real bastard who beat him or something, then he could hate everything about this. But the sex wasn’t horrible. God, it felt so amazing he was almost wishing Kasan was sneaking up behind him just to do it again. It made him feel like a man slut, but crap. Kasan was really good at it! How was Max supposed to hate it like he should if it felt that good?

And besides, Kasan was… well, he was a horny bastard, but he wasn’t a bastard bastard.
Breathing into his hands to stave off the umpteenth hyperventilating fit since he’d woken up in Giant Land, Max rocked a little against the bed.
It would be okay. He could do this. It was only… marriage. He could do marriage, right? He’d watched his parents do it for years. No problem. His breathing began to slow. Just marriage… to an alien cat who was hung like a whale and lived a bazillion miles from other humans on a planet where everyone could pick Max up and smack him around like a piñata.
He started to breathe in gasping pants again and clamped his hands down tight over his face. It wasn’t helping. His hands began to tingle almost immediately. His head swam. He had to calm down or he was going to pass out! It’s not bad, he repeated frantically, it’s not bad. Kasan wouldn’t hurt him. He’d been really nice. He was a good guy. A good, big, freaking hornier than hell guy.
He screwed me blind in front of a mirror.
Max’s breathing got even faster and everything faded to gray. 


He woke up to slime lapping against his face.

“Bleh,” he slurred, pushing at the furry thing attacking him with its tongue.  What had just…? 

Oh, yeah.  Just great.  He’d hyperventilated himself unconscious.  Opening his eyes, the edge of the bed was the first thing he saw. Kasan was sure taking a hell of a long time waking up.  How long had Max been out?  A few minutes?  A half hour?  And his h-husband still wasn’t looking for him?  What type of callous sleeping was that!

And dammit, Max’s head hurt now, both from the knock on the ground when he’d fallen out of bed, and now from fainting like a sex-triggered narcoleptic.

“Ow.” Did the cats have pain pills on their planet? 

Shaking his aching head, hearing Androcles panting next to him, he turned to pet him once before he confronted Kasan.  He froze with his hand outstretched.

Holy shit!

He stared at the dog sitting next to him.  It was the same color as Androcles.  Same eyes, same shape of the head, same pose Androcles seemed to take when he was sitting and watching Max make a fool of himself. 

But now Max finally realized why his head had looked so odd on the bed.  The dog was huge! Max tried to call for Kasan, terrified at the size of the animal that was sitting so close its fur brushed against his legs. All that emerged was a terrified whimper of sound, and the dog’s mouth opened up just like when Androcles laughed at him. 

His head was right at the level of Max’s, so near that Max got a good, close look.  Shit, the thing’s teeth were as big as his little finger!

Why did everything here have to be so damn big!  He wanted Androcles! Or Kasan! Max tried to catch his breath. He didn’t want to faint again, not when this thing was sitting right next to him, ready to…

Ready to lick him again?

“Dumbass.  If it was going to eat you, it would have done it already, you idiot.”  It had had all the time he’d been out, hadn’t it?  It could have chewed his face off!  But it hadn’t.  He felt his heart slowly calming back down to normal.  “Just because it’s not small like Androcles-“
It yipped at him softly as soon as he finished speaking and scooted closer, leaning in to rest its chin on top of his head.

“Oh not you, too,” he grumbled, shoving it off.  “I don’t need something else that’s messing with my hair.  I just want Androcles.”
It yipped again.  Max stared at it.  Why was it doing that?  It stared at him, the orange eyes strangely intense as they watched him. 

“What?  I don’t even speak cat-language, dude.  There’s no way I’m speaking dog.”  After another minute of staring, it suddenly leapt away, startling him into slamming back against the bed.  He watched as it scampered up the log.  His jaw dropped as it came back down with one of the feathers that Androcles had hidden up there.

“No!  What are you doing?” he hissed, waving at it.  “Androcles already–“

Another yip as it stomped on the feather dropping from its mouth.  Staring at it as the dog began laughing at him with that wide open, panting mouth, Max bit his lip.  There was still no sound from Kasan, and there was something about this stupid dog.

It just…acted exactly like Androcles.  Except it was over twice as big as he’d been the night before, but it acted just like him.  Maybe they were…from the same litter?  Or something?  Because they couldn’t be the same dog.  
“Dogs are not blow up toys. You can’t grow that much in one night,” he whispered nervously.
The dog sat and stared at him calmly.
Max shook his head. “Look, that’s just crazy.”  It panted in his direction and he scowled.  “Your breath stinks, you know.  And I’m not calling you Androcles.”

It yipped again and he shushed at it.  “Shut up!  I’m not calling you Androcles, you dumb dog.”

It yipped louder and he just knew it was going to wake up Kasan.  “Fine! Fine already! Look, you take that stupid feather, and this stupid crap the real Androcles left here, up into that room at the top of the log.  You do that, I’ll call you whatever the hell you want, you stupid…”  He gaped as the dog leapt back up the log before he finished speaking, the feather disappearing with him.  When the big animal came back down and started pawing through the pillows, it grabbed both books in his mouth and finally the stupid dildo and took them all away.

Max could only swallow nervously when the dog came back and sat down in front of him again.  Shit, how smart were these dogs?!  “A-all right, then. I’ll call you A-Androcles.” Waiting for another noise, he sighed in relief as the dog finally settled down, resting its head on its front paws.

It was a LOT less disturbing when it wasn’t so big looking.

Except now that he wasn’t making any more noise, and the stupid crap from the pervert cats was tucked away…there was no reason not to wake up Kasan.  Max glanced up at the corner of the bed again and took a deep breath. Then another.

Married, he reminded himself.  And stunning, mind-melting sex.  And Kasan.

What would Kasan look like when he slept?
He sucked in his breath, seeing all that golden skin in his head.  Kasan hadn’t looked over yet, so that meant he had to be asleep.  So Max could look at him for a little bit and get over all his embarrassment before he had to talk to him.  He could do this.

As quietly as he could, he got to his hands and knees and crouched behind the bed. He reached up the couple of feet to the top and inched his head up to see.

There was nothing up there but pillows.
“Oh thank God.” He slumped down and leaned his head against the bed, studiously ignoring the way his cock started to soften at the lack of big, naked Kasan. Kasan was gone again. Maybe he went to work in the mornings or something.

So where did that leave Max?
“What am I supposed to do now?” He looked down at himself and grimaced at the mess he finally noticed covering his stomach from the night before. He wasn’t really sure which of the pretty bottles of liquid Kasan owned was the oily cleansing stuff, but he sure as hell hadn’t seen anything that looked like a bath. No way he was getting dressed when he was this gross.  And really no way he was walking around naked all morning. Not when Kasan or anybody else could just walk right in. 
Finally taking a chance on the oils, he figured out which was which from the smell. It felt as good as it had the first time, and he was a bit embarrassed that he already had a hard-on as he picked out a new loincloth and top.  He was pretty damn proud that he actually got them both on without any help, though.

It didn’t last long enough to keep him from getting bored, sadly.  Androcles wanted out into the garden after only a few minutes of boredom, and when he disappeared into the greenery, Max closed the door behind him. There might be more pink porcupine blobs around, and he sure as hell wasn’t letting them invade the room.  Androcles the small had taken one out; Androcles the Great-freaking-Dane would have NO trouble defending himself.

Another few minutes and Max was eyeing the door that led to the hallway. What was taking Kasan so long? 

Unless maybe they were just waiting for him to come out? Kasan had come back that first time after Max had stepped out, hadn’t he? Maybe they needed to page him for Max or something? He’d feel pretty stupid if that were the case, but…he gulped. He could do it. It wouldn’t hurt to try, right? Probably? They hadn’t messed with him yet, they were just so… so freaking big.
“Suck it up, Max. If you’re not going to leave for a while, then you need to…”  he closed his eyes as he remembered the guards from before, towering over him.  “Y-you n-need to face these guys.”
He swallowed heavily, dragging his feet as he went towards the door. His heart was beating painfully loud in his ears, thumping in his chest so hard that he felt like he should be able to see it move the cloth of the little shirt covering it. He heard his breath coming in harsh, quick pants and started holding his breath for a few seconds each time he inhaled, trying to keep from hyperventilating yet again. God, he didn’t want to do this. He wanted to be home! Just home and in bed and listening to airplanes flying overhead and making enough noise to rattle the windows.
And even so, slithering in between the fear and the freaking out was a tiny bit of pleasure, because maybe these guards would go get Kasan for him. And if Kasan came, maybe they would…do things.
“You’re such a damn nympho you should wear a sign,” he growled at his cock, feeling it rising up.  “You’re a… a sex fast-food chain.”
With one last sigh, he carefully opened the door and stared as the two large cats standing there swiveled to look at him. He tried not to whimper in fear. His brain couldn’t keep that size in his head! How could they be that damn huge!?
He couldn’t speak, staring at them, and it was oddly surreal when he finally realized that they were staring at him as curiously as he was watching them. Not as scared, that was for damned sure, but…they looked at him like they’d never seen anything like him.
He cleared his throat, flushing as the bigger one of the pair smiled at him.
“Uh. Wh-where K-Kasan?”
They both smiled now. One of them crouched down to talk to him, a bit humiliating, really. He felt like the man was treating him like a toddler.
“He’s in the main vid room, little one. We’ll get him for you.”
Well. That was a hell of a lot more words than he knew. He recognized one phrase, especially one that Kasan seemed to say to him, ‘little one,’ but that didn’t help a whole hell of a lot.
“I…” Hell, how did he say it again? “…d-don’t understand.”
The big one crouching next to him talked way too fast for him to follow even if he’d understood, and the smaller one went over to a box embedded into the wall. When he pressed a button and talked into it, Max was wondering if he was reading too much into it, thinking it looked like an intercom. But when a voice spoke back out of the speaker looking part, he gaped.

It made no sense. The guards wore freaking loincloths and carried spears, for god’s sake. How the hell could they have an intercom thingie and still have spears??
He wished something about this stupid planet made any sense at all, dammit!
“Kasan come here soon, little one.”
Max watched as the man pointed to where they were, and hope to god it meant what he thought it did. Kasan was going to be here? He was coming? “Kasan come ‘ere soon?” he repeated.
They both nodded, smiling, and the one in front of him stood up, reaching over to fuzz his head as he did. Max scowled and stepped back. He would give a hell of a lot if they would stop freaking patting his head like a dog. He jumped as the door he’d come through suddenly closed with a soft click. He hadn’t heard it sliding shut!
Staring at it, panic started to creep up on him. He was out in the hallway with just these two big cats, and no Kasan, no Androcles, no room. He backed away, staring up at them both as he moved until he could feel the door against his back. It wasn’t opening. And a look around him made him feel even more nervous. The freaking hallway was ginormous. Maybe it felt good for freakishly large cats, but now he felt even more like a midget! All he could think of was the last time he’d been in a hallway, running away from the blond cat who’d tried to molest him in the bathroom.
“Shhhhh. We won’t hurt you. You don’t have to be so nervous, little one.”
He tried to stay calm. They weren’t making him go back in the room, weren’t pointing him to go somewhere else.

Weren’t trying to molest the crap out of him.

Should he wait here, then? They seemed to expect it. Watching him, their bodies relaxed when he didn’t move past huddling near the closed door. Maybe they didn’t know what to make of him, either? He leaned back against the wall and tried to pretend he was just waiting, simply a… a tourist interested in looking around the hallway. Listening, he worked hard to recognize anything familiar as they began to talk to each other.
He’s so small,” the smaller one said quietly, looking at him. Talking about me, he thought. What the hell’s he saying?
“Yeah. You couldn’t quite see it as much when Leero had him all wrapped in that cloak.”
They both stared at him again and Max tried to look like he didn’t care. He would have given anything to know what they were actually saying, because the look in their eyes was making him blush a little.
The smaller one spoke again. “I think I’m going to put some money in the pool.”
“For or against?”
For. I bet Kasan’s tail can do something to a little thing as small as this. Isn’t like a tail would have to be that strong to penetrate an ass this tiny, is it? How about you?”
“Ten against penetration, fifteen for something sexual. I could see caresses, but penetration? I don’t think a tail would be that stiff.” The big one looked at Max and smiled in a way that made him squirm. “He must be absolutely adorable when he comes, don’t you think? I can see why Kasan is so protective of him. What a cutie.”
The other one’s head tilted and stared at Max for a moment with those slanted, alien eyes and this time he did squirm. “Well, he’s cute, but he’s so skinny. He doesn’t have any muscles, and he seems rather nervous, doesn’t he?”
“I think that’s even cuter that way.”
“Eh, not me. Not my type at all. I’d rather have something fully grown that you can really hold onto, not someone I’d have to worry about breaking all the time. Something you can get a good grip on.”
“Good thing you’ve already got a nice, big mate then, eh?”
They both smiled and chuckled a bit and Max smiled too, automatically, wondering if it was a joke at his expense. Not that he minded, as long as it was something he was being included in. He just felt so…alone. He didn’t know these two, didn’t know anyone here. Not really.
He didn’t know anyone.

Feeling his eyes start to sting, he bit his lips to stop it. He wanted Kasan so badly his entire body ached like an open wound.
He waited so long, listening to them talk back and forth, that his back grew frigid. The stone behind him was seeping cold into his skin, and he knew he’d start shivering soon if he didn’t move away.  But he didn’t want to get any closer to the guards. He was getting ready to try and talk to them again, see if he could find out more about Kasan, when the big cat finally came around the nearest corner.

Max blurted out his name the second he saw him, and Kasan grinned at him so hugely he couldn’t stop himself from smiling back. The cat opened his arms like he was expecting a hug and Max took a few steps towards him before he caught himself. He froze, his face burning, as the cats next to him chuckled again, obviously commenting on his reaction.  He bit his lip again.
What, a couple days of constant sex and he was ready to run into the alien’s arms? What the hell was wrong with him?
He looked as Kasan came towards him anyway, still smiling, if not as widely, and the same melting sensation hit his middle that had snuck in the moment he saw him. He was just so…relieved. He knew Kasan. As well as he knew anyone here, but he felt safe from everything but sex with him, and even that didn’t hurt. It was just embarrassing as hell, and Kasan had stopped periodically, hadn’t he? Except when he seemed to think they had get it on or die. And when Max was asleep, the molesting bastard. But…
Kasan reached him and scooped Max up in a hug as he struggled.
“Hey! Put me down! There’s…people are watching, Kasan! Jee-mmmmm” He lost his train of thought as Kasan kissed him. By the time he came back to himself, his legs were wrapped around Kasan’s waist and he was holding onto the cat’s hair.
And the guards behind him were sniggering again. He thought he was going to die of embarrassment. Pushing frantically at Kasan’s chest, he sighed in relief as the cat let him down.

The caress over the edges of his ears that followed shouldn’t have surprised him as much as it did. It was kind of erotic. Gave him a shiver, at least. He tried to ignore it, flushing anyway as Kasan looked him up and down. Kasan tilted his head and then crouched down, fingering the cloth of his tunic.
“Max do?” He pointed to the loincloth and mimicked wrapping it. “Max do?”

Kasan nodded.

“Y-yes. I do.”
Kasan smiled, hugged him again and made him feel like a freaking plushie, and put him down to take his hand. “Food, Max.”
“Oh thank god. I’m…” Crap, what was the word? “hungry!”
They took two steps, or rather Kasan took two steps and Max took four, when one of the guards called out. Kasan stopped, his ears going flat, and Max started worrying. What the hell would make the big cat do that with his ears? That seemed like an ‘I’m pissed’ kind of thing, and he didn’t want to be the cause of anything like that.
“Kasan? Not happy? Angry?”
“Shhhh, Gisho. I’m not angry.” Kasan fuzzed his head and went back to the room. “Stay here, Max. I’ll be right back.”
Max stood where he pointed, watching the guards nervously, a bit relieved when they didn’t do anything but watch him back. He stared at what Kasan brought back. Something wound up in his hand, red and velvety looking. The guards smiled at Kasan, almost like they were teasing him, and he wondered exactly what it was by the way Kasan growled back at them. What the hell?
“Come, Max. It’s time for Firstmeal.”
Firstmeal, he knew that one. Like breakfast. He could do that. As long as they didn’t chase him around again. Trotting along side Kasan even though the cat was obviously walking slowly, he watched the halls around him, trying not to feel intimidated.
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