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The Last Pure Human
Chapter 9 - Firstmeal

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Max sat on Kasan’s lap, still shivering in reaction as Kasan ran fingers in smoothing strokes over his head, or maybe the shivers were from Kasan’s fingers. He wasn’t sure, but he sure as hell wasn’t giving Kasan credit for it. Jerk. How could he…?

Max shivered again as the man’s other fingers brushed against his thigh before draping themselves possessively over his knee. On the verge of hyperventilating, Max felt like his body was a suicide jumper he was talking down from the ledge. Good body. Nice body. Just calm the heck down so you don’t leave yourself unconscious and vulnerable to the Grand Molester, you stupid body. C’mon, it was over now! He wasn’t surrounded by the seething horde of intimidating cats anymore, so there was no need to still be freaking out. Freak out time was over. Done. No more complete and utter terror because there were no more crazy, scary-ass cats running after him.

Just Kasan.


Taking a deep breath and holding it, Max looked around him as he tried the no-freaking-paper-bags-in-cat-land method of NOT hyperventilating. The room he and Kasan were sitting in was almost as large as the one they’d left. A point against it, because that might mean that more cats could actually come into it, just like the last one. The less cats there were, the better off he was, as far as he was concerned.

He took another deep breath, held it, and continued to look around. It was like being in an opium den. Of course, his experience of opium dens was 70’s kung fu movies, but still, they couldn’t be that far off, right? They did real kung fu; wouldn’t they do real opium dens? And why the heck did he even care if it was right or not? What, he thought Kasan was going to get him drugged up and…

He wasn’t, was he? Max let out his breath as he searched quickly for drug paraphernalia – um, what exactly would that look like? – but he didn’t think he found any. No smoking looking things, no pokey-needle looking things, and no cooking-up-meth looking things; just the furniture and the room. Empty tables, low to the ground, filled the center of the room, with tables almost as high as Max’s head lining the sides. Every wall was draped with bright, jewel-toned fabrics. Matching pillows surrounded the lower tables in piles and artistically messy jumbles.

“What is it with all the pillows? Jeesh, cats have a total pillow fetish or something.” Max muttered. Kasan shifted underneath him and Max swallowed uncomfortably at the intimate feeling of someone’s muscles flexing and softening against his ass. If he had his way, he would just turn and punch Kasan in the nose and stand up and walk out of here and…into a mob of alien cats, probably. Which was why he was going to stay right where he was: seated near one of the tables with some pillows under Kasan’s butt and the man’s hand on Max’s head and thigh. Max wasn’t even going to push his hands away, as much of a wuss as that made him. Kasan wasn’t trying to touch ‘private places,’ and right now, Max was really freaking scared that Kasan would ditch him again, so he didn’t want to make any wrong moves. Swallowing at the thought, and the memory, he looked around some more. He didn’t want to think about this. Really, really didn’t want to think about what had just happened.

Really. Freaking never, ever, EVER think about it.

Which of course meant that his brain tried to recall everything almost immediately: running and dodging and climbing and falling. Max shuddered and tried to find something new to look at. There had to be something he could distract his mind with! His eyes followed the drape of the fabrics on the walls; it was a nice pattern, right? Flat, hanging fabric for most of the wall, with just the color for the design. Along the top and sides the silky cloths were more bunched up, hanging in upside down arches along the top and falling in straight drops to the floor in the corners. It was kind of like being in a giant four-poster bed, come to think of it. There were even pillows.

His brain stuck on the bed thought before he could stop it. Big beds.

Big bed meant big cats.

And big cats had sex with you in big beds and then fucking handed you over to other, bigger cats like you were nothing but garbage and you had to freaking run the hell away or they were going to…

Max caught himself starting to panic again and wrapped his arms around his chest as he breathed slow and deep and not freaking like he was hyperventilating! He was okay now. No more cats, or running, or being sold, or anything else. He was not scared. Dammit, he didn’t want to be scared! It was so stupid, but how could he stay calm? Because he’d been so right: it WAS a whorehouse. Or a slave house, or some screwed up thing that was close enough not to matter. And he knew it. He knew it because that stupid, dumb, lying, backstabbing Kasan had given him away!

Why? Why had he done it? Max couldn’t figure that out. Hell, even as afraid as he’d been since he woke up, that one moment was still such a shock that he almost couldn’t believe it. How could Kasan do that to him? The way the alien had been acting, he’d thought…well at the very least he’d thought that Kasan was possessive of him. Whatever he was to Kasan, it had seemed as though Kasan was going to keep him, and keep him away from the others, too. He might force orgasms on Max whenever he tried to sleep, but at least Kasan had been protecting him from those honkin’ big cats. He’d seemed…nice. A huge, scary, perverted alien kind of nice, but nice. Not hurting him or scaring him on purpose or throwing him to the wolves or whatever their cat equivalent was. Nice.

And kind of sexy and beautiful, too. With a really amazing…Max shook his head at his runaway brain. Stupid dork. He wasn’t thinking that type of thing about Kasan. Was. Not. Because Kasan wasn’t nice; he was a jerk. A deceptive, mean, nasty, cruel bastard. One moment he’s letting Max have some food, which was freaking amazingly good, and then the next moment that dirty blond cat had come in and Kasan just walked away! He’d left him! He’d gone from being all molesty with the loincloth and thoughtful with the food and then suddenly he’d just ‘given’ Max to that other damn cat, Leero. Kasan had punched the man once and Max had thought he was going to fight him off like he’d done to the others. Instead, he’d simply walked Max up to Leero and sauntered out the door, done with him.

WHY had he done that? He hadn’t seemed angry with Max, or even upset! But maybe…Max wondered if maybe he’d done something wrong. Kasan hadn’t reacted badly when Max had tried to make him go away and leave him alone, but maybe he just wasn’t the type. Maybe he just had his way with Max and then handed him over to someone else so easily because he didn’t care anymore for a whore who wasn’t doing everything he wanted them to. It was just…how was Max supposed to know what was going to make Kasan do that if he couldn’t talk to him yet? The fact that he’d been discarded was scary and awful and it made him feel completely rejected, which was so stupid he thought he should be hitting himself for it. He shouldn’t be feeling rejected by someone he didn’t even want to embrace him!

He was a moron. He’d made such an idiot of himself, and the worst part was, he’d probably do it again if it had any chance of success. When Kasan had left, Max had been so desperate for him to come back that he’d tried calling for him, hoping there was someone outside the doors who could actually understand him and tell Kasan what he was saying. He was such a pathetic weenie that he’d practically screamed for him until his voice started to hurt, trying to dodge the bastard chasing after him the entire time. He’d been a complete and utter wuss, yelling to Kasan that he wouldn’t fight him any more, that he’d do whatever the hell Kasan wanted if he’d just come back and take him away from the blond cat. Hell, he’d even tried to run after him, only to be stopped by the big guards at the door. Maybe he could have run by them, but he hadn’t wanted to take any chances.

Because Leero was terrifying. Along with the more elongated, feline face, Leero was so large that if he put Max to the same use as Kasan had, Max really thought he might bleed to death. His penis had to be huge! And so were his freaking arms and his freaking legs so he could vault over the huge bed like it was nothing and finally grab Max and bind him all up in that hot, itchy cloak. Even then, Max had been hoping maybe someone would help him, or Kasan would be near enough to hear and might change his mind. Kasan would realize he’d made a mistake and he’d come back for him and kick Leero’s ass and… and… well, then he’d probably take Max back to the bedroom and screw him silly again, but that was okay! Compared to the Leero jerk, that would have been okay, except he’d never come. Leero had carried him down the hall while he tried to yell at the top of his lungs and looked around desperately for Kasan or other humans or anyone who might be able to help.

Kasan had never come.

There were no humans.

And the others who saw them had laughed at him instead of helping.

If seeing some human carried off against his will was no issue in this culture, he knew he’d get no help from anyone in escaping. No one would empathize with him. No one would try to free him. No one would help him while this stupid, terrifying cat molested him to death.

Why had Kasan given him away?! Why hadn’t he just…let Max know that he was pissed, or unhappy, or whatever the hell he was that made him do it? Whatever he wanted might have been scary, or upsetting, or downright humiliating, but Max would have sucked it up as long as he knew Kasan was going to give him away unless he did! Well, at least until he figured out how to escape. Kasan had to have known what Leero had planned for him, though, right? He couldn’t have just thought he was handing him over to someone who was going to keep him to himself…could he?

Besides, Max was pretty sure that Leero was, well, much kinkier than Kasan was. He’d made Max stand there in the stupid hallway until his bladder was about to explode before Leero had taken him to a room to pee in; that had to be deliberate. A person didn’t just ‘suddenly’ realize another adult had to pee. Well, maybe not. But considering that Leero had made such a production out of forcing Max to watch him pee, and then practically jumped Max when he peed himself, Max thought he knew what had been going on. The man had a pee fetish. People had them, so alien cats could have them too, right? Considering that the man hadn’t touched him sexually the entire time, it made it even more likely. Kasan hadn’t gone that long without touching him, so if Leero had, it was obviously for a reason. The lack of sex had obviously pissed him off, too, because Leero had been snarly and snappish and if Max hadn’t had to pee so badly, he would have stayed away from him even after he found out what the little basin with running water was.

Instead, he’d peed, Leero had attacked him, and Max had peed on Leero. The big cat looked so angry that Max had run for it. A huge alien with a peeing fetish was bad enough; a huge, furious alien with a peeing fetish who was likely going to fuck him now that Max was done peeing was…utterly terrifying. He hadn’t cared if he still hadn’t seen any humans, or if he was still scared to death of how badly the aliens could hurt him; he’d been more frightened of Leero. He’d still been running under full-scale terror when he’d been forced back towards Leero by some guard. After successfully dodging Leero and yet another guard, he’d had a moment of hope. He’d thought he might actually be able to get away. He’d actually been almost nauseous with relief as he escaped through a door. Until he’d turned around and realized that the new room was so, so much worse than where he’d been. He’d tried to see a way through, panicking even as he worked on figuring out what it was.

No one had any food or liquids. Not a banquet.

Children present. Not an orgy.

Thank God.

No stage or music. Not a concert.

A number of people had small pouches tucked under the sides of their loincloths, and before long, all of them were looking his way. Staring his way, actually. Staring and talking and pointing and goggling.


As he’d become the focus of everyone’s attention, a thought had bubbled up through the terror and he’d sucked in his breath. Had Leero been heading this way? They’d been standing right outside the door for quite some time before he’d been allowed to pee; was this where Leero would have taken him when he was done? This place where everyone seemed to be free enough to stand around and gape at him – what kind of place was it? What kind of place was it where everyone was lined up almost as though they were waiting for him.

If they were waiting for him, why were they…

What if it was a…slave auction?

They had pouches; it could be money of some kind. It could!

Slave auction?

They could be waiting around because they were planning on buying something that was coming through the door. Like a shrimpy, easy to beat up, alien.

Was it a whore house showing him off, or a slave auction or…

Max had been absolutely frozen, unable to even move, when Leero had come through the door, mad as hell, and Max’s paralysis broke. Fleeing as quickly as he could, he’d searched desperately for another door, hoping he might still have a chance to get away. Only everyone had freaking tried to grab him!! It had been like reliving the nightmare where he was naked and running and monsters jumped him from every corner so all he could do was keeping running if he didn’t want to die. It had been so awful, and he’d been so relieved to see Kasan that for a moment he’d forgotten that the cat didn’t care about him at all.

Max had been forcefully reminded, though, when Leero and the cats who’d first attacked him followed behind Kasan, and Kasan didn’t do a thing to them. He hadn’t fought them off, and so Max had started backing up. When his back had hit the wall, Max had looked to his sides to see two more cats who’d attacked him earlier. Kasan hadn’t done a thing to the two of them, either, and Max had lost hope. Kasan obviously hadn’t been trying to rescue Max from the others anymore. He hadn’t cared.

It made Max’s stomach clench just thinking of it again and Max clutched his chest more tightly. Kasan made low, rumbling sounds in the back of his throat and he started moving his hand on Max’s thigh, rubbing his thumb in small circles along Max’s skin until he relaxed slightly.

Max clenched his teeth, still lost in thought. At least he’d managed to rack the one red headed cat, stupid leering bastard. Although he’d lost it then, because before he knew it, he’d been up a giant banner and hanging at least 20 feet in the air. Another great idea from Max’s brain, because the cats would never find him clinging on the wall that they just watched him climb up! What an idiot. Why had he even bothered trying to escape if he was too stupid to do it and use his brain at the same time?

Especially as he wasn’t especially good at climbing down the stupid banner, even if he wanted to give himself to the cats again. There was a reason he never climbed trees as a kid; it was too freaking scary trying to get back down. So he’d decided he’d just have to hang there until he starved to death or something. At least until he couldn’t hold on anymore and so wouldn’t feel like he was just giving in. It was better than being raped to death by a giant cat, even if that was what he’d been expecting as soon as he climbed down..

And then of course Kasan’s voice from close by had shocked the hell out of him. He’d looked over and almost fallen right then. He still felt a little faint over it. Kasan, alien cat man, was also a freaking superhuman fly who could stick to walls. Crap, if it wasn’t so scary it would have been beyond cool.

Although if Kasan, who didn’t want him, was coming for Max…

…if Max had screwed up his auction or whatever this was…

…Kasan would probably be a pretty pissed superhuman fly, wouldn’t he?

Max had started climbing higher, trying to put off whatever bad stuff was going to happen until later, when the banner jerked down slightly, He’d looked up to see the bar about to go, scrambled to try and reach it, and missed.

And was caught in mid-air by, again, a- a super alien. He still couldn’t believe that part. He’d looked back up and seen just how far they’d fallen and he’d had a geek moment in spite of it all. The man had jumped from the wall and freaking snatched Max out of the midair like it was nothing! Kasan had moves like a damn superhero!

Max had been screwed by a superhero and he hadn’t even known it!

Leero had taken that moment to show up in front of him and remind Max that Kasan might have some cool moves, but he wasn’t a very good superhero. Maybe a Super Villain; Super Enslaving Catman. Or Freaking Horny Bastard. Or…whatever the hell he was that Max hadn’t been able to think about anymore because he’d had to back away from Leero, and then Kasan had started yelling…at Leero? Max didn’t get that. Rather than hand him right back over like he’d expected, Kasan had grabbed him for himself and left. He’d carried him down a short series of hallways to this room, pausing to speak to what looked like another guard at the door before he’d brought them both inside.

And if Max could only figure out what had changed Kasan’s mind about giving him away, maybe he could actually calm down. Was it something Max had done? Something he’d said? Something from the others? Max couldn’t see anything different except that he’d climbed up something, so what had it been?

And what had that look on the guard’s face been? Kasan had been carrying Max into their current room and the big cat guard had looked at Max like he was an alien from another planet.

Which, technically, he probably was, but if the guard made a face like that, how likely was it that there were other humans around here? Where the hell were they all? And if Kasan wasn’t handing him back over right now, what was he doing? Why wasn’t he giving him back to Leero?

Max jumped as someone knocked on the door to the room and Kasan called out to them. He recognized the voice as the guard’s and wondered what the heck was going on now. Couldn’t everyone just leave him alone for a while so he could catch his breath for a moment? That wasn’t too much to ask, was it? A few minutes to not have to worry about being molested or chased or sold? Watching, muttering unhappily, Max saw the door slide open and yet another strange cat came in. Another blond cat like that Leero bastard, he thought, watching him as fright started to grip him by the throat.

Had he been wrong? Was Kasan actually still planning to get rid of him? Was Kasan going to try and give him away again?!

Max couldn’t take his eyes away from the stranger, watching while Kasan and the alien exchanged words, and then the big, stupid cat was kneeling in front of him. As the cat stared at him, Kasan felt the fright creeping into the range of full out terror. The cat was obviously looking over his body. Max was being ‘inspected.’ The new man wasn’t even glancing at Kasan now that he was in front of them.

God, Kasan was going to give him away again!! The new cat finally moved, reaching out to touch his leg.

“Get the hell away from me!” He kicked at him. He wasn’t going to let anyone touch him anymore. Not ever. He’d been nice and sat on Kasan’s lap and not tried to punch him like he wanted to and the man was STILL going to give him away? They could both just piss off! Nobody, especially not Kasan, was going to touch him.

Max ignored the fact that he was currently plastered against Kasan, with the man’s arm around his waist now instead of his thigh. He could only be expected to deal with one threat at a time, right? He’d keep away the new cat – maybe - and then he’d try to keep away Kasan. One thing at a time.

The other man pursed his lips and reached for Max’s other leg, getting another kick for it and laughing slightly.

Well, at least we know his legs are in working order.

Max stared at him hard, listening. He was going to fight this as hard as he could. He was. He didn’t want to get hurt, or killed, but he couldn’t think of anything hurting more than being taken in the ass by one of these damn giants. His butt was still sore from freakin’ Kasan! Two hands reached for his arms and he raised his fists, desperately pressing against Kasan’s chest in some futile hope that the man would continue to hold onto him and keep this new cat away from him.

Kasan didn’t let go and continued petting his head, and the other man backed off.

Thank God.

“And the arms look fine as well. Otherwise, I’m afraid I can only say that I think he’s healthy. I don’t know anything about this… this…”


“Really? A pure human? I will be damned. I’d love to be able to look at him a little more closely sometime…”

“Later. If he wants to. I need to know if he was injured when we landed. You can’t tell me anything?”

“I don’t think you have anything to worry about.” The man’s voice was soothing and Max wondered what the hell he was saying. “His pupils are staying round even with the brighter light here, but…”

“They’ve been that way since I took him as my consort.”

“Well, then, that’s probably normal for him. He seems to be aware and noticing the world around him. He’s not favoring any body part that I can see, either, so I think…my best guess is that he’s fine. Aren’t you, little one?

The stranger’s hand reached out suddenly and started fuzzing Max’s head next to Kasan’s hand. Max jerked away. First that guard in the hallway patting his head, then Kasan petting him, and now this man…what was it with these cats and his head?? It didn’t fill him with confidence when the man who’d touched him laughed.

He’s adorable.

Kasan smiled broadly and Max wondered, again, what the hell they’d just said. “I don’t think he agrees. He looks like he wants to bite off your hand.”

“Well, from what I saw in the Greeting Room, I’d believe it. Sounds like you’ve got a real little spitfire to deal with.”

“He's definitely got a lot of energy. I think he may calm down once he can understand what’s going on, however.”

“Maybe.” There was a pause in the conversation and Max looked between the both of them, listening for all he was worth for the next words. He couldn’t understand yet, but he was damn well going to as quickly as he could. At least he could listen to the for the cadence and sounds and some repeated phrases. He watched everything: he wasn’t going to be taken by surprise again. Taken, maybe, but not by surprise! “Shall I go and tell Kyoru and the rest that they can come in now?”

“ I don’t suppose you could use your powers of persuasion, uncle, and get him to just let my consort and I go back to my room?”

“Every mate and consort’s wish, but no, I’m not stupid enough to go up against Kyoru merely so you two can have some time alone.” The other cat was smiling and Kasan snorted. What did that mean? Were they talking about him?

Coward.” Well, that was said with some definite affection there. Was that a term of endearment? “Never mind then. Would you stay for the firstmeal? I worry that we might need a physician if there’s something we’ve missed. You’ve already seen him, and you ARE family.

The other cat did a curious kneeling bow and Max worried they’d reached some sort of agreement. What if it was an agreement over when the man was going to take Max away with him?

I’d be honored. I’ll go and let the others know you’re ready and then I’d be very happy to join you.”

“Thank you, uncle. I appreciate it greatly.”

“Truly, my pleasure. I look forward to seeing what the little one does.”

“You and everyone else.

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