~~You Shall Know the Truth~~Ch. 6

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You Shall Know the Truth
Chapter 6

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Most truths are so naked that people feel sorry for them and cover them up, at least a little bit. ~ Edward R. Murrow

Tanakin venom was a strange substance. Unpredictable and costly, Gabriel knew it was used in dozens of illegal concoctions, especially on some of the more popular planets known for their night life. Mostly those places which had more use for aphrodisiacs and date rape drugs. But every case he’d heard of involved the venom after it had been refined and processed. All of the recent research was on whatever was new on the market, how to counteract it, what the long term effects were. He couldn’t recall any study on pure Tanakin venom for decades now. With the newest change in Elias’ behavior, that was a dangerous deficiency in his knowledge.

Beginning to moan and twist in his arms, Elias had become even more… aggressive, as ridiculous as it was to use the term in the same sentence as the excitable scholar. Gabriel had been forced to put him over his shoulder again, just to keep walking. His nipples couldn’t take the constant attention anymore. As soon as Elias had changed position, unfortunately, his soft hands once again attached themselves to the lower portion of Gabriel’s anatomy. The smaller man seemed to want to give them permanent residency there, and it was worrying. He would have thought the venom would be wearing off by now, or at the very least that the little man would start sleeping it off. He’d only passed out for approximately an hour before he’d startled awake with a sexy moan that had his lower body parts tighten in response. And then those delicate hands had started moving at twice the speed as before, with much almost no attention to anything Gabriel said.

It was time to find a place to rest so he could examine Elias again. He needed to see what else was happening to the tempar’s body, especially after all this time. His biggest worry was the man’s heart – the human organ wasn’t meant to beat this fast for this long, and Gabriel could feel it beating against him as though the man had run a marathon. If the antiseptic hadn’t cleaned enough venom from the wounds, he might have to experiment with whatever the med kit might have to offer, although that carried its own risks. He didn’t know enough about Tanakin to understand exactly how various drugs would interact. There might not be any choice but to find out.

Scanning their surroundings as he walked, it was only a few minutes before he found an area of limited vegetation. The patch of undergrowth was full of soft, mossy silver-green. Shaded by a small grove of broad-leaf giants and within hearing of running water, it seemed a perfect place to stop. And it was enough of a distance from the lab, so they should be all right for a long enough to determine Elias’ condition.

If the reaction to the vines hadn’t become so much of a concern, it might have been funny. The little man was so possessive of Gabriel’s ass that he refused to release it now, even after a swat to his own backside. The feel of those dexterous fingers was beginning to arouse Gabriel again. He didn’t have time for the distraction; if they hadn’t found a safe place to stop, he would have had to take a moment to teach Elias his place. Now that he’d found him, the man was under his discretion until he brought him back to his people. Resistance wasn’t allowed, and once Elias had recovered, Gabriel was going to make sure he understood that as quickly as possible.

“Haaaawt!” The sandy haired man whined his voice muffled against Gabriel’s back. Gabriel shifted, walking into the shade and laying him down on the soft plants. Elias closed his eyes, squirming at the pressure against his back. Gabriel frowned as he noticed his member fully erect, vibrating as the man whined again. “It’s so hot! Turn down the heater. And gimme back my lab coat.”

Brown eyes blinked open to glare up at him and he shook his head, feeling the man’s forehead. He was much warmer than he should be.

“Damn.” Turning, he went for the medkit as Elias began to whimper.

“Don’t leave. Come back right now!” His face devolved into a rather pouty scowl.

“Quiet. I’m not leaving you. I need to check the kit.”

“No. I need a sugar cookie. Get me one. And a puppy.”

Gabriel didn’t bother looking around to ask why. Whatever obsession he had with sugar cookies wasn’t worth discussing; Elias wasn’t going to have any. Ever. Gabriel would rather choke down rantan grass than let the disgusting, powdery, bitter tasting thing posing as a sweet anywhere near him, and as Elias was his responsibility for the next few weeks, the man was out of luck.

Opening the case, Gabriel began to rifle through it. He’d been able to take a brief look before, but they’d been too close to the base, and the Tanakin, to fully examine the contents. If he was lucky, there might be something he could use that he’d missed.

“Gabriehhhhl, I’m haawt!”

Gabriel heard an odd rustling and looked back to make sure his charge wasn’t endangering himself. He was tempted to smile as he saw him, despite the serious circumstances. Elias lay on the ground, glassy eyed, his entire body flushed pink. One hand was enclosing his erection, sliding hesitantly along its length. His other hand neatly mimicked a courtesan trying to lure in a treasured customer. Fingers trailed up his abdomen to his chest, delicately circling nipples that were already small, taut nubs. Staring at Gabriel, the man showed no inclination towards stopping.

The lack of inhibition in the normally repressed scientist was…erotic.

However, he would not let it interfere with treating him. Gabriel turned back to the kit.
“Gabriel. Ohhhh, just like that. Mmmmm.” Gabriel’s eyes slid back against his will to see Elias biting his lip as his hand slid over his erection.

He turned back resolutely to the kit. He had to find something to counteract the venom. The next time he heard the purring voice call his name, he wanted the man to be aware of everything that was happening to him. Begging.

“Ahhhhh. Y-yes. Nnnnnn, I love your mouth. Ohhh, yes!"

Gabriel grit his teeth, ignoring his rising erection. This was no time for fantasies. If he couldn’t get the smaller man healed, it could be dangerous. He might even lose him. Picking through the kit, he discarded syringe after syringe. He didn’t require more bandages – the little one had quite enough of them covering his arms and legs already. No more ointments, and a splint was completely unnecessary. Tossing the thing to the side in irritation, he felt a surge of triumph at what was tucked underneath in a small compartment: a blood sampler.

He the company wouldn't have splurged for the damn thing, he was betting that the man in his care demanded it. It was exactly what they needed. A sample of the drugged blood, and it would tell him what he needed to make the antidote. As long as he had the chemicals in the kit, Elias should be all right.

Once he’d been injected, it would still take a while for his body to respond. That should give him some time before the little man recovered enough to notice what was going on. He turned and drew blood from a quick prick on Elias’ heel. The man roused enough from his fantasy to protest with a yell and he drew up his feet to his bottom, pressing them into the ground.

“No bugs!” Elias said firmly, his eyes firmly closed. His hand never left his cock, although now it was curled around it a bit protectively.

Gabriel ignored him, trying not to dwell on the curve of his ass revealed with his new pose. He focused on the results of the blood test, checking quickly on the ingredients needed, sighing in relief when he located all of them. It took a few minutes to mix the proper vials, and he took hold of Elias’ leg again once he had it prepared. It was going to have to go in deep, and Elias was not going to be happy about the placement of the shot. It might be better that his memory of this would be hazy.

His hands moved up farther until he had Elias’ hips in his hands. The scientist’s hand still moved over his shaft, although his eyes finally opened. He smiled as he looked up into Gabriel’s eyes.

“I missed you, Gabriel. Kiss me?”

Gabriel scowled and flipped him. Elias yelled into the ground, his hand trapped underneath him. With a quick jab, and one admiring look, Gabriel smacked Elias’ tempting presentation with a sharp snap and gave him the shot while he was still yelping from the unexpected assault. The little man hadn’t recovered enough to struggle by the time Gabriel was done and putting the spent cartridge back into the kit. There was an unfamiliar feeling in his chest now that he knew the tempar would recover. Relief, he certainly understood, but the sensation was oddly personal, more than he would have expected.

Trying to comprehend what it was that settled into his chest and stomach, he barely listened to Elias rolling over behind him, still yelling.

“Aaaaaah! It bit me! The bug bit me again! It’s gonna eat me! Gabriehhhl, help!”

“The bug is dead,” he said absently.

Packing up the kit, he tried to dismiss the feeling. He finally turned to see Elias, the fellow’s hand still firmly attached to his member, eyes closed, while he scowled into the air – it was all Gabriel could do not to chuckle. With the knowledge that his little scientist would recover, the dazed man’s persistent illusion was much more amusing.

He could use it to his advantage, he realized. He needed to contact the search team; it was their only way off of this planet. The best option for contact was to create the temporary bond.

That required blood.

The venom would work in his favor, if he moved quickly enough. Elias was hallucinating enough that Gabriel could likely make any claim he wanted as to what actually happened here. The scientist wouldn’t be able to trust himself and his own memories, wouldn’t be able to contradict him. That would be for the best until Gabriel could isolate him on the home planet. He didn’t want him able to give away information that should remain unknown outside the Truth community.

Elias whined deep in his throat. “Gabriel, where’d you go?” His eyes opened and stared almost blindly around the small area. “The bug bit me. Right here!” He shifted onto his side, pointing to the cheek still rosy from Gabriel’s small slap. His legs drew in towards his stomach and exposed the rosy shadow in the cleft of his ass.

“It hurts. Kiss it better.”

Gabriel’s body was finally free to respond to the invitation, his breath quickened and blood rushed in his veins. His heart pounded, and his fangs pricked at his tongue. The man was tempting, and watching him, the visions from his time in the lab crept into his head.

“Gabriel! What’s taking so looong! Kiss it better!” Slender hips shimmied.

Staring at them, Gabriel smiled. One would say that it wasn't a nice smile.

“Be careful what you ask for, little man. I might bite.” The last word was drawn out as he hovered over his backside, his lips grazing the rounded skin there. His tongue edged out, licking over the nearly invisible dot of blood on the perfect skin. Elias moaned.

Before he gave into the wrong temptation, Gabriel turned him back over. Staring down at him, he could imagine him with his legs in the air, held up over Gabriel’s shoulder as he took him, and he shrugged the lure away. He wasn’t weak enough to give in now, not when this was so important.


Nothing would be lost if he enjoyed himself, and Elias would be more malleable if he was satisfied. It was a good thing the man was as dazed as he was, otherwise there would be a fight ahead. The sandy-haired man would realize eventually that there was to be no permanent bond. The thought had crossed his mind when he’d been trapped, helpless on the damn table, but it was a fleeting, foolish fancy. He couldn’t do that to his people; men with the genetic caliber of himself and this man were too valuable to waste on other men.

The temporary bond would suffice. Elias might object to even that much, if he were in his right mind, but that was of little consequence. Gabriel preferred to protect those weaker than himself, but there was no option this time. If he didn’t use what the man offered and utilize the brief power of the new bond, both he and Elias would be hunted and destroyed eventually. His people would be left unaware of the infiltration attempt until contact was made. The attempt might fail, but the information in his head was invaluable. They needed to know who their enemies were, and what direction they was coming from.

Leaning down, he was barely over Elias before the delirious man reached up and tangled his fingers deep in Gabriel’s hair. Sliding a powerful hand around Elias’ back, and lowering his mouth down he tasted the eager little tongue as it offered itself to be suckled and devoured. That mouth was yielding everything to him as he tickled the edges of his mouth and sucked so hard on his tongue that even his own mouth stung. He stiffened and plunged his tongue into Elias’s mouth as they both moaned against each other. He could feel the small man’s nude body twisting against him. He didn’t even have to say a word, still nipping lightly at his lips, and the little scientist wrapped his legs around his waist, pushing his hips up against him.

He pulled back as he ground himself down and Elias whimpered, trying to pull him closer.

“So eager,” he murmured. Reaching his hand down, he cupped the backside already arching up off the ground, pulling it in even tighter.

Elias whimpered again as Gabriel’s cock rubbed against his own and he pressed forward, wrapping himself around the bigger man as though he was the vine they’d just escaped from. It was tempting to ignore the danger and take him, but there was no abundance of time right now. They were too close to the base for him to lose himself completely in the man. He’d need more distance, and more safety, before he’d allow himself that luxury.

Gabriel released Elias’ mouth and the scientist immediately began to whimper. “Please!”

“Patience,” Gabriel smiled and gently pushed him down, prying his hands off. He brushed a sweat dampened lock of hair from Elias’s face and kissed him lightly on the lips. “This first time, just enjoy.”

Gabriel moved down his body his body, sucking small rounds of flesh into his mouth in a trail down Elias’s neck. The slight pain of each harsh kiss had the smaller man moaning in moments, shivering and pressing up against Gabriel as he moved. As that heavenly mouth reached his chest, Elias’ hand fisted themselves in his lover’s hair, arching against him as Gabriel teased one nipple with his tongue.

“Ahhh. Nnnn, oh, that’s good. That’s –“ Elias stopped talking as one small nub pinched lightly between sharp teeth. “AH!” His cock jumped against Gabriel’s stomach, and the hovering man chuckled.

Golden hair caught the wind as he loomed over, resting on his elbows and knees as he slid his tongue over Elias’ nipple again, kissing it before he moved to the other one, kissing and nibbling the little round hardness until his lover was moaning underneath him. There was a weeping member hard against Gabriel’s nearest body part and frantic thrusting as sweet pink points were licked and suckled. Pale thighs tried to wrap around Gabriel’s back again but were pushed back. His hands slipped against the sweat slick thighs and he knew no matter how responsive he was, he wasn’t going to be able to stay focused on Elias’s chest for more than another moment.

“Feels so hot,” Elias panted, jumping as Gabriel lipped the other nipple lightly.

“Yes, it does,” Gabriel said, moving so that he was kneeling over Elias’s hips. His hands replaced his lips on Elias’s chest and he ran dexterous fingers in feathery patterns over the smooth planes of muscle making the muscles twitch. He slipped his hand along each rib, down the midline of Elias’ smooth stomach. He could watch the little man moan underneath him for hours, but he needed to take care of business first.

A small shift had his hands and face at that tempting destination. He caught Elias’ attention as the man looked down at him with large, helpless eyes and couldn’t resist flashing him a truly wicked grin before slipping his lips over the tip of the needy cock in front of his face. Elias’ sandy head arched back as he gasped and thrust desperately upwards.

“Oh my g-” Elias choked as Gabriel ran his tongue along the underside of his cock. He ran his lips around the glands and then playfully at the opening as his hands gripped pulled back on the foreskin slightly.

“Aaaaah. It’s… I can’t…” Elias panted and squirmed as Gabriel stilled his hips with one hand and used the other to play with his cock, running a firm hand down to the base and back up as his lips played with the head.

He tried to push his hips forward and once again Gabriel kept them still. The little scientist needed to learn early that he wasn’t in charge. Elias whined pitifully, and if he were a different kind of man he would find that terribly cute.

“I n-need to move,” he panted. Gabriel stroked across the hollow next to the closest hip bone with his thumb as his forearm easily kept Elias from moving. He could feel Elias grow more frantic as he tried to thrust. It was almost time, he thought, withdrawing his mouth.

“No! I need… Please don’t stop!”

He moved his hands over Elias’ chest, distracting him with small pinches and caresses over his nipples as his lips licked against the soft skin of his thigh. With a small, sharp pinch that made Elias cry out and try to buck, Gabriel bit down on the inside of his thigh, licking away the blood that welled up from the small punctures of his fangs. He watched in fascination and disbelief as Elias found what he’d been begging for and released with a choked cry. Small hands he’d almost forgotten grabbed his head and shoved it at the wound.

“More,” he demanded.

Gabriel’s first impulse was to grab the hands touching him and make it very clear this was not acceptable behavior, but stilled it. More blood was only going to strengthen the call. He sucked hard sending the iron taste of his tempar’s human blood over his tongue. It made him slightly giddy. He would have to examine that later. It wasn’t the usual reaction.

“No, bite harder!” There was the hint of a snarl in that plea.

It seemed his little innocent had a kink. Gabriel had to force his mind away from his own erection, to focus on the task at hand. Lucky for the pushy little one he could fulfill both needs. He sunk his fangs in deeper, a small part of him incredulous as a smaller orgasm ripped through his companion, and threw out his consciousness to catch the attention of any of his kind.

I speak as Gabriel Tarrkense, member of the High Council, Scion of the House of First Blood, invoking the Right of Need. I have been taken to the Farres Planet in Septim Solara, and require immediate transport to Council Space. I have a true breeder in my possession. Danger level is high. Please respond.

He listened in vain. It was surprisingly disconcerting. He’d never been so far from another of his kind that he couldn’t contact them. His abilities in that area were what set him apart from many of his kind; they had helped him land this mission in the first place. No one could speak at the distances he could usually achieve.

Repeating request; Gabriel Tarrkense, Scion of the House of First Blood, invoking the Right of Need. I have one of the protected, a true breeder, and am in need of immediate transport. Danger level is high. Please respond.

Gabriel sent out the call three separate times. He could feel the first rush of power from the temporary bond with Elias begin to fade. Not even a whisper of a response met a single request. He snarled to himself. They might have heard, but if no one responded, that meant they were too far away for another to send the message back. He’d have to assume no one was coming. Which meant looking for another way to get off-planet, but anything else was going to involve significantly more danger to both of them, and he hated exposing Elias to any more harm than he already had. He had to protect the man.

He had one bitter wish for his cousin Larkspur. The man was a traitor to his own kind, but he was the closest the Truth had to someone of Gabriel’s ability. He would have heard him, in fact he probably had, and actually responded so that Gabriel could tell for certain that he’d been received. They were a flawless team, throwing and catching each other’s thoughts farther than in recorded memory. They received nothing but praise from the moment their talents showed.

Too bad the man had no concern for his fellow Truth and had abandoned them for his own selfish needs. Choosing exile and dishonor instead of duty. He was as good as dead to him.

Gabriel brooded, thinking, when a light snore told him that his new Tealin had fallen asleep after the intense session they’d just had. It was still too dangerous to stay here for much longer, but the extremes he’d put his body through so soon after his release had tired him as well. If there was any opportunity to rest he should take it.

Lying down next to the smaller scientist, letting the mumbling man snuggle up against his chest while he stared out into the dark, he tried to let himself settle into a light sleep. He’d been trained to wake at the slightest sound – it should be safe. However, his mind raced, still dwelling on what they would need to do now, and whether they should wait a few more days in case some of his people might have actually hear him, and the loss of his cousin.

Those of First Blood did not refuse their service. They were the example to uphold the order. They knew, even when many did not, the danger howling at the gate from both inside and outside the human’s Council. If his cousin had done his duty, as well, he would have been available to help get Elias back to the planet. His absence hurt them every time a situation like this arose.

Their scientists were so close to the breakthrough needed to finally free the Truths. Every compatible human they discovered helped them take another step towards it. And they were almost at the end now. How could that bastard have abandoned them all when they needed someone like him the most? Simply because it caused pain to be out in public constantly, or that he would be required to bond in a way that would give the best genetic combination in his progeny – those weren’t reasons to dishonor oneself. Gabriel had just as much pressure on himself, and he had stayed. He had no respect left for the man, especially as it left Elias and him in such straits. No respect at all, he thought, yawning.

His eyes drifted closed slowly, listening to the breeze rustling the leaves around him as he drifted into a dreamless sleep.

And then the breeze stopped, but the slow rustling whisper of the leaves didn’t.

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