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You Shall Know the Truth
Chapter 2

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The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple. – Oscar Wilde
Elias’ mind sped faster than his feet as he ran from the room.  Anger and nerves vying for attention, he tried to ignore the questions swirling in his head about the director and what was planned for Gabriel. It made no sense.  Why would anyone pay to have Gabriel destroyed this way, especially if the entire complex was going to be razed after one procedure?!  Didn’t they realize the research that would be to be lost if the lab was destroyed?  It would take years to reconstruct what they’d discovered over the last months!  Not to mention the money - the funding just to get this far had been billions of credits. What could Gabriel possibly have done that would merit this?
And if, god forbid, he’d actually done something so abominable that it deserved death, why do it this way?  It made as much sense as hiring a hit man to arrange killing a mouse with a laser guided missile.  It was too elaborate, too expensive, and there would be so much collateral damage it would be ridiculous.  Why…?
With a grunt, he refocused, stopping to peer around the corner before he sprinted towards the exam room.  It was irrelevant.  Why someone would do this didn’t matter; Gabriel mattered.  He had to figure out how to save Gabriel.  At least he had a small advantage, he thought, as long as no one realized he’d been a part of Gabriel’s escape.  Dr. Takahashi would think of the men that had just assaulted his angel and they would get the blame for this.  He’d probably think they’d damaged him in some way and had tried to hide the evidence.  That would make more sense than the scientific lead of the project wandering around late at night, spying through cameras and rescuing his test subject.  He could find somewhere for Gabriel to hide until he could get him off planet, and then he’d feign ignorance when the disappearance was noticed.
Would Devlin help?  If he wasn’t too loyal to the company, he might be able to find them a way onto the shuttle when it arrived.  Gabriel would be safe as long as he could find someplace to hide that could stand up to a week’s worth of searching.  Reaching Gabriel’s room, one sharp jerk was enough to open the door wide and he grabbed it with desperate hands before it slammed loudly into the wall.  Hanging onto it, his hands slick with sweat, his legs shook so badly he couldn’t move for a painfully long moment.
He had to calm down, or he was going to get them both caught!
He stumbled inside and eased the door closed ineptly, wincing as it closed with whooshing thunk. Leaning against the white wall, he tried to think clearly past the panic-induced nausea churning through his stomach.  Somewhere to hide Gabriel, that’s what he needed.  One quick thought discarded any place inside.  The lab might be over ten levels below the ground, but he only had access to the residential section and the labs on the bottom.  It could be searched in a few hours at most.  There weren’t any other areas he could get to, though! All the other floors were sealed off.  He could hack the codes if he had enough time, but he didn’t!
His breathing increased as he discarded one hiding place after another.  His mind scanned through what he remembered of the blueprints he’d had access to: the tech residences, the labs, the shuttle bay, the emergency exits.  He held his breath as he saw the stairs up to the surface in his head.  It wasn’t too far from here, and it went straight up to the top, with access to the surface on the opposite end of the complex from the shuttle bay.
The only problem was that it led outside.  Would Gabriel be able to survive in the wilds for a week?  He looked at his angel, lying still and quiet on the table as though he’d never moved, and he tried to think of him objectively.  He looked strong enough to be able to defend himself, Elias thought, swallowing hard.  Compared to the pale walls and silver equipment, Gabriel’s beige skin seemed to glow.  He…definitely looked strong enough to, um, defend himself.
Arousal flowed through his blood, mixing in with the panic and fear until he could barely think at all.
He closed his eyes.  There was no time for this!  He had to think: what did he know about the wilderness around the lab?
The information packet he’d received his first day played through his mind like a holo-vid.  It was a low-growth forest, 400 square kilometers in size.  The lab was…yes, 148 kilometers from the east border, 208 kilometers from the North border.   Terra-forming had been completed two years before S.N.S. had built the lab.  Most important, though, was the wildlife; all animal additions were relatively benign towards humans, as this was originally slated to be a wilderness vacation getaway before the company had purchased it.  This meant, if Elias could get Gabriel out there, he’d be safe enough until it was time to leave on the shuttle.  With a shudder, he realized it was Gabriel’s best chance.
Thank god he wasn’t going with him, though.  There weren’t even toilets out there!  And who knew what insects were crawling around?  He shuddered again.
His breathing slowed as he finally had somewhere to run to.  As long as Devlin would help them, this could work.  The man had to be able to help them.  He didn’t have the highest security clearance, but as a communications officer within the security team, he had access to most of the areas that they’d need for smuggling someone out.  As long as he wasn’t involved in whatever Takahashi was doing with Gabriel…
Elias chewed on his lip.  He couldn’t think of any other way.  There were more unknown variables than he liked – Devlin, the outdoors, the shuttle itself – but it was all he could think of!  Just to be safe, though, he’d better make sure to get Gabriel out before he contacted Devlin.  At least the poor man would have a chance at freedom that way, rather than being caught again immediately.  Chewing even more viciously on his lower lip, Elias tried to think of what he could collect from his room, but all he could see in his head were pictures of the guards sneaking back in to rape their prisoner while he slept, with Dr. Takahashi none the wiser.  Elias couldn’t take the chance of leaving him alone. 
Besides, there was only one route back to the residential section, and it was right past the door to the Valentine’s Dance.  It was too risky.
People would probably be leaving it soon, he realized.  They’d fill the halls, and one glimpse of Gabriel would make his plan virtually impossible; everyone knew who he was.  Elias’ beautiful, blond demi-god was known throughout the entire darn complex; even guards from other floors had slipped in just to have a peek at him!   Elias needed enough time to wake Gabriel, get him up ten floors, and then return to his own rooms, all without being spotted. He nearly groaned; this was going to need every second he had!
If there was one mistake, even something as simple as the night guard for the exam rooms returning, it could get Gabriel killed – and it would be all his fault.  He’d been blind to what was going on for too long; he couldn’t let anything else happen to him.  He had to make himself move.  He forced his feet to step forward, even as his insides quivered with fright.  No matter if he had to carry Gabriel all the way out on his back, he vowed to himself, he was going to get him safe.  He’d just found out the man was still in his body; Elias wasn’t going to let him die now! He would save the man he loved…
…Even if he hadn’t actually met him yet.
Strapped to the table like an insect on a pin board, the blond ‘angel’ would have snarled in frustration if he could have moved his lips.  His capture had not led to anything he had expected. This was nothing he had been trained to endure.  He felt a certain amount of satisfaction that the capture had been his and not one of the others that had been sent out.  The Interplanetary Council had put forth many scenarios in an effort to control the capture itself, but nothing they had planned for had occurred.
The hell of drugged immobility that had been his world for weeks now was an epic nightmare where even blinking under his own power was a distant memory.   Far worse was what the paralyzing drug had done to his mind.  His walls, his mental shields had crumbled so that every person around him buzzed in his head as loud, unintelligible static. If not for this distraction known as a scientist, the constant chatter and his own infuriated frustration might have driven him insane.
Dr. Kerr had saved him from that. Thinking of the pretty little man settled his mind when nothing else made an impact.  The thought led to the rage welling up yet again as he recalled of the sheer gall involved in treating him this way.  He brought Kerr’s image, his new habit, to the forefront before he possibly twitched in fury.   The game was not at its end.  Envisioning soft touches along his skin and hot compresses moving over his cock, his thoughts almost immediately settled into a state where he could actually think rather than devolving into unchecked madness.  As always, control was the key to calming an unsettled mind.
If only his incompetence were so easily remedied, he thought bitterly.  Acting in an arrogant fashion was a poor excuse for the disaster this mission had become.  If not for the fact that his mistake could possibly have fatal consequences for more than just himself, he’d think he deserved it for the level of hubris he and his team had displayed.   It was a miracle the entire syndicate hadn’t discovered every detail of this mission before it even left the ground. A bit less self-assurance and they would have waited until they knew more.  Most likely they would have discovered that S.N.S. was sending out feelers in preparation for a power play.
So sure that he knew who was responsible for the recent kidnappings, he’d never even bothered to look further than the Independents.  His personal team’s plans had involved entrapping the space-based group.  Logic should have dictated that a contingency plan in place was better than the defunct one currently doing him absolutely no good at all.
Never should he have let himself be talked into this.  The Interplanetary Council had asked for volunteers to investigate who had been targeting their Truth agents.  He’d been ‘encouraged’ in their usual bludgeoning fashion to be one of them. They needed someone who could function with no equipment. His mind to mind communication was superior among the Truth, and being a ‘hard-assed son of a bitch’ besides, he’d been a ‘valuable candidate’.  It didn’t hurt that no one ever saw his face.  Given false name, put into a position to be abducted, he simply waited.
It had worked beautifully, he thought with an internal scowl, so beautifully that he was here, paralyzed on a table as he waited for his mind to be wiped from his body.  Without the sub-dermal trackers in his body, there was no way anyone was going to be able to find him.  He was on his own, and his best was obviously not good enough to get him out of this.  He should have signaled sooner, perhaps then he might have had a chance.  He was to have been taken, transported somewhere, and after discovering the originator behind the entire endeavor, prepared to summon the others.
He should have summoned them seconds after he was put on a transpo, but he’d thought waiting to retrieve all the facts was the best option.  Now, he was going to pay for it.  His one consolation was that it was likely sheer bad luck that they’d brought him out here to what was an isolated corner of the universe.  The tragic thing was that they hadn’t done it because they suspected his capabilities; facts of the Truths’ physiology were still a secret, known only to the Council.  Mental abilities were one of the reasons they’d formed such a close bond with the Council.  Protection had been provided from persecution for the few abilities that were public knowledge, and the Council had help in their judicial and peace keeping efforts.
It was… unfortunate that S.N.S. espoused such complete paranoia about their project.   He was so far from normal space that even he couldn’t reach far enough to contact someone.
It irritated him that this one detail was going to ruin everything.  Everything else had gone the way he’d planned.  Periodic painful questioning on the inner workings of the Council was to be expected.  Standard plebian torture and he’d dealt with far worse than their rather pathetic attempts to break him.  Unexpected elements, such as the paralysis and inability to speak, assaulted him every moment he wasn’t being interrogated.  It wasn’t as bad as a sensory deprivation tank, but it was close.  The final straw was finding out they were using a new technique to take over his mind.  It looked like the Mureta family had paid S.N.S. handsomely in order to try yet another attempt at infiltrating the Council.  A small head wound, a story of lost memory, and they foolishly imagined they’d be inside the ranks with a man already considered above reproach: a Truth.  There was no knowledge that the first mental touch from another Truth would expose the hidden mind within his body.  Their plan had absolutely no chance of success, not that he bothered to mention that.  It would not have saved his life, and it would have given them useful information on Truth physiology.
No Truth would ever betray their people that way.  He’d prefer to die, and it seemed they were going to oblige him.  His wish was to be granted tomorrow, unless something truly miraculous occurred.  It sounded as though the soft voiced Dr. Kerr was going to suffer long after him.  The thought made him want to tear the filth apart.  He couldn’t stand the thought of them touching the gentle man, let alone imagine them hurting him.
He could still remember the first time he’d seen him.  Just a flash of a sweet, anxious face as a paralyzed eyelid was opened for an examination.  The brief moment before light ended all attempts at sight, he’d seen chestnut hair cut short and still managing to curl in spite of it.  Deep brown eyes with lashes a woman would envy, a little upturned nose that made one think of freckles and cotton candy, and a lower lip that was so full he wanted to suck it into his mouth and keep it there.
His temporary vision had ended as soon as Kerr let go, but he’d still been aware of the man.  Over the days and then weeks that he’d been trapped there, he’d begun to rely on the scientist’s presence as the one interesting thing in his static stillness. Lucky for him, the comforting visits grew so frequent the man was practically living next to him after only a few days.  Every morning began with the strain to hear Kerr’s light footsteps.  He would hear the light tap of soft fingers on a computer keyboard for hours in the morning and evenings, noting the small, almost inaudible sigh that would accompany every interruption by the man’s techs.  It became a game to maintain alertness, trying to figure out what Dr. Kerr was going to have for lunch once the quiet man started bringing in his food and eating next to him while others retreated for more social venues.
He’d tried to predict what his swiftly growing obsession would smell like; an occupation he lost regularly as the man changed shampoos on what seemed like a daily basis.  So far, his favorite was a scent he would swear was bubblegum.  Like most of the man’s choices, it was a little juvenile, but it blended well with Dr. Kerr’s underlying scent.  Memorizing his patterns, listening to the answers for questions from everyone around him as he stayed polite, no matter how rude or invasive they were, and seeing him in brief glimpses every morning as he was checked, a slowly developed picture formed of the man inside his head.
He was quiet, brilliant, inquisitive, polite to a fault, a little introverted, and more than a little sensual.  By the sound of his tread and the angle of his head while he looked into dead eyes, he was likely a small man, probably slight.  There was the impression that he was very uncomfortable with social interaction, although he seemed quite passionate about his work.  His hands were always soft. The butterfly strokes against skin signaled his touch, a persistent eroticism from the first.
He never managed more than the glimpse of face a few times a day, but that small physical snapshot was enough to intrigue him.   Sometimes the man was nibbling at his lower lip while he flashed the light.  Other times he would be completely focused and intent, and every once in a while something in his gaze was practically affectionate.  It got so that his mind whirled in obsessive circles until the first sight of the scientist calmed it.  It was almost an obscene focus on the man, and he didn’t damn well care.
In his initial assessment he had been unable to determine if Kerr was a part of the entire scheme or merely an unwitting dupe.  The evidence had slowly mounted for the latter.  The good doctor had never been present when the others had discussed what plugs were dummies and which pieces of equipment needed to be reconnected to give the proper readings.  His first thoughts on hearing those descriptions were that they were setting a false ‘medical accident’ for later reference, but as time went on, he knew all these lies were geared to fool the little scientist who thought he was in charge.
It had been a comfort to realize that the target of his lust and obsession was most likely an innocent in all of this.  It became far more vital when Dr. Kerr suddenly became something more than a fascination.
Another game had been to let himself daydream a minor ways in front of Elias.  He required the concentration as the drugs keeping him strapped to the bed also lowered his wall slightly to the minds of others.  Looking for ways to keep his sanity intact with all the noise the minds around him extruded, he’d felt Kerr’s gentle hand whisper-soft checking his vitals.  He’d imagined the man replacing his fingers with his tongue, licking cat quick along the muscles of his stomach and lower until he’d reached his cock.  He’d seen the full lips sliding over him like they were made for it, sucking him in deeply.   An involuntary moan attempted to escape paralyzed vocal chords and he had been startled to hear a small moan from the little scientist instead.
Dr. Kerr was receiving him.
The implications were enough to make him even more viscerally aroused than he’d already been.  The only person who would be picking up flashes of his mental activities was someone who could be a potential partner. These rare humans were usually very bright, often with latent mental abilities of their own.  They were the only humans his kind could partner with.  If the good doctor was receiving enough imagery to arouse him, he could be claimed.  The thought alone would have been enough to have fangs exploding out if he weren’t paralyzed.  A temporary bond would be necessary; his principles required at least the minimum to take him away from the world he had known.  If he survived this ordeal, that is.  The unique gifts of the man brought back would meet the needs of the Community.
It was now a sworn oath to himself that he was going to take him.  If not for the circumstances leading to this moment, he’d have had the man taken and the faint taste of blood already on his lips.  Honor and duty, the two things he based his world on, kept him from any kind of true feelings for the man.  This kind of human was far too precious to the continuance of his species to leave behind, even though he would eventually have to be mated to another.
Ignorance of the scientist's character was not an insurmountable issue; the burn from wanting Kerr was an unrelenting ache in his body.  It pleased him that the temporary mating would only increase the man’s appeal to the others.  Stunning himself with the thought that he liked things about him, other than a random lust for a body.  He hated people who couldn’t stand up for themselves, thought them weak, but Kerr was charming as he talked in that overly polite voice, trying to maintain a bit of privacy without actually asking for it.  Scientists were mostly narrow minded fools focused on only what was placed in front of their nose, but there was pride whenever the techs talked of all the cures his little one had developed.  There was even the unexpected appreciation of something as sugary and childish as bubblegum, as long as the scent was on this incredible man.  Everything appealed to him.
It was to be hoped that Dr. Kerr was strong enough to complete the first level of mating.  It was often described as the more pleasurable of the two forms when it came to humans, taking far less work. Not that it mattered; he was taking him anyway.  If Dr. Kerr could truly receive, he had an actual right to him.  It was part of the agreement that had brought his race into the Council in the first place: the ability to take a partner from anywhere, at any time, without other legal issues arising, as long as they were single. The amount of gossip surrounding Dr. Kerr's bachelorhood told him that wasn’t going to be an issue.
One drop of blood was all he needed to reach minds even if they were on the other side of the galaxy, at least during their first moments together.  A temporary blood bond that would allow him to judge the man’s true nature before he took him, instinct was rarely wrong, but he would not endanger others because of a misjudgment.  All evidence pointed to the man as being as innocent as he seemed, however, even if Kerr was more involved in the prisoner’s capture than he thought, he was still going to be taken.  He would punish him for a while, but he wasn’t going to let him get away.
So he was going molest the little man, connect them by blood, and bring him back to his home world willing or not.  Other humans had come to terms with joining the Truth community.  They had grown used to the mental speech and the personality traits that seemed to breed rather strongly within the race.  If others had done it, Kerr was certainly capable of dealing with it as well.  He seemed a practical man.  They could use another scientific mind in the Community as well. 
Kerr belonged to his world now, and he’d learn to like it.  He had too many unpleasant sensations to heed only one.  Being in touch will the null minds of all humans on the planet generally tended to be the largest.  Besides, taking a temporary partner was an expedient way to get exactly what he needed to contact the other Truths.  The communications array would likely be too well guarded to get to once he was free, but Dr. Kerr wasn’t.  He could be made into a Tempar, and then…  Perhaps these pathetic criminals should have looked into the situation a bit closer rather than leaping into the unknown, he thought with a cruel inner smile.
He could use Kerr.
As soon as he’d realized that, focusing on his scientist and what Gabriel could do to him as soon as he escaped consumed his thoughts.  It provided a far more pleasant way to pass the time rather than merely existing inside his skin.  He’d nearly gathered all the intelligence he’d been sent to get within the first few careless nights.  The guards were greedy and lazy, nothing he’d ever allowed in the humans he worked with.  Often listening to talk of the meaningless drivel in their lives, he picked through the painfully boring statements until something of value came up.  One was a plan to slaughter all the innocents when the transfer took place.  Filth who kill others to hide their own misdeeds made him ill.
Given a choice, there were far more enjoyable things to concentrate on.  Once he knew that the little man was receiving him, hours were spent deciding what he could broadcast during the few minutes Kerr would check his vitals.  Skin to skin contact was the best time to implant fantasies.  Without the blood bond, thoughts would only appear as general impressions or feelings, but it would be enough to tease Kerr with.
The next few weeks witnessed hours of molestation.  He tasted every inch of that small pale body, watching him writhe and moan incoherently as he tongued his dark pucker, or sucked him in a way guaranteed to bring him to orgasm three times in a row.  Soft skin begging for his touch while cherry lips screamed filthy things, helpless and begging to be taken over the same table he was trapped on.  Thrusting deeply into virgin depths as the man keened in pleasure.  Slipping into the shower to find Kerr covered in pearlescent pink bubbles and mounting him against the wall.  Knees to his chest, on one side, or riding with abandon, any position was enough to get a message to his chosen lover.  All doubts about Kerr’s status as a potential partner fled, each indrawn breath was all the confirmation he would have needed.  The scenes flashing through his head had his lover-to-be instantly breathing in sexy aroused little pants.
The mental smile running through his head with it's tinge of evil would have left those that knew him gaping.  It had been many years since he had found such a responsive play toy.  Knowing he couldn’t currently follow through on all the erotic fantasies his mind concocted was only fuel for the sendings.  As soon as they escaped, he was going to strip the man if he had to shake him out of all the clothing and bury himself in that trembling body until they were both completely sated.
His present condition, he scowled thinking about it, the length of time he’d been here indicated he should be thinking ‘if,’ rather than when.  Considering that it was the night before the scheduled lobotomy, his prospects were looking fairly grim.  Without aid, he saw no way to get free.   It angered him that he would be unable to give his information to the Community and the council, but the true irritation came in the fact that he wouldn’t be able to save Kerr and the other innocents.  It was beyond frustrating that the man who had become the focus of his every thought, was going to suffer and die because of colossal failure.
Fury swamped him again as he thought of what the underlings who worked for Takahashi had planned for Kerr, but the whispering sound of the door to the room quietly being opened drew his attention.   He sneered in his head; somehow, he wasn’t surprised.  He’d wondered if the pathetic weaklings would return to complete their earlier plan.  Cowards.  He began to empty his mind, readying the state of mind where torture could not touch him, when the smell of bubblegum drifted into his nose.  The sound of panicked breathing nearly confirmed his thoughts.
Was that…the little one?

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