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You Shall Know the Truth
Chapter 5

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Chase after the truth like all hell and you'll free yourself ~ Clarence Darrow

Gabriel sprinted around the heavy door blocking him from the open doorway, already arranging his possessions as he went. The blanket was wrapped around the medkit like a jerry-rigged backpack, and he clutched it in one hand as he emerged from behind the door. He snarled as he ducked under a tentacle so dark green it was almost black. Another whipped inside the building after the first and he was forced to leap to the side, hitting the wall but rebounding so quickly that the cameras possibly monitoring the exit wouldn’t even see him.

Not unless they played it on frame by frame. There was the random chance that someone would put things together and figure out that he and his kind were far faster than they appeared to be. Considering he was going to be calling his rescue to the planet, however, they could take care of the situation when they got there. Not enough time now enough to worry about things. He had to retrieve the rapidly disappearing scientist.


He heard a very faint cry from outside, to the right of the doorway, and shook his head as it resolved itself into intelligible words.


He huffed out an irritated breath, still dodging tentacles that moved at lightening speeds, almost faster than he. His mind mocked him while his body continued to work his way out the door, twisting his body to escape the filled hallway. It was a miracle his little scientist had ever kept body and soul in one piece. If today was any indication of how capable he was of seeing to his own protection the man should be dead. The danger he sensed should have made him yell out, not speak in that tentative little mumble. Now… well, as his cousin often said, Gabriel seemed forever doomed to chase an ass. Luckily for him this one was quite attractive.

Thankfully, Elias’ pert bottom wasn’t in danger as yet. As long as Gabriel could manage to stay free of the thorns on the points of rubbery vines, he’d be able to get them both out of this. Considering how much rage had been building over the last few weeks, he had no doubt that he’d succeed. The Tanakin Vine didn’t stand a chance.

How such a dangerous plant had made its way this close to a building, and on a planet so far from its home world, wasn’t a true mystery. The types of beings attracted to this venture would have to have planted the man eater, obviously disregarding the innumerable galactic laws about taking it from its native environment.

Not that it mattered; it wasn’t going to get its meal today. The abomination of a thing took months to devour whatever was caught in its deadly embrace while the unfortunate things lounged within their death bed, happy and aroused from the venom released by the poisoned tips.

If one could avoid said thorns, however, it was easy to slip by the creature. He simply had to be careful and beyond fast. The tentacle-like vines tracked a person so accurately that it was almost like fighting a sentient being. With one last fortifying breath, Gabriel first swung the blanket and kit in his hand and launched them over the plant to land on the far side, then himself at the same speed out the door. Focusing on the arms writhing in the moonlit dimness, he could see how one could mistake this for more than a mindless, botanical atrocity. It knew of him, moving faster so that it actually caught his attire, shredding the newly acquired clothing. Within moments, his shirt was a collection of useless rags, and his pants barely more than shorts.

He had the brief thought that the little man would be pleased his ‘ill-gotten’ garb was ruined. Not that the man would be capable of saying anything of the sort for quite some time. Leaping from one tentacle to another, working his way to the middle of the tangle, he could see Elias was already nearly naked and sinking fast. His clothing was suspended in torn tangles in a jagged map, rippling on the vines as if someone were still inside.

Gabriel focused on Elias, ignoring the distraction as he bobbed from vine to vine, trying to use the slid and arch of the plant’s movement to work his way closer to the scientist. Elias had time for one more forlorn cry before the warrior landed on one of the thicker vines and threw himself forward the last few feet. Sharp claws extended and ripped through the tough skin at the heart of the vine, severing the thickest appendage holding Elias captive. Three more precise strikes freed the splayed scientist so that he fell in waiting arms. They dodged one last abortive flail of the injured plant, catapulting them out with a twisting heave that landed the duo nearly free of the mess entirely. A minute more of a less frenetic retreat and he was completely out of reach of the gorgon-like plant.

A quick hand snagged the bundle on the grass that contained their precious meds and left the area at a quick trot, wanting to get away from the vines and the facility as quickly as possible, but not wanting to go far. The freed captive had to check his wounded and see how the other was reacting to the venom. He had to be affected; all he’d done since they’d escaped was chuckle and talk quietly to himself. After a few minutes, when the slithering of the vines was no longer a creeping thrum at the edge of hearing, Gabriel halted in a patch of bright moonlight and examined the man in his arms.

Elias’ head was rolling form side to side, as though he was trying to keep it steady but lacked the ability. His eyes were as tightly shut as a child avoiding a parent. Giggles kept escaping, and from the number of scratches on his arms and legs, Gabriel knew he was well and truly flying. Laying him down on the ground, the med kit was opened and the antiseptic retrieved. Hopefully cleaning the wounds would lessen the effect of the poison.

Elias opened his eyes at the first cold touch of a cleaning pad and smiled brightly. He stared up as his hero dabbed ointment over the numerous small wounds, and giggled again as he was carefully bandaged.

“What pretty colors…” he said inanely, reaching out to try and touch open air with a limp, clumsy hand. “Ooooh, a sprial- a spriral- Oh, a circle!”

Before he’d finished speaking, Gabriel turned from him, tossing the gauze and ointment back into the emergency kit and closing it. Tying the blanket around the kit and stix, he picked them up and looked back to Elias. Elias squeaked and his eyes popped open wide as Gabriel leaned down and scooped the nude man into his arms again. Contemplating what would be the most efficient way for them to cover a lot of ground quickly he finally tossed Elias over his shoulder.


Elias’ head swam and he stared at Gabriel’s back, blinking at skin that was pale and blue under the moonlight. Hadn’t Gabriel been wearing clothing? He blinked, his head feeling two times too big for his body, and suddenly he just knew that Gabriel had given him something to make him feel this way. Because otherwise, he knew that he'd remember how they made it out of the building, and he couldn’t. He remembered the nausea from being carried up the stairs, the frustration over Gabriel’s high-handed tactics, and a terrible fear.

And then everything got blurry.

“W-what have you done?!” Had he drugged him? There had been the med kit, and cold, and Gabriel must have taken something out of it and used it on him! That was it. Tall men were sneaky like that. “What did you do to me?”

“Nothing worth mentioning.”

Elias would swear he felt a broad hand pat his bottom and he struggled to speak and let Gabriel know what a completely rude, inconsiderate… His eyes strayed to tight buns inside badly torn pants and he stared.

Gabriel had an amazing ass. No, bottom. Ass was rude. Gabriel was rude, but not Elias. He would never say ass. Bottom, it was a bottom.

He smiled at it and sighed slightly. A really, really pretty bottom. He rubbed his cheek against Gabriel’s back and sighed again. Everything was so soft and warm right now, and his skin tingled nicely. Even his penis was happy, held so that it rubbed against sweat slicked skin and rough edged fabric every time Gabriel moved.

Turning his head, he looked down again. It was art. Positively, absolutely a work of art. The round skin that flexed as Gabriel’s body moved, highlighted by the shadows that ran across it as they moved. The skin above it looked so smooth he wondered if it might be made of liquid. He reached out with his hands and slipped them underneath the ill-fitting pants. He blinked in surprise as they encountered two globes of warm flesh that slid under his fingertips.

His ass was really this fantastic.


“Now is not the time.”

Elias heard a faint voice beyond the roaring of his ears, but it was easily ignored. Nothing was more interesting at the moment that the living paradise he had between his hands.

“I said later, Tempar.”

How tightly could he squeeze this? He started to increase his grip, his fingers digging in.

“Ow!” Elias jumped, letting go as a small slap on his own bottom sent painfully erotic shockwaves all the way into his groin. He felt the world spin. Oh, there were the circles again. And they were red this time: big, red balls that bobbed in front of his eyes.

“Those are so pretty. I wish they were red all the time.”

Gabriel paused before taking another step. “Speak more clearly. What’s red?”

“My balls. I love red balls. They’re so soft.”

He heard Gabriel chuckle and he smiled. Gabriel probably liked the balls too. Who wouldn’t? But Elias’ balls were his, and the big meanie couldn’t play with them. He had a hard time sharing.

Just about ready to reach out and play with them, he drooped as they disappeared. His eyes looked for something else to focus on, and they found the beautiful ass again. His hands reached for it again and he got one fantastic grope in, and then Gabriel growled.

“That is enough of that foolishness.” With a quick jerk, Gabriel pulled Elias from his shoulders and cradled him in his arms.

Elias smiled, focusing on Gabriel’s face.

“You were a fantastic lover,” he mumbled softly, staring up at him.

“You will discover soon enough.”

Elias didn’t say anything as his head spun again. Scowling, he stared at the sky. He didn’t like how the two moons had light filtering through the trees. It shifted and made everything feel unnaturally…wavy. Hair should be wavy, not the sky. What a ridiculous thing for the sky to do. It was night time; the sky should be sleeping, just like everyone else.

Why wasn’t he asleep and in bed? His eyebrows furrowed and he looked over at Gabriel’s face. Why was he carrying him, anyway? Elias could walk perfectly well to…wherever they were going.

“Why are you doing this? I don’t understand.” His voice trailed off as a moonbeam across his hands caught his eye. His skin really was pale, wasn’t it? He didn’t like his hands, girly, smooth things that they were. His nails needed clipping, too. Frowning, he examined them. He’d always liked hands that were bigger, with blunt fingers and broad palms - like Gabriel’s. Thinking of them, Elias looked at the tips of the man’s fingers curling over his bare thigh. He loved Gabriel’s skin. Not like his.

Wait, why was he able to see the skin of his thighs? He looked at them, soft flesh sprinkled with brown hair, and scowled. This was all wrong.

“I’m not wearing any clothes. I need to go home and get my clothes.”

The man didn’t even bother to look down at him as he answered, starting to walk in between large fern-like plants as he moved further into the semi-tropical forest. “No.”

Elias crossed his arms huffily across his chest.

“It’s not your decision to make. I decide where I go, because I’m in charge of the lab. So there.”

“You’re not in the lab.”

Elias frowned again as he tried to figure that out. If he wasn’t in the lab, then who was? And how was he supposed to get back if Gabriel was still carrying him? His stomach took a moment to flutter uncomfortably, and he winced. He needed some comfort food.

“I want a sugar cookie.”

Gabriel snorted. “Cookies are for children.”

Elias’s lower lip stuck out in an angry pout. His Gabriel had liked sugar cookies. “I don’t like you anymore,” he muttered.

“Your admiration is unnecessary.”

Elias scowled up into the face above him and caught Gabriel smirking.

“I really don’t like you. You were much nicer before. I don’t think you’re a good Gabriel at all.” There was a pause before the answer.

“Imagine my despair.”

Elias reached up and pinched him. Gabriel didn’t even glance down, and Elias glared at him. He was so… so rude!

He was so unbelievably, amazingly…. beautiful. Elias stared up into the shadowed features that were so purely made they seemed carved. Like an angel. Like the angel. And Elias knew all about him, because he- he-


A drawn out sigh blew across Elias’ face. “Yes?”

“How do I know your name?”

“Perhaps you are psychic.”

Huh. He’d never realized he was all that lucky. Maybe he should take up gambling. Elias’s vision swirled in front of him as Gabriel suddenly turned to avoid a tree, and he closed his eyes in reaction, gulping.

“I hate this,” he frowned at himself and opened his eyes again, his lips twisting. “Darn it. I hate my voice.”

He should sound manly; men were manly. He was a man, shouldn’t he be manly? With a big strong voice that made people do what he told them…like letting him walk on his own? But his voice was so whiny. A whiny, little-girl voice. Looking up at Gabriel’s distant face, he bit his lip. Was that what Gabriel really thought of him?

“I’m not a whiny girl, either!”

“Of course not.”

Well, that showed him. Time to show his new power. “Put me down.”

“Eventually. Be quiet now. I need to think.”

That hadn’t worked at all. Elias started to glare and then Gabriel hefted him in his arms and his face smushed lightly against the man’s chest. The feel the skin there where the shirt had been torn away was distracting. Elias rubbed his cheek against the round muscles of his chest and stared in newly fascinated arousal at the slight sheen on Gabriel’s skin. It looked really tasty, he thought, and his tongue darted out to try it.


He thought Gabriel might have groaned and he smiled happily. He knew it; Gabriel’s nipples were sensitive, just like he remembered. Elias reached up with his other hand to play with the man’s opposite nipple as he turned his head fully and took the one nearest into his mouth. The little nub firmed and Gabriel stumbled. Elias ran his tongue around the few hairs surrounding Gabriel’s nipple, his other hand palming Gabriel’s other nub and enjoying the feel of it underneath.

Gabriel had the best skin.

“Now is NOT the time,” Gabriel growled. He shifted his hands and Elias’s body dropped suddenly, dislodging his lips and hand, before he was raised back up. “Control yourself.”

Elias crossed his hands over his chest again. Gabriel just didn’t like to admit that Elias knew what he was doing, that was all. He felt the chest against his face again a few moments later and started to rub on it like a cat. Inhaling, he closed his eyes. Gabriel smelled so good. And he was so strong.

What would it be like to be that strong? What would it be like if he were the one who pulled Gabriel where he wanted him to go. Then he could carry Gabriel anywhere like a caveman, couldn’t he? It would be Gabriel who was enjoying an arm, warm and firm against his back. Gabriel would be the one to feel humid air caress his bare bottom and balls. He’d be the one naked with a hand under his knees. He’d be the one with his ass floating in the breeze.

Vulnerable to attack…

“I don’t want a sore bottom.”

Gabriel stumbled again, coughing suddenly. “What?!”

“There are bugs out here. What if they bite me in the bottom? I want my clothes!”

Elias thought he heard a snort.

“I need to be able to sit down.” Elias said, not really sure why he was even talking about it. “If they bite me, I can’t sit. I need to be able to sit.”

“I see.”

Elias looked down at his penis. It was rather small, in his opinion. Small enough to avoid attention by hungry bugs? What if it wasn’t? Thinking of an itchy member, swollen with raised bites, he scowled at it.

“My penis is too big.”

Another stumble.

“That’s making me feel sick. Stop stumbling.”

The man didn’t say a word but continued to walk.

“I want down.”

“When you can walk again. Go to sleep.”

“I’m not tired.”

“Sleep. You need to recover.”

“Oh.” His vision swirled again and he closed his eyes. Sleep might be really nice, actually. “All right,” he mumbled, and he tried to keep his eyes closed, visions of the most perfect bottom he’d ever seen dancing behind his eyelids

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