Fiction~~The Light of the Fallen Series~~Oops: Part II

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St. Mary’s.  Tacitus chuckled as he looked up at the ornate church with the Saint’s name chiseled on its granite wall.  His bunny’s panicked, aroused scent led straight up the wide steps and through the door.  Good thing the boy was catholic. ‘Cause really, you didn’t see people running to the Episcopalian church when they met real, live demon spawn.  Not in the movies anyway, and Tacitus figured those had to be based on some kind of reality, right?  It was always the catholic church of St. Save Me when cute little rabbits were trying to escape the supernatural, poor dears.  Or escape the metaphysical – really, they were nearly the same thing.  Supernatural simply sounded quite a bit more like something he’d like on his resume. 

Taking the steps two at a time, Tacitus smiled brightly as he got closer to the doors.  They were open just wide enough for him to slip inside without creaking the hinges.  It gave him a chance to look around a bit before he retrieved his pretty. 

Then again, that wasn’t necessarily a good thing. He shuddered as he took in the décor.  Brown paneling, gilt-edged paintings of the saints, patterned benches and papered cork boards. It was like the middle ages had been invaded by the seventies and the two were still battling it out.  Thank God he was getting his little love out of here or the poor thing might suffer from an overload of bad taste.  

Tacitus could tell the little one was already having a problem with it.  His smell was so confused: still a little aroused, frightened, and worried. Perfectly understandable, given what he’d been through.  And then to be met with this? The cutie was lucky to still be conscious. Tacitus would have to make it better; maybe a nice salad tossing in the pews?  It was pretty private in here; no one else was inside with his precious.  He didn’t hear the priest anywhere nearby either, which meant that this was the perfect time to go fetch the darling boy.

“I’m here, sweetie!” he called out loudly.  He heard the startled scuffle and saw a body slip off a padded bench near the front, thudding onto the floor.  “Come out, come out, wherever you are!”

There was no answer.  His oversized lovely thought he could hide from him; how adorable!

“Did you want to play, sweetie?  I’m game for that.” Tacitus started down the pews, looking around as he kept track of his bunny out of the corner of his eye.  He pitched his voice loud enough for the young man to hear. “Oh where oh where could my little bunny be?  Is he under here?” He looked under a pew like when he played the game with his nieces and nephews.

“Nope.  How about here?  Maybe under the cushion?” Tacitus lifted up a brown and lime floral pillow on one of the hard-backed benches.  He saw his pretty sit up from the floor, glare at him and open his mouth as though he was going to yell, and then shake his head and try to crawl on the other side of the pews. 

So cute!

“Or maybe…here!” Tacitus leaped down the entire length of the pews and landed right in front of his nearly naked little love. He had a brief view of the strong length of his back while the young man crawled, just before his cutie yelped in surprise and scrambled back onto his butt.

“Sorry.  I was always terrible at hide and seek.  Takes too long.” Tacitus smiled down at him, inviting his understanding.  He frowned at the look on the little one’s face. Hmmm, that wasn’t exactly the welcome he’d been hoping for.  He hadn’t meant to startle him that badly.  The same thing had happened with Nick a few times, come to think of it. It wasn’t always easy to remember that the darlings weren’t used to ‘super-human beings’ and all that.  Tended to make them a little jumpy.

“You’re in the church!” His bunny’s voice was an accusatory squeak, surprisingly high-pitched in the large body.  “You can’t come in the church!  It’s holy g-ground!” Scooting away from him, his backside skimming the ground, the poor thing looked like he could use a hug. 

“Hey, it’s okay, sweetie.  I’m not going to hurt you.  And, well, really, shouldn’t you know that?  If I was unholy, obviously I couldn’t come into the church, right?  So I can’t be that bad.  And-” Tacitus stopped, frowning slightly.  Should he mention the fabulous sex?  It might help calm him down,  but, well...  You just couldn’t tell what phobia was in charge of a little cutie in a situation like this.  Fear of the rabid collection of poor taste surrounding them, or worry about the damn angel spawn, or angst about seduction by another guy for the first time, or the- 

“You’re a demon!  And you killed those men!”

Yeah, the demonic part.  People got so caught up on that when they found out. You’d think humans would be better prepared, what with all the comics out these days.  Figures Tacitus couldn’t have gotten someone as accepting as Marcus’ little Nick. 

Of course, Nick wasn’t a tall bundle of feisty fun like his little rabbit here.  It was worth a little extra effort to enjoy such a cutie.  Although come to think of it, if his sweetie was more upset by the whole ‘demon vs. angel’ action, then that meant…

“Awww, you did like the sex!”  That just gave him warm fuzzies all over!

Those soft chocolate eyes popped wide while the young man sputtered.  Probably a bit too shy to admit how much he’d enjoyed himself, the sweetie.

“What the hell are you going on about sex for?  You flippin’, crazy, demon… bastard,  you killed people!!”

Tacitus crouched down and held his hands palm out as his sweetie scrambled back again. “Shhh, now.  I told you, I’m not going to hurt you.”

“You ki-“

“I know.” Tacitus bit his lip, trying to figure out what to say.  This wasn’t exactly territory he’d been planning on covering for a number of years yet.  Biting the cutie had changed the timetable significantly.  “I didn’t have a choice, sweetheart.  And really, they’re dust now anyway.  Kind of greasy dust, probably, judging by their hair.  Although the smell isn’t that bad…”

Hmmm.  His pretty wasn’t scrambling away like a bad movie scene any more, that was good.  And he didn’t look so frightened, even with the comments about the killing.  Tacitus nodded to himself – that wasn’t the issue obviously.  His rabbit might say it was the issue, but it wasn’t.  This was a trust thing.  Relationships were always about trust.  He’d seen it on Oprah; it had to be true.  So he just needed to explain a bit more.

“I know it’s a bit cliché, but with those blondies it’s kill or be killed.  Marcus wasn’t lying about what they’d do if they found you.  They would hurt you, and I’m not going to let them do it.  I’m sorry you had to see it, though.” He really was; it had put a total damper on the entire evening, and it had frightened his precious, too.  That just made Tacitus see red all over again, honestly.  Those damn bastards.  “I know they scared you, sweetie, but-”

“You scared me, you loon!”

“Now that’s not a very nice thing to say.  What have I ever done that would scare you?  I’ve never hurt you.”

The boy’s whole body tensed, trembling.  His fists clenched on the floor. “What have you done?  You have fucking fangs and your god damned eyes GLOW!”

Tacitus let his ass plop down on the cold floor so he could stop crouching.  His thighs were starting to cramp, anyway.  “Come on now, you’re above that sort of racism, aren’t you?  Or…hmmm, species-ism?  Anti-demonic prejudice?  I wonder if-”

“It’s not fucking prejudice!  You said you were a demon! A god-damned demon!”

Tacitus was pleased to see his sweetheart so angry.  No fear there at all.  That had been pretty quick.  And was that a little bit of pugnacious fury there in his jaw?  Adorable as hell.  It made Tacitus want to hold him down and nibble on his chin.

“It’s ‘demon spawn’, and like that means anything?  Have you met any demon spawn?  Do you know anything about us?  No, of course not.” He tsked.  “I’m disappointed in you bunny, I really am.  I wouldn’t have thought you were so shallow.”

“I’m not shallow!  And my name isn’t bunny, it’s TOBIAS!  To-bi-as!” Tacitus didn’t bother replying, raising a skeptical eyebrow.  It had his sweetheart glowing all sexy and furious. “I’m not shallow!  I’m… why the hell am I even arguing with you, dammit!”

Tacitus grinned and let his eyes go over the buff swimmer’s body still half-sprawling on the church floor.  “I don’t know.  Why are you?  I think you should stop right now and we could get on with much more interesting things.” He leaned forward, putting his hand down to brace himself, and then grimaced.  Tacitus looked at the gritty dust now covering his hand and wiped it off on his pants with a sigh.  “You’d think they’d keep it a bit cleaner in here.  Respect for holy ground is just dead these days.  Come on, sweetheart, I’ve changed my mind. We need to go someplace a little nicer before we get naked.”

“What?  I’m not getting naked with you!  You’re a-“

“I know, I know. Demon spawn.  Sweetheart, can’t we get past that?  Really, it’s a dead issue.” He stood up and his pretty scrambled to his feet.  Tacitus sighed as he watched him. The little darling was upset again.  Damn those angel fuckers; this was all their fault.  If they hadn’t interrupted them at the best part, they’d both still be cuddling right now.

“I won’t-“

“I’m not going to hurt you.” He was far too precious to hurt.  Even a spanking seemed like far too much. 

Well. Maybe.

The boy glared at him – too cute for words – and snarled.  “How the hell am I supposed to believe that?”

“Um.” Good question.  “Because I haven’t done it yet?” Tacitus watched his precious take a huge, shuddering breath, and then another.  Was the young man gearing up for a good screaming match or was he calming down?  Maybe Tacitus should come up with a better reason.

“I promise on the soul of my dead mother that I won’t harm you.”

There was a long pause.  Yeah, that one always worked.  Nothing better to reassure the little darlings than to bring up your mother.

“Is your mother even dead?”

Well damn, how’d he know to ask that?  It wasn’t like he could lie about it, especially considering she’d want to meet him as soon as she found out they were together.

“Uh, no, but if she was, I would have totally meant that oath.” 

“You are so fucking unbelievable,” his pretty muttered angrily.  No fear smell, still, though.  That was good.  They stared at each other silently and Tacitus felt like he was being sized up.  What did his darling see when he looked at him?  The deep, seductive blue eyes, or the hot body…or was it the bandage and the plaster dust all over his clothes?  That wasn’t good.  Tacitus had to make sure the lovely little rabbit was paying attention to the right stuff. He needed Bunny to want him, too, didn’t he?  Of course he did, so special measures were called for. 

With a slow grin, Tacitus flipped his hair over his shoulder. 

The human’s eyes narrowed. “Are you trying to look sexy?  Now?”

“What?  I didn’t do anything.” Damn again.

“You were flipping your hair.  I can’t believe you can kill someone and then...  How could you…  What kind of demon are you?”

“Demon spawn.”

“I know it’s demon spawn, dammit!” The boy glared down at Tacitus, his bare feet spread shoulder-width apart on the floor.  He looked like he wanted to wrap his hands around Tacitus’ neck. And if anyone could recognize that look, it was Tacitus.  He’d seen it far too often.  That was the problem with having short-tempered, short-sighted relatives.  The bane to all artistic and creative souls, really.

“I’m just your normal, average, everyday demon spawn, I swear.” Tacitus held up his hand in a boyscout oath.  If it was the right hand.  Was it the left?  Maybe his cutie wouldn’t notice.  At least the young man wasn’t cursing again.  He wasn’t saying anything at all, actually, just staring into Tacitus’ eyes without blinking.  It was really sexy, he realized, and swallowed at the lovely heat building in his belly.  His luscious, muscled hottie had the best bedroom eyes. 

“Are demon spawn evil?” His bunny asked cautiously after a pause that was so long Tacitus thought he might have stopped talking altogether. 

“Eh…” What was going on in his little rabbit’s head, asking outright like that?  It made Tacitus nervous.  “Why do you want to know?  Because…  That is…  Well, I suppose cousin Bob is pretty close, but-“

“You said I didn’t know anything about them, so I’m asking.  And quit giving me all this bullshit.  It’s a simple question.  Are demon spawn, are people like you, evil?”

Oh.  That was better than nothing, right?  “Well, I don’t think so, no.  I never thought Fallen Angels were evil in the first place.  They just didn’t lie down and roll over for Heaven’s monarchy, right?”  Tacitus thought for a moment.  “But if I was evil, I wouldn’t exactly admit it, would I?  Or maybe I would… I wonder if there’s an evil code of conduct?”

Eyelids lowering to a narrow-eyed stare, his pretty looked was looking angry again.  “That’s not a simple answer.  And if you’d lie then…   Fuck, how the hell am I supposed to believe you’re not evil if you might lie about it?  Dammit! You. Killed. People.”

“You keep harping on that. I know I killed them, but they were evil.  They’re nothing but little piles of baby-powder smelling dust now!  Which always seems a little sick, doesn’t it?  I mean, what if someone thought it was real baby powder and tried to use it?  Eeeuuuuw.”

“What the hell does that have to do with-“

“And it would be evil baby powder. Although at least getting shit on in a diaper would serve those little bastards right.  They were going to hurt you.  Nobody fucking hurts you if I’m around, you understand? I will kill every single last one of those assholes if they come after you.”

His pretty looked like a stunned deer for a moment and he wondered if the boy was all right.  He smelled all right, and he’d even started to flush a little. He looked almost embarrassed.

“And you know the saying, right?  The enemy of my enemy is a friend. They were evil little blond bastards of badness, so that means that I’m not evil if I kill them.”

“No, it doesn’t,” the little rabbit said quietly.  He was watching Tacitus with the oddest look. 

“It could.” Tacitus stuck out his lip as the boy looked him over as though he’d never seen him before.  “And you’re too cute to be thinking logically about this.  Just…trust me, I’m friendly.  And I would never, ever hurt you.” He paused.  “And I give head.”

His bunny’s face flamed, the color spreading down across his chest and down towards his little Speedo.  “What the hell does that have to do with anything?”

“I’m just saying.  It’s something that you’ll want to know later.”

“No, it’s not, you pervert.” They stared at each other again.  Tacitus was pretty sure he was in the clear now.  Not that his precious was necessarily head over heels about him, but even talking about all the violence, he still didn’t look scared.  Just baffled and annoyed.  Possibly pissed off. 

Honestly, it was surprising how many time Tacitus noticed that same smell on people around him.  Very strange. 

His bunny sighed as he stared at him, finally shaking his head.  “You know what, I believe you.  You’re not evil.  Evil makes more sense than you.”

“Why thank you!”

“Case in point,” the human muttered as he shook his head again. “Why the heck did you follow me if you’re not…  if you’re not trying to kill me, or something.”

“To take you back home, of course. Didn’t I already say that?”

“No.” Wariness seeped into the large frame and had it tensing.  “But I’m not going anywhere with you, so fuck off.  I’m going home.”

Tacitus shook his head, crossing his arms over his chest as he stood in bunny’s way.  The boy looked at him and turned to walk around the other side of the pews.  He was…was he defying him?

That was so hot.

Tacitus raised his voice to a loud bellow.  “I have something to confess!”  His darling jumped a mile and whipped around to stare at him.

“Jesus Christ!  What the fuck?  You scared the shit out of me!”

“Sorry, sweetheart, I didn’t mean to startle you.  I was just trying to get the priest’s attention.”


“Come on, I know there’s a priest here!  I have something to confess!”  There was silence except for the boy staring at him and backing away.  “It’s a really good sin this time, I swear!  It involves sex and everything!”

Tacitus saw his pretty’s eyes suddenly widen as the young man blanched.

“What are you-“

“Gay sex!  It’s gay sex!  With one of your parishioners!”

His bunny leapt across the space separating them and he slammed his hand over Tacitus’ mouth, grabbing him around the shoulders with the other. Oh wow.  That was more than Tacitus had expected – so forceful and take charge with an edge of cute, desperate panic.  He stifled a new surge of lust. 

“Will you shut up!  You can’t say stuff like that to my priest!” Bunny hissed.  He lifted his hand away with a squeak when Tacitus licked it.  Smiling up at him, Tacitus patted him on the bicep.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart.  Trust me, he’s heard waaaaay worse stuff than anything I have to say.  Don’t you watch any serial killer shows?  They always confess to priests just to mess with them.  A little hot and sweaty guy sex isn’t-“

“Crap, will you shut the hell up!” The boy moved as though he was going punch Tacitus. Catching sight of his face, Bunny stopped and backed up a step.  Probably his fangs, Tacitus admitted – he could feel them starting to come out.  Always had a problem with that when he got too horny.  It was why he liked to take his sweeties from behind in the first place, so it wouldn’t matter if he went all toothy on them.

“I think we should confess together.  It’s good for the soul, and really, the poor old guy probably needs some new fantasy material.   It’s gotta be boring as hell to try and think about little altar boys all the time, and-“

“Shut the fuck up!  What does it take to shut you up!”

“Coming home with me,” he answered easily.

“I’m not going anywhere with you!  I told you, if  you’re really not… not coming after me for something bad, just leave me alone!”

“Can’t do that, precious.  And you know you don’t really want me to.”  Nice how the Speedo showed everything is cutie had to offer, and then some.  “Besides, there’s a lot more of those bastards from the room – you heard what they said, right?”

His bunny nodded, stepping back.  His arms wrapped around himself. “Yeah,” he whispered.

“They weren’t just making up shit; they’d do it.” The puppy dog eyes looking up at him were shadowed suddenly and Tacitus started to feel bad. “Not that they could get to you! They won’t get near you.  You need to come with me, that’s all.  I’ll take care of it.  They wouldn’t dare come near.”

“I don’t want to come with you.  I want you to leave me the hell alone.” Aw, poor little darling. He sounded like a pouting child who didn’t want to go to bed. 

“Now don’t be mean.  And really, you’ll like my place.  It’s great.  And my playroom? You see that and you’ll never want to leave.”

“I don’t care.  I’ll find some other place to-“

Tacitus scrunched his face.  “Well, technically, I suppose you really won’t be able to leave.  I’m sure you know how that goes, right?  I mean, you go in to buy a rubber sex chicken, there’s a sale on handcuffs, and before you know it, you’ve got a bondage dungeon.” He shrugged. 

When he heard a little choking sound, Tacitus got on his tiptoes to kiss his precious on the chin.  For support.  He smiled as he glanced down at the brief swimwear.

“Did I mention how much I love this costume?”

The pretty flushed and scowled at the same time, covering his barely clothed crotch with his hand.

“Hey, don’t cover up.  Those things need air.  Really, there’s a study on it and everything.” With an encouraging smile, Tacitus reached out and took hold of his sweetheart’s hand.  “Come on, now.  It’s time to go.  I’ll introduce you to the family.  It’ll be fun.”

Bunny shook his head, yanking at his hand.  “Let go, Tacitus. I’m not leaving.”

Well, that was really about all he could take of that.  Sometimes, you just had to take charge.  Like now.  The yelling started as Tacitus headed for the entrance, dragging the boy behind him.  He tried to keep up the pleasantries.  Wouldn’t do to have his darling get all frightened again, now would it?

“Okay, now we have to a walk a little bit – car’s still back at the hotel – but that shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Let go!”

“…and we should probably hurry.  It’s going to be getting cold pretty soon and you’re not exactly dressed for the weather.”  Tacitus looked back at him as they left the building.  “Although I could loan you my shirt.  It’d be a bit tight…so I think that might be a pretty good idea, actually.”

“I don’t want your damn shirt!  Let go!  Let go, dammit!”

He was really getting agitated.  Kids these days; they didn’t know what was good for them.  They made it out the door and started down the steps, but as Tacitus sniffed the air, he stopped.  Facing his pretty boy mid-way down the steps, he made a soothing little murmur. “You don’t have to be frightened, remember?  I won’t hurt you.  I promised!”

“I’m not frightened!”

“Sweetheart, you shouldn’t lie.  It makes hair grow on your palms.” Tacitus twisted his lips.  “Or is that masturbating?  I always get those sins mixed up.”

His bunny gaped at him and tried to yank his hand away again.  With a shake of his head, Tacitus began walking again.  “Come on now, don’t be like that.  You know you enjoyed yourself.”


Tacitus smirked as his thumb stroked over the boy’s palm and the youthfully smooth voice stuttered to a halt. 

Yeah, he gave a damn good palm stroking.  Managed to get a prince to abdicate once just form stroking his palm. That had been a fucking good day.

Oh wait, that was the idiot who’d tried to have Tacitus burned as an incubus when the man had bottomed for the first time.  Not a good day.  And damn hard on his clothes, besides.  That had actually pissed him off.  All that effort to pleasure the sexy little prince and all he got for it was prejudice and violence.  People could be so cruel, honestly.

Sometimes, when things like that happened, Tacitus worried he was too much for the cuties he seduced.  His hotness broke their fragile little minds.  It was a tragedy he’d had to live with for centuries, although he thought he’d been able to tone it down in the last few decades so he didn’t get accused of witchcraft anymore.  Hmmm.  Tacitus had never stayed with someone more than a few nights in a row, come to think of it.  What would the result be now that he had someone he was going to be with for the rest of his life.  His sweetheart wouldn’t go crazy like all the others, would he?

That would suck like a bad whore, to be stuck with an insane human for his remaining centuries.  And…it made his insides squirm in an unpleasant way he hadn’t experienced since he’d had the stomach flu.  His little pretty, insane?

“You don’t have any mental illness in your family, do you?” he asked, and tripped as the boy’s other hand smacked him in the back of the head. 

“What the hell are you talking about!  Will you fucking let go!  I’m not going with you!  Not to your car or your…your lair, or whatever!”

Tacitus smiled.  “I like that: lair.  It’s more of a mansion, but dang…Tacitus’s Lair sounds so much better.  Like a line of BDSM books, doesn’t it?  Where young Roman Centurions go for correction.  Mmmm.” He closed his eyes, seeing his pretty in a white, roman tunic, bending over to expose his ass.  He wiped a bit of drool from his lips with his free hand.

“What the hell are you talking about, you-“

“Damn.  Those centurions really new how to let go, too.  All that lovely soldiering makes some unbelievably fine buns.”

The boy was silent and Tacitus glanced back at him as he continued to drag him.  Bunny looked upset.  “What’s wrong?”

“You won’t let me go, that’s what wrong!  What the hell do you think is wrong!”

That couldn’t really be it.  He didn’t smell frightened anymore.  “Hmmm.  Are you jealous of the Romans?  Because that was a long, long, long, really long time ago.”

The boy’s eyes bulged and his face grew red.  “What the hell is wrong with you?  I’m not jealous!  I just want you to let go of my arm!  I want to go home!”

Tacitus shook his head.  “You can’t do that now, I told you.  I can probably get someone to pick up your stuff, though.  And besides, the angel spawn’ll be looking for you.  It won’t take them long to find your house.”

“You know what?  Right now, I’d rather deal with them than you, you stupid jerk!”

“You know you don’t mean that.”

“They didn’t f-fuck me without even knowing my name!”  His voice cracked a little at the end and Tacitus felt another odd twist in his stomach.

Huh.  That was odd.  Maybe he was coming down with the flu or something.  Oh, he did have a couple bites at the frat party.

“Did you have any of the clam dip at the party?”  That might explain a lot of his lovely’s irritation.  Really, who wouldn’t be pissy with an unhappy stomach?

“What the fuck kind of question is that?  Who the hell cares!  Will you just let go!”  The boy yanked at his arm and then kicked Tacitus in the thigh when that didn’t work.  “I’m not going with some demon who-“

“Demon spawn-“

“You could be a demon caterpillar for all I fucking care!  I’m not letting you drag me off when you can’t even remember my name after your freaking legion of partners.”

There, his stomach hurt again.  Maybe he should take it easy once they got home. “Don’t take it personally, sweetie.  I don’t remember anyone’s name.”

“I bet you don’t remember it even when I just told it to you!”

Tacitus bit his lip, thinking.  The boy might have a point there.  But he was sure he could remember it if he just took a minute.  “Hmmm.  Uh…Lance! Or Logan.  Or…oooooh, Maximillian!  That’s a really hot one – that suits you perfectly.”

“It’s TOBIAS!”  Panting as he stumbled behind him, his arms shaking, the tall young man looked so enraged and adorable Tacitus nearly squealed, until he processed the name.

“Oh, yes, I recall now.” Tacitus shuddered. “Your mother – was she a sadist of some kind?  That would explain a lot with that naming thing…”

“No, she wasn’t!  Fuck, will you just shut up and let go of my damn arm if you’re not going to hurt me!”

Tacitus shook his head again.  They needed to have a little talk here.  With a yank, he pulled his cutie over to the lone tree planted on the edge of the sidewalk next to them.  Pushing him, he backed him into the tree and planted an arm on either side of his hips, anchoring his lovely’s hands to the bark while he stared up at him.

“I told you, I can’t do that.  You’re pretty much stuck with me.  Which isn’t a bad thing at all, really.  I mean, you’ve seen how I look.  Pretty good, huh?   And the orgasm was good.  Admit it.”

“That’s got nothing to do with it, you asshole!”

“Of course it does!  You’re just saying that because you’ve never had a bad orgasm.  Trust me – it makes a huuuuuge difference.  Much better to be with me.  They’ll never be bad.  And sweetheart – that was just the first time – vanilla for the masses.  Now that we’re together, I have so much I can show you.  You’re little body will be shaking for hours afterwards.”

He felt the young man’s erection begin to rise against his stomach and he smiled.  The boy’s cock was very impressive - he was definitely a grower, not a shower.  Tacitus wondered for the first time in a long time what it would feel like to ride it.  He hadn’t taken someone into his body since before they had cars – it really wasn’t his thing – but his bunny here might like it.  They’d be together for so long; they should try everything.

Later.  Right now, Tacitus pressed his body close, feeling his clothes rasp on his bunny’s bare stomach. The boy’s breath caught in his throat as he looked down.  His eyes were wide, his red hair almost completely limp, lying more softly over his head with just a little disheveled spike left.  It was just enough to make him look like a large, overgrown toddler who’d just woken from a nap. 

But hotter, and ready for a nice rubdown in the spa.

“I have a hot tub,” Tacitus blurted.  The boy blinked, his mouth moving before he tried to get away.  Tacitus tightened his grip on the strong wrists in his hands, nuzzling against the beautiful chest in his face.

“S-so?  What the hell does that…get the hell away!  Don’t bite me!”

The true panic in his voice made Tacitus fall back onto the balls of his feet instead of tiptoe and he shushed him.  “I’m not going to bite you, silly.”

“You did when we- when we had sex!”

“One time thing – kind of a waste of fangs isn’t it?  All of this for just one night.  But it won’t happen again.”

“I don’t think I can trust you,” the boy muttered as Tacitus leaned forward and bit at a pale brown nipple lightly.  He smiled as Bunny keened sharply in surprise. 

“See, that wasn’t fangs.  Right now, I just want you to enjoy. Like later tonight.  We can leave in just a sec, but it’s just you and me now…uh…my…sweet bunny.”

His precious started struggling again.  “You forgot it already, didn’t you, you ass!”

Tacitus tried to smile again and winced as his sweetie glared at him.  Why did people have to make things so difficult?  “Does it really matter?’


“I don’t see why, Tony.”


“That’s what I said.”  Tacitus went back to work on his nipples as the other man gasped sharply.  Tacitus could smell him growing aroused.  He loved that; and he loved this.  They’d be at the car soon anyway.  He could stop to play with Thomas for just a few moments.  Wait, not Thomas.   Tillan?  Tibble?

“Tobias?” he murmured, testing the name on his tongue.  Kind of bland, wasn’t it?

“What?” came the irritated, impatient snap.  Then the body in Tacitus’ arms stiffened. “ remembered?”

“Of course!  How could I forget my little…” He couldn’t resist teasing. “uh…my little Timmy’s name?”  Tacitus ignored the curse that followed and began licking down Tobias' stomach.

He really had to help the boy pick a better name. And then tattoo it on his arm.

The end (for now)
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