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Nature's Choice
Chapter 4 - Sharing

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“I don’t hear you undressing, ‘Maro.  Stop getting cloud-headed over whatever pretty bauble you’re molesting and get in.  I don’t want to stay out here longer than I have to.”

Casting one nervous glance at the surrounding terrain, almost hoping something would come and keep him from disrobing, Nemaro gave in reluctantly.  He took off his shirt, folding it slowly before placing it on Horu’s untidy pile of brown cloth.  He double checked Horu’s face while the strong scent of pine mixed with the cold air.  It had his nipples as hard as his cock.  The god wasn’t looking at him, but Nemaro paused to watch him anyway. Horu's skin was so pale and lovely, it was stunning against the deep dark of the shaded water.

Flushing, embarrassed in an odd way he wanted to avoid thinking about too closely, Nemaro unwrapped his kilt and laid it next to everything else.  It was disgusting, grime coating the hem, and he grimaced as he looked at it.  He’d have to deal with that later.  After he got in the water he could wash it, when he could think about something other than the heavy feel in his groin and the exposed sensation of his erection bobbing in front of him in the open air.  He took one step and stopped as he realized he still had his boots on.  Stripping them from himself, he set them together next to the rest of the clothing and shifted his feet, his toes curling into the dirt and feeling the damp grittiness under his skin.

One tentative step towards the water, then another, and he stepped into a weak sunbeam that did nothing to warm his skin.  The change in light blinded him to anything in front of him, however, and his chest felt tight as he realized that if Horu looked back now, Nemaro wouldn’t even be able to tell.  Squinting in the glare, he could only see the vaguest outline of the pond, and nothing of Horu.  He took a deep, panicked breath and ran quickly at the pond, aiming for the edge on the far side of Horu.  He jumped in with a stumble as the bank came before he was ready. Landing with a yelp, he cursed as the water splashed up to his navel. 

“F-f-fuck! It’s freezing!  Why d-didn’t you warn me?  Shit!”

Laughing, Horu turned and watched. Nemaro huffed and clutched himself around the chest as he hunched down in the water to hide his privates.  Scooping up a handful of sand, he scrubbed at his arms and legs furiously. Every lustful thought left as ice seemed to coat his body. He was not going to spend more than a few minutes in this damn water.  How could Horu stand it?  The man must have skin as impervious to cold as his precious trees.

“Shit, why couldn’t you have found something warmer?”  Damn but it was cold!  At least the whole arousal thing was taken care of.  Son of a bitch!  He’d have to be the horniest bastard in the world to keep an erection in a pool like this.  He looked down at his cock where it was smushed between his stomach and his bent legs, confirming its size, just in case.  A slick stone under his foot shifted while he stared and he almost fell over.

“Stupid, crappy cold water’s going to freeze my balls off,” he muttered, regaining his balance. “This shouldn’t even be called water; it’s liquid ice. My dick is trying to crawl back into my groin, it’s so freezing!”

“Somehow I doubt that.” Horu chuckled as he scrubbed his own skin, watching Nemaro.

“I’m fucking serious!  The water is trying to turn me into a woman!  My dick is going to disappear!”  Nemaro shivered, his hands shaking slightly as he washed as quickly as he could.  His balls were drawn up so tightly from the cold that they ached.

“We’re in the middle of the mountains, ‘Maro, and it’s still spring. What were you expecting, a sauna?”

“I wasn’t expecting to be emasculated by my bath!”

“Emasculated?  Don’t exaggerate.”

“I’m not!”

Still laughing, Horu waded over, the water eddying around his thighs.  “Show me then, you little whiner.”


Horu’s eyes twinkled, his teasing face in full force, and Nemaro felt his cock stiffen just the slightest bit, despite the cold.  Shit!

“Horu, don’t b-be an ass.”  Horu kept coming, and Nemaro wavered.  He wasn’t going to let his friend look at his cock, even if Horu was merely pulling his leg.  But if he tried to move, he might show the erection that was rapidly growing between his thighs.

“Back off or I will kick your ass, Horu.  I’m not teasing; I’ll do it!”

Horu snorted.  “Oh yes.  I’m terrified.”  He seemed more determined to come over than ever, and Nemaro finally pushed himself backwards with a lurch, desperate to keep his cock hidden.  He fell completely into the water.  His head slipped underneath the surface, his ass sliding along the smooth bottom before he erupted with a gasping screech. 

“Holy sh-sh-shit!  F-fuck!  F-fuck, that’s-  D-dammit all t-to fuck!”  Nemaro’s lungs felt frozen, stopping his breath from coming in anything but short, harsh gulps of air.  Horu was the there to grab him by the arm as his foot hit a slick stone and he almost fell back in.  The heat from the forest god’s hand seared his skin. 

“Watch it, ‘Maro.  Better keep yourself out of there; I’d hate for your dick to ‘disappear,’ on you.”  Horu looked down at Nemaro’s privates with a sparkle in his eyes while Nemaro yanked at his arm frantically.

The second Horu was actually looking at him, his body responded.  Nemaro was still cold, his skin covered in goosebumps and streaming water.  But standing thigh-high in his ‘liquid ice,’ the only thing his body focused on for a critical second was that Horu was looking at his cock. Horu’s eyes were on his body, and he was touching him, and they were both… naked.  And alone. 

Nemaro couldn’t stop himself from staring at Horu’s chest in front of him, pale, the muscles flexing as the god held on tightly.  The pale green belly was flat, a small line of dark green hair trailing from his bellybutton to his groin, and Nemaro looked at the cock there with a swallow.  It wasn’t all that long, but it was thick and heavy against Horu's thighs.  Blood rushed into Nemaro’s groin and he glanced down at himself and his slowly increasing girth in horror.

The grip around his arm tightened convulsively as Nemaro tried to turn away.  He had to hide himself!  Horu’s body went unnaturally still, his eyes dropping below Nemaro’s waist, and the thief moaned in fear.  What was Horu going to think?  What was he going to do?  He’d been so furious over Mosumato, what would he do?  He’d hate Nemaro feeling like this!

“I- I can explain!” Nemaro said quickly, covering his groin with his hand while still trying to free his other arm.  “It’s just…  I…  It doesn’t mean anything!  H-happens to me all the time after I’m in…  cold water!”

Horu stared down at his erection with a strangely blank expression on his face.  “For a thief, you’re quite a terrible liar,” he said quietly.

“I’m n-not lying!”

“A pathetically ineffective liar,” Horu reiterated. 

“Fuck you! I’m not lying!” 

Horu’s eyes moved until they were staring directly into Nemaro’s.  ‘Maro paled.  “Tell me, then, why your entire body suddenly smells of arousal and your cock is erect enough to take two whores at once?”

With a last desperate yank at his arm that got him nothing, Nemaro looked away. Dammit, he had to convince him.  He didn’t want Horu to ignore him again.  He didn’t want to lose him again!

“I-it’s a reflex.  When a man’s body is cold for too long, it-”

“Liar.” Horu’s voice was soft, with a new undertone to it that scared Nemaro to death.   He had no clue what was going on in Horu’s head.  What if this disgusted him?  A close friend, thinking about him this way – what if Horu wouldn’t even talk to him anymore?

What if he shunned him completely now? 

Nemaro slumped, gripping himself tightly as he tried to cover all of his cock from Horu’s view. 

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.  “I can’t help it.  It’s just…since Mosumato… and I’ve been thinking of things, and you and that stupid boy and… I can’t help it!  But I won’t do anything about it!” He looked back up at Horu’s stiff, stunned face, still trying unsuccessfully to see what Horu was thinking. 

He didn’t have a clue.  The god was giving nothing away, staring at him. 

“You don’t have to worry that it’ll change our friendship, Horu.  I wouldn’t…  We can just pretend this never happened and- and it’ll be fine.  Nothing has to change.”  Ancient face of the God help him! He didn’t know what to do! If Horu was disgusted with him now...

He didn’t have another friend like Horu.  Nemaro had never had a friend like Horu.  Without him…he clamped his teeth over his tongue at the choked feeling that crept up his throat.

Horu’s grip tightened momentarily.  “I don’t agree.”

“But…it doesn’t mean anything!  I wouldn’t try to do anything that would… I just wouldn’t!  I’ll leave you totally alone -”

“I don’t believe I can promise the same,” Horu said slowly.  It took a moment for the words to process through Nemaro’s ears and into his brain, but when they did, his jaw went slack.


Horu smiled, his hand softening along Nemaro’s elbow.  “You’re not the only one affected, ‘Maro.”  Nemaro’s eyes darted down after a disbelieving blink and he stared at the large erection Horu sported.

“W-what the-” Nemaro stepped back and Horu finally released his arm. He stared at Horu’s cock, dark and significantly larger than it had been a minute before.  Nemaro would swear he could see faint veins pulse over the large member.  Why was Horu aroused?

“You-   But, you-   You don’t feel that way about me! You’ve never…  You don’t!  I know you don’t!”  He didn’t!  Horu was so up-front about sex, he would have said!

“And I know you don’t enjoy the attentions of men,” Horu said quietly.  His hands clenched against his thighs.

Flushing, Nemaro shook his head. “Th-that’s right.  That’s exactly right!  I don’t.  I don’t like sex with men.  I like women.” 

The icy water seemed almost balmy compared to the cold pit in his stomach.  He had to convince him.  If Horu really thought Nemaro might approach him sexually, it would be the end.  They didn’t have that kind of relationship.  It would ruin everything.

Wouldn’t it?

“You liked sex with Mosumato.” Horu’s voice got a bit growly and Nemaro shifted nervously.  Horu looked pissed.

“Y-yeah.  I l-liked it.  Some.  But that doesn’t mean -”

“I know you, ‘Maro. You don’t do ‘some.’  You don’t even do ‘like’ very well.  You wrap yourself up in what you enjoy until you’re covered in it.  If you ‘liked’ it,  you were probably screaming for more by the time he took you, weren’t you?” Horu’s voice lowered until it sounded like thunder rumbling across the water.  His skin started to glow.

Nemaro flushed a deeper red.  “M-maybe.” He tried to sound nonchalant and unafraid, and failed miserably.

Why is Horu still erect?  Do gods get a hard on when they’re furious?

“And now you’re getting aroused by my looking at your naked body.” The way Horu said it made it sound like a death sentence.  Inarguable, the final blow to their friendship. 

“So?” Nemaro kicked his leg frantically and splashed water at Horu’s erection.  “So what!    Why should that affect anything?  It doesn’t have to!  We can ignore it, dammit!  It doesn’t mean-”

“It means that things have changed.” Horu suddenly smiled a little wickedly, his skin flaring a bright, pale green.

“No, it doesn’t have to!  It-”  Nemaro looked into Horu’s eyes and saw himself reflected there, his own eyes dark and worried.  He swallowed, unable to continue.

“We all know you enjoy women, ‘Maro.   I can’t even count the number of whorehouses you’ve been to over the past two years. And I’ve enjoyed carousing with you at every single one.  I would have been fine if nothing changed.  I enjoyed what we had.” Horu’s jaw tightened. “It’s not the same now. You bottomed for Mosumato.”

Nemaro stared at him, his fists tight, his belly tight, his cock still tight, even though it wasn’t getting any damn attention anymore.  Dammit, he’d known Horu was still pissed over that. 

“Why can’t you just fucking let it GO!  I’m sorry!  How many times to I have to say that?  I’m sorry he damn well took me and I’m sorry it’s made you so furious-”

“It didn’t anger me.” Horu’s eyes softened as he looked at Nemaro, his face smooth as though Nemaro had imagined the previous dark look.  But he hadn’t!  “Why would you think I was angry that you had sex?  We weren’t bonded.”

After a bleak moment of open-mouthed, incredulous staring, Nemaro started yelling, swinging out at Horu’s face.  He missed as Horu stepped away quickly, lightly slapping Nemaro’s arms away from him when he got close.  

“You asshole!  I thought you were fucking angry because you wouldn’t fucking talk to me!  For days!  You wouldn’t look at me, or even stay in the same fucking patch of forest as me!  Of course you’re furious at me!”  He stood standing in the water, his erection still hard as he clenched his fists, breathing hard, his eyes stinging.

“Oh.”  Horu titled his head to one side before finally nodding slowly.  “Yes, I suppose I could see you drawing that conclusion. You always have been a little sensitive to that sort of thing, haven’t you?”  He reached out and ran his fingers over Nemaro’s damp hair softly until Nemaro shoved his hand away.

“What?  Shut up!  It looked like you were pissed because you Fucking WERE!”

Horu reached out a hand again and Nemaro backed up.  With a self-mocking smile, Horu didn’t follow. “’Maro, I wasn’t angry at you. I was more concerned with the fact that…I like you.”

“What the hell does that have to do with-“

Horu held up his hand to stop Nemaro’s mouth.  “You’re loyal, and bright, and funny, and I count you as one of my closest friends.  You also enjoy yourself  with everything except men.  You’ve told all of us how much you dislike being pursued by the lords, time after time, Nemaro.  And then you bottomed for Mosumato.”

“I couldn’t help it!”

“I know that.”

“Then why does it keep bothering you!” Nemaro wanted to hit him, and he wanted to get out of the water and run back to camp so he wouldn’t have to listen to this anymore.

“It doesn’t. But it was... unexpected.  Give me five hundred years with you, and I never would have expected that to happen.  I never would have thought you’d enjoy it.  It was so strange that I couldn’t help thinking about it.”

Horu took a step forward as his eyes stared intently at Nemaro. “Do you know what that’s like?  Thinking of you that way? Mosumato and that monster cock of his, easing into your body, or wrapping his hands around your cock, or covering your mouth with his and kissing-”

“He didn’t kiss me,” Nemaro said, startling himself, and he swallowed as Horu reached out and pressed one finger against his lips, rubbing them.  It was as hot as his hand had been on Nemaro’s wrist.

“I’m glad,” Horu said softly, smiling slightly.  His eyes were still dark, though, even when he finally shrugged and smiled ruefully.  “It doesn’t matter.  Once I thought of it, once that water’s been poured into the river, there’s no putting it back in the glass, now is there?  I know you’ve had sex with another male, Nemaro.  I’ve seen you both together in my mind more times than I wish to.  And the temptation to see if you might respond…favorably…to someone else, has been nearly overwhelming.”

Horu stepped closer and the finger over Nemaro’s mouth slipped between his lips and drifted over his tongue.  It was a little salty, a little thick, and Nemaro sucked on it before he thought.  Horu’s eyes closed for a brief moment, and they glowed as brightly as his skin when he opened them.  He pulled his hand away and held it up to his nose, inhaling deeply. 

Smiling, Horu stared down at him. “You didn’t seem interested, ‘Maro.  But I was.  So I made sure I wasn’t around to be tempted.”

Horu took one last step towards him, their bodies almost touching, and Nemaro bit his lip as he looked up at him.  Sweet, warm air from Horu’s lungs tangled with his own between them, the flowery scent suspended there to invade his senses. 

“If Mosumato isn’t the only one you react to, that changes things,” Horu whispered.  “And he’s not, is he?”

“I-” Nemaro’s throat closed up for the second time that night and he choked. 

“You don’t have to answer, ‘Maro.  I can smell your arousal as clearly as Mosumato must have.  Your heart is pounding like a startled deer.  You like my looking at your body.” Horu’s skin glowed brighter and Nemaro gulped as he tried to respond.

“I- It’s not like that.” He stared into Horu's face.

His skin looks smoother than polished wood.

“It’s just-”

He’s so sexy.

“I’m sure it’ll go away,” he whispered weakly.  Horu was so close. Close enough to feel the air warming from his body.  Nemaro wanted to look down at Horu’s cock to remind himself that he hadn’t imagined it.  What was Horu thinking?  It was almost like-

“I don’t believe I want it to ‘go away,’ ‘Maro.  The way you smell right now is…stunning. I know I would really, really enjoy exploring it, as well as your…reaction.”  Horu reached out and ran his finger down Nemaro’s water-soaked braid where it lay over his shoulder.

“I- uh – y-you would?”  Nemaro licked his lips, remembering how everything had felt with Mosumato.  Hard, male hands roaming over his body, and that spot inside of him that had felt so good he could have cried.  Could Horu find it?  Did he want to? 

And this was Horu.  It wasn’t the same.  Nemaro could touch him.  He could feel what that shining skin felt like, if his hair was the texture of soft cornsilk or slick maple leaves.  He could touch Horu.  His fingers itched as he imagined caressing Horu’s pale skin and he almost reached out. 

“I- I don’t know about this.” Nemaro stared at the beads of water sprinkled in small sparkles across Horu’s skin.  The man smelled like red cremen flowers: musky with a little bitter undertone. 

He smelled like sex, Nemaro realized, and he bit his lip again to keep himself still.  His body was feeling so much warmer he could hardly believe it.  Horu was so stunningly masculine at this moment: intense and nude and focused on Nemaro in a way he’d been seeing in his dreams.  It was making him sweat. 

Pretty amazing considering how cold he’d been.

Was Horu really suggesting something?  The women joked about the two of them, but that was just them.    No one ever really thought that Horu might…  or that Nemaro might…   They were just friends.

Nemaro looked up into Horu's eyes.  He felt oddly helpless as Horu leaned down towards his face, like a puppet waiting for someone else to pull his strings. Horu’s breath brushed against his lips and Nemaro parted them as he tried not to blink.  He didn’t want to miss this.  The way Horu’s hair shifted in slippery strands along his cheeks looked erotically supple.  The warmth from his body felt so hot and steamy that Nemaro would have sworn he was in one of the public baths.  Horu’s broad hands gently took his shoulders, his fingers wrapping around behind almost to his shoulder blades. 

The hint of callused strength against Nemaro’s skin made him squirm.  He leaned in a little himself, focusing on Horu’s sensuously moist lips.  His hands caressed the hard planes of the god’s chest. He was going to taste him.  Horu wasn’t teasing him.  He didn’t mind that Nemaro felt this way.

Nemaro’s chest was so tight he could hardly breathe.  Horu didn’t hate him.  And Nemaro was going to get to taste his lips, his tongue, the inside of his mouth and -

“That’s going a bit far just to keep him from me, don’t you think?”

Nemaro jerked his head away at the new voice.  No!  Horu hadn’t kissed him yet!  Following Horu’s glare and low growl, he spotted Mosumato standing on the other end of the pond, as nude as the two of them.  His hair stood on end as a warm, shocked flush rushed over his skin.

What was he doing here?  Mosumato wasn’t supposed to be here!  He was supposed to be molesting someone farther down the mountain, not interrupting them, the bastard!  Steam floated in the air around them all and Nemaro suddenly realized that it hadn’t just been Horu.  The water really was warmer; it was downright hot.   Dammit, Mosumato was fucking with the water again! 

Horu’s entire chest vibrated as his growl grew in volume.  His grip tightened on Nemaro’s shoulders until Nemaro pushed at him so he could face Mosumato.  He couldn’t help it; his first instinct was to hide his ass.  Horu stepped in behind him, his body flush against Nemaro’s back, and Nemaro felt the god’s erection pressing against him with a sense of relief and an unexpected jolt of lust.

The water god looked at him.  Nemaro could see the deep blue eyes roam up and down his body, settling for a while on his exposed member above the water.  Tingly anticipation and an increase in the heaviness of his balls were the last things Nemaro expected as he noticed Mosumato’s eyes, but that’s what he got.  He felt even hotter than before. 

What in the hells was going on?  This squirming, coiling pressure in his belly made no sense at all, because it should have faded as soon as the big, blue ass invaded Horu’s and his place!

“Leave us be, Mosumato,” Horu growled, his chest still vibrating  “Whatever happened between you two is over.  Leave him alone and find another pursuit elsewhere.”

Mosumato positively smirked, his arms crossing over his chest.  “But I enjoyed him so thoroughly last time. I want to try him again.  And it would be a pity to waste such an eager little bottom on someone as bland as you, Horu Quadalin.”

Nemaro flushed brightly at being called an ‘eager little bottom.’  He wanted to be insulted, and instead it made him think of wriggling nether cheeks and thick cocks.  And froze his words in his throat.

Spitting into the water, Horu glared at the other god and spoke for him.  “He isn’t interested in you.  Find someone else.” 

Nemaro shivered as Mosumato bared his teeth in a predatory smile.  The water god took one, gliding step closer. His body was glowing, not as brightly as Horu’s, but the shadows were pushed back with the shine from both men.

“If that were truly the case, I would happily concede the field to you, tree whelp.  But you know his body is sweating to be underneath me.”

Seeing Horu’s quick glance from the corner of his eye, Nemaro tried to protest.  “That’s a lie!  I am not!”  That fucking, smug, self-important bastard!

Mosumato smiled again, a brief flash of teeth.  “You enjoyed my touch until you exploded from it.  And you’re about ready to jump out of your skin to enjoy it again.”

“You fucking liar!”  He didn’t!  His eyes dropped against his will to look at Mosumato’s body, framed by the steam from the heated water.  Finding Mosumato’s huge erection already standing tall made him quiver with fear over what might be done with it. And then he remembered what it had felt like inside, when Nemaro was stretched and full, when something was hit inside that had made every orgasm he’d ever had seem pathetic and small.

And he hadn’t come in so fucking long…

His entire body shivered, his skin slipping against Horu’s stomach.

Mosumato’s voice purred as he stepped even closer and Nemaro’s knees buckled slightly so that he had to lean back against Horu.  “I’ve been wondering for days what those facile lips of yours would feel like around my cock, pretty one.  And if you still have some minor urge for your green man to participate, I’m sure we could come to an understanding.  We could share, perhaps?” His dark eyes looked up at Horu with a raised eyebrow and Horu scowled at him furiously.

“You can’t share a person like a loaf of bread!” Nemaro blurted out before Horu could say anything.  His body shivered again, his blood feverishly hot all of a sudden.  He felt his cock still hard and firm and he wanted to hide the damn thing until it behaved. “And I d-don’t want you!”

“You’re not interested in being taken again, thief?  No curiosity about what it might be like, held in someone’s arms as your body is lowered onto their cock?”

Nemaro swallowed nervously.  No, he’d never thought about that.  But he was thinking about it now, Horu’s arms around him as he took Nemaro's body like Mosumato had, but gentler.  Sweeter.  If he could hit the same spot…could he?  Nemaro squirmed with a another reluctant shiver.

“No late night wonderings about your lover pushing your legs up to your chest and taking you deep and fast?” 

Nemaro flushed as the bastard thought of something that he’d dreamed of just the night before.  It was private.  No one was supposed to know about that and the fact that he’d guessed made Nemaro want to hide more than just his cock.  Mosumato’s teeth gleamed as he looked away from Nemaro’s shocked eyes and into Horu’s face.  He finished speaking with a smirk on his face, never breaking eye contact with Horu’s ferocious glare.

“No fantasies about two men taking you, caressing you between their bodies?  I’ve heard the pleasure is particularly intense when you are penetrated from both ends”

Nemaro’s soft, involuntary gulp was loud, and Horu looked down at him while Nemaro tried to hide his face and look away from them both.  Stupid fucking Mosumato!  He was a damn dirty pervert!  That was a horrible idea!  Nemaro was interested in Horu, not Mosumato and his molesting water and his molesting hands and his huge damn cock.

He swallowed, closing his eyes as he concentrated on Horu’s body where it touched him.  Soothing and warm and comforting.  Not Mosumato.

“Your little thief finds the idea appealing,” Mosumato murmured to Horu, smiling in triumph.  “Are you going to deny him?”

“I have that right,” Horu growled.  Nemaro could feel him vibrating against his back while Mosumato smirked at them both. 

“No, you don’t.  Not yet.  And he wants us both.”  Nemaro gasped as water slipped up and wrapped around his cock before Horu cursed and yanked them both backwards.  A small splash and the appendage disappeared into the steamy fluid surrounding his legs.

Mosumato smiled slowly while Horu shifted, holding Nemaro around the waist.  Nemaro tried to elbow him in the stomach.  He didn’t want to fight too hard, not in front of the blue molester, but Horu didn’t seem to realize that he was holding Nemaro so high that his feet couldn’t touch the ground. 

With a slow, sexy blink, Mosumato stepped towards them both again.  “One experience, and your little one’s arousal shines brighter than a bonfire.  I know you can read the signs. His heart is up, his body is covered in sweat, his scent is so heavy with need that it fills this entire place. He wants us both.”

Nemaro yelled at him, his body shaking, his voice hopefully not. “Shut up, you bastard!  I d-don’t want anything to do with you!  Horu and I are busy, so you can just swim your ass right out of here!”

Horu’s body was stiff behind him, and Nemaro startled when the forest god whispered into his ear.

“Does the thought of my body inside yours appeal to you, ‘Maro?” The words were simple, not a seductive murmur like Mosumato was trying to achieve, just… a question.  Nemaro swallowed.   Horu said it so bluntly.  And in front of the other god.  Nemaro didn’t want to talk about this with Mosumato right here!

“Nemaro, it’s important, or I wouldn’t ask.  Do you want me to take you?” Horu’s voice was lower, soft and sincere.

The thief closed his eyes.  If he could pretend they were alone, maybe he could actually answer him. “I think so,” he whispered.   

Horu’s voice lowered further until it was barely audible.  Nemaro made the mistake of opening his eyes and saw Mosumato watching them both, his hip cocked to the side as he waited.

“What about Mosumato?  If I was here, if I could make sure he did nothing you didn’t wish, what then?  Would that still make your body hum with pleasure?”

Nemaro froze.  How could he ask that?  He knew Nemaro didn’t want that…  Nemaro swallowed heavily, trying to flush images of hot flesh in cool blues and greens from his mind.  It didn’t mean anything.  Words that made him think of caressing hands, running over his skin while he licked his way up a pale green stomach, it didn’t mean anything!

Horu sighed into his hair before Nemaro could answer, one palm smoothing across Nemaro’s hip in a possessive caress while the other still held him around the waist.  “All right, then,” he said quietly, looking up at Mosumato.  “Only for tonight.”

Nemaro choked on his own spit as Mosumato walked towards them immediately.  His strides were held back no more than if he were walking through air, the water parting around his legs. 

Nemaro started squirming as he tried to regain his feet.  “What the hell are you doing, Horu?  You can’t just say that!  I – You-  I don’t want Mosumato!”

“Yes, you do, ‘Maro.” Horu’s voice was soft and strangely resigned against his skin, his arm loosening and letting Nemaro’s feet rest on the ground.  His hands moved until they framed his hips between them and squeezed gently.  “He’s a haughty, unbending bastard, but he’s not lying about that.  Every word he said made your scent spill over like you were trying to lure us both in. Even mentioning the two of us together with you had you nearer to orgasm.”

“It did not!” Nemaro squirmed to push Horu away, gasping when his so-called friend gripped his hips tighter and pulled him back until he could feel the forest god’s cock hard against his ass and back.

“I told you that you were a terrible liar, ‘Maro.” The whisper nestled against his ear and Nemaro froze.  Horu ignored the nearing god and turned Nemaro around to face him.  Both hands moved up from his hips to his face and cupped his cheeks. 

Twisting, Nemaro tried to pull back. He knew his back was vulnerable to the blue god approaching behind him, and his skin twitched as it waited for the man’s harsh hands.  Leaving himself vulnerable this way wasn’t something he was going to do! 

“Hush,” Horu said, kissing his forehead.  “He’s not going to take away our first kiss, no matter what else happens.” He kissed Nemaro on the tip of his nose, and the thief nearly crossed his eyes as he watched him. 

“Just pretend it’s the two of us, ‘Maro.  And we have all the time in the world.”

Protests welled up in Nemaro’s throat and died as he stared. This was Horu. He stared, the god’s smooth skin and soft lips leaning in towards his face.  Horu was actually going to kiss him.  Right now.  Nemaro  swallowed, the heated water sliding against his legs with a caressing glide. 

“Horu…” he whispered. He didn’t want to blink or it might end.  He’d find out it was another dream and then it would fade away and Horu would be gone.

“Shhhh, ‘Maro.  Trust me.  Have I ever hurt you?” Horu murmured, his mouth almost touching.  Nemaro couldn’t answer; he stared at Horu’s smile just before the forest god’s lips touched his.  It was so soft, like a feather brushing over his skin, and then Horu’s tongue slipped into his mouth.

The pressure combined with the slickness and that slight rasp of tastebuds against Nemaro’s tongue would have made his cock hard if it wasn’t already engorged.   But the rest of his body responded as though he was a virgin with his first conquest.  He swallowed, and the slickness of Horu’s mouth used every swallow to travel down into his stomach and sear it with heat.  Small, tasting slides against the inside of his mouth seeped into his skin, sensitizing it to the water lapping against his thighs, to the air kissing his shoulders, to the hard flesh pressing against him. 

Horu leaned into his body, his cock pressing against Nemaro’s stomach like velvety soft steel.  The thief’s chest tingled where his nipples slid across Horu’s chest.  Even his toes felt aroused,  his calves straining as they tried to find some purchase to push against.

The faces of the god save him.  He’d never been kissed so well. Not ever.  His whole body was being kissed through his mouth, every inch of skin trembling and aching as the oral seduction went on and on.  Horu shifted his hands, burying them in Nemaro’s hair and holding tightly.  Nemaro arched against him, his hands clutching at Horu’s ribs, sliding up to claw at the firm flesh of his back.  It seemed the most natural thing in the world when his hips were caressed again, hands rubbing along the sides of his flanks so slowly he began to squirm impatiently.  They dug in with a sudden harsh sting and Horu broke contact with his lips as Nemaro grunted.

“Not so rough or I’ll take him away, the law be damned,” Horu muttered, looking over Nemaro’s shoulder.  Nemaro stared at him, confused, until another voice murmured from behind his head.

“Mmmm, but his ass is made for gripping hard. It just begs for it, the way it tightens up to push his little cock against you.”

His eyes widened and he would have pulled away except Horu’s hands moved from his head to his back, stroking down the shaking muscles soothingly. 

“Don’t-” Nemaro started to protest and Horu kissed him again, petting Nemaro’s lips with his tongue until he had trouble thinking. He barely heard Mosumato in the background.

“Although soft does seem to overcome his mouth, doesn’t it?  Perhaps now would be a good time to introduce him to something else.” 

His head still swimming from Horu’s lips, Nemaro’s legs gave out as warmed water streaked up his legs and cupped his balls.  Slipping under them in an erotic stroke, it flowed until the warm fluid reached his cock and wrapped around it so softly it simply felt as if the air had suddenly warmed.  Distracted, his hands burying themselves in Horu’s thick hair, he moaned into his mouth.

Mosumato shifted behind him, lowering himself, and Horu continued to molest lips and tongue as Nemaro’s bottom was suddenly pushed apart.  His mouth opened in surprised protest, but Horu used the opportunity to plunge his tongue in deeper the same moment that Nemaro felt something slippery and wet tickle the small rosebud of his ass.

And it wasn’t water. The water god was…kissing him!  There!  Nemaro gasped at how it felt, thrusting fire into his groin, the wicked hands against his skin making streaks of heat over his back and bottom.  Horu pulled back for a moment, letting Nemaro breathe, and the god nodded faintly at his partner in seduction.  He licked across Nemaro’s lips with a soft, circular motion,  and another tongue mimicked him, encircling Nemaro’s opening as large fingers dug into Nemaro’s ass, clutching it and pulling his cheeks wide to keep him exposed. 

Mosumato pressed in suddenly with his tongue, pushing against the bundle of hypersensitive nerves that made up Nemaro’s entrance and Horu did the same with his tongue, slowly penetrating Nemaro’s mouth with small strokes in and out, sliding in further each time.  Moaning, Nemaro twitched uncontrollably.  He clung to the green man in front of him, trying to stay on his feet.  He wanted more. 

Nemaro couldn’t get him to go deeper, no matter how much he pressed against him, or pushed back with his ass, and he wanted more, dammit! The small, delicate touches were driving him wild.  He wanted something to suck on, something to clutch inside his body, and neither tongue would come in deep enough.  The small pressure pushing repeatedly against his ass drove his hips mad.  Pressing forward to push his cock against Horu, he moved them back to push himself against Mosumato’s mouth to feel something thrust in.  He remembered what it felt like – he wanted it again.  Something inside, hot and hard and all the way inside.  If he could just get them to move... 

Horu and Mosumato suddenly plunged their tongues in deep and he keened, his entire body jerking.  He wanted this.  Oh shit, he wanted this.  His hips pushed back and forth in a rhythm that began to increase as he tried to get more, faster.  He sucked on Horu’s tongue, trying to keep it in his mouth while his hands clutched at Horu’s hair to pull his mouth into his own.  Just a little longer.  He was close.  His cock so hard and aching it reveled in the feeling against Horu’s stomach, the tip glistening with mist and that small leaking fluid before climax.

And then it stopped.  The slick heat at his ass withdrew, Mosumato’s face moving while Horu’s lips slipped away.

“Nnnnn.  Wha-“ Nemaro tried to speak and stumbled as his tongue refuse to work.  “No!  Pleeease, I-“

“We’re not done yet, don’t worry, ‘Maro,” Horu whispered.  Looking into his pale blue eyes desperately, Nemaro saw something he never expected, even after Horu’s words: lust.  Fierce, burning need that made his friend’s face into something dark and frightening.

His whole body responded and he almost orgasmed as he stared into Horu’s palely glowing face.  Hands slid across his belly, reaching up from behind him to roll his nipples between thumb and forefinger.  He startled, and Horu started kissing along his jaw, offering murmurs of encouragement as Mosumato began to slide his cock against Nemaro’s ass, gliding along the crevice between the two globes there. 

“So beautiful, ‘Maro.” Horu nibbled on his lower lip.   Nemaro moaned as the water around his cock suddenly expanded to surround Horu as well, bringing their cocks together until they slid against one another.

“I’ve never heard you moan like this.  It’s so sexy, ‘Maro.” Horu licked lightly down his neck, his own hips moving with the water to rub their erections together harshly.  Mosumato pushed at him from behind, his cock teasing him along his ass, and when Nemaro moaned again, he felt it go lower, digging in, pressing suddenly at the opening to his body.

Horu’s hands clutched at him. “No.  Not this time.  I may have to let you participate, but he’s mine to take,” Horu’s tone was dark and violent, and Nemaro froze as he heard Mosumato respond with a growl.  His mind was thick, slow, and some small voice in the back tried to make him aware.  He was being touched, his skin sizzling, but the men around him were very large, very powerful, very deadly gods. 

The growling and tension eased as both males leaned in and inhaled over his body.  Mosumato spoke first.

“He is frightened.”  He sounded surprised, and Horu growled.

“Of course he is.”

“Why?  I did not harm him last time.  There is no reason to think I would do so now.   It would make no sense.”

“You’re growling, and he’s human. What else is he supposed to think?”

“You’re growling as well.”

“Yes, but he trusts me,” Horu retorted. He kissed Nemaro on the nose as his hands began fondling his back once again.  His cock shifted within the water’s touch and the friction from the movement had Nemaro’s own cock jump in reaction.

Nemaro squeaked as he almost came again.  Both men looked down and he stared up at Horu, and then his head rolled back and he saw Mosumato looking just as…feral.  Horu blew against his face to bring him back.

“This subject can wait until later,” Horu said softly, staring down at Nemaro so intently he flushed.

Mosumato grunted. “Agreed.”

“But I will not give up my right to take him.”

Mosumato sighed and his hips pulled back from Nemaro, as well as the water surrounding his cock. Nemaro whimpered.  “For the sake of a pleasurable experience, fine.  Also agreed.”

Horu’s arm suddenly wrapped around Nemaro and lifted him off the ground. He scooped his legs out from under him and out of the water with the other arm.

“Horu?  Wh-what are you doing?”  Nemaro felt flushed and embarrassed, being carried like some man’s toy as Horu headed for the bank. His ass shivered as it cooled rapidly away from the warmth of the water.

“The water is too deep here for what I have in mind,” Horu said, his fingers playing with Nemaro’s thigh as they walked.  Mosumato strode next to him, the water parting for them both, and Nemaro gulped.  The sexual haze hung around them, but it was fading.  And his mind started to think as it ebbed.

He blushed as his thoughts reconnected.  His body felt good – hot and humming – like sparks buzzed the ends of his nipples and cock, and deep in his ass.  But he didn’t want to think about this.  Mosumato was touching him again, and he didn’t want to think that he liked it.  He shouldn’t like it, should he?  And Horu was touching him at the same time.  Horu had encouraged this...threesome.  And he was holding him like this.  Staring at him with hot eyes.  Kissing him.  Talking about taking him.

A stray thought intruded and Nemaro frowned. That was kind of presumptuous of him, really.

“What if I want to top you,” Nemaro said suddenly, and both gods chuckled.

“You don’t,” Horu said calmly, reaching the bank.  He waited while Mosumato sat on the dark earth, his feet hanging in the water as he splayed his muscular legs wide.  The blue god’s erection jutted into the air like a monument.  “That’s as obvious as your erection, ‘Maro.”

Nemaro would have disagreed on principle when Horu put him on his feet.   Mosumato reached out and grabbed his hair firmly, pulling him forward between his legs.

“Your mouth needs something to occupy it, little thief.”

Nemaro gasped in surprise as he was yanked down.  His elbows hit the damp dirt, his face was greeted by a sleek cock, and his ass jutted out behind him.  It was too vulnerable!  He couldn’t let Horu just…bend him over.  He needed to get up. 

Horu’s hands gripped the sides of his hips just as Mosumato tightened his hands in his hair. The sensation of being restrained set off something dark and sweltering.  He was stuck.  Nemaro bit his lip, his cock coming to life again as he imagined what it looked like.  Horu could see his entire ass, the back of his balls, his member hanging down.  His face near another’s cock as though he were about to swallow it.  Horu’s thick erection was probably right near his body.  He’d have it inside of him soon, stretching him.

Nemaro swallowed, almost giddy at the thought.  Mosumato’s scent was heavy down by his groin, a clean, bright tang in the air. Nemaro inhaled deeply, letting it settle into his lungs.  His breathing held in surprise as Horu’s fingers were on his ass again, squirming towards the middle.  One slick digit probed his bottom.


“It’s all right, ‘Maro.  I won’t hurt you.” Horu’s soft voice slid into his ear as his finger slid into Nemaro’s ass with almost no resistance.  Nemaro shivered and shook, his elbows slipping so suddenly that he would have hit the dirt with his face if Mosumato hadn’t grabbed for him, supporting his shoulders and face.

“You are overwhelmed so easily, thief.  It’s amusing.” Mosumato smirked at him, one hand holding his chin so that Nemaro looked up into his face.

“It’s not amusing, it’s-  Ohhhhhh.” Horu’s finger curled slightly, pressing against the small pleasure center inside his body and Nemaro’s eyes were blinded by small lights.  When he could see again, the throbbing erection near his face drew his attention almost hypnotically.  He stared at it, gasping as the finger in his bottom began to move in and out, slowly, while Horu leaned over and licked his skin, nibbling at his back.

What does cock taste like? 

He closed his eyes, trying to ignore it, and felt another finger penetrate his ass, scissoring inside until small tremors gripped his entire body  The smell surrounding him was so familiar, such a sign of something wonderful to come, that he had to stare at the cock again.  What would something with this smell taste like?  As he arched into another thrust of fingers, hitting the spot quicker with his help, he couldn’t resist one small lick, just quick enough to taste, to test the flavor. 

It was…musky and clean at the same time.  So hard to describe to himself that he lost the taste almost as soon as his tongue moved away.  His hands clenching in the dirt, he risked another taste, running his tongue covertly over the tip where it glistened.  That was…bitter.  A pleasant bitterness.  Moaning in his throat as the fingers in his backside moved, he licked again. Mosumato shifted, moving Nemaro so that his arms were leaning on the man’s thighs instead of the dirt.

“Go ahead,” the god said softly in a voice so deep it seemed like it was emerging from the ground to vibrate into Nemaro’s skin.  “Taste it.”

It nudged his cheek, but now that he knew Mosumato was aware of what he was doing, Nemaro didn’t want to.  He didn’t want to indulge when others were watching.  He wouldn’t.

Horu spoke into his ear, his body draped over Nemaro’s, his fingers buried inside his body.  “Nemaro, I need to know.  Do you want this?”

His fingers moved again, jolting him, and Nemaro tried to figure out what Horu was talking about.  Did he want to taste Mosumato’s cock?

“Do you want me to do this, Nemaro?  If you really want me to stop, I’ll leave you be.  But if you want this, if you agree, I’ll take you for my own, ‘Maro.” The fingers thrust suddenly in again and Nemaro gasped, his vision graying. 

“Please,” Nemaro whimpered, trying to get the fingers in deeper. Something silky pressed against his face and he licked it automatically.  That taste again.

“Do you want me to take you now, Nemaro?” Horu asked softly.  He didn’t stop his fingers from moving into Nemaro’s body, and Nemaro could hardly think.  He didn’t know if he wanted more, he just knew he didn’t want it to stop.

“’Maro, do you want this?”

“Y-yes…”  The fingers were withdrawn so suddenly he thought for a second he’d waited too long and he whined loudly, but a cock took their place, the larger member stretching him again.  The thick length made him gasp and Mosumato’s cock slipped up to his lips.  He sucked the smooth head into his mouth as he looked for something to do, something to suck on, something to distract him from the deep fullness that was invading his ass. 

Horu was slower than Mosumato had been, letting Nemaro adjust to every inch as it entered.  Mosumato’s cock was already deep into Nemaro’s mouth, though, and he opened wide to take him in.  His lips felt as stretched as his ass, wide and tickled by small curling hairs.  And the taste was still that strange, clean scent that hinted at sex.  While Horu breached him with a long, lingering stroke, Mosumato groaned and began to thrust.  His hips pushed up from the ground as his hand reached behind Nemaro’s head and pulled him down. 

Nemaro nearly choked, Horu growled, and the blue god backed off.  His hand gentled and he slowly fucked Nemaro's mouth in shorter, gliding strokes.  The thighs underneath Nemaro’s hands flexed with every upstroke.  He began to move his tongue over the member, testing the texture, finding the spots where it was silky or smooth or ridged.  His ass clenched as fingers ran over his skin, and the erection embedded inside of him twitched. He moaned around Mosumato’s cock.

Horu finally finished entering him and began to thrust himself, slowly, out and in as his hands ran over Nemaro’s skin. Mosumato’s hips jerked faster. Groaning, his head thrown back and his eyes closed, he clutched at Nemaro’s hair.  Nemaro sucked on him frantically, the pull in his mouth shooting all the way down to his groin.  His stomach was cold, his thighs warm in the water, and his ass was so hot it burned where Horu took him.  And then Horu’s hand reached around and grasped ‘Maro’s cock, wrapping around it, and he faltered. 
The cock in his ass spread him wide, moving in a slow, steady rhythm when he was desperate for it to move faster.  Nemaro began to bob his head, sucking quickly, as though it would affect Horu’s pace as well, but all it did was set off Mosumato.  His mouth was filled suddenly with pale fluid that surprised him so much all he could do was swallow.  The bitterness shot over his tongue and down his throat, hot and slick.  

His body continued to rock as Horu’s cock took him, and the man’s other hand moved from his hip to around his chest, pulling him off of Mosumato’s spent cock until he was almost upright. Jolted down and back onto Horu’s member with each stroke, his body felt feverish and tight.  He didn’t know what to do with his hands, grasping at air, at Horu’s arms, and at Mosumato’s thighs as he reached down and gripped hard.

Horu growled and shoved hard with his hips, going so deep Nemaro keened sharply.  He needed more.

“Horu, hurry up!  I want… hurry!”  Horu hips began to snap quicker as his hands moved faster over Nemaro’s body. His lips nibbled along Nemaro’s shoulder blade.  Nemaro could feel him staring at Mosumato over his shoulder as he hips thrust deeper.

He felt like his friend was trying to prove…something… but he didn’t care.  He was getting close, fire building in his cock, his balls so tight they felt like they were going to burst.  And it was almost there.  Almost…

It all happened at once.  His body was rocked with a blinding orgasm, his ass clenched hard on Horu’s cock, and that set off two more deep, frantic thrusts as Horu came. Shivers sparked over his body from a sharp piercing pain behind his left shoulder.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Seed poured out onto the water, the bank, into Horu’s hand, and the pain faded as his body finally went limp back against Horu.  He felt his friend tonguing his back with a long slow lick.  With a weak neck, he looked back at him to find Horu staring coldly at Mosumato as he licked him.

“Horu?”  Was that his voice?  It was so small.  The blue eyes looked to him and smiled.

“Why don’t you rest now, ‘Maro.  I think you’ve had as much as you can take tonight.”

“I don’t know about that,” Mosumato said dryly, and Horu’s head snapped back to him.

“You don’t have a say in this.  He’s done.” 
Mosumato’s lips twisted as he watched them, a look in his eye that Nemaro couldn’t quite interpret.  His head felt too light for his body.

“He looks as though he needs to be tucked into bed,” Mosumato said.

“If he does, it’s no business of yours.” Horu’s voice wasn’t a growl, but it wasn’t friendly either.  “Leave, Mosumato.  You’ve had your taste of the little Koru, now leave us be.  It’s over.”

Mosumato stared at them for a long moment as Nemaro’s mind carefully came back to his body.  He finally nodded.  “As you say.  For now.” 

The water god slowly got to his feet, his skin brushing against Nemaro’s before he slid to the side around them both. “You may change your mind later,” he said as he walked across the small pond.  The water began to cool in his absence.

“I highly doubt it,” Horu replied.  Nemaro sighed as the forest god withdrew from his body carefully, cool water washing at his ass in its place.  He mumbled as Horu picked him up as he had before, stepping out of the water.  Exhausted, Nemaro felt like he’d been hiking for another entire day. 

“We’ll see,” Mosumato said softly.  Nemaro blinked, rubbing at his eyes when a sudden burst of steam surrounded them, and the god was gone by the time he could see.

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