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Nature's Choice
Chapter 1 - The Many Uses of Water

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Nemaro sighed, leaning his head back against the slick stone of the springs he’d immersed himself in.  A few brave birds twittered at him and his lips quirked.

“I appreciate the support, but it’s not what I need right now.” 

He sighed again, lowering his naked limbs further into the frigid pool.  The sun beat down unpleasantly and within minutes, his body had stopped it’s chilled quivering.  Nemaro sank so far down that nothing below his nose was uncovered; mostly submerged, he let his chocolate eyes follow the bright patterns of color across the water.  Something swirled next to him and he lazily moved his gaze to the right to see his hair waving in the water near his cheek.  The sleek strands wound forward until golden tendrils were brushing gently against his chin.  He sighed one last time.

Everything was so damn boring today.

It hadn’t been at first.  The shocking cold of the water had been enjoyable after being out in the sun for so long; the town was almost a half-day’s travel and Nemaro had been ecstatic to have something this lovely to dive into.  For quite a while, he’d been occupied leaving different limbs out in the air to let them heat before plunging them into the water with a delicious shiver. When he lost interest in that, he’d experimented with the shape and feel of the various rocks edging the spring.

On the east side of the pool was where the water drained out, and he’d shimmied against the deep drag of the water as it got close to the small falls.  Both the north and west sides had pocked stone that was just barely smooth after years of wear.  The curious rasping scratch as he ran his skin over it was intensely appealing.  Nemaro thought he might have sanded off a new layer of skin just playing there.  The south side had been surprisingly polished and the glass-like slickness was covered with a hint of slippery algae.  Without the slightest embarrassment, he’d utilized it for his own pleasure.  He’d actually come twice from one conveniently placed hollow that he’d have to remember the next time he came to visit Horu. 

Now, however, he was tired of solo-sensual play and he had nothing more to do until tonight when everyone would arrive.  He was, in a word, b-o-r-e-d.

Why was it that everyone always decided to find things to do when he needed something to distract himself?  Sha, Kara, and Meeta had said that the job today didn’t require his expertise.  Translation: they thought they could hack and slash to reach the prize, and then they wouldn’t have to share the profits with him.  It was a little irritating to acknowledge that they were probably right.  They’d been in this business far longer than he had; they knew how to judge the dangers for any given theft or ‘retrieval’ down to the last hairsbreadth. 

Not that Nemaro was a neophyte at theft and chicanery; two and a half years was plenty of time to excel in his chosen craft. It was simply that he became a bit distracted at times, such as when anything beautiful, or unique, or female, happened to come within ogling distance. Considering that all three of the female warriors were positively addicted to bits of armor and leather with little else underneath, he tended to be distracted around them quite a bit.

If he didn’t know practically every legend, ruin, and dead language in the area, they’d probably never have anything to do with him professionally.  Fortunately for him, he was a font of information. And every time he was feeling the pinch of hunger and they offered him a job, he thanked the lucky face of God that he’d been given to the Historians’ Temple at such a young age; he’d had his entire life to study.  He’d learned as much as some of the Masters before he’d finally managed to run away on his 18th birthday. At least it ensured him a living. 

It might not be an honest living, but he wasn’t complaining.

…Except about the fact that everyone seemed to be busy with something else today.  They were all supposed to go searching for the Eye of Forshar tomorrow, which was too soon for him to really get involved in anything else on his own.  The women had their quick treasure hunt to occupy them, so he’d been counting on Horu to entertain him.  After the walk from the town, Nemaro had even waited on splashing around just so he could see him.  Envisioning catching Horu in one of the few times when the god was truly irritable, during that waiting period after everything had been decided but before they could leave, he’d thought Horu would be pacing around the woods in an irritated stomp.  Instead, his friend had emerged from the trees long enough to say hello and informed him that he was going to gather some rare herbs for the trip.  Now Nemaro was stuck trying to ‘occupy’ himself until Horu got back. 

He really wasn’t sure why he liked the rather taciturn nature deity as much as he did.  The green haired idiot was much taller and prettier than Nemaro and that was usually an instant turn off.  The more attractive male usually got the girls, and Horu was no exception; women were always flirting with him instead of Nemaro.  Sha was a perfect example, although she was one of the few whose flirtations were returned.  Nemaro had never caught the two of them doing anything more than flirting, but he always wondered if he would.

Really, it was so annoying that everything female flocked to the man.  Didn’t anyone else notice that he was awfully -- girly colored?  His hair was bright grassy green, braided three times and tied back.  Always. His clothing was an unrelieved bark-brown. The man had no sense of fashion whatsoever; it was just sad.  His skin was the color of pale, young shoots and it was utterly enviable how clear and smooth it was.  His eyes were curiously normal compared to the rest of him: the pale blue of mid-day. 

He was pastel, that’s what he was. 

And he wasn’t here, so Nemaro was stuck sitting up to his nose in frigid water as the unseasonably warm, spring sun overheated his head and likely burned his scholar’s skin until it was redder than an apple.  He looked around, noting with a total lack of interest that the birds were finally quieting.  About time.  The ridiculous things had decided he was the most interesting creature in the entire forest, it seemed, and hadn’t stopped chirping at him since he’d arrived.  He closed his eyes and blew bubbles into the water with soft, bored plips. 

If only there was something he could do that wasn’t so completely tedious.

Nemaro blew another bubble slowly, feeling the air push into the water around him with slow pressure.  His interest peaked a moment as the feeling from his solid breath of air grew vaguely sensual.  If the water were a body, it was like he was penetrating it.

His dick twitched and he snorted.  At least the thought was enough to give his mind something to ponder.  He slipped his tongue out of his mouth, through his lips, and into the crisp water.  He flicked it up and down, noting the very slight difference in pressure from the water versus when he did this to a woman’s body.  Interesting.   Maybe he should practice holding his breath, and then the next time he visited the Widow Dee they could see about utilizing that huge tub she had in her room in an entirely new way.  His burgeoning smile turned into a startled moan as an eddy in the water streamed across his balls and twirled around his erect cock.  He held perfectly still, hoping it would caress him again, and then sucked in a mouthful of water and started choking as the next eddy shimmied along his seam and… and…

“W-woah!”  Nemaro jumped to his feet.  The damn water had felt like it was trying to flow right up his ass!  His buttocks clenched as the sensation seemed to linger.  He did not allow anyone to stick anything up there, ever.  He’d seen plenty of boys – boys who’d actually had a choice in joining the temple –  nearly molested by the Historians as the morons tried to work their way through the ranks from apprentice to master. Nemaro had fought tooth and claw to keep it from happening to him.  He wasn’t about to give out what he’d worked so hard to keep sacrosanct.

Well, actually, he’d just had to say 'no' to keep his ass as tight as the day he was birthed, but he’d had to say no so often in his last years that it felt positively stifling.  He didn’t really think any of the old bastards would have forced the issue, though.  They were rigid, and powerful, but even though his situation had been intolerable, they weren’t exactly monsters.  

The Historians didn’t rape the young men studying under them; the apprentices might get the odd unwanted grope, but it never seemed to go past that. And gifts to the temple, like himself, were treated far better than average. If you didn’t care about mind-numbing repetition in every facet of your life. Or being completely sequestered from the age of 18 until the day you died.
The rumors of unholy debauchery and unwilling harems of attractive young men made a good tale over beer, however.  And in any case, outside the temple Nemaro actually had been forced to fight for his ‘virtue,’ such as it was, because of his ridiculously colored hair. It added a grain of truth whenever he started spinning stories.

Nemaro kicked out at the water, watching the eddies shimmer away from his legs. Why the hell his parents had come all the way to Kimarn to make an offering of their son, he had no damn idea, but it sure as hell hadn’t helped him out.  It would have been much easier being a thief somewhere that he could blend in.  As it was, with his yellow hair and pale skin, he stood out like a white crow among ravens. The pale color branded him as effeminate in most people’s eyes, or worse, as some wealthy Lord’s toy.  He didn’t need something else besides his coloring, like pond induced anal play, reinforcing the impression.

Except, the feeling of pressure and slickness pushing against him there had been exhilarating.  He’d never thought it would feel that good. 

“Maybe I should take another look at letting the ladies play there,” he muttered, rubbing water from his face.  As the last droplets were shaken off, he opened his eyes and yelped at the tall, naked man now standing in front of him.

“Shit!”  Nemaro’s brain took a moment to process who it was.  He swallowed convulsively. Another one of nature’s gods. This was bad.  This was really, really bad. This was 'Nemaro was going to die soooo painfully in the next few moments' bad.    

He wished rather desperately for a moment that friendship with a god protected you from all gods.

Too bad that idea was just as false as size doesn’t matter.
His weak attempt at a smile froze at the glare that met it. An unfortunately familiar glare. The last time he’d encountered the large, creamy blue male, they’d fought over the same set of cursed jewels. Well, Horu had fought the other god over the jewels; Nemaro had stuffed the evil baubles into his pack and run like hell.  Horu wanted the influential things out of the forest, dammit. Nemaro had simply been helping him out.

And trying to stay alive. Because as usual, what Mosumato wanted was a complete mystery.  The large water god’s philosophy seemed to be ‘attack first and ask questions if there’s anything left alive to bother with.’

And now here Nemaro was, facing him completely alone. Confronted by a being who could literally control the very water in the pool to drown him in an instant, or strangle him, or stab into his body, or… 


Into his body?

Nemaro contemplated the blank faced god and dismissed the thought. That was too much of a stretch, even for the perversions he usually attached to day to day life.  Someone as focused as Mosumato would never waste his time molesting a human, not even with a little water. 

Sapphire eyes glittered as they glared at him, and Nemaro lost his train of thought.  M-Mosumato…he would never…

Nemaro startled and then cursed as Mosumato took a step forward, his aqua hair swirling around his body to blend with the water as it brushed his hips.  Damn, but he was such an idiot!  Why the hell hadn’t he grabbed his daggers on the moss behind him while he’d had the chance?  

Not that daggers helped when water enveloped your head until you died of asphyxiation.  Fuck, who was he kidding?  Nemaro was dead unless Mosumato was feeling particularly merciful today. God’s faces mock him, but he didn’t want to die!  He had to think of some way out of this.  Staring at Mosumato, the tension in Nemaro’s belly grew as the large god simply watched at him in silence.  What was Mosumato thinking?  Was it something Nemaro could use to get out of this?

“You are Horu’s thief.” The voice echoed oddly with deep tones that felt like a caress against Nemaro’s ears.

Nemaro nodded jerkily.  The man hadn’t attacked him yet.  That could be good; it was different from every other time he’d met Mosumato, at least.  Maybe there was hope of surviving another day.

Although his strange behavior did beg the question: what in the thirteen hells did Mosumato want?

“This spring is under my protection.  You are trespassing, human.”

Eye wide, Nemaro nodded, turned and pushed himself out of the spring, heaving his body onto the bank and stepping away from the water as quickly as he could.  

He called back over his shoulder, “Ah, so sorry to have disturbed it, then!  I’ll just be going now and I’ll make sure to warn everyone I know so that this stays lovely and pure for you and– ” Nemaro’s frantic babble, and his body, were brought up short by an icy grip around his ankle.  He gulped hard and looked down to see a glistening tentacle of clear water holding his leg in an unyielding grip.

“There is a penalty to pay for such an egregious violation of my domain, thief.” The tentacle yanked, knocking Nemaro’s feet out from under him so that he fell face first onto the dirt and moss. 

What in the hells is he going to do to me?

Nemaro scrabbled a moment at the dirt underneath him as he was dragged with obscene speed back into the spring. He’d been wrong.  He was going to die. This was it. Horu and the women would find his corpse and tear down the forest in grief, but it would be too late. He’d already be-
His foot was released as he fell fully into the water, his body flipped around by the fluid embracing him until he was standing directly in front of the god, his legs completely immobile as the water solidified around him.  Mosumato’s eyes traveled down his body, pausing along the way. By the time their gazes met, Nemaro felt rather flushed, and he knew without having to look that his damn cock was partially erect.  He wasn’t at all happy to remember Horu taunting him that Nemaro was sure to die like he’d lived: with a hard on.  It seemed cruelly ironic that there was any truth to that at all.

Mosumato smiled slowly, stepping closer as his hand reached out to twirl a gold strand of Nemaro’s hair around his fingertips.  “I believe I can make use of you.  You should be happy, little thief.  Not many are allowed to experience this.”

Make use of him?  What was that supposed to mean?  Nemaro yelped as the water twisted suddenly and he was spun until he found himself facing the opposite direction.  He teetered, arms windmilling wildly, and his backwards fall was stopped by a hard chest and two arms: one around his waist, and the other clamped onto his hip. 

Shit! He froze, terrified that something painful or deadly, most likely both, was going to consume him at any moment.  His mind started noticing random things in its panic over his upcoming last moments. 

Who knew Mosumato’s skin would be so hot? He’s a water god; it should be clammy and cold and creepy.

Why couldn’t he have picked somewhere else to grab that was less…arousing?

 And why is the bastard naked?

His panic changed completely as the hand on his hip pulled him back and he felt Mosumato harden against his buttocks.

“Woah! Wait, I don’t think- I- Wha-?” He couldn’t form a coherent thought aside from ‘big naked aroused god!’ What in God’s nine names was going on?

Warm air tickled at his ear as Mosumato whispered into it.  “I am in need of relief, thief, and you owe a penalty for your trespass.  You are not unattractive, and I can tell that Horu has yet to make use of you.  I believe we can come to an…agreement to meet both our needs.”

Nemaro stiffened completely, trying desperately to ignore the tingles inching across his skin from the feel of all the hot flesh behind him. “Agreement?” He knew his voice was high and squeaky, and there was simply no fucking way he could change it.  Mosumato couldn’t possibly mean that the way it sounded, could he? Fingers shifted against the hollow near his hip bone and a small moan escaped him.  He wasn’t sure if it was fear or… 

No, of course it was fear.  Definitely fear.  He was terrified, not turned on. Wasn't he?

“I am certain my meaning is quite clear.”

Was that a smirk in Mosumato’s voice?  That sounded exactly like a smirk!  Nemaro tried to think of something that would make him completely disinteresting to a huge damn water god who found so much amusement in molesting him that he was smirking.

“I- I’m certain you wouldn’t want to- to sully yourself with a human male, Mosumato.  There must be something else I c-could do to make recompense?  B-besides, a god of your looks and abilities must have dozens of beautiful females lining up to, eh, service you.” All right, so he was sucking up.  Hell, anyone would kiss ass if they found themselves in a position like this!

“There is no shortage of willing females,” Mosumato confirmed.  “Although the numbers are more in the hundreds than dozens.” 

Oh lovely, the conceited bastard was telling him about his legions of sexual offers. Fantastic.

“Of course, considering that none of them are currently nearby, your body will do nicely. I don’t believe you will find it…unpleasant, paying for your crimes.” There it was again!  He was ‘voice smirking’ at him!  Nemaro stiffened even further as he felt the male behind him lean in slightly and inhale against his hair.  His body burned where Mosumato’s flesh touched.

“Th-there must be something else I c-could offer you.  I… I…”  Crap, what did he have to offer?  Nemaro was out of gold, so that wouldn’t work.  He had his collection of beautiful things, but he didn’t think Mosumato would be impressed with bits of rock and feathers.  Maybe his velvets and his leathers… but he loved those!  He couldn’t just give those up!  Not even to save his ass from…this.

He squeezed his eyes shut, letting his mind panic a moment.  Mosumato is naked and  he’s planning to DO me!  SHIT!

“You are correct in thinking there is an alternative,” Mosumato said, the tip of his tongue flickering over the edge of Nemaro’s ear.

“Y-yes?”  A test, maybe?  Steal something for him?  Pay him off – Nemaro might not have gold now, but he could get it!

“I don’t believe you would enjoy it nearly as much, however.”

Nemaro’s eyes widened as a tentacle of water shot from the surface of the pond to spear a falling leaf on its pointed tip.  He gulped as he watched the limp greenery dragged underneath the surface. 

Wait, that was the alternative?  Shit!  “I- I’ll take the first choice!” Nemaro squeaked.   Mosumato’s body shifted and he moved forward to lick a bead of sweat from Nemaro’s temple.

“I thought you might prefer that.” His voice was so smug Nemaro wanted to rear back and head butt him, but the urge passed as his legs were suddenly released from the water.  He was trying to figure out how that could help him when Mosumato murmured into his ear again.  “Do you see that small boulder ahead of you?  Bend over it for me.”

 An odd tingle squirmed through him, but Nemaro couldn’t do it.  Set himself up for Mosumato to take him?  He couldn’t! 

“Do it.”  Mosumato’s voice was intense and silky smooth.  It gave Nemaro a shivery kind of chill.  “Bend over for me.”


“Now, thief.  I am losing patience.” 

Nemaro managed to shift his body forward so little it hardly qualified as movement.

“Like this.”  Nemaro grunted as he was suddenly pushed forward.  His thighs hit the boulder and before he could catch his breath, an inhumanly tough hand shoved hard on his back, pressing his chest and stomach forward onto the rock underneath him. Panicked, he pushed up frantically as he tried to escape. He could feel Mosumato’s legs against his own, pinning them.

“Let go!” he finally yelled, a part of him angry at his own lack of eloquence even as the rest of him screamed  ‘a guy is about to fuck me up the ass!’   He struggled some more, only succeeding in scraping and bruising himself against the rock he was propped on, and finally realized that nothing was happening.  The ripping pain he’d been terrified of hadn’t materialized. 

“Do you really wish to be released?” Mosumato asked gently, his other hand caressing the side of Nemaro’s ass with a harsh squeeze.  His grip was so tight it actually stung. “Do you not want to choose this as your method of compensating for the wrongs you’ve done?” 

Shit. He didn’t want to be killed! “No, th-this is fine,” he muttered, glaring at the top of the boulder near his face.

Mosumato’s grip softened and he ran his hand along Nemaro’s side.   His fingers were pond-water smooth.  “Good boy.” 

Nemaro flushed angrily as his cock responded to the erotic touch. His body relaxed automatically. Mosumato was such a condescending bastard, and he was probably looking down at Nemaro with those fierce eyes of his, thinking about what he was going to do to Nemaro’s vulnerable body.  Breaking out in a sweat that had nothing to do with the heat around him, Nemaro swallowed heavily.

He took a few slow breaths to try and keep panic and lust at bay. Yes, he was about to be taken like a girl. Th-that wasn’t so bad. Not really.  The body behind him curled forward until it was lying over his back, a huge erection pressing against his bottom.  Thick and hard, it was completely different than anything Nemaro usually associated with sex.

It was…not half bad, actually.

He shook his head.  No, it was.  It was bad!  He was going to survive this, but that was all.  He wasn’t going to…feel things! No lust, no erections, nothing.  His breathing got ragged as Mosumato sucked on the skin of his shoulder for one sharp moment.  When Nemaro whimpered softly in pleasure, Mosumato pulled back.  Nemaro realized his dick was getting harder.


Breathe.  He had to breathe.  Don’t panic. The feelings were just a fluke!

“Have you calmed, human?”

Calmed?  He wasn’t a damned horse!  And did he look like he was fucking calm?

“Oh, yeah, I’m calm as can be.  Why don’t you let me up for a moment. I’m sure I’ll be even calmer!” Nemaro cringed slightly as he heard Mosumato chuckle.  That was just plain scary. 

Hands shifted over his back until they were only lightly touching his skin.  “I’m certain you would be.  However, you will remain where you are.” Nemaro tensed to jump up and run only to have Mosumato’s hands slam down suddenly, knocking the breath out of him. 

“I said you will remain where you are, thief.  If you try to leave, if you try to move away from this position in any way, I would have to stop our play, and that would be quite unfortunate.”  One broad hand shifted up to tug playfully at the hair at Nemaro’s nape. “Don’t you agree?”

Nemaro closed his eyes as his hair was toyed with.  Stupid, arrogant prick thought he could make threats and Nemaro would just lie here and let him fucking take him?  Lie here like a good little boy and let him do whatever ever he wanted just to keep from getting killed?

So, all right, that’s exactly what he was going to do, but it was immensely irritating that the smug jerk expected him to do it. But hells, just because the general life expectancy for someone in his profession wasn’t much didn’t mean he wanted to die!  Especially not the way Mosumato killed; Nemaro had seen the gruesome results first hand, and he was not going to be one of the huge bastard’s casualties.  Did keeping himself alive make him a coward?  He didn’t think so!  It’d be a different thing if someone else had to pay the price for his compliance, but if it was only himself putting up with a little pain and humiliation, well, he’d still be alive, right? 

Wouldn’t he? 

“If I don’t move, you won’t kill me?”

“I did not say that.” The tone was much lighter than it should be with such a statement, almost teasing. It made Nemaro remember why Horu always called Mosumato an asshole.

 “W-well then why in the hells should I do a damn thing?”

“Because I promise I will not kill you today.” Mosumato's voice lowered to a purr. “And I can make you come until you scream, human.” 

Nemaro's mouth filled with saliva.  His skin tingled where Mosumato touched him and he suddenly wondered if the god was bragging, or if he knew something Nemaro didn’t.  Could he really…?

He scowled down at the rock again. Focus! This was not the time to let himself get distracted by pleasure.  Even if it turned out to be…really good sex… But no.  There was no way the god was going to make him enjoy this; it was strictly business.  If Nemaro let the god take his body, then Nemaro got to leave with his head still attached.  It wasn't fun, but it was simple.  Easy.

Not arousing or sexy in the slightest.

He cursed to himself as he lay quietly and tried to concentrate on the rocks digging into his stomach instead of the heat of the sun over his back and bottom.   Feeling both of Mosumato’s  hands leave his body, he choked as one broad hand stroked down his spine and the other slid down to fondle the cheek of his ass. A cold but skilled caress along his jaw had his eyes shift to the right to find small, fine tendrils of water gently running their tips across his face. 

I’m damn well being molested by the freaking pond.  He would have laughed except the pond turned out to be really good at molesting people and Nemaro was having a hard time not nuzzling against it. A larger icy finger of liquid brushed along the curve of his jaw, shocking but unexpectedly erotic. He couldn’t figure out why it made him quiver down deep in his gut. Cold wasn’t supposed to be erotic, dammit!

Two warm palms grasped a cheek of his bottom in each hand and squeezed. Instantly, his belly heated. Ignore it, Nemaro reminded himself. It’s nothing but hands, and male hands aren’t sexy. He thought of Horu and cursed again. So, fine, sometimes male hands were sexy, but that was entirely different. This male’s hands shouldn’t be. The sensation spread down as he bit his lip and tried to fight it off. And then it began to leak into his cock.  

“Hey!  C-cut that out!”

“Why? You seem to like it.” The water along Nemaro's jaw started to move, warming as it reached his hips.  Clinging to his skin, it slipped underneath and wrapped itself around his cock. He couldn’t help the small jerk of his hips as wet warmth enveloped him, and his cock stood up even more at the attention. “See. Your body enjoys my touch.” Mosumato’s voice was smug and satisfied. 

Nemaro hated smug. “It’s not your touch, you- you-  My body’s enjoying the water!  That’s it!  The water!  And it freaking enjoyed the water twice today already, so this has nothing to do with you, dammit!” An icy chill swept down his body as he realized what he’d just said. 

Yes, that’s it, yell at the thing that can kill you ten different ways in a blink of an eye.  I’m certain he’ll get a good laugh right before he tears you apart, you moron!

Mosumato chuckled.  “You’re cursing at me?  In your position?” Fingers dug into Nemaro’s ass and his eyes squeezed shut as he readied himself to die.  “How… intriguing.” 

I  Intriguing?  That…that wasn’t bad; that might even be good.  You usually didn’t kill things that were ‘intriguing,’ did you?  Nemaro startled and clenched his fists as a careful hand released his bottom and slid inward slightly, the pad of one finger running slowly down his crack. 

That was really, really arousing. 

Except it couldn’t be.  It was only arousing if he liked men, and he didn’t! He loved beauty, no matter the sex, but he wanted women, not men.  Women only, and the more women there were, the better the experience would be.  Frankly, he could sleep under a blanket made entirely of naked women every day for the rest of his life and that would be fine with him.

Holding his breath, he felt the warm finger run all the way down to the rear of his sac and he shivered violently, his balls pulling up towards his body.  His dick was still surrounded by heated water that squeezed in the same rhythm as the hand on his ass.  Nemaro’s cheeks felt hot as he realized that his cock was completely erect and throbbing.

What in the hells was going on?  How was Mosumato making it feel like this?

“Your skin is so white it glows like a pearl, human,” Mosumato’s hand splayed out over Nemaro’s buttocks and stroked it gently. “Especially across this delectable little ass.”

“Uh…thanks?” Nemaro’s down-turned face flushed as soon as he spoke. It wasn’t a compliment if it came from someone who was blackmailing him with his own life in order to get a piece of him! 

Was his ass really delectable though?  He’d never looked at it before.  Maybe he should ask Horu… 

Aaaagh.  Who cared!  Nemaro's ass could be a copy of the most priceless painting in a Lord’s collection, that didn’t mean he would enjoy having it penetrated!  He wasn’t enjoying this!  Why was this happening to him anyway?  Aging historians, wealthy Lords, women – he could handle them all.   But a powerful magical being who simply told him he was going to ‘make use of him’ was not something Nemaro was prepared to deal with!   Why did Mosumato even want him?

Hell, maybe this was the real reason everyone was so frightened of nature’s gods; they molested people.  They molested and…ohhhh damn, what in the hells was he doing?

Nemaro’s entire body shivered again as something icy and cool poured over the crack of his ass.  Mosumato’s hands gripped his cheeks a little more firmly, pulling them apart, and the cold slickness was instantly in between, pressing against a small opening that Nemaro didn’t think deserved that attention. 

The fucking pond was trying to get into his ass!

The feel of it changed, warming against the entrance to his body as it slipped around it in small circles.  There was a small push, the feeling of pressure as Nemaro tightened up to keep every damn drop of it out of him, and he suddenly recognized the feeling.

“You were molesting me when I was sitting in the water!” 

Mosumato leaned forward, his hands stilling on Nemaro’s bottom as he supported himself, and he licked a small spot on Nemaro’s back before biting it gently, not quite breaking the skin. Nemaro huffed slightly over the sting and the dart of heat it sent down to his groin.  The water continued moving in embarrassing and arousing slick strokes over his dick as Mosumato leaned back up. “I most certainly was.  I noticed you enjoyed that as much as you are enjoying my attentions now, little pervert.”

“I did not!” Nemaro felt phenomenally stupid, again, the second he spoke.  Here he was, trapped face down over the rocks by one of the deadliest beings he knew as he argued over something as ridiculous as whether water tickling his ass turned him on.  What was wrong with him?  This couldn’t be happening, could it? He wasn’t really here in a little water as a large blue male…aaaaaah, was trying to stick a finger in his ass!  And the freaking water had to be coating the man’s large finger, because as Mosumato started to push it inside of him, it stretched his entrance with a slickness surrounding it that he knew wouldn’t normally be there.  He squealed at the sensation.
Squealed like a fucking girl.  How humiliating.

When the finger was all the way in and the rest of Mosumato’s hand was resting on his ass, rubbing slightly, Nemaro barely managed to hold back a moan.  Son of a bitch, if it felt this way with just a teeny little finger, it was going to hurt like hell in a few minutes.  Nemaro brought up his arms and covered his head with them to avoid his instinctive urge to push away whether the god killed him or not. He wasn’t looking forward to this…

He failed to hold back the next moan as the finger inside curled and he felt his dick jerk in response.

That was unexpected. 

And it felt good.  There was no way to deny it; it absolutely, positively felt good.

Holy Crap, I’m actually getting turned on by a guy!

He sighed in relief as the finger - the curling, cursed, really good feeling finger - was slowly withdrawn.  Actually, if he thought about it, technically he wasn’t being turned on by a man.  It was just a finger, wasn’t it?  He was simply enjoying a finger.  Admittedly, it was a finger in his ass, but considering he’d just contemplated letting a woman do something like that to him, that wasn’t so bad.  He’d simply pretend it was a woman and...

Woah, more fingers!   Now that just wasn’t right. Stretching the entrance to his ass, pushing through the small ring of muscles that was trying to keep them out, those fingers hurt.  Which was supposed to be a good thing, as he in no way wanted to enjoy the attentions of another man.  At all. 

Although he really wasn’t into pain either, dammit!

The large fingers curled inside of him and his whole body shook suddenly as it sent a deep shock of something into his belly. Mosumato’s other hand ran in light strokes along his back, curving softly over his ass as Nemaro's entire body quivered. “There now, that’s better, isn’t it? Relax, thief.  There is no reason for you to flex your muscles so tightly.”

“It hurts.” Oh crap, had he whined out loud? Mosumato leaned forward to lick him again and Nemaro flinched. 

“In a few minutes, the pain will fade. You’ll hardly even notice it,” he murmured. Nemaro could feel the smirk against his skin. “Although once I am truly inside you, I am quite looking forward to feeling you grasp me as tightly as you embrace my fingers.”

“Fuck you,” Nemaro muttered, and flinched as Mosumato’s hand stilled.  Fool.  Who mouths off to a freakishly strong, water god with a hand inside of him? 

Instead of the numbing pain of vicious fingers ripping him open from the inside out, he heard a slight chuckle coming from behind him.

Still scary.

“Not the best use of your mouth, human.” When nothing painful followed those words, Nemaro sighed heavily, and then couldn’t help but clench his muscles again as he felt Mosumato pull his fingers out and slide them back in.  It was strange and not completely pleasant, but maybe not quite as unpleasant as before.  He bit his lip, still hiding his head underneath his arms as Mosumato continued to thrust his fingers in and out of Nemaro’s slowly widening hole.  The other hand was scratching lightly along his hip while water grasped his cock and fluttered softly over his lips and cheeks.  The god leaned forward and Nemaro felt him blow slightly against the back of his neck. 

It was distracting, cooling the residue of water along his cheeks as it passed.  When the warm stream of air traveled down his spine in time with a thrust of fingers, Nemaro began to move his body a little, biting his lip harder.  He gripped his own hair, unable to figure out what he needed.  Something was missing.  With each small thrust, his body focused more and more on the sensations over his dick and inside his body.  He needed…

On the next thrust of fingers he arched back, bringing the strange full feeling in deeper and he gasped as his entire body was shocked with hard, intrusive pleasure. That same feeling as before.

What was that?  He arched into the next thrust of fingers and got the same deep zing again, so gripping that he moaned deeply.  Nemaro couldn’t stop himself from trying to feel it again. His hands left his hair and gripped the slick surface of the rock under him as he tried to push back into the amazing hand that had found some secret spot inside his body.  The perfect spot, he thought frantically, trying desperately now to match the slow, slick rhythm of Mosumato’s fingers.  They slid into him over and over, causing the pleasure to build in short, spiking waves.  He was on the verge of screaming out when they stopped moving, resting deep inside his body, and he whimpered.

He waited for more movement, wriggling frantically, and sighed in relief as they withdrew.  And then they didn’t come back in!  No!  He was panting from the sensations coiling out from his stomach, from the ache that surrounded his dick and tightened his balls, and it just stopped!

Mosumato grasped Nemaro’s hips in both hands with a firm grip and Nemaro tried to figure out what was happening.  Where were the fingers?  He wanted his fingers back! 

“Did you like that?” Mosumato murmured softly.  Something blunt and big pushed against Nemaro, mimicking the beginning press of fingers, and he whined and tried to push back into it.  Mosumato’s hips pulled back. “You haven’t answered yet.  No pleasure for little thieves until they answer the question.”

Question?  There was a question?  Nemaro’s mind struggled through a sensual cloud as he tried to think of what Mosumato had been saying.  “I… aaaah… I don’t know what the question is!” 

Mosumato chuckled, pushing forward again until Nemaro could feel him on the verge of entering his body.   “I’ll assume that is a yes.  But you’ll have to answer this one, or the pleasure ends.   Concentrate, now.”

Nemaro heard ‘the pleasure ends’ and his mind tried to focus.  Water moved over and around his cock and distracted him.  Hands squeezed his bottom with a rhythmic pressure that made him want to grab onto something.  Onto someone.  He wanted to grip someone’s hair in his hands and kiss them and thrust his hips against their body and… 

“You’re not concentrating.” Mosumato murmured.  The movement of the water stopped, the movement of his hands stopped, and Nemaro keened.


“Oh, you wish me to continue?”

“Yes!” Water moved around his cock again.  He groaned deep in his throat.

“Do you wish to feel me inside you again?” Something pushed against his anus and it tingled and burned erotically.  He tried to shove back into it but the hands on his hips stopped him. 

“No…” He needed to move!

“No?  Shall I leave you like this, then?”  The pressure was removed from his ass and Nemaro cried out.

“No!  Please, I want…”

“This?” Pressure from something hot and hard pushed at him and Nemaro pushed back as best he could.  “I don’t want to be rude and enter without being invited,” Mosumato murmured.

“You’re invited!” Nemaro shouted.  “Just do it again!  What you did before, dammit!  Do it again!”

Mosumato’s hands tightened and he laughed softly as he began to push in.  Nemaro’s pleasure seeking high started to dip as it began to hurt.  He’d forgotten it had hurt at first, but something was wrong now.  It wasn’t supposed to hurt this much!  Mosumato continued to press forward and Nemaro wriggled helplessly as he felt what he finally realized was Mosumato’s water-covered cock stretching him open.

It hurt!  What had he been thinking?  He didn’t want Mosumato taking his ass!  It freaking hurt! He braced himself to push up and try to flee only to feel freezing water suddenly shoot over his back, trapping him on the rock underneath.

“Leaving when you finally have a chance to scream from sheer pleasure?  I don’t think you truly wish to do that, now do you?”

“Ye…nnnnnnnng.” The water around his cock rippled against him in rolling waves.  He shuddered helplessly. His arms went limp and fell into the water.

“I’m sorry, were you trying to say something?”  Nemaro tried to speak again and managed an incoherent moan while hot fingers kneaded his bottom.  “You still need to relax those tight little muscles, thief.”

Mosumato started moving again and Nemaro could feel himself opened wide as the entrance to his ass gave under the continued pressure.  The pleasure from his cock did something to the pain, warped it into sensation that was almost good, but it still hurt.  And it wouldn’t stop since the bastard kept pressing into him! Water flowed even faster over his privates, pulling at his balls and cock like the most talented mouth he’d ever known. The pleasure rose in waves that matched the invasive sting inside his ass.  With his eyes tearing from the pain, Nemaro couldn’t believe how much his dick still ached with the need to climax.

Damn traitor.

He cursed himself for not running when he had the chance, when Mosumato had first shown up.  Or when the bastard had been touching him and he could have simply jumped up and run.  Instead, he was stuck with a god’s cock part-way into his ass and it was huge! He couldn’t stand another second of this stretched, agonizingly full –

“Oh!” The water around his cock changed rhythm, making Nemaro’s body shake just as Mosumato sheathed himself completely.

Holding himself still, the god gulped for air.  Nemaro shivered, stuck somewhere between begging him not to stop or cursing the pathetic ring of muscles that should have kept him out.  He whimpered.

“Poor little human, am I too much for you?” 

Mosumato’s smug, amused voice stomped down the pleasure just enough for Nemaro to think. The bastard was teasing him! While he was inside Nemaro’s ass!  That…  That…

That was the last straw, dammit. This hurt! His bottom felt on fire! Nemaro growled, reaching up to yank at the tendrils caressing his face and froze as the water around his dick shifted.  He gasped. The liquid enveloped his cock, creating a drag against his flesh as though the current of the entire spring were swirling around just that one spot. 

“Oh merciful face of the God.”  His buttocks clenched around Mosumato’s cock and his entire body jolted as the liquid lubrication surrounding the large member suddenly cooled rapidly.  The fiery burn inside his ass was soothed, but having something that cold inside his body was stunning. It sent little shocks up into his belly.

“W-What are you doing?” 

“I always take care of my toys,” Mosumato murmured before the water coating his cock warmed to body temperature once again and he started to move, his thick length rasping smoothly against Nemaro’s insides as the god drew back.  Nemaro clenched involuntarily as Mosumato plunged back in, the god’s hands holding on tightly to pale, round cheeks.   Mosumato shifted his hips, and the next thrust had Nemaro’s body jump with a quick jolt of pleasure as it rubbed hard against the same spot the fingers had found before.  It was the same damn spot, only the extra pressure and depth made him feel caressed from the inside out.  Nemaro was still in mid-jolt from the next thrust when the water across his back began to move against him in caressing waves.

“Ohhhhhhh d-damn.”  Had he really been trying to avoid this?  What was he, a moron?  It was so gooood.  Nemaro started panting rapidly through his mouth in time to Mosumato’s thrusts.   

This was better than the fingers, better than… he couldn’t think of what.  He heard his own voice rising in a high pitched whine and tried to control himself. This shouldn’t be happening, but damn, this felt so amazing that people would pay to feel this!  Hot, tingling, fiery, every muscle starting to tense in anticipation of something he hadn’t even considered would be a possibility at the beginning of this - he thought he might pass out. 

Oh fucking damn that was amazing!

Mosumato began a game of shallow thrusts followed by one deep plunge.  Writhing with need, Nemaro waited for each deep penetration with more and more impatience.  The shallow bobs pushed at his opening, teased it, made it tingle and ache.  What he wanted, though, was the deep, stabbing pleasure that came when the god took him fully.  When he felt Mosumato’s groin at the back of his hips, as deep inside him as he could be, filling him up. It was stunning, stinging but he wanted it!  He needed this!

A particularly deep thrust wrought a gasp out of him and he felt all his muscles clench as he tried to thrust himself.

Ohhh damn!

“As I thought,” Mosumato said, smooth as the motions of his hips, “being surrounded by you is exquisite.”

“I don’t care!” Nemaro snapped automatically, cursing himself as all movement behind and inside him stopped. The bastard wasn’t supposed to stop!  He wasn’t done yet!

Mosumato moved, causing another groan as Nemaro felt the thick length shifting. This time when he was thrust into, it hit that small spot inside of him even more forcefully. The back and forth motion was making something hot and fierce shoot straight to his groin every time Mosumato slid against it.  He began pushing back with his hips as the pressure built inside.

Breathing heavily and gripping the rocks underneath him with each plunge into his body, Nemaro couldn’t remember anymore why this was happening.  Had he asked for this?  Had Mosumato forced him? 

Did he fucking care?

Mosumato thrust harder against his body, grunting slightly as his hips quickened, and Nemaro grew even more painfully hard.  He almost cried as the bastard causing everything slowed for a moment. 

No!  Dammit, not now!  He wanted to come!  He would give his left arm to come.  If only that stupid god would move just a little faster against whatever the hell he was setting off every time….

“Faster,” he growled.  He was sure it was a growl, not a plea like someone who didn’t know him well might take it.  Definitely a really masculine growl to get the huge man behind him to damn well hurry it up because he really – wanted – to – come – nnnnn.

“Oh Fuuuuck!” Nemaro came so hard he screamed as come shot out forcefully into the water surrounding him.  He swore he saw stars.  Mosumato pushed into him violently for a few more thrusts, slamming him into the rocks before the water god snarled and dug his fingers into Nemaro’s ass as he came. 

Breathing heavily, leaning over him, Mosumato stayed there a moment, not bothering to withdraw until Nemaro wiggled impatiently underneath him.  Damn. The man was heavy

Shit. I’m thinking just like a woman.

Mosumato pulled out and let Nemaro slide into water.  The cool liquid felt wonderful against his raw skin.

“Nicely done, human.  You performed…adequately.”  His voice was slightly hoarse.

Nemaro glared at him. Adequately?  What the hell was ‘good’ then? The glare faded and he bit his lip as he wondered…  Really, what was ‘good’? Did it get better than this?

“You may leave now, if you wish.” Mosumato patted him on the head and then turned and walked to the opposite end of the spring while Nemaro leaned unsteadily against the rock he’d just been splayed over like a side of meat.

Well, nothing like a little pillow talk to make one feel special.

Nemaro stayed very still as he watched the god dress in silvery trousers that fit tight and hung low.  Mosumato seemed to be pulling them on very slowly. Nemaro flushed uncomfortably as he realized the jerk was watching him as he ogled the man’s legs.  No, watched, not ogled.  He was simply making sure that he wasn’t going to be jumped again, like any sane person would do in this situation.  So pinked cheeks aside, he still didn’t move his eyes by one inch as Mosumato languidly pulled on a dove gray vest that left his muscular chest bare.  Mosumato stretched upwards and hummed under his breath.  After one last satisfied smirk in Nemaro’s direction, he turned and left, disappearing in between the trees, still humming a tune that Nemaro thought was about a barmaid’s screaming orgasms.  Nemaro snorted, irritated at the implied comparison, but his heart beat finally slowed to normal for the first time since he’d been surprised. 

The birds were back, chittering down at him, before his brain accepted what had happened. He was alive. He had met Mosumato all by himself, had sex with him, and he was still alive.  It was a damned miracle.  He twisted to look behind him and winced.

“Damn my ass hurts.” Nemaro shifted in the water.  He bit his lip, looking around to make sure no one had heard.  Not that there was anyone there, of course, but…well, who could blame him?  He’d just been going out to have a little soak and ended up naked with a damn god who had given him the best fucking orgasm in his life! 

How sad was that?  Stupid jerk didn’t even care, he was sure, that Nemaro had come so hard that his dick almost turned inside out.  Hell, he hurt from the inside out.  It wasn’t fair.  Although was a little pain worth it for that level of pleasure?

He squirmed, trying to ignore his body as it practically screamed, ‘yes!’

Nemaro needed to just get back to where he was going to meet up with Horu and the women and forget all about this.  Forget about most parts of this; he wouldn’t mind experimenting a bit to see if he could make himself come with such stunning force on his own. Wincing and cursing as he got out of the springs, he amended the thought. He’d like to see if he could come like this without the resulting pain in his ass. 

He started to dress as fast as he could, covering his ass and shoving his feet into his boots. A small breeze fluttered the hem of his purple, embroidered kilt as he bent over to gather up his knives.   He’d always been rather happy with the various kilts he owned.  They reminded him of the historian’s clothing that he’d grown so used to as a child, and besides, nothing said easy access like a kilt.  But right now, ‘easy access’ was taking on a slightly different flavor in his mind, and he was just a bit nervous about how air blowing up against his bottom and balls was making him feel.

Damn vulnerable.

Maybe he should start thinking about a brief loincloth as well.  He shoved his arms into his blouse as he walked, pulling it over his head and adjusting the pine green cloth carefully.  A loincloth and trousers, he thought, they might look nice on him.  And his legs wouldn’t be quite so chilled in the wintertime.  It was definitely worth thinking about.  

He was startled enough to curse loudly a few minutes later when a familiar green figure in brown leggings and tunic jumped down from the trees and blocked his path.  Oh great, now Horu showed up.  Where was he when Nemaro could have used him?

“There you are!  Where have you been?  The women got here an hour ago, you lazy ass.” Soft blue eyes graced over Nemaro’s damp hair and Horu started to smile slyly. “You are such a pervert.  You were jerking off again, weren’t you?”  Horu sniffed ostentatiously and Nemaro shut his eyes, hoping that for once, the god’s heightened senses would miss something. Opening one eye to see Horu staring at him with his mouth open, Nemaro slumped. “What the fuck have you been doing?”

“Eh, well, nothing of interest, really…”  He really didn’t want to talk about this.  It was done and over, and he’d enjoyed it a bit too much for him to feel comfortable sharing, or complaining, about the experience.

“That damn sewer water asshole fucked you, didn’t he?”

“Wha- Horu!  How can you say that?” Shit, he knew! 

“Because Mosumato's scent is all over you.  And trust me, ‘Maro, I’ve smelled you after you’ve had some ‘alone time’ often enough to recognize that, too.”

“Shit.”  He did not need this right now.

“Is it?” Horu looked him over carefully, reaching one hand out to tilt up Nemaro’s chin as he looked into his eyes. “Did he hurt you?”

Nemaro felt his cheeks heating and he couldn’t stop staring up into Horu’s face.  What in the hells? 

It wasn’t as though it was the touching. Nemaro was used to that.  He’d fought enough and been propositioned enough to be used to anything by now.  But Horu’s hand against his face was making him think of Mosumato’s fingers caressing his body and Nemaro couldn’t stop blushing!   He pulled his chin free.

“Did he hurt me?  He stuck his dick up my ass!”

“Aside from that.”

“Aside from…” Nemaro swore and blew out an irritated breath.  Sometimes, there were differences between their two cultures that he just did not understand.  Didn’t Horu see anything wrong with Mosumato fucking him? “No, aside from the dick part, I’m just happy as can be.”  

 Horu nodded to himself as the sarcasm passed straight over his head to land somewhere in the next kingdom. “He corner you in the spring?” 


“Yeah, that’s a favorite of his.”

“What do you mean that’s a favorite of his?”

“When he wants a good fuck, he always checks out a spring or a little pool somewhere near a town.  Tells some poor sucker that they’ve invaded his ‘domain’ or some horseshit like that, and then screws them silly.”

“You mean he’s done this before?” That fucking bastard!  And now he felt cheap on top of everything else!

“All the time. Mosumato’s always looking for a new toy. Although it doesn’t always work.  Why didn’t you use your head and run when you saw him coming?” The incredulous ‘how stupid were you?’ tone to Horu’s voice grated on Nemaro’s nerves, especially as he’d asked himself the same damn thing when it was too late to do anything about it.

“W-why the hell would I?  I thought he’d either kill me or leave me alone!  It’s not as though I thought that this- this-  Well, that this would happen!”

“Why not?”

“Why not?  Why not? What kind of question is that?  Who thinks that some huge, death dealing water god is going to try and take them in the ass?!”

“Anyone who finds the big pervert staring at them when they’re naked and in the water.  At least if they’re male, they do.”

“What?  What are you talking about?” 

“I’m talking about the huge blue gay god of watery-ness, what else?”

“Gay?  Mosumato is gay?”

“Obviously.   He just screwed you, didn’t he?”

“I- but I…I thought he swung both ways!  He even talked about the legion of women he has!” Someone that deadly and masculine was gay?  Nemaro had always thought a man who liked men would be, well, small and girly.  Effeminate, not scary as hell and stronger than an ox!  “He’s GAY?”

“Of course he’s gay.  He might have a cartload of women after his baby blue ass, but that doesn’t mean he takes any of them.  How could you not realize he was gay?  The stupid bastard watches your ass every time we run into him.  Didn’t you notice?”

“He’s…he’s looked at my ass?” Maybe Mosumato really did think it was delectable. “But…  How would I notice him looking at me when we’re in the middle of a fight?  I’m too busy trying not to die, dammit!”

“You have got to be blind, thief.” Horu flicked him in the temple with a finger.

Nemaro rubbed the spot and glared at him. “Well I’m sorry, but some of us don’t go around worrying over the sexual preferences of those who are trying to kill us.”

Horu shook his head, staring at Nemaro without speaking.  After a few minutes of silence, Nemaro started flushing again and Horu smiled slowly. “So he was good, huh?”

“What?  No, of course not!”

“You’re blushing awfully brightly for someone who didn’t enjoy it, ‘Maro.”

“I’m not blushing! It’s sunburn.”

“Funny how it came on so suddenly at dusk, isn’t it?”  Horu’s grin broadened until Nemaro was surprised his cheeks could contain it.

“Shut up.” Nemaro scowled at the ground. 

“I’m right though, aren’t I?  You liked it.”

Nemaro favored him with a glare and then turned back to ground, doing his best to ignore him.

“It’s okay, you know,” Horu said quietly. “It’s only sex, right?”

“I feel used.”

“Used in a bad way or used in a ‘take me again, you sexy water god’ way?”

Nemaro’s head whipped up and he punched Horu in the nose.  “In a bad way, of course!”

Holding his nose while he smirked slightly, Horu shook his head. “Are you sure about that?  Because truthfully, you don’t look all that sure.”

“Of-of course I’m sure,” Nemaro said, squirming. 

Of course he was sure, wasn’t he?  It’s not like he’d had a choice to enjoy it or not.   And it wasn’t his fault if he was a highly sensual being who just happened to find pleasure in everything sexual, even if it was something he’d never thought he’d try in a million, no, a billion years.

“Well, if you say so…” The forest god trailed off and turned to go. “I’ll be waiting back at the usual spot, if you need a minute alone,” he said lightly.

Nemaro’s eyebrows went up at his tone of voice.  Horu could smirk with his voice, too.  What was it with nature's gods and their damn smirking!

He looked after Horu before glancing back in the direction of the spring.  A rustle in the brush next to him had him trotting to catch up. Nemaro did not want to meet up with Mosumato.  No way did he want to have the huge god coming after his ass again, no matter how good things had felt.  But... maybe he’d come back to this spring another time. It had nice rocks, and the water was really clear, and -

He shivered at the remembered feeling of cool slickness pressing into his body.  Shit.  Cursing as he felt himself blush again, Nemaro shook it off and continued to hurry after Horu.

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