Fiction~~The Son of Satan

The Son of Satan

“They’re dead?!”

“I’m afraid so, Sire.”

“Those fucking idiots!  I swear I will castrate the both of them the second they revive rather than have their genes reproduce!” A goblet of wine was flung across the room, and the tall, dark-haired man caught the silver reflexively even as he bowed.  A few crimson droplets beaded against the black leather of his vest and pants before he set it carefully on the ground.

He stayed bent low as he spoke. He’d been informed what a momentous event tonight was supposed to be, and his next words would utterly destroy any hope that they could recover from this disaster. “They used gold, Sire.”

The next goblet set to be catapulted at his head ceased to exist as one large, tanned hand crumpled it into a ragged ball.  Ga’lel winced as he heard the sound.  If he were lucky, the same thing wouldn’t happen to his balls in the next few moments.  He kept his eyes to the ground, waiting.  This was one of the many, many days where he did not appreciate being the youngest advisor.  He was far too easy to discard as a sacrificial pawn.

“Refresh my memory.” Eddies of darkness began to swirl around the room, emanating from the huge man seated on the throne at the far end.  His black hair began to swirl around his head and the hem of his floor-length, crimson loincloth fluttered in the non-existent breeze.  Ga’lel swallowed uncomfortably. He would really rather not die today.

“Yes, Sire?”

“How long does it take for my sons to regenerate if they’ve been killed with gold?” The voice was deep and smooth and Ga’lel shivered.

“Five days, Sire.”

“And how many days until All Hollow’s Eve?”

An icy sweat broke out over Ga’lel’s body. “It’s tonight, Sire.”  He kept his body low and completely subservient as Satan roared and raged.  The king’s anger circled around the belief that his children were witless lunatics whose mothers must have scooped out their brains with a pitchfork.  Ga’lel, who was never inclined to argue too strenuously against Satan on a good day, could find nothing to argue about in this case.  The Dark Lord’s children were huge men like himself, black haired and olive skinned.  Decadence and cruelty dripped from their bodies more often than sweat did.

Intelligence, on the other hand, was a rare light to find in their eyes.  Not surprising, really.  They were both products of punishment rather than pleasure.  Considering that only someone insane or possessed of monstrous stupidity would go against Satan, he supposed the sons simply bred true from their mother’s side of the gene pool.

His body clenched the way it always did when he thought of the their mothers.  Satan’s eldest had been from a female demon who had thought she could manipulate herself into Satan’s graces.  He’d used her as a breeder instead, but the egotism and mindless narcissism of the mother were obvious in the son.  As for his second son…

Ga’lel thought of the second child’s mother with a visible shudder, his balls pulling up in fear as he continued his painful obeisance.  That particular demon had been another advisor who had plotted to overthrow his king.  The others in the rebellion had been killed, but as this demon had originally given his oath to serve Satan personally, he’d been allowed the chance to do so.

Drawing out the process to enjoy hours of tortured screams, Satan had physically altered the male demon’s body.  The demon had been impregnated with their Lord’s seed, another activity that had been slowed for Satan’s enjoyment, and then given to a brothel after the birth.  Ga’lel had heard recently that the imbecile was being sold as an oddity.  There were always those who wanted the unusual and bizarre, in this case, the only male in hell who could bear fruit.  With an effort, he controlled another shudder.  If he finished this conversation without becoming the second breeding male in hell, he would count himself lucky.

Self-defense kicked up his senses a notch as Satan’s voice grew in volume.  He cheered considerably when he realized that the two sons were now the target of Satan’s ire.  As soon as they revived, it seemed Satan had plans for how to kill them again.  More than once.  As long as his Lord wasn’t going to kill – and torture and maim and alter – the messenger, he might make it through this intact.

In all senses of the word.

“…now I’ll have to wait another fucking 1000 years to do this!   How could they be such fatuous, incompetent, slime- ridden shits when they knew one of them was going to get a chance to rule on earth for the next few decades!  Do they know how drunk I had to get God to get him to make this kind of concession!  His son got 30 some odd years, and MY son gets 30 years to do whatever HE wants on earth!  But he has to come out on the fucking night of fucking Halloween!  They will fucking miss it!  I am going to rip out their lungs and play them like a damn bagpipe! I’m…”

Ga’lel focused on the floor and then closed his eyes.  The stones were permanently stained with blood from Satan’s many, many tantrums.  He truly didn’t want his own staining it soon as well. Regenerating was, literally, hellish.  The focus was on the children now, but if this went on too long, it could easily expand to include him as well.

Thoughts whirling as his senses monitored Satan, he bowed so low his head almost touched the floor.  It took quite a bit of skill to do so, but he’d had plenty of opportunity to perfect the pose.  He was a natural target as the lowest advisor on the totem pole, but add in his extra height and he always stood out in a crowd.  He’d learned early to duck down low and long when necessary.  In this case, that meant almost another hour in the same position before Satan’s voice lowered to an aggravated growling.  Ga’lel’s muscles were cramped and burning with the strain. 

Winding down, Satan was silent for a few minutes while Ga’lel remained as subservient as he could manage.  His Lord finally snapped at him.  “Stand up, Ga’lel.” 

He did so with a screaming twinge of twitching muscle.

“How old are you?” Ga’lel didn’t like the speculative look in his king’s eyes.  Why did he need to know?

“237, Sire.”

“Good, you’re under 300.” Satan snapped his fingers and a small piece of parchment appeared there.  “You can still visit earth then.”

“Yes, Sire.” Why would he do so, though?  Smelly, loud, dirty - he didn’t understand the fascination it held for some of the other demons.  What was about to be asked of him?

“I would almost rather cut off my own dick than do this, but nothing is going to stop me from having a son come into power on All Hollow’s Eve, not even my two heirs killing themselves off.  Come here.”

Ga’lel walked forward, anticipating anything.  He was handed the parchment, touched briefly on the forehead with a sharp, stinging pain, and told to go find the parchment’s address, on earth. 

“You’ll find my son there.”

Blinking, he realized that he’d anticipated anything but that.  “Son, Sire?  But I’ve told you, they’re both dead.”  If Satan was insane now, he was in more trouble than he’d thought.

Hell’s first fallen angel sighed and leaned back against his throne with an irritated moan. “I know that.  Do not assume I’m as witless as my children.  I have another son on earth already.”

Ga’lel stared at him.  Gaped.  Opened and close his mouth like a fish until Satan glared at him and kicked one of the buckles on his black leather boots.  

“You have…another son?”

“Did I not just say that?  I thought his mother had promise, until she found out I really WAS Satan and not just another human playing a part.  Bitch decided to be born again and who could stand to be around her after that?  Fuck, she stayed alive just long enough after the birth to name the poor kid Adam and then cocked off.  Can you believe it?  The son of Satan, and his name’s Adam.  Life is fucked up.  But at least the kid’s alive, he’s on earth already, and all I need is for you to touch him on the forehead on All Hollow’s Eve and he’ll have a share of my power.” 

Ga’lel nodded.  He was so busy congratulating himself on not dying that he almost missed what Satan said next.  “Stay with him until he returns home.”

“Sire?  Eh. Home?  And that would be?”

Satan’s eyes narrowed and he kicked him again, hard enough have him stumble back.  “Hell!  Stay with him the thirty years he has on earth until he has to leave and come to Hell.   I’ll be there to retrieve you both, none of that crucified shit.  I don’t know what’s been going on with him lately, but he could probably use a satanic advisor.  You’re the only one young enough right now, so you draw the short straw.  If he’s satisfied with you, you can stay in his service after he returns.  If he’s not…you can come back to mine.  I’m sure our first meeting after that type of failure will be fascinating.  I might even be in the mood for a new heir.”

Ga’lel stood very still at Satan’s smile.  He felt like he’d just swallowed ice seeded with glass.  As Satan had just reminded him, in Hell, there were always worse things than death.  There was also no such thing as ‘do your best.’  Succeed, or suffer. 

He planned on succeeding.   This third son would be so damn satisfied with his service that he’d want to keep him around for a few millennia.  He’d make sure of it.

“…kid lives on his own, didn’t want anything to do with the assholes who adopted him, so there shouldn’t be any problems with interference from anyone else.”

Ga’lel nodded and clenched the parchment tightly in his hand. “I will do as you command, Sire.”

“You’d better do a good job, Ga’lel.” Satan muttered darkly, and the lower demon nodded again carefully before he turned and left.  His breathing was ragged and loud, echoing ahead of him down the hallway.   He would have dissipated to mere molecules and sped to earth the moment he exited if he could have, but he had to be outside before he could do so.  He walked as quickly as he could without running.

Only one thing needed to be his focus for the next few years: Keep Satan’s Son Happy.   If he did that, the remainder of his life might still have some value in it. 

And he’d still have his cock. 

In an attempt to calm himself, something he’d need to do for his brain to work properly again, he began to breathe deeply.  The leather of his laced vest rubbed against his nipples with each inhalation, and he snarled as he simply added arousal to the maelstrom within his body. 

Cursing and panting now, he started trotting down the hall.  The faster he got out, the faster he could get out of hell.  As long as Adam wasn’t too much like his brothers, it couldn’t be any worse than hell. His mind polished his worry to a brighter sheen as he thought of how slim the chances were of that.  Satan’s other sons had their father’s temper as well as their mother’s brains.  Was there truly any hope that this third son would be different?

Would he be required to bow and scrape as much as Satan usually demanded?  Probably, he thought with a bitter resignation.  Satan’s negative traits did seem to come out in his progeny; the next years were likely to be as difficult as the previous centuries had been.  Nodding to the palace doorkeepers as they opened the last heavy door for him, he looked up into the dark reaches of hell one last time.  He’d miss the dark.  All that blue sky and odd white clouds – creepy.  But it wasn’t like he had a choice.  He held on to the paper, and with a quick twist of his fingers, his form disappeared and he headed to earth.

Ga’lel looked at the house in front of him and checked the parchment for the fifth time.  It said that this was the right house, but it must be an error, or a lie.  Perhaps whatever methods were employed to keep track of Satan’s progeny were flawed.  He hoped Satan punished whatever had provided the misinformation rather than emasculating Ga’lel for his failure.  Unlikely, but it was all he had.

This could not be the right house.

Satan’s son would not live in a cute little cottage in the suburbs with a white picket fence and…gah, a toy garden out front with pretend gnomes and a white pearly unicorn with pink hooves.

Taking a deep breath, he leaned down to push open the little gate and walked up to the door, the buckles on his boots clanking.  It was almost 6 o’clock.  If the current resident didn’t know of Adam, or where he might be, there wouldn’t be enough time to find the prince before nightfall.

He took a deep breath and pressed the doorbell. 

“Just a minute!  I’ll be right there!” The sweet voice washed over him like a sprinkle of pink water.  The young man who opened the door matched it perfectly.  The little thing was utterly adorable; he couldn’t be long out of his teens.  Golden haired and petite, he looked up at Ga’lel with soft green eyes that widened in shock.  A mint green poet’s shirt and knee length skirt fluttered as wind blew in from the yard.  The skirt edge flirted with exposing him completely as the gust eddied around them.

Satan’s minion couldn’t stop staring.  Sweetness and light wasn’t seen in hell very often, but if it looked as lickable as this, he could finally say he understood the appeal.  If he had even an hour to spend with this at his disposable, he would take him so thoroughly the little one wouldn’t walk for a week. Maybe he could come back here and play out a fantasy or two before he went back to hell without Adam and suffered for the rest of his unnatural life.

“Ga’lel?” The boy whispered, his small fingers clinging to each other at his chest.  Pearly white teeth bit his lip as though he was about to smile and not sure he should let himself.

“Uh.” How did the morsel know his name?

The little angel’s shoulders drooped as Ga’lel remained silent. “Sorry,” he whispered softly. “I thought you were someone I knew.  Wh-What can I do for you?”

It was a moment more before he could decide what to say. Should he admit who he was, or ask about Adam?  If the young man knew him, perhaps Adam actually did live here, and someone from hell had informed him what was coming.  He couldn’t think of any other reason his name would be on the little one’s tongue. 

It wouldn’t hurt to act as though the young man knew Adam and continue from there, in either case.  A good first impression might do him wonders.  If this wasn’t one of Adam’s little playthings, he could certainly become Ga’lel’s for a few hours. 

He bowed low, swallowing to make sure he wasn’t drooling too badly.  “My apologies, sir.  You caught me off guard.  I’m Ga’lel.”

“Really?  You’re really Ga’lel?” Puppy’s eyes couldn’t even compete with this level of cuteness, he thought, feeling a little dazed. 

He nodded, barely, and a squeal cut off whatever else he was going to say.

“You’re real!  You’re really real!  I knew it! I knew it! I knew the dreams were real!  I’ve been waiting for you all day!” The boy brought his hands up to his lips while he danced in place with excited little skips.  A huge gust of wind swooped in and flipped his skirt upside down, giving Ga’lel an eyeful of a half-erect cock, slim legs, and golden curls.  There was no underwear.  He choked, staring at the hem as it drifted down, willing it to flip up again with rather desperate hope.

When his hand was taken, he allowed himself to be dragged inside. His eyes never left the ripples of cloth covering a pert backside that was only making him harder. Oblivious to the rainbow prints decorating the walls, he followed his host into kitchen.  He sat where he was told, ass planted on a petite chair with a lace cushion while his legs were splayed wide just to keep his knees from being pushed up to his chest.  Cuteness incarnate bustled around the kitchen as he watched in a hypnotized daze.

“I made some cookies for us,” Bright Eyes said happily, tying on a frilled apron.  Ga’lel moaned, his nipples hardening. When the young man bent over to pull the cookies from the oven, his soft balls and cheeks peeking out from underneath the skirt, Ga’lel thought that hell had nothing over the torment of earth.  His pants were so tight it was absolute torture.

Trying to regain his ability to think, he ate a cookie as the young man offered him one.  Hot and gooey, the heavy chocolate flavor helped not at all.  It just made him imagine laying the sweet dessert over pale skin and licking off the dark sweetness as it melted. 
He’d eaten his third cookie before he realized that the boy was watching him.  Those green eyes were focused on his face with an intensity that was a little uncomfortable.  He licked some chocolate from the corner of his mouth and saw the boy copy his movement.  He put the cookie down.

As he sat without something to occupy his hands or mouth, his few neurons started working again.  He had to find Adam.

“I appreciate the hospitality,” he said, thinking he’d appreciated the free peep show more.  “But I’m afraid I really need to find someone.  Do you…do you know anyone by the name of Adam?”

The boy smiled happily.  “Satan’s son?”

He did, Ga’lel thought, surprised at how little that made him happy.  He didn’t want to go back to hell having failed, but if this young man knew Adam, he must be taken already.  Ga’lel wouldn’t have access to him until Adam grew bored.

“I’m Adam!”  When he didn’t respond, his mouth too busy hanging open to speak, the boy giggled.  “You look like you just got kissed by your first boy!”

“Ah….”  Was this a joke?  He didn’t know that much about earth humor, so maybe this was funny

“Admit it, you didn’t know, did you?”

He couldn’t be serious.  The Son of Satan was not sitting on lace cushions in an apron kicking his legs back and forth like a little child.  He couldn’t be.

“You’re Adam?”

“Mm hmmm.” Adam nodded with his mouth was full of chocolate chip cookie.  He swallowed, licking his fingers with a delicate tongue as he watched Ga’lel.

Ga’lel thought he could hear Satan screaming in anguished humiliation inside his head.  When he saw teeny blue sparkles glint across one cheek as Adam tilted his head, he reached for another cookie.
“Uh, Adam.  I mean, Sir…” Could this REALLY be the same Adam as the one he was looking for?  He looked around at the miniature Jack ‘o Lanterns decorating the table in front of him and shook his head. “How do you know about your father?”

“Oh, call me Adam.  And I dream of him.  We talk sometimes.” Bright green eyes shone while little rosebud lips smiled.  “I dream of you, too.  I dreamed you’d be coming tonight.” Adam hopped off his chair and walked over to stand in front of him.  He looked at his face, his gaze running across Ga’lel’s body until every inch had received a few minutes attention.

“Daddy wants you to serve me for as long as I’m happy.  That’s right, isn’t it?”  Ga’lel stuttered out some type of affirmative answer, imagining what kind of service he could give.  The little thing was so innocent and sweet – if he weren’t the first one to defile him, he’d definitely be the best.

Adam clapped happily. “I’ve never had a boy toy of my very own.  This is going to be so fun!”

Boy toy?  There seemed to be some confusion in his new Master’s mind as to their roles.  Ga’lel was not toy material, a fact he could make exceptionally clear if he had a chance to touch Adam’s skin for even a moment.

“OH!” Adam snapped his fingers as though remembering something and hurried toward the door. Ga’lel shook himself free of the ruffle and sparkle induced stupor he’d fallen into.  A look outside confirmed that it was already after dark.  He needed to hurry!

“Wait, I still need to pass on Satan’s gift!”

Adam turned back around with a twirl, his skirt flaring out and exposing himself again.  “Satan’s gift?” Adam walked over, giving his hips a little saunter as he drew close.

Ga’lel stared at him, panting a little from the mouth-watering flash of skin.  He’d always been a fan of leather pants and leggings before but right now, he hoped Adam wore skirts as long as he served him.  They had more possibilities than he’d thought. 

Adam’s eyes looked darker than before as he came over until he was standing in between Ga’lel’s splayed legs.  Clothing rustling softly, he braced his hands on Ga’lel’s thighs and leaned up on his toes.  His face was inches from the demon’s when he smiled sweetly.  “I thought you were the gift.”

He shook his head quickly, leaning back.  He’d never had someone come onto him this way in his life!  He was too large; he did the pursuing.  Unless the little one didn’t understand how appealing he was, that might be it.  He licked his lips as Adam’s fingers played with the leather over his thighs, kneading with light fingers.

He must not realize what he’s doing, he thought, squirming a little.  He couldn’t possibly.  A little thing like him?  Who baked cookies and bought lace covers for his chairs?  He couldn’t possibly. 

“Ga’ le-el.”  He blinked as a small finger tapped his nose and he realized he’d been staring at Adam’s face without speaking.  “What’s the gift, Ga’lel?”

“Uh…  Satan’s power!  S-Satan wants to transfer a little of his power to you, for your use over the next thirty years on earth.”

Teeth nibbled those luscious pink lips again and Ga’lel hoped his erection was not as prominent as he thought it was.  They would taste like chocolate and strawberry.  White chocolate and strawberry. 

“But you stay here, right?”

“Yes.  As you have no advisors of your own, I c-can be in your service if you…wish.” He broke off as Adam pushed up and kissed him softly on the lips, grinding his hips against his constrained erection.  He stared at him, mouth open again in an idiotic gape as Adam pushed off and clapped his hands again like a small child being a given a sweet.

“You taste just like chocolate cookies!”


“That is so adorable!”

Adorable?  He wasn’t adorable.  “Adam…”

“So, how do we do it?”

“Do it?”  That was all it was going to take?  His nostrils flared and he started to reach up his hands to take Adam’s waist until the boy spoke again.

“Transfer the power.  The gift?”

“Oh, uh, yes.  Of course.”

Green eyes sparkled.  “You were thinking something naughty, weren’t you?”


“That’s even more adorable,” Adam whispered, coming close again.  Ga’lel reached out and touched his forehead quickly, wincing a little as the Son of Satan squeaked like a little mouse as a spark settled into his skin.  The boy was too close; he tempted him to try things that he should really not be considering with one of the ruling beings in hell.  Adam might not be in hell now, but he would be.  If Ga’lel pissed him off, he could be in for a lot of pain later.  If there was anything left after Satan finished with him. 

But he was so damn cute! 

It was making his head spin trying to figure out how to act around him!

Adam rubbed at his head.  “That wasn’t very nice.” Adam murmured. 

Poor little thing.  He was so cute he wanted to just eat him up. 

Adam stared at him.

“My apologies, Adam.” 

He wanted to take his cock into his mouth and see him writhing.

Adam’s wide eyes blinked once before his perpetual, erotic little smile was back in force.  “So, you’re supposed to help me now?”

Ga’lel bowed his head with a quick bob.  “Yes, Adam.”

“Good!” Did Adam have a dimple there?  “I have the perfect thing; I’ve been planning it all day!”

“Whatever you need.”

Half an hour later, Ga’lel stood in Adam’s living room, wondering what the hell he’d gotten himself into.

“Adam…are you certain this is what you want to do first?  You have powers from hell. You could do anything.” 

“I want to do this,” Adam said absently as he applied a pink blush to his own cheeks.  Ga’lel was glad he hadn’t added some to Ga’lel’s face, not that he needed any.  He could see in the mirror that his cheeks were already red.  He hadn’t blushed since he was less than a decade, but right now, his cheeks were crimson.

Looking at his reflection in the mirror on the wall, he inwardly cringed.  It was Halloween, and Adam had gone on and on about how much he’d always wanted to go to a costume party with a partner.  He’d gushed about how perfect it was that Ga’lel was there, just like he’d dreamed.  Now he could do it exactly as he’d wanted. 

The little one did look fabulous.  Still wearing the skirt from before, he’d done up his shoulder length hair in ringlets and added a bright red cloak with a hood.  Supposedly it was from some folk tale about a small girl in a red cloak and a ‘big, bad’ wolf.’  He’d relaxed as he’d heard what role was supposed to play, until he’d seen the costume.

Ga’lel looked at it again, flushed brighter, and looked away.  He had a pair of dark puppy ears stuck on his head with a dark headband that blended with his hair.  Other than that, there were only two other items Adam had told him to put on: a black leather thong with a dark wolf’s tail attached to the back, and a silver collar and leash.  He’d never worn something this revealing; cute little bottoms looking for protection might prance around like this in hell, but he did not.  It looked ridiculous on him!

And besides, he couldn’t believe something like this hadn’t caught fire even being brought into this house!  Every surface surrounding him had white lace doilies and cushions and lace – this house shouldn’t have black leather thongs!  It wasn’t possible!  And the feeling of the leather in between the cheeks of his ass was kind of turning him on, besides.

“Adam, this costume…”  He flicked the leash.

Adam turned from the gilt mirror and smiled at him as he came close.  “I know, it’s perfect, isn’t it?  Little Red Riding Hood and the Big, Bad Wolf.  You’re perfect!” He ended on a little squeal and hugged Ga’lel around the waist.  Feeling the small body pressed against his cock, Ga’lel’s breath caught.  Maybe it wasn’t so bad.  If it helped him seduce the sparkled temptation, he could put up with being this…exposed.  Even if it made him feel like a sex slave.

“Come on, now, the cab’s here!”

Oh yes, they were leaving like this.

Ga’lel gulped, pushing back a curtain to look out the window. Seeing human families walking with their children as they went from house to house, he could imagine little costumed hands held out for free treats while piping voices lisped ‘Trick or Treat!’ Some holidays of earth he actually had researched.

He’d already watched Adam put out a bowl of candy next to the gate with a ‘help yourself. Please take two’ sign attached.  He couldn’t go out there looking like this, though.  His arms and legs had goose bumps up and down just from the cooler air on earth, even inside the house; he’d be freezing if he went outside.  Besides, his ass was completely exposed – he wanted to hold onto what dignity he had left.

He wanted to please Adam, no, he needed to please Adam if he didn’t want to be sent back, but he couldn’t do this.  If nothing else, his erection was showing up loud and clear where it pushed fitfully against the leather.  How could Adam expect them to get out to a vehicle when he was dressed like this and there were humans outside?

“Adam, this costume… “ His voice was more tentative than he’d heard in years and he hated the uncertain feeling that came with it.  He simply wasn’t sure how to deal with this.  This was Satan’s son; he was trained to serve them.  The adorable, fashion conscious little sweetheart that now held Satan’s power on earth did not seem to be reacting as he should to Ga’lel’s service, however.  He hadn’t even asked what he powers he had yet!

Bright eyes narrowed speculatively for a moment as Adam turned to face him.  “Ga’lel, just how much power did I get from daddy?”

A measure of peace settled over him.  This, he knew how to deal with.  Finally.

“You may change the physical nature of things.  You may cause plagues and destroy buildings.  You may cloud men’s minds, or arouse their baser natures so that they betray and injure their family and friends.  You-“

“Oh that’s plenty.” Adam interrupted, waving his hands so quickly that the red nail polish on his fingertips was a small blur in the air.  Looking up at the aroused demon, his lips pursed and Ga’lel’s head was filled with the image of them around his cock.  Beautiful and soft, he imagined looking down to see them stretched wide around his member while he slid into unbelievable heat.  He moaned under his breath, trying to control himself.  Adam’s lips around the head of him, Adam’s lips delicately licking up his stomach and chest, Adam’s lips on his own – the little one had to taste sweet.  He just knew it, as bright and sweet as his face.

What would his expression be when he came?  When Ga’lel held him over his lap and lowered him onto his cock, slowly so he could savor the look on Adam’s face.  He’d be able to watch each small ripple of pleasure and pain across his face as he entered him and filled that sweet little ass.  He could feel it; so tight it hurt a little.  The small sudden grip of muscles around his dick every time it slid in another inch, as Adam’s body reacted to the sensation and quivered.  Adam’s cheeks would flush when Ga’lel had him move, letting the little one ride up and piston his own ass back down each time.  He’d be so beautiful.

Ga’lel jumped as he felt a hand cup him through the leather, and he looked down into Adam’s green eyes.  They were bright, their pupils huge as lips curved.  His cheeks were flushed.  “You really want me, don’t you?”  His hand squeezed Ga’lel’s cock as he didn’t respond right away, rubbing against sensitive flesh.  Ga’lel grunted, his hips pressing forward against his will.

“Yes,” he finally managed, his voice hoarse as his hips pushed again with a small twitch.

Slender fingers undid ties and his erection pushed free into their warmth and softness.  He shuddered as he clenched his fists and tried very, very hard not to throw Adam down and fuck him senseless.

“You want me, not just the son of Satan.  You just want me.” One fragile finger brushed over the head of his cock and he whimpered in a deep, guttural rumble. 

“Hell save me, yes.”  He would give up his status as Satan’s advisor at this point, if he could just have a chance at that perfectly built little body.   He felt so hot. 

Adam beamed at him, gripping his entire cock with his small hand, just barely able to wrap his fingers around it.  “That is so sweet, but I wouldn’t want you to do that.  I’m looking forward to having you…serve me.”

Ga’lel blinked, stunned at the thought that he’d said that out loud.  How could he have-

“Oh, you didn’t.  Don’t worry, you’re still in control of yourself.  Still my big, bad wolf.” The hand squeezed him gently. “I can just read your mind.” The bright smile and twinkle in his eyes as he said that made the admission more horrifying.  If he could read his mind, did that mean that he’d seen what he was thinking, when he was thinking…

Adam giggled, squeezing him again.  “I might have helped you along with that a little.” Ga’lel’s mouth fell open.  “Well, you said I could make men give in to their baser urges, didn’t you?   Although you haven’t given in yet.” A little pout and then a sweetly wicked grin brightened up his face.  “Maybe I just forgot that part.”

He leaned down, the red of his cloak falling of his face and hiding it from Ga’lel’s sight until he was low enough to touch his cock.  The demon felt a scaldingly hot tongue lick up his shaft and heard a low murmur.

“Come.  Right now, Ga’lel.  I want you to come all over my hand.”  Ga’lel’s body quivered as the need grew fierce and overwhelming, all at once, as though he’d pounded into Adam’s sweet body for an hour.  His entire body broke out in a sweat, his balls tightened, and seed poured out of his cock as he came hard.  Buttocks clenched with small thrusts, he couldn’t stop himself.  Mind breaking apart, he yelled hoarsely as it went on and on, pulsing from him.  His groin was on fire!  Hands scrabbling for purchase, he found Adam’s shoulders and pulled him in, yanking him close as he pushed himself against him.  Thrust after thrust, his body’s released just kept coming while he grunted and cried out incoherently.  His lungs aching, his legs shaking with fatigue, the only thing he could do was come.

And come.

And come.

“Aaaaadam!!  Pleeeease!”  It was too much!  His mind was searing away; he felt like he was dying!

He didn’t see Adam’s face; his eyes were clenched shut while his hands still gripped shoulders, pulling the small man against his body while he shoved himself against him.

“You can stop coming now, sweetie.” Adam murmured, his fingers stroking the erection that finally softened in his hand.  “Oh, that was wonderful.  You were so beautiful, Ga’lel.”  He looked up into the demon’s dazed eyes. 

With the sharp end to his release, Ga’lel stood, clinging desperately to Adam’s small body as he tried to remain on his feet.  He couldn’t speak, his body straining for air as he tried to breathe again.  His head bowed low until he touched the silky hood of Adam’s costume and he abruptly reared back, stumbling away.  He looked in horror at the semen covering his stomach and groin, his eyes shifting to see the substance absolutely covering Adam’s face and the front of his costume where he’d been pounded against Ga’lel’s cock.

Adam had made him come!  A few words, and he’d come and hadn’t been able to help himself in the slightest.  He was just as susceptible to the clouding of his mind as a human!  He’d never realized.  And now, the riding hood costume was ruined.  There was no way the young man would want to show up to the party like that, and whether or not Ga’lel had been ‘encouraged’ to come or not didn’t matter.  That type of error would call for a beating, if not the need to regenerate, in hell. 

Adam reached out, brushing his slick fingertips over Ga’lel’s wrist with a soothing little rub.  “I wouldn’t hurt you over this. It’s not your fault.  Goodness, daddy must be a bit of a bitch if this is enough to set him off.”  His eyes twinkled. “Although it is pretty fun.  Did you enjoy it, more than anything?  Come on, be honest.”

“I’d rather fill you up with my seed and hear you scream out in pleasure.”  Ga’lel shook, his body startling, staring at Adam in horror as he heard what he’d just said.   “N-no!  I didn’t mean to say that!  I don’t want to scare you!  I just want to bend you over the couch and take your sweet ass and- mmmmmmnnnddffmpph.” Ga’lel held his hands over his mouth, gripping it tightly as it continued to speak, spilling out his desires whether he wanted it to or not.

Adam’s cheeks were pink, although he licked his lips slowly, his eyes running up and down Ga’lel’s body.  His perpetual smile sparkled as brightly as his pale eye shadow. 

“You can stop being honest now.”  Ga’lel’s hands fell from his mouth.  He couldn’t take his eyes from Adam.  He’d never had anyone do something like this to him.  Adam could read his mind?  Make him come, make him do whatever he wished?  Ga’lel towered over the diminutive blond; he could have broken his neck with a quick twist of his hands if he hadn’t been Satan’s son.  Now, he felt, for the first time in his life, completely helpless.  Even Satan didn’t make him feel this way.

The worst of it was…the nerves and worry over what Adam was going to do next were racing over his skin and he was getting hard again.  The thought that Adam could do this to him was actually arousing him.  Adam was messing with his mind again!

“Not this time.  That’s all you, sweetie.” Adam smiled, bouncing forward to look up into Ga’lel’s face. “You are totally turned on by this.  We’re going to have so much fun together!”

Ga’lel took a step back.  “But…your party!  You wished to go to a party.”

Hands waved again, dismissing the previous plans.  “I can show you off later.”

“Y-your clothing…I’ll wash it for you.” Ga’lel offered desperately. “I should clean it now so it doesn’t ruin the cloth.  I’ll-“ He sagged as Adam giggled and snapped his fingers.  Every stain disappeared in an instant.  Another snap, and Ga’lel’s own leather clothes did the same.

He yelped in surprise.  He was completely nude!  Completely…so why was he feeling something brushing against his ass?

He twitched his tail, worried, and his eyes widened.  A frantic look behind him showed a dark, bushy wolf’s tail, flowing out from his spine just above his ass. 

“What?!  What in Hell’s name is this!?” 

Adam clapped his hands gleefully.  “You look so adorable!  Oh, the ears!  I’ve got to do the ears too!”

“No, wait-“ Another snap and Ga’lel’s hearing changed, sounds taking on a brighter pitch, and he could feel ears twitching in time to his tail.  He reached up and grabbed at the soft furry things, wincing as he pulled to hard.  “What have you done to me?”

“You are the cutest little bad wolf I’ve ever seen!” Adam nearly skipped as he went around Ga’lel.  When Ga’lel turned to keep him in sight, he felt a small slap to his backside. “No, hold still, I want to see how you look.”

He froze, unable to move.  “Adam!  What did you just do to me!?  I have – what did you do?!”  His knees almost buckled as smooth skinned hands stroked down his spine and over his tail.  “Ohhhhhhh.”

“Hee, it makes you horny!  You are just so precious.” Both hands began to stroke the new appendage and he quivered.  It felt almost as sensitive as his dick! With a soft pat to his bottom, Adam moved away to walk back in front of him.  “You can move again.”

“Adam!  Please, take them off!”

“Oh don’t worry, it’s just for Halloween.”  Ga’lel felt himself start to panic.  He didn’t want a damn set of weird ears on his head!  He didn’t want a tail!  He didn’t want this!  “Shhhh, don’t get so frightened. I’m not going to hurt you.”

“I’m NOT frightened!” he scowled.

“I’ll be really gentle.” Adam said softly, walking towards him.  He couldn’t stop himself and backed away.  There was a small smile, as if mocking him nicely for the fear that he knew was there but wasn’t about to admit out loud, even if Adam could pick the thought from his head.  “If you’re really good and play along, I might even let you take me over the couch later,” he said with a little wiggle of his hips.

Ga’lel’s mouth watered and he glanced at the plush thing waiting in the middle of the floor.  He would?  Maybe Ga’lel could keep his thoughts to himself for a little while.  If he could have him later.

Adam leaned against him and Ga’lel looked down into his flushed, seductively beautiful face.  He jumped as he felt hands against his naked cock and was reminded again that he was completely nude.  It made his own cheeks ruddy. 

“You can bend me over, and hold onto my ass and take me hard.  I like it that way.  If you’ll just play along for now.  That’s not too much to ask, is it, sweetie?”

Ga’lel swallowed.  “No.” his voice squeaked a little and he cleared his throat.

Adam took hold of his hand with a happy squeal and began to drag him out of the room towards the back of the house.  “Goodie!  Come on, then.” He looked back over his shoulder at Ga’lel and smiled, suddenly so seductively sensual that Ga’lel’s breath caught.  “I think the big, bad wolf has been a very bad boy.”

Ga’lel held back a little, but it didn’t seem to slow down Satan’s Son in the slightest.  A bad boy?

Adam skipped along, Ga’lel’s arm bouncing up and down with him as it was pulled along.  His voice sung out cheerfully.  “Let’s go get the pa-ddle.”

“What?!   Paddle?  Adam, I don’t want-“

“Don’t worry.  It’ll feel wonderful when your skin is stinging underneath you and I sit on your cock.” Adam promised, looking back at him.

Ga’lel choked.  “But-“

“And it’ll make me really, really hot.”

“Oh.  But –“

“Did you know you have the prettiest bottom I’ve ever seen?”

“Uh.  N-no.” He looked back at himself, saw the wolf’s tail, and winced.

“You know you’ll like it.” Adam said with another candy-coated smile, and Ga’lel flushed.

“Uh…” Adam’s fingers toyed with the palm of his hand.  “Uh…  Really?”

“Come and find out.” The door closed behind them.

Satan turned off his mirror with a wave of his hand, laughing to himself.  Poor Ga’lel; he was in for quite a time of it over the next few thousand years.  And the sap had bought the entire story.  He was really far too nave to stay in hell.  Probably a good thing that he’d have a protector now – a big body only kept you safe for so long.

If the Lord of Hell weren’t so good at his job, he might have been surprised that it all came off so well.  Ga’lel actually believing the story the other advisors fed him had been the only potential flaw, and the gullible demon had bought it hook, line and sinker.  It was amazing that level of gullibility still existed in one of his own staff.  God hadn’t agreed to let Satan have a son get into power since the world had been populated; how likely was it that he’d do so now?  How likely that Satan wouldn’t have thought of getting him drunk before now?  He should feel insulted that the lad had so little faith in hell’s leadership.  He was sure his sons would feel insulted when they revived, if they had enough brains to realize how easily their mock battle had been believed.  Of course, he’d give them a few of the best of his whores as a reward and they’d forget all about it.

Adam should be happier now, he thought, smiling as he thought of his favorite son. His child might not be next in line to rule earth, but Satan hadn’t lied about the thirty years.  Adam only had a limited time there before God would allow him to leave and be with his family in hell.  Satan would have taken him earlier, if he could.  It had been so very hard on the boy, having to stay on earth while his dreams showed him what he was missing.  It was nice to be able to finally give him proof that the world his mind envisioned was real.

And he’d received the birthday present he’d asked for during their last shared dreaming: a little more power, and something ‘special’ that he could keep as long as he wanted.  The power might only be effective against Ga’lel, but he had a feeling Adam wouldn’t mind. 

Ga’lel had been a damn good advisor, but it looked as though he was going to make a much better permanent plaything for his son. 

Now, if only he could find one of his own…

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