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Ice Wind's Bride
Chapter 4 - Talking to a Mule

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“We can take two horses over the foothills and-“

“No.” Bey didn’t bother looking at Silva as they walked their rounds.  It drove Silva insane.

“We’ll have money.  I’ve sold my goblet collection to councilwoman Smeethe.”

“Good for you.  Buy yourself some ale and get ripped.  Or better yet, buy something to tie your mouth shut with, because your voice is beginning to irritate me.”

Bey pushed himself forward, his stride carrying him along so quickly that Silva had to increase his own pace just to keep up with the smaller man.  He would have accused him of trying to run away from their problem, but Bey was always like this when he was irritated.  Better they did their rounds twice in half the time than Bey find some other outlet for his energy.  Although a good fight might do them both some good.  At least it might tire Bey out enough that he’d have to listen.

“I checked with the caravan from Tierna that came in last night.  They said both Nor and Tien Si are looking to increase their city guards.  There should be no difficulty in –“

Bey muttered something under his breath and turned into a small alley no more than two paces wide.  Silva immediately shut up.   Hand on his pommel, he followed warily.  Eyes peering into the pale, mid-day shadows for what had caught Bey’s attention, he was completely surprised when Bey suddenly turned and slammed him into a stone wall. 

With a snarl, Bey shoved his face into Silva’s and kissed him sharply, a stunning, blade-hard assault of lips and tongue. Fingers worked the fasteners of Silva’s vest, pulling them apart until Silva could feel the harsh fabric of Bey’s cording against his nipples.  And then Bey pulled back and started to yank at the ties to Silva’s pants. 

Silva grabbed his hand and shoved it away. “Bey, this isn’t the time…” He swore as Bey simply switched hands.

“I told you, shut up.  Actually, let me do that for you.”

Bey’s mouth slammed back down onto his and Silva brought up his arms to shove him away.  He couldn’t understand why his hands decided to grip Bey’s shoulders instead.  It had to be the man’s tongue, he thought, his head swimming.  It was more seductive than a professional prostitute’s. He moaned faintly as it slipped its way into his mouth, raping him with a gentle touch at odds with the hard pressure of Bey’s lips.  Then the slickness was gone and Silva yelled out as he was spun around. With a quick hiss, his loosened ties were yanked open and his pants were around his knees.

“Bey!  This isn’t the time to be…”  He finished on a gasp as Bey gripped Silva’s cock with a hard hand.  A few strokes later and the man bucked against his body, sliding thick and hot between the cheeks of his ass.

Silva moaned again, his face pressed against the wall.  The rough stones of the alley disappeared as his body focused on the heavy thrusting against his backside and how it pushed him into the hard, callused hand around his cock.  His determination to get Bey to leave, his anger and frustrating, everything drained away.  And then he felt Bey nudging at his body, seeking entrance, and he damned himself for arching back to let him in.  He could only gasp when Bey took him up on his invitation. 

His breath came in sudden pants, expelled violently every time Bey thrust into him.  His hands clutched at the wall, scraping at the rounded stones desperately for purchase he couldn’t find.  There was no finesse, just Bey’s hips and his cock and the deep, burning ache in Silva’s belly and the grip around his cock.  He bit his lip rather than cry out as he felt his orgasm hit him so quickly it was shattering, Bey’s body still slamming into him with quick, jerking snaps.  Bey grunted against his shoulder as he finished, pressing his entire body against him, the heat where they joined burning compared to the cool, heavy fabric from their clothed bodies.

Silva rested his forehead against the cobbled wall, trying to catch his breath.  With a careful shifting, Bey pulled out from his body, and Silva could hear him doing up his pants.  The noises from the marketplace slowly came back into focus.  With shaky legs, Silva turned around, still leaning against the wall.  Bey looked him over, watching his face carefully before smiling.  With a sudden cheerful whistling, he turned and started towards the end of the alley.  He turned back just before he was out of sight, leering at Silva’s half naked body. 

“Told you I’d take care of shutting you up.  Pretty damn good at my job, wouldn’t you say, Princess?”

An elderly male couple walked by at that exact moment and stared. Silva’s attempted growl ended on a yelp as he grabbed frantically at his pants to try and cover himself.  One of the old men, a green clad wood-cutter with biceps that were still impressive, turned to look at Bey and shook his head.

“Deplorable.  That is utterly appalling,” the old man said, shaking his finger at Bey. Silva’s hands flew as he tied his pants hastily, trying to make it out before Bey laid into the man.  The lecherous idiot had no shame, and no patience for those who tried to force such a quality on him.

“Look at his chest!” The man pointed as though it was unclear who he might be talking about and his quavering voice lashed out.  “It’s abraded!  What were you thinking?!  Next time, use that wall over by Noble Commons – it’s got moss on it so you won’t scrape his skin.”

Silva froze half-way down the alley, staring at them with his mouth hanging open as both oldsters nodded decisively.   Glancing down at himself to see the reddened skin he hadn’t even felt himself damaging, he flushed deeply. He heard Bey choking and thanking the man, snorting as the men muttered angrily to themselves as they left.

“Boys these days.  Can’t believe how little concern they have for their partners.  In my day we were considerate when we fucked a young man out in public.”  His partner nodded in agreement while they walked away and Bey started laughing before they were even out of earshot.

He looked back at Silva, smirking.  “I guess I need to apologize.  I’ll be much more considerate the next time we fuck in an alley.”

“Shut up, Bey.”

Silva stomped passed him and made sure to elbow him in the gut and step on his toes as he passed.  Bey simply grinned at him after one surprised grunt.

“You know, we’re on duty near Noble Commons tomorrow, we could-”

“Do not finish that thought.”  Silva glared at him as Bey stepped near. “Deviate.”





Bey grinned broader.  “And now all my lechery is for you, my delicate ice Princess.”

Silva’s fist shot out and caught Bey by surprise, knocking him into an apple cart.  He kept walking as the shopkeeper and Bey began cursing at each other while his partner tried to pull his foot free from the wooden spokes of the cart.

Leaving Bey here for his father to find was extremely tempting.


“They’ll castrate you,” Silva said, trying to keep his voice low and still loud enough to be heard over the other patrons at the bar.

“They can always try,” Bey said casually, sipping at his beer with a bored slurp.

“Don’t be so dismissive.  Think about this seriously, Bey!  What would your life be like once that happened?  No sex, ever again.”  Bey ignored him to look around the bar, his eyes lingering on a young man’s ass as the servant bent over to wash one of the nearby tables.  Silva felt his heart pound painfully as he noticed it. His own reaction made him even angrier. 

It wasn’t as though he wasn’t aware of who Bey was.  Sex might have entered their relationship with a sudden, concussive bang, but for Bey, that’s all it was.  Silva had no illusions about that. Now that his anger had dissipated, it looked like Bey wasn’t going to do anything about their marriage but use it to his advantage for a little while, and then he’d be off flirting and enjoying himself when he was tired of it.  That’s just the way he was.

And Silva wanted to ensure that he could continue existing that way, whatever his personal feelings over it were, if only the stubborn pervert would cooperate!

“Will you pay attention, Bey!  This is your cock we’re discussing here!  I’m sure you would rather it be referred to as a sausage, not literally become one!!  And you cannot tell me that you would be sitting here so calmly if you truly believed you could lose your cock.  Think!  What would you do, if you knew someone was coming to cut it off tomorrow!”  Silva shoved the beer out of Bey’s hand and it sloshed over the table.  Bey turned to look at him finally, his eyes clouding. 

“We need some privacy for this conversation,” Bey said darkly.  He flipped a coin to bartender, nodding towards the stairs, and got a hand gesture for the red room.  Silva composed himself.  At least now Bey might listen to him.  He centered himself, burying the upset and nerves over the fact that it had been three days already and they were still here.  Maybe now he could convince his stubborn bride to remove himself from the immediate area.

Bey opened the door and gestured him gallantly inside.  Silva eyed him suspiciously – Bey wasn’t gallant unless he wanted something – but he stepped across the threshold.  The man’s quirks were nothing new, and Silva could give up quite a bit at this point, if only Bey would agree to leave.   He regretted his easy acceptance of his friend’s odd behavior as he was sent sprawling to the floor with a sudden, hard shove against his back.  Hearing the door slam, Silva managed to roll over just as Bey straddled his body and pinned him.

Warm, heavy muscles sat on his cock and Silva swallowed.  He stared into Bey’s eyes, their pupils huge as they glared at him, and it felt like his heart literally stuttered as it beat against his chest.

“You wanna know what I’d do if my dick was gonna be cut up tomorrow, Silva?  This is what I’d do.”  Bey moved his lips towards Silva’s and it took everything the silver-haired man had not to moan before they even got there.

They needed to leave.  They needed to talk.

But those lips were like a drug.

“Bey, we need to…”

“When are you going to learn to just shut up,” Bey murmured, and his lips came down on Silva’s like the wrath of a lustful god.


Two more days and two more botched discussions later, Silva was desperate enough to challenge Bey physically.  If he could overpower him, he could take the man out of town whether he liked it or not.  They had lost too much time as it was, already.

He waited until they were off shift, heading out towards the nearest tavern.  It was a crowded night, but moonless.  A good night for stealth.  The dark made it easy to catch Bey unaware, knocking the wind out of him as Silva slammed him into a wall.  Bey still managed to catch him behind the leg as they struggled, however, and they both went sprawling.  Hands, feet, heads, teeth – it was dirty fighting on both their parts.  And completely pointless.  By the end, neither one was able to do anything but curse at each other through swollen lips, and they had to wait for the guard on shift to spot them and get them help back to their room.

The guard’s physician confined them to quarters for two shifts, but at least the commander wrote it off as a ‘newlywed quarrel’ and told them to keep their little spats less physical next time. 

Watching Bey the next day, as they both walked around like elderly men until they took the powder the physician had left, Silva was reminded of one last option to gain Bey’s compliance: drugs.  He wouldn’t have to struggle with Bey at all, if the man was unconscious when they departed.  So when his friend went to bed early that night, groaning and whining about what hurt, and where Silva should kiss to make it better, Silva went out and contacted the apothecary for advice.  For nearly a quarter of the gold he’d collected for their trip, she was willing to sell him two of the more potent herbal sedatives she had.  They should keep Bey out for at least a day, possibly longer.  All he’d have to do was slip it into his morning ale.  It shouldn’t be too difficult.  Bey was always very social at public meals, chatting and flirting with everyone around him.  He barely noticed what he put in his mouth.  It would be easy.


Silva woke up with his mouth feeling like grated paper.  Blinking in the faint light of dawn seeping through the window, he tried to remember why.  Had he been drinking again?  He didn’t recall indulging himself.  Ever since he and Bey had-

Bey!  His attempt to sit up ended with a harsh jerk as his hands refused to move from their position above his head.  He looked up quickly, saw his hands tied to the frame of his own cot, and started pulling.  His attempt to move his feet ended as almost as quickly, and he realized they were tied as well.  What had happened?  Had Father found him?!  Where was-

There was a muttered groan near his ear and a heavy arm slid across his nude chest and curled around his ribs to cuddle underneath his back.  He could feel the warmth of another body press against his side. One muscled leg flopped over both of his with another deep grunt. 

Silva shook his head as his attempt to call his partner ended up as a strangled, ferocious mutter.  There was a gag in his mouth!  Something ragged and feathery and – he inhaled through his nose and almost sneezed – smelling of dust.  Bucking his body up, he managed to dislodge the leg across his own but the arm merely tightened.  He squirmed, writhing angrily.  He knew it was Bey embracing him, but why?

His brow furrowed as he struggled with thoughts that still felt heavy and thick.  He could remember Bey drinking the doctored ale.  It had been ridiculously easy to slip it in.  He’d toasted a few minor events, to make sure Bey drank it as quickly as possible, and then… what had happened?

He squirmed again, trying to get out from under Bey, and stared into irritated blue eyes as the man leaned his head up to glare at him.

“Shhhh.  I’m trying to sleep here, Silva.” The dark head flonked back onto the cot and Bey moved in close again, nuzzling against Silva’s exposed armpit.  He licked the hollow with a light flick and Silva shook wildly.  His entire body convulsed.


Bey chuckled and licked again.  “I didn’t know you were ticklish.  Oh, I can have some real fun with this.”

Silva threw his body against his restraints so hard the cot almost tipped over and Bey grumbled, pulling back.

“Crap, you’d think you’d never been tied up and drugged before.  What a baby.”

Silva stared at him as he yawned and sat up.  Bey stretched his arms above his head unselfconsciously, scratching under his jaw afterwards.  He popped his neck so loudly Silva winced.  And then he turned, bracing his body over Silva’s and sitting down until his naked ass pressed directly on Silva’s member.  One hand on either side of Silva’s head, he brought his face so close that Silva finally got a good look into his eyes.

He honestly wished he hadn’t.  Bey was looking exceedingly unhappy.  Furious might be too strong a word, but not by much.  Silva wished he were anywhere but helpless and underneath the man.

“You shouldn’t try to serve a dish you can’t stomach yourself, Silva.  Don’t you know that by now?”  Bey said quietly.  Silva groaned.  Damn.  Bey had managed to drug his beer somehow instead.  The lecher leaned down and licked lightly at Silva’s jawline.  Silva started to get angry himself as Bey’s tongue ran smoothly over soft, slick skin. 

It shouldn’t have been smooth; he’d been growing his beard back in.  The insufferable baboon had shaved his face again.


“Such language.  I wonder if I should punish you for it.” Silva’s eyes widened.  Bey’s voice was soft and teasing, but he still looked on the edge of a fight.  Silva bit back a yelp as Bey’s hand moved and he felt a sharp, stinging pinch on the side of his backside. 

“Now, I’m going to take off the gag, Princess, and we’re going to have a nice, long talk.” His hands were moving before he finished speaking and Silva worked his jaw around as the filthy fabric was untied and tossed to the floor.


Bey raised an eyebrow and sat back, pressing his ass onto Silva’s cock and grinding down. Silva closed his eyes, groaning slightly at the urge to thrust that swept over him. 

“Bey, don’t be such a degenerate lecher.  My mouth is dryer than the Siletti Plains.  I need water.”

Bey ignored him for a few moments, rolling his hips so that Silva’s member was gripped in the cleft of his ass.  When Silva gave in and pushed up with his hips, Bey stopped and hopped off with a victorious grin.  He brought back a small cup, holding it near Silva’s face.

“Say please.”

“Bey, this is childish.  Let me up and-“

“Say please, Silva.  You want the water, you can at least show me those manners you always trot out for everyone.”  Bey took a sip, gulping ostentatiously, and Silva licked his dry lips.

He glared at the man standing over him.  “You are the most irritating, petulant, ridiculous –“

Bey took another sip and Silva shut up.  “Don’t stop on my account.  Really.  Go ahead.  I might get thirsty enough to drink the entire glass by the time you’re done, but don’t let that stop you.”

Silva grit his teeth.  “Please.”

With a triumphant grin, Bey lifted Silva’s head and took another drink.  Silva was about to protest when the man sealed his lips to Silva’s and let the cool liquid slide in with his tongue, curling around Silva’s dry mouth.  He pulled back with a frown and rubbed a thumb over Silva’s chapped lips.

“Damn, Princess, you really are dry.  Sorry about that.  I didn’t realize.”  He held the cup up to Silva’s mouth, suddenly all business, and let Silva gulp the entire glass awkwardly.  He refilled the cup and repeated it until Silva finally said enough.
The stared at each other, both nude and half-erect.  Silva pulled at his bindings again, making the cot creak.  “Bey, let me up.  Whatever idea you have in your head, this isn’t the way to solve it.”

“I’m not trying to solve anything.  I’m just making certain you don’t try to jump me in my sleep,” Bey said calmly, sitting down on the edge of the cot and laying his hand over Silva’s stomach.  “Considering you were trying to knock me out, you can’t blame a man for being a little wary about falling asleep next to you.  Who knows what you were going to do.”

Silva looked him over carefully.  He didn’t seem to be joking.  “You know what I was trying to do.”

A head shake answered him while Bey’s fingers circled his naval absently. 

“If I knew, I wouldn’t have tied you up.  I’m assuming something sexual, which I could most certainly accommodate you on, but it could be something a lot less interesting.  In that case, you’re likely shit out of luck, Silva.  You know you shouldn’t try that sort of crap with me.   I’ve been drugged and fucked silly by sneakier men than you could ever be.  And besides, your stealth is more like a tiger trying to hide in a henhouse.”

Silva winced.  He was certain he hadn’t been quite that obvious, but it had been enough to tip his hand to Bey, obviously.  He tugged at his hands again. 

“Untie me and we can discuss it.”

Bey stilled and he smiled.  Fingers drifted lower, tangling around silver curls. 

“Not going to happen, ice-top.  Or maybe I should change that to ice-bottom, considering your position. “ His fingers wrapped around Silva’s cock and gripped tightly, pulling back on the foreskin slightly.  Silva tried to twist away. 


Bey’s hand released him and slid down further, curling around his balls and burrowing between his thighs.  Silva clamped them tight and trapped his hand.  Using the opportunity, Bey tickled the underside of his thighs until Silva couldn’t help himself and started squirming and laughing uncontrollably.

The hand was pulled away with a snort.  “Most ticklish damn man I’ve ever met.   Come on, now.  Tell Uncle Bey what he wants to know or he might have to put you over his knees, eh?” 

Bey’s eyes finally lost a little of their edge and they drifted down while his lips twisted in that way Silva knew meant he was thinking of something carnal. 

“On second thought, keep your mouth shut.”

“Dammit, Bey.  Curb whatever sexual deviance is coursing through your head, you lecher.” 

“That wouldn’t do either of us any good.  Don’t you remember what Dik’s matchmaker told him?  Couples should be completely open with each other.  They should share their thoughts and feelings.  And I’m sure that the feeling in my hand should be shared with your ass as soon as possible.”  He grinned slowly, hands reaching down for Silva’s legs again.

Silva snarled.  “Bey!  Do not think you can simply continue on this path without a great deal of pain later.”

“Sure.  You’re welcome to return the favor sometime, if you can get me pinned.  I can appreciate a good spanking as much as the next man.” Bey said it so casually it took Silva a moment to comprehend what he’d just said.

“You-  You’re not serious?”

“Of course I’m serious.  Like I said, you don’t serve a dish you can’t stomach.”

Silva shook his head.  “Well I don’t care to serve this particular dish at all, nor to have it served to me!  Bey…stop this.  You know why I was trying to-  We need to leave.”

Bey stopped.  “I knew you’d given in too easily on that.”

“We beat each other unconscious!”

“Only once.” Bey shrugged. “Surprised me that was enough to stop you, but I didn’t expect you to try and drug me.  You’re not usually so sly.  What, did you think you could persuade me while I was out cold?”

“Don’t be an idiot.  I have two horses ready to carry the both of us out of here.  I planned to have you over a day out of town by the time you woke up!  I don’t care at this point why you leave, you simply need to!  You’ll be killed if you stay here, you mule-headed fool!”

Bey shook his head and sighed, turning as the bells sounded in the courtyard.  “Ah, time for our shift.  Too bad.  We could have had some fun.” He untied Silva as though they’d merely been discussing their commander’s latest mistress and Silva rubbed at his wrists in frustrated silence.  He kicked Bey in the stomach as soon as his legs were free, ashamed to admit that he enjoyed seeing the man fall down and dry heave. 

Still kneeling, head close to the ground, Bey reached out and pulled on the cot, toppling it over.  Silva gave a startled shout as he slammed into the wall.

“Get dressed, Silva,” Bey coughed, getting to his feet.  “Or I really will find a way to spank you, bells or no.”

“We need to LEAVE, Bey.” Silva’s voice was just as hoarse as he clambered over the wreck of his cot.  He thought three of the leg spindles were cracked through.  “It’s been over a week now.  We’re almost out of time.”

Bey shook his head as he shoved his legs into his pants. The muscles of his chest shifted and drew Silva’s gaze. “You are the most exasperating gloom merchant I’ve ever met.”

“You don’t understand how dangerous-“

Bey turned, his hands clenched on his hips.  “Silva, understand this.  I don’t care how dangerous your father is, or your brothers, or uncles or whoever else is coming for you and your tight, little ass.  I’m not going to spend my life running.  You run and you just end up overlooking the snake in your path or setting off the panther in the underbrush.  You warned me they were coming, and that’s all you need to do.  I’m a grown man, and I’m on my guard now.  If they think they’ll be coming after some May boy who’s an easy kill, they’ll be in for a surprise.”

Silva stared at him, his stomach sinking.  He could see Bey’s point, why did Bey refuse to see his?   Sighing, he watched the man move as Bey walked over and offered him a hand up.  Silva took it and moaned as Bey slipped his hand behind Silva’s head as he stood and kissed him hard enough to bruise. The musky smell of the man’s sweat had his cock swelling painfully again. He could feel his nipples harden against Bey’s chest as his mouth was rimmed and penetrated for so long that he struggled to breathe. Staring and blinking was all Silva felt capable of as Bey let go.  The man licked his lips with a satisfied sigh.

“Now stop picking at this every damn minute. We’re supposed to be married, and you’ve been so tense we haven’t had sex since the first damn night.   Relax or you’re going to injure something.”

“Haven’t had… “ Silva sputtered weakly.  It felt difficult to talk.  “Haven’t had sex?  Have you forgotten the alley?”

“That was an impulse fuck.  Doesn’t count.” Bey waved his hand dismissively before slipping on his tunic.  Silva’s mind recovered, found a little of itself, and his irritation returned along with it.

“The night at the inn.”

“Frottage is not sex.”

Silva’s eyes narrowed as he caught the clothing Bey tossed his way. 

“Ton’s party.”

“Two person circle-jerk.”

“The guardhouse.”

Bey suddenly grinned, leaning against the wall while he waited for Silva to finish dressing.  “That was a pretty sweet rim job, wasn’t it?  I never knew you could scream that loudly.”

Silva flushed darkly.  “But you admit it was-“

“I never finished, remember?  You woke everyone up and they all came over.”

Silva pulled his tunic over his head to hide a deep blush.  “Oh yes.  I’d forgotten,” he murmured.  “But all the times in our room we’ve-“

Bey was already shaking his head, counting off on his fingers. “Two deep throats – you’re welcome, by the way – one hand job, another rimming, and two episodes of groping to climax.  No penetration of either sets of asses.”

“Because I’m too tense.” Silva said, the irony completely lost on Bey.

“Yeah.  You need to loosen up. I can definitely help with that.” Bey smiled again, sending a shiver down Silva’s spine.  “We’ll deal with your family when they come.” 

Silva could barely nod, but he managed it.  He shouldn’t be surprised that Bey had his own warped standards for what counted as a sexual encounter, but he still wasn’t dropping this.  Bey might be right about not running, in a way, but Silva could at least ensure Bey was safe and protected  before he confronted his own father.  If he used some of his savings and hired enough people to kidnap him, maybe... 

Past the southern countries, he’d have a hard time getting back, and knowing Bey, he likely wouldn’t bother.  Silva could probably find someone reliable enough to take him there.  He’d be furious, of course, and happy to beat Silva bloody if they came across each other again.  But Silva knew he’d be safe.  Traveling back here to find Silva was simply not in his makeup.  The man didn’t make close connections that lasted across distance; he’d lost touch with every man who’d left the guard, usually within months.  He was always too rooted in his immediate surroundings to worry overly much about what was outside of his influence.  Vengeance or friendship weren’t enough to make him return all that way.

If Silva got him out of the way, and then gave himself up to father, Bey should be safe.  He grit his teeth as he realized what that would entail.  He’d get a few beatings, likely quite a few if they tried to find out where Bey was, but maybe it was time to stop running and confront the old graybeard.

“Well.  What are you daydreaming about now?” Bey stood by the open doorway, watching as Silva stood fully dressed, staring into the air. 

Silva shook his head, passing him as he quickly walked out the door. “Just thinking.”

He didn’t see Bey’s suspicious look following him as they headed down the hallway.

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