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Twisted's Happy-Freaking-Ending Fiction List

All stories on this list are gay, slash, or yaoi romances. There may be a few transgender romances as well. All can be found free on-line. All are complete. Also, I’m not rating these from ‘good to bad,’ but rather for what flavor of ‘happy’ they have, to make it easier for a reader to choose what you may be looking for.  Not all categories have stories to go with them, as yet.  Considering that the stories here are rated by how they make you ‘feel,’ this list is subjective as all hell, too.

Also, note the title, please. This is a rec. list that is ALL about the happy ending. Which means, of course, that it has a bit of a spoiler for the story itself: they end happily. For me, that means the romance worked out and the characters are happy.

I try to check the links periodically, but as we've all experienced, a URL can change overnight. Feel free to let me know if you find a bad link. And anyone is always welcome to email me a story recommendation for the list, although I can't guarantee it'll be added. It needs to have original world and characters, be available free on-line, completed, and have a happy ending to be considered.

And lastly, a big thank you to all the people who have recommended these stories and others to me. This list wouldn't exist without you!

Happy Reading! ^_^

EDIT 5/11/12 - The following have been removed from the list:

1. Stories by Ann Somerville. Kei's Gift and the others are still available on the web, but are no longer free.
2. Do Over by Dan Kirk. If anyone knows of a place where Dan still has it up, let me know and I'd be happy to add it back in to the list.
3. Bend, by Agnes - might have a lead on another link for this. I'm looking at the story to see if it's the same one! Thanks for passing the link on to me, Mimirue. :-)

The Fiction List:
Please see the Rating Guide located at the bottom of the page.
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Title: Alpha-male
Author: David Buffet
Length: multi-chapter
Summary: Researching for his graduate degree, a young man discovers that his theory about a ‘true’ alpha-male is more than just a theory.  As the story progresses, he will find out more about himself, his sexual desires, and what he truly needs to be happy.
Rating: SEMI-HAPPY ENDING – Lots of sex, the good guys are happy at the end although not completely in a romantic way, but it’s delves very much into the world of BDSM.  If BDSM isn’t your kink, or if you are looking for a couple who has ‘happily-ever-after,’ I don’t think this will be a happy story for ya.

Title: Always Somebody Better
Author: Tsukizubon Saruko
Length: 2 parts
Summary: Pro footballer Austin gets the break that River always wanted, so it should have been easy to hate him. But hating the dumb jerk is impossible. Falling in love, however, isn't nearly as hard.
Link: Part 1-
Part 2 -
Rating: HAPPY ENDING and COMEDY– This was lovely, funny, and terribly sweet. Just love to love the characters. Hot, too. A great pick-me-up read. The blurb doesn't do it justice.

Title: Beauty and the Not so Beastly Beast (NEW)
Author: Tygati
Length: short multi-chapter
Summary: An unusual beast, an enchanter who is constantly mistaken for an Enchantress, and a spell gone horribly, but humorously, wrong.
Rating: FLUFF - This one is cute as heck. Adorable beast, grumpy beauty, and a lot of fun and sweetness. It’d be a HAPPY ENDING rating if we just got a little more time with the characters, honestly.

Title: Being Evil (NEW)
Author: Arisu Riddle
Length: short
Summary: Life as an evil genius can be a real trial, especially when you’ve already taken over the world. Heroes butting in to interrupt your rule, exploding fountains, and underlings who simply don’t act they way they’re supposed to at all.
Rating: COMEDY – Quirky and adorable, honestly. Not a gut busting laugh-fest, just grinning chuckles the entire way through. The baffled snarkiness of the ‘villain’ really made this story work for me.

Title: The Definitive Guide to Seducing Humans
Author:  Mushi Megane
Length: short
Summary: About a kitsune who takes a bet to seduce a human, and get educated along the way with the help of his friends and a rather unhappy forest god.
Rating: FLUFF – fun, silly, romantic, and enjoyable.

Title: Desert Dropping
Author: Dom Luka
Length: multi-chapter
Summary: A boy who grew up in a single parent family is sent to live with a father he’s never known, after the tragic death of his mother.  A story about finding oneself and one’s place after losing your way.
Rating: SEMI-HAPPY ENDING – It’s good, it’s interesting, it ends happy, but there was just something about the story that didn’t quite leave me with a complete happy buzz afterwards.  I think that there is just a little too much tragedy for me to maintain the happy buzz completely.

Title: Esperanza
Author: Ocotillo
Length: multi-chapter
Summary: A post-viral-apocalypse tale. Tesla is a drifter, just trying to stay alive, which is nearly impossible for a young gay man in a world that values breeding. Meeting a couple of strangers who’ve come to trade, and following them to learn about the strange village where they live, will change everything.
Rating: ‘THANK GOODNESS’ HAPPY ENDING – This had, for me, a satisfying ending. The world and plot were interesting, the romance had a slow, deep buildup, and I enjoyed it. The one issue some may have is that the two characters are rather brutal with each other, and there are definitely dark/angsty scenes, both in the present and past of the character’s history. Might be too dark for some, and this is another that needs a long time to read, so you can get to the end and the happy, both.

Title: The Fall of the Dragon King
Author: MomsDarkSecret
Length: multi-chapter
Summary: A prince and a priest will marry to save their world and correct a mistake of their ancestors.  Will it be enough?
Rating: SEMI-HAPPY ENDING – Nice couple, sweet moments between the two, but some aspects may not give a completely happy feel by the end for some folks.  Some of the angst, the pacing of the plot near the end, some harshness by one of the couple (not to each other, though).

Title: For Love of Death (NEW)
Author: Tygati
Length: short (stand alone sequel to Seduction of the Feathered Serpent)
Summary: [author summary] The god of death has always felt distant from his fellow gods. They accept him, love him, but they cannot understand him. But a chance meeting shows that, perhaps, there is someone out there who can.
Rating: HAPPY ENDING – South American setting. This was sweet, loving, a little sexy, and left me with a lovely feeling. Also a bit of kinda hot incest on the side. Just a little.

Title: Frank-In-Love
Author: Aggybird
Length: Three parts
Summary: Frankenstein’s and Dracula’s sons meet and become a little more than monstrously good friends.
Rating: FLUFF – Cute, sweet monster romance. There’s no plot here but the romance, which I sometimes enjoy, especially for something short like this. Lots of dialogue, a few puns, and possessive cuteness.

Title: The Girl for Me
Author: Failte200
Length: multi-chapter
Summary: Straight Kevin thinks he has gay, cross-dressing Danny figured out. Kevin only likes girls. So... why does he keep thinking about her? Or him. Whatever. Story involves Trans-genderism as well as slash.
Rating: HAPPY ENDING – bordering on a rush. I enjoyed the characters, the plot, and even the bumpy ride. This is one that doesn’t ignore some of the challenges of homosexuality and TG, but overcomes them. It has some laughter and tears and a lovely, satisfying ending.

Title: Gives You Hell
Author: Dextrousleftie
Length: multi-chapter
Summary: [author’s summary] Two feuding men come to understand the adjuration to 'love thy neighbor.’
Rating: HAPPY ENDING – This was a sweet story with a couple that I really enjoyed following through their romantic relationship. Soft, happy ending. And there’s a shy geek involved. Just saying, for those geek lovers like myself.

Title: The God Eaters, or Swallowing the Burn (also available in print now)
Author: Jesse Hajicek
Length: multi-chapter
Summary: In a fantasy world where gods once walked the earth, all those with special abilities are hunted and imprisoned.  Experimented on. This tale is about two men who find themselves with extra-special abilities, in horrible circumstances, and what they’re willing to do to keep body and soul together.
Rating: ‘THANK GOODNESS’ HAPPY ENDING - Good feeling deep in the gut after you finish reading it.  But, an intense read, major angst and sorrow and darkness for most of the book.  If you want the happy feeling, you’d better have time to finish it all.  And it may be too dark for some to overcome, even for the ending. I VERY much enjoyed it, though.

Title: How Sam Met the Ghoul of His Dreams
Author: Aggybird
Length: Three parts
Summary: [her summary] Sam loves Halloween -- until the Halloween he finds out monsters are a little more real than he imagined. Now he's got monsters trying to kill him, monsters trying to save him, and a meddling witch of a mother complicating things. All Sam wants is to be able to eat his candy corn in peace.
Rating: COMEDY and FLUFF– Funny, sweet, a little gory, and a quick but sweet ending. Monster cuteness, where the monsters really are monstrous. I didn’t know it could be done, but she does it.

Title: The Lad of the Lake
Author: Kimagure
Length: short
Summary: Everyone knows a good prince needs to go on a quest. The only problem right now is that Prince Alairn would rather be doing anything but.
Rating: FLUFF -  Cute, sweet, no sex, but fun just the same.  A light touch and short length prevent too much involvement in the characters, but it’ll leave you smiling.

Title: Making Dragon Stew
Author: Amaretto Sour
Length: short
Summary: Injuring the King’s chef condemns a young man to make the chef’s famous ‘Dragon Stew’ or be put to death. The only problem is, he needs a dragon to do it, and where in the world is he going to find one?
Rating: FLUFF – This one has a teensy bit of angst, just enough to add some depth, and otherwise is sweet, light. And involves licking.

Title: Midnight Rambles
Author: deuteriuM_Xtreme
Length: Short
Summary: A sleepwalking young man keeps waking up in another man’s room.  The only problem is that neither of them is sure if this is a bad thing…or not.
Rating: FUZZ – cute and light, but don’t see enough of the characters for total fluff.

Title: Not Here
Author: Faestian
Length: multi-chapter
Summary: A young man who doesn’t fit in meets a young naga trapped in our world, and is eventually taken back when the naga’s family comes looking. There is love and death and pain and new love and rejoicing – I loved this sucker.
Link: [need free membership to read]
Rating: ‘Thank Goodness’ Happy Ending - This has some intense stuff in it, and more than one romantic character, but a real sense of deep love and caring between the characters.

Title: Officer, or Gentleman?
Author: Shinko Hisada
Length: short
Summary: Fantasy setting, Kale and Jaren are lovers in the elite, magic using squad of the military, but what happens when Jaren is called back to do his duty to his family?
Rating: HAPPY ENDING - Very sweet. Left me with a smile.

Title: Outlands
Author: Maldoror_gw
Length: multi-chapter (first book in a WIP series.)
Summary: A dissatisfied salary-man in Japan will discover he’s more than he seems after he comes across a stranger in the streets of Tokyo, fighting a…monster?
Rating: HAPPY ENDING – I really enjoyed this one. Really, really enjoyed it. The main thing I didn't like about it was that the series isn't done yet. The characters sucked me in, and the plot was good both romantically and fantasy-wise. By the end of this book, the romantic plot has a satisfying stopping point, but the fantasy plot is still ongoing, so some may want to wait to read this until the series completes.

Title: Programming Magic (NEW)
Author: Newtypeshadow
Length: short
Summary: Magic and technology don’t always get along, so making video games for elves is a real challenge. Fortunately, one rather sexy elf is willing to…lend a hand.
Rating: FLUFF – An curiously slow sweet buildup for such a short story where sex jumps out right away. I really enjoyed it. Cute geeks – gets me every time.

Title: Quartz Key
Author: Lianne Burwell
Length: multi-chapter
Summary: The story of a slave purchased as a companion for a prince.  When chaos overcomes the kingdom, these two must find a way to survive and save not only their own kingdom, but all kingdoms.
Rating: SEMI-HAPPY ENDING – I enjoyed the beginning of this story quite a bit.  The characters were fun, the plot was interesting, it was sexy and cute in a lot of areas.  The end IS happy, but it also felt rushed for the last section so that I didn’t get as involved with it as I’d hoped.

Title: The Raw and the Cooked
Author: Lucy Kemnitzer
Length:  multi-chapter
Summary: Marek is a gentle soul with a body like a Wildman.  Jackson is the sophisticated man he loves, and this is how he tries to woo him.
Rating: FUZZ - sweet story, ends happily, but not enough to get real deeply involved. A nice one if you like food.

Title: Rentboy
Author: Amaretto Sour
Length: short
Summary: Three small vignettes about a rentboy hoping to retire and his desperately in-love stalker. No sex, but very vague references to unpleasant sexual situations the rentboy has had to engage in.
Rating: FLUFF or SEMI-HAPPY – The vignettes are just sweet, the characters are adorable, and it leaves you with a nice, nice smile at the end. It may be semi-happy ending for some because the rentboy doesn’t enjoy being a rentboy. No actual sex is witnessed, and he’s happy by the end, however.

Title: Second Wind
Author: Micky_S
Length: multi-chapter
Summary: Two men, a man comfortable with his homosexuality and suffering from a breakup and an Italian widower, with a child, whose never had a homosexual experience. This is about their second chance at love.  Set in the modern day and takes a look at what challenges a gay couple can face in today’s society.
Rating: HAPPY ENDING – Slow buildup, terribly sweet.  A loving feeling to the thing and a real feeling of justice and completion at the end.  Good for a family oriented story.

Title: Seduction of the Feathered Serpent (NEW)
Author: Tygati
Length: short
Summary: Ancient gods of life, death, and scanty loincloths have to learn to live with their fellow gods as the world changes. What one god will do to protect another will affect them all.
Rating: FLUFF – It’s got an odd bit of darkness for fluff, but it’s short and sweet and has sex. And a bit of incest on the side.

Title: Specter’s Gamble
Author: Katya Dee
Length: multi-chapter
Summary: [author’s summary] Desmond is an assassin who is on the top of the list when it comes to his line of work. He is the one people would call in dire need to get rid of someone; he is one of the best. One night, however, Desmond meets his match...
Rating: SEMI-HAPPY ENDING…with a big HAPPY – I really liked this. Good, unique characters, nice plot. Wouldn’t mind more world-building detail. The reason it is ‘semi-happy’ is that there is a lot of darkness here. Two characters, specifically, have some VERY awful things happen in their past, and vivid memories of a few of them are included in the story. Make ya cry. But all the people you want to have a happy ending, do (The author is working on a sequel for Sam, at this point).

Title: Sweet Passion of the Idle Heart
Author: Ruthless
Length: short
Summary: A romance between a poetry-loving geek and his partner for the night-shift: a silent, horny brute of a man. Told from the brute’s point of view.
Rating: HAPPY ENDING…with FLUFF – This is the quirkiest story.  The thug’s voice was happily filthy and amusing enough to string me along. His thoughts are a cross between crude and insightful, and I can honestly say this is the strangest story to feel all fluffy about, but I kinda did.

Title: This year’s prom king
Author: shukyou
Length: short
Summary: A young jock falls in love with the emo brother of his girlfriend (who’s really his ex-girlfriend, but they’re keeping up the pretense). A game of truth or dare changes everything.
Rating: FLUFF – Oddball, fun, and sweet.

Title: Wrinkles are a Nymph’s Best Friends
Author: Aggybird
Length: short
Summary: Nymphs are known for their beauty and…well, that’s really about it.
Rating: COMEDY, FLUFF, 'MR. HAPPY' ENDING – Silly, sexy fun, even more so if you’ve met the main character in one of the author’s WIP stories, Greg the Vampire (which will SO make it on this list, when she finishes it).

Rating Guide: 

Fuzz – This story is happy and light, but not quite as engaging as a Fluff story.  Often used with one-shots that are so short there’s just not enough time to get to know the characters and truly revel in their happiness.

Fluff – Happy and light.  You’ll be left with a sweet, zingy-buzz afterwards, a little smile on your face.

Semi-Happy Ending – A good story with a happy ending, but with enough non-happy bits at the end that some people may not enjoy it.  The bad aren’t all punished, not everyone gets their guy in the end, or perhaps the happiness achieved is not stable/permanent.  But still, overall you’ve got a relatively happy ending.

Happy Ending – A happy ending that will leave you smiling, with a good feeling in the tummy.  Nice plot, characters, romance, etc…

‘Mr. Happy’ Ending –  Happy, happy sex.  Maybe not a lot of plot, but good, ‘treating each other in sweet, happy ways’ sex.  Or, well… hot sex that THEY’RE both happy with, so WE’RE happy with.

Comedy – It’s all about the laughs. You don’t have to have an entire night to read this for a smile, because you’ll be laughing throughout and can get a nice buzz from just a few chapters.  May or may not have deeply engaging characters.

‘Thank Goodness’ Happy Ending – You engage with the characters, it’s a good damn story, it ends happy, but this is a more serious story with angst.  Often with that thought at the end – oh thank God, it ended happy for them!  FINALLY!  Good feeling, but the angst can drown it out, and you might want to put aside enough time to read it all at once, so you can GET to that happy feeling.

Huge Happy-Rush – A great story with good feelings so high at the end you want to jump up and shout ‘Yes!  That was AWESOME!’ and dance the dance of joy and gay-ity.


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